New-Look Lakers Clicking In Every Way, Thanks To The Return Of Nash

The next time Mike D’Antoni tells you to wait until Steve Nash comes back, you might want to listen. The Los Angeles Lakers’ coach was noticeably fatigued with the line of questioning regarding his team during Nash’s absence, at least the part he was on the payroll for, having to repeatedly remind folks that the team you see without the two-time MVP point guard was not the same team you’d see upon his return.

D’Antoni looks like a hoops prophet two games into the Nash remix of this Lakers’ season. Two close wins over quality opponents, the latter here in a 100-94 Christmas Day showdown at Staples Center with the Carmelo Anthony‘s New York Knicks, and it’s clear that one player, one player as good as Nash, can make all the difference in the world for a team that has struggled for much of the season.

The Lakers’ current five-game win streak has taken a decidedly different turn since Nash came back Saturday night and helped them edge the Golden State Warriors in Oakland. This Christmas showcase game, however, was a different animal. The Knicks came in with a two-headed point guard monster in Jason Kidd and Raymond Felton, not to mention Anthony, one of only a couple of players in basketball capable of matching Kobe Bryant shot for shot (and he did as the league’s top two scorers each finished with 34 points to lead their respective teams).

Before the game, Nash said the Lakers needed to play like a desperate team and they did exactly that during crunch time, holding on their slim lead with the ball going through the hands of whoever Nash found with his passes. It wasn’t simply about tossing the ball to Bryant and everyone clearing out so he could try to save the day.

It was oft-maligned power forward Pau Gasol with the “submarine dunk” in the final seconds for the game-clinching points, not Bryant or Nash. It was Metta World Peace with the monster effort on both ends; 20 points, six rebounds and all six of his fouls trying to contain Anthony on defense.

“Kobe said all along he wants me to be the point guard and handle the ball and get the team in position to finish games like this,” Nash said when asked if he felt like Bryant was relinquishing control of things sufficiently at the end of these past two games.

“It was an important win for us,” Nash said. “We’re a little bit desperate . We’ve got to get on a roll and not only improve as a team, but while we’re improving and figuring things out we need to win some games. So it’s important to win our fifth in a row. It’s important to win at home against a good team and it’s important the way we held them there after they made that run in the second half.”

The entire process becomes quite a bit easier to manage with Nash in charge on the floor, Gasol said, for obvious reasons.

“Great decision-making, great ball handling and the ability to finish,” Gasol said when asked what it is that Nash brings that the Lakers were missing. “Just to know what to do in those critical times.”

Gasol looked revitalized against the Knicks, finishing with 13 points, eight rebounds, six assists and that gutsy drive and dunk to seal the win.

For Bryant, however, it’s always been a matter of increased brain power.

“The last five games we have done a good job of moving the ball and playing together,” Bryant said. “We continue to compete. We continue to play hard and read the defense and try to make the right play. It’s a lot of basketball IQ. We’re constantly communicating with one another about what works and what we think can work better.”

The raw physical talent was in place after a monstrous summer effort that netted both Howard and Nash, not to mention valuable role players Antawn Jamison and Jodie Meeks, who was solid defensively against the Knicks.

But without any time to stir the brew because of injuries to Howard, Gasol and Nash, this Christmas Day affair marked just the third complete game all season that the Lakers worked with a full cast of characters.

Sometimes that one player can make all the difference.

“Steve Nash is an All-Star,” Knicks coach Mike Woodson said. “He’s a big piece of their puzzle, he makes things go, he makes big shots down the stretch. I thought he did a great job orchestrating what he needed to do to help them win.”

Nash (16 points, 11 assists, six rebounds and just three turnovers in 38 minutes) executing the game plan flawlessly, just the way D’Antoni said he would when he came back.

“A lot of it is just the credibility he has built up over the years,” D’Antoni said. “And he’s good. It just puts everything into perspective and calms everybody down. It gives you the chance to win every night. It keeps your energy up on defense because you’re not fighting yourself on the other end. You’re not being demoralized by things happening there. Everybody is getting the ball and getting into the flow. It feeds and it builds. Just like a snowball it keeps getting bigger.

“I don’t know if he’s all of it, but he’s maybe the last piece that makes it work.”


