LeBron Goes Double Duty In Win Over Thunder

MIAMI — It’s comical now, downright laugh-out-loud funny, to think that 18 months ago LeBron James was the game’s biggest choke artist. A fourth-quarter fraud. A traitorous villain. A stone temple of a body with a head made of mush.

Yeah, whatever.

As Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony added to their early MVP resumes and entertained fans on the left coast with a mid-day Christmas classic, James followed on the main stage 2,300 miles away with yet another splendid performance that not only saw him narrowly miss a triple-double (29 points, nine assists and eight rebounds), but for 39 minutes hound three-time scoring champ and MVP candidate in his own right, Kevin Durant.

It’s not typical to highlight a defensive performance when the opposition scores 33 points, 25 in the second half and 14 in the fourth quarter, and shoots better than 50 percent (11-for-21). Yet, it’s impossible to say that James did anything short of a terrific job contesting everything, which speaks to the level Durant is at and the difficulty and variety of shots he made, from floaters to a pump-fake bank from the right block to an array of fallaways and turnarounds.

But it was a slow burn for Durant, and it hurt Oklahoma City. Durant got off one shot attempt in the first quarter and was in foul trouble quickly, a trend that goes back to the championship series. Durant picked up two in the first quarter — perhaps a cheap second one — and a third foul late in the first half. Two of three were charged on the offensive end.

With the exception of a few possessions manned by Shane Battier, a career defensive specialist, James checked Durant from the opening tip to the final 10 seconds when the three-time defending MVP bodied Durant out beyond the arc and forced a long-range leaner that didn’t go.

“I felt like I played great defense,” James said regarding Durant’s final shot. “If he makes that shot then we’ll live with it.”

Durant’s dynamic teammate Russell Westbrook will catch some grief for a couple of wild drives late that resulted in lost possessions, and for his errant 3-pointer going for the tie that he launched from in front of the Thunder bench with still more than five seconds on the clock. He thought he was fouled by a closing Dwyane Wade, but had the whistle blown it could have gone against Westbrook for sticking out his leg.

The Heat held on 103-97, their fifth consecutive victory over the Thunder going back to the Finals.

After James showered and was the final member of the Heat to make a post-game appearance in the locker room, his freshness belied the massive energy he had just exerted in a game that stretched for nearly three hours and was played as intensely at both ends as they come in the regular season.

“I’m tired as hell right now. Every bit of it,” James said. “I guard him the whole game and I still have to be able to make plays for our team offensively, but that’s what my calling is. I love playing defense just as well as I play on offense. Hey, whatever it takes to help us win.”

The Heat have now won five in a row, a streak that coincides with a determination to again put defense first. At 19-6, they tied Oklahoma City (21-6) and the Clippers (22-6) in the loss column with the fewest defeats in the league. While Melo and the New York Knicks are a great story in these first two months, the Heat are the class of the East. Spare me how the Knicks have already taken down the Heat — twice.

And out West, yes, the Lakers have won five straight and hope springs eternal again with the exciting return of Steve Nash. But can the Lakers or anybody else — perhaps that other L.A. team — possess the combination of speed, size and athleticism as the Thunder?

These two teams, each with a transcendent, physically freakish star that can’t be stopped, the supporting superstars in Westbrook and Wade, who reach a consistent speed of play above everyone else, appear headed for a consecutive Finals showdown. And who knows after that, as whispers of a 1980s-style Lakers-Celtics rivalry can’t be ignored.

“Our teams mirror each other, but you really can’t say right now,” Durant said. “There’s so many good teams, you never know what could happen. Of course, that’s a sexier matchup as far as LeBron and me, and Russell and D-Wade, Serge [Ibaka] and Chris Bosh, of course that’s the matchup everybody wants to see. You never know.”

It should scare the rest of the league. And the Thunder should be concerned that they continue to play the Heat close, but can’t catch them. Tuesday’s game could have turned on multiple plays. A defensive mixup led to James’ laser pass inside to a wide-open Bosh with 25.5 seconds to go for a 98-95 Heat lead as Durant, Westbrook and Kendrick Perkins turned in disgust.

