All-Star Linsanity Swallows Harden

HANG TIME, Texas — In his first season as a starter and in the role of lead horse pulling the wagon, James Harden could expect to be chasing the marquee names of Kobe Bryant and Chris Paul for a starting berth on the Western Conference team in the 2013 NBA All-Star Game.

But who thinks the league’s fourth-leading scorer should be trailing his Houston teammate Jeremy Lin by more than 200,000 votes?

Those casting ballots, of course.

To some it is the very essence of everything that is wrong with throwing the All-Star voting open to everyone with a computer, smart phone, Facebook or Twitter account. Linsanity, if you will.

Yet it is also testament to the constantly growing fan base of the NBA all around the world. It is the continuation of the Yao Ming Effect that took hold in the last decade when the 7-foot-6 Rockets center rode the national pride of China to a string of seven consecutive All-Star starting nods, in the early years beating out Shaquille O’Neal in his prime.

Now, though the U.S. born Lin is as American as apple pie, his families ties to Taipei and China, are causing a similar stuffing of the ballot box.

The latest round of balloting shows Bryant (977,444) taking a slim lead over LeBron James (970,314) in a race of superstars for the overall crown that will likely go down to the wire.

However, depending on how many votes are still to coming from overseas, it is not out of the question that Lin (496,133) could catch the Clippers’ Paul (542,564), while continuing to leave his teammate Harden (283,691) in the dust.

To compare:

Harden is averaging 25.8 points per game. He has scored more than 25 points 15 times in 28 games and 30 or more on nine occasions.

Lin is averaging 11.9 points per game, connecting on just 28.6 percent of his 3-point attempts and has made half his shots in a game just nine times all season.

Call it the Annual All-Star Debate. Call it Linsanity.

Or just relax and figure the coaches will call Harden’s name and make it all right.


  1. Henrichigga says:

    Guys. Quit arguing. THIS YEAR Jeremy Lin is not playing at an allstar level of course! but, that’s no reason to start hating on his popularity. This is the NBA. It has lasted for mnany decades and many to come. Just enjoy it, even if it resultsin your favorite player being snubbed. I used to like kyle lowry andhe was snubbed! but itis what it is! josh smith rudy gay etc. it dun matter! the fans wanna see him, let them see him. real basketball fans would appreciate that basketball is now the MOST popular sport in the world -ChiggaOut

  2. adaada1108 says:

    No Lin no NBA…..for me!!
    Lin is my all star!! I vote for him every day!!
    Voting for your favorite basketball player is the thing that nba asks fans to do!
    So why can the article be shown here??
    It’s not fair !!!
    We are voting for the most famous star, not the best player!!
    So why can’t Lin get more votes than Harden??
    The writer should say sorry to the fans and nba….
    Without Lin …who wants to spend time voting???

    • Dan says:

      You are every reason why college basketball is better than the nba. More “stars” = more revenue for the NBA. This means that the NBA executives will cater more to you fanboys. This, in turn, makes for unfair and inconsistent officiating in the NBA. You are a part of the ruining of pro-basketball. Only college ball is left for people who truly love the game and not just one player.

  3. HGR says:

    It’s because of things like this that I HATE fan voting! they start the all star ballot in december and fans vote for people who aren’t even playing, now they’re doing it to the slam dunk contest (last year’s was the worst contest EVER IMO) what’s next? the fans get to vote on who wins the title? I understand that Lin is a nice guy and has a great underdog story but the truth is he has not played at all-star level even when he was in new york last year, he had a good month but to me that doesn’t make you a star, consistency does and he hasn’t show any… the ASG used to be about players who deserved to be there, not a popularity contest…

  4. ming says:

    I am a Chinese and voted Lin and his teammates, Harden and Osik. Without Lin, I do not waste my time for voting, plain and simple.

    • ming says:

      If Lin is in, l’ll fly to Houston to watch Alistair game. If Lin is out, I won’t have time to watch it on tv.