  1. Jman says:

    If Kobe and Jordan played one on one in their primes. Jordan would walk through Kobe. And you got to have 5 all stars in the makers to try and win a ship this year. The only ones bulls had were Jordan and pippen. Jordan’s an old man right now and I bet he can still average 20 plus in today’s game. He’ll find you weakness and expose it. Very high I.Q. Lmao.

  2. KobeWhiner says:

    “The next time Mike D’Antoni tells you to wait until Steve Nash comes back, you might want to listen.” im listening coach, and just like today and many other times your ball hog scores 40pts and it = to a LOSS.

    • NBAfan says:

      If KobeWhiner never made the comment above, we could have acheived world peace…it’s all your fault KobeWhiner for us not acheiving world peace, just like Kobe’s 40-point game on over 50% shooting is the reason they lost

      …yeah, 2 can play this game

  3. yd says:

    I read about comments on Gasol for Josh smith and so. Why it had never occurred to the rest that Gasol can be traded for Love. So the wolves get a combo or Ricky and Gasol while Lakers might have love and perhaps ask for Burdinger/Luke/Barea/AK as addition bargain. Lakers will have two double double machines while love can open up the perimeter as mike wanted.

  4. yd says:

    I think mwp can be the sixth man of the year, if he can keep the energy up. Although he cannot put up big numbers like jamal crawford or james harden yet he brings in energy. The second unit needs a stronger cast, so with him, antawn, jordan, steve and meeks, should be not too bad a unit to give the first unit some ample rest.

  5. purpngold says:

    I strongly disagree. Trading Gasol will the worst move for the Lakers. It will break the championship chemistry and any chemistry that they are trying to build together with the new additions of Nash and D12. Plus, we’re not going to get a better big man in return. A couple of halfway young bucks dont add up to a solid proven vet. We dont have time to develope players, the time to win is now. DAntoni needs to prove himself as a wize enough coach to make the right adjustments. He has been given all the necessary tools to win, he needs to find a way to put it all together and make it happen. All this talk about his system and what not, he hasnt won a championship in the past using he’s so called system, it is good enough to win in the reg season but not in the playoffs. If he wants to win it all, he needs to change his strategic approach. Lakers have all the right pieces, trades will be a big distraction, and trading Gasol will cost the Lakers any chance of winning it all.

  6. oh~la~la says:

    did i just saw the “lbj” dude again bragging about howard moving to heat, lolol

  7. @albertk13 says:

    Nash is a game changer…

  8. YAYA says:



  9. Arron Afflalo FAN says:

    Go Lakers.

  10. The return of Steve Nash is what they needed regardless of how poor the defensive end was.It absolutely picked up when Nash put the whole team at a solid pace they where comfortable with. As of last night, im going to say this right now Pau Gasol isnt going anywhere.Kobe Bean Bryant can score 30 everynight at this pace, Steve Nash is making Metta World Peace a threat as he did with Shawn Marion. Dwight Howards moral is up so he going to pick up his points, rebounding, free throw percentage up.Meeks is just waiting to errupt.
    This Laker team all year was just trying to figure out how to play and where guys best fit. Why wouldnt anyone in they right mind wouldnt believe their defense wasnt going to get better they held a 102 point per game team to 94 points. They average 102.5 theirselves, do the math and thats a win every night of the week


  11. lbj says:

    howard will go to the world champion heat after this season. three peat with a monster lineup coming up for the heat

    PG Chalmers
    SG Wade
    SF LeBron
    PF Bosh
    C Howard

    guaranteed championship this year and for multiple years to come!

  12. christian says:

    lakers average over 40 points off the bench, people forget that metta world peace comes off the bench scoring 14 points a game, i think he should get most improved player of the year award, lakers are a different team with steve nash running the show, oh and steppx chris paul is still in his twenties what are you talking about him being an oldster , rondo cant score as good as nash.

  13. KObe never even won a regular season MVP and a finals MVP all in same year like Lebron did!!!!! Lebron averages nearly a triple double every game and Kobe dioesent! Kobe puts up 40 shots a game and makes like 18 of them ball hog! He can thank all of his big men for his titles. Lebron won his without a center. if Kobe was on the heat he would’ve never won a title for south beach

  14. Oula says:

    Great wins for Lakers and we thank God for them. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!

