Lakers Can’t Just Wait On Nash

NEW YORK — Maybe Mike D’Antoni‘s return to Madison Square Garden wasn’t quite as disastrous as it seemed like it would be when his Lakers were down 58-32 early in the second quarter. Led by Kobe Bryant and benefiting from Carmelo Anthony‘s absence over the final 18:41, L.A. fought back somewhat and made the final score, 116-107, respectable on the surface. On this night, no one asked if D’Antoni felt embarrassed by his team’s performance.

But a loss is a loss, whether it comes in New York or Cleveland, and whether it comes by nine points or 90. And as they wait on Steve Nash, the Lakers are burying themselves in a deeper hole every day.

At 9-14, the Lakers are only 2 1/2 games out of a playoff spot. Nash is slowly getting closer to making his long-awaited return, and with him, comes a more efficient offense.’s Dave McMenamin reports that Nash could even be back as soon as next week:

Nash, who has been sidelined the past 21 games with a fractured fibula in his left leg, told reporters after the game that he has worked some on-court running into his rehabilitation and plans to practice with the team in L.A. next week when the Lakers return from their four-game trip.

“Hopefully, I can practice next week,” Nash said. “We’ll see. I’m definitely getting better. We’ll see if I continue to improve and there’s no setbacks, then I should be able to practice next week.

“On the court, I’ve been running the last day and a half, and [my leg] has been responding pretty well. So, I haven’t done a really huge load, huge amount, but it’s something.”

Nash said he does not have a return game circled in his mind. The Lakers play the Charlotte Bobcats on Tuesday, followed by a road game at Golden State on Saturday and then another game against the Knicks at Staples Center on Christmas Day.

“I’m not really sure how it will respond,” Nash said. “I still can’t do certain things. I’m just knocking down hurdles, so the first one is to be able to run, and then you hop the next few hurdles and take some contact and see how my body responds.”

After Thursday’s loss to New York, both D’Antoni and Bryant spoke of offensive improvements that need to be made. D’Antoni wants to get Dwight Howard involved in more pick-and-rolls. Bryant feels he needs to be more of a point guard.

Sounds great. If only offense was the problem.

The Lakers gave up 116 points on Thursday. It took them over 17 minutes to get two consecutive stops. For most of the night, all it took was one pick-and-roll and one pass to compromise their defense to the point where at least one Knick was wide open in a position to score.

After getting scorched for 68 points in the first half, the Lakers made an adjustment on their pick-and-roll coverage, switching everything in the final 24 minutes. But the Knicks were still able to get the buckets they needed to stem the tide down the stretch, and switching on everything is never going to be a fruitful solution long-term.

No matter what defense the Lakers were playing on Thursday, breakdowns were abundant. Just ask Antawn Jamison, who didn’t feel the need to be within 15 feet of sniper Steve Novak in the corner when Raymond Felton dribbled across the midcourt line late in the third quarter. After Novak’s three splashed through the net, D’Antoni furiously called timeout and screamed at Jamison.

“There was a couple of plays in the second half that I thought killed our momentum,” D’Antoni said afterward, “that guys were just being not real attentive. Those things we have to solve to be able to win in the situation we’re in right now.”

Yes, the Knicks’ offense is playing at a historically efficient level right now. But they still scored an efficient 55 points on 47 points with Anthony off the floor on Thursday.

So Bryant can play more point guard until Nash gets back. And then Nash can take over and get the offense running more efficiently in another week or two. But the Lakers aren’t digging themselves out of this hole unless they figure things out defensively.

Maybe an efficient offense itself can turn a 9-14 team into a 48-34 team. But is that even good enough to make the playoffs in the Western Conference this season?

The Golden State Warriors are proving that they’re for real. The Minnesota Timberwolves have done a much better job (by playing great defense, by the way) of staying afloat without their starting point guard. And the Denver Nuggets have done the same despite a brutal, road-heavy schedule.

Beyond that, the East appears to be weaker than ever. Every West team has the ability to fatten their record by feasting on the terrible and mediocre teams in the other conference.

That means the Lakers can’t just wait and see what they’ve got once Nash and Pau Gasol are healthy. The time for change is right now.


  1. Austin says:

    Lakers stink

  2. killuabest says:

    I really dont see why these Kobe Haters shoots around as if they know everything..if youd see the games, Kobe and Metta are the only consistent this seaso. If Kobe wouldnt be around that’s automatic -30pts in Laker stat you fool. But I need to know if Dumbtoni will still be the Laker’s couch for the next two years- coz me and Kobe will fly out to other team and will get his( Kobe) 6th ring there. I dont think Nash would save or help this team to playoffs, and since Gasol comes soft i playoffs what’s there to accomplish. And Howard isnt playing the way He used to…and hiring Dumbtoni its an early vacation to us Laker fans. Jim Buss nice move on taking Antoni, look where is your team now?-sad season to real laker fans out there.

  3. Luis says:

    Hire Iverson so I can watch a Lakers game without crying of boredom………………… seriously!!

  4. KobeWhiner says:

    Kobe needs to stop being a ball hog period.

  5. Najee says:

    This is a problem that teams have today. When one guy is out the coaches and players keep sayin, “Well, when so and so gets back things will get betta.” They didn’t have that problem back in the day. If Magic Johnson got injured then Norm Nixon would take his place and eitha Kareem or James Worthy would fill that leadership void. It is important for a team to have other impact players on the floor as well as a good bench. This is part of the reason why LeBron left Cleveland. They like to put the work load on him instead of gettin the right pieces, with the acception of Shaq and to some degree, Ben Wallace.

