Blogtable: The Best Team In The NBA

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Week 10: The best team in the NBA | Show us you’re worth it | Best, worst: ‘Cats, Cavs or Wizards

Simple: Best team in the NBA? Clippers, Heat, Thunder or …? Why?

Steve Aschburner: Miami is the best team in the NBA because it has, by far, the best player in the NBA. That still matters most in this league. Not in a vacuum, obviously, but when he – LeBron James – is surrounded by the level of competence and confidence that the rest of the Heat provide, that’s formidable and unbeatable come the playoffs. For sheer talent and depth, the Clippers are impressive. For fit, chemistry and upside, it’s hard to argue with the Thunder. But for championship readiness, resiliency and resolve (can we retire the term “killer instinct” in sports, please?), no bunch is better in my view than the Heat. James has a legacy to ice, Dwyane Wade has a growing cadre of skeptics to hush and the rest of that crew provides the highest possible grade of caulk available.

Fran Blinebury: Miami.  James, Wade and Bosh are still the best threesome in the league and can lock you down defensively.  In addition, LeBron, already a three-time MVP, is now even better.

Jeff Caplan: Talking right now, this very second, it’s the Clippers, hands down. No team can score in as many ways, is as deep, has an always-in-control floor general at point guard to handle every situation or is having as much fun as the other L.A. team.

Scott Howard-Cooper: The Clippers at the moment. Yes, the competition has been pretty soft, but the Clips can’t be penalized for that. They are mostly dominating the teams they should be dominating, the sign of a team locked in, in play and attitude. And when the winning streak was threatened at Utah, down big, on the second night of a back-to-back, when they could have just been satisfied with all the victories that had come before, the Clippers showed a champion’s heart by instead adding another victim. They are defending, they are pretty efficient on offense, and they have the intangibles of leadership and composure.

John Schuhmann: OKC. I don’t want to take anything away from the Clippers for a loss in Denver, but their winning streak, though very impressive, was also schedule-fueled in the first place. The Thunder lost to the Heat on Christmas, but they’ve obviously been more consistent otherwise. Even though L.A. won 17 straight, the Thunder are ahead of them in the standings this morning. OKC has had a relatively easy schedule, but they’ve done the best job of beating the teams they’re supposed to and they lead the league in point differential (+10.5 points per 100 possessions).

Sekou Smith: Is it really that simple? No team has played better, of late, than the Clippers. But we all know what the Heat and Thunder are capable of based on the way they finished last season and the fact that they sit atop the standings in their respective conferences this morning (you can check here). As much as I love what the Clippers did to finish off 2012 and the Thunder’s resolve since losing in The Finals, the Heat remain the best team in the NBA based on the presence of one LeBron Raymone James. As long as he’s healthy and in uniform, it’s hard to pick against the Heat.


  1. Melo Baby says:

    Knciks All Day . Melo For MVP .

  2. Alex says:

    Um. Hello, Why is there no mention of the Knicks?
    Melo is having a remarkable season, 2nd in scoring, while averaging 2 minutes less than everyone in the top 5. If you calculate points per minute, he scores .788 Pts/Min, Kobe .782 Pts/Min Durant .714 Pts/Min LeBron .691 Pts/Min Harden .691 Pts/Min
    Yeah, I know hes just one player, But It seems that everyone’s logic as to why “their” team is best, comes down to one player, Kobe, LeBron…
    It is definitely a team effort, and as much as I am rooting for the Knicks in the East, I have to give it to the Clippers in the West. They are the best Team in the West, Hands down. The Knicks were the top team in the East, a good part of this Season, and can still earn the top spot. The thing with Playoffs is that anything can happen, and The Grizzlies are a testament to that. If Melo goes Ballistic like he did at the Olympics, its tough to hang on with the Knicks.

    • jlyall1 says:

      knicks really? knicks couldnt beat miami in a 7 game series. they only won one game in last years series. i bet the heat will win in the east and OKC and LA clips will have a close series but i think the thunder will go on to win.

      • Alex says:

        How does it even make sense to compare last years team with this years revamped team. You must not watch Basketball often, because the Knicks Beat the Heat, Twice this season, and they were blowouts. Once with Melo, and once without Melo. The Knicks are only a game behind the Heat, in the Easter Conference, and they will be getting Iman Shumpert back in their rotation. Kenyon might sign with the Knicks, helping them on D. Im looking forward to seeing this team going into the playoffs, they are definitely a team to be feared.

  3. Dwade3 says:

    its miami heat….clippers are playing great hoop but when its playoff time that wont happen…they dont match up good with the other elite teams particuraly at the 3 positiong caron cant guard the rudy gays, durants and def not lebron, also there 2 guard is suspect willie green good role player and all jamal crawford does is score he does none of the intangables…..okc i think will miss james harden he was a problem for all teams off the dribble pull up go to the rim he did it all kevin martin is more of a knock down shooter and his defense is suspect, but i do believe they will be back into the finals though against the ehat and it will go to 6 maybe 7 games. now the miami heat just like alot said are just bored…you see it took barkley to talk about wade to really get him playing and now im sure since ppl have talked about bosh he will start playing harder as well, with all 3 of them clicking and doing what they do this will open up alot more shots for all the shooters they have, its either you double lebron and wade on the drive and they kick for a 3 or they get fouled or make the layup/floater. and dont let birdman come in playing good cause that is there only real flaw is a big aggressive person

  4. Jeffrey says:

    The clippers are the best team in the nba RIGHT NOW! Every game the clippers play they have a good chance of winning. It all starts off with Chris Paul he knows what to do with the ball helping everybody on his team better that’s why he’s the best point guard in the NBA. The only thing the clippers struggle in is free- throw shooting. Their bench is so good they start off with defense and the are always trying to get on the fast break.

