Blogtable: The Celtics’ Last Stand?

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Week 8: Hyperventilating about Ricky | Celtics’ Last Gasp? | Missing Pieces

Have we seen the last of these Celtics as a title contender?

Steve Aschburner: Much will depend on your definition of contender, but let’s not get bogged down in details. Yes, we have seen the last of these Celtics as a serious title threat. The East isn’t any tougher but the Celtics still look stuck. They’re aging and not sufficiently backfilling with the guys (Jeff Green, Courtney Lee) who were supposed to assume bigger roles. Avery Bradley‘s return will help in a couple of ways — defensively, Kevin Garnett will have a soulmate out there and Lee should relax with a bit less pressure. But c’mon, his name’s Bradley, not Bird. It won’t be enough.

Fran Blinebury: I’m not ready yet to sweep the Celtics over the cliff just yet, though I’ll admit they’re hanging on by their finger tips. I still believe in K.G., Pierce and Rondo, but Doc Rivers has just been throwing everything against the wall with the rest of them, trying to get some consistency.

Jeff Caplan: Sorry folks, this is the end. I said it weeks ago in this space that Boston is no longer a threat. The loss of Ray Allen was a blow in more ways than one and although I’m a Jason Terry fan, I don’t think he can just step in and make everyone forget about Allen. Jeff Green has been disappointing and, well, it’s just not working.

Scott Howard-Cooper: Unfortunately, yes. I say unfortunately because the foundation of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo will always have a special place in NBA history as an ultra-competitive roster that led with a ferocious will. But while the Celtics, with Allen off the current team but forever part of the title memories, can still be good, I don’t see them still being championship good.

John Schuhmann: That 3-2 lead that they held in the Eastern Conference finals just six months ago still occupies a small piece of real estate in the back of my mind, but I’m believing in the Celtics less and less as the weeks go by. They haven’t won more than two straight games in over a month and they’re 3-8 on the road. Their defense has shown some improvement, and the return of Avery Bradley should eventually get them back to being top-five team on that end. But their offense might be worse than it was last season, which says a lot. Only the Wizards have been worse offensively over the last three weeks. I still think they could get things together and get back to the conference finals, but I don’t see any way they can win another championship.

Sekou Smith: I hate to say it, but I believe so. They just don’t look like they have the energy for one last run. I take Doc Rivers at his word when he says he’s coaching a “.500 team and we play like that.” I expected more. I thought with the way they finished last season that the Celtics, and not the Spurs, would be the seasoned bunch that showed up this season looking like they spent the offseason bathing in the Fountain of Youth. They’ve only shown flashes of that ability. I saw them live on opening night in Miami and walked away feeling good about my preseason prediction that they would remain the biggest threat to the Heat this season. Not anymore.


  1. hanif says:

    I feel like we’ve said this every year since 2010, then taken it back during the playoffs. Then asked it again the next season.

  2. @ Jimmy-lol-u said all i was going to & thanks cause i’m a slow typer lol. Relax everybody, Doc’s just seeing what is going to be the best 2nd string bench formula for the playoffs so take a chill pill & chill, if we want drama let’s go see a play dwntwn beantown-lol. Hey, yeah lots of people said same @ mid season last year but really, really, people been saying same old, no gas left since “08-“09 after banner17 & the ONLY ORIGINAL BIG3 keep proving people wrong & not because their trying to prove people wrong but because they LOVE THE GAME & TEAM PLAY!! Shaq said it best last year, “YOU CAN NEVER COUNT OUT A DOC RIVERS COACHED TEAM”!!!!! GO GREENALLDAY-18-HORAAAHHH-UBUNTU!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. vindee says:

    same scenario last year. but they’re the one who gave the defending champs the toughest series. you can never tell with this team

  4. ALI says:

    i really feel that the celtics have no heart this season , kg is getting weak on defence , terry can’t replace ray.
    but we’ll see what they’ll do in playoff time.

  5. jc28 says:

    mc gee for lee

  6. nathan says:

    As of right here, right now. The TRUTH speaks louder than words.

  7. Aldin says:

    You people seem to forget how CLOSE they were to the NBA Finals last season, a few points away. Now with Rondo being able to lead much more effectively, I truly believe they have a chance. Rondo has experience and is making his climb to the top and if Rose can lead a team, so can Rajon. (Btw I’m from Chicago) I am counting on Rondo to take the NBA by storm this season and in the future from here on out if he doesn’t go to the NFL.

