Rockets’ White Goes To D-League

HOUSTON — Maybe the first sign of progress was that this time Royce White didn’t react to the notion of being assigned to the NBA D-League by fire-bombing the Rockets organization via Twitter.

In fact, the 16th pick in the draft, who suffers from anxiety disorder and has butted heads with Rockets management since training camp, did not even Tweet a hint that he was joining the Rio Grande Valley Vipers in Bakersfield, Calif. and would be available to play in Sunday night’s game against the Jam.

The 6-foot-8 forward out of Iowa State has been at odds with the Rockets due to what he claims is their unwillingness to accommodate his condition. The team had re-worked his contract to make provisions for White to sometimes travel between games by bus, since anxiety about flying is one of the symptoms of his illness.

White did not report to the Rockets’ training camp in Hidalgo, Tex., home to the Vipers and, after getting no playing time in the first five games of the regular season, he went AWOL following a game at Memphis on Nov. 9. He remained at odds with the club when management insisted that he attend therapy sessions with a psychologist of their choosing, but has since agreed to terms and evidently been working to heal the wounds.

White resumed working out at the Toyota Center during the past week while the Rockets have been on the road. Sources have indicated that the next step in having him go to the D-League is part of a multi-week plan to fully integrate White back into the Rockets organization.

There is no timetable for White to return to the Rockets roster.


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  2. Ellis Wyms says:

    You can’t be a professional athlete if you can’t fly. Kinda comes with the territory. Hope he gets it together. He seems to have a lot of talent. Has to for the Rockets to go through this much trouble to get him ready to play.

  3. Willy says:

    Come back Royce we are behind you! Make it work! The Rocks need you!

  4. rwt_always says:

    Rocket selected Mr. White for his talent on the court and so, let’s get Mr. White to the court. More importantly, talking at your problem will not fix the problem; actions speak louder than words. Go Rockets.

  5. Chase says:

    Good for him, hopefully he can make an nba debut some time this season.

  6. erwin says:

    Is White really worth the trouble? We all have for fears but if he is really a pro, he should be man enough to face his fears…

  7. Cheese says:

    I juist read this guys statement o . He seems to be a pain in the a++ , the rockets need to waive this guy

  8. johnny says:

    White was easily top 3 pick this last draft if not for his illness. Once he gets over w/e his problem are he’ll be a force. For 1.7mil he’s a risk any team should be able to afford.

  9. stop_whining says:

    I agree with Janice about Royce White. What a prima donna. Evidently his college was desperate enough to give him anything he wanted. He just isn’t that good as a rookie pro. Why is everyone putting this on Houston? Was a gun put to his head to sign the contract? Was he forced to leave college early? Pro basketball is a business. You expect your employees to perform. Did White tell the teams about his flying problems? I’ll bet he downplayed it. He comes across as a loser.

  10. Richard says:

    Time for Rockets to cut their losses. Not worth it.

  11. Mike B. says:

    Maybe he should stay home and play video games instead..

  12. party en miami says:

    dude just needs to play ball rockets are a damn good team right now…lin harden white on a fast break…i wanna see that.

  13. TheWizard says:

    The Rockets should not have drafted him to the west. Texas is a huge state and his bus options are limited. If he played for the Sixers for instance, everything east of the mississipi would almost be in play, plus home games. Perhaps the desire to play in playoffs will help him overcome his condition, in time.

  14. Pokie says:

    Royce White belongs in the NBA. If I ran a team and we decided to draft Royce, I would have expected him to be in camp and at practice on time but I think in sports terms you have to treat his condition like you would treat an injury. He’d play in home games and any road games he could get to on the ground and spend the remaining time getting treatment for his condition. Everyone understood Royce’s condition on draft day. At present he needs a unique situation to continue to develop. The Rockets have been dealing with a lot this year. They have stumbled a bit handling this situation, but they are a solid franchise and should be more than up to the task of developing this fantastic young player.

  15. Can't say they aren't trying...... says:

    I think this will be the last attempt for the Rockets… It’s on White to get it together and start training with Dleague team so that he may get himself back into the league. Last chance for him I think, no one else is going to want to put up with this…

    • Janice says:

      I agree. White should have stayed in college and find another avenue whereas he wouldn’t be a problem to other and he would be happier himself. His problems are those other options wouldn’t have paid him the money he wants to make. Thus, he wants to make his problem a Houston Rockets problem. Go to the counseling, get on some medication and see if that can help you with your fear of traveling. The best option is to know Jesus and allow him to remove the fear.

  16. Crazygirl992 says:

    I hope everything works out for white, He’s a pretty fun player to watch when he gets to play!

  17. txema says:

    I just wonder, how do you look at your coach in the eye, after what he has gone through, and tell him about YOUR problems and how unfair the world is with you?

    • bob jones says:

      Royce has problems but thats it he is the next Paul Pierce or Pipen he can get better from his disorder and come back and stun the world its terrible thet Mchale’s daughter died he’s a great coach but that is life my brother died when I was 10. Royce has serious problems so dont me pointing out a mistake from some one else when you dont correct yourself txema.

  18. joey boy says:


  19. C Webb says:

    Royce White just retire…

    • slider821 says:

      you can’t retire if you’ve never actually worked a day at the job. He should quit and complain, it’s what he’s best at.