Wade Penalty About More Than One Game

The NBA kicked Dwyane Wade where it hurts, too, suspending the Heat guard for one game for “flailing his leg and making contact with the groin” of Ramon Sessions of the Bobcats on Wednesday in Charlotte.

The one game? Eh. Wade must sit out when Miami (20-6) plays Friday at Detroit (9-22). At 34, 38 and 37 minutes the last three games, the latter two in a back-to-back, the point can be made that the rest will do him good.

Except that this has become about more than the one game. Wade “getting his Rockettes on” against Sessions was so over the line and has become part of such a growing list of regrettable moments that his reputation is suffering.

Whether Wade is wounded by comments along the lines of Boston’s Rajon Rondo calling him out for “dirty plays” is not known. But Wade should care. A suspension for appearing to purposely kick an opponent in the groin for no reason other than Sessions taking a foul opens the kind of file with the NBA no one should want.

The second-best player on a team with aspirations for a title repeat will be judged from now on through a different, harsher prism. There is a precedent. Wade, for all the good he has done in a career that will lead to the Hall of Fame, also has a history that will work against him if future incidents come up.

As Brian Windhorst chronicled on ESPN.com before the suspension had been announced:

  • During a game in Boston in the 2011 regular season, Wade was hit with a flagrant foul for shoving Kevin Garnett after Garnett had leveled Mike Miller with a screen.
  • In the 2011 playoffs, Wade got wrapped up with Rondo while going for a loose ball. After Rondo elbowed Wade, he appeared to stick his leg out and sweep Rondo to the court. It resulted in Rondo dislocating his elbow. At the time, Wade said it was inadvertent.
  • Wade broke Kobe Bryant’s nose, raking him from behind during an unusual physical play during the 2012 All-Star Game. Bryant had fouled Wade twice previously in the game.
  • During a regular-season game last April in Miami, Wade threw a forearm at Chicago Bulls guard Rip Hamilton after Hamilton bumped him trying to create space on the perimeter. Wade was called for a flagrant foul.
  • During the first round of the playoffs last season, Wade threw the shoe of New York Knicks guard Mike Bibby off the court after Bibby lost it getting a rebound.
  • During the second round of the playoffs, Wade blindsided Indiana Pacers guard Darren Collison on a fast break. Wade, who seemed to be reacting to not getting a shooting foul moments earlier, was assessed a flagrant foul.

Many could fade into the background if they were single happenings. Some, like shoving Garnett in defense of a teammate or tossing Bibby’s shoe in a strange attempt to gain a competitive advantage, can even be seen as exactly the chippy attitude a team should want from a star. In totality, though, that is a very long list.

Commissioner David Stern has made it clear that past incidents matter when the time comes to decide on disciplines, and Wade has several. Whether or not Wade cares about his image around the league, it is why he should absolutely be concerned with the reputation in the biggest offices at NBA HQ.


  1. Dan says:

    Wade needs to take a shower, I can smell his dirtiness all the way from Argentina!

  2. FrankC says:

    Rondo needs to hit the weight room…wade is aggressive but they are grown men its a game comprised of 6’8 260lbs who could probley run a 4.3 on a 90ft court stuff happens sometimes

  3. Lakers Champ says:

    D-Wade can’t for nothing except dunkin he needs to learn how to play ball like Kobe did when he realized he couldn’t jump over people anymore. I mean the man doesn’t have a jumper at all.

  4. big bang theory says:

    wade is a extremely good players, whose dirty. Nothing wrong with that we’ve seen many players in the years like this. nothing new if you ask me. it’s called survival of the fittest and people gotta do what they gotta to do to dominate and show their superiority over one another. one example my man kevin garnett. excellent player but we all know he does dirty plays.

  5. JLin17 says:

    It’s all good for Wade. Have people forgotten about Kobe’s elbowing streak post-Shaq era in the Lakers land? See, things like this can be easily forgotten, if you’re certain individuals.

  6. sallas07 says:

    I am a heat fan and that does not look like an inadvertant kick, it looks quite intentional.
    The one game suspension is fair, but I feel labeling D. Wade as a dirty player is a little bit
    of overkill. I think if you could make a list of dirty players D.Wade can be one of the last names
    on that list.

  7. fallible says:

    The guy who wrote this artikel needs to go to see a doctor… LOL GTFO

  8. Gabe says:

    I think D-wade deserved this suspension, because of all the dirty plays he has done. i do think Rondo is in the right, but also angry because wade injured him, claiming it to be an accident. I think wade should step up and take his punishment like a man.

  9. real1 says:

    pause it at ten seconds , sessions alreaady has him round the waist and wades leg is behind his body , THEN he SWINGS it from behind him to in front and up into sessions , ….. deliberate , no excuse for your leg coming up that high after contact unless your regaining your balance and he wasnt

    • Boca_Fan says:

      In actual time, while in motion, NOBODY could be that good, or quick to make it a intentional, that’s utter nonsense. We all can replay it all we want, slow it down, but Wade didn’t have the benefit of slow motion….. so again, this is garbage. Wade’s fans are behind him, and as usual his haters (all Heat Haters) are trying to place blame and make him out to be something he’s not.

      Rondo having anything to say is a joke, he’s an arch rival and will say anything to make Wade look bad. This is basketball politics at it’s best!

      NBA wants to control everything, why not do a story on how they took over season ticket exchange sales. Try to buy a tisket from what was once “Ticket Exchange” and you’re on NBA’s run site. What once cost a flat $1.95 per order, is now about a 22% to 25% up charge to the buyer, who knows what they charge the seller. That’s really disgusting, they are pricing fans right out of the games.

  10. celtics fan says:

    Wade was a great honest player when he won a ring with Shaq back in 06. As his athletic gifts have deteriorated he has become increasingly dirty. He needs to be called out by the other players in the league. Truly great players don’t need to cheat to win. Lebron James must not like seeing his teammate degrade the whole team with Wade’s dirty play.

  11. Kelvin says:

    Yea wade sometime makes some ”dirty play” but who care about that? Anyways Michael Jordan was one of the dirtiest player in the league and also kobe bryant plays dirty so haters don’t come and bs wade because in the nba most of the amazing players play dirt.

  12. jun says:

    wade has become nba’s biggest sellout.

  13. Mark says:

    The fact is, Wade is an insect. I remember my jaw hitting the floor in disgust after watching him hurl Bibby’s shoe to the sidelines after he had lost it. In fact, prior to that game, Wade posted on Twitter making fun of Bibby about his age and the number of minutes per game he had been playing. Bibby did not answer Wade’s statement through any form of social media. Wade is a joke and good play does not cover up the fact that the guy is a @$$.

    • Boca_Fan says:

      I was at that game, and it was not a nasty play, they were joking. Bibby played on the Heat, and to add that to a nasty play list is pure nonsense!!!

      Where’s the big story on Howard who clearly aimed and smashed Farid in the face, could have knocked an eye out, he only gets fined $30,000?? Another clear “lets bash the Heat”

  14. Earlrey G. Estor says:

    Wade is a clean player. Not fare for him to be suspended.

  15. Wadeforlife says:

    LOL at the shoe issue. Writers always makes small things big.

  16. Isaac says:

    the more i watch this video the less it looks like contact was made with Sessions’ groin… unless its simultaneously on his right knee and left inner thigh?… looks more like a flop by Sessions.