  5. KnicksTape says:

    Another way is by having one all-star each from the top teams in each conference choose his squad. I also feel that they should switch the all-star format and make it like Baseball. The winner of the east vs west gets home court in the NBA finals. The best record thing is over-rated because the East is so much weaker than the West. Top teams get at least 16-18 easy victories per year.

  6. KnicksTape says:

    Fans should not pick All-Stars anyways….Its actually ridiculous because everybody has their specific teams they support, and with that being the case, Guys will always get Over-looked. It should strictly be Coaches and or GM’s that vote. Or even the guys like Reggie and all them who actually covers the games and the league.

  7. KnicksTape says:

    I will be honest. I am a Lin fan, but he is turning into the Rudy of the NBA. If the all-star Balloting does not change, I think Lin will become hated amongst players in the league, and even Harden will despise him. Lol, it would be rather funny though if he started over Chris Paul in a All-star game…but on a serious note, the nba has to get it right. Every Asian market, including Rockets fan base is enough to Have Lin start in the all-star game for the forseeable future, and unless he becomes all-star worthy, it is not right.

  8. Dylsta says:

    the whole all star organising is stupid

  9. JLinfan4ever says:

    Jeremy Lin is the best!!!!!

  10. JLinfan4ever says:

    Jeremy Lin is the reason I watch NBA. I vote for Jeremy Lin. To me, he is best. :)))))))

  11. alex tan says:

    harden is better that lin in playing basketball. however, commercially, lin is far more influential in the nba league, which i think is more important. in addition, harden is a bit arrogant, wih higher iq than barkley and shaq though:)

  12. Double standard says:

    Stop branding Lin as Asian, else we start calling everybody according to their motherland!

  13. Jake says:

    Guys… stop hating. Maybe if Larry Bird was Black he would be just another regular all-star. Imagine with Clyde Drexler or Karl Malone was white. They would be off the chart.

  14. AZ says:

    Why pick on Lin? Why is it the “Yao Ming Effect”? Magic Johnson was voted in without playing a single game. Did Michael Jordan “deserve” being an All Star in his last year? Did Yi Jianlian ever got voted in? The list goes on and on. Sounds more like a lot of racist sportswriters.

  15. team player says:

    Jeremy Lin is a true point guard who makes his teammates better to play team games. I love to see team play, because basketball is a team game.

  16. Prigs says:

    I’m okay with the winners as long as they’re voted in by the rules. Not all my faves will get in but at least I gave my guys my support.

  17. JustinB says:

    Even though Jeremy Lin is not having a all star level season stat wise. All star weekend is not even about your stats. If it were, you would see players like Brandon Jennings, Monta Ellis, Kemba Walker and others who are having great seasons in the all star game. But that’s not the case. you see Kevin Garnet who is having a decent season and Dwight Howard who is just getting healthy in the All star game. Its a popularity contest. So i don’t see the problem in Jeremy making it in…

  18. Romesh says:

    I dont understand why the best players aren’t playing in the all star game. It’s boggled my mind for several years, that’s why I choose not to vote for any player. If you want to see your fellow “countyman” play.. go down to the local basketball stadium near your house and watch away. But to have players of sub-calibre play ahead of great players undermines every all star that has ever lived. The NBA should take a different approach to all star casting, not leave it to the fans…. or they should call the “all popularity” game.

  19. DZaak says:

    The issue here isn’t about Lin getting the nod over harden. We know coahes will pick harden. The issue is that someone else will get shafted. Maube Westbrook or Parker.