  5. Markee:-) says:

    New York Knicks (2012-2013 East Champion) VS San Antonio Spurs (2012-2013 West Champion)
    I’m pretty sure that Heat and Clippers will be eliminated during the first round of the plAyoffs…….Byebye……HAHAHA

  6. Markee:-) says:

    The NBA season 2012-2013 Champion will be the the NEW YORK KNICKS! No question!!!
    Just watch and witness how they will defeat the teams ahead of them. HAHAHA:-)

  7. Markee:-) says:

    The NBA season 2012-2013 Champion will be the the NEW YORK KNICKS! No question!!!
    Just watch and witness how they will defeat the teams ahead of them.

  8. Ginger says:

    There is a team in San Antonio, you pathetic moronic writers. Tell me you don’t get paid for your “work”.

  9. Boogey Bankroll says:

    Its all about those Clippers hands down. Enough said!

  10. eric moritz says:

    spurs aint in the conversation cause thunder has there number and clips swept them this year .
    lakers aint got it goin on , and wont make the playoffs

    remember when chris paul almost took the hornets to the second round vs lakers by himself ?

    well he has help now . clippers . clippers have beat the heat several times already.

    go clips

  11. BJ says:

    The Clippers by far is the best team in the NBA.

  12. SpursKnicksFinals says:

    Sorry but the Heat will not win the EAST. They just can’t beat the Knicks!!! The Bulls also beat Miami without Rose.. hahaha :))

    • abc says:

      its called regular season

    • B-Ball4Life says:

      The Knicks were also beaten by the Bulls at MSG without Rose hahaha!!! They had some bad games against Sacramento, Philly or even against the Raptors they lost. They next game Miami will destroy the Knicks!

  13. kenny says:

    I say the Thunder but the clippers are close the spurs and heat are over ratted by the end the finals match up will be thunder bulls

  14. Dino Marley says:

    The Knicks !

    We have Leaders in Carmelo Anthony, Tyson Chandler, & Jason Kidd. We have a terrifying bench in J.R Smith, Amare Stoudemire, Steve Novak, Rasheed Wallace, Marcus Camby, Copeland, & Prigioni.

    Don’t forget how lethal the Pick-n-Roll is with Kidd, Felton, Prigioni running the show at PG, feeding the ball to Chandler & the nightmare in Stoudemire.

    Let’s not forget about Iman Shumpert, our best perimeter defender & our 2nd most athletic player behind J.R Smith. He’s beyond important to our Defense.

    Last but not least, we have a pure scorer & finally a defender in Melo….who by the way, has been up to this point, UNSTOPPABLE, and is the #1 reason the Miami Heat got destroyed by 20 points….TWICE.

    Keep sleeping on the Knicks. We have a 22-10 record with a team that’s still getting healthy. We’ll be see Miami in the Eastern Conference Finals & even LeBron doesnt want that right now.

  15. rvzab says:

    plain and simple – HEAT!

  16. usbuck says:

    Simply put, there is no answer in the basketball world for LeBron James! It is also worth mentioning that when Wade is healthy and focused on both ends of the floor, he is one of the top 5 players in the world. Given then, the Heat have the best player in the world (LBJ), along with the fifth best player in world(D-Wade), add in Bosh and Allen, you have the favorites for the NBA title!

  17. Geo says:

    Spurs are old and nothing new. Unless they get another all star center and small foward young and athletic with good iq I don’t see the spurs winning any championships for a long time and ima tim duncan fan.they need bigs and athletic shooters and good defenders. If they can get deng and tyson chandler type of players I think they can win it all.that’s my oppinion. Best team vs heat is okc clips and nyc

  18. Tashe Gardnet says:

    The SA SPURS should have been in your top 3 but you all always find a way to over look them ESPN or who ever they have what it takes to win games they have some of the best players in the NBA on there team and not only that they have the best Coach but they still get over look its always LAL, OKC, MIA, LAC but not SAS come on now ill say it my self the SA SPURS ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST SO LOOK OUT CUZ HERE TJE SPURS COME!!!!!

    • abc says:

      All ive been hearing is spurs this and spurs that but look at them honestly for the past few years. They finish the season with the best record but come playoff time what? regular season hero’s don’t count here. MIA will repeat most likely.

  19. Dew says:

    Spurs have my vote hands down. With the exception of Blair, everyone on this team looks better. Split finally hitting free throws, Diaw making open threes, and Leonard getting over his rookie year and playing big right now. Will seem like a much better and deep team come playoffs. Bring on Miami! Duncan will show Bosh what’s up. And they will have no answer for Parker.

  20. takeoneshotatatime says:

    The Warriors have to be at least in the conversation. G o Warriors!

  21. Dock says:

    I don’t get all this fuss that everybody is making about the Clippers’ 17 game win streak. Let me list the team they have beaten and their current records.
    Sacramento 12-20
    Utah Jazz 16-17
    Dallas Mavericks 13-20
    Phoenix Suns 12-21
    Toronto Raptors 12-20
    Chicago Bulls 17-13
    Charlotte Bobcats 8-23
    Milwaukee Bucks 16-14
    Detroit Pistons 12-22
    New Orleans Hornets 7-25
    Denver Nuggets 18-15
    Boston Celtics 14-17
    Only Denver, Milwaukee, and Chicago are above .500. Teams like OKC, SAS, NYK, and MIA could beat those teams in their sleep. The team to beat right now is OKC. I know they had a tough loss at home yesterday but they’ll recover. Plus, now they have the experience. They’ve made it to the Finals. My predictions are that LAC will get revenge on SAS in the Conference Semis but will lose a tough 6-7 game series against OKC. OKC then takes the Finals against NYK or MIA in 6.