  17. Joshua Greenfarb says:


    Kobe injured Ricky Rubio — he’s the one that collided with him causing major injury, although I’m sure it was accidental.

    Ron Artest (METTA WORLD DORK) injured all-star James Harden with that infamous elbow — intentional contact.

    Dwight Howard injured Carmelo’s ankle (or at least initially caused the mid-air collision), though I’m sure it was coincidental.

    Marcus Camby “accidentally” injured Carmelo’s knee … or was it staged/faked?????? To help the Lakers beat the Knicks on Christmas Day? “Injure” Carmelo to hurt the Knicks’ chances of coming back in that game????

    Just sayin’.

    Oh yeah. METTA WORLD DORK apparently excessively elbows Jeremy Lin earlier this season. METTA WORLD DORK (MWD) also rubbed Avery Johnson’s head for good luck after he made a 3-pointer (which was really a 2-pointer if you watched the replay [more Laker cheating]). MWD’s toe was clearly on the line. Should’ve been a 2-pointer!

    Just sayin’.

  18. Joshua Greenfarb says:

    Wade really thew Mike Bibby’s shoe??????????????? That is a hilarious!!



    Wade is an NBA GOD!!

    He looks like he’s almost at 100% after recovering from an injury. He’s back as one of the best prolific NBA scorers.

  19. eddie b says:

    Wow there is nothing better to write about than this. I feel the media have decided to tarnish wades image a little not just with this article. Why write an article it is pointless Wade doesn’t deserve this no player does

  20. Andrew says:

    Wade is not the 2nd best player on the Heat by a long shot.

  21. Bob M says:

    Yeah man, it was intentional, but it was the side of his leg without a lot of force. If someone gives you a shot a one end, you give it back at the other. Even the refs know, then give a “make-up” call.
    I have to give the progressive Mr. Howard-Cooper the Big Whiner Award. Wade isn’t a dirty player. And, if you want to find dirty plays in the NBA, just concentrate on the post for 10 minutes. You’ll see a few.

  22. Noel117-CelticsAllDay- says:

    wade is dirty..obviously.

  23. Random fan full of opinions says:

    continue to worship dwade if you want, but he’s a terrible human being and has deserved to be suspended several times before and hasn’t received anything till now. i say this because i used to be a dwade fan and now i’m disappointed at his actions. sure, you can argue that someone on the opposing team did something wrong to make him do what he does but if he’s a star caliber player why is he rising to the occasion and returning the favor? i think it’s time for dwade to grow up.

  24. Ray says:

    Biggest flopper in the NBA by a mile of players with a shred of talent (reggie evans) Dirtiest NBA player in the league currently without hesitation. the article fails to point out one I remember quite well. game 6 eastern conference finals 2011 in miami rondo goes for a lay-up wade slaps him around the head no call, gets the rebound runs up and kicks ray allen whilst fading away on a shot and gets an and-one. 2 dirty plays in 1 sequence! anyone who doesn’t remember should watch it a 5 point turnaround that boston ends up losing the game to in OT when rondo drops 53

  25. Henry Espin says:

    Dwyane Wade is the dirtiest player in this game. He is a good player but also dirty. How many time has he fouls rondo in playoff but ref don’t call? he even pulled rondo down and resulted in dislocating his elbow and yet wade walked away like a coward,not even a sorry. he also shoved hamilton into the sideline like a girl.and who would make someone bleed during an all star game? D Wade should retire and go back playing ball with his children

  26. LeBronWadeRashid says:

    Dwyane Wade is not a dirty player and he is a great and good player. he just accidentally kicked Ramon Sessions groin when he will go to the basket or attacking to the paint

  27. Jay says:

    OMG STOP!!!!!!!! Is so stupid everybody always hating on Miami and the heat good players. Come on Wade dirty??????? not at all compare to all this lebron and wade wanna be. STOP THE HATE. Wade is an awesome player as all the heat players.

  28. Noel Checo says:

    I don’t even think that was on purpose. I watch the footage and see that he was push hard enough for that to happen. Also if u look at the footage that Wade was going to the right before he got push and because he was moving he leg was going to where the direction he was going. Since he was pushed enough there was NO way that his leg was going to go anywhere but his breadbiscuits. And they suspend Wade for 1 game for that. I don’t even think Wade wanted to do that I sure as hell believe he didn’t do on purpose.

  29. MAX LOUIS says:


  30. Me says:

    that’s why I’ll never respect Dewayne, I’m glad you goys actually wrote an article about this because it sure ain’t the first time. He’s real dirty and I can’t respect that, just a low down dirty player, him and MTW (Metta world WAR) are in the same category.

    • Boca_Fan says:


  31. Thompson says:

    Wade is no dirty player. Never heard such a claim ever. You can clearly see at the point of contact that he is leaning backwards and the leg flailed up to try and re-gain balance. When I used to play ball i used to have a turnaround fade away jumper, my leg also would kick out while executing the turn around in mid air but it was no way intended to kick the opposing player…

    Kobe on the other hand is undeniably a dirty player.

  32. Reefrnr says:

    This is amazing. Dwade gets hammered and injured constantly…he does not complain. I and none of you know what is in his head. The refs called it the way they did and the suspension was accessed…end of story…Dirty player…you people are nuts.
    Upset about not being his team…what have you been smoking. Dwade is a great player who will be in the Hall. The End!

  33. juan says:

    Come on man writer and publishers. This is article should be removed. This is just creating bad fame for Wade. He is already suspended.

  34. Mohcel says:

    very dirty player. ive seen this dude undercut players every game. disgraceful to the game

  35. theholyspecatator says:

    this is basketball ladies and gents..who really cares dirty or not, just like many above mentioned, dirty plays take place almost every other game in the nba…and besides the man got two rings, about to get his third…focus on the good and not the bad…d-wade is a future hall of famer ….who cares if hes a dirty player or complains/whines about calls, etc…the banner that hang high above his teams home court speaks for itself

  36. World of Wade says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me, thankfully I actually saw the games where most of these incidents occurred. This to me, is just an attempt by the author to CREATE a story where there’s none to REPORT. I won’t even bother to give my take on the incidents, just go back and watch the plays, and in some cases the games these things took place in. I’d like them to also start talking about the hard fouls he’s taken over his career because I’ve seen some ridiculously nasty stuff done to him.

  37. Dawid says:

    Im my opinion this “kick” was just result of him loosing the balance. And if the defender bumped into him, thats his fault- Wade lost his balance because he bumped into him. WHERE IS YOUR LOGIC STERN ??????

  38. LBJ says:

    Did you guys see lebrons reaction?

  39. just look closer! says:

    people please….he may not be the dirtiest player in the game but he dirt damn it!!! stop lying to yourself! there is always a reason for everything each player does but that still doesnt say if your dirty or not…if you try to prevent an easy layup in an allstar game do it…but dont go breaking noses…if you wanna win badly then win with your skills not by hurting other players…i am very disappointed how wade turned out to be when it is not going his way…very very sad he could have been one of the top 3 guys of this era…now he like 10th! he should be ashamed!

  40. Kamote says:

    There’s a difference in playing physical and playing dirty. Banging bodies is one thing, but sticking out your foot, shoving a player already on a breakaway fast break (Collison) or just clamping down on someone to bring him down (Rondo) is another. Been a Wade fan before, but he really do have that tendency to do dirty plays. What he’s doing can injure a player. And the funny thing is he’d say everything was inadvertent.

