Blogtable: DeMarcus Cousins, Anyone?

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Week 9: The trouble with DeMarcus | What to do with the Bobcats | Teams falling, teams rising

Play GM: Run toward a DeMarcus Cousins possible trade, or run away?

Fran Blinebury: Have you ever seen Usain Bolt at the Olympics? He’d look like he was carrying a refrigerator on his back compared to how fast I’d be running toward trading Cousins.

Jeff Caplan: If I’m the Kings I’m not dealing him. His stock is so low … what am I going to get? The Kings drafted him, so keep working at it. Maybe as these incidents continue to happen, it finally hits him that he’s the problem, that he’s the one who needs to change. Look, the Kings’ season isn’t going anywhere anyway, so there’s nothing to lose by keeping him and continuing to try to get his head right. Get through the season and maybe his value will go up for an offseason trade.

Scott Howard-Cooper: Walk slowly toward. If I can get a bargain because the Kings want to be done with it — a player I can live without even though he has talent, a couple picks that should be mid-to-late in the first round — I’m interested. But that almost certainly does not happen. While the Kings should be willing to have trade talks, they have too much invested, and Cousins has too much talent, to cut and run. If it takes anything other than a low-risk investment or I am one of the few teams that can surround him with an overwhelmingly positive culture, I’m not interested.

John Schuhmann: It depends on what kind of team I have. Cousins needs a coach and at least two or three veterans that will keep him in check. If I don’t have enough stability in my locker room, then I would stay away. I also need to have a point guard that’s going to get him the ball where he can be a finisher and not have to generate his own offense. As big and talented as he is, he’s a pretty inefficient scorer, because most of his shots come from his own post-ups or isolations (only 38 percent of his shots have been assisted). Either way, I’m not giving up much for him, because there’s no guarantee that the light will turn on before his rookie contract is up at the end of next season.

Sekou Smith: Even after his third strike I’m reluctant to say it’s time to trade Cousins away. He’s so talented at such a hard-to-find-his-sort-of-abilities position that trading him at this point really shouldn’t be an option. But let’s be clear about one thing; the young fella is messing with his own money right now with every transgression. The only way to make him understand that his actions will not be tolerated is to let him know that a wanna-be franchise player will not be allowed to run afoul of the rules. That free agent pot of gold he’ll be looking for soon is being chewed up with his foolishness. Every young guy with talent wants a max extension. But not all of them are willing to shoulder the responsibilities, on and off the court, that come with the biggest paycheck in the locker room. The Kings have to show him the hard way that you either take it all on or find a franchise foolishness enough to value your talent over your leadership and other qualities.


  1. sun edwards IV says:

    send tyreke evans home bring Dcuz give up evan turner bynum

  2. David says:

    I’ve watched him play and o be honest i dont think he has that much talent anyway. Another over-hyped player by the American media just because he went to Kentucky or was it duke, i dont follow college. Who thught the bes player out of that college team will be eric bledsoe.

  3. Justin says:

    Honestly, Cousins needs to grow a pair or he wont get anywhere in the NBA. He needs to accept the fact that you might be down alot vs. playoff teams. But if he actually worked harder on both ends of the floor he wouldn’t be in the situation he currently is in now. Id give him another week. If he doesnt work or cooperate. Id look for a trade

    • Justin says:

      PS there are alot of free agents still looking for teams and there is amare stoudemire. He most likely be traded cause he isnt needed on the knicks incredible offense

  4. Ryan says:

    Rumor is portland wants to trade for him matthews,Hickson(playing better then cousins even if he was released by them),Leonard,#1 draft pick,nolan smith,elliot williams,fillers for cousins and filler/s or just trade us thomas robinson



    Id do the same trade for robinson

  5. Chico says:

    I would trade him for draft picks for 2014. It would make the Kings have more chances to get a top pick, and the draft of that year is going to bring Andrew Wiggins and Jabari Parker, two perfect players for rebuilding mode. With a lot of luck, they would be able to get at least one of them plus lottery picks. In 5 years, with good administration, Kings as a conference contender would not be something awful to think. And without DMC this year, they are closer to a lottery pick of 2013 too. Maybe some versatile player, like Kidd-Gilchrist, able to help in every aspect, as a future solid contributor in a team with a potential superstar(considering that the Kings adquire Parker or Wiggins).

  6. Bob M says:

    He needs an old veteran team. The Spurs come to mind, the Heat would benefit the most, NYK’s would change the Eastern Conference to the Knicks as the #1 contender. I think the Celtics wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot pole. KG would be babysitting this guy and would be pissed off all the time. Hey, maybe it would work out. KG is a better player when angry

  7. Celtics4Life says:

    I agree, send him to Boston. His attitude will adjust and he’ll mature with a mentor like KG.