  15. NBA FAM says:

    Kobe gets the award for most dramatic

  16. Lets talk about the heat! Beating the thunder and winning 5 straight. Thanks to MVP KING JAMES!

    • Basketball718 says:

      Kobe has more rings then the Heat’s entire franchise… Oh yeah and stay tune until the end of the season and watch my Laker boys dod what they do best. And Guess what that is? #WinRings

  17. steppx says:

    do you guys just look for the easiest tag line? do you even watch the games? Nash was barely ok……not even. Imagine a real point guard who wasnt greying at the temples………imagine Kyrie irving…or Lillard, or oldsters who can still play like Chris paul………….imagine Rondo. But no, the quick read is that oh, nash makes them click. NONSENSE.

    • Al says:

      You can’t be serious….Might be the dumbest comment on these posts in a while…and there have been many. NOBODY runs a game like Steve Nash. And nobody raises the level of players around hime like Steve Nash. Those names you mention are good young players, but none would have the effect on this team that Nash does….period.

  18. Bob M says:

    The Lakers are old. Back to backs and long playoff series will be their Achilles heel. They are going to have to expend a lot of energy to get in the mix. There is no doubt that they are a nice team, but they have to get some young veteran talent trade Gasol. He is not a good fit for the D’Antoni offensive scheme and plays the defensive position as D12. Gasol is a top 5 player in my mind and is a valuable chip. You have to become brutal with the facts if you want to win a championship. They have to get some more talent and youth to compete for it all.

    • Gasol for Josh Smith …. Thats what they need …

      • KObe never even won a regular season MVP and a finals MVP all in same year like Lebron did!!!!! Lebron averages nearly a triple double every game and Kobe dioesent! Kobe puts up 40 shots a game and makes like 18 of them ball hog!

    • Mark T says:

      I agree with just about every word until “Gasol is a top 5 player”. Hold up? whattttt? Maybe in the Big Man section, but NEVER including all the NBA positions. He is valuable, and I think if the Lakers traded for a younger, more athletic utility man. I think if you could find a Blake Griffin type (not talent, just type, ie. jumper, physical, can finish when they have the ball) Someone that can contribute but doesn’t have to shine on a nightly basis. You are right, Bob, the Lakers need some way of keeping fresh… maybe pull some of Pops rest nights and let the decent bench play a game or two. Let’em play the wizards or somebody. Lakers don’t need all their starters to best the wizards. Anyways, that’s my two cents. I appreciate yours bro!

    • lmao u r dumb says:

      NAME THE LAST 10 NBA CHAMPIONS AND TELL ME WHICH TEAM WASN’T OLD. Even the Heat team last year was one of the oldest in the league. Lets Count down shall we?


      Hell….other than the Pistons you couldn’t name a ‘young team’ in the last 20 years that has won a title. CAN YOU?

      • Willie Beamen says:

        The Heat started 25 yr old Chalmers 28 yr old Wade 26 yr old lebron 32 yr old Battier 27 yr old Bosh

        The Mavs oldest player was Kidd Dirk and marion were 32 yrs old while Stevenson and Chandler were under 30 \

        The Lakers oldest player was Fisher everyone else was 31 yrs old or younger with Bynum being only 23

        The Spurs had two old guys playing supporting roles in Bowen and Finley . Duncan and Manu 32/31 yrs old with Parking being only 25

        Do you see the pattern ?

        Todays lakers have a 38 yr old as there most important player Kobe is 34 and Artest 33 Gasol 32 and Howard 27. They have no bench so the ywill have to play 40 mpg just to get back into the mix . And wont be able to get any rest for the playoffs . The reason nash has played this long is because his minutes were always monitored he simply wont be able to stay healthy playing 40 mpg .

  19. It’s funny how Chandler didn’t get all up in Metta’s face, but he was so quick to do so with Noah. He didn’t want none! Ya’ll know Metta will whoop a….