  41. This guy wade has been a dirty player for the longest now!the nba seems to favor the heat for I don’t know what reason. From scheduling to referees on the floor. It seems to the pubics eye the favoritism.very bad for the game of basketball we love so much!everyone seems to forget how all the one sided calls gave the heat the nba championship last year!lebron James almost took Kevin durant’s head off at the end of game 2…no call!seemed to everyone stern wanted lebron James and the heat to win a ring no matter what it took..smh

  42. Depressed says:


  43. Uersch says:

    1st of all: I’m a big Wade-fan. And this move was not his best. Clearly it was stupid, because it was intentionally. BUT it was not a hard kick, he was pissed off and wanted to get rid of a guy. Little nothing. And Sessions should deserve an Oscar for acting like that. Think most of us have experiences with the pain when you got hurt there and the fast way Sessions recovered lets me know he was acting.
    So this is not a prrof for Wade being a dirty player. Some examples the writer brings up are just ridiculous, but other people here have discussed that already in detail.
    What I want to say is that when you want to look at really dirty players talk about KG, Rondo himself or go to Metta and the likes of Matt Barnes, but not Wade.
    But – ooh wait, I forgot – he throws shoes away – oh my God! He IS for sure a dirty player! He must be…
    What a dumb article…

  44. Sam says:

    Anyone else notice that this behavior started when a certain someone joined the team?

  45. ballPlayerr says:

    On Wade’s rookie season, coming in with LeBron and Anthony he was left aside. He was the MVP of the Rookie challenge and was pretty much asked where did he come from to which he said “I wanted to make sure the nation knew there are more than two rookies in this league!” that’s the hot head attitude that has allowed him to be dominant when healthy. To take care of “his house” in South Beach! There have been ugly moments such as the hole thing with Spoelstra last year in the playoffs, it was petty. However, that is one of the characteristics that made him one of the most explosive players of his time. He has never gotten the recognition he deserves. Not when he was the MVP of the finals, not when he was the leading scorer of the league. Still my all time favorite player!

  46. jdavis says:

    There must be many young people writing comments about his “dirty play” that weren’t around for the 80’s.

  47. LiorK says:

    I don’t think that is right what scoot Howard Cooper think to give Dwayne wade a suspension when I saw OKC&MIA before 3 days when westbrook almost stard to fight with battier that was ok or when Kendrick Perkins was putting is leg Around dwayne wades budy last year in the finals nobody say nothing but Dwayne wade has to be sespendec for this game that is not even right.

  48. FL says:

    Ask the players that participate on bootcamps with him, during his draft season, from there you will get a good idea.

  49. a dirty player says:

    Yes, He is. Sure he is! Definitely he is!

  50. charlie says:

    Denis Rodman is a hall of famer., Wade is far from that

  51. Omg grow up. If people haven’t noticed, basketball is a tough game and does contain a lot of dirty plays every now and then! It’s not a sport for the weak, “No Boys Allowed” as they say in the NBA. You will definitely see dirty players, heck even Jordan played dirty before every now and then. C’mon guys

  52. Calvin Lowery says:

    The author of this post has serious issues. As long as Wade has been in the league, as hard as teams come at him this is all he came up with. And, to include an accusation from one of the most mentally unstable players in the league (Rondo) just robs the post of all credibility. But, some people are lucky enough to have jobs where they are not held to a level of being fair or accurate. Thank goodness for haters!

  53. David says:

    Wade has always been a bit malicious, but in recent years it has gotten worse. That shoe episode with Mike Bibby was one of the most unethical attitudes I’ve seen a player take recently and I consider it more negative than any small fight or shoving between players, that happens when you’re playing such a physical game at such a high competitive level, but only a bastard would throw another guy’s shoe into the stands. Deserved a few games suspension, after all, why bother so much with fair play and then not punish an attitude like this?

  54. Dave Hoff says:

    Before I say anything let me say that his kick did seem purposeful and he deserved his suspension however your accusation that wade is a dirty player makes you sounds like a common folk heat player. Wade is an effort player who likes to block shots he is the best per game shot blocking guard ever. The Kobe foul was inadvertent the bibby shoe thing was just silly and including the kg shove on this list was ignorant. Kg wiped out an injured mike miller with a a blindside screen because one of the heat players had fouled rondo on an earlier play kg was sending a message that you can’t foul rondo without consequences and wade immediately hit kg to protect his teammates. Jeff van Gundy lauded the play when it happened. How many other times has dwyane wade been suspended? You writers need to stop making undeserved negative articles in an attempt to shock viewers into reading and just write about basketball.

  55. Devonte Ragsdale says:

    Dwayne is portrayed as a good guy in the media because he is humble in his interviews, is on the best team in the league, and is a very big face in the NBA. However, Wade has gotten away with these offenses time and time again. Before I even read the article, I recalled several of the moments that were foul and looked over. Wade is a nice, quiet guy and it is always the quiet ones that are the most dangerous. You can’t anticipate their actions because they are silent bombs waiting for the right trigger to send them off the deep end. Wade has lost his franchise. His play is now being compared to the reigning MVP and while Wade is a great athlete, he can not compete with Lebron while playing with Lebron. Dwayne Wade is an outstanding basketball player but his spotlight is flickering and sooner or later it will go out. The NBA is built around a few key players who make the money and Wade’s time is almost up. These plays will continue maybe not now but soon they will be the only thing that can keep him relevant. This is a clear case of the “Artest Syndrome” a good player that wants to stay on the front of the website and will take down whomever gets in his way. The players are not safe and it this issue continues to grow, a new bad boy will be born. Grab your helmets and shoulder pads when you step on the court with Mr. Wade. Who will be next?

  56. James says:

    The NBA has a horrible reputation among casual fans because of things just like this. Its why the NFL is Americas darling. In the NFL, the penalty for this would be a 1 game suspension. But that is a much harsher penalty ( 1/16 of a seasons salary.). Wade should have received at least a one week suspension for this. In order for the NBA to get their act together, they need to come down just as hard as the NFL. Also, when was the last time a player of Wades stature did something like this in the NFL? Examples: Peyton Manning, Eli, Brees, Brady, Aaron Rogers etc… I enjoy pro basketball just as much as pro football; but the NBA’s image is nothing compared to the NFL. And its the league’s tolerance of what the stars can get away with that is the main reason in my opinion. The NFL would flip if Tom Brady ever kicked a opponent in the groin lol. Now a lineman, it happens but he does lose at least 1/16 of his salary.

  57. OK Let's get real! says:

    Why don’t all you Wade fans just admit that it’s an intentional kick, and move on. You all look ridiculous in your feeble attempts to defend it. You’re actually making yourselves look bad! If this same thing would have happened to Wade you would have been up in arms!

  58. FuTuR3 says:

    Wade is not a dirty player he is however a player that retaliates in frustration based off no calls in a game though… This move was Wade doing was he does every single night he plays and making use of the contact however I believe that Sessions should be at least fined for the flop or both have equal punishment because watching the replay they are both at fault. Sessions tried to learn into Wade for the foul also to draw more contact and you can see clearly from the right angle Wades kick caught Sessions in the inner upper thigh not the groin which is where Sessions grabbed before moving his hand up to his groin area. Nothing else Wade has done in the past even warrants a reason for suspension most incidents where against Boston players and lets be honest here Boston has more dirty player than any other team out there. Its funny though as much as i like D. Howard his foul on Faried should have gotten him a suspension. The NBA is backwards if you ask me and soft. Man in the 90s stuff like this would be just normal competitive basketball.

