Mavs Release Fisher At His Request

HANGTIME SOUTHWEST — Derek Fisher, signed by the Dallas Mavericks just after Thanksgiving, didn’t make it to Christmas.

The Mavs announced Saturday that they waived the 38-year-old point guard just two days after he strained his right patellar tendon. The knee injury, which the team did not believe to be serious, is not the reason the team let him go. Fisher, who instantly took over as the starting point guard ahead of Darren Collison, asked to be released to return to his family in Los Angeles.

A league source said that when Fisher signed with Dallas in late November, he had a handshake agreement with Mavs owner Mark Cuban that he would be granted his release if Fisher deemed it necessary due to his family situation. The personal family reason for Fisher’s departure is not clear.

While playing for the Utah Jazz in 2007, Fisher’s infant daughter Tatum suffered from retinoblastoma, a childhood cancer of the eye. Fisher’s journey from a New York hospital, where Tatum had a tumor removed, to Salt Lake City to return for a playoff game, was well-chronicled and became the heartwarming story of the postseason.

When Fisher completed his first practice with the Mavs on Nov. 30, he did not sound like a man with concerns that could drag him away from a 17th season after he was not signed by a team during the offseason.

“I told the guys today, ‘This is not a pit stop. This is not kind of the final whatever before I decide to retire soon,’ ” Fisher said. “I’m here to give everything I have to help this team right now and continue to build as we go through this season.”

On Saturday, Fisher issued a statement that said the knee injury will keep him out at approximately two weeks and  coupled with the “the difficulty I have been having being away from my family, I have asked the organization to waive me so I can return home.”

Fisher praised Cuban for his support and for granting his release. He also thanked coach Rick Carlisle and his Mavs teammates: “I have made decisions in the past, leaving money and opportunity on the table, and I will need to do that again. My family is my priority and that is where I choose to be. I won’t close the possibility that I will play again, however for now my family and being close to them remains the priority.”

It leaves the Mavs where they were 14 games into the season when Carlisle opted to bench Collison and the Mavs decided to sign Fisher. The Mavs were 7-7 at the time and now stand at 12-15 entering Sunday’s game at San Antonio.

Dallas waived Delonte West prior to the season and have used Dominique Jones behind Collison. Roddy Beaubois, once considered a point guard of the future, has mostly been buried at the end of the bench.

The Mavs have had a revolving door since West’s release. They’ve signed and then subsequently released Eddy Curry, Troy Murphy and Fisher.

To fill Fisher’s roster spot, the Mavs will sign D-League Texas Legends guard Chris Douglas-Roberts. He will be in uniform at San Antonio. The 6-foot-7 Roberts has averaged 22.5 points and 4.5 rebounds in 11 games. He is being re-called over first-round draft pick Jared Cunningham.


  1. Even though i’m a Celts fan, i’ll admit that Fisher for sure helped lakers win some of their rings.

  2. Philip Coates says:

    Sounds like the code of ethics of former Lakers, first Lamar Odom and now Derick Fisher:

    “Well, I’m not playing for my first choice among all the teams in the league, so why don’t I just pretend to be enthusiastic about going somewhere I’m never going to stay. Then, after I’ve jerked them around for a few months and things get hard, I’ll come up with some sort of excuse and sit around and count my money until a championship team comes calling.”

  3. @ wes i hear you-definately agree w/u-F!?!?!! HEARTLESS CLOWNS-CHISSEL SOME ICE OF YOUR HEARTS PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!! 😦

  4. wes says:

    i find it hilarious what most of the people on this page are typing up. it seems that they are paying more attention to dereks basketball related skills/weaknesses rather than the real reason he left the mavericks. he left the team to be with his ailing daughter! out of every single post on this page, 2 out of 35 people actually acknowledged that the reason he left was to be with his daughter. it amazes me how narrow minded people can be. to all of you idiots out there in the world, READ THE FINE PRINT BEFORE YOU START YOUR RANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if people actually did that, it might make the world a better place

  5. JimD54 says:

    Cuban just wanted to win one, now he’s trying to save as much money as he can, as if her needs it, greedy billionaire, it’s all about making money now, winning championships are not important anymore…..

  6. RayRay says:

    daren was a good PG i liked carlisle, but the decision to bench collison was a bad call

  7. drexler says:

    point gard carlos arroyo

  8. drexler says:

    Dallas need a int gard like Carlos Arroyo

  9. DallasPro says:

    Dallas needs to stay away from trading for Lakers players, they’ve all been a bust.

  10. Hunter says:

    I am sad about this I really felt like he could have contributed for us in the playoffs with all healthy players. The MAVS are in some difficult times.

  11. thesniper321 says:

    Some of you need to mature a bit. Sometimes there are things more important than throwing a ball in a basket. The simple fact that you question this move show how narrow your mind is

  12. willie says:

    good riddance, fish!

  13. Casey Taylor says:

    If Dallas was a winning team he wouldn’t leave.

