Mavs’ Carlisle Threatens Suspensions To Jolt His Cratering Team

DALLAS — Patience in Big D is running as thin as Mark Cuban‘s wallet back when he could barely afford to holler at the refs from the nosebleed section.

After another blowout loss Sunday night, a 111-86 pasting by the San Antonio Spurs, desperate Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle, one week after ripping his club’s effort in a 38-point trouncing at San Antonio, spoke of implementing radical steps, specifically suspending under-performing players, as a means to jolt his reeling team.

“I’ve got to be inventive and find ways. I don’t have a better answer than that,” Carlisle said. “In the last week, I’ve literally had to scream in the face of two guys in practices and shootarounds to get the point across. And I will do that and I will continue to do that.

“If I have to start suspending guys for not doing things they’re supposed to be doing on the court, I’ll do it and you know, Mark and I will get into it about that, but somehow things have got to change, and it just can’t be about it’s a tough schedule. It just can’t.”

Actual suspensions might not fly, but the notion itself lends to a level of desperation that proves how quickly the season is slipping away. Carlisle can certainly choose to sit underachievers on the bench, not that he has many options in which to turn.

“Whatever coach decides I’m behind him,” Mavs forward Shawn Marion said. “Let him decide on what he wants to do. Whatever he decides I’m with him and that’s what it boils down to.”

The Mavs have lost nine of 10 and six in a row. The margin of defeat in the last six is 19.1 points. The Spurs beat them twice by 38 and 25. Denver beat them by 21. Miami and Memphis each won by double digits. The one game the Mavs competed, they couldn’t hold a fourth-quarter lead and lost to Oklahoma City by six in overtime.

Spurs guard Manu Ginobili had this critique of Dallas’ effort Sunday night in front of home fans that sat through another loss rather than watch the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins in a do-or-die NFL game: “They were not very inspired.”

At 12-19, Dallas needs an immediate about-face or risk the franchise’s record 12 consecutive trips to the postseason officially being moved to the endangered list by mid-January.

“January is make or break for this team,” one Mavs player said.

Said Carlisle: “It’s not what this organization has been about since Mark bought the team and this is a stretch that is unprecedented, really. It’s bad and we have to fix it, and it starts with me. So I’m taking the blame for it.”

Dallas sits in 12th place in the Western Conference, four games out of the eighth and final playoff spot. Their season point-differential continues to balloon in the wrong direction. At minus-4.8, it is better than only Sacramento (minus-5.0) and New Orleans (minus-5.9). Only Houston (103.8) allows more points than Dallas (103.1), but the Rockets are scoring seven more points a game.

Dirk Nowitzki returned four games ago yet the Mavs have lost them all with the 7-footer coming off the bench and struggling to knock down shots. Compounding the problem is O.J. Mayo‘s confounding, ongoing slump. 

Dallas begins 2013 at Washington on Wednesday. A loss to the 4-24 Wizards would send Dallas crashing to rock-bottom with a Thursday night tilt looming at Miami.

“We got to get some dog in us. We got to get some fight in us right now,” Marion said. “We got to find a way to get it going because this [expletive] sucks.”


  1. Chad705 says:

    This team has become, well…lazy. Dallas needs to make a move for a defensive 3/SF.
    I would call Tyron Johnson~UL-Lafayette
    6’7″ 209 long, athletic and a complete player
    I watched him live on a few occasions
    Good kid 2.

  2. gerald martin says:

    i’ll tell you what i think would be something, go after amare the knicks don’t need or want him well not with that big contract.

  3. Just wondering!!! says:

    Whatever happened to Elton Brand? When he was a Clipper, he carried the team into the playoffs! After he left LA, his A-game disappeared into oblivion!

  4. Patrickmarc says:

    Kaman, Carter, Wright should take more shots..until Mayo recovers his way,after this too long slump,
    Collison didn’t helped so much, as Jason Kid did before.
    They should play much better of course, and Beaubois having more minutes.