  59. M I C says:

    a player should have the right to get another player off of him. the defender was reaching around d wade with both arms as if he was going for his wallet. i say not a dirty play. every mugger should be kicked in the dingding.

  60. NbaKingRondo says:

    good to see something being.done about this

  61. dj rgm9 says:

    Unbelievable how one sided,blinded ignorant miami bandwagoners-fans are!!!This is clearly an unnatural move to do after the foul,this move has no place in the nba or any kind of b.ball competition!Maybe wade is high on bath saltz(as many miami folks likes to do) who knows?I played 18 years b.ball competition,10 year streetball experience too,never saw in my life a player kicking at the adversary like that on plane sight, even without referee’s or camera sight.Never saw before maybe Wayne next goal is to be an MMA fighter,lol!!!Ignorant Cheater fans has to stop commentating about the’80 or ’90,even then they didn’t used karate kicks after a foul.Just again a stupid frustated non justical reaction by your downfalling star Dwayne!
    Dwayne’s era is certainly over >to heat bandwagoners,cheater’s fans!!!

  62. pat riley says:

    Stop defending wade dimwits

    its a very obvious groin kick

    its ridiculous to be unintentional. no player has ever done that.

    frustation now just being a sidekick to lebron

    perhaps Wade just wants to feel Sessions more. U real bedroom dirty Wade!

    what pattern are you going thru huh? identity crisis perhaps haha

  63. pat riley says:

    Stop defending wade u morons

    its a very obvious groin kick

    its ridiculous to be unintentional. no player has ever done that

  64. Knicks4life says:

    Every player in the NBA has done some things like this… Rondo has cheated many times in the games iv’e watched him play and the worst one is Kobe, holding Melo in the Christmas day game… he won’t get anything for it but Wade does! shouldn’t take it out on one player when everyone will do it

  65. Fama says:

    He’s simply realizing that is not the leader anymore in Miami and that’s not good for him.

  66. DW3 greatness says:

    It’s amazing to say that D wade is one of the top performer in the league personally my favorite player.h

  67. Heatles says:

    Wade never was a dirty player and never will be, period.Stop focusing on everything else but his contributions from a basketball standpoint.Even if he ment to kick Sessions it was due to frustration and sloppy play from the team, although I don’t think he ment to kick him in the groin.This whole discussion is pointless and NBA Bloggers have to stop making him seem a bad guy or a dirty player because he’s simply neither of those things.FOCUS ON HIS GAME 29pts, 9rebs, 5asts, 1stl, 1blk, 10-19fg and not on some unfornunate play that he did pay for by having to sit on the next game @DET.

  68. Yvin E. Fanfan says:

    Watching the replay, I realize Wade made a perilous mistake by groinying Sessions. It’s a dirty play that the Heat are not used to. He truly must realize that something bad had happened, and that a professional pattern must continue to be displayed at all time no matter how infuriated he might be. We all know Wade is a great role model for society, a community and a family man. He must remember, by the way, we are a great team, and should remain that way through execution of a fair play with all grace and honor.

  69. Menco lei says:

    Wade is a dirties player in the NBA. Cheap!
    I ive in new york.

  70. Andy Olmos says:

    I wonder if the guy who wrote this ever played ball? cause if he did you know when someone hits you you hit back, Wade’s timing might be bad but he’s a top tier player people are gonna foul him and foul him hard he has to defend himself and as a leader his team. And the Bibby thing is irrelevent because they were friends and it was a joke which Mike and Wade both spoke about and had a laugh… so yeah I dont think thats a dirty play. Especially with what many other players get away with

  71. chris says:

    all i got to say is go hard or go home.

  72. Wilt #13 says:

    To correct, When Wade threw Mike’s Bibbey shoe he said that he is a good friend of his and he always wanted to throw a shoe of someone when the game is on the way..
    So tecnecly thats not a “Dirty Play”

  73. lol says:

    Dwayne Wade? A dirty player? lol… he has had like five “incidents” and now we call him a dirty player?

  74. Basketball Studies says:

    I think the whole play on both in was an act. I think wade swung his leg but not with intention to kick him in the nuts, but I dont think he actually connected either. I think session put on a little acting as well, but one game for dwade oh well #teamheat

  75. Who Cares says:

    D-Wade can dribble and kick you in the nuts at the same time?…well, I’m impressed 🙂

  76. Jim says:

    What he did to Garnett was absolutely fine he was just sticking up for his teammate nothing wrong w that

  77. Big Al says:

    Too bad for Sessions he chose to be a bench player for a loser team over starting for a championship contender. This literally wouldn’t have happened if he were still a Laker, hahahahahahaha!

    Seriously though, I think that Wade’s kicking was really unintentional. I couldn’t see a reason why he’d do such a thing on purpose. He isn’t a dirty player. He can manage to block shots of much taller people without fouling, so it really shows his art of basketball. He raised his left leg to maintain his balance, but the league loves controversy and would grab every opportunity to spark it. Who cares about wrongfully ruining one’s reputation? This is entertainment.

    • smh says:

      Um…I fail to see how the Lakers, at this point in the season, are a championship contender. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t they just cracking .500?

  78. Lou says:

    Must say upfront..I have no problem with the wade suspension..I know any hit down there hurts..but in my opinion wade merely fling his foot up..not powerfully and it appears as though sessions overreacted to sell it…but once again..no problem with the suspension..my problem however lies with the fact that dwight howard leveled out faried quite intentionally and no grounds for the play as he didn’t make a play on the ball..and one would have that warranted a suspension as in my opinion a take down while going up in the air is much more dangerous than a flail of the leg to the groin..had faried dropped awkwardly that could have easily been a concussion, a dislocated shoulder or something along that line..but the nba simply never ceases to amaze so they decide to just slap howard with a fine..in my opinion both were worthy of suspension…

  79. Vic says:

    wow this is one of the worst posts on NBA.com
    i mean really, almost every incident this guy states is when another player does something to DWade. in the NBA you dont let people just push you around, if a guy shoves you, you shove him when you get the chance. i dont think that is”dirty” like Rondo says. Rondo is just as dirty a player as Wade. i have watched almost every game wade has played in since coming to the NBA and hes just a player that plays his heart out and wants to win. Kicking Sessions in the groin wont ruin his reputation with the fans, but it could make other players in the league feel like they have to be more physical with him… JS

  80. Francis says:

    I love Dwyane Wade!

  81. darko says:

    He did go for Rondo’s elbow a couple of times after the dislocation. That was my clear impression. Little touches off the radar. And that’s all I have against him. This other stuff is all heat of the moment. Though he does need to reign it in.

  82. Bunsenburner says:

    Too bad they won’t approve my comments but the gist of it: Wade is overrated and can’t handle his downfall.

  83. AJ Mills says:

    This latest incident doesn’t look great for Wade. But the list given above is ridiculous. Tossing Bibby’s shoe is a dirty play? The only things that belong there are breaking Kobe’s nose, the Collison flagrant, and the Sessions kick. The rest of that is just basketball. And the Rondo thing was clearly not intentional; at most, they are trying to pull each other down.