  22. kobe says:

    golden state warrios

  23. PISTONS 2013! We’ve got the 04 era back!

  24. Brian says:

    Soooo let me see the clippers are more of a favorite then the spurs, okc, Memphis, New York, hell even Chicago and golden state have as good of a chance. Sorry I won’t buy into this clipper hype. When did winning 17 straight in dec/jan get anybody a ring?? That’s what I thought.

  25. Going 4 da gold says:

    It is really simple 1 Knicks 2 clips 3 rockets

  26. Bobby says:

    The spurs

  27. Javale McGee = MVP says:

    WIZARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2013 NBA CHAMPIONS #ALL IN

  28. april kriz says:

    it’s the Heat in east and OKC in the West.. Heat for championship..

  29. SomeRandomGuy says:

    I’m not a heat fan or anything. But as far as I can see, they have the strongest chance and capability of winning another Title. You could say that in the season, teams that are under-performing are beating them, because anything can happen. For instance my fave team the LA Lakers are losing, and I thought that they’d win it all because of their all-star first 5, but i know its a bust. Anyways, as I was saying, come play-offs time, they’re unbeatable, if you bring up the past; Pacers and Celts manhandling them, you’re totally forgetting something, Chris Bosh was injured. And now that he’s healthy as ever and having a somewhat deep bench, the important thing is that they are dependable at important times. And need not to mention LeBron and Wade, they’ll crush anyone in their way. Yes the Miami is a small team, but they are by far the fastest, most experienced team out there. If there was one team able to beat them, its the OKC, but they need improvement, much improvement. And something’s still lacking about them.

    It’s the heat for me for the next 3 years (even though im an LA fan) unless someone could stop LBJ.

  30. Phillip says:

    Miami and Spurs finals Heat repeat

  31. wooderson says:

    haha the clippers? the overrated ridiculously espn hyped flop machines that rely on the officials to even compete in the NBA? they arent even in the discussion to be the best! the best team right now are the heat followed by the warriors who have the worlds best 7 footer still to return haha i would love to see any clippers team compete with the warriors come playoff time with jordan trying to go against bogut, could you imagine the domination griffin and jordan will be on the receiving end of? wowaweewa

  32. Francisco says:

    People are forgetting the timberwolves…..they may not be the “best” (very subjective term) but they have been surprisingly good without their best players……how many games have kevin love and rubio played this season (and minutes??), and they still are almost in the playoffs, if they do get to the playoffs and they get back from all the injuries in time to get in form they are going to be a nasty team with all the europeans monsters they have.

    Other than that LAC MIA OKC SAS are pretty even…..could go either way….and don’t forget the celtics and their allstar PG

  33. Henrik Jensen says:

    right now its probably spurs, clips, heat, knicks and thunder, maybe Warriors, who is the best teams..

    but when it comes playoff time, no one wants to be in the top 1,2,3 if they have the chances to meet either Celtics, 76ers(Bynum Back) as a 7th or 8th spot, that will be a tough matchup, the same in west, would you rather give up a bit homecourt advantage and then be number 3 in west, or have to face off against The Lakers… this league is very close, you could easily mention Grizzlies in the top 5 as well?, how about Bulls when they have cleared Rose??, they would be a huge tread again?

  34. Mindaugas says:

    Warriors! 😀

  35. Observer Wards says:

    I would say that the best teams as of now are the 3 monster teams of the west. LAC,OKC and SPURS!

  36. bronbron says:

    how were the spurs left out of this discussion? they are probably the best team in the league right now if not top 3

  37. NBA fanatic says:

    in my opinion, MIA was the best but OKC and LAC were really tough team. i guest these 3 team were really have a battle for the top spot this season. and SPURS and NYK fans and even MEMPHIS fans must react to it ( im supporting you guys ) that they must be on the list of the best team these season, and please LAL fans don’t indicate your team to be the best, they’re one of the worst team in NBA today having a bunch of talents for nothing ( poor nash im a big fan of him but he chose a wrong team to win a ring ) and let me guest LAL fans another history check? ” 16 rings nuff said ” yeah REASONS. hahahahahaha.

  38. paul says:

    according to the numbers OKC 24-7 is best and Miami 24-8 is second. however miami has lebron and okc has been hopeless against miami the past 5 games they’ve played. so im thinking Miami.

  39. From year 3000 says:

    guys Im from the future.. Melo wins the MVP award, then wins the finals against spurs, It happened already on my time and its gonna happen again, unless KD will do something to distort time and space

    • From year 3000 says:

      dont put your bets on the heat they’re not going past 2nd round.. again seen it already, but the most unlikely team would be the warriors, those guys almost beat the spurs.. then spurs came back, and went next round against the thunder on the western finals, knicks were almost cruising on they’re way to the finals, and finally they beat the spurs 4-2.. OH SPOILER ALERT BTW

  40. zac says:

    Melo can outscore Lebron, Chandler can bully Bosh, The Knicks bench can nail more 3’s then the heats bench. In a 7 game series the Heat cant beat the Knicks if Knicks get 4 home games. No calls for the Heat means no wins. They only went to O.T in Dallas because of a no call on Wade against Dirk. They only won the Finals last year because of the worst display of reffing ever seen. So Knicks to win the east. and i still think Lakers are going to be a good thing in the West. No one to guard Kobe or Howard.