  6. Tiw says:

    We have to accept the fact that the best team/s in the league now are those with younger roster. If you look at the Thunder, Heat, Knicks, Memphis, and even Spurs has develop young talents surrounding their core 3. Lakers is one of the oldest team in the league now and the type of offense D’Antoni is more on running and pick & roll that requires athleticism. If you could remember D’Antoni is at its best during his tenure in Phoenix with Nash, Amare & Marion. The trade for Gasol with a young talents of Williams and Pekovic in return would mean an upgrade of the roster that is fitted on the offense of Mike D’Antoni.

    Who will defend Wetbrook, Durant? CP3, Griffin, De Andre?

    Think about it…

    Derrick Williams is a talented player but given limited playing time in Minnesota.
    Pekovic will be a back up Center for D12.

    Time to upgrade now!

  7. specialfriedrice says:

    the Lakers current problem is Kobe, and his obsession with self glory, and noone wants to acknowledge it? If The King or Melo or KD shot the ball like crazy and their teams struggeled (to put it nicely) they waould be under a so much scrutiny from fans and media saying, Wy dont you use your teammates more? Do you really think teams are shocked to see an iso for you? Why are you shotting 30+ shots and not winning? And the most ammusing thing is had this Trainwreck of a team actually done well this season Howard would have resigned no questions asked, but i think its safe to say now, he’ll gladly take a pay cut to get outa this mess and He’ll end up with Brklyn or NY…best NBA season in a long time…many more years of grief for Laker fans makes the game so much better for real NBA fans!

  8. Kev says:

    Trade pau and ebanks for ryan anderson and ariza…..lights out!

  9. Kobe says:

    They should pick up the phone and trade Dwight Howard for Josh Smith, and move pau gasol to center, where he has always belonged. Dwight Howard is playing with no drive.

  10. Should've been Phil says:

    fire d’ antoni.. ASAP

  11. Crazygirl992 says:

    they should just tank this season so they can draft someone like Shabazz or Cody zeller, heck they should tank next year too so they can add wiggings now that would be a dyanasty… jk

  12. PCK says:

    Funny, Lakers could really use Barnes or even Odom right about now.

    Barnes is playing terrific off the bench for the Clips and Odom is getting better and more in shape with each game. Dumping everyone for Dwight and Nash was just a bad move.

  13. laker fan aloha style says:

    i agree with you Bob, D’Antoni was a HUGH I said before how many titles does D’Antoni have NONE!!! how many does Phil!! mike antoni does’nt know how to utilize his players..all he wants is run-and-gun..stupid..Phil knows how to coach guys with the talent they have now..he understands their strengths and weakness. they should fired mike antoni..look what happen when he was coach with the Knicks..hahahaha,,now look at the knicks..and then look at the lakers now..really sad, i don’t think Nash is the way..

  14. KobeFan says:

    First of all, did “Boyan” really say, buy out Kobe? That’s disrespectful. Trading Kobe is the dumbest thing ever heard. The only thing that anyone could ever do in the history of the NBA is if someone would have traded MJ. The answer hear is lengthy. First of all, Dwight needs to toughen up so Kobe can actually yell at him when he is playing stupid. Nash needs to get healthy. Gasol needs to be traded two years ago. It’s a shame that Odom was such a baby when he was traded, they could sure use him so their bench actually mattered. Trades need to happen so they can get some youngsters into the rotation. Mike D’antoni should have never been brought in. No disrespect to him, he is a good coach. However he doesn’t fit this roster and this roster doesn’t fit him. Jim Buss needs to check his ego and get Phil. If they do all that then the season can be salvaged. If they don’t, I doubt they can win. They might make the playoffs but it won’t be a good seed, maybe the 5 or 6.The defense is awful, can’t win a title like this. Stop trying to address offense. 107 points is great especially when you shoot 42%. They will get their target of 110-115 if they shoot 46% when Nash gets back. Defense wins championships.

    • NBA Fan says:

      Yes Phil would have been a better choice but they screwed that up.. even if they fire D’Antoni there isnt enough money in the world to get Phil to come coach now after the way they treated him during the last hiring period

  15. bob says:

    D-toni was a mistake

    • NBA Fan says:

      You dont know anything… Two proven good coaches and the team still isnt winning.. its the team not the coach… these arnt rookie high school coaches that the team is losing with

  16. Yes, the Lakers need to turn this around now. But they won’t. At least not tonight. And here is why:

  17. zay says:

    Dwight and nash for Kyle Irving and verajo…oooooooh

  18. Kornholio says:

    Should have never hired rabbit face, Jim buss out, go over permenant daddy vacation. Magic J & Phil in. Its lakers Karma for signed huge TV deal for$$$ while disrespecting loyal fan base not able to watch Team on TV. Now lakers fans dont even want to watch anymore! There is no I in the word team Kobe he still has not figured that out after 5 rings & 17 yrs. Clippers are taking over smelLA.

  19. zay says:

    Trade dwight for ibaka and lamb and maynor….keep gasol nash metta..boomshockalocka

  20. Sandy says:

    Kobe cracks me up!!!! when they get behind either his finger hurts, he has the flu and last night his back hurt. He can’t stand to lose. He always has an excuse but still plays. Was glad the ref’s didnt give him a foul the time he just fell down “flopping.”

  21. dj rgm9 says:

    It is impossible to change e new laker team with bench players barely knowing eachother potentials to a championship contender team,impossible!They’ve not exercise a lot togheter,its too short for that bringing up a championship title.
    They miss a wheel at they’rs vehicle, i mean they have 3 important players injured for some time!You cannot win the race with 1 wheel missing all the time!Just impossible,New York was missing only 1 player melo,almost from that second half Lakers
    where comming back in the game just they didn’t having time enuf.Every team in the same situation like Lakers experience the same results with important injured players,every team.

