Injured Stackhouse Wants Replay Rules Expanded After Kidd’s Dagger


HANGTIME SOUTHWEST — Jason Kidd and Jerry Stackhouse have played a lot of games in the NBA. They’ve seen a lot of rules changes in their time and the increased use of instant replay. Stackhouse would like to see a little more.

The Brooklyn Nets’ top 3-point shooter missed his second consecutive game Friday night with a sore right knee that he hurt trying to close on Kidd’s game-winning 3-pointer Tuesday night that gave the crosstown New York Knicks the victory.

The problem Stackhouse has is that Kidd stuck out his right leg to the side as he came down, attempting to draw a foul, which he did. He also drew contact with Stackhouse, who has a history of knee ailments and went careening to the floor.

This front-row fan’s video gives a great look at the play.

Kristie Ackert of the New York Daily News reported that Stackhouse hopes the play will “initiate more enforcement of such calls and maybe the use of instant replay for referees to rule correctly.” She continued: “Replays of Kidd’s shot show it could have been waved off as part of the NBA’s crackdown on the ‘Reggie Miller’ rule. The league is asking officials to call offensive fouls on players who kick out their feet to initiate contact during jump shots. Kidd, who fell backwards after hitting the shot, also could have been called for flopping.”

Said Stackhouse, who is likely to miss Saturday’s game against Chicago and return Tuesday: “They have that stuff as point of emphasis but not until you see it in a game, then they look it. Now it really may become a point of emphasis. Maybe we have to be the sacrificial lamb a little bit.”

While Kidd was awarded the and-1 opportunity, Stackhouse got the foul and a sore that’s knocked him out of action. Stackhouse said he’d like to see the officials given the ability to review the play and judge it off the replay.

“They can go back and see whether it was a 3-point shot or a two-point shot,” Stackhouse said. “If that’s the case, you can go back and see what really happened on the play. I would love to see us get to that point.”

If Stackhouse is back by Tuesday, it means he’ll be ready to go for Wednesday’s third meeting against the Knicks at Madison Square Garden.


  1. Darkman X says:

    some people are blind.. a kick to one person’s view, is always a kick to another..

  2. Brad T says:

    C’mon, Kidd’s leg was hardly out there, no big deal. Stackhouse fouled him. Plus, stackhouse should have gotten a T for that stupid look on his face also. What about all the players who draw their arms up and intentionally hit the defenders outstretched arms to draw a foul when they shoot? Those should be offensive fouls right there since the shooter did that on purpose!

    In this case, Kidd put his leg out slightly, but Stackhouse ran into it. Kidd did not kick Stackhouse.

  3. Bulls Fan UK says:

    Whats the difference between Kidd kicking his leg out to initiate contact, and Kobe, or anyone else for that matter, pumping thier defender up into the air, and forcing the contact when the defender is coming down? It’s the same in my eyes: clever basketball.

    • AJ Mills says:

      On a pump fake, the defender can keep his feet on the floor and not foul. But if the offensive player basically kicks the defender, the defender has no choice.

      But really, the difference is simple: one is within the rules, and the other is against them.

  4. ee says:

    pffff idiots its a no call keep crying stackhouse

    • NBAfan says:

      even with your negative remark, you’re basically saying that the refs still got it wrong…so Stackhouse still has a point

      he’s not crying…Kidd is a vet and he knows the “rules within the rules” of the game…Stackhouse is just hoping that one day the rules can just be you know…the rules…plain and simple…

  5. MJfanDROSEfan says:

    this should have been called an offensive foul; stackhouse just want’s to challenge kidd’s shot by jumping to the left and trying to avoid a foul, unluckily he’s been called having in mind that challenging while avoiding a foul; this should have been called an offensive foul and a flap too co’z if this kind of reality goes on; what if somewhat like a kidd’s shot who has a strong kick’ he may cause an injury to the knee; i just don’t want to find another Drose injury; Get Stronger DRose my idol!!

  6. vern says:

    Kidd did get away with the Reggie Miller kick but how many times have teams got away with calls ? The responsibility is on the referee to be consistent with their calls. It’s hard for the players to adjust to what’s allowed and what’s not. The refs call something one way and the very next time down the floor they don’t allow it and call it the other way. Reggie got away with the kick for his whole career. The kick isn’t the same as flopping because it’s a judgement call. Flopping is falling out looking like you got a case of whiplash and the only intent is to fool the ref. They can make new rules concerning the kick but they can’t change in the middle of the season, they do it at the beginning of the next season just like they did with the flopping rule.

  7. ko0kiE says:

    they should fine kidd for flopping.. this was one of the leagues official examples of flopping.. kick your legs out after the shot..

  8. KeCe says:

    besides, no one is allowed to kick their legs out.

  9. marchese says:

    i don’t think this can be instant replay material ….. the refs are supposed to see the miller’s kick with their own eyes …, plus this to me equals flopping, so kidd should be fined according to the rules

    • Knicks says:

      Kidd always stick out his leg when he shoots 3-pointers, sticking out his leg gives him more force in his shot considering kidd is old as dirt. He needs more power in his shot, Watch previous games of kidd and you will see that kiid did not stick out his leg on purpose.

      • dattebayo says:

        So what? If you unintentionally run someone over, it’s still a charge. It doesn’t matter if Kidd always does it or if he does it without content. That should have been an offensive foul and not a 4 point play.

      • KGFan says:

        Thats an absurd statement. Kidd may kick his legs FORWARD for more momentum on his jump shot, which are basically set shots these days, but he clearly threw his leg to the right to initiate contact with Stackhouse. This should have been an offensive foul, plain and simple.

      • Giddi says:

        It doesn’t matter if he does it on purpose or not, you are not allowed to do it.

      • Fan says:

        So are you going to call a offensive foul on people who fade-away and shoot? When fading your leg will always kick out. The rule states IF the official see’s it as a blatant kick out. Ref’s have to give some players the benefit of the doubt because they do kick their legs out when they shoot 3’s. Paul Pierce is one for example. Besides, just like how the NFL has those lines to help the VIEWERS but not the referees, the refs won’t see everything on the court. Can’t change plays that aren’t up for review. Flopping in the new rules mean excessive action to fool the referee. Stackhouse collided into him, no fooling just either a no-call or a missed offensive foul call.

  10. Yave says:

    So what? Refs didn’t notice that Kidd kicked his leg out it happens. Besides Stackhouse like Kidd is a veteran in this league. He shouldn’t have jumped the way he did at Kidd.

    • NBAfan says:

      you mean he shouldn’t have bothered the wide open shot by jumping to his right? Do you suggest he just jump straight towards him?

      Kidd is smart…he stuck his leg out JUST IN CASE he missed..he’d have the chance of shooting 3 FTs….he knows the game..there’s the human element from the referee’s side..that’s a given…

      Stack is saying that at this day in age..with all our technology…we still rely on the human element? At least review crucial plays down the stretch in a close game..

  11. Mack says:

    Definitely intentional in sticking that leg out. I agree with the commentator. It should be either a no-call or an offensive foul. The league is already punishing people for flopping , they should consider taking action for stuffs like this too.

    • dattebayo says:

      The thing that bothers me the most is how selective these calls are made. It’s not a clear line and sometimes they call it one way and sometimes they call it the other way. The same thing is happening with the flopping rule. JJ Barea received a warning for something he does twice every game and what I have seen many other players do too. Yet he is the only one who received a warning for that play.