Knicks Assign Stoudemire To D-League

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Relax folks, Mike Woodson hasn’t lost it.

The New York Knicks haven’t banished Amar’e Stoudemire to their NBA D-League affiliate, the Erie BayHawks, a move we knew was coming thanks to my main man John Schuhmann.

But the Knicks big man is going to the D-League to continue his rehab by reporting to the MSG Training Center in Greenburgh, N.Y. today as he continues to fight his way back from the left knee procedure he had on Oct. 31. He’s been cleared for practice and will work with D-League crew while the Knicks rest between games.

There are still plenty of issues Woodson and the Knicks have to work through where Stoudemire is concerned. Having Stoudemire get in two full practices is the best way to get a proper handle on where he stands going into the Holiday weekend.

The fact that Stoudemire is going willingly, however, is the surest sign that the 10-year veteran is eager to do whatever it takes to fit into what the Knicks are doing right now (last night’s beating at the hands of the Houston Rockets aside). He’s the most high profile player in league history record a D-League assignment.


  1. Starkonian says:

    Amare has a $100 mil contract with the Nicks and it’s uninsured because of his medical history. No body wants that contract.
    He’s not going anywhere. Sheesh people, get a clue.

  2. jizbud says:

    Guaranteed – the knicks will fall with Amare back in the team!

  3. Knicks fan says:

    i am thinking of 3 good moves for Knicks. first make STATS better again let him gel with the team especially with melo. so far they don’t play well with each other and hope that work out well

    if not Let STATS play off the bench, that way while melo is resting STATS can keep up the scoring load and fresh melo can take over in important game’s 4th quarter

    if those doesn’t work out trade amere with someone like Josh smith (maybe +1). ny got no problem with offense so defensive minded forward like Josh Smith can fit well in NY

  4. josh says:

    @thewall 1 they got rid of jeremy lin because he expected to be way overpayed, & 2 getting rid of jeremy lin clearly has not been a mistake since he’s been garbage anyway

  5. Julian says:

    The simple fact is that amare and carmelo are both players that need to lead a team, they are both in a way “selfish” and they are both terrible on defense… together they cant do anything but if you place amare in the bench and he leads the 2nd team of the knicks …. then we are talking about a huge bench team and a huge starter team!

  6. The Wall says:

    Don’t be foolish to to give Amare away like you did with Jeremy Lin. You will regret. Playoff basketball is different and you will need Amare.

  7. Chester says:

    a knicks lineup of brewer, anthony, chandler, kidd and felton with amare, wallace, shump, jr smith, novak and priggo off the bench is a crushing team

  8. Arnie says:

    a true professional

  9. FOREVERLBJ says:

    @BlackDove, see you in the ECF…

  10. My screen name says it all-come playoffs GreenMachine will be Beasts-Banner18 on it’s way!!!!!!!

  11. Martin says:

    I think that Amare just doesn’t fit well when Chandler and Melo are on the floor, he slows down the pace of the game and the pick and roll is working so well with Chandler and Felton who is having an all star year. If he is willing to come off the bench than the Knicks will probably have the best depth in the league.. I mean Amare, JR, Novak and Shumpert plenty of ways to score and some decent perimeter defense. This team could go really deep if they stay with the team comes first mentality. Guys like Melo and JR lead by example. Sure we might lose the next couple of games without Melo, Camby and Sheed but the season is long and got to save those players for the playoffs,

  12. BlackDove- says:

    Amare requires a true point guard to excel, thats why knicks have felton
    Amare is smart enough to do what ever is required to win weather of bench or not.
    Amare should remain a knick because he started the NYK revolution, besides no one will take on his uninsured max contract

    I Love NYK basketball, cant believe were top of the EAST

    2012-2013 Champions, if someone knocks out okc before the finals

  13. knicks are ballin says:

    Amare isnt that good anyways

  14. Quinn says:

    Amar’e looks like he will accept the role of coming off the bench. That’s a good sign for the knicks since their formula has been mostly 3 point shooting and Amar’e doesn’t really fit in with that group. He will be a good leader for the second unit, and I think he will boost the knicks in rebounding since the knicks are at the bottom end of the NBA in that category.