  8. JHOOKS says:

    Celtics will be fine by the time their going into the playoffs …Avery will help their D…Jeff Green might not be too consistent right now and might never be ….but i think danny ainge will trade for a big man to help KG maybe trade Lee Kris Joseph ,and Melo would work out in not hurting the team.get an average big man but one that can score more than jason collins .But DONT COUNT THEM OUT A QUARTER WAY THROUGH THE SEASON..THESE REPORTERS ARE FANS OF STORYS NOT THE CELTICS OR THE HEAT FOR THAT MATTER 2 YEARS AGO THE STORY WAS LEBRON CANT PLAY IN THE PLAYOFFS LOOK AT HIM NOW

  9. Jumppong says:

    The Celtics needs to find a better Center a starting Center who can play along with KG.. they must trade LEE..

  10. renz_garnett says:

    fans and writers always count the celtics out.. just have your writings or opinion at playoffs.. after the all-star break.. i know doc rivers will let garnett and pierce to play more minutes.. and.. btw.. watch them in the playoffs,,

  11. Druiddribbles says:

    Scott Howard-Cooper: The foundation of Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Rajon Rondo AND Perkins!

  12. HowCanYouGoWrongWith KG? says:

    Obviously we need another big with presence in the paint.
    What are our chances of getting Josh Smith and who would we have to give up to get him?

  13. ceedog says:

    All good things must come to an end. And since K.G., The Truth, Rajon Dimedo, and all the Celtics since 2008…I have witnessed some of the most exciting basketball in Boston Celtics history…I LOVE MY CELTS…Thanks for the great run.

  14. olive august says:

    I’m a diehard Celtics fan, but 24 games in, I am tired of wasting my time watching them, and I won’t anymore until the playoffs (if they are careful enough not to miss them at least). “Experts” can say, “Yes they are done”, all they want.. but they were two games below .500 at the all star break last year, and look how far they got. No one can say. If they are in the playoffs, they are dangerous, no matter the spot.

  15. Ray says:

    just give them some time. they win today! Paul pierce 40 points! is just that they are some times off form. you must know that the team of starters are getting old, stamina may be a problem. they may not finsih at 1st in the Eastern Conference, but i believe that the team can do better for the rest of the season, espacially at home!

  16. vijay says:

    If Rondo can Have an issue with Ray, then I dont think he can put up with any person in this world who is talented and capable. Come on…………

  17. tuppupc says:

    Relax people. Yeah they are adjusting. Yeah Green is still finding his way. Yeah Lee is less than stellar. So what? They were in the exact same shape last year. As a competitive older guy myself, this is all about pacing. They are pacing themselves, and tweaking things along the way. Will they win a championship? Probably not. Will they compete in the playoffs? Hell yeah. That is what this team is built for, the mental game more than the physical. Let all the young teams out there stroke themselves through the regular season. I’d almost prefer Boston come in eighth seed, knock off the top seed in round 1 and just grind it out from there. If they face Miami in the first round, they win. If they face the Oklahoma in the finals, Boston wins. If they face Atlanta, Milwaukee, Brooklyn or Phili in the second round they win. And if they face the Knicks in the Eastern Conference, they are in for a tough fight and might not win. However, if they do get past that and were to face Oklahoma in the finals, they win. If they have to face the Spurs they lose. If they face the Clippers, Golden State, Denver Utah or Houston they win. And if they face the Grizzlies, they lose. It’s not rocket science people. Boston are very good players who are currently pacing themselves. Why kill yourself to win more games than you have to just to win them, when the important thing is getting into the playoffs without killing yourself, and by then they have their second wind. I’m 40. I compete on the world stage in triathlons, and that’s how I regularly beat 20 year olds. I qualify at minimum, save it all up, and then hit them with the mental game. I don’t have break records, I have to break minds when it counts. That’s the Boston team I see on the floor, with more young legs chewing up more minutes and getting the experience they need to compete later on. Nuff said.

  18. Willy says:

    Ya man come on Celts! They still have a run in them, its a long season. Hopefully they can get up above .500 and get into the playoffs! That is what is great about the NBA these days, nobody is a shoe in for the finals. OKC is streaking early, maybe too early, LA ? SA? Who Knows, who would have picked GS to do so well this year? I am pulling for the Celt Veteran leadership to pull up and get it going. PP and RR can’t win games single handed anymore, they need the bench too!