  20. Bulls says:

    In all honesty, I think they need to find a new format for the NBA all-star weekend to keep it exciting. Something like a Fantasy draft. NBA had Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, Shaq, Chris Webber, etc.. pick fantasy teams.. They should have them do the same. Maybe have 4 all-star teams, have those 4 draft teams of whoever they want in the NBA, and then have them play.. The winners of the first 2 games play each other in a final all-star game. This way, you get more players involved in the all-star weekend, and you can stretch the all-star weekend longer, possibly make it more exciting, and get more revenue from promoting the games.. Have the fans vote for 20 players, and out of the 20 players, Shaq, Barkley, Webber, and Kenny pick their starting 5, then they continue the draft, and they can pick any players they want to fill out their rosters. Just a thought. Either way, the All-star game needs to be for the fans, and if the fans want Lin, they will get Lin.

  21. Realist Laker's Fan says:

    Most people that commented saying that they started following the NBA or followed it again because of Jerremy Lin are prolly asians.

    He was on fire in NY. He had a Hot streak, cause NBA teams didnt scout a D-League call up who was basically a bench warmer. He vs’ed Miami Heat during that Linsanity and he was humbled like crazy. Ever since that game his stats werent that great and then Linsanity was over when he got injured.

    I was telling my friends at the start of the season, i wouldnt be surprised if Lin was starting PG over CP3 because all the asians will vote for him (he wont start over Kobe, as big as Lin is Kobe is like god over in asia). As long as Lin is still around and puts up avg numbers he will be voted in as an allstar or will come close yr in and yr out.

    BTW Yao Ming deserved to be an all star (prolly not over a prime shaq). He was a good player.

  22. Soccerland says:

    Be serious. James Harden is a good player but is not of the wonderland level that Jeremy Lin can be. Jeremy Lin is a rare basketball phenomen whose skills are difficult to measure by traditional standards. Never bothered much to follow NBA basketball but this changed when Jeremy Lin entered the stage.

  23. Yes!!!!Jeremy!! says:

    Stupid people !!! stupid NBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stop bothering us fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    no wonder some players are “selfish” because they want to boost up their stats!!!!!!

    cause they know the stats is sososososos important in the eyes of fans in the eyes of reporters!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jeremy is stupid to play unselfish!!!!!!!!!!!! Jeremy should start to play more selfishly and pad up his stats then no one else will say he is not deserve again!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. jp2123 says:

    I’m just going to put it in a sentence. This.Is.A.Business! People complaining about who deserves etc I get you. But you are forgetting that the NBA is a business, just that. And as a business you look at ways for you to expand and grow. And well that’s what they are doing. If NBA fans want Lin in the All Star game, that will bring the NBA more money and more awareness. You know all the asian people who are going to watch the All Star game because Lin is in it? A LOT! Remember that they added Lin to the rookies and sophomores game last year at the last minute. Why? Business!

  25. Aaron says:

    When will people realize that the all star starters are NOT about who the best players are? It’s who the fans want to see. The fans are the ones paying to watch, buying merchandise and driving the revenue. So the NBA gives them the opportunity to see who they want as they are the ones paying. All star weekend is for the fans and the fans only. This is nothing new.

  26. Daylight says:

    So what? That’s All “star” game. You want statistics? Go to play 2K12 computer game. Maybe the game company will hire you, Mr.reporter from nowhere…

  27. fans from Taiwan Asia says:

    Because of Lin I started to watch NBA
    And I will never watch NBA if there`s no Lin
    Time will prove that he is a wonderful player
    Hope he can play in all star game:)
    Great attitudes and abilities are all LIN has

  28. Gian Carlo says:

    Stop this DIDGEEREDOO nba supporters and rabid fans,we’re all one in here,to watch what we enjoyed the most as long as we feed are lusting eyes with those players who tickles our attention by just simply in their mere presence on the court.
    The ugly truth about these,all you LIN HATERS as what I might call it , is the fact that LINSANITY still lingers to all basketballs officionados minds because of his individual humility.
    He doesn’t whine,he’s a player coach,doesn’t mind being benched at the last crucial minutes of the game, he’s a team player, I might be running out of adjectives to address this man,his just simply a role model with the young generation, by simply implying to get serious with their education. How can you hate a guy by putting a young mans perspective to further their education, HELLO!
    Bottom line people, I just want some of you to be illuminated by what why is this asian phenom is well love globally and cheered by some of his peers,not all understandably, by the way he carries himself inside and outside the court.