  41. A lot of people are focusing on 1 or 2 names when mentioning the teams & TEAM means more than a few, you know-the whole TEAM!!! I’m die hard Celts fan, i know how they’re playing now, say what you want, they’ll be mentioned in this bracket come after all star break!!! Cips are the most balanced TEAM right now, even more than okc, miami, spurs & ny Balance incorporates a totality of TEAM play-not just one person. Sooo the question is best TEAM in the nba, not player right-have to definitely say the Clips cause when you watch their games, regardless who the play, you can see the total balance!!! BALANCE=T-E-A-M- 🙂

  42. ice-h says:

    i say the heat . simply because they have lebron james . what more can you ask for . entertainment defined . number 2 is los angeles clippers along side with new york knicks . melo and black are doing there thing .
    i cant wait for a los angeles lakers comeback next year . once the new players get used to playing for a big team . boston celtics i c you . your getting old baby . kG warrrup?? retirement soon haaaa!!

  43. Derek says:

    No love for SA Spurs? too bad. anyone who can almost beat the defending champs without their core players should be in the choices. I’d choose SA over L.A. Clips anytime of the day. lol

  44. @ says:

    nobody knows who’ll win.i say okc and clippers in west and nyk and heat in the east but never underestimate other teams (brooklyn, hawks, memphis, by the way pacers are getting better) spurs haven’t got that “hunger” for winning the finals.

  45. andylx says:

    The problem with the Clippers is they will always go to their isolation offense when they are tired. Team ball will always beat an offense that has only 2-3 players touching the ball. Blake Griffin has not improved this year. His foul shots, post game, kicking out the ball, 3 pointers!!! and defense. Spurs and OKC would destroy the Clippers. Miami is still the best team in the league. OKC second and dont forget the Spurs. It happens every year. Spurs attitude is the best in the NBA.

  46. METTA WAR PIECE says:

    Let us not remove the KNICKS out of the equation. They have blown out the beast in the East – (The CHAMPS -Miami Heat) twice this regular season. My top 10 teams this season are as follows:

    1. Oklahoma City Thunder
    2. LA Clippers
    3. Miami Heat
    4. New York Knicks
    5. San Antonio Spurs
    6. Memphis Grizzlies
    7. Golden State Warriors
    8. Atlanta Hawks
    9. Indiana Pacers
    10. Chicago Bulls

  47. Shadowspinner says:

    Right now, as of this moment the best team in the league is OKC. Best win % because they win at home, they beat the teams they’re supposed to beat and they have a solid road record. Miami would place 4th in the west . . . . . so as of this moment they aren’t the best team.

    Come playoffs we have a different story, partially because the east is so weak. Miami has no real proven competition in the East, so they are easily favored to make it back to the finals. That means they need to be able to win against one really strong team. The west suffers from too many good teams. The Spurs, the clips, OKC, Memphis . . . no one in their right mind would want a series against those teams and Golden State right now is a dark horse that might surprise some people. To get to the finals you’ll have to win a series against at least 2 of those teams and then you’ll end up facing the Heat after winning some wars. If the Heat had been in the west the last two years, they probably wouldn’t have made the finals, but being in the decidedly weaker conference means they’ll be fresher come the finals.

    All that aside, I think we might see OKC have their year this year. Ibaka has shown marked improvement, Martin has filled Harden’s role nicely and the team chemistry is still good. The biggest question for OKC is going to be turnovers. If they can protect the ball you have to favor them to win the Championship. If they get a case of lead hands then I’d favor the Heat to win it all. The Clippers have yet to prove they can win games in the half court, San Antonio is that team you hate to bet against but are starting to show their age in some match ups, Memphis is still trying to prove they can give a consistent A game, and Golden State is just earning their stripes. OKC should make it out of the West, but it’s a far tougher conference, so they have to earn their way to the final. Miami . . . well, New York might be able to beat them and Brooklyn might be able to pound them down low if Lopez stays healthy, but Boston has had it’s window close (too bad since I love my Celtics), Chicago lost it’s depth, and no other team in the east has the talent and consistency to really push the Heat. The Heat can play sub par games and make the Final, no one in the West has that luxury.

  48. bane says:

    My advice is never count the Spurs out! the best team in my opinion at this moment are OKC but i don’t think they are ready for a ring just yet!

  49. WOOT says:

    You can see a big difference on team performance on Playoffs. But unarguably the best team SO FAR is the Clippers. Let’s just wait till playoffs because OKC and Miami still has a higher chance of getting into the finals if they can maintain a healthy lineup.

  50. smartest says:

    I believe the Heat arguably has the best potential. However, due to the fact that the Thunder is the hungrier team I would have to side with them for now. Though I’m still hoping it’s going to be the BULLS with D-ROSE!

  51. Moochiiieee says:

    I say the lakers… They have a multiple stars on one team (Contender team on paper)…. kobe scores more than 30 points a game… (ball hog mode) They got the most talk of town in Howard..(Endless Drama) They got the greatest coach in D’ Antoni ( Don’t know Why He’s till Coaching) They got a great bench (Mostly useless) And they are the Most Expensive Mediocre Team Ever!!! ( That’s Reality)

  52. rocks says:

    If my team is bobcats, I would say the best team in NBA is Bobcats or Wizard.

  53. Dwade says:

    Ahhm New york is the best… really… that’s why they are on top before Heat… Shocking news…

  54. Dwade says:

    ahahaha… If u will hang the uniforms of Lakers… Dwight overrated, Nash trash, Gasol pumped, and ballhug kobe they won already… but look at now where they are… guys are u watching basketball?

  55. LF says:

    Not even mentioning the Spurs is a disgrace to the sport.

  56. Bron says:

    Heat is still the best! Losing to some mediocre teams dont define your team. Beating strong teams does! Energy conservation is what that is. Come playoffs, youll see what this is about!!!!