  19. Richard says:

    Celtic should consider trading for young talented players or picking up high draft picks to ease the transition of the franchise. As of now, I don’t really see enough young talent that could bolster the team deep into the playoffs or even crack a finals chance. They should start considering the future. Yeah, they still do have a competitive lineup, but it’s not as good as the SAS have right now. They should try mirror on how the SAS did it around their 3 pillars. Now, with Leonard, Blair, Neal, Splitter, all maturing and stepping into form with the guidance of the veterans, it’s not a question why the SAS has been a winning franchise. Let’s not wait to witness again how Paul Pierce, Al Jeff went thru before the Big 3 got into together. Rondo’s the new face of the franchise, Garnett and Pierce should accept lesser roles now to make way for the youth to develop quickly. Get players that would fit Rondo’s style of play. (Hint: more similar to Nash/Suns or CP3/Clips)

  20. Craig says:

    There’s no shining light in Boston.
    I don’t see any future with any of those players. No trade chips apart from RR, he isn’t the future of Boston. He doesn’t have the mental toughness to be that guy.
    No drafts picks ahead.
    Boston are finished, completely.

  21. CFAN says:

    We currently have no center… we got Darko… that didn’t work out … Danny will trade and get us a Big and then by All Star the new guys will be settled in and Avery’s defensive pressure will be back… Celtics are ALWAYS a threat !!!

    By the way where are the ‘LAKERS LAST STAND’ blogs??

  22. JoJo says:

    They’d be 16-6 with Bradley in there. Trade deadline anything can happemj but wityh experienced players, Rondo gets better still and KG – we’ll see. I would not count the Celtic out.

  23. David says:

    Danny Ainge does too many changes. Every year he sends away players who were adjusting well to the system, right when they could begin to pay back. Trading Perkins and, on a smaller scale, Stiemsma, are examples.

  24. Gus says:

    I’m pretty sure this article was taken from the same time last year and posted again.

    The Celtics have been written off nearly every year since 08 due to being too old.

  25. ChuckNorris says:

    Just for saying that the Celtics can’t do it, they will. They’re gonna win it all. Go C”s!!!!!!!!!

  26. Sloppy Joe says:

    People can say what they I still believe in Banner 18!!

  27. jayson says:

    still a celtics no matter what happen this season!!

  28. zammitad says:

    Well it looks like the Hawks are now contenders in the East since we are going off records this early in the season. Nice work NBA experts.

  29. philipfrommanila says:

    season isn’t over yet… as what they said at, they were once 15-17 last season, and they’re only .500 now, which is i think better than what they were a season back. we don’t have to wait for the 2nd half of the season (after all star break), this team is really built for banner 18… LET’S GO CELTICS!!!

  30. Will says:

    If they can sneak into the play-offs anything is possible in a 7 game series and with KG and Pierce and their hunger and desire to win . . . you can never count them out!! As a fan I would rather see KG and Pierce win another ring than the likes of LeBron or Melo!! These two guys leave everything on the floor, blood, sweat and tears and do it night in and night out without any remorse! True ball players play with their heart and these guys embody that!! best believe that will rub off on the rest of the roster the closer the play-offs get!!

    Never count them out!! #FACT

  31. Green Nation says:

    aaaaaand that’s exactly what they said last year. Celtics 2013 NBA Champs. Mark my Word!

  32. Leonard Rhett says:

    Boston has 7 new faces to integrate into their system. Defensively, they will find their way. This team plays for the postseason and no one is going want to face them in the first round regardless of where they are seeded. If they end up at the bottom half of the bracket(5, 6 seed) their first opponent will not be happy. Boston can go on the road and win as they proved last year with a limited bench. This team will be there in April, May, and June.

  33. thesniper321 says:

    where is my comment?

  34. celtichris says:

    we need josh smith

  35. Celtics Fan says:

    If anyone has watched a Celtics game this season, you can tell where the problems lie. They aren’t defending the pick and roll well and their rotations are always late giving teams ease lay ups and dunks. Now that they are trapping more, rotations need to be even more precise. While on the other end, their offence is stagnant, which results in 20 ft jumpshots that aren’t falling in for them besides Garnett (on a good day). It’s time for dribble penetration and cuts to the basket for some easy points else their offence isn’t going to make up for their porous defence.