    • IkidYOUnot says:

      Im not a Lin Hater but a basket ball Lover, (dont take that the wrong way) he carries himself very well, somebody give him a citizenship award and keep him out the all star game. Maybe ask stern before he goes if we can have a game for all the nicest players in the league ( i wont be watching i will schedule time with the in-laws). i dont care if the player is a knuckleHead if he is a good player and the status match let him in, if he is the nicest guy in the world but his stats are worst then some bench players let him spectate.

  29. Everyone posting on this discussion board is missing the main purpose of the all-star game and that is none except publicity. Until the comish and whoever else needs to get involved to make the all-star game more meaningful like the MLB’s sit down and get it done then it is always going to be about who the fans want to see and if that person is a celeb like Lin than so be it. It happens everywhere in sports take tebow for example and this is coming from a die hard broncos fan who saw the potential benefit keeping tebow behind manning but tebow has done nothing for the jets yet Roger goodell and the president of sports center had to forcefully take tebow out of the spotlight because of the undeserved publicity he was getting, same situation here. The majority of the fans want to see Lin then so be it. now if we don’t get some bigger names in the dunk contest then I think fans are going to begin to lose interest in the whole thing…

  30. Tobe says:

    I start watching NBA because of Lin, so I vote for him, that’s it! If people want to see other players in all-star game, just find your way to vote for them. People have their right to vote, and so does Lin’s fans.

  31. seefeldnick says:

    The All Star game is by its essence a fan based game. It is not a game based on the best players, it is a popularity poll at the beginning. If you understand this it is not a question or a controversy. Thus, Jeremy Lin is clearly more popular and getting votes.

  32. SMH says:

    FYI, there are actually more Lin haters in China than Lin lovers.

    A poll on a major Chinese site showed that

    47.1% fans think CP3 should start;
    35.8% fans support Linsanity;
    17.2% don’t care.

    The fact that Jeremy Lin is not Chinese and has Taiwanese decent is probably one of the biggest reason why he doesn’t get that much support from China as many of you guys thought.

    His situation is very different from Yao Ming who actually got the support from the Chinese government!

    Linsanity is an international phenomenon.

    Go figure.

  33. smileylb says:

    The most recent Knicks-Rockets game at MSG that drew out the most viewers thus far at the Garden was partly because of the return of –Harden? Lin doesn’t want to mess up with his new team, even if that means taking a back seat to Harden. How did he fare when Harden was sitting out against the Knicks? I am not here to tell ya that Lin is better than Harden…But, its like what “Dr. Blair” wrote, if we just simply placed the “best players”–theres no point in a having ballot.

  34. Observer says:

    African Americans are free to pick Obama as our president, why Asian American fans are not free to pick Lin as All-Star? Just play by the rule and we should all accept the come-out.

  35. holkn says:

    funny i never see people complain about Lebron getting so many votes from blacks and Jeremy is being bashed for receiving votes from Chinese fans. Racist much?

    • A fan says:

      Are you really comparing lebron james’ worthiness to Jermey Lin’s? Granted Lin had a good run last year showed a lot of potential and if his stats this year where comparable to those of last year then him getting an allstar nod wouldn’t be as bad, but the fact of the matter is there are at least 6 pgs in the west currently better then lin by leaps and bounds(paul,westbrook,tony parker,curry, possibly lillard, a healthy nash…take your pic) add 2 guards to that and lin should be no where on the allstar radar from a performance stand point….furthermore Lin’s stats aren’t even comparable to lebrons rookie year hence why lebron gets voted in year after year, he’s a bonafide star with the stats and in game impact to back it not because blacks vote him in smh.