    I do think Wade is frustrated with the number of dirty plays and cheap shots he receives, though, and he’s reacting (poorly) to that. I can think of four plays from the this & last season off the top of my head:
    1. Perkins kicking him in the head (no call, if I remember correctly)
    2. Perkins hitting him in the face (flagrant 1)
    3. Hansbrough raking him across the face (flagrant 1 upgraded to 2)
    4. Rondo’s late-game, no-chance-of-winning clothesline (flagrant 1?)

    If we looked at the same span of time that Windhorst’s list covers, I’m sure there’d be a lot more.

  84. dattebayo says:

    Could we get a list of every push, every shove, every elbow, every flagrant foul and every unsportsmanlike behavior from some other players in this league, let’s say Ron Artest, Kevin Garnett or Andrew Bynum. You’d be reading for days…

  85. Focus says:

    Stop whining, please… A groin hit is always a dirty play but c’mon every other incident whether retaliation or aggressinve is still good sports, I admire Wade for his no nonesense approach, warrior mentality, do whatever it takes to win. Isn’t that why we watch sports. Wades a Gladiator, groin shot was cheap but all else is just game plays….

  86. TV63 says:

    Add one more to the list. Last year Irving was dropping buckets on Wade. Well he couldn’t have any of that. He jumped on his head and slammed his knee full force on Kyrie Irving ‘s head full force. Irving suffered a severe concussio and was out for a month. He has established a well documented pattern of being a dirty player. Larry Brown has a collection of videos of Wade’s dirty plays on Fox Sports.

  87. cp10 says:

    Sessions started it probably with some trash talking

  88. SL2H says:

    Wade is a dirty player. Just ask Rondo, he’ll remember the playoff game where he dislocated his elbow. Wade talks and acts like he’s a nice player but deep inside his intentions are to really hurt others to gain competitive advantage against the team they’re playing against. Dirty, nuff said.

  89. Hoop-in says:

    No body is perfect. sometime we get out of control. let’s hope that D-Wade doesn’t do that again, whether it’s attentional or not., it’s not right. Sometime, throughout the game Session or someone else may have done something terrible to him or his teammates that we don’t know about. give him a chance to correct himself.

  90. Hoop-in says:

    No body is perfect. sometime we get out of control. let’s hope that D-Wade doesn’t do that again, whether it’s attentional or not., it’s not right. Sometime, throughout the game Session or someone else may have done something terrible to him or his teammates that we don’t know about. give him a chance to correct himself.

  91. dexter says:

    rondo common make up your mind calling wade is a dirty player? ..you can’t fool the viewers watching nba games…you yourself your attitude you are a dirty player…don’t judge the book by its cover grrrrr!!!! look at the mirror rondo…you can’t fool the viewers about your comment or judgement against wade…no one will agree on your what you’ve said against wade…you are a player too… you know what i mean rondo pretending to be a nice guy during the game hahaha

  92. brice says:

    this article makes me think of those speculatives sports papers that have nothing interesting to say…

  93. brice says:


  94. JimD54 says:

    If the facts in this article are true DWade IS a dirty player, proofs there…..

  95. OK Let's get real! says:

    That looks like an intentional kick to the groin there. No flailing of legs. You can tell this; especially when they do the close-up. D Wade’s a good player but a lot of these incidents are going on right now. There must be frustration going on with him right now.

  96. Al Johnson says:

    Wade is hands down the dirtiest player in the NBA. He’s a notorious cheap shot artist and should’ve been given a longer suspension. If Metta World Peace had done this he would’ve gotten at least 4 games. Why is Wade continuously getting favorable treatment???

  97. kenken9 says:

    i think he’s just a great tough hustle player. nothing wrong with that. by pusblishing this “news”
    it’s just magnifying all the “bad” deeds that happened before to every great player.
    even for that kick the momentum might have cause the leg to fly towards gerald henderson. Look at that kick, wade’s leg was straighten and it was flung sideways. tell me, how many of you guys will be able to do such a move that is hard enough to be that pain to gerald henderson? it’s obviously momentum that causes it and if it’s not momentum, it’s just gerald flopping.

    this ariticle is totally unnecessary and suspension should not be warrented.

  98. Kwiss says:

    Wade is far from being a nasty player, compared to … i dunno, Garnett? Rondo? Sometimes Howard? World Peace?

  99. Amro says:

    Sessions has more game ethics than Wade. RESPECT for Ramon Sessions.

  100. G says:

    Protecting your teammates is a whole other matter but great players don’t do stuff like this, I cannot recall MJ ever doing something like this…… Don’t matter what he says, he did this on purpose. Even offbalance your leg can never kick out like it did in this situation. He looks more like a soccerplayer, this don’t belong on a basketball court!

  101. Dela cruz#36 says:

    This article is a waste of time.. Elbow, kick, pushing, whatever man…! Its basketball! Back in the days it was more physical… Now, bunch of babies crying for hard foul.. Lets go Wade!

  102. josh says:

    Elliot is bang on. Wade is only trying to prevent himself from falling backwards. All sporting codes nowadays is just getting plain ridiculous when any of these types of issues happen. Whether it is NFL, Rugby League, NBA, soccer/football etc watching games from 20 odd years ago makes me actually miss the ‘contest’ that blokes play sport for. Without the contest sport should really be redefined as something else…

  103. Izzy Tahana says:

    wooptie do he through a shoe into the crowd, have a cry

  104. Kickedintheballs says:

    Thanks alot David Stern. I get tickets to see the Heat play in Detroit for christmas. My first Heat game ever to see my favorite player, oh wait, no you suspend him. Thanks for taking it out on the fans.

  105. dave says:

    He’s just a fiercely competitive guy, and winning back to back is really hard

    Everyone is gunning for the Heat, lot of trash talk and opposing players come harder at them than they would with other teams.

    Wade doesn’t want to get pushed around, so in a way he’s just standing up for himself

  106. TonyQ says:

    Wade is so far from being a “dirty player”. It wasn’t his intetnt to kick him in the groin, he was simply reacting to the contact that he got from Sessions.

  107. Anders says:

    Just watched the play again where Rondo dislocated his elbow and there is no way that was intentional by Wade! Yes he gets aggressive and stands up for himself and his teammates (too aggressive I would say) but you can’t just blame him whenever a player gets injured and he’s around

  108. usmainesun says:

    I still remember he shoved Ray Allen a couple of years ago at Boston with no reason other than frustration. He is a dirty player although he is a supper star and I like him as a player. It takes time for him to adjust, especially now, since the Heat apparently is not his team any more. Keep calm and cool, Wade.

  109. baboy says:

    this is blown up by media.. its very clear that the ‘kick’ is not intentional..

  110. Clinton Monfries says:

    I doubt that Dwayne Wade’s reputation is at risk from basketball fans. Maybe you should compile a list of the ‘hard’ blatant fouls that he takes in almost every game. It should be the duty of the umpires and officials to protect your most talented players. A couple of days ago a player hit LeBron in mid-air. This was, any player will tell you, a far more dangerous act. There has been no comment or reaction except that Udonis Haslem was cautioned for protecting his team mate. Players face such potential career ending acts and should get better protection or they will react.
    The NBA is one of the most competitive games in sport. It is played at extremely high speed and every act is recorded from mutiple angles. I don’t think players are unaware of this, so let’s be fair in our comments.