Before that, Westbrook missed two drives and Kevin Martin came up short on another with 1:30 to go and the Thunder down three. Maybe next time Heat point guard Mario Chalmers, who averages 7.1 points a game and hadn’t scored more than 12 this season, won’t go off for 20 points and hit four 3-pointers.

It was Durant who had the 6-2 Chalmers much of the time, while Thabo Sefolosha and Westbrook were tasked with James and Wade. But the 6-11 Durant often strayed, cheating into the paint and leaving Chalmers alone, and he made the Thunder pay. As he did with 25 points in Game 4 of the Finals.

Such a scenario would seem to be advantageous for OKC, allowing Durant to concentrate on the offensive end while James carries the burden of going all out at both ends on every possession.

“That’s why LeBron is the best player on the earth,” Battier said. “He’s a two-way player, the best on both sides of the ball. That’s what makes him legendary.”


  1. Woffie says:

    A couple of things after reading some of the comments in the Kobe vs. Lebron debate:
    1. The statements about Lebron and Kobe being two different kind of players and not much comparable is what makes more sense of all.
    2. I’m still taking the chance two do a little comparison between them: it’s obvious Kobe Bryant is among the all time greatest and have made outstanding accomplishments througout his career, and exactly the same could be said about Lebron, but….it took Kobe Bryant 6-8 seasons in the NBA to get to the level he is (it’s just that when he eventually got there he went way over the top), while Lebron James was there from season 1. Anyone stating any different is either trolling, or hasn’t watched enough basketball.

  2. Junior says:

    dont get me wrong, MJ, Kobe and Lebron are incredible players. Players that only come one in a while. Combined they won 000 and only won 000 championship by themselves. So when praying these “Superstars” take into account that they need Help. MJ in the form of his whole team, Kobe with shag then gasol and now with lebron wade and bosh. Dont ger me wrong about lebron, he is a great player but remove WADE and he is just like Carmelo, Talented but Ringless, Scorer but cant deliver in playoff situations. Miami is my team and we need him, HOWEVER dont underestimate the value of bosh and wade, especially WADE.

  3. Francisco says:

    for those of you who like facts, check LBJ second season 19 years old, and compare them with kobe who was entering his prime

  4. Mr. Griffin says:

    If we’re talking right now. Today. Not historically or after the season mvp gets handed out. Everyone has to say that Lebron James is the best player in the NBA… right now… today.. Tomorrow may say something different. Rings speak to team effort so lets stop comparing individual talent by how many rings he got. Kobe is a baller and he got rings but his individual game should speak for itself. Kobe is a scorer. Plain and simple. Put Lebron on any team… yeah any team and that team has potential to win a ring. I cannot say that for any other player in the league right now.

  5. Santa! says:

    Kobe is better i don’t care what’s your reason after this i’m blind i can’t read any comments. -_-

  6. mike says:

    lebron is definetely without a doubt way better than kobe in his prime…kobe was just a ball hogging scorer..lebron averages more points over his career plus the rest of his numbers are much better….the difference between kobe and legends like jordan, magic and lebron is . they make theyre teammates better, when kobe just shoots

  7. fedizzle says:

    So he put up a defensive masterpiece by making KD work to get what he always gets? I’d be impressed if he held KD to 10 points, otherwise he just played D and KD still dropped 30 points lol… Thunder didn’t lose because of what Lebron did on KD, or at least that wasn’t the biggest reason. Either way good game see ya in the finals

  8. james says:

    LBJ is the best basketball player on the planet the guy is a beast on both ends of the court who does that come on!!! i see LBJ crown mvp again go heats go!!!!!!!