      • Yes!!!!Jeremy!! says:

        yes. vwey funny! and by the way D Howard got many votes too! does people talk about he being deserve despite how he play recently??????????????/

  36. holkn says:

    Come on people don’t hate on Jeremy Lin. It’s called the All-STAR game, not the All-STAT game. Whether Jeremy is good or not, people like him for various reasons and that’s why he’s an all star.

  37. jasonc says:

    This is just a sad joke, right? They need to take the fans voice out of the equation. I want to see the BEST players, not johnny-I-know-nothing-about-basketball’s fave. player. I understand the financial side of it, but, somewhere along the lines, the game MUST take precedent! I DO hope, and even believe, Lin develops into a legit all-star. He has a great demeanor and seems quite humble, you just get a sense that he’s a good guy. With his attitude, you can easily see him improving each year. However, I’d rather WATCH the ASG with him, then see him play in it!

  38. Liza Cheung says:

    All-Star Linsanity swallows Harden. Seriously, are you high or just nuts? Lin’s fans vote for Lin, whats wrong with it?? Odds of wasting time reading this negativity ariticle 1 in 1.

  39. MasterMind says:

    All stars is more about fan favorites. It’s not so much about who is better than who. Fans get to pick who they want to see playing during the all star games. There are some good players out there, but I don’t want to see them play on all star games because the way they carry themselves on and off the courts.

  40. awefna says:

    this is why only true NBA fans should be able to vote and no “casual fans” or outside observers

  41. Asian fans says:

    If NBA all star is determined by stats, then why do NBA official ask fans to vote? Just pick up any player you think he’s great, and we don’t care! We vote for a player that we think he’s admirable not because of his stats.

  42. Kamote says:

    The Allstar is a popularity contest, plain and simple.

  43. Lin says:

    You Mad Bro?

  44. Julius says:

    I agree James Harden is a better player than Jeremy Lin. But Fran, I am really disappointed in your choice of words for your headline. Last year an intern got in trouble for using poor choice of words for a headline. Please don’t tell me your vocabulary is equivalent to an intern’s. Come on Fran.

  45. Ricardo says:

    In my view Harden is a better player reason why he’s averaging 25 ppg, 5 apg and 4 rpg whereas Lin 11 ppg 6 apg 3 rp. I can think of several players that will do a better job at the PG position yet they don’t even have the vote Parker, Curry, Evans. I’m just glad Kobe and Paul will start on the backcourt facing guys like Wade and Rondo. Lin ain’t ready he lacks the speed, skills and size when face with a good contender or a star guard. To the folks saying it’snot a real game or it’s not a vote best players contest why do the NBA keep the stat and game since 1951 and why is it compromise of the best players on each team are selected to be in the ballot.

  46. Kobe.Beef says:

    ASG is for the fans. All NBA Team is for the players.

    All NBA Team > ASG

    • Chad says:

      Exactly. Also, it might be wise to note that many of the votes Harden is receiving now could also be from that of of those voting for Jeremy Lin from overseas. A similar effect when T-mac was still getting voted in as a started because of Yao, even when he was injured and not performing at a high level. The point is had Harden been on another team instead of the Rockets, he may very well be behind in votes of players like westbrook and nash.

    • dp says:

      Great Post!!!

      • ssl says:

        Great Post!! If not for the popularity of Lin, Harden would not be voted as #4. There are many other point guards far better than Harden like Nash, Parker etc.

  47. Honrat says:

    Lin is taking someone else’s starting spot in turn snubbing a legit top 24 player, which Lin is far from.

  48. Lin Fan says:

    People forget that NBA is a spectator’s sport. The players make all these obscene salaries and become “idols” because of spectators and fans. All the TV variety shows have an element of audience voting. Why should NBA all-star be any different?

  49. tommy says:

    jeremy Lin is a smart player with great vision. some people can not see it and doubt his ability. give him sometime, you will find it. dont argue if he make all star. if you dont like the fan’s vote for all star, why not just keep NBA for USA only.