  22. Eduardo says:

    The Lakers didn´t found his teammate…Excelent players ding his job alone…For offense, ok…But for defense?? A lot of guys said that has been Howards fault…IBut if you can´t stay other players away from the paint, there was nothing he can do about…Same for KB, If he is the scorer for the team, he needs to be a backyard, and a good one, from a defensive PG, or SF. But the SF is covering the PF, who isn´t understand how to play with DH…That´s the problem. The language of basketball is different to the five points of the star. Any guilts? Yes, the coach is the first, and the interest of the players is the second, but even more important that the fist. My suggestion: Trade singles places with another team who needs to found himself too. Rockets, for example.

  23. Shane12 says:

    Lakers need a point guard inmediately, like Delonte West , Carlos Arroyo.

  24. Jose (Clipper Nation) says:

    Lakers were winning with Pau in the game. Now they loosing everything. They guard oppenents all srpead out outside the 3 point line. No wonder they are loosing. Sad day in Lakerland

  25. theprophetoftroy says:

    the lakers arent going to win a champ this season. kobe knows it howard knows it the entire coaching staff and organization knows it. this season isnt about winning a ring. its about cohesiveness. it doesnt matter how many winss losses they pile up everybody knows u dont win a championship with one offseason move. ask any championship team in nba history. what this season is about is getting the offense to work. to flow. for kobe and dwight to click. dwight is their future and if they keep losing they are going to lose dwight. they picked dantoni as coach for the offense to flow thats why its all they talk about. kobe n shaq hated each other on offense. n kobe n dwight arent looking too good now. they want to make sure that next season when they are ready to make that championship push that their two stars like each other and know how to play off each other. becuse once they do that their defense will lock down as well. but if they keep losing they will lose howard and kobe will most likely also retire prematurely. i also have a feeling they will be hiring phil when they are ready and mature enuf to compete in the finals

  26. *Chemistry Magic*..... says:

    The problem starts with where the problem has always been.. Kobe is you lakers fans problem that causes more problems. It’s not easy playing with such a selfish non leader as the one you all have.. He’s not going to change at all.. The Lakers have always seemed to do better when he’s not around, been proven before. Why not let him come off of the bench a couple of games?? I’d bet your LA drama squad would play better and get themselves going faster than with Kobe on the court.. Team has to gel among themselves before the “Arrogant Shooter” gets the ball and shuns all away. I know it’s gotta be bad in the locker room with this clown that blames everything on everyone else! I’m surprised Artest hasn’t beat him down yet…. For he sure needs it. May bring the arrogant 24 back to reality. LMAO! He’s your problem along with the problems! Only made in LA..

  27. Jacktrip716 says:

    I almost forgot about what Artest said when they first got D.Howard……he said they were going to beat Chicago’s best winning record and now they might not make it to the playoffs. That’s sad!!!!!!!! A team with a bunchof star players has to have the right coach for it to work (Phil). The Lakers spend big when it comes to players but when it comes to the coaches they shop at pricerite or Dollar General and that’s not going to work. Some of the players won numerous rings and your coach hasn’t won one. How are the players suppose to respect D’Antoni and he hasn’t even won a ring yet? It was a problem with Mike Brown and its a problem for D’Antoni. I know Kobe is looking at these coaches like “man what the hell are you talking about?” THE PRINCETON? HAHAHAHAHAHAAH………..Now you got D’Antoni saying “we have to run the floor” with D.Howard coming off a back injury, Gasol a knee injury, Nash coming back forom a injury…’s just not going to happen. SORRY!

  28. What L.A Must do says:

    1. Fire D´Antonio, bring in for example Bernie Bickerstaff
    2. Jamison can´t play basketball anymore… Can´t make any three´s and his defense is horrible
    3. They need a good defensive point guard! It all begins there, every (explesitive) time the opponents blows by Duhon or whoever stands there…
    4. Meeks has to begin making his shots

  29. Jacktrip716 says:

    I love it! The Lakers are done…….PERIOD! They tried to power up with name brand players and are just finding out that its not that easy. The Lakers lost their hunger for a championship after they won their last ring and now they add older players instead of putting young athletes around Kobe. Sorry Kobe you are offically stuck at 5 rings and will not win another one. Plus they bring a run and gun coach to run the the team instead of getting Phil….JUST STUPID! D’Antoni doesn’t have a defensive bone in his body. You would think the Lakers would have learned from D’Antoni in the Knicks situation. Think about it! They said it was Carmelo’s fault when the Knicks was losing and had Lin to be the Knicks savyor and look what happened when D’Antoni left the Knicks started winning because they started playing D and the players finially liked the system that they were in. Lakers keep up the good work……..Celtics all day!

  30. Candyman says:

    World Peace, steve Blake and Jamison for Calderon, Amir Johnson and Alan Anderson.

  31. dj rgm9 says:

    Just trade Jim B.,D’Antoni with maybe some bench players to get at leats a real 3pointshooter>hire Phil or get some decent coach Sloan’s,Bernie back.

  32. tom says:

    Another solution. Trade Gasol for Kevin Love

    • Jacktrip716 says:


  33. tom says:

    Bring back Phil Jackson. It’s the only answer.