  9. aaron says:

    Durant dropped 33…amazing defense. You guyz give leBron credit for nothing…gimme a break. Like that stupid statistic about how he hadn’t committed a foul in a long time? when in reality he always gets the benefit of the doubt in regards to fouls…gimme a break

  10. dj rgm9 says:

    Lebron is a beast no doubt,a Oscar Robertson type player.The nba organization did a hell a job to help Lebron be the man in the leage today,i mean they just comming off a championship + theyr building for the next one.D’ont forget his teammates he has with new reïnforcement like Ray Ray+some new rookies too.A better team with championship experience too.That wasn’t a difficult game to win playing at home.Okc was not ready the win the game yesterday,not with the right winning mentality starting the game,okc hahve only one finals apearance together and 1 championship experience player like that ugly freak Perkins.Okc has a long way to go without Harden(stupid trade anyway).The season is still long let’s see at the play off bracket how everything evolves.Ohw that foul after shot last moments in the game(as that replay,video showed above),the referee did a hell of a job swallowing the wistle again.Nice job by the officials keeping the lead for the Heat.They should make a new award ‘the best wistle swallower official off the league’!!!.
    Lebron was crowned as a king before entering the league by the media& the Nba itself,not like Kobe coming in the league not even as a high pick on the 97’draft.Kobe was entering the’ Jordan era’with a lot of crittics starting from the bench
    a few season’s following.Since season ’00 the nba has treated newcomming talents as a cinderella story fitting the shoe like Wade>Lebron>Durant.Get it?That’s the reality since ’00!!
    Ohw one last thing if Lebron had the height like kobe,he wouldn’t score that much because for ‘his travelling’ steps .I bet he just was an average player today.
    Let’s see how many rings he’s gonna have after 5 years starting from now !Than we should talking about HOF conversations,6 rings is the norm to talk about!

    • LBJ For The Win says:

      LOL !!! You’re So Funny !!! And Dumb as well !

    • dattebayo says:

      LBJ is a 3 time MVP. The last 3 players to do so are Bird, Magic and Jordan and they are all first ballot Hall of Famers. LBJ could retire tomorrow and in 5 years he’d be a 1st ballot Hall of Famer too.

  11. HEAT136 34 says:

    IDIOTS!! Wade got a piece of the ball not Westbrook’s hand.

  12. S says:


    paul george held kd to 27 points on 9-23. durant probably took the same shots in that game as he did against lebron but made 2 less against pg.

    • dattebayo says:

      Let me tell you the difference there. PG didn’t go off for 29, 8 and 9 with 2 steals in that game and he didn’t guard Durant the entire game. Also, Indiana lost by 11 and PG didn’t defend KD on the last possession to secure the win.

  13. Jason Ortiz says:

    I don’t understand all the comparisons. Kobe is Kobe, great for what he does. Jordan is Jordan, the best. LeBron is the best today and one of the best ever at having a complete offensive/defensive game but they are all different and played with different supporting cast. They have proven their positions in the discussion of who over who but it is too different.

  14. jason says:

    Everyone sits here saying lebron will be the best player when he wins more championships etc etc, winning more championships only shows he has the best TEAM. No one here is trying to throw the heat in as the best team no. But lebron as the best single player in the sport of basketball is not a stretch at all. His numbers determination attitude and thrive makes him the best of all time, yes better than mj as well… take mj and throw him in this erra and he wouldnt control the game like he did back then, lebron is on his own level of playing basketball he is in his own catagory. Thats the truth no matter how you look at it.

  15. All City says:

    Really? LBJ defensive poy? Durant shoots 50% from both the field and 3pt drops 33 on LBJ face & here every heat bandwagoner is saying he should get DPOY!!! So MWP should be DPOY because he held MELO to 34 on 50%!!!! (MWP individual play on both ends of the floor continues to go unoticed because of the lakers overall record)

    Whats even worse is all the bad mouthing you Heat fans would say about LBJ when he was in CLE, now hes in MIA and all of a sudden your on his knuts, I cant wait to see what you Heat Bandwagoners will say n the next couple of years when he decides to take his Talents to Southern Cali and play for the greatest franchise know to man, the LAL!~!!!!!!