    I’m hoping Doc has a magic formulae that will cure this sub par performance and get the Green Machine back to the Finals.

  36. Jerry says:

    I understand the naysayers and I agree they’ve been disappointing to date. But I will remind that they were under .500 at the All Star Break last year and we saw what happened from there. If Bosh had not returned for Game 6, irregardless of LBJ’s superhuman efforts, the Celtics would have been in the Finals. This is a team that knows the difference between the regular season and the postseason. They will approach the latter with the same will and determination we’ve seen in recent years. Will it be enough? Only if the role players jell between now and then. The big 3 (alas, no longer 4) can’t do it by themselves.

  37. james09 says:

    Heard this all before

  38. KGFan says:

    They’re bad defensively around the perimeter, Rondo especially so. You can’t keep blaming the interior defense for problems when every guard in the league has a field day on penetration against you. KG often hides this issue because he’s so mobile, and hopefully Avery Bradley can make an impact when he returns, but they’re just not the same team defensively.

    They’ve given up more 100 point games this season already than all of last year.

    • steagle says:

      They’re not the same team defensively BECAUSE Bradley is out. Isn’t that obvious? Give him a couple months after he’s back from his injury and watch the statistics start creeping back up to the top of the league again.

  39. Misa says:

    No offence, but I will see you all doubters next summer… come playoff time. Go C’s!

  40. W/E says:

    Even if a miracle happens and the Celtics somehow make it to the finals, they got zero chance vs any elite Western team, so for me the last stand was last year, this year no chance for a title sorry.

  41. omyblaze57 says:

    They were worse at this point last year, with a more comfortable schedule this year. I think they will be fine in the 1st five in the East in 3 weeks. Write that down…

  42. Franz says:

    One and done!

  43. BZEIAN says:

    The Celtics trouble is with DOC; I dont believe he has the capability to motivate these guys to elevate their game to the level of championship again. The team is broken at this point and DOC(no one else) has to correct that. He is not getting he job done. I think he has mismanage the talent he now has and have not found a rotation that will work for this team. Avery Bradley will help,but certainly not enough to win it all this year. Change in the head coach position is necessary at this time. I can remember the mistakes he made as a coach in 2010, game 7 in LA, up 13 point and lost it through coaching mistakes in the 4th quarter. I say can DOC. The sooner the better.

  44. Kerry says:

    I just don’t understand. The Celtics have a heavily revamped team with Lee, Terry, Sullivan, and Green (not to mention Terry is out) and a 12-12 record, and everyone’s writing them off already. But then the Lakers are 12-14 and people are still saying they’re title contenders? Doesn’t make much sense.

  45. ohai says:

    i love the celtics as a franchise.. its got amazing culture and history.
    i love the team, i love the players, and i will always stand by the organization.
    we are better off without ray allen, but his role is yet to be filled in and satisfied by jason terry and avery bradley, which will happen over time im sure.
    we need some momentum, thats it.
    rondo and KG need to get things moving, pierce will inspire and the team will follow.
    lead by example.

  46. LS says:

    The Celtics are re-building this season. Their problems seem to have very little, if anything, to do with them being an older team. There are plenty of old players in the NBA – Nash, Kidd, Camby, Thomas, Allen, Duncan, Ginobli, to name a few.

    I don’t see the intensity and confidence from the new guys that should be there, has to be there. I don’t think it is a lack of skills either. It’s called EFFORT! They’re too casual about everything when they’re in the game. The Celtics have a history of locking teams down and these guys don’t seem to understand that concept. Too many turnovers, breakdowns on defense, very little second-effort plays. Sometimes it seems the new guys are waiting for someone to tell them how to play and what they should be doing.

    Rondo, Pierce and Garnett can’t do it all. Every player needs to step up and play like they want to win. Everybody’s earning a paycheck, they should perform.

  47. Brian says:

    Dear Boston, I know your a championship team. The only thing that need to be done is Jason Terry needs to make his ball hogging CONSISTENT 3’s PERCENTAGE. He must make average or better 3’s than Ray Allen 3’s. If Jason Terry making his CONSISTENT 3’s each and every games. The Celtics will win the (TITLE 180 PERCENT, GUARANTEE.)

    WATCH HIS THREES GUYS…Also his shooting percentage.