    Laker fans got to wake up and face reality!

  57. Joey says:

    The bottom line is this, westbrook is one of the most explosive players in the NBA but his decision making is so bad, they will not win a championship this way. they are still better then the clips since no one matches up with Durant period!!

    If you are looking at pure basketball and not getting caught up with anything else, there is no leader and player in the NBA like Lebron James period. he is the one who controls the tempo of the game and decides who should have the ball in the end. if westbrook doesnt follow the lead of Durant they will never win. Maybe its lack of leadership on Coach brooks and durant but this is got to stop.

  58. BArad says:

    The KNICKS may not be top five if only Melo and Chandler are doing defensively, but if the other guys are standing in front of their man, they blow out teams…like that of the MIAMI team. I believe coach Woody can get them back defensively,becasue right now they are simply looking like the 2011-2012 team

  59. winston says:

    Thunder this year will show the world how they rule the NBA. NY will beat the HEAT.

  60. Jose Carlos says:

    Every team has it’s good and bad games. Maybe the Clippers have won 17 games in a row but I don’t believe that this is enough to believe in them. There’s many other teams in the league who have enough talented players to beat them. Just look the game they had against Denver to loose their 17 games won in a row broken. It’s an unknown and hard to answer that question!!!!!

  61. Willy says:

    The question was team? Not who will win it all? Spurs and Clips are playing the best team basketball right now. Miami can be beat and should have been beaten by Indiana as well as Boston, they are not as good as everybody thinks they are, they have defensive weaknesses! Teams will peak at the end of the year and hopefully a few surprises, Knicks coming on strong! Spurs / Knicks final!

  62. BRIO says:

    NYK is the BEST……..2013 Champions..MELO MVP

  63. Muhammad says:

    spurs and lakers are too old, the heat will turn it on when it matters. the Knicks are not top5 in the league. they have a lot of issues, shooting too many 3’s being one of them. I see thunder and heat or heat and clippers come June.

  64. PDXFan says:

    It’s a many sided question. I think there are many good teams playing right now. The Clippers are playing the best basketball at the moment. The Heat and OKC are the best teams and most equipped to go all the way. The Spurs are playing the smartest basketball right now. There are also quite a few teams that could be the best like Memphis or NY. It all depends which way someone wants to look at it.

  65. joyce says:

    There are six teams that should be in this discussion. heat, knicks, spurs, okc, clippers and girzzlies. Personally right now, the clippers and knicks are playing the best team ball. But I don’t think that will really translate into the post season. The spurs are phenominal and far and away my favorite of the teams. I love to watch them play and I love their ball movement. But if I’m being totally honest, I doubt they will make it past okc. The grizzlies are the scary ones of the bunch, but I think when all is said and done, they are the weakest team of the bunch. The heat and thunder have the two best players in the league. They are both capable of stepping up and showing what they are capable of when the post season comes along. Are they playing the best team ball at the moment? Not really. But are they the two that will be in the finals??? Probably. I’m thinking that the thunder MIGHT be able to pull of the upset this year. But that is a big MIGHT.

  66. wilhelm says:

    its simple,, lets put the top 3 team with the best W-L record right now,, OKC, CLipS and Spurs.. thats it..

  67. Fufos says:

    You know, I think the very reason the Lakers are losing is because of Kobe being the scoring leader (+turnover and missed shot leader).

  68. John says:

    Spurs, but they’ll never win anything thanks to $tern and his obsession with ensuring a financially favorable finals matchup (OKC/Miami).

  69. show me the goods says:

    definitely have to agree on spurs. they might not have the best record, or even be playing the best basketball right now. but they are one dangerous mother fn team.
    ~ cheers from okc nation!

  70. Ellis Wyms says:

    OKC hands down is the best team in the League. The don’t have any glaring weakness you can go to. They have athletiscim, size, speed, shooting, paint presence, wing defenders, paint defenders, rebounders. pick and roll, pick and pop, iso, guys that can play off the ball, with the ball, a closer, a great coach, youth, experience should Go on. Every other team in the league including the Miami Heat have glaring weakness you can point to. Miami can’t rebound, Clippers are not a great defensive team, the Spurs are not young and athletic enough, The Knicks depend on Carmelo to much and shoot way to many threes. OKC is my favorite to win it all Unless Miami does something by the trade deadline to fix there rebounding and defensive issues. 2 first round picks for KG would go along way to fix their problems on the back end of the defense. The Celtics need to break up that team anyway!!!

  71. Orlando native says:

    Im not really a miami fan but i think that the heat will win it again because no one can really stop them when their at their best i love OKC but westbrook did not play well on christmas day and the clips its just hard to say the will go to the finals cause i think the only real threats they have is chris paul and the bench griffin and jordan arent really that good big man the only thing that blake griffin can do is dunk really its the only thing in his arsenal that he can do perfectly but its going to be heat knicks and clips and thunder and it will be a rematch of last years finals but i think it will go to seven games.

  72. shakur says:

    i agree its going to be okc and miami in the finals because we thought lakers were going to give okc problems but their
    barely in the playoffs standing. and spurs always do good in the regular season but wont have enough against okc. and i wont be surprise if clippers beat okc but i think they wont. as for miami no one is going to give much problems maybe the knicks.

  73. Trevor says:

    La. Lakers coz they have too much talent. Best center, Shooting Guard, elite Power Forward, legendary point guard, and an offensive genius coach.