  111. Tmau says:

    In this incident, Wades drawing-a-foul-reflex was clearly in effect. Not sure how anyone would suggest that he actually wanted to kick him in the nuts. Looks more like a careless moment to me. In any case, writing up a blog post about Wade being a dirty player is ridiculous.

  112. What says:

    This article is so stupid. Whatever you gotta say for a story I guess.

  113. Then he tries to explain he wouldn’t do it intentional cause he has kids that he wouldn’t want to see that!!!-LMFAO-COMONMAN who u think ur bu!? shi!?!?!-Besides who is going to admit on national tv that they intentionally foul players. Then again what kind of players give intentional fouls to gain advantage!!! Ok, guess i said enough lol. GREENALLDAY18BANNER18’sACOMON”13

  114. Also that’s a common slick thing (the elbow wrap) a lot of big guys do posting up whether they’re on off or def & they get away w/ it, then the other guy gets a foul call when he’s just pulling away from the real offender-lol. Refs need to start calling the initiator of that wrap up cause it can cause injury as it did w/ Rondo. What made it worse was he pulled him down w/him as he did it like a wrestling move & to not have even a reg foul called!!! Rondo being the Champ that he is still played w/ one arm & he shouldn’t have, but it was the playoffs!!! The Leagued & refs need to start being harsher w/ this intentional, advertent hacking as it can end players careers!!! Suspensions should be as long as the hurt players injured!!!

  115. LMAO-Are u kidding me-COMONMAN!!! Some of you are trying to scientifically explain what he did on purpose! Get real man! I just looked @ it about 15 times to validate what i already knew! there was absolutely no ryme or justifiable reason for his leg to have swung as it did other than on purpose! There’s no way of convincing other wise! What Sessions did is done regularly by everybody as quick reg foul to stop a shot & isn’t called as excessive @ all because fouler usually holds player up so they don’t fall! wade did it cause he was mad @ him for giving play momentum stopping foul! You see iv’e noticed over the years some players develop a way of dirty cheap shots to not look so obvious as wade has! His suspension was absolutely justified cause it could have caused more harm! He didn’t even lose his balance or fall to the ground to cause his leg to-lol-supposedly flail-it’s called kicking someone in advertent way! Also notice how lbj looked @ wade after like that what are u doing look! Me as a Celts fan can admit i used to like wade even after lbj joined him, in fact their ring w/ Shaq won me $200 & i didn’t bet till after they were down what 0-2 or 0-3 cause i had faith they’d beat dallas that year! So i’m not haten on him! Now i can’t stand him for his sly dirty antics! Now i’m not taking away from the fact he’s a great player cause he is, no denying that even if u want to. Some players that do that same slick, seemingly inadvertent cheap shots do it cause they’re not that good of a player, wade doesn’t have to cause he’s a high caliper star! In fact he should’ve been suspended longer whether for history of or just that one act! Also i don’t care how much he denied it with cheap shot he gave Rondo, it was definitely advertent! Rondo was stealing ball from him, not elbowing him & as it came loose Rondo got to it first as wade dove for the ball falling he did the old elbow wrap hook on Rondo’s arm, his leg sweep & that caused Rondo’s elbow seperation to keep Rondo away from the ball. wade didn’t even get a regular foul call for that! COMONMAN!!! STOPPLAYN DIRTY wade!!!

  116. mfcc1324814 says:

    LOL. You forget guys who have a dirty reputation or who have done stuff like this (and more) who are in, or will be in at some point in time, in the HOF: Kevin Garnett (all those T’s and “emotional plays? lol gimme a break), Dennis Rodman and Isaiah Thomas (Detroit Pistons bad boys, remember those?), Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan (push comes to shove, you do not wanna meet those two, just ask the Bad Boy Pistons when they were beaten), and many others. People aren’t really gonna remember those shoves 20 years from now; they’ll remember the highlights, the rings and the stats.

  117. LRTWR says:

    Bibby’s shoe, really? They where teammates and friends, that was just funny. I agree with all the fouls mentioned but the Bibby thing should not have been mentioned here.

  118. Bryan says:

    Completely bogus suspension. It was unintentional and that could be seen from a mile away. Those incidents listed in the article are what real basketball should be like: chippy, no one likes each other, and physical. The problem is the stacking of very childish rules in the NBA that make the public think this was intentional and deserved a suspension. Wade is my favorite player, and I sometimes do see flaws in his attitude, but this act or any of the other in the list of the article are 100% understandable and should not be seen as malicious. People need to open their eyes and stop being so controlled by the media.

  119. matt says:

    LeBron is like what are you doing man? haha

  120. no no no says:

    elliotcameron – absolutely not…no no no, you clearly did not watch the video properly.

    First of all his right foot was planted squarely, completely flat on the ground, indicated that he was not off balance at all, he might have been in the process of lifting his left foot for the other step but he did not need to extend on and smack Sessions.

    Wade has lost all the good reputation that he built up when he was young, back when he was humble and didn’t talk smack. Which is a damn shame, because he’s losing a lot of his fans.

  121. Genoa says:

    Its hard to say that the kick was on purpose. If you understand how the body reacts to hits you’d realize that taking what looks like a shoulder tackle while moving forward is going to throw the top of your body backwards, and in order to counter balance the rotation and avoid falling backwards you HAVE to kick your other foot forwards. If he had been putting up a jump shot you could probably say he did it on purpose because Wade loves to do that Reggie Miller move by kicking his foot out, but running up the court, I don’t think it was intentional.

  122. Matters says:

    I love Dwayne Wade.

  123. cesar says:

    common! … “RONDO” calling wade a dirty player???? keep talking trash rondo all people know about your dirty attitude….

  124. Dylsta says:

    hes the man no worries

  125. Ladyshakalaka says:

    Since 2006 untill 2011 in five years there has been 488 flagrant fouls in the NBA.
    Dwayne Wade has been in the receiving end of those flagrant fouls 8 times, he only committed 2 flagrants!
    Lebron James has been o. The receiving end of those flagrant fouls 9 times, he only committed 2 flagrants.

    Dwayne Wade is not a dirty player let me give you a list-
    Matt Barnes- committed 9 flagrants received 0 why isn’t anybody retaliating against Matt Barnes
    Shaq-committed 10- received 1
    Drew Gooden-8
    Devin Harris -7
    Elton Brand-7
    Nck Collison-6
    David Lee -5
    Glen Davis-5
    Andre Miller-5
    Josh Smith-5
    Zaza Pachulia-5
    Aaron brooks, Jason Terry, Ryan Hollins-4
    Andrew Bynum-Amare-3

    I can name more dirty players that are not named Dwayne Wade!!!!!!

    • aaaaaa says:

      Flagrants don’t mean you’re a dirty player. Most of the time they are just trying to stop an open layup. The definition of a flagrant is “excessive or unnecessary contact.” Wade makes dirty plays all the time and doesn’t get flagrants, as most people do. Not to mention he gets star treatment all the time, but that’s a story for another day.