  8. JavyPR2324 says:

    I’m Laker fan since child, but I think that Boston could be the greatest place to Demarcus Cousins. A city with championship mentality, a coach with the caliber of Doc Rivers, the best point guard in Rajon Rondo, the veterany of Paul Pierce. At last but the most important, KG as a mentor.

  9. knickrbocker are awsome121 says:

    the kincks shold trade amare for him with rasheed and kid to sort him out and mike woodson will also not tolrate his stupidnesss

  10. shepherd says:

    boston is a great place for him. KG will teach and discipline him. Also, doc is a great coach

  11. steezyz says:

    send him to Boston!!! they need a center (kg is not a center) and he can learn from the former MVP

  12. O.D. says:

    Trade him to the European Leagues for some good players

    • J-Dozer-W says:

      not smart the game is totally different then European games there’s just no real promise that the deal would be worth it, i mean cousins can dominate a game in the NBA why would they get players from a leauge that is simply put not as strong.

  13. hammer says:

    Keep Cousins and being back Dalembert or another vet big man who can help “fix” him.

  14. bomchakalala#2 says:

    someone agrees whit me lol paul gasol fr cousins???? i thinks is a good trade

    • J-Dozer-W says:

      No teams have to think about potential kings want a player in the rise not a player on the fall typical laker fans think everyone owes them their players, really links to the fact laker fans know nothing of the game and how its ran ”we can trade metta world peace for any all star SF” and you always blame Pau pathetic

  15. common sense says:

    Everyone keeps saying that Cousins would be a great fit for Boston…yet no one is saying who Boston has to trade away…Sacramento is just giving Cousins away for nothing…who does Boston give up? Jeff Green??? I don’t see much trade value from Boston… WHo do they give up?…I’ll wait…

  16. bomchakalala#2 says:

    lakers need DC for PG ,Gasol wll be a good add to Sacramento and Cousing to the Lakers

  17. Bok says:

    For me it’s either the Celtics, Heat, and Rockets.

  18. Tushar says:

    He could go to philly or Boston, those would be the best options.

  19. J-Dozer-W says:

    I think a trade to sixers for bynum perhaps i reckon Cousins is such a young great talent that as Clark Kellogg says well ”Big men take 4-5 years to find themselves within the leauge” cousins isn’t even at his peak scary thing and bynum as well bynum’s injury is the gamble as we all know, like golden state did with bogut but if kings trade for bynum can hold him back from early comeback because lets face it like rose needs to rest a serious injury but kings aren’t playoff contention and think about the future, and sixers get off the block a good player with a very strict coach that can guide cousins, cousins is obviously not happy with kings i mean who would be their not even certain where the future lies for the organisation in conclusion sixers get good player back to basket with a face up game very gifted and kings get a player that next year could be very dangerous with the organisation

  20. larson2000 says:

    Boston would be interesting – they already have one psycho in Rondo so adding Cousins would great to watch!

  21. T_Rawww says:

    Trade him and Evans for Bargnani and Calderon. TOR can finally get some grit, probably the only team the can benefit from DC bad boy image. Evan and DeRozen will play nice together. SAC gets decent veterans with more attractive contracts for bait!

    Win win!

  22. Kings Fan That Knows What He's Talking About says:

    Trade DeMarcus Cousins to the Washington Wizards for Nene and the Wizards’ unprotected 2013 First Round Draft Pick. Perfect trade Right there for both teams! Do it Geoff Petrie!!! DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. chiell spurs fan says:

    another AI right here….great talent garbage attitude

  24. harol says:

    what he needs is to be suspend for a year without pay, here they are a lots of people that dont know none as wha he does dont have none to do with the coach, or the low blow was because the coach or teammates i dont think so he just need to start filling that on his money and he will straight things up.

  25. Chris says:

    Send him to Boston. Perfect fit for the Cousins, he gets mentored by KG and coached by Doc. Celtics benefit by adding a big man with rebounding potential when they desperately need it. Boston sends over Sully, Lee, and Green. Kings lose the headache and continue on to build a better team. Case closed.

  26. John says:

    Or maybe acquire a veteran player rather than trade him.

  27. Kobe Bryant says:

    Demarcus Cousins is a great player, but his attitude is not showing that he is. If he wants to be a great player he should do it on and off the court. Black Mamba out

  28. Rafael Mijolary says:

    The best fit for him is the Sixers… trade him and another guy for bynum, good for the sixers cuz bynum is always injuried

  29. John says:

    No matter how bad a player acts if he has enough talent there will always be a team that believes they can fix him.

