Rivers Addresses Tragedy With Celtics

HOUSTON — There are many times when the job of an NBA head coach stretches beyond the Xs an Os to becoming a part-time psychologist. You learn to read the emotions of your team and know when to step in.

On a day such as this one that is filled with the horror of the school shooting in Newtown, Conn., the Celtics’ Doc Rivers knows that it’s in the forefront of his players’ minds and sometimes feels the need to address real life before the games begin.

“I go back and forth on it,” Rivers said. “I don’t know what the right answer is. I know a lot of our guys are talking about it, so I probably will mention it before the game.

“It’s awful. Just an awful day, it really is. This is our jobs. This is not a game for us. It is what we do. But when something like this happens, it supersedes job and everything else and, as a parent, this is awful.

“It’s all of our community is what I’m saying. I saw a guy doing an interview there with a Celtics’ shirt on. So that does make it part of our community. That part of the area is probably 50-50 Celtics or Knicks in Connecticut. But this is a national incident. I think it hits us all home because we’re parents and it’s just sensitive.”


  1. Since my post in the last blog about the Twitter mentions will not post (hmm), I will post this here in reply to a poster who questioned God’s existence in this.

    We live in a sinful and evil world. This world is under the control of Satan (but only for a while). Don’t believe in Satan, you better. Where else does all of this evil come from? Evil spirits. They do exist. Yes Yahweh (God’s Hebrew name, His true name) can intervene because at the end of the day He has all control and power, but we have no idea what He’s doing because His ways are higher than ours. He doesn’t think like we do. He see’s the bigger picture, when we can only see a glimpse of it through our fallen eyes. There are a lot of things that I don’t understand, but I don’t question my Creator because He is righteous. He is ALWAYS good. I’ve had a lot of bad things happen in my life, but there is ALWAYS something positive that comes out of the situation. I’ve heard a lot of stories where people have gone through hell and back, but Yahweh used the situation to work out something good. Again, I don’t question my Creator because He is above me. I just trust Him. It’s easier said than done but since I have a relationship with Him, I know that’s the only option.

    I also agree with the comment above, the US does not acknowledge Yah anymore. We all want to do what we want to do. We exclude Him out of our lives, we don’t obey Him, we think we know it all and that all of His ways are old fashion or just don’t make sense. We are prideful and have a nerve to tell OUR CREATOR that He’s not going to tell us how to live. The one who GIVES US BREATH every day, who keeps our bodies functioning. He does way more than we give Him credit for. We always look at what we can see which is only HALF.

    Yahweh is VERY merciful, especially with the way that we all ignore Him and how some blaspheme His character and existence as the original poster did, yet they are STILL breathing.

    But He will not be mocked.

    Trust me.

    May all the victims rest peacefully.

  2. Russell says:

    Man, people are so ignorant saying that guns don’t kill people.

    Obviously if the guy didn’t have a gun and attempted this with a bat or even a knife, none of this would have happened. Thinking otherwise is just so narrow minded and plain stupid.

  3. Mike says:

    Listen, gun policy is in need of being fixed, but regardless of what changes, criminals will find guns. Drug addicts find drugs, these people don’t follow policies or laws.

    • ArcticAlex says:

      true that, criminals will find guns, as long as they’re legally sold, and its not that hard to legally get a potential murderer gun in the US. How many school shootouts have you heard of in Europe ? The UK, Spain, France, Italy…
      Europe is way bigger than the US, it has way more people, so basically what many folks here are saying is that europeans are healthier mentally speaking (it’s a FACT they’re physically healthier) than americans ?

  4. steagle says:

    The ease of acquiring guns definitely contributes in a tangible way to the amount of crime committed with guns, but at the same time it’s hard to deny that a true psycopath would find different methods to carry out their plans (bombs or other explosives, gas, etc). I agree with the earlier statement that the most effective way to prevent tragedies like this is early detection. Where was this murderer’s friends and family during the last few years? Did he truly fly under the radar with no one suspecting what was going on in his head? I find it hard to believe that a person gives off NO warning signs before they commit an atrocious act like this. I’d rather see psychological evaluations of all kids become standardized instead of armed security guards in school. Find out who will be more prone to violence and crime and deal with them at an early age. Look how many killings and shootings there are with kids under 18. You have to stop this stuff at the source not just fight it with more firepower.

  5. ArcticAlex says:

    I can’t believe there’s still ppl out there saying it’s ok with the guns, that ppl mental issues are the real problem..
    How many ppl culd a guy with a knife, a sword or anything else could attemp to attack before being stopped ? Sure he would still be able to kill but again how many ? and then ? would it be SO EASY to kill yourself with a sword/knife/anything else ? Because there’s something that remains the same in every event like this, he guy grabs a gun, makes use of it on people, and then, after all the damage he’s done, he only has to pull the trigger to avoid the consecuences… Guns are involved in 92% of the suicides in the US, think about it..