  14. First off i wana wish Fisher that his daughter health speed, chidhood cancer of the eye sounds pretty serious, not sure but by looks of it only few people here read whole article or don’t care of his daughters health. Most not all yall just talking bout his good or bad play & Mavs admin.. good or bad decisions–HELLO–What if were u & ur family? Anyways! Obviously i’m die hard Celts fan & i just will wish the brothers daughter well!! HEY FISH, MAY THE GREAT CREATOR BRING SWEET HEALING UNTO YOUR DAUGHTER DURING YOU & YOUR FAMILY’S DIFFICULT TIME!!! 🙂

  15. Ben Zaharias———you old dirth bag who are you too talk about fisher, you cant even thow a basketball tree feet. go play with yourself ,thats what a punk like you do best anyway

  16. KB24 says:

    Although Fisher is already in his late 30s, i believe he can still help out the Lakers.. and also he would motivate Kobe even more since he and Kobe joined the Lakers together and know eachother well..

  17. Casey Taylor says:

    I’ve never been a fan of Fisher. He’s a selfish liar.

  18. mark cuban should place a moratorium on himself to never bring in laker players again.. it never works out.

  19. after this i think mark cuban should place a moratorium on laker players, he burned everytime…..

  20. RJ says:

    Anyone know why Beaubois has been buried on the bench? Whether he plays the 1, 2, or both, I don’t understand why there isn’t a big chunk of playing time for him. I love that Dominique Jones is getting some solid run, though.

  21. Dude says:

    I just don’t know what Cuban was expecting.
    Funny how the Mavs are without direction after that championship season, it’s like they were hungry for that ring and now that they had it they completely switched gears.
    I may be wrong but it’s gonna take a while to get these guys into shape and contention again. Dirk cannot get this team into that mentality alone, they need hungry guys, enough with complacency.
    Cuban needs to look into the future and realise that those 50+ winning seasons won’t come again until he commits to getting guys to play for the next 5 to 10 seasons.
    Consistency and youth are teh key.

  22. Chester says:

    This sounds fishy to me. Same way fisher got out of his contract with Utah and then went and signed with the lakers. We shall see…..

  23. rocks says:

    Derek Fisher, used the same reason when he was in Utah and ended in Lakers, I see the same alibi now welcome back to Lakers they need pure PG.

    • sally says:

      I don’t think he can go back to the Lakers, they traded him to OKC so why would they take him back. Laker fans will just have to be patient, you can’t just “quick fix” them it takes lots of practice and it won’t be done in one season….so relax !! Fisher needs to stay home, it’s obvious he doesn’t want to play any where but the Lakers, he’ll just have to get over it like Odom did. !!

  24. LAL ALL DAY says:

    ridiculous that mark cuban would make such a STUPID move. the guys coming in and you know he may Potentially leave AND you piss off your young effecient pg thats supposed to lead the team. what now? chemistry breaker indefinitely. collison wasnt quiet about it either, the dude went to the media and didnt neccessarily diss fish but basically said that he and his teammates obv think that he should be starting and that his learning curve at this point in his career he needs experience not a vet to teach him from the bench…now hes supposed to pick it back up again for a team that benched him for a guy like fish. dude thats so ridiculous,

  25. you know fisher is now older but he can play better and sometimes they are problem that coming in our life. just accept it but the best decision for fisher is to retire and give his time to his family.

  26. Ben Zaharias says:

    I bet he signs with the Lakers again, he should be banned from doing so.

    • Steve S. says:

      I doubt the lakers would sign him even if the opportunity arose. They dont need another 38yr old and they do have a descent line up when it comes to the PG position-its not like Fisher would provide any real advantage.

  27. Kevin Pogi says:

    give j.cunningham the break he needs… great potential there but low on exposure… (russel westbrook mold)

  28. lol says:

    cdg is a good player thank god he got removed from the d league this kid has potential to be a good player, not an all star player but a good and trustable player

  29. Francis says:

    He should be in LA. He is really a great booster to Kobe because (they both grew to a championship team since), and the rest of the Laker team.

  30. nbaCritic says:

    I think with the way the Lakers are going right now…..Fisher could be a big lift for them eventhough D’Antoni’s system is up-tempo. Fisher and Kobe always have good chemistry and with Dwight Howard they could post, kick to fisher or dish it to Kobe to score. Nash on the other hand would bring something totally different on the table…

  31. Tom says:

    Good riddance, was a bad call signing him in the first place instead of showing some faith in Collison. Now it’s backfired badly.

    “I’m here to give everything I have to help this team right now and continue to build as we go through this season.” lol what a joke.

    • Read This!!! says:

      your comment is disrespectful but embodies the trueth……good-bye fish
      your heart isnt in this anymore..its been a joy to watch and admire your leadership and character on and off the court

  32. Hope it gets better..... says:

    Wasn’t really a fan of Fisher in that Gold and Purple but, I can respect that he had to leave the team for family.. Whatever he has going on I wish him the best of luck and will pray for him and his family sitaution. Hopefully the young players on Mavs squad learned a few things from Fisher about life on and off the court………..

  33. João Alves (Portugal) says:

    I just can’t believe i’m fan of this team.
    Why even hire Fisher in first place? Of course it was a bad decision! And they released Troy Murphy to have his place?! Well, that’s just unexplainable. I can’t figure out what’s on Rick Carlisle and Cuban’ s mind.
    Mavericks are getting down and down and they don’t have a solid team constantly waiving and hiring players.