  16. Mayan Calendar Fail says:

    One more thing… Kobe’s game was just for STATS He needs team mates like NASH (facilitator) D12 (Inside presence) PAU (rebounder) and Metta(perimeter defender) Because right now kobe just want to shoot… but LBJ can make a team mate like RIO into an allstar… Remember MO Williams???

  17. Love this win heat are just going to keep attacking every team In the nba. Lebrons still playing like he’s the best player in the game to GO HEAT!!!

  18. heat #1 Fan says:

    If the league is fair they should give the DPOY and MVP to lebron he is just in another galaxy compared to every other player

    • All City says:

      Hey #1 Heat well weathered fan, lets go back a decade and see if you can name one player on the heats roster (who isnt Big Zo) in the 01-02 year? Without looking it up!

      Whats more funny, is when the NYK eliminate the Heat come post season this May!

  19. Mayan Calendar Fail says:

    Maybe you’re right About Nash deserves a ring BUT I guess he was on a wrong organization… Maybe If he was on OKC or MIA, SAS, NYK,MEM,LAC… But He ain’t… For the record the lakers got an allstar twin tower plus kobe… And yet they we’re just average at best .500 The celtics got more competitive spirit than the lakers. And they are relying most of the time on KG in the middle, lakers ain’t going nowhere. and right now they’re sitting 11th place on west conference… Mostly stacked teams are there… LAC,OKC,SAS,and MEM…. do you think they don’t want to win it all too??? As for the EAST there are only 2 teams that can be a contender 1st was the MIAMI HEAT and Knicks … Can’t include ATL as of now… who knows next season they might acquire better players to help JOSH SMITH…. I’m still waiting for MIA VS Lal and OKC vs lal games… So that laker fans may shut their mouths and maybe convince their selves that the lakers ani’t title contenders.. Because they’re NOT…..

  20. Legend says:

    Lets face it LeBron is the best player on the Planet…..

    He can do anything, his fitness is much above any of his counterparts and his abilities cant be fuc**d

    Basketball IQ is off the charts

    A legendary legacy has just begun and will be riveting to watch

    he is walking on historic grounds, the possibilities he poses with his immense potential !

  21. Chuck says:

    Did anyone watch the 2nd half in whih KD scored 25 points with the King not just on him personaaly, but with a helper every time KD got by him. Two years ago the same LBJ idolaters were calling him Lechoke and Lequeen. Strange bedfellows.

    The season is not over yet. Hold the crown until the two teams play again in the finals. The Thunder will be be more mature and better and the Heat older.

    • Krishawn-MIA says:

      u obviously were watching a different game..most of the points KD scored were in battier not sayin that he didnt score on lebron and the fadeaway that he hit to give OKC the lead wasnt near to being a foul lebron was on the ground while KD initiated the contact

  22. KWADWO says:

    Kobe has shown for the past 3 -4 yrs that he is an individual player not a team player. he plays for himself and he won the five rings bcos lakers would have won those five rings without him. he is alegend of the game no doubt but i think he confused people into thinking he is tooo great. he is great but not tooo great. SHAQ overshadowed him for years.players with extra o talent to have played the game ever are jordan, magic and lebron. kobe, duncan,pippen,bird were or are good but dont have that extra o.

  23. Roy says:

    The rest of the league will be hard pressed to stop Miami with them coming off a Championship win and THEN picking up Ray Allen. Still I hope my Knicks can make the leap. I’m sure they’ll give Miami a good run come post season. Maybe to game 6 or game 7 and a possible win. On the West side of the NBA even though I don’t like the Lakers I really want them to get another title. Nash deserves a ring more than ANYBODY in the NBA right now. He neeeeeeds it lol!

  24. ReaperChief says:

    OKC just beat themselves.. So many turnovers that simply killed all their initiatives of getting the lead. I do not deny the prowess of LBJ but KD is also awesome..

  25. islandBOY says:

    I did even mention the Seargent Joel Anthony on DEFENSE!
    Miami Heat all the WAY!

