Shaqtin’ A Fool: Vol. 2, Episode 5

A pair of bizarre plays involving refs and the free throw line caught Shaq’s attention this week along with an epic diss by LeBron, Chris Bosh’s dunk fail,  and of course, the man, the legend, the myth: JaVale!!!  Vote for your favorite Shaqtin’ A Fool moment!


  1. Andy says:

    I’d better watch nba videos on some other resources if nba don’t reduce advertisment volume. I’m fed up with swiching it.

  2. abchome says:

    Well done McGee! Keep it up!

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  4. Majd says:

    i can just hear jack armstrong in the stands yelling “get tht garbage out of here!!!!!!”

  5. king sleck says:

    charles murphy is a sensitve little girl this is obviously supposed to be funny and nothing more stupid people who think they are smart over think the wrong things

  6. bedo says:

    Others are funnier, but Javale got all votes. That’s an effect of the show?

  7. benny says:

    JaVale !!!

  8. Oussama says:

    Come on Jeval hahha xD

  9. maru says:

    hard vote!

  10. dora says:

    Mcgee makes me try to care about Nuggets!!!He plays hard though something wrong happened….

  11. NBAFAN says:

    LMAO @ at the coach reaction

  12. GDF says:

    Javale is too much man hahah

  13. toytoygogie says:

    I can’t really stop laughing with my NBA idol JaVale! hahaha OMG.. This is so funny!!! Look at the people and the coach plus he bump with his teammate OMG. Hahaha.. I believe Shaq won’t miss watching Denver just for Javale haha.

  14. Will says:

    😀 JaVale!!! 😀

  15. pejta24 says:

    when shaq will show their shares
    he also was not the better for the old-time haha

  16. LMBOOOOOOO Javale is HILARIOUS! It’s like what in the world is this man thinking? But I mean I enjoy it and sometimes I think he does it on purpose just to get on Shaq’s list. I’d like to think that, but either way he’s funny. I’m silly so I don’t take it seriously. Charles needs to lighten up! Not you Barkley! Ha 🙂

  17. Beast says:

    JaFail McGee is my HERO LMAO cant stop watching it

  18. Game Time says:

    On my 20th view and still laughing! Mcgee FTW.

  19. Charlie says:

    Ya know…if it wasn’t for Shaqtin’ a Fool we wouldn’t know who who Javale was. Kind of like how Weird Al made other musicians famous by doing a parody of their songs.

  20. The Javale Show! says:

    im just waiting for javale to be a guest on the tnt show with shaq!

  21. The Javale Show! says:

    No contest! Javale rules!

  22. Baltazar says:

    Shaq, you should give a Shaqtin’ A Fool Cup to the JaVale! Invite him to the program!

  23. minkyuhwang says:

    i would see javale every night.

  24. Marlon says:

    JaVale The King!!!

  25. Niko says:

    This is too funny lol. This week had so many good ones, but Javale still topped all of them, and by a landslide. I’m dying lolol

  26. Jim says:

    Yeah we’ve all been laughing at the ref blocking Humphrie’s freebie,but why did he actually do it?

  27. Anze says:

    Why can’t Humpries shoot the free-throw?

  28. Wilt #13 says:

    Never Saw any other show that is making fun of basketball plays/players in my Whole life!
    JaVale … THE STAR .
    I hope he wont take it hard.. i mean.. that guy can be angry at shaq and the crew…

  29. jasper says:

    wheres the college dude’s EPIC airball???

  30. manutebogues says:

    Javale should have his own segment

  31. cruzero says:

    javale is the heart of the nba. no doubt.

  32. Beast says:

    Javale, javale, javale ….. LOL you never seem to fail at a fail

  33. Rey says:

    JaVale!!!! you’ve been fooled once again…… hahahahahaha 🙂 ;P

  34. Krankit says:

    The refs block is so silly.

    Stop giving Javale such a hard time. We all make mistakes when we play. I have to agree a lot with Murray here above.

  35. Robbie says:

    forget shaqting a fool, they should name this the javale mcgee show!!! Would love to know what Javales opnions are on this (i like to think he would take it all in good humour). Definately becaome a Mcgee fan!

  36. Charles Murray says:

    Why do you relish putting down mistakes from these young men trying to do their best? This reflects judgement and laughing at others and aims directly at the person pointing the finger. Is there a book of Shaq mistakes? My favorite is him hobbling off the floor after he was a confirmed washout. Please don’t keep me from watching your show. I love basketball except for Shaq.

    • Beast says:

      Shut up charles .. its all in good fun… have u ever playd basketball?? all ballers do is make fun of each other

    • Logic says:

      Dude, seriously get a life. These are professional athletes. If a minor thing like this would hurt their feelings they wouldn’t be in the NBA. Players receive much harsher and insulting comments from fans than a little joking around.

    • slider821 says:

      no one gives an F whether you watch the show or not.

    • zgillet says:

      You clearly haven’t watched many of these. Many of them include Shaq’s previous bloopers, like the horrible free throw and jumping into the bench.

  37. Jack says:

    Jeez this is hard one hahaha, they are all special

  38. toytoygogie says:

    hahahahahaha JaVale!!! Shaqtin’ A fool would be no fun if JaVale will be out of NBA. haha

  39. shepherd says:


  40. delucks says:

    JaVale is just the MAN, greetings from Germany… Haven’t seen such a enjoyable player in the nba, plssss give him more minutes karl 🙂