  126. ummmmmmmm says:

    This list of Brian Windhorst is very questionable to me
    1.Wade’s flagrant on Garnett – I LOVED the what wade did here, when you see your teammate get hit like that by such an aggressive screen, you respond.
    2.Rondo’s dislocated elbow – Not sure but i believe both players were at fault, rondo grap and elbowed wade, wade lost balance and tried to hold onto him from falling down.
    3. wade’s foul on kobe – Wade tried to stop kobe from getting a layup… Nearly EVERY player in the nba has done something like this to prevent an easy layup even if its the allstar game… it was just unfortunate it broke kobe’s nose.
    4 wade fouls hamilton – if you watched the whole game, Hamilton shoved and elbowed him at least 2 or 3 times that game, wade move was stupid but Hamilton could not have expected to get away with all that without a reaction.
    5. wade throwing bibby’s shoes – LOLOL!!
    6. wade fragrant on collison – have to say that was mostly on wade, though i did remember seeing collison seeing wade running at him and collison ran towards wade but still wade was dumb on that play

    Not sure why nba are making articles in some little pushing and shoving, things like this happen ALL the time during the 90s and hell even the early 2000s. Since when did the “no boys allow” league let boys play?

  127. just look closer! says:

    lol we have real experts around here, wade is a dirty player, i used to like wade back in the day but now he just dirty…i mean breaking bryants nose in an all star game…yeah i know it can happen…injuring rondos elbow in the playoffs…that also can happen…its just too often…he got a T against OKC too…nba dind’t susspend him for nothing…come on just play ball dont be nasty

  128. pacers2013 says:

    Are you kidding elliotcameron? That’s the lamest apology for another human being’s poor actions and lack of judgement that I’ve ever seen. Wade clearly made a sit second conscious choice to knee Sessions in the groin, just as he chose to cheap shot Darren Collison in last years’ playoffs.

    Stop making excuses for the guy, and accept that DWade has become a dirty player in the past 3 seasons.

  129. Caleb says:

    None of those are even that bad. Rondo one looks inadvertent as does the foul on Kobe in the All-Star game. This one could be unintentional as well. And what player hasn’t thrown some kind of flagrant before? His flagrant on Rip for example isn’t even bad. There was no chance of hurting Rip. It was an intimidation move. Other stuff like throwing a shoe is so lulzy I don’t even know why writers waste their time. Wade is a 2-time champ and people attempting to make him look dirty are hilarious. If you want to look at something pathetic Wade has done how about his flopping and covering his eye in the Finals? But to act like he is some player who is dirtier than others is just ridiculous

  130. Arky says:

    Wow, is this trying to overstate the case for Wade as a dirty player or what? He threw Bibby’s shoe off the court and that gets listed in big letters as some kind of track record for bad behaviour? Most players have a few flagrants on their record…

    What’s clear to me as a Miami fan who has been watching Wade since he came into the NBA is that he’s got really tired of just taking all the cheapshots that players get away with throwing at star scorers. Garnett and Rondo are infamous for this. Hamilton did a lot more in that game than just bump Wade once. And so on. Wade’s starting to let his temper get the better of him more often when guys are fouling him and getting away with it.

    (Also, Sessions flopped like crazy on that “kick”. If he actually got hit in the groin he would have crumpled or doubled over or something, not go flying backwards like he got punched by Superman).

  131. check says:

    Im a fan of Wade and I apreciate people trying to defend him on that play… but come on that was as clear as they get… right in the sack… I agree this is too much and it’s good he got suspended. As for the past, well Kobes nose got broken on a regular play, that was not dirty. As for Rondos elbow – it just hapened. As many of the other incidents that hapen when u play basketball. Wade is a guy that fights hard for every loose ball so no surprise that in his career some guys got injured in the process. By the way, why arent we talking about all the dirty plays and hard fouls he takes? what about lebron? what about guys trying to knock the hell out of blake griffin all the time?

  132. bronbron says:

    Wade is just FRUSTRATED he aint the no.1 man in his own team anymore!

    the REFUGEE BRONBRON says its his team now.. poor Wade

  133. uoykcuf says:

    pshew, did KG’s reputation suffer after all his nuts hitting? If you watch d-wade long enough, you know he’s that type of person who’s always going to retaliate. If you score on him, he wants to get even and if you foul/screen him hard, he’s definitely going to pay you back.
    Compare to those 80s, 90s games, this is nothing.

  134. Dwayne says:

    3 out of the 4 comments on here prove one thing… the guy who wrote thing article is a fool…

  135. Apparently no one in the NBA has been hit by someone’s shoulder before while they are on their back foot. If you look closely Wade has all of his weight on his right foot which is his back foot at the time of impact. If someone impacts their shoulder below the level of your own shoulder (as Sessions did to Wade) then basic physics will tell you that the front leg (in this case, Wade’s left leg) will rise up. Considering Wade was turning right at the time the leg, unfortunately, came in contact with Sessions’s groin. It was an unfortunate incident but one caused by Sessions’s foul in the first place. He impacted Wade and attempted to grab him with both arms which is quite excessive for a regular foul by NBA standards. One could possibly argue that Wade was careless while his leg flailed out from the impact but in no way was the act deliberate or malicious, and in no way was it deserving of a suspension. The people who decide these rulings should really pull their heads out of the dirt.

    • Lex says:

      You should be his lawyer, you make a good case for him…but not an excellent case: you cannot speak in absolute terms about his intent. Describing what you think happened in his mind doesn’t make him innocent or guilty, despite the laws of physics. Only he knows his intent. You feel his intent was innocent, the people who have a say about a suspension say it was not. They make the call, you don’t. When did you speak to Wade to determine that it was ”in no way deliberate nor malicious”? Just saying so makes it so? I’d ask the NBA board the same thing, the other way around. Give all parties a chance to speak on what their interpretation of the situation is. First and foremost, let Wade tell us what happened. Then we can speak about his credibility in light of his words and body language.

      And whether or not Sessions was overly aggressive, that is a matter of referees calling a flagrant foul on him if they see it fit, and certainly not a matter of determining whether or not he deserved the impact to the groin based on the fact that you think he was aggressive. Let’s apply the proper criteria. I take it you won’t argue a player deserves a groin kick, accidental or not, if he commits a foul you deem to be too aggressive. There are already sanctions for that.

      No one but Wade knows what he was thinking. What we do know is that the league doesn’t want this happening in the future. I am not saying they successfully or unsuccessfully decided on the proper sanction.

    • sam30 says:

      Ridiculous. The video shows no such thing.

      Wade was attempting to drive toward the hoop. All his weight was transferring to his FRONT foot (his right) at the time of impact, and his left was following through for the next step. He took a hit, and used the opportunity to carry his leg through and kick an opponent.

      • sam30 says:

        Just to clarify, the contact was well before the left leg got as far forward as would be needed for your case to be legitimate. If it were a few moments later, you might have something there. But the clip just doesn’t indicate that.

    • TrueNBAFan says:

      Dude… are you serious?… Wade takes a hop and THEN kicks… it was clearly on purpose, whether his intent was to kick him in the groin could be debated, but that WAS a kick not a reaction to Session’s contact, no way around it.

      • 2sday says:

        Wade is absolutely NOT a dirty player! If you watch carefully he was off-balance and trying to re-gain it. And let’s remember that all these ball players wear protective cups – unless Sessions’ gear was completely off or out of place, he just wasn’t hurt that bad or he would have been rolling around on the floor longer than he was. He’s a drama queen – LA brainwashed him. I agree with Charles Barkley (for once) all these GIRLY fouls were non-existent years ago. The Bob-girls were mad that they were losing that’s the same reason Henderson DIRTY fouled Lebron – did he get suspended? No – and HE has a history of stuff like that.