  34. davo says:

    They swapped Mr Potato Head for the Pringles guy when they should have got P Jackson

  35. KD35 says:

    The only thing that Kobe is on point for is scoring as much as he can. Lakers are 1 of 11 when Kobe goes over 30 points in a game. But don’t worry Lakers Fans it will all be good when you get your 38 year old point guard with a bum leg back…lol. The only shot they have of getting home court advantage in the play-off is drawing the Clipper in the first round. Speaking from the past 3 years your team needs about 48 wins to make the playoff in the west, and I it’s just the start of the season but the Lakers would have to go 39-20 through the rest of their season to get to 48 wins. Not to mention 30 of those are away games.



  37. NBAfan says:

    i think a trade between the lakers and bulls for luol deng and taj gibson for worldpeace and gasol is possible, and would really boost the lakers defensively, but thats just my opinion.

  38. digitioli says:

    Sorry, the D’Antoni genius is all smoke and mirrors.
    Winning basketball is about defense at every level, even more so in the pros where everyone can score.
    These same players have been decent defensively and are now completely inept because there is no plan and no accountability.
    But excuse me, how can ANY coach at this level not address both sides of the game? First it was Brown who doesn’t know offense. Now D’Antoni doesn’t know defense? This all belongs squarely on the shoulders of Jim Buss and the players.
    Bickerstaff had them more motivated than anyone this year because he at least held them accountable for playing like professionals with basic basketball principles of offense and defense.
    Kobe gives an interview and says his legacy is that he played his best every night – total garbage. He hasn’t consistently played defense for at least 5 years or more, and has one thought on his mind at all times: shoot it. Greatest Laker? NO WAY.
    Even under Phil, this team only played defense half the time at best. Derrick Fisher led and held this team accountable for 10 + yrs.
    Howard is completely overrated and has no competitive spirit. How can any pro shoot less than 50% of free throws? LAZY. NO PRIDE. He makes Bynum look dedicated.
    As long as Jim Buss is running the show, they’re done.

  39. ImJusSayin says:

    When they hired D’Antoni they threw a big wrench into this team he is not capable of making the adjustments necessary to run this group of players. D12 forgot to bring his game with him from Orlando and needs to check himself he does not have his head in the game. World Peace is playing great but he nor any other Laker can stay in their man as long as D12 is missing his help rotations. Lakers have issues but blowing up the team is not the answer but I doubt the Laker management will be willing to admit they messed up again on the coach selection. I personally would let bernie have the wheel again and see what happens at least he puts the pieces in the right places instead of trying to force them into a different puzzle.

  40. lebronjames says:

    trade that bum dwighthoward! we don’t need a dwightmare in LA!!!!

  41. Alex Lamar says:

    The Lakers need to:

    1. Trade Pau Gasol to N.O. for Ryan Anderson.

    2. Increase Dwight Howard’s shots to a minimum of 20 per game.

    3. Explain to Kobe that the team, not the scoring title means more.

    Increasing Howards scoring will help the teams defense because his shots will be closer to the basket
    thus reducing the opponents fast break opportunities.

  42. JimD54 says:

    Why is everyone blaming the Coach, Phil’s last series coaching the Lakers they got swept by Dallas, Mike Brown couldn’t do it, D’Antoni is already on the hot seat. Face it, the problem is not the coach, it’s the players, retool the team while they still can, the only thing this bunch will lead the league in is foul shots per game( they still get around 30 a game although I don’t know how)…Face it, Laker days are over for now, You got the Thunder, Spurs, Clippers, Grizzlies, Knicks, I mean who out of that bunch will the Lakers beat this year, they stink. I mean, all the players that they have on the roster and they’re putting all their hopes on the return of a 38 year old point guard?….Come on Man, Laker Days are over for now…..

  43. theking0522 says:

    LOL. The lakers fans complaining and whining. You should have kept your mouth shut before predicting a record setting season.. The team that was going to “destroy” every team….Like Kobe says: “these lakers fans are dumb”

  44. Mark says:

    even without nash and gasol the lakers have two all nba 1st teamers in kobe & dwight…. no excuse

  45. Darin says:

    The biggest problem is personnel. With Gasol and Nash out, the Lakers really only have 2 NBA starters (Kobe and Dwight) playing. Artest, Jamison, Jordan Hill, and Meeks are rotational level players. Then, players like Duhon, Ebanks, Morris,and Clark should be benchwarmers who are used very sparingly.

  46. David says:

    The Lakers’ problems go far deeper than simply missing Nash. If they’re pinning their playoff hopes on the 38-year old Nash, they are truly desperate. The Lakers should be an object lesson to all that, while you can throw money away to buy big name players, you can’t buy heart. Or defense.

  47. random laker fan says:

    silly laker fans phil isnt coming back so wake up to the harsh reality of the team L.A #2

  48. arashdeep toor says:

    they shulda traded gasol for bargnani and calderon woulda helped both teams and he would spread the floor for lakers and give em tht 3 point shooting that there lacking

  49. SS says:

    PHIL, PHIL, PHIL. Easy to go young but who would they be able to get gasol for amare, fine. Go get some missing people like kenyon martin, q richardson and throw in a new old age clipper style second plus unit with hill, jamison and meeks off the bench, and all or a sudden you have a chance to rest the main guys. By the way, the interim coach had a great record so firing mike is not that big of a deal. Just another example of young uneducated management in a work place failing at the position due to lake of knowledge and training.

  50. ByePlayoffs? says:

    sick and tired of this LA drama! almost everyday!
    better stop whining and start winning!

  51. jerikobe says:

    kobe and mwp are healthier, better and more consistent this season… but they have better record last season? ftw… huuhuh..heartbreaking

  52. JLong says:

    Why do lakers fans think they could the best players in a trade for Paul, metta or Jamison. There are wizard players better than them. Nash isn’t going to change anything and without a bench I doubt they even make it to the playoffs.