  15. f1 says:

    I saw it coming

  16. Dew says:

    Wouldn’t read too much into this. Major League Baseball players get sent to the minors all the time to their farm clubs after injury all the time. Especially pitchers to get their movement back and control before being inserted into a major league game where hitters will demolish a rusty pitcher. Same difference here. Want to make sure Amare is ready to go with the right footwork, balance, and speed before jumping back out there with the likes of NBA players.

  17. Tom says:

    He’ll be back soon! So don’t Trade him! 6th man good roll for him

  18. noyb says:


  19. LakersRule says:

    Trade pau and meeks for amra its a win win SOOOOOO DOOOOO ITTTTTT

  20. james says:

    they should do that to d-rose

  21. Nore says:

    Cant believe your comments on trade and that it would be ridiculous …


    Cant wait till your back in the mix!!!

    Amare started it all 4 the knicks – trading him would be a shame!!!! NYK would instantly loose a fan if they would have such low loyalty and brain – STAT from the Bench – its a nobrainer that the NYKs bench would outscore any other bench!!!

    And yes he still is capable of putting up 25 and 10!!!!!

    Go Knicks!!

    Greetings from Germany!

  22. Mister E says:


    • Nore says:

      Dont think so – as i have read he wont participate in any games – just more training and to get in shape after injurie – just like Sekou said – wait till hes better before gettin to emotional about this!

  23. heatcheck98 says:

    Not how it should be Lakers made moves which didn’t turn out already why go through another.
    Kobe wants ball
    +Dwight wants bal
    +(if he were there) amare wants ball
    = fail
    only one on the lakers who should bring up the ball is steve nash or at times kobe

  24. heatcheck98 says:

    gay lakers made moves which didn’t turn out already I don’t think they are willing again

  25. Mister E says:


  26. Theo says:

    He still have some juice left in him and the Knicks certainly needs him come playoffs……

  27. The People says:

    I read that he won’t be playing any games in the D-League, only training. Smart move, more training he can do, the more strength he will build up. Comes into the knicks off the bench…6th man. All smiles. If they try to play melo and stat together, the knicks season will go down the gutter fast. It just doesnt work….and they wont trade him. He started of this Knicks revolution, he means too much emotionally to the NYK organisation

  28. The People says:

    I read that he won’t be playing any games in the D-League, only training. Smart move, more training he can do, the more strength he will build up. Comes into the knicks off the bench…6th man. All smiles. If they try to play melo and stat together, the knicks season will go down the gutter fast. It just doesnt work.

  29. leomuh1 says:

    Gasol and Jamison for Amare its a win for Both Knicks and lakers

    • Nestor Rojas says:

      First…I called the Lakers struggling when every expert ranked them 2nd at the start of the season. Secondly, even if you trade him to the Lakers…it won’t be the pairing it was with Nash in Phoenix. Amar’e was the focal point of the offense…and Nash the prodominate ball-handler…this Laker team has one man, Bryant, who is both. I think Pau is more talented than Amar’e and for the Lakers to run a more efficient scheme on offense, they should go to Pau more on the inside. Also…you forget that the Lakers have been scoring points…there problem has been defense. Amare will not help much in that area..and he is a horrible rebounder for being 6″10.

  30. DAVID says:


  31. salomon says:

    Ricky Rubio is doing the same thing. Coming of the Bench! It will be better for STAT! He will be beast of the 2nd unit!

  32. wat says:

    hes in the d league because he just came off an injury not because he’s under performing…lmao

  33. rick says:

    Smart move to let STAT shake off the rust and get his conditioning back. Then he’ll be prime and ready to beast come the new year.

  34. Steve says:

    send him to laker land and pau can fill the void.

  35. Mladen says:

    This is a sure sign – Amare will be traded as soon as he gets well.

  36. Mr.Shourite says:


  37. Read This!!! says:

    Is stoudemire not as good as i think? didnt he average like 26ppg before?
    Didnt he score like 30+ in 10 straight last year….i dont understand the fluctuations in his game

  38. Big Euro says:

    A sensible move by all involved. No matter who you are, you don’t come back from a serious injury and just get inserted back into the team. Especially if they have been winning in your absence. A true pro gest back in game shape step by step and understands what his coach expects when he is ready.