  5. Chester says:

    I would start brandan wright ar centre with kaman off the bench. Wrights plus minuses are huge, and a lineup of collison, mayo, carter, nowitzki and wright would kick arse

  6. delonte says:

    no delonte west = no playoffs

  7. bu says:

    Carlisle’s job is on the line, alas this kind of response. Though, it’s a clear fact that if Ginobli calls them uninspired, there’s a lot of truth to the spirit & efforts in the game. Is it the coach’s fault or some players? Prob more on the players, as many new faces on the team usually create out-of-sync moments (look at the Celtics now, almost a mirror image of Mavs). Can’t just expect a bunch of new guys to “plug-in” to the system, & be a good school boy & listens to the coach.

    From the face of it, Collison seems to be a cancerous cell within the team. They now only hv Dirk to be the veteran, done it all guy to lead the locker room, which I’m not sure if it’s adequate to shut down the people issues, if any.

  8. Jumppong says:

    Dallas not getting younger anymore.. need some spark.. Cardinal should step up.. LOL

  9. McGuire says:

    suspending players for poor play? heck, there are whole teams that needs suspending…LOL!

  10. chandler says:

    its cuz of dirk hes not doing amazing there team stinks. Thats why 1 super star on a team will et u no wear. when he lives that team will fall apart

  11. Adam says:

    In Oz, Aussies Rules players are dropped for under performance and have to re-establish themselves in the lower league (state league). Is this not similar to the NFL? Sometimes you (the players) get complacent and need that ‘jolt’ but I do agree that Dirk needs to start, regardless of playing time restrictions, his on-court presence is worth a lot more than just his shot and to have it from the get go is what the team needs. Also, I’m a huge Mayo fan but I’m totally stumped as to why his performances are so up and down? He needs a rhythm of sorts, only he can find that!! Not sure he’s quite clicked with Collison, they can be a great back court tandem if they work together.

  12. Pingy says:

    I never liked Rick’s micro-management style or Cuban’s trump-like pompous ego. Drown Dallas Drown…

  13. Pingy says:

    Drown Dallas………Drown…..

  14. ShawnKempNo.1 says:

    Seriously, what did they expect with a roster like that? Maybe they could have been a 50% team in the east, but in the current western conference, they can’t do much better than this

  15. Anonymous says:

    I’ve always said that this Mav’s team is the biggest victim from the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Ever since it was played it’s been downhill for them. One can’t help but wonder…

  16. I can see suspending players in professional sports for offenses like drug abuse, but for “underperforming” would be ground-breaking. Rick Carlisle, I believe, is making a bad decision to issue either suspensions or suspension threats. Does he think days off with pay will give a player incentive to play better? Each player signed a contract. They will continue to get paychecks, so why not keep trying? Sometimes the other team is just better. Sometimes teams lose based on the way the ball bounces. Carlisle loses his temper and gets a technical and sometimes ejected.

    Cuban should fire Carlisle and hire another coach.

    • TJ says:

      No, that’s not how suspensions work. You get suspended, you don’t get paid.

    • K jo says:

      When you watch the mavs get out rebound the way they do, when you see them turn over balls the way they do it is a question of do these players really care about winning? I’m not saying they don’t care but the question comes to mind when I watch a rebound they should have gotten go the other team. I’m not a Dallas fan but Rick Carlisle is a great coach imo. The reason they even have Mayo is because Kidd told him Carlisle can help them. And who is so much better at coaching than Carlisle and woudl want to coach Dallas? This is from a persepctive of someone who isn’t a Dallas fan exactly.

  17. Franz says:

    I wonder if David $tern will fine the Mavericks for taking their best players out of the lineup as a result of their suspension.

  18. bobby says:

    You know one of the reasons why the Mavs are losing so much?

    Because Dirk is coming off the bench!!!!! He’s not supposed to come off the bench! He is a starter!! Come on, put Dirk on the starting line-up.

  19. bob is a lakers guy says:

    fisher should come back to lakers fisher if your reading please come back

  20. Hunter says:

    FISHER! COME BACK!! I wish he never left. All I know is if they lose to the Wizards in this next game our mavs are DONE FOR!

  21. lolly cakes says:

    keep racking up them loses mavs, with the cowboys taking the dive dallas is just a terrible place to be right now

    • 34yr fan says:

      ….no kidding !!