  30. TrueNBAFan says:

    To everybody who suggested Cousins be traded to a team that already has a better Superstar, congrats on trading for a player who wont stick around at the end of the season. Cousins wants to be the center piece of a team, he wants to be the #1 option, which he wouldn’t be on the Celtics, Lakers, Heat, and Thunder. There’s no way he’d stay on one of those teams. Cousins can only work on a team like the Kings, who have to have him as their focal point. He wont be built around another player, he expects others to be built around him, this is why he got less-than-glowing reviews from the coaching staff for the US Select Team.

  31. garie says:

    He will not be a good fit in Celtics with Sullinger on their roster.

    He can’t ge to LAL be cause his talents will be wasted there.

    He can go to Miami to be mentored by the greats but that’s not possible.

    He can play with OKC, for sure. but with salary cap restrictions, they’ll need to trade one of their bigs to accomodate Cousins.

    He can also go to Houston, Golden State and Milwaukee.

    Those are my options if I’m in the front office of the Kings.

    • Crazygirl992 says:

      sadly the kings won’t be thinking about his well being, only the wellfare of their team most teams are selfish like this sadly

      • KINGS7 says:

        is this a joke? You think NBA teams are supposed to focus on helping the guys they are trading away and where he ends up instead of worrying about how to get the most for their own organization? Nobody owes Cousins anything, hes a baby and on top of his attitude, his play on the court this season has been awful. He cant score vs average defensive centers, hes a turnover machine, and hes lazy and a liability on defense, good riddance

    • Realist Laker's Fan says:

      ‘He will not be a good fit in Celtics with Sullinger on their roster.’ Oh noes he wont fit in their squad. I dont wanna trade a player to an orgnisation where he doesnt fit.

      ‘He can’t ge to LAL be cause his talents will be wasted there’…..really??? He cant go to LAL because his talents will be wasted. Like the organisation is really gonnna give 2 cents about his talents being wasted, because he obviously, right now, is giving it his all.

      If I were in the Kings’ front office, at this point i would try to trade him to waterver team i could for some veteran presence and good draft picks. Cause the Kings arent goin anywhere soon. If you know hes got talent and could floursih under a good team, I would send him to and East Coast team so I only vs him twice a year. No point sending him to a good team on the West Coast and he burns you everytime.

      • Crazygirl992 says:

        @Kings7: it was a response to Garie, all of their senerios were targeted at what was best for big cuz, not what would be best for the Kings, that being said, I honestly don’t even know what team would be best to trade him to, because I don’t know any team that has anything that could be of benefit to the kings and willing to give that up, draft picks and young players are nice, but its a gamble and could end up being nothing. If I were trading Cuz, I’d trow in some bad contracts (I don’t really know if the kings have those I don’t keep up with their roster) and try to free up cap space for free agency, I know this too is a gamble but I’d rather take a chance to get a product that I know exactly what it does then some invisible promise that in 7 years this player will be a fusion of Moses malone and MJ, oh and a dash of Pistil Pete Maravitch….. yea but ofc I’m not a NBA gm and I wouldn’t make a good one even if I were… ugh whatever I rambled too much haha….

  32. Beev says:

    Really? I mean, really….? Some of the inane remarks people contribute to these discussions are mind boggling. Sure, a proven winner is valuable in showing “the up and comers” the ropes but, chalking up his complete and utter lack of professionalism to needing a veteran presence and winning culture are absurd. He (and players of his like him) are adults, who know what is expected of them when signing their multi million dollar contracts. I doubt acting like a buffoon and lacking respect for the game, are part of his contract. Royce White for the record, seems like a decent person, of decent character, who has a (pre-existing) debilitating medical condition that was fully disclosed prior to his being signed. The Rockets, as professionals , I’d imagine did the research regarding Royces disorder and entertained the possibility of it affecting his play. The statements regarding his disorder and things like” Ohe well, he shouldn’t be in the NBA.” are ableist, offensive, and insulting. Much respect to the man for soldiering on and pursuing his dream, regardless of the struggle and potential for ostracization.

    • jasonc says:

      What’s this? A voice of reason?? Finally…..and I agree with all you said. And might I suggest that, perhaps, Demarcus has an un-diagnosed disorder, or, isn’t ready to publicly say what he HAS been diagnosed with one(which I would understand). Either way, the league shouldn’t be a babysitter….either your ready (mentally/physically), or your not. Maybe he needed the $, but he DEFINITELY needed more maturation b4 he got to the NBA. The scary thing is……Does anyone think he’s NOT fully capable of spiraling down to Ron Artest-level, circa 2004???