  26. BP says:

    This is how MVP played….go Heat.

  27. hahaha says:

    MIAMI – It’s comical now, downright laugh-out-loud funny, to think that 18 months ago LeBron James was the game’s biggest choke artist. A fourth-quarter fraud. A traitorous villain. A stone temple of a body with a head made of mush.

    Yet he had better stats in the clutch then Kobe Bryant. Hater, it stung to write this huh?

  28. cruzeroHEAT says:

    the Thunder are too young to win it all, but they are contenders, miami was not playing that good before this xmas day match up, yet they beat the thunder. thunder was beating opponents here and there. miami is good defensively, and we know that’s the only way they will win, they cannot outscore opponents with their line-up even though they have superstars in the line up. for the finals, i do not think the clippers are made for it. as well as the grizz. for me it is a long shot for those two teams. even though LAL is struggling, you cannot count them out, i know they are only starting to win, when you have KB24, Nash, DH12 in the line up, you will always have a chance. im a heat fan, but i see. even with NYK beating the heat two times. LAL-MIA in the finals

  29. cruzeroHEAT says:

    the Thunder are too young to win it all, but they are contenders, miami was not playing that good before thois xmas day match up, yet they beat the thunder. thunder was beating opponents here and there. miami is good defensively, and we know that’s the only way they will win, they cannot outscore opponents with their line-up even though they have superstars in the line up. for the finals, i do not think the clippers are made for it. as well as the grizz. for me it is a long shot for those two teams. even though LA is struggling, you cannot count them out, i know they are only starting to win, when you have KB24, Nash, DH12, im a heat fan, but i see. even with NYK beating the heat two times. LAL-MIA in the finals


  31. Willy says:

    Remember the practice session LBJ had with KD? Maybe he was learning rather than teaching?

  32. EPhraze says:

    To Jeff Caplan…..I believe KD didn’t score much in the first half due to foul trouble in which two were ridiculously horrible at best.

  33. EPhraze says:

    I’m going to say this again. The Thunder traded the wrong player….OKC CANNOT WIN A CHAMPISONSHIP WITH WESTBROOK ON THAT TEAM. There is NO REASON for KD not getting the ball on every single posession in the 4th quarter. He had it going, and not even the mighty King James could stop him. GIVE HIM THE DAMN BALL!!!!!!!!

    Ball don’t lie.

  34. ABC says:

    How is westbrook mad when he gets fouled on the break, does he not remember the flagrant foul he had when lebron was on the fast break

  35. Lord P says:

    Happy to witness the Best all around basketball player of Alltime who brings it on the court every damn night..he still amaze me after 9 years in the League!!

    • Mister 215 says:

      @Lord P…… Hate to be the bearer of bad news but, NEWSFLASH!!!! Lebron is not the best all around player of all time. That would go to a 6’5″ guard by the name of Oscar Robertson….. If you question that then please tell me when the last time Lebron averaged a TRIPLE DOUBLE for the WHOLE SEASON??? Trust he has to awards to back that up as well!!!!

  36. nbashgkag says:

    Mario Chalmers, drop 20 on Durant that’s Why Llebron mvp

    • Average Joe says:

      That was because KD was cheating a bit on D with the penetrations by, guess who, LBJ and Wade. Rio is a good player in his own right (besting D Rose on his way to a NCAA championship) but without Wade and James, even he would be hard-pressed to handle the scoring load.

  37. Jack says:

    all day LBJ, here in the philippines giant broadcaster ABS CBN showed your game all through out here in the philippines, nice to see a post-CHRISMAST treat for us, gotta see u again in the Finals,..whoever your foe!!

  38. WOOT says:

    LBJ deserves another MVP award more than KD or even the ballhog Melo/Kobe if he can maintain that kind of consistency.