  53. D wins says:

    I just dont understand why teams continue to hire Mike D’antoni. He did not win anything with phoenix although he had 3 All Stars (Nash, Amare, Marion) and many extermly well role players as Johnnson, Richardson, Barbosa (not all at the same time). Dirk would have dreamed of a team like that (he never had an Allstar on his side since josh howard some years ago and dont tell me marion is still the same player as in phx. The point is phx had a very talented team and they still did never come to the finals cause D’antoni does not know how to install good D.
    La just needs a defensive minded coach as Carlisle etc. Its always the same thing. Just dont get why teams hired guys like don nelson (same problem) and continue to hire D’antoni. BTW, check out Mike Woodson’s success as a defensive minded coach in new york. how were the knicks doing with D’antoni?

  54. DaWestCoastKing says:

    i was clowning laker fans when they signed nash telling them he was old and they signed him for half a season little did i know my joke turned into a prophecy hahahaha

  55. robby says:

    only the lakers would get this much attention for losing this much…. they talk about change… wait how many articles have they wrote this year involving the Lakers and “change”… hope they go down in flames while everyone including NBA writers ride the bandwagon… cant wait to see what happens when people hop off…

  56. DaWestCoastKing says:

    these flakers remind me of the dodgers too much talent that wont make the playoffs about overrated

  57. OKC says:

    i said this when they traded mike brown, i think they wud of had been better off with mike brown i think with mike brown they wud of had found an offence and he is alread a defensive coach

  58. MIchael says:

    This is what happens when you pay big contracts for 3-4 players which leaves you with not much room to play with, just average veteran minimum caliber players who are on the twilight end of there careers, If Kobe wanted to win, he would void his contact and tell them pay me 16-18 million vice the 28 million he is now, trade Gasol cause he just seems he doesnt want to be in LA anymore. First mistake they made was not even trying to negotiate with Phil Jackson, this team is too old to be running the type of offense Mike Antoni wants. He is not a good fit, just like Mike Brown was not a good fit.

  59. bu says:

    Incompetent coach
    New offensive system (or, wrong if they’re still running Princeton)
    Overrated limited dimensional player with a loose attitude – Howard
    Gasol syndrome
    No bench
    Buss’ family feud

    The season is written off for sure no matter what they do now or later. I just hope they make some better moves to correct the above for Kobe’s 1 last try.

    One interesting thing is, even Metta World Peace couldn’t stand this & wakes up from the grave & performs. Go Metta!!

  60. rocks says:

    The problem is not the coach, It’s the Superstar name Kobe Bryant, trade him for nothing, but who will take him.

  61. Phak says:


  62. LITO says:

    when pau and nash will be back, it won’t change anything because the system of the coach won’t work with the kind of players he has. older players can’t run fast anymore and can’t compete with fresh legs and more athletic players.

  63. jwilson says:

    The problem with the lakers is that two egos the size of Kobe and Dwight Howard ,aka superman, cannot fit on one court at the same time. Get over it allready, the west has a plethera of exciting teams to watch. Heck even LA has an exciting team to watch…. and none of them are the lakers.

  64. Travis says:

    Has anyone notice the poor coaching decisions in the front office? Mike Brown and D’Antoni? One is all def and nooo off and the other is all off and no def. Where is the logic in these choices they are making in coaches? They should have chose Phil, he would have made everyone better and played to their strengths with pick and rolls, fast breaks, inside outside basketball. Smh

  65. King omar55 says:

    We are the Lakers, what is wrong with us we have the greatest franchise in sport history, this is not like us, we were and is able to make something out of nothing with any and every coach and player who was willing to work with us!!!!
    Come on lakers lets get it together so we can get to the playoffs and WIN ANOTHER CHAMPIONSHIP that each and everyone of you guys want so bad, wheather its your first,second, sixth it doesnt matter as a team it wil be our SEVENTEENTH champion ship banner!!!!!
    Lets start playing as the lakers that won back after back after back!!!!1
    We can do this….we have to have FAITH,RESPECT and TRUST in each other!!!
    #I believe we can win another championship
    Lakers Nation

  66. Dennis says:

    PAU GASOL for NIKOLA PEKOVIC or GREG MONROE ! What do u think?

  67. Jake says:

    D’Antoni is not the right coach for this team. Everyone knows it. Phil Jackson is the right coach for this lineup but we can’t do anything about it because D’Antoni was signed to a multi-year deal. Phil should’ve been the one coaching this team right now. D’Antoni is just not the right fit with his uptempo style of Basketball with no defense whatsoever. But it’s not his fault, it’s Jim Buss’ fault. He never wanted to hire Phil Jackson because of personal reasons. We all know it. And the Lakers and us fans are suffering because of it. But we can’t do anything about because he is in charge. The only possible way for the Lakers to improve is for D’Antoni to change his system and maybe hire a defensive coach.

  68. Big Al says:

    The Lakers cannot keep waiting for Nash’s return. Even if he becomes injury free, it doesn’t mean that he would stay like that for a long time given his age. He could get hurt again, right in his return game, the playoffs, maybe never. Whether or not it happens, the team ought to do well even without him. A Spurs team made of purely second-unit players nearly beat the Heat, complete with their superstars, so LA would need to be able to come up with something decent in such drastic situations. Obviously, the team isn’t even remotely close to that, squandering at least six games to teams they should have beaten in the first place. But let’s give credit to San Antonio’s bench, which is way more effective than the Lakers’. Trade Ebanks, Blake, either Duhon or Morris, and maybe even Jordan Hill, for more consistent players. Letting go of Gasol has been the center of basketball news, but I don’t see any other team willing to absorb his contract, or more importantly, trade for someone who can contribute more to LA. Keep him for now, work on the bench big time and see how that goes.