  50. Dr. Blair says:

    all star game is for the fan, I do not see what is all the fuss, why the League keep say is not right for Lin to get so many vote, and may be start the all start game? True be told, is what the fun want, is not about pick the best player, is about what fun hope to see on that special day.

  51. Dr. Blair says:

    all star game is for the fan, I do not see what is all the fuss, why the League keep say is not right for Lin to get so many vote, and may be start the all start game? True be told, is what the fun want, is not about pick the best player, is about what fun hope to see on that special day. the KEY WORD is what the FUN want.

  52. Bruno says:

    It’s sad that his popularity is just because of his asian race. Yes he had some good moments last year. But like Fran pointed out, this year he hasn’t deserved it yet. If the chinese really loved the game of basketball they would vote in the real superstars and stop egotripping on their own race.

    • chaoli93 says:

      I guess most of nba fans agree chris paul is better than steve nash for the time being. But I believe at least 99.99% of lakers fans voting for nash not paul>>> in your opinion,those 99.99% lakers fans aren’t real nba fans.

      • Bruno says:

        No that’s entirely different. Nash should have a shot at an allstar spot since he is a star. But the fans of one team don’t outnumber the other fans like the whole asian continent does the rest of the world. Because the rest of the fans don’t vote on race. I mean Lin is not even Chinese, he’s American. Other internationanl players like Parker or Ginobili don’t get nearly as many allstar chances just because their countries of origin aren’t as overpopulated. I don’t think that’s fair.

  53. harley says:

    there are 1 billion+ chinese outside north america. and in china, basketball is the no. 1 sport among younger generations. go figure why he will be the starting point guard. and look back to yao ming before..i know it is a biased choice.

  54. BIGMatta23 says:

    This article was not what I expected after reading the heading!

  55. Ian D says:

    For the people who say its performance based, Tyson Chandler was dpoy last season I think and I don’t think he was an all star starter?

  56. Ian D says:

    I haven’t read all comments so apologies if I’m repeating. But I think the all star status is no longer just about performance but about so much more. The players fans relate too, the highlight reel Dunkers, the players with the stories, the ones fans get excited about. Tim Duncan and Kevin Love are in my opinion much better PF’s than Blake griffin but I’d much rather see griffin on the all star court. So I don’t get the hating on Lin – fans should be glad of stories like these, it would be a very dull place without them!

  57. Pssssssst says:

    I used to watch Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, etc. years ago. The only reason I became interested in watching the NBA again is Jeremy Lin. Through him I was able to learn and appreciate other players from of course the Knicks and the Rockets but also the teams he played against.

    The coolest part is my daughter is totally into basketball now and we can hang around and watch the games together. It also doesn’t hurt that Jeremy is a good role model. Thanks kiddo about promoting school first.

    The game is for fans. Let them have what they want.

  58. Willy says:

    I like Lins game, he is a different player when Melo and Harden are not in the games. He steps it up and can play to an All Star level. I think if Harden was not there and taking the shots that he is, then Lins numbers would be way up. He can control a game without a doubt. Actually I think this tandem of guards Houston has now could be the top group of guards in the league, very obvious with the current run they are on.

  59. Chad says:

    The All-Star game is never played like a real game anyway. There is no defense – it’s just players running up and down the court. Hence it’s never really about having the best players on court. In that sense the league has given the voting rights to the fans. If the NBA wants to go global and more people in the world wants to see Lin play in the game then there is nothing wrong with it. If there was more significance for either team to win the All-Star game then it might be a different story.

  60. Good says:

    I voted for Lin. I’m not Chinese, I live in LA and I’m a new basketball fan because of Jeremy Lin. If you want to alienate fans like us and keep bashing Lin by complaining how popular he is, then I guess I will boycott all NBA games and merchandise and go back to not caring.
    And stop insulting Asian fans and their integrity. They have the right to vote for whoever they like!