    • Mino says:

      yeah. hamilton left, mavs just began to nosedives and they circus in jerry world. and the stars seem to always choke right before playoffs, but that doesn’t matter because hockey’s dead. dallas….

  22. Kosekharet says:

    Poor coach is taking the blame for Mark Cuban’s master-disaster. Honestly, a bum on the street would know that this team would never be a championship caliber team when Chandler and Barea left, and the following year, Terry and Kidd left as well. Expectations are to high for a team that only has a 50% healthy Dirk and so-so Mayo!

  23. djb447 says:

    ever since carlisle has been using dojo alot, they have been losing

  24. Croakus says:

    Not too long ago you guys were playing good with Fisher, better hope he comes back!

  25. sd says:

    Carlisle needs to suspend their salaries not just the playing time to get through to his players. Player’s thinking: “Suspension? Thank you for letting me rest with full pay. I’ll just comfort myself with Cool-Aid. Good I can afford it.”

  26. ryansilva01 says:

    Hope this gives you guys some perspective; with one more loss the Dallas Mavericks will dip below the The Sacramento Kings! Let that sink in a bit.

  27. WhereAmazingHappens says:

    That Mavs playoff spot belongs to Golden State now.

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    • 34yr fan says:

      ………………..hey, YOU !!! You got your CAPS in the WRonG pLacES….. very funny to be disrepectful is it?? and what gives with that ‘handle’ of yours ….are you not real creative??? Quit wasting space on this blog for your lame marketing attempts !!…… it is for FANS ….get it???

  29. bob is a lakers guy says:

    i love lakers

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  31. BoyHEAT says:

    The Separation of key players who brought a championship to Dallas last 2011 are gone and it did not even made a good impaact on the NBA news and now where hearing this? Now you’re getting what you deserve and I feel bad for Dallas having a guy like Cuban!

  32. Wow! says:

    Suspensions for underachieving players? That might be a good idea. As much as they get paid.

    • 34yr fan says:

      …man that would set some kind of precedent……. perhaps creating a ‘ripple effect’ throughout the league. I believe that there are MANY who would/could fall into “That” category……Underachieving !!!! Maybe wake some players up and remind them to continue to work hard and get better !!! A shooting slump is one thing , but there is NEVER a good reason to play without intensity on defense…..EVER…… !!!! I, personally would have NO problem with it……as if what I say/think matters to the NBA or any fan for that matter…….

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  34. TV63 says:

    cuban left you in a pickle when he cut so many of the chanpionship players D you say? Hmmm Can you say Tyson Chandler? What did anyone expect would happen?

    • 34yr fan says:

      ….EXACTLY correct……. just when the mavs started to play some defense, Cuban lets Chandler walk (and become the DPOY) in hopes of signing a point guard—(THE NEXT year for cryin’ out loud !!)…. you know the one …”The Coach Killer”….. who decided to ‘change’ his mind and sign with an east coast team with a huge market instead of playing in front of his hometown crowd……… Definitely the WRONG decision…. but Mark wants everyone to think he is the smartest guy in the room when he is just the Steinbrenner of the NBA !!……… come to think of it………. ONLY letting go of Tyson was the wrong move… telling what that ‘point guard’ would have been in a mavs uniform…….. SOOOO, the ‘ball is in your court’–(pardon the pun) now Mark…….. What would George do?????…….well………… purchase a completely NEW frontcourt of course….!!! LOL

      • Carl says:

        George Steinbrenner brought 7 championships to NY. Can’t be compared with Mark Cuban.

      • _NJNets_ says:

        Tyson Chandler is OK, but is not nearly as good as you make him sound. He just so happens to be on the perfect team for his style right now, so your seeing the absolute best Chandler possible… and it’s still not that great.

    • F says:

      Chandler? What did he ever do besides pick fights?

  35. terrance says:

    that’s what the Spurs play the coach to do make decisions about how to play his players . Stern is a dictator it needs to mind his own business . 1 game does not make a season . it is time to that old fool to retire . goodbye mister Stern and good riddence.