  69. pasigiri says:

    I never thought I would say this but …

    Trade Gasol for Kevin Love, if that could work. From what I understand, Love isn’t exactly happy with management in Minn. Even when Rubio gets back, I think there will still be a problem. But that still leaves a problem, point guard defense. The Wesbrooks, Roses, Walls, K. Ivings, and Rondos of the leagues (even some of the lesser talented pg’s) wreak havok on the Lakers because they just can’t defend at the point. Kobe can’t handle much more of this at his age. It’s amazing what he’s doing now. Heck, even though the Lakers aren’t winning, the way he’s been playing is astonishing; MVP caliber.

    … and tell Dwight to get rid of that head band.

  70. DO-1 says:

    To all lakers fun just be patient remember patients has its on reward go lakers. I STILL BELIEVE! LAKERS ALL DA WAY!

  71. CCB says:

    It’s so funny that they are relying all their hope on a 38 (soon to be 39) year old Nash who is coming out of injury. And they were talking about the best record in the league before the start of the season! This Lakers team is the biggest proof that it takes more than just superstars to be a good team, how could they forget the ’04 finals?

    • W/E says:

      they dont deserve to be compared to the 04 team, that team was way more talented even though they had huge conflicts between them at the time ( Shaq-Kobe) and also many critical injuries late in playoffs (malone – shaq), the 04 team was waaaayy better, the current Lakers team is simply AWFULL

  72. says:

    i’ve been waiting for this moment looong time… it’s nice to see lakers loosing, life is great now:D

  73. pete says:

    I don’t get it.. Why are they constantly reporting about the Lakers? After every loss they are doomed and after every win they are ‘back on track’… Stop this nonsense and just cover the NBA instead of just the Lakers. Every team deserves media coverage.

  74. jammer says:

    Phil Jackson isn’t going to do any better and although D’Antoni isn’t doing a good job, the bottom line is player chemistry. They need more hunger regardless of age…Knicks have a lot of old guys and they’re making it work. They need to make some strategic changes now. Blow up the team and make some real moves to get the right mix in.

    • King omar55 says:

      AMEN…We need chemistry,quick…but just like the miami heat when bosh,wade and lebron got together for the first time on one team…the we loosing at a point and time but the quickly beging to TRUST EACH OTHER!!!!!! Thats what we lakers need to do

  75. Ibrahim says:

    this is the price for not getting phill

  76. thejerr says:

    last year it hurt watchin ma lakers play…. now…… it just makes me wanna cry, the last 2 years only bickerstaff has shown he coaches better then brown AND antoni, lakers should have known their s a reason antoni walked away from the knicks and could never win big with his all star team suns back in the day, guess what-what were struggling with is exactly what antoni doesnt preach… defense… 4 years of this coaching style…..wew, wake me up in 5 years so i can watch my lakers again lol

  77. KB24 says:

    Mike D’Antoni should try to used a bigger line-up, where Kobe Bryant will be in Point Guard position, MWP in Shooting Guard, Jamison in Small Forward, Gasol/Hill in 4th spot and Dwight in Center Position

  78. lagostin says:

    THIS is full of young kids who dont understand a thing a bout basket…

    TRADE GASOL?????
    Gasol is the reason why they won 2 championships and went 3 times to the finals in a row…Kobe was there them same players were there, suddenly Gasol arrives and they start a winning streak that led them to the 2008 finals.Before Gasol they werent winning…
    And now without Gasol the arent winning as well.They simple cant win anyone without Gasol.
    Lakers are 0-10 whenever Kobe scores 30 Pts.

    • Mister 215 says:

      Actually they are 1-11, but last year they were 17-7 when he scored 30 plus. Him scoring 30+ points is not the issue. You fans need to get a clue. He has been scoring points his whole career, and to be honest you need a player that can give you about 30 a night. Don’t think so??? If you don’t believe it then please tell me when was the last time any team won a championship without having a guy that can at least give you 25 a night.

  79. AD1 says:

    I recommend that Kobe goes to Chicago in exchange for RIP and Booz. The best way for Kobe to get a ring. A Rose Kobe duo! Thats epic.

  80. Tiw is Back says:

    There are only 3 things this Laker Team needs to do:

    1. Fire D’ Antoni
    2. Trade Pau Gasol to Timberwolves for Derrick Williams and Nikola Pekovic
    3. Hire the Zen Master.


    PG – Steve Nash
    SG – Kobe Bryant
    SF – Derrick Williams
    PF – Jordan Hill
    C – Dwight Howard

    Second Unit:

    PG – Chris Duhon
    SG – Jodie Meeks
    SF – Metta World Peace
    PF – Antawn Jamison
    C – Nikola Pekovic


    Devin Ebanks
    Darius Morris
    Raja Bell

  81. Cris says:

    Fire D’antoni and Hire Shaw who will run the triangle offense which as we have all seen always plays to the strength of the bigs (pau and howard) get more athletic perimeter defenders (i,e ariza or allen) move world peace to the bench to add more depth and get brown and farmar back…all of theses old lakers i have named because of the fact that they were the reason we got 2 championships in 3 trips. Jim Buss defines the phrase ‘if it aint broke dont fix it’ he has single-handedly destroyed all reminents of phil jackson and the triangle offense even though he won us 5 championships in 10 years and took the lakers to 7 finals…HE IS A FOOL GET RID OF HIM

  82. FL says:

    They should try to sign phil back

  83. FL says:

    i think the lakers need a stronger bench
    steve blake
    jode meks
    awtawn jamison
    jordan hill these guys needed to be traded

  84. aris from Greece says:

    I think coach is the no1 problem – Phil Jackson the solution —– we got to play better defence to…

  85. edgar says:

    I think d best solution for the lakers woes right now is to trade kobe bryant and get rid of those aging guys, time to rebuild to whole team by getting younger n hungrier players. Take for example OKC, they dont even make the playoffs on their 1st year as a okc(frm seattle), but look what they are now, one of the best!