  20. lakers says:

    wow kobe was amasing nash was amasing metta was amazing pau was amasing at the end and howard with his defence and finally knocking down free throws

  21. lakers on top says:

    it was a wonderful game keep it up lakers….. it all happens when nash n pau got back.. lakers all day baby

  22. 5inarow says:

    Yesterday I saw the DEFENSE from the Lakers. Saw a lot of improvement on D, from Howard, Kobe, and especially Nash, I really liked how active was Steve on defense, and I don’t have to say anything about Metta, just teriffic. Though they need to improve on D much more, especially when they have off shooting night. But in addition, yeah, it was one of the best Laker games this season! One thing was really odd… why the hell referees still gave a ball to the Knicks, then last touched was clearly off Carmelo’s hand?? Are referees (censored) blind? Even after replay, they didn’t changed the call. Can someone explain it logically?

  23. Andrew says:

    Last week article from Sekou said even return of Nash couldn’t change Lakers’ losing run. Well too bad Seou, Nash prove you wrong and to all those Nash or Lakers’ hatred fan. Steve Nash is the nucleus of this team, even though it’s Kobe’s team.

    • purpngold says:

      Sekou has always been a Laker doubter, not quite a hater like Jeff VanGundy but he is always throwin his nays in. He flip flops from week to week. I dont blame him for it, he just reports on what he is seeing, but he tends to be wrong alot. The Lakers are coming.. the whole league can feel it. If Lakers can stay healthy, watch out in the playoffs. By the time playoffs come around the Lakers will have good chemistry and DAntoni will have made the proper adjustments to the line up and developed a solid game plan.
      Thanks for bringing me a merry xmas gift in the form of a win. Go Lakers..

  24. LT-SMASH says:

    It’s actually slightly annoying for me that they haven’t gone to dwight more in the post. I still find it hard to believe that the d’antoni system ignores post play so much, and with a guy who’s as good as dwight down low, how does he consistently get less shots on the inside then bench players?

    I just feel that the d’antoni system needs to change slightly – he’s gotta give a little more so that they can actually utilize the post when the playoffs come, otherwise it’ll be the same sort of finish as there was in phoenix for d’antoni when he had those couple of runs. It really annoys me that he refuses to acknowledge that and use it. -_-

  25. jerikobe says:

    artest rocking like 20ish!!!! u see he looks younger, and nash also
    !! woop.. our sercond unit is good as long as jhill is there

  26. xpact says:

    this just to show that kobe cannot be cpmpared to mj kobe needs lot of help to win a ring

    • FB&GFANBOY says:

      shows what you know, jordan needed pippen, rodman, kerr, paxton armstrong, kukoc, longley, grant and harper to win his rings, you need a team with key players to win championships son

      • Jordan’s starting 5
        – Steve Kerr (best 3 point shooter of all time) – till this day holds the best 3 point % record!
        – Scottie Pippen – Best Small Forward in Jordan’s Era

      • Jordan’s starting 5
        – Steve Kerr (best 3 point shooter of all time) – till this day holds the best 3 point % record!
        – Scottie Pippen – Best Small Forward in Jordan’s Era
        – Dennis Rodman – Best Rebounder/Defender in Jordans Era
        – Toni Kukoc – Best International Player in Jordans Era (Dirk Nowitzki of todays time)

        Jordan Never won $H!T without PIPPEN or PHIL JACKSON. Kobe already won without Shaq!
        Kobe – 81 …. Jordan – 69
        Jordan never won a championship for 6 years until Phil Jackson came and Pippen got drafted!
        Jordans competition level (players) was GARBAGE compared to Kobe’s competition level
        Jordan could have been the best ever … but hes an idiot who loves baseball too much (hahahaha)…. Kobe already beat 99% of Jordans records.

        And all you Lebronze fans … Lebronze never won a GOLD MEDAL without the great KOBE …. He cant do anything, without his supporting cast. First trade from Cleveland to Miami … then joined kobe to win the GOLD … We’ll see how he wins the Gold next time around without GOLD MEDALIST Kobe … I hate OKC and the SPURS … and I know the great KOBE will CRUSH them. But LEBRONZE James … is a disgusting lowlife loser and he cant even be compared to Kobe or Jordan.

    • Dieter says:

      Jordan was a Great player, but he’s also the most overrated nba-player ever. I always smile when people are considering him as the best ever… people that don’t have a clue about Bird, Magic and other greats like Kobe. Everyone needs help… Lebron wouldn’t have reached the finals without Varejao or Williams, MJ wouldn’t have won a title without Kerr and Pippen or Rodman and Jackson.