    • Mathew says:

      No one insulted asian fans at all. Just read all the comments.

    • Eli Odell J. says:

      well if y’all vote along race lines i guess its time we oughta, y’all’re doin it more, and more, maybe its time steve blake was an allstar, or that jimmer fredette guy
      if y’cant see whats wrong with that than i cant help ya buddyboy

    • IkidYOUnot says:

      lmao @ stop insulting Asian fans, tell them to stop casting bogus votes for bum players. This is the NBA, and the all- star game should be reserved for the elite players. Its not fair to the players who deserve to be there. some players will get snubbed but there will be room for arguement but Lin has not put up all start numbers therefore he should watch from home like the rest of us.

      P.S i dont think that its fair to just vote for a player because of his Nationality/ Race if thats the case vote me in, im 1/16 asian

  61. Leeds James says:

    I just came here to see all the Lin haters. hahah.

  62. Sean says:

    I’ve been a basketball fan since Magic/Bird/Jordan era…though not much an NBA fan for the last decade or so and I play competitive basketball every weekend. But now, I am following NBA games again and it’s all because of JEREMY LIN. So hell yeah he deserves to play in the all star game. More so than any other selfish, spoiled brats.

  63. Drose-01 says:

    Lin simply doesnt deserve the all star nomination, plain and simple. Linsanity has died.

  64. devin harris says:

    This is democracy . USA. where people get what they want. Not some parliamentary monarchy where elitist choose the winners.

  65. Lin lover says:

    “Basketball is more than who scores how much”, if it is so, all stars should be top 20 scorers.

    • dp says:

      You are exactly right. Check JLins advanced stats. Not more efficient or effective than any other average pg. On the bench at the end of many games. He will get better, but not by much. Just like Tebow he is a nice guy though.

  66. Lin lover says:

    Just want to see LIN on that court, so voted for LIN, that is it! I voted for Harden on LIN’s account!

    Just wait, LIN will be a superstar!!

    • IkidYOUnot says:

      Lin will be a bust, he hasnt shown me anything one hot streak for a wounded team. im not a believer

      • dp says:

        Lin will be a good pg. He needs to be more consistent. If he does make an allstar team it will be because of the fans.There are many more western conference that are better than he is.

  67. Dutch_laker fan says:

    ridiculous is what it is

  68. Lakersfan says:

    ok, this obvious biased article missed the whole point of the all star game.
    First of all, Yao Ming deserves to be an all star since he posted qualifying numbers, however, jeremy lin arguably does not, but nontheless, people wants to see their “stars” not their “stats”
    Secondly, opening the ballot to people all over the world is beneficial in every way possible, such as financially.
    All star debate is still all star debate, as Linsanity is still Linsanity, they have nothing to do with each other, unless one is discriminating against a person’s success, regardless of how long the player has proven himself.
    All Star Game is merely an entertainment, whoever is voted to be the starter, let it be, as it will please most of the audience that pays your check.

  69. Le says:

    The fans want Lin, so Lin it.

  70. Steve says:

    this blog was absolutely unnecessary. Obviously this was gonna happen and I’m sure harden will get his spot. Bashing on Lin was not necessary at all.

  71. Just-a-thought says:

    Man, so much bitterness Fran… Consider this: Basketball is more than who scores how much. Consider this: people out there are excited to see a player who is a great character, a team player, AND has the ability to lift a team on his shoulders and save its season when its back is against the wall (wait, is that not a PROVEN FACT?). Consider this: What YOU think is “right” is NOT God’s truth. Even the brightest physicists have enough humility to admit that if an experiment says X then the right answer is X, even if they thought it was Y. That said, I can’t wait to see Jeremy Lin play in the All-Star game. Sounds just about right to me.

  72. Objectivity says:

    Hate to see Lin in the All Star game, he played well for a few games, hasn’t showed himself to be a good consistent player (not even saying a star) and gets more votes than Harden, and many others. I’d rather see Lillard than Lin.