    • well... says:

      Watch the posted video closely because the view from the back (second shot) is telling. Wade’s leg is swinging up naturally but at the end he jumps into Sessions. Combine that knowledge with another look at him from the third shot and you can see that his jump puts his leg into Ramon. Sessions was trying to wrap him up, and that produced contact. However, Wade’s reaction was completely unnatural and uncalled for.

      • Dela cruz#36 says:

        I just cant picture myself shooting jumpshot and kicking the person infront of me in the bAlls at the same time.! NBA are over reacting to lots of physical plays this day.! The 90s rules, the players i.e barkley, shaq, rodman, jordan, malone, etc. those guys.. They dont cry for hard foul!
        They get fouled, and they again!
        NBA refs plssssssss…. Stop calling stupid fouls… Let the players play physical. Let the players get some blood in there, let the players play basketball!!! Dont BaBySit them!

    • M&M's says:

      Agree, for me it’s unintentional and we can see it in slow-mo where Wade turned right to grab the ball and Session’s already in contact.

    • KeepinItReal says:

      He clearly jumps forward to kick dude in the nuts. Apparently your the only person he managed to fool by acting like he was falling. Wade is a great player but that was definitely a cheap shot and i dunno about physics but I’ve been playing ball long enough to know that was on purpose. You need to pull your head out of the dirt.

    • Queiros says:

      That’d be true, but you seem to not have realized a slight delay on the leg flailing. Because of that, it can be seen both ways, and with the record he already has…

    • Jeffrey says:

      You’re dreaming. The kick that Wade did wasn’t a reaction from being fouled and came well after the whistle; the impact from Sessions was no where near enough to force his leg up like that.

    • nicole says:

      Wow, just wow. You have just elevated blind fanboyism to all new heights.

    • Guy says:

      This comment is ridiculous – watching the slow motion it is pretty obvious Wades move was well aimed at where it hit.

    • fat h says:

      Hahahaha, so you’re saying that a top notch athlete can’t control his legs in a situation like that? One thing if he was running full speed for a layup, but this, come on.. ” It was an unfortunate incident but one caused by Sessions’s foul in the first place.” Also implying that it was Sessions fault all along is just silly.

  136. Realist says:

    I hope Wade fixes his ways, I love what he did to Kevin Garnett after mike miller was dropped, but I am seeing his mental health deteriorate with all the media attention going away from him to his teammate Lebron. He is playing so efficiently yet the media forget about all that, they forget about the requirements to be on a team with such a dominant player in lebron and many other decent role players. Wade was and still is a top player in the league, playing a stat-stuffing game (he used to stuff the stats regularly) on a team with LBJ is an almost impossible task. SInce Lebron joined miami I believe Wade has been severely underrated and like pippin, will be known as the right hand man to the GOAT. I never thought it could be possible, but I am beginning to realise the inevitable fate. Watching highlights of pippen makes me see it be possible, as he was such a talent like Wade, but people choose to ignore their tough tasks they are required to do game by game. Its a shame that players like Wade get such a lack of attention, it only makes the idea of being a secondary star for any other up and coming players, of being a bad one. If miami continues to win championships however, it was best for both of them. What wade did in the 2006 finals is still up there with the greatest finals performances, so atleast he did that. Haters can pretty much talk as much smack as they want, but i hope deep down inside that they know that these 2 guys are 2 of the greats of the decades, and at times were compared with each other.

  137. SynByn says:

    None of this changes my view of wade. He is and will be one of my favorite players to ever play.

  138. Realist says:

    Regardless of his reputation, he is still a great player.

    Fans can say what they want, but when they choose to comment and downplay his game, as many did to lebron, their comment becomes invalid.

    • slider821 says:

      I don’t know if their comment becomes invalid just because he’s a good player. He is a dirty player and they listed a handful of examples above but I can think of a few more as well.

      He flops, he does dirty stuff like that, he complains, he’s also an amazing player. It’s the natural progression of a player trying to take advantage of refs while getting your shots in on others that anger you.

      The play in the video above was wade trying to flop for the call while also trying to get a shot in on sessions and have it look inadvertant to the ref. Players don’t just do stuff like that, it’s just how he’s learned how to take shots at guys.

      Don’t think that me saying this means I dislike wade for his dirty plays (I dislike his flopping and complaining to ref and really hate his spread eagle jumping jack when trying to get a foul call), I understand that dirty plays are how you get shots on in an NBA game.
      In a pickup game, he’d just fight someone instead of dirty plays. Fights in pickup games happen all the time and they don’t in the NBA becuase the fines/suspensions are much worse than getting a few cheap shots in and trying to deny it.

      • KunJayMaster says:

        Just stop it, haters are going to jump on any little thing to make their case, none of those “dirty plays” were really a big deal not to mention they all seem unintentional. The only intentional one was on Collison and that’s baby stuff compared to what we’ve seen in the NBA in the last 20 years. When he retires nobody is going to remember none of that only what he was able to accomplish during his career.

      • slider821 says:

        KJM: I agree with that, I’m just stating it happens just like it used to happen, it just happens differently now that the rules/fines/refs are so stringent against this type of thing now compared to the 80s.

    • Gabriel says:

      Wade is a great player, although he can get pretty rough you can’t blame him, everybody gets frustrated although he is a professional and shouldn’t show signs of aggression he still does. HOWEVER he is a great player and the Rajon Rondo incident with him dislocating his elbow was an accident, there is no proof that Wade intenionally broke Rondo’s Elbow, so be professional and let the man do his job and play the game he loves. If he ever comes to punch somebody or kick them in the face then you can say whatever you want about him.

      • Gabriel says:

        Oh one more thing i forgot to mention. RONDO SHOULD KEEP HIS MOUTH SHUT!! He’s as much of a “Dirty Player” as Dwayne Wade is claimed to be. Remember the incident he had while playing the Nets. Yeah so Rondo has no right to talk in this.

    • Paul says:

      Looks inadvertant to me. If anything Collison flopped to try and get a foul on Wade. If Wade deserved a suspension than Dwight Howard would deserve a multiple game suspansion for his “in the face” foul of Kenneth Faried on the same night. But he only got kicked out of the game.

      • George says:

        That’s exactly what I didn’t understand. Howard’s foul looked more dangerous and intentional, yet there was no suspension for that. NBA is very biased at times.

    • CJ says:

      He didn’t throw Mike Bibby’s shoe because he is agressive, he threw it because they were teammates and very friendly with each other. Mike Bibby took no offense and was even smiling and laughing when he was asked about it later. Dwyane Wade even said it, he loves to mess with Mike.

    • Florida says:

      Talking about Wade being a dirty player. Come on, give me a break. He is not a dirty at all. How many videos can you show me like that to call him a dirty player 2-3, and those are not elbowing someone, or making dangerous moves. Even on that game a Charlotte player made way dangerous foul to James – 40th second watch it

    • Children says:

      Does Scott Howard-Copper call himself a journalist? Conjecture does not constitute evidence, buddy. And dodgy evidence always calls into question the motives and sincerity of the accuser. On the flip side it was a good idea for a story, and the title is good, but your bias ruins it. Thanks.