  74. Derek says:


  75. S.G says:

    I say OKC! .. Heat shouldn’t be in this list. They flopped for their ring. I don’t even see how Lebron could be a nominee for best player in the league. If he was so great .. he would of made the Cavs a good team. Wade is just horrible now .. All he does is flop.. he is 1 of the most dirtiest players in the league. Ostrich Bosh can actually score easily .. but he’s a softy. He flops also .. that last game on christmas .. someone brushed against the back of his head .. He fell down holding his eye. Look on youtube .. type in “Miami Heat Floppers” .. That’s all I need to say about the Heat .. I got OKC vs Clippers for western .. & Knicks vs Brooklyn for the East .. I think it will be OKC vs Knicks for the finals. I also think it will go to the 7th game.

    • smh says:

      I don’t even see how Lebron could be a nominee for best player in the league. If he was so great .. he would of made the Cavs a good team.


    • Moed says:

      Oh god… please tell me you’re just trolling. You just dedicated a whole, nonsensical paragraph explaining why Heat are floppers and Lebron is a no show rather than focusing on why OKC is your choice for best team rn.

    • Michael says:

      The Cavs were a very good team when LBJ was there. They made the Finals once, remember. His last year, they won 61 games; the next year only 19.

    • Whoa! says:

      wow, you should never be aloud to coment again.

    • B-Ball4Life says:

      Well done!!!You just proved that you don´t have any clue about Basketball at all and I am not a die hard LeBron fan.
      Please think before you write those stupid comments.

  76. LBJ says:

    Miami no question! no team in the NBA will be able to beat Miami in a 7 game playoff series… don’t look at some losses to mediocre teams, championship teams lack motivation during regular season ’cause they know what they’re all playing for! you saw an example in Boston Cs last year as they finished the season playing very ordinary ball but raised their game in the playoffs & reached game 7 of western conference finals…

  77. Cleepers says:

    Clips-Heat finals. That’s when this question will be answered.

  78. Castor Troy says:

    CELTICS! Nyahahahaha!

  79. Just wondering!!! says:

    How come the Lakers aren’t in this discussion?

  80. Campos says:

    Chris Bosh needs to get more involved for the heat to win
    The clippers have an amazing bench and chemistry if they keep this up they are going to be the toughest team to beat
    And okc has to put westbrook in his place, don’t get me wrong he’s an amazing athlete but when he has a slow start e hurts the team offensively and pulls a kobe 40 shots per game

    I agree with the Heat being champs one more time if the big 3 star to work together, right now they aren’t at their prime

  81. Olívia says:

    I think that Miami and Oklahoma are the best teams in Nba, because they are both really good teams and have the stronger players in the race for mvp ,LeBron James and KD. Anyway Clippers are being a good suprise and they are playing a nice basketball. But in my opinion will be another final with OKC and Miami.

    • Tyrone says:

      I have to agree, allthough I think no team in the west can beat the Heat this year in a best of seven both LA teams stand a better chance against the Heat than OKC because they can overpower the Heat in the front court and OKC is just not that strong down low but neither of the LA teams can beat OKC to get to the NBA finals… maaaybe if lakers get it together but I don’t see that happening and then still OKC would be a very difficult match up for them

      • Orlando native says:

        i agree with mr tyrone cause if the lakers do figure something out and are able to play well together the lakers win the finals cause back when dwight played the heat last year he got 20 plus rebounds every game and to think that is not enough pau gets like 12. then kobe cannot be stopped he is just so good on offense and nash can penetrate through any defense i mean on paper this team is awesome but its just the matter of the lakers finding out how to play with each other and win games.

  82. bball4life says:

    whatever sekou says is golden, go heat

  83. Princess says:

    simply MIAMI HEAT! 🙂 just wait 😀

  84. HeatFan says:

    Heat are certainly the best team. Even though they don’t have the best record and they lost to some bad teams, they’re the strongest when it comes to the playoffs.

  85. Rickson says:

    Clippers better team than any teams in the league..

  86. Francis says:

    Where is all this Heat love coming from?

  87. Oscar LB says:

    I agree with many guys who commented on this blog… When it comes to a 7-game series against the heat, they have no chance, these guys got a lot of experience when it comes to the playoffs…No team will be able to stop them from accomplish a back-to-back. Sorry for all the other teams fans this year, better luck next season.

  88. Xavi says:

    In the west, OKC, MEM and LAC are top 3. OKC is more balanced and has second-best player in the league, so OKC will in the final again.
    In the east, NYC is better than MIA in my opinion, if they continue to have good chemistry. MIA is too small and their defense is not here.

  89. REAL_TALK says:

    Heat is the best Team in the NBA.
    I know They lost to some mediocre teams this season but u have to understand Heat team have their own strategy.
    keep ur eyes open and u’ll see how they play. They know when to speedup and slowdown

  90. Kings4 says:

    I believe this is between OKC and Miami, and I would put OKC AS best because so far Westbrook has outshone Wade this season and Ibaka has improved. If Wade can do better then he has so far i would put them as an even match

  91. Marcel Murray says:

    The Heat are the best team hands down. When it comes down to a 7 game series, I dont see any team that can beat them. LBJ is still getting better and he has a better bench than last year.

  92. Toky says:

    Are you all gonna jump on my throat if I say… L.A. Lakers?

    • Tyrone says:

      To win a championship in the NBA the way it is right now, you need either lebron james or a good PG and a great scorer. Lakers don’t have Lebron and they don’t have the capability to guard any of the other contenders PGs

    • not me buddy they are goiing to win just because they are having a bad regular season doesn’t mean they won’t win a championship

      • Breeezy says:

        A bad enough season means you don’t make playoffs, and that means no championship. LAL need to at least get to .500 first and look half decent to be considered anything other than a champion team on paper.

