Stop The Floppers By Ignoring Them

HANG TIME, Texas — The shot that will get the big run on all the highlights shows and the most clicks on YouTube will, of course, be Damian Lillard’s frozen rope jumper with 0.3 seconds left that provided the margin of difference in the Blazers’ 95-94 win over the Hornets on Sunday night.

But it says here that just as big a play came a little over a minute earlier and it wasn’t by a guard, forward or center and not by anyone in a Portland or New Orleans uniform.

Take a bow, referee David Guthrie.

The Blazers had squandered most of their 16-point lead when LaMarcus Aldridge got the ball on the left wing in front of the New Orleans’ bench and turned to drive the baseline on Ryan Anderson. Aldridge leaned in just slightly with his left shoulder and might have drawn a whistle for an offensive foul. Except that Anderson reacted as if he’d been charged by every bull that had ever run through the streets of Pamplona and flung himself to the floor.

What happened next? Aldridge simply stepped back and nailed a 15-footer with 1:04 showing on the clock that turned out to be the bucket that set up Lillard’s heroics.

Guthrie simply watched. And there wasn’t a peep of protest from the Hornets’ bench.

A flop is a flop is a flop. There was no need to send the video feed to the league office and wait for a ruling from the Sheriff of Floppingham, a.k.a. Stu Jackson. No need to wait a few days to levy a fine or pass down heavy-handed punishment after the fact. None of the extra level of bureaucratic nonsense that has entered the game this season with the advent of the Flop Council.

I would like to see flopping taken out of the game as much as the next guy. But we’re not even two months into the season and I’m already fed up hearing color commentators on League Pass talk nightly about whether this player should be warned or whether that player will get the dreaded fine notice or maybe a particularly egregious violator will be made to play for the next several weeks wearing a dunce cap and a bright red nose.

It’s a call that should be made — or not — right then and right there by the game officials on the scene, not somebody sitting in a New York office with a remote control in his hand, actually undercutting officials by second-guessing them. Tell them to be definitive on the spot.

If you want to drop the hammer on floppers, give the referees the power to slap them with technical fouls, maybe even an extra free throw for every additional violation in a game.

Or better yet, simply instruct them all to react like David Guthrie. Just ignore the fakers and let the game play on.


  1. Eli Odell J. says:

    dunce har and a bright red nose ya say? now you talkin mr fran, NOW YOU TALKIN!

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  3. dattebayo says:

    Stan van Gundy actually foresaw very accurately how the league would enforce this rule. A few minor players are selectively punished for a few plays and that’s it. So far we have played 355 games and the league’s office only recorded and punished players for a total of 11 flops.

  4. Jimbo says:

    How can one player get called for a flop after the game and get fined, when another palyer can come away with just a warning?

    A flop is a flop, either it is or it isn’t why have warnings?

    Case in point- Chauncy Billups got a warning after playing the Jazz for flopping on a 3-poit shot he took and fell to the ground after he flug his leg out to catch Mo Williams who was sprinting toward him. The shot was within the closing minutes of the game and could have (would have) changed the outcome of the game. Instead Jazz lose. And this is why, I believe, the League Flopping Sheriffs gave him a warning instead of a flopping fine, because it was a bad call by the refs, and they don’t want the refs to look or the league for that matter.

    • Jimbo says:

      I swear I check my comments before submitting them, somehow the editor doesn’t like my eloquence and smudges up my perfect spelling. Anyone else notice this? Or am I just crazy?

  5. Jolan says:

    These fines just make a bigger spot light for those who do flop, now if a player is warned or fined, the refs and everyone else knows they have flopped, and this should make the refs watch more for them to flop in the future, I bet we see more non-calls for those players that flopped, even if it was a legit charge. They make the refs look dumb, so the refs cant give them the benefit of the of the doubt anymore.

  6. JimD54 says:

    They should have did something about it before the Heat flopped their way to the title, The only reason it is a issue this year is because the league realizes how badly Miami did the Thunder last year

  7. LMAO-most definately-that’s a grrrreat idea for refs to hit them violators with flopping tech’s free throws & the ball outa bounds. Then you’ll see the biggest floppers actually start to play some d######

  8. illone says:

    This has to be close to the most short sighted, uninformed blog post ever!

    The reason there is a flopping problem in the first place is that often, referees have been unable to discern a player flopping from being fouled on the floor!

    So with that, your suggestion of ‘fixing’ the problem simply by telling the referees to ignore the flops is laughable!

    • ko0kiE says:

      word… obviously that’s why they even came up with the rule. if refs were able to distiniguish between flops and real fouls (besides all the other stuff whats going on on the floor) we wouldn’t have this rule.

      just because one ref made one correct non-call, doesn’t mean the rule isn’t necessary..

    • slider821 says:

      I agree. If the refs were able to determine if it’s a flop or not on the fly before they blow the whistle, this wouldn’t be a concern at all. Flopping is tricking the refs, meaning most of the time they cannot just ignore it, because at the spur of the moment it appears to be a foul and the call is made. Dumb article.

  9. Ironic, isn't it ? says:


    But the whole idea is to generate revenue for the league … which supposedly is repackaged, gift wrapped and use to represent the league’s generosity – supposedly.

    Say, isn’t that flopping ?

  10. PdaDunker says:

    Right on!!!