  86. Youmelous says:

    It has nothing to do with D’Antoni…not with Nash, the team is missing something!!
    It’s enough for some players that they’re playing under laker’s flag!!!

  87. Wilson says:

    fire d’antoni and bring back mike brown! dwight should be the center of their offense, kobe comes second.

  88. kristian says:

    A good coach should find a way to win without one of his All Star players. D’Antoni has Kobe and Dwight, use them!
    I didn’t really like the hiring of D’ANtoni. He never won a championship with the Phoenix Suns. He tried trading away Carmelo Anthony from NY but fortunately for the Knicks, they chose Carmelo, and look at them now. D’Antoni again is counting on the 39 yr old Nash to turn around their season. I honestly don’t think Nash can turn this around. You need a coach that knows how to use his players without one of their All-Stars. They need a coach that does not stick with a certain system.

  89. RAO says:

    I agree with Berdugo! I been say Jerry Sloan since before Mike Brown came aboard. That guy know a great pick and roll game and has the right team for it. Not only that but he stresses defense and is a great coach for it. Jerry Sloan is the ideal…Pick him up Mitch!!!

  90. Beast says:

    I feel bad for Kobe…. He’s lighting it up but nobody else is helping

    Im not an LA fan or Kobe fan but still….

  91. borinquen583 says:

    mike d’ antoni bad desision…..that all!!! he is a looser coach, never wins, NY, Suns and LA, change a coach and maybe the team come a win…

  92. LA.fanboy says:

    Its over lakers fans. Accept it

  93. God says:

    They should fire their bench and hire Kenyon Martin, Michael Redd, Delonte West I’m just saying they’re better free agents out there better than their bench and not trying to sound to crazy but Allen Iverson is still on the market for a cheap price oh and I am not a Laker fan it’s just a suggestion.

  94. denis says:

    okalahoma city is best tim in NBA

  95. rio says:

    hahahaha…l.a. no play-off…whahahaha…don’t compare them to my heat …. heat struggle on thier 1st season of big 3..thats ok bcoz they still on thier prime ..lakers they cannot wait anymore they are older teams… ur dreams..whahahahaha

  96. Pokie says:

    When the Laker front office starts floundering around and reaching (see: Karl Malone/Smush Parker) it usually signals the end of the road for that incarnation of purple and gold. I’m sure the rebuilding/reloading process will be swift and without mercy.

  97. Calin says:

    One thing nobdy seems to notice is that only Bryant and Metta were on the roster and in the rotation one year ago. And with D’Antoni, they completely changed what Brown was doing. Coaching wise, they went from the triangle to none (aka Mike Brown offense) to Princeton to letting their players… hmm… play (Bickerstaff) to D’Antoni’s “whatever”.
    Keep in mind that these players need time to gel and find out each other’s strengths and, only then, try to adress their overall issues. It will take another 3 months for them to establish who they are (be it a good or a bad team).

    Nash will help, so will Gasol.

    To get consistency to their play, given Nash’s limitations (around 32 mins per night, no more than 8-10 straight), they should consider bringing Pau off the bench. The trick with “run and gun” is that it needs consistency from all players sharing the floor at any given time. Having a fabulous starting 5 won’t produce all that much because no matter who you go to or what game plan you have, there’s always 1-2 guys who’s talents are not being used for that particular play or sequence. And even this very simple idea, it takes time to actively aknowledge it.

    I’d use a starting 5 of Nash, Bryant, Metta, Hill and Howard. Make it pick and roll – centric, with Nash – Howard initiating things and letting Kobe be an efficient scorer. Then Let Pau come in and make the defense work against fresh legs and talented hands. During the second qurter, let Pau be the offense focus, while getting Meeks and Jamison some shots, when the defenses collapse around Gasol. That is, play inside – out and let those shooters warm up within the flow of the game.
    By the third quarter, apply some dose of Kobe + Dwight pick and roll, maybe get some opponents into foul trouble. Nash and Gasol would take a back seat, preserving their energy for the fourth quarter.

    And when it gets to crunch time, everyone would be involved actively in the offense and fresh enough to play defense, when it counts. There probably wouldn’t be doubl digit defficits to recover, or any case of burn-out of one particular player.

    It’s not a formula, but it would be a more efficient plan of preserving energy and shots for everyone.

    • Rob says:

      You only have to apply common sense to get to similar conclusions. To me it’s really obvious too. Apparently the Lakers’ coach can’t see that his inflexibility is killing his team.

    • deanroc says:

      sounds like a very good plan,but does Dam phoni have any freaking brains to figure it out???

  98. bench says:

    i think LAL Land needs a little bit of a change

    trade of Jamison, Duhon, Gasol & World peace

    quality players that i think would fit for Lakers systerm

    Get: Kevin Love, Lamar Odom, Stephen Jackson, eric bledsoe

  99. Willie says:

    Lakers need to change the coach again he is not the right coach…he doesn’t know how to use his players he has all the talent that he can use…he is not fit for this group of talent.

  100. goNash! says:

    Nash will fix a lot of issues. But the others guys don’t seem very hungry for wins, even though most of these guys make more money in an year than regular people in 10 years. Dissapointment. Let’s hope things will change with Nash. I think the players need to have a talk.