  93. chandler says:

    cllips rite now in the end it dosent matter only matters who wins the champeanship and that will be… Are you ready…… the flipping Utah jazz, no one belives me now but when they do win it i will be they only one who guessed it! Go JAZZ!

    • B-Ball4Life says:

      Dream on my friend!
      I agree they really have a good team but first they have to make the playoffs and then they have to beat either the Thunder or the Spurs in the first round if they succeed they have to face Memphis or the Clipppers in the Conf Semis…be realistic!

  94. Nate says:

    The Heat are the best team because they have that difference maker…. LEBRON. The know how to turn it up come playoffs. They did it in the last two seasons with a fluke against the Mavs at the finals in the 2010-2011 season. Yes. The Heat will be champs again.

  95. Patty says:

    The Lakers need to get rid of the coach. It is just that simple. Stece Nash is too old and just does not have it anymore.

    Get rid of the Lakers’s Coach.

  96. Joe Miller says:

    Clippers are not the best team in the NBA nor is the heat. The spurs are look at their percentage and their bench, you always down the spurs, but they have proven you guys wrong, under the radar and dangerous they are the best all around NBA team in the league.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Clippers have a better bench, Bledsoe, Crawford, Barnes, Odom, and Hollins v. The Spurs bench, Patty Mills, Ginobili, Jackson, Diaw and Blair. I would pick the Clippers bench over the Spurs bench, plus Clippers are missing Billups and Hill.

      • Mark says:

        You forgot to add Gary Neal, Matt Bonner, and Nando de Colo to the Spurs’ bench as they have contributed as well. I’d say the benches are pretty neck-and-neck with each other.

      • RG says:

        i agree with Mark, the benches are pretty even. and if it came down to who would have more success in the playoffs, i’d still prefer the Spurs over the Clippers. only time will tell.

      • B-Ball4Life says:

        Don´t forget Ronny Turiaf is having a great season coming off the bench.
        I really like the Spurs but I don´t think they will beat the Clippers in the playoffs.
        Their defense is too strong and they have too many offensive weapons especially with their leading scorer coming off the bench.
        Very interesting. Still to my opinion Miami will succeed at the end…

    • t5567 says:

      everyone said tha last the spurs were the best, and the thunder won 4 straight in the playoffs

    • HEAT FAN says:

      omg sspurs spurs spurs thats all im hearing, there is a reason why they r not up there there to old there not who they used to b last year was there last chance and the thunder took it away. there not even doing good as there were last year

  97. Bob says:

    With Derrick Rose healthy, I think its the Bulls.

  98. theholyspecator says:

    championships is all about mental toughness, who is mentally able to achieve and climb that mountain..despite injuries..feeling tired…pressure…who can overcome all those things..thats what defines a champion…out of all the teams and players its gotta be lebron, for being that talented and never winning a ring and then finally winning one…that shows a lot of mental toughness. Regular season is one thing but playoff time he turns it up much more than anyone else…but hey this is the nba, anything can happen, all i know for sure is that this years playoffs is going to be very fun and exciting to watch.

  99. amitpal says:

    I think its very tuff to say whose the best team in the nba. I want to say the thunder because they r just so hungry to win a championship. When they played against Miami thunder wanted that win more then the heat but that was there downfall. They played to fast and couldnt calm down till it was to late. Also I I want to say the clipper r the best team simply because they have already beaten all the elite team except the thunder. They have beaten spurs twice, memphis at Memphis, the heat at miami and had a shot to beat the thunder at okc at the buzzer but lost in overtime. In the end its hard to say

  100. Read This!!! says:

    I agree with the heat being the best.
    I want to state AGAIN……………lakers r losing because of the very scenerio which unfolded last night
    Dwight Howard….7 shots…………………….this sont is gettting old.

  101. aaron says:

    “Miami is the best team in the NBA because it has, by far, the best player in the NBA” — that’s the dumbest argument ive ever heard. so if Lebron was on the Bobcats…they’d be the best team in the NBA? haha

    • Pakyaw says:

      Your IQ is lower than the 1st grade

    • Game Time says:

      Who knows? Cavs were 1st two years in a row when James got those 2 MVPs, and now that he’s gone they are one of the worst.

    • possibly because cleveland was the best team in the NBA with Lebron james and the season after he left they became the worst team, but they probablly wouldn’t win a championship but they could do good in the regular season

  102. romyDIaz says:

    The Best Team in NBA? The one who’s going to win the championship this June. LOL
    I’ll find it hard to decide as strong teams standing are like roller coaster. I’m a Miami fan but I’ll stick with Thunder here.

  103. julito2010 says:


    • Dave says:

      I agree. I think it’s the Spurs year. Even though this team has nothing to really prove this year they still have that championship bloodline and last year was a severe let down even for them. They will rise again one more time.

      • HEAT FAN says:

        NO ok I really think spurs r just way to old to win it all, ok its just the spurs fans trying 2 keep there head high, ok jump into real life and admitt it they can not win it!!!!!!!

  104. Kobe Bryant the Black Mamba says:

    the Lakers, because they have the scoring leader on the team, Kobe Bryant. We need to play DEFENSE so that we can get better and win games.

    • Hm says:

      He is also the leader in minutes, missed shots and turnovers.

      • Breeezy says:

        Exactly. PER is generally a better statistical gauge of how well a player is playing – note the words generally and statistical – so I agree with HM. Add in the Lakers abysmal record for a star-studded team well over the cap (especially in future years if they keep Howard) and you have a very overrated ball club at this point in time. They have shown nothing on the court to suggest they will be contenders, and have not done so for a couple of years now. So until they do, they are hypothetical contenders and just another Western Conference team staring up at the Thunder, Clips and Spurs.