    Also, Rondo, Pierce and Garnett will fix the team anytime.
    THEY HATE TO LOSE. KG HATE TO LOSE A LOT. IF HIS TEAM DOWN 40 points, he will ask his coach to let him be in the GAME and will do something about it. He is KG.


  48. Matic Lebar says:

    Come on now NBA, you have posted this same thread in the last 3 years and everybody always writes them off. Then they pull it together and surprise everybody…

  49. Celtics4Life says:

    remember their record last year at all star break? the celtics r still alive, dont you worry

  50. Drago says:

    They were playing great and well above predictions 3 seasons now.They played 7 games with the best teams int he East and ruined the Hawks and made Miami sweat to me it’s enough.

  51. 17 time champ says:

    what about 12-14? (lakers)

  52. Boston33 says:

    I’m sorry vijay but if it was Allen or Rondo i’d say bye to Ray 100 times before letting go of the new face of the C’s. I see the main issue being that during the off season they got some good offensive players lee and terry but terry has always been a off the bench guy and lee just scores.

  53. Michael says:

    Pierce is playing like an older player now… And Allen is gone. There are only two players playing with heart and consistency. Rondo and Garnett. And two people just won’t get it done… It is the end. Blow it up…build around Rondo… It died when the Big 3 died.

    • steagle says:

      lol as of this moment in the Cleveland game Pierce has got 32 and is shooting 80% – he’s playing better than 90% of all young players in the NBA. Go sit down and get your learn on.

  54. Dom says:

    Wow, first post I’ve ever seen where people are being balanced and not offensive about the celtics. These NBA writers like to make stories, I can tell you that much. The C’s are still a threat dammit, they got a younger squad than last year, they’ll figure it out.

  55. Jimmy says:

    The Celtics clearly have problems this season as they’ve experienced this ongoing tradition since winning their last championship whether it’d be dealing with injuries, losing players, and just developing bad/needs improvement chemistry. What people don’t understand and I don’t know why is that first of all the Celtics are 25 games into the season and they have a .500 record, not 65 games into the season with a losing record. The Celtics also tend to struggle and even lose against the mediocre teams, and also the terrible teams- getting smashed by Detroit and going into OT yet pulling off a win against the 3 wins wizards.

    But on the flip side, they tend to play their best and show what kind of team they really are against powerhouse teams, like beating OKC by double digits, and yes they lose to them too like they did against SAS and Miami. But These other teams in the Eastern Conference specifically that are true battle enemies towards the Celtics, like Miami (who gave the Wizards one of their 3 wins), Brooklyn (who is also very inconsistent), New York (yes they are proving that they are more than legit this year but also have a track record of choking later on down the line), ATL and CHI (who are good but I dont think are a threat) have all shown signs of inconsistency and even if there record may not show it.. the Celtics are not to far behind them.. all but New York and Miami they are really only 3-4 games behind them so this last stand media blitz shouldn’t even be a thought.

    As you all know, they have a new group of guys being added to the chemistry and it takes times to develop a well balanced chemistry on both sides of the court with several new players. Rivers has a lot to work with, he has so many weapons and he knows he has the best and most in depth bench in the league.

    He did not have this year season and look what happened from after the all star break until their unfortunate game 7 lost. So once this group comes together.. they’re youth, athleticism, leadership, experience, and just their Ubuntu fire power will propel them to where they should belong and will soon have everyone sounding like Stephen A Smith by changing their thoughts, minds, and opinions 75 times. Watch out for this team as the season progresses and as this team starts to play Celtics basketball and makes every single team they face play their ball. You true Celtics individuals at heart will never lose faith and hope. This team doesn’t lack a single thing in this game. This is not the Celtics last stand.

  56. Kamote says:

    This team just needs time to play together. You are talking of a team with new members (Lee, Terry, Jared, Wilcox and even Green since he was mostly out last year). They’ve lost one of their core players in Allen. But I don’t think its worth the panic yet. This is a team that can run deep in the playoffs even without having home court advantage. Bradley’s return might not bring a miracle to the team, but it will make Doc’s rotations much easier. The key is letting Paul and KG get as much rest while letting the new ones play. It isn’t yet half of the season. They’ll come around and would become one of the teams opponents would want to avoid in the playoffs.

  57. Me says:

    Avery will change this team, he ain’t bird, he’s Bradley and he will make his own name in his own generation so no need to compare both. I believe in this team, call it what you want… and Avery’s D is just too damn good, if he can play maybe even better than he did last year, I say heck yea, they’re coming for whomever stands in their way of the title.