    • why? says:

      Why? Simply Why?
      Lebron has played well both offensively but again the media has sadly overatted his prowess a bit, much like Blake Griffins ‘dunk of the year’ beating Barnes’ actual dunk of the year.
      Melo is having his best year in ages and he’s led the knicks to an amazing season record, whats to stop him from getting MVP?
      Only Reason Kobe’s not a legit MVP candidate is because of the Lakers poor season.
      While there are reasons for Lebron to get another MVP there are several reasons for the others too, Melo and KD in particular.

  39. Willy says:

    Flash back to preseason, after Olympics please. LBJ was being criticized for working out with his friend KD. Was KD being criticized or was it LBJ? I am sure that they both learned alot about each others games during the Olympics, even after the finals last year, then additional workouts? So, should LBJ be thrashed for this decision again? NOT! Are they still friends? The man is learning how to stop the second best scorer (or third) in the league. Legend

    • Mister 215 says:

      @Willy…. Did you just say learning how to stop KD??? Are you serious??? You do know that Durant had like 33pts, and in case you didn’t know in order for you to stop someone, you gotta keep them below their average, not above it. Yes he played great defense, but you see where that got him, not to mention the fact that he shot over 50% from the field. Never ever before have I ever seen someone get credit for good defense when they actually never stopped the person they were guarding, but his name is Lebron, so everything he does the media puts more emphasis on it then anyone else. Prime example…. When was the last time someone ever cared how long it has been since a particular player went without a foul??? Never until Lebron came around.

  40. lebron is the king says:

    well definitely shane battier = “lebron fan” hahaha, a good defensive guy admire other player who knows how to play defense, and thats king james, best player in both ends of the floor, can run and facilitate like guard, can play defense and post like PF-C, and definitely can score.

  41. jul says:

    nice article!! Go KING JAMES!

  42. WOW-surprised that the free throws were pretty even-in light of the horrific reffing in last years finals every game to keep it in miami’s favor. Today refs still made few last couple minutes bad calls in miami favor!!! GreenAllDay-Banner18-2013

    • Raja says:

      Let’s blame the refs again..a blown out game 5 with all those 3 pointers? Gosh I didn’t know the refs have the power to convert missed shots to 3 pointers.

  43. D-Shackle says:

    Great article, and highlights the clear defensive difference between Lebron and the only other legitimate MVP candidate. Both head and shoulders above Carmelo and Kobe in terms of offensive efficiency, but LBJ is probably gonna take home DPOY too! Holy Moly!

    • doubt it says:

      Melo is a SERIOUS MVP contender this year, this is the best year he’s had in ages, currently I’d put my money on Melo or Durant to get MVP and im pretty sure Ibaka is gonna get DPOY this year, especially since he got robbed by Tyson last year.

  44. […] was doubled over and just staring at the locker room floor. The sting of the Oklahoma City …LeBron Goes Double Duty In Win Over ThunderNBA.com (blog)NBA: Miami Heat defeats Oklahoma CitySan Jose Mercury NewsJames, Heat best Thunder in […]

  45. Toledo7 says:

    Lebron shouldn’t be put in the same convo with Kobe. Kobe is way better, James is far behind!

    • Hm says:


    • Raja says:

      Lebron is a leader & takes blame n responsibilty for his TEAM. Kobe on the otherhand blames everyone besides himself.

      • amitpal says:

        Lebron takes blame becuz he was at fault. Whose fault was it when miami didnt win a championship against dallas. Oh right the superstar player who averaged less than 20 point per gane in the playoffs. On top of that he had zero points in the fourth in multiple games.

    • Average Joe says:

      It should be the other way around.

    • MHM 35 says:

      They shouldn’t be compared to each other cuz GET THIS: They’re DIFFERENT players!!! Whoaaa….
      One’s a SF, 260, and twenty some years old with one ring. Can play every position. Holds a few MVPs.
      One’s a SG, 220, in the decline of his career but still breaking records and has several rings.

      Yes. Yes I can see why you people would draw the comparisons between them. They’re just so similar. LMAO idiots.