  33. Bob Dole says:

    Trade him to the bobcats!

  34. cameron says:

    Send him to miami, he would be a good fit

  35. ok now says:

    maybe that is his method to his madness force the kings to trade him away, now will the kings pull the trigger on a trade and watch this guy mature into a very high level player on another team, you can imagine him being coached by a doc rivers or a tom tib maybe even collins in philly, george carl may be able to get some knowledge in between his ears remember he got a lot out of a young shawn kemp and more recently some very interesting personalities on the nuggets these last few years, but really what would the kings get for him ?

  36. lakersfan says:

    Trade him and Evans to the Lakers foe Pau and something else,

  37. OKC kind of guy says:

    All the guy needs is a good whack in the head by a veteran, such as John Salmons, cause the kid’s not gonna get good if his attitude isn’t straightened up. And the Kings staff need to cooperate with Cousins better, not just him the one changing because if his environment isn’t appropriate to show and enhance his skills (*cough* Tyreke *cough*), then nothing changes. Just try a bit more time investing in him, cause he can go a long ways with his skills. I suggest putting a veteran shooting coach on him that teaches him what he can improve, like 3 points and such if he can, and one that Cousins will listen to if he ever gets a fourth strike. Okc out,

  38. james09 says:

    Celtics should trade lee green sully and picks maybe throw in bradley if kings still not taking

    • Benjamin says:

      No, Green and Sullinger are very good players. I’m sure they are the future of the C’s, with RR.

    • Perro says:

      Really??U think he´s worth that much??

    • Nba Fan says:

      The Celtics need Lee and Green for the threes because Paul Peirce isn’t going to be in the league forever and his contract is up in 2 years. Jared Sullinger is almost as good as KG when he was a rookie.
      I am also pretty sure he is not worth 4 good players the C’s also need a good Center Jason Collins and Fab Melo aren’t that good.

  39. Muhammad says:

    Trade tyreke evans fire the coaching staff and get somebody better add veterans like juwan howard

  40. Harriet Ely says:

    DeMarcus only needs a positive mentor. One who knows how to show him how valuable he could be if he would only stop and take a look at the amazing opportunity he has, as well as the tremendous talent he’s blessed with. I watched him play at LeFlore High School and I truly am praying he can turn this situation around. I wonder if he truly understands that God has gifted him so that he can give back more than just money. His team deserves 100% cooperation, in every aspect, and that includes discipline.

  41. Demarcus Cousins… Waste of Talent

  42. Shizzysho says:

    I think the Thunder would be perfect for Demarcus Cousins….he would be the bonafide low post scorer they will need this yr. They have picks from Houston to give up an Perkins, Thabeet an Perry Jones can be projects for the Kings to try out.

  43. Ni says:

    Come to LAL

  44. john jolie says:

    if Celtics get l lucky and trade for Demarkus, banner 18 is coming for the Csssssssssss!
    i mean his maturity level, attitude, right approach to the game will flourish under KG!
    but anyway i just don’t think Kings are that stupid to get rid of him, instead they’ll surround him
    with couple of Big vets and he’s gonna be a franchise player! HAPPY END 😀

  45. NashFan says:

    Send him to Boston. Cousins is about as mature as Rajon Rondo, and I’d love to see that locker room fist fight a few days after that deal.

    Rondo’s a little whiney girl. Cousins is a big whiney girl. I’d love to see them both kicked out of the league.

  46. Arron Afflalo says:

    Demarcus Cousins is an incredible talent with enormous upside, but if he fails to change, there really is no point in keeping him.


  47. kings fan says:

    Let him go to a locker room with guys like KG, Kobe or Rasheed, his attitude could change. He is such a talent, just not a good fit with this team that has no leader. We play better without him. He is immature, that’s a fact, but the environment in Sac will not help him develop as a man or player. The owners, the Maloofs are just big babys as well.

  48. Fernando says:

    He is who he is. DeMarcus Cousins has a bad reputation because there is no one in Sacramento to straighten him up, If he only went to serious team, the Celtics, for example, his foolishness would collapse. He would have a mentor in Kevin Garnett, a harsh coach who doesnt allow acts like these in Doc Rivers and he would have a playmaker who can get him the ball where he wants in Rajon Rondo. Not only that, but he would have to work hard in order to have playing minutes. If I were the Kings, I would try to trade him. He isnt going to change in that team.