      Even Russel wouldn’t have won any of his titles with him playing on Wilt’s team and Wilt on Russels team. A player is never bigger than a franchise. What if Shaq was drafted by Utah, and played together with Malone and Stockton, would any team really had a chance against them? Or what would have happened if Shaq and Kobe would’ve had a big three including Garnett or Duncan.

      Like someone else said: MJ always had the best coach in the league, had Pippen who was a great player and a great teamplayer, one of the best rebounders and defenders of all time in Rodman, a point guard with a very high basketball IQ and great three point shooting, and some players like Kukoc and Grant who were alot better than Jamison, Jones, Fisher, … Seems like MJ always played in a big 4 or big 5.

      • Dieter says:

        Oh and to prove my point: Can u name 1 Wizards, Raptors, Sacramento, Phoenix, Charlotte, Detroit, Milwaukee, Orlando, New Orleans player that you consider better than any of the following players: MJ, Pippen, Rodman, Kerr, Kukoc, Grant? I can’t name 1, Michael-Kidd Gilchrist, John Wall, Anthony Davis, Jonas Valanciunas, Thomas Robinson, Epke Udoh and Bradley Beal have the potential… but they’re nowhere near those guys at the moment. Maybe you could say what about Monta Ellis or Demarcus Cousins or Nene or … no, I don’t think so. The Bulls and Phil Jackson created an amazing team, where MJ was an important part of.

  27. By my screen name u can tell i’m die hard Celts fan, so u Faker fans, i mean laker fans & players are our arch enemy, but i’m glad they beat knicks 2day to help close record gap for Celts as Celts keep getting better!!! BANNER18 N 2013-GREENALLDAY BABY!!!

  28. Eli Odell J. says:

    hmm, whaddya know? lakers got 1 5game streak, they might even be gunnin for a top 4 seed, still, they aint gon beat miami, OK city or the yankees for a best of 7, should at least save some face from what they done so far

    • lmao u r dumb says:

      You know nothing of matchups. Lakers have and will always match up well against the Heat. Who’ll be pulling rebounds on that team? let me guess…Lebron. Unlike all these other teams who cant guard Lebron….we have Metta World Peace. Carry On.

      • Lakers are no where close to the heat look what happens last season the heat killed the lakers. Lebron always has his way against the lakers!

      • cendo says:

        Kobe gonna be guarded by d.wade and he’s beter in the post and off ball moving. Heat should wonder, who will guard Lakers bigman duo Howard and Gasol at the same time on the floor.

      • MinneLakers says:

        @Lebron owns Kobe, Jordan… for your information the heat didn’t own the Lakers last season… If not the Lakers even revealed Miami’s lack of depth in the Middle… Ur argument about Lebron owning Kobe in those games is irrelevant… Lebron will have a tough time scoring both inside and outside against the lakers because of the presence of Dwight and Metta.. His other teamates will have a hard time scoring outside because of the presence of perimeter defenders in both Kobe and surprisingly Nash… Bosh will not be a factor because of the presence of a big body in Gasol… The lakers bench by then will be able to match the Miami’s bench point by point by then.. To sum it all up, the Lakers will have an easy time scoring against Miami because of the presence of 2 centers.. not one but two in gasol and howard.. But Miami will only be able to score in transition.. and there has never been a playoff series won by transition offence… NEVER!!!.. OKC, Memphis and the Spurs are a tougher cover for LA that Miami…

    • Basketball718 says:

      Lol I know your worried about my Lakers, the nightmare is starting to begin now lol No one on Miami is better than Kobe mentally, and in order to be pure clutch, you have to be strong mentally, oh yeah by the way Kobe is shooting his best percentage of his career and he’s leading the league in scoring, oh yeah and one more thing… He have a hall of famer by his side who is desperate for a ring, Nash is our good luck charm… He’s destined to have a ring before he retire…Just keep tuning into Laker Basketball Eli Odell J. a.k.a #Hater

  29. bball4life says:

    nice game lakers but good luck when playoff time comes; gotta deal with gsw, spurs, okc, clips and memphis before you can even attempt miami, gonna be a fun season

  30. Laker Fan says:

    Thank you Steve Nash for your ageless game. Unbelievable, at 38 he still Steve Nash we’ve known for so long.
    Just like his MVP’s season.