  58. thatguy says:

    Oh give them a break! This is almost a completely new team… They’re in the same position they were in last year (before the all star break) and look where they ended up! Game 7 ECF! (Could have been Finals/championship if the refs did their job). Anyway, putting that aside… Look at the Lakers! That team’s got a new core, a core of really good players, just not playing well together – YET. Lakers and Celtics are in a similar position, yet no one’s blaming the age of Kobe and Nash. Age has nothing to do with this. The big three are putting up good numbers. Just wait for the new guys to settle in. The Cs have a REALLY good bench. Jeff Green will be big. Also, Avery Bradley will be soon in the lineup again… There’s still tonnes of time to prepare for the Playoffs. Chill out.

  59. vijay says:

    I am a celtic fan, But i strongly feel Rondo’s ego caused Ray’s departure, and messed up Celtics veteran pride. celtics were celtics cos of their pride in themselves,

    • Me says:

      @ VJay but if the Celts start playing well, I bet Rondo will be GOD and Ray Allen’s depature wouldn’t be an issue smfh you bandwagoners are hilarious

    • uoykcuf says:

      Good to see a non-bias C-fans. I LOVE Rondo but seeing him diss ray and the organization backing him up and dangling ray as a trade bait makes me sick. Ray was more than just a shooter, his verteran leadership and work ethic were contagious. Celtic will miss Ray big time comes playoff time.

    • BZEIAN says:

      vijay, I have to say that I agree with you. Ray Allen is the ultimate PRO and would never cause any disruption to any team that he is a part of. Ray Allen will be missed for sure. The Rondo issue caused him to leave wihout question. Rondo is a great player, but without great chemistry your TEAM will NOT be great. Rondo is breaking the chemstry that has been a tradional Celtic Pride for many years. I hope that Terry Lee and Green will be able to fill any voids we cirrently have.

  60. vijay says:

    Ray’s departure caused both tangible and intangible dent on bostons chemistry, they were well knit but loosely bound and withdrawal of ray exposed many more cracks which were previously present, I would think Ainge should think of trading rondo for a good deal, currently Rondo will sell, BUT depending rather defending too much on Rondo messed up the gentle chemisty of celtics

  61. Handzken says:

    The season is long – dont forget that! A 20-7 run at any point of the season will change the look of things, I’m thinking confidence wise – AND THATS WHATS MISSING NOW, They dont believe themselfs that they are a title contender missing one shot after another! BUT the experience of Pierce and KG needs to pull up their game when post-season gets closer, without those to frontmen the C’s are lost! They can be a minor treat, but (unfortunately) they were never a title contender!

  62. Zach says:

    So 1/4 into the season (we still have not seen the real starting line up) and the Celtics have no chance to even be a contender?

    I have been looking for a job for months and would love one writing for the NBA. Apparently you just have to say the same thing everyone has said four the past 4 years, even though the Celtics have been one of the most consistent post season threats with a Finals appearance and a 7 game ECF series last year.

    Since ’09 the Celtics have been “out of gas.” And Ray Allen? How the hell would Ray Allen solve any of our problems? He’s been more efficient than Terry (especially from 3) but that is about it. Allen has nothing to do with anything.

  63. j216 says:

    I’m a 100% Heat fan and do think Boston is still a threat. After the all star break im sure they’ll start playing better ball.

  64. Manu says:

    NBA writers have been writing the Celtics off since 2010, and they reached the NBA finals… Then they were washed up again last year, but they were the only team to really challenge the Heat in the playoffs. People have very short memories and like to sensationalise things…

  65. Steven says:

    And Oh btw.. people saying they were 1 game away from the finals.. you do realize that bosh was injured almost that whole series.. so the series was closer then it should of been

    • Nick says:

      and bradley was gone the entire series…so that cancels out bosh if bradley was healthy wade would have been shut down

      • kxg says:

        Dwayne wade wasn’t playing well anyway…… was all LeBron

      • Beast says:

        Bradley would shut down Wade….. Pfffffffft

        k he can play d , but locking wade down for a whole series dont know.

        Plus bradley is a fragile little thing probably would get injured in the series.

        Wade is so much stronger than him.

    • Benjamin says:

      Don’t you remember what happened with Bradley, but most important with Ray Allen’s knee? Allen played awful in the last playoffs becuase of the injury. Without it, Boston would have won the ring.