    • SpursIsWhereItsAt says:

      But if you were the gm of the kings, who would get back for cousins? Surely its easier said then done, you’re not gonna give up a player of his talent for nothing back in return, unless you are that stupid, that’s why you wouldn’t make it in the nba as a gm

  49. The future says:

    I think Miami, needs to grab the opportunity and teach this kid. I believe with the amazing roster they have, they need a rebounder. The kid has potential and his stock is low… I believe his game will mature and he will become a better player, playing among the best in league.

    • lamonteecurb says:

      I am a heat fan and would love a center in southbeach but cuzins need to b where he can learn ok and the spurs would b a great fit vets a championship coach in pop a PG in Parker and a gread PF/C in dunkin y not there not a fast team there a half court team remeber cosins got talent but hes slow .now miami do have cap problems so trade up for him send reshawd lewis / James jones / norris cole for him kinds would get 2 nice 3pt shooters thats vets spead the floor with those ol players Lewis is struggling with Miami rite now but he might turn up later in the playoffs but y wait cuzins is young and had body so our pick in roll wit james or wade could help that end .Or we could trade bosh for cousins that sounds rite

  50. The future says:

    I think Miami, needs to grab the opportunity and teach this kid. I believe with the amazing roaster they have, they need a rebounder. The kid has potential and his stock is low… I believe his game will mature and he will become a better player, playing among the best in league.

  51. Rob says:

    Cousins to the Heat would be sweet

  52. kenny says:

    trade him to the pistons Cousins for Monroe thats a good one Pistons need him

  53. Unkle Daddy says:

    Maybe we should fire another coach, again (<- this is a joke) That's what's trending right… Every time we have a cry baby player we get read of the coach. They already fired a better coach than the one they have now for this guy, let's see if we can do it again (Kings, for a organization that used to put one of the best teams on the floor, and my second favorite NBA ball club, I'm losing faith slowly)

  54. As a Cousins fan.....and a Kings fan says:

    How can you coach Cousins on being an All-Star (if you’ve never been one yourself???)

    How can you tell him what to do to win , ( When you’ve never had a winning record)???

    There is no model for success in Sacramento. Look at the roster chemistry. Look at the coaching staff’s resume. Look at Tyreke playing SF. Players are hanging out at BJ’s ( a bar) after games, instead of doing what OKC does , which is working out with the staff to get better.

    So it’s hard to point the finger at a 22 year old who’s trying to figure it out on his own, and taking flak from everyone.


    Do you really think teams won’t jump at the chance to have 16-9 from a 22 year old center?

    Crazier things have happened. !!!!!!THE ROCKETS DRAFTED ROYCE WHITE!!!!!!!! …

    • Jake says:

      I completely agree with the Boston comment Im a diehard C’s fan, and I think that if he went to boston the staff and roster there could coach him and mold him into what he needs to be with KG and Paul there to teach him plus rondo to direct him on the floor he would be able to devolp a hell of alot more. As well as refining his raw talent into more useful skillsets.

    • slider821 says:


    • aha! says:

      I think you are a bit biased.

      If a pro team drafts and pays me to play the sport i love, i would work my butt off, whether i am talented or not. I am getting paid to do something i love to do.

      What would you do if you were handed that chance? Still act like a little kid? Confronting an announcer? A low blow? The part about talking back to the coach, i could understand, but the rest?

      He is paid to be a pro, there will always be outside influence, but in the end it’s all about himself.

    • Alex says:

      I agree Boston would be good for him. I think he would flourish in Houston with Coach McHale, who WAS an all-star, who WON championships….

      the houston staff has worked miracles with asik (certainly with his work ethic as well). the sky is the limit for cousins, and houston would also be a great spot for him. i agree though, that the kings just dont have the personel unfortunately to help the kid.

      • hammer says:

        actually Asik was always that good…thats kinda why he came to the NBA. Houston is just a better place for him then Chicago when he was like the 3rd option inside.

    • Confused Sacramentonian says:

      You’ve got a good point. I just want to ask this question, how do you fix the problem if you decide to keep him? My guess would be for the kings to make a strong push to bring to Sacramento a player who has a winning veteran status. Maybe a power forward who could show the young fella how to have a good work ethic. Or maybe bring in a real explosive guard, even if it means getting rid of a few mediocre ones.

    • gp says:

      FYI, Geoff Petrie was an All-Star in his playing days

    • RG says:

      San Antonio is also a good choice for Cousins. he could learn so much from arguably the greatest PF in Duncan and from a Hall of Fame coach in Popovich. not to mention, Pop can certainly teach him a lesson or two in discipline. either way, i think Cousins certainly needs a change of scenery.

  55. rocks says:

    Let him play with the 3rd grader, that’s where he belong. No matter how good you are if you have attitude problem nobody will like you.