  31. Kam says:

    Soooo……All our hopes and aspirations for this season revolves around the continuing health of our 40 year old point guard?

    • MinneLakers says:

      Nah.. Nash is a full proofed tough guy.. His face might not show that but his play does… He is a well balanced pointguard and I know he will continue to be healthy this season and in the playoffs this year..

  32. nash!!! says:


  33. Kobe Bryant(24) says:

    Go Lakers.Goodluck And Godbless

  34. manny_nashfan says:

    a basketball genius in nash…

  35. Justin B says:

    mettas elbow….novak mos def went down like a sac of potata’s…cant wait to see that on shaqs reel

  36. Metta's Elbow says:

    I’m going to need my own statue at Staples after what I did to Steve Novak.

  37. Lakerland24 says:

    nash-kobe-metta-gasol-howard—————–all star and superstar in one team. and now they are rolling. steve nash great job. to the FINALS.

  38. hater says:

    the guy who brought up steve blake as a factor. never comment about basketball. for real.

    • Mboy kobe/nash man says:

      @hater, it explains why ur name is jus that because steve blake is a big factor off the lakers bench and he gives us a good spark everytime he comes out there smh watch some laker ball and then say somethin, i been watchin laker ball since ’99

  39. SASQUATCH says:

    what a good game. Knicks fell apart in the last two minutes and the PnR Defense was pretty awful all game. Need ray felton to get back to 100% and a few practices to get back into our mike woodson era defensive groove. Lakers look great, but its NYK all day baby

  40. LALfan says:

    Good job for the Lakers these past couple of games. their close game wins shows how desperate these guys are for a ring. not to mention that the Lakers have finally won a Christmas home game for so long! even though the team still needs to improve on many things, they are doing a good job and they will even be more stronger once they click perfectly. i’m also glad to see that every member of the team is improving, where their effort is very important for this team’s success. LAL keep it up! 🙂

  41. Lakers-R-Us says:

    This was a good win! I love the way Steve Nash moved the ball around; and the play of Pau Gasol and Metta! Kobe had a near perfect game too. His shot selection was great this time around. The team effort was great and their defense was better. Dwight Howard’s presence on defense was superb! And against a great center in Tyson Chandler!

    • Justin B says:

      Key word for lakers here is team, as soon as lakes figure out how to play as a team, which i think they are. They will be close to if not unstopable, even with the bench they have, n i dont mean to knock the bench down im a laker die hard fan, i think they need to forget morris n play hill, meeks, jamison hard then blake when he heals and duhon as a good filler….with that they have alot of iq on court and experience…kobe gon score, d12 gonna heal 100% this season n will be more active….really wish out of all guys on this team that u command the ball more…i love kobe as a player and professional, but you can get so many easier buckets, be like kobe was with shaq, bring it back……mwp beastin as of late, such a perfect fit for championship team n pau is the perfect big man, nash on point running the show…btw love that hair cut… watch out 2013 the lakers are ready to make statements in the next 20 games…mark my words…or not…. lakers will end up between 4-6 place for playoffs and i hope they got the heart too pull it off as a team to win back to backs maybe 2…no team can match this roster and smarts if they play as a unit, hands down…until then best of luck been a fan since i was 11 n im shure many other lakes fans feel the same….love during half time show, they showed books reflecting the teams…lakers watch 300…lmfao know its not a book but u get the point…a TEAM is only as strong as its weakest link

  42. Ricardo says:

    I must say my team did a job well done, we won that’s all that counts at the end of the day. We steady making progress and focusing on more ways to get back on the winning road consistently, by playing great basketball and bringing home another trophy…..Lakers all day everyday

  43. KB24 says:

    The Lakers are slowly moving on up thanks to Nash!!:)

  44. Jeremy says:

    The Lakers bench still needs an athletic finisher and defender though as well as a consistent perimeter shooter. The deficiencies of the Laker bench will show up in the playoffs against teams such as OKC, Spurs, Miami and Clippers (whose leading scorer is actually a non-starter). i thought that they were seeking to acquire Raja Bell?