    • xepherius says:

      Really? All I saw is Heats bribed officials to won the championship

  66. David says:

    I can’t believe they was one game away from the finals last year, and now with a 12-12 record people are saying they are over…

    • Beast says:

      LOL cuz they are … Every relevent team pretty much got stronger over the off season they stay the same or got worse

  67. bazz says:

    well they were dead at all star break last year too. guess this time they didn’t even make it to xmas. Glad KG will be seing this.

  68. jek84 says:

    last year they were terrible before the all star break and you saw what happened then so I’m not sure why everybody’s freaking out over this. I guess you just need something to write about.

    • thesniper321 says:

      I’m a celtics fan, I’m really dissapointed cuz the team record is bad but I saw most of the games and the new guys sometimes look lost on defense and offense. I knew it would take time for the new team to gel but I’m still dissapointed, anyway it can only get better now. Once bradley’s back our starting five will be a lot more tougher as he’s one of the greatest defensive 2 , as for Courtney lee no offense but he can stay and guard the practice arena during the games :P. Terry and Green are the key we need them to be more dangerous.
      Also I’m a bit surprised to see Melo and Darko aren”t playing at all… Maybe later
      Go Celtics it’s better to struggle now than in april

  69. jose says:

    I remember Doc Rivers talking about “Hate”and stuff…well , in every instance hate is not the best policy.
    Sorry Old fellas, b ut you are living borrowed time

  70. PeeDiddy says:

    I gotta honestly say I’m disappointed in the C’s. I still think this is a veteran, play-off kind of team. They will be better during the play-offs than in the regular season. But the way they are playing now, especially offensively, is very bad.

    In the end they will reach the playoffs, and I’m not writing them of for a hundred percent until they are down and out. KG and Rondo are true winners, they won’t leave without putting up a fight.

    • steagle says:

      Agreed. And really all the Celtics franchise (and the Lakers, for that matter) care about is getting ready for the playoffs. Regular season records have not meant much to this bunch since the 80’s dynasty. And dare I say some of the best eastern conference playoff series I’ve seen in the last ten years has been the Celtics series when they were not the top seed. If anything the lower ranking fires them up to prove everyone wrong come 1st round.

      They are playing pretty poorly right now, and it’s a mixture of a lack of chemistry with new players, and their stars’ averages dropping from where they were last year. But it’s really not that different than last year, where they were hovering around .500 for the entire first half of the season and everyone was ripping on them and calling them old and washed up. Then the second half happened – and they were one of the top 3 teams in the league. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think that was possible again this year.

      Write them off all you want right now, and sing the praises of the darling teams of the moment like the Knicks and the Warriors – wait until the playoffs begin and we’ll see where the chips fall.

  71. ko0kie says:

    celtics are very bad offensively when rondo’s not on the floor and bad defensively when KG is not there..

    • LakersWillWin says:

      C’s have been counted out for years. They are only 3 seasons removed from the NBA Finals which they entered as a 4th seed. A shortened season (tough on the vets legs) removed from the ECF where they pushed a game 7 against the eventual champion Heat. They have new players and are taking time adjusting. Yes, new teams are stealing the spotlight. You can never count out an organization like this though, and wouldn’t be surprised if they made a push. The East is pretty open, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they made their push toward the end of the season.

      • Eli Odell J. says:

        sure i can – I AM COUNTING EM OUT – NO CHANCE AT ALL – ZERO CHANCE – ZERO, hell they might not make the playoffs, they won one, they oughta be thankful for that, these last 2/3 been 2/3 years of pointlessness really, after that first one they had a chance next year, but they was only gettin older, without ray they gonna fall below 50 wins in my opinion

      • Steve Z from Edgemont says:

        This is all like a broken record. I’m pretty sure the same people placing the Celts in the nearest nursing home were saying the same stuff last year and probably years before that too. The Celts not only won one championship with this core, but came within a game late series injury to Perk from another title against LA, and last year they within a game of knocking off the Heat, and that probably would have happened had they not lost Avery Bradley for that series.

        One of these years these people might be right, but they are just guessing and clueless about what kind of team the Celtics. The Celts still have time to get themselves together and Bradley’s return will help and maybe another big to replace Darko would give them some added size at and more options. We’ll see, but anyone who thinks they know what’s in store is just guessing.