    • HEAT FAN says:

      With the talent in the nba now, you can’t win with 1 great player clippers have chris paul and blake griffin, okc has kevin durant, and russle westbrook, and miami has lebron james dwayne wade and chris bosh, lakers only kobe is doing good. I mean if MJ needed scottie pippen

      • LG says:

        REALLY?!?!?! Kobe has the best center in the NBA, one of the best power forwards, a 2-time MVP point guard. The reason the Lakers are not playing well is because you need a team to win, but Kobe is more concerned with scoring and the record books than making his team better.

      • LG says:

        The Lakers were on the cover of Sports Illustrated on their NBA Season Preview issue. They were a loaded team at the start of the season with a bunch of future Hall of Fame talent, so Kobe got plenty of help in the off-season. They haven’t been able to make it work. Maybe it’s the SI cover curse again!


    lakers will be the 2013 nba champion! just wait for the playoffs! loosers!

    • TG says:

      as of right now, your statement is a complete joke. some “NBA expert”.
      lame Faker fan

    • Breeezy says:

      The opinion of an “NBA expert” who can’t spell is quite moot – loser.

    • B-Ball4Life says:

      The Lakers are lucky if they make the playoffs with these kind of competitors in the West! Dream on…
      If they do then it´s a different thing but let´s see if they can really shift gears.
      At the end Miami won´t have to do as much as the Western Conference Teams to make it to the NBA Finals.
      They will be rested and the back to back champions…and I am not a Heat Fan.

    • HEAT FAN says:

      yea right last year even when lakers were fairly good they could not get past the second round almost lost the first know there not doing good and u say they are going 2 win it all keep dreaming there is just to much talent in the western conference now

      If the lakers are lucky they will win the first round of playoffs

  106. Yap heat are beastzzzzz!

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  108. Look out for the Bleh Bleh Bleh says:

    Top 5 = OKC, LAC, SAS, NYK, MEM

    MIA is not top 5 this season. They lost to some pretty mediocre teams this season including WAS – the worst team in the NBA. In addition, MIA has no blowout wins this season against a good team. Wade and Bosh also are not playing at the top of their game.

    • Brook says:

      They are playing bored. Wait until after Allstar break, you will see some blow out games!

      • pakyaw says:

        i agree the Heat is on a FAT CAT SYNDROME mode.. they’re bored

      • PC says:

        For sure, not a heat fan, but they are conserving their energy for the final run to the finish line. They could possibly win with just their bench. Kudos to the Heat for putting together such a team.

    • Whoa! says:

      not trying and still being # 1 in the confrence ….

      They wait till april to switch gears

      Miami is the team to be
      Even thought they arent firing on all cylinders .. they are still to much for 90% of the NBA

  109. NoQuestion says:


  110. […] Blogtable: The Best Team In The (blog)Steve Aschburner: Miami is the best team in the NBA because it has, by far, the best player in the NBA. That still matters most in this league. Not in a vacuum, obviously, but when he – LeBron James – is surrounded by the level of competence and …Special to ESPN.comESPNEvery NBA Team's Biggest Takeaway from 2012Bleacher ReportNBA power rankings for Jan. 2Examiner.comSB Nation -Hardwood Houdiniall 10 news articles » […]

  111. bunbury says:

    i will say Miami. THe Clippers were probably playing the best basketball right now, but Miami are still a better team. They might not finish with the best record but they will repeat. i dont like them but let’s be honest and objective. I wouldn’t be surprised if James finishes his career with 7 MVP’s.

  112. kramiks says:

    it aint over till its over..

  113. […] Clippers, Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder, Scott Howard Cooper, Sekou Smith, Steve Aschburner / No Comments […]

  114. Realistic says:

    I feel that the finals match-up would be depending on the thunder and clippers in the west and the heat and knicks in the east.

  115. theking0522 says:

    As of now, I will say the Clippers. They have shown tremendous balance and we know they are the best team in LA. However, come April, I have not doubt in my mind, the Heat will play their best basketball. They have shown that the last two seasons.

  116. JA says:

    Where are the San Antonio Spurs in this list?
    Yes, the same team that got fined $250k for almost beating the Heat with just their bench players.

    • Pablo says:

      bam! not to mention there tied with clips for most wins this season….and thats WITH clips going on a 17 game winning streak

      • LG says:

        Where are the Lakers on the short list. Weren’t they supposed to be one of the top 3 teams this season. The Lakers were on the cover of Sports Illustrated on their NBA Season Preview issue. They were a loaded team at the start of the season with a bunch of future Hall of Fame talent, so Kobe got plenty of help in the off-season. They haven’t been able to make it work. Maybe it’s the SI cover curse again!

    • Michael says:

      Hear, hear! The Spurs are playing great, they swept the Clippers last year, and were up 2-0 against the Thunder. It all fell apart after that, but that will only motivate them more this year. Never underestimate the Spurs.

      • PC says:

        Yeah the SA Spurs should be in this talk. The only reason they don’t get in is because their roster is basically still the same; the same core three. They have no superstar anymore; just all-stars. In other words, they’re expected to play this good. They are the same old Spurs. So the writers don’t mention them b/c it’s already a tradition the Spurs play this good. But it is a shame they are not mentioned with the best teams in the league. Same can be said for the Knicks.

      • Michael says:

        The skeptic would say if you play for the Spurs you’re never treated like a superstar… Another interesting stat: the Spurs have played five more road games than the Clippers, Heat, or Thunder, but only have one more loss than LA and OKC, and the same number as the Heat. Yes, they are the same “old Spurs” but look what they can do: against the young Bucks, Duncan just logged 28, 13, 6 and 3 blocks; Parker 23 and 11. And they picked up their 7th straight win, too.