  46. Toky says:

    Lebron has been the most versatile player in the league for several years now. He’s not playing like anything we’ve seen since Oscar Robertson, Magic or even KG in his prime. That guy is a beast at both ends of the floor. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Durant get the edge and win his first mvp award this season though, for the same reasons Derrick Rose won that 2 years ago. Just cuz people are tired to vote for Lbj like Doc Rivers said.
    Hope Lebron can get his first DPOY If he has to yield the season mvp.

  47. xxmikehellxx says:

    hope L.A (lakers) improve it’s team play so that we could watch a better NBA Finals next year.. HEAT vs LAKERS on 2013 Finals

  48. Toffer Pineda says:

    Lebron James is the Best..great game for him!! LBJ all day

  49. guhit (go HEAT) says:

    well..that’s why he was awarded 3 times MVP..he is a BEAST….

  50. sep says:

    nice game. KD vs King James

  51. jiyo says:

    he is a beast

  52. Francisco says:

    best player of the last 8 years, discounting his first season, he had better all around numbers in his Second year than Kobe in his prime(8 season), only mike was better, SOOO FAR

    • YEAH...RITE! says:


      • joanvonnegut says:

        When did Kobe took his team to Finals by himself without any other super star? None.
        James did a few times. James got the ring with a coach like Spo. We saw where Kobe’s team LA stands without Phil Jackson even with other super stars. Get Real!

      • talented10th says:

        Francisco is on the money. He’s been the best and no one has been tasked with doing more for their team to win than Lebron… and that’s including Jordan who btw couldn’t win his first championship until the Pistons, Lakers, and Bulls where old and done.

      • Mister 215 says:

        @joanvonnegut…. Well since you said super star I have to correct you and say that Kobe did take his team to the finals with no other SUPERSTAR….. Yes Pau is a very important player and is a star but was never a SUPERSTAR. Wanna know the difference??? A Superstar is a player that is the face of a franchise, not a player that made the all star game a couple of times. Not only that but SUPERSTARS are not put on the trading block year after year, because you would never want to trade a SUPERSTAR unless he doesn’t want to play for your team anymore. So, if you said that he never has an All Star…. but wait that is wrong too because he had Mo Williams, he had Larry Huhges, and both of them had good numbers like the ones that Pau has for his career. You know getting like 20pts a game. Then you wanna use Phil as if Jordan ever won a chip without him. James need two other SUPERSTARs to finally win won, Kobe only needed one SUPERSTAR (SHAQ) to win a chip.

      • mike says:

        joanvonnagut ur an idiot, dwayne wade chris bosh wat leaque have you been watching. yes kobe had great team mates but we all know wat lebron had to do to win his first title. do you remember 07 – and a 0-4 hiding for lebron at the hands of the spurs ?

    • enjoythegame says:

      LBJ is playing great but your comment makes no sense. The guy has 3 mvps in 9 seasons which is great but he still only has 1 championship ring in 3 Finals appearances . LBJ played big o like in the Finals last year but he still has quite a bit of Championship winning to do to be in the category you are putting him in. I glad he has no more excuses about talent now he has no excuse not to repeat this year. MJ is a whole different level of championship success and so is Kobe

      • dNYCe says:

        I agree MJ is on a different level…but check out how old he was when he won his first ring. I know we like to look back and romanticize about Michael…like he won straight out of college…but he didn’t win his first championship until he was 28 years old. Lebron will turn 28 on december 30. so he’s actually ahead of Jordan. Now, I’m not going the insane route and counting chickens before they hatch to say that FACT makes Lebron better than MJ, b/c it obviously does not. I just think people need to take it into perspective when they start ranting about how lebron could never be as good as Jordan (as much as I love LeBron, it may be true, nobody will ever be as good as Jordan)….but again, the dude is only 27 years old, soon to be 28…let’s give him a shot to play out his career before we compare him to players who have finished theirs.

    • MHM 35 says:

      You guys are all so funny defending LeBron and saying he’s better than the other legends. Save you’re time idiots they’re all different players lol.