Ginobili Likely Out As Spurs Get Two Back

HANGTIME SOUTHWEST — The San Antonio Spurs could again be without Manu Ginobili after he suffered a contusion to the left quadriceps in a collision with Boston’s Chris Wilcox Saturday night.

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich did not sound optimistic that Ginobili will be fit to play in Monday’s showdown at Oklahoma City.

“He got a thigh contusion just above his knee and one would think he is going to be stiffer than hell tomorrow,” Popovich told reporters after the Spurs beat Boston, 103-88 to improve to 19-6, two games behind the Thunder in the loss column. “It’s hard to believe he’d be ready day after tomorrow for Oklahoma, but I’m not sure.”

The Spurs just hope Ginobili isn’t out for long. The way he gripped his leg on the floor for a few minutes late in the first quarter certainly had everyone holding their breath.

No stranger to sprains, strains and contusions, Ginobili, 35, missed the first two games of the season with back spasms. The only other game he missed was the infamous Miami no-show when Popovich sent four of his regulars home, resulting in a $250,000 fine levied by the league.

Having returned to his sixth man role, Ginobili is averaging 11.5 points a game on 42.1 percent shooting and 35.1 percent from the 3-point arc. While his stats are down, his presence as a creative playmaker and the attention he demands from defenses is impossible to duplicate.

The Spurs are expecting good news this week. Forward Stephen Jackson tweeted that he’s excited about returning to action on Monday against the Thunder. Jackson broke a finger in November.

Second-year forward Kawhi Leonard is also expected back some time this week after missing a month with quad tendinitis.


  1. Rick says:

    Won’t matter. Spurs can’t keep up with the Thunder and their young guns…..

  2. Bola says:

    LAL this ain’t a video game!!!

  3. Sergio says:

    You are an idiot LAL!! Parker is never leaving S.A. Duncan, Gino and Parker retiring as Spurs and hanging their jerseys inside the AT&T!! Greatest trio to play ball of this generation!!

  4. Giallo says:

    Key point is that it get fit again no matter if it last for more than a month, at his age will be key to have him priming when PO starts and I will love to see this squad of Spurs winning again.

    @ LAL sorry but if the Lakers continue to play disconnected from one another is going to be hard to reach the playoffs this year and I am wishing the Lakers to win if not the Spurs do.

  5. Pedro says:

    Get well manu! @LAL wtf

  6. Zombie says:

    Sometimes I wonder if these people even watch basketball. The trade ideas people think of on here are insane. I got one, how about trading the Black Mamba for the Red Rocket? That was a joke.

  7. Spurs4lyf says:

    To LAL,where in the world do you get your ideas from? You need to just shhsss because all the things youve just said doesnt make since at all.Lakers us not even gonna make the playoff this year.

  8. J1S says:

    @LAL why would the spurs, who have historically been one of the best managed teams ever, trade a guy who was in the MVP discussion last season and a pick and roll expert, which is the basis of their offense, for an unproven point gaurd that’s never won? And you say 3 point machine, but his career 3pt percent is about .05 percent better than Parker’s..

  9. LAL says:

    tony parker needs to join the lakers!!!!he wont win in SA, but if they trade him for 3pt machine chris duhon who fits the SA offense, tony parker can become sixth man behind mwp(who is a strong leader and mvp). duhon will fix the spurs problems while parker becomes a champ!!!!Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!¡

    • RoyMIGOY says:

      You are so stupid!! Why would the Spurs trade their franchise player for an ineffective bench player like Duhon?

    • anonymous says:

      stupid comment by LAL.. that will never happen

    • Jordan says:

      Parker to the Lakers for Duhon, uh yeah good one… the salaries don’t match, the talent doesn’t match, and I’m pretty sure the Lakers won’t win a championship from the bottom half of the West standings.

    • Marco29 says:

      Sure the Lakers would be better off with Parker but why the hell would the Spurs let their franchise player go? Why would Parker want to join the Lakers circus while he has better chances to win another title with the Spurs? Would Parker be the back-up of Nash or the opposite? It makes no sense. Besides, the Spurs rank 5th in 3pt %.

      • Ginobili says:

        Yeah, then maybe they can trade Duncan for Jordan HIll, Manu for Meta World Peace, and Leonard and Jackson for Steve Blake. You see what I’m saying LAL? I’m saying what your saying idoesn’t make any sense.

  10. JayAce says:

    get well soon. the spurs needed you the most. hope you’ll not be out for a long time. God Bless. Go Spurs Go!

  11. SPURSDIVA says:

    Manu… we need you!! may you heal quickly.

  12. Basketball says:

    get well soon….