    • Yup says:

      He could have just as easily started a fire with gasoline and a match, or created a homemade explosive using ordinary products found around the house. Or worse, he could have resorted to chemical weapons like mustard gas. All of these weapons are VERY easy to make and anyone can make them. Potentially, using another weapon like the ones I mentioned could have taken more lives than he did with his guns. All someone needs is a minor education in chemistry to be able to learn how to make some very deadly weapons, should we start banning chemistry courses from high schools too?

  6. John says:

    Guns make it easier for people to kill people

  7. Ben says:

    instead of arguing about how this happened lets just pay our respects to the families and friends affected.. let the government deal with the rest

  8. Andre says:

    I am from Milford, Conn. Iam very sad. I am a big Celtics fan.

  9. Vayne says:

    There is no absolute solution – or absolute blame on why… only the who.

    Who is to blame. The shooter.

    You can’t absolutely blame the gun laws, friends, circumstances or parents for this tragedy.

    Having strict gun laws/abolishing the right to bear arms will certainly help prevent tragedies like this, but like any other crime… if someone wants to get a hold of a gun – they eventually can and will. However, these sorts of actions seem to take place mostly in America. Canada for example have extremely strict gun regulations and have fewer occurrences as witnessed yesterday. To blame the parents – he is an adult. Parents have the biggest influence on a persons life (yes absolutely), but if I go and punch someone in the face right now… nobody could blame my parents for my actions. I am the one who did it.

    These kinds of individuals that are willing to take the lives of others, and then their own… need help. Early detection is the only remedy.

  10. Ronathan says:

    Do your research before you claim other to do their research.

    From CNN:

    Three weapons were recovered from the school: a semi-automatic .223 Bushmaster found in a car in the school parking lot, and a Glock and a Sig Sauer found with Lanza’s body, a law enforcement official familiar with the investigation said. The weapons were legally purchased by Lanza’s mother, the official said.

    Keyword, legally.

  11. johnny says:

    Really? The guy had two semi automatic guns with over 100 rounds and a bulletproof vest. How is a security guy armed was supposed to stop that. If anything the guard would be taken out first. More guns is not the answer. You want a shootout in the middle of a school? We need to renstrict the number and the type of weappns people can buy or make it very hard to get the high power weapons. What will a handgun do against an AK47? Right theg got no shot at stoping it, they Robyn belong on the street.

  12. Richard says:

    guns don’t kill; people kill??? But guns make it too easy, and put the threshhold too low and if the guy only had a knife, would he’ve even gotten to 27 before police (men with guns) came? Would he’ve had the stomach for killing these children with a knife, in stead of it just being a simple pull of the trigger?

  13. Im sitting here in Australia and still it ain’t no minor thing here. Things NEED to change over there. It’s almost ridiculous. And that wasn’t even the worst school shhoting over there.

  14. Christiaen says:

    When are you finally going to learn?
    It takes just one fool to abuse your so called right to bear guns.
    You’ve had to deal with enough examples (Colombine, ….) in the past to put a stop to it, but I guess the big money lobby continues to dominate.
    My deepest regrets to the victims and their families.
    I wish your government the brains and the heart to end the current gun policy.

  15. specialfriedrice says:

    americans and their need to bear arms…this stuff will never stop in your country

    • A.s says:

      This is true, the right to bare arms or have firearms as an easy access should be limited, no matter what there will always be violence and problems in any country but hopefully a higher restricted rule on firearms should be re accessed.
      prays go out to all those families.

    • Sadness says:

      And you can never blame anyone else but parents… they either bring them up extreme softies or just do not give them any attention at all. Then they get bullied in school, makes their black list and boom… America has become a laughing stock instead of being that great power they are meant to be

    • IllIIllIlIlIlIlI says:

      no no my friend you have it all wrong. GUNS do not kill people…PEOPLE kill people…..IF there were a guard with a gun then perhaps this would not have happened. So the “right” to bear arms has no issue with this because the guns that were used were sought out illegally. Learn your facts before you write a ignorant comment.

      • fredy says:

        Amen ^^

      • Read this!!! says:

        such a horrific incident..god bless all the victims and the parents..our hearts all over the world r with you all

      • david says:

        the ‘fact’ is that in one year the amount of people murdered with guns in america is a whopping 9484..the next country closest to this is Canada with 200. The insinuation that this is a mental health issue and not a gun issue is apparently based on a hypothesis that America has more insane people than other countries? Sure people with strong intent will find a way to get there hands on guns but why make it so easy for people that fly off the handle in fits of rage? The comment that there should be an armed guard at a primary school is frankly ridiculous if not a little frigtening..what next, metal detectors at all primary schools? armed dinner ladies?

      • Daniel says:

        guns dont kill people, people kill people……… if there werent guns i doubt this guy would have been able to do what he did

      • Yup says:

        This kid had mental health issues and his mother wasn’t smart enough to keep the guns in her house securely locked away from him. This is not a gun regulation issue, but rather a mental health issue concerning today’s young Americans. But most people totally miss that point and would rather use this tragedy as a face to push their own political agendas. It truly disgusts me.

      • Nas says:

        Yeah man, I totally agree, because we all know that one person would be able to stroll in and kill 27 others without anyone being able to stop him without a gun. Why don’t you get some common sense instead of being ignorant? What a joke.