  73. Kobe is a great player, but people need to stop saying he won 5 rings and he needs 1 more to catch up with MJ. The truth is he needs 4 more FINALS MVP’s to tie with Jordan. The first 3 finals MVP for the lakers belonged to SHAQ.

  74. amit says:

    I think Lin has had the better season anyway. He is the PG who makes Harden go. Harden numbers go way down without Lin in the game. I voted for Lin for that reason

    • dattebayo says:

      Fact-free people like you are the reason Lin is over-hyped. Harden is without a doubt a better player than Lin.|201935,202391;year=201213;season=r

      • RJ says:

        Agreed. I love Lin. I love a lot of players. But Harden is showing an elite game right now. Lin gets his steals and has done a pretty damn good job distributing the ball when it’s in his hands, but has a lot to improve on just to be a legit 12th man on the all-star team beyond that, though he has gotten better as the season has gone on. And at the end of the season, Harden has a shot at 3rd team all-NBA, maybe even 2nd team. Lin’s not going to get to sniff that this year. Most importantly, though, this team is loaded with good young players and I hope they can get some playoff experience this year. I’m sure that’s what they’re most worried about as well.

    • amitpal says:

      Ur kidding right? Its harden that helps Jeremy lin. Where did u get that harden number go down when lin comes out. There have been games where Jeremy lin is sitting on the bench at the ending of games and harden has done fine. Jeremy isnt having a good season. Not even close to an all star season.

    • Eli Odell J. says:

      is you kiddin me?!?!?!?!?! jeremy lin is better than james harden? wow, thats some conceited thinkin right there, all hype and no delivery, all bags and no goods, all _____, you the reason why yao ming was voted an allstar when he didnt play werent ya? yao ming? was he EVER better than tyson chandler? or brendan haywood?

      • Ed says:

        Eli, unless you think that amit is actually Jeremy Lin posting as an alias, the word “conceited” doesn’t mean what you think it means.

        Try using smaller words. Your asinine ideas are enough of a handicap to being taken seriously. No need to add to it

    • dp says:

      You my friend should not watch basketball anymore. That was a historically horrible post.

  75. basketball godz says:

    fans picking all stars is STUPID….too many players that deserve all star status that need to get it… jamal craford,verajo,etc

    • amitpal says:

      Whether jamal crawford and varejo make the all star or not has nothing to do with the fan voting. Fans only vote for the starters the coaches r the one who choose the backups and neither jamal or varejo r all star starters

  76. Knicks fan says:

    everything made in china. even the NBA all stars votes

  77. Go NETS!! says:

    harden is good for a sixth man and good for a starter but not great. He is not playing at the same level of Kobe, Duran, Lebron, or Paul. In fact, he’s far from it. Bu he’s still young and got time to catch up. But if you compare him to Duran’s level, then he’s same age but way behind. Harden is probably at Brandon Roy’s level when he was still good…

    • Mathew says:

      To be fair. This is Hardens first year as the “man”. Shooting percentages are always down the first year as “the man” and usually start going back up towards the end of the season. Durant was “the man” as a rookie so he had several years of practice while being the go to guy on his team. While Harden hasn’t had to face defenses like this on an every night basis while being the number one guy. Lin and Hardens percentages are slowly rising as they get used to there new roles.

    • RJ says:

      Have you been watching Harden? He’s already better than Roy was, and I would say he’s on par with Durant right now, considering the new and inexperienced cast he has around him.

  78. E-SY says:

    It’s a shame the coaches have to make up for the fact that someone with mediocre skills get’s voted to start while otherwise he would not even make the team even if the top 25 guards in the west would be injured…

    Let Bryant and Paul start and we might see Harden coming of the bench and that’s it for the Rockets… more than enough!

  79. Sea Pea says:

    To be fair. More people know who Jeremy Lin is that James Harden.