    • Ben says:

      Dude,, A consisten 3 point shooter? Metta, Kobe, and Meeks are all shooting over 35% this season. I actually think meeks is at 40%. Steve will always shoot well from the 3.. That’s a possible 4 of 5 shooters who are on the floor at any given time who can knock down a 3. We didn’t shoot as well tonight, but we do have guys who have shown consistent ability to make 3’s. Also, metta is pretty much as good of a defender as you can get this year since he got back in shape.. our bench has two pretty talented defenders in meeks and morris if needed for guards. Athletic finishers? Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, By playoffs, the team will most likely be fully healthy and working smoother. I’m not worried, no need to point out problems that “might” show up when we just beat one of the best teams in the league.

      • Pakyaw says:

        @ben, dude do you even know the meaning of the word, consistent?..don’t deny the fact that the lakers have horrible bench..give me one lakers bench that has been consistent so far….

      • MinneLakers says:

        @Pakyaw… consistency comes with time and can be learned eventually… talent cannot… the Lakers have a very talented bench in Jamison, Meeks, Hill and Blake… The reason that they aren’t consistent enough is because they have been playing without enough confidence yet, although meeks is now showing that he has the confidence to play with the big boys lately… But in due time as they gel together the next 3 – 4 months you will see that the lakers bench will become one of the most explosive bench in the league.. not in a dunking or running the court like wild stallions but in filling the score board with points… They got a good defensive starting five and if the bench can match or beat the other team’s bench in points I don’t really see the need of a great defense in the bench.. average is enough and the lakers bench is defending above average lately… Kinda like what the Suns have been running before.. The difference is that they don’t have as great of a First 5 as this team has…

  45. Harold Baals says:

    Did you even watch the game Sekou? Antawn Jamison got a DNP.

    Are you writers just pulling things from the air now a days? This is the last time I read your articles, getting as bad a Ric Puke-er.

  46. J says:

    In Nash we Trust

  47. Nashm says:

    y’all got to eat while FOUR players were out injured. even now with howard still recovering and blake sidelined we just beat probably the best team in the east. Lakers Nation.

    • All City says:

      The thing everyone else fails to recognize is that when Nash runs the floor, the opposing D will have to stay honest cause nobody knows who hes going to! And should they gamble and double hes going to make you pay! Him just being on the floor creates problems defensively, opposing teams cannot just collapse the paint anymore and now D12 is hitting his free throws, ooo wweeeee!
      We havent even hit full stride yet & wait till D12 back gets to 100% and gets that lift back in is his leapers! Show Times a commin!!!!!!!!!!!

    • taco says:

      yeah forget about the thunder clippers and nuggets, do you think nash can keep up with ty lawson chris paul or russell wesbrook. i like steve nash, but get real, he will be a huge liability in those games. oh and btw d12 won’t be able to make up for it because the nuggets andthunder have big men that can shoot midrange which will draw him out of the lane

  48. kobe4TW says:

    It was 94-100, try proofreading. Anyways, LAKERS FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!

    • Go NETS!! says:

      The Lakers should try to go for a dunk contest pregame warmup like the Clippers. It seems like the dunking warmups really helps the Clippers mentally and really prepares them physically as well. They seem to be dunking a lot more!! which are high percentage shots! Even Matt Barnes is dunking more than he used to when he played for the Lakers. It’s really hyped up the whole team. I wouldn’t do crazy dunks that could hurt themselves though…Just enough to warmup those jumping muscles, retrieve those muscle memory right before the game.

      • laker4eva says:

        nope thats not a good idea dunking is only good for the season but that wont help them in the playoffs when defenses tightens up which would minimize dunking so overall they just just do what the lakers are doing go lakerssss

      • Go NETS!! says:

        I didn’t say that would be a good strategy for playoffs. It’s not playoffs right now so first the Lakers gota think about whether or not they can actually get into the playoffs. The dunking give them more energy. it makes the game more fun for them. With they have fun they have more energy and that transfers into the game. When they have energy, everything is more efficient.

      • JavyPR2324 says:

        Sorry man. But I played basketball and all my coaches told me that never warm up with dunks. In the moment its feels great but when time past will making problems with their ankles and most important their back. I think that Micheal Jordan & Charles Barkley said this too… It’s very awesome see all those dunks & creativity, but the health comes first…