  101. LA Fan says:

    D’antonis system just doesnt fit this team. They were about to get the best coach in Phil Jackson instead Lakers just let him go and now they’re paying price and just settling for something thats not working for them at all.

  102. frans says:

    As a Boston fan I am not in grieve when the Lakers lose. But I do feel sorry for Kobe. He is playing his guts out in a warrior style and trying to win it by himself. Which is probably one of their problems. Kobe gets no help from his teammates, so he decides to become point guard but takes at least 25 shots and does not feed Howard and company. This does not help team chemistry.
    When the trade was announced I doubted that the characters of Howard and Bryant don’t match (showclown meets warrior). Sounds silly, but I think it wise to trade either Howard or Bryant to make it work.

  103. LEo says:

    at first they told that nash will only be out 1 week! but what happened.. more than a month after his injury, nash still isnt playing at all whew =)) lakers = stupid team!

  104. Jovi says:

    Gasol is the problem? trade? but…do you watch the tv?? the stadistics? Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant is the best of lakers, Howard is jajajaja and jajajaj and lost team and jajajaja, forever jajaja?? the fan lakers are a big show, stars and stars, but work on the floor…nothing!

  105. gamer24586 says:

    LA welcome to the Dwightmare! As we found out in Orlando, Dwight Howard makes all the players around him worse – especially when playing against good teams. Stan Van Gundy had his issues – but he was great at team defense – and that is what propelled Dwight to defensive player of the year 3 times. Dwight’s legacy is already pretty clear: He is a Ben Wallace plus and NOT a Shack minus. He is not in the same category as the great centers and he will probably never win a championship. I also agree with the guy that mentioned that he really looks bad in a headband. Finally, now that Dwight is a grown man he needs to man up and realize that “Dwight” is really just one syllable – and not “D-wight.”

  106. upset says:

    rubbish L.A., 15players, only 1 can shot, 1player team. no rebounds, no bench points.. At the season beginning, they are called super four stars, but now they are called super rubbish four stars,

    don’t change, no playoff.

    New coach, rubbish stars, please retire as early as you can
    Hope to see new LA next season,
    This season, bye bye,

    Bye bye super rubbish stars…………………..

  107. HeLL says:

    The coach need think in change his system, becouse this not work with this Team, like same with NYN. There he coach get out for same reason. he and buss are responsables in a great part of all this.

  108. pete says:

    They are lazy, lazy, lazy.

  109. Chocho says:

    Guys, lets face reality lakers need a better coach, we miss the Zen Master!!

  110. doyz says:

    i think D’Antoni is using Nash and Pau as his scape goats. The problem is on his system. Come on he can’t force his system to players who doesn’t like the system. D’Antoni is a mistake on the first place. If it was only Phil then the win-loss would be reversed. PERIOD!!!!

  111. Gundy says:

    Maybe a random collection of all-stars isn’t necessarily a good team..

  112. thesniper321 says:

    Don’t worry lakers fans lakers are STILL a threat………..For kindergarten basketball lol

  113. lakersdf says:

    Should pick up rookies such as jeremy lamb, plenty of talent!

  114. richard says:

    lakers need to push dwight howard dominate their low post offense, and some pick & rolls with kobe.
    they”ve got to play a 48 min team basketball, til nash comes back

  115. germany says:

    Totally agree, Nash is not going to turn much around and definitely not in the defence. Nash does not play defence, never has. He will not stop Westbrock, Parker, Curry, Damian L. etc, etc,. Nash becomes more of the problem in the defence, he was a defensive liability from the start. The Transition Defence and Weak Side Defence are just a few of the major problems. Can I say at this point Mike Brown!! A Defensive genie who was fired because his Offense wasn’t working. He is laughing out loud now. Future developments will be interesting to see.

    What Barclay said, was right. D’Antoni has to change his system to fit the players he has. It’s not always possible for a player to adjust to a system because maybe he doesn’t have the specific abilities needed to do the job or a specific skill set. A reporter said, D’Antoni should take the D out of his name. I think this is a correct observation. Knowing his history offense has always come first for him but without defense you can’t win the title. Merry Christmas and remember Gods Son died for US……Believe in Him and you will have forever lasting

  116. DerrickBoom! says:

    they need 3 pointers and a bench players that can score.

  117. larph says:

    the coach before D’antoni got the lakers rollin with well balanced line up for the team each quarter, then D’antoni arrived and then the lakers are now what they are right now, u guys can judge

  118. LALD'BEST says:

    why they don’t let Bernie Bickerstaff coach the lakers?they were playing better with least they can win 4 straight,now we barely win 1 game.Nash won’t be the answer,the answer is to play better defense .

  119. John says:

    Dude who would give up any good player for artest jamison or gasol?

  120. neo says:

    yup, the lakers need to do something. but I believe the issue here is lack of motivation. who would want to play with KOBE when your salary is 1/30 than him and just being a decoy on offense? maybe it is time to rebuild with Dwight as the center of the offense giving Kobe the option to do ALA Tim Duncan or leave the team. Yes, Kobe might be efficient in the STATS but he should give his money’s worth, at 27M this season and 30M next, he should shatter the stat sheets, 40 ppg, 15 rpg, 10 apg, 5spg…etc… that’s what a 27M / season player is worth

    • Read this!!! says:

      The end of ur opinion was useless babble…BUT
      i agree that the GM has to say. kobe…this is dwights team now…accept a role of atleast equality or your out….
      watching kobe hoist 25+ shots a game while dwight gets 10 (max) is so gross

      • arun says:

        Its not that easy for any team espicially Lakers on financial aspect to say to Kobe that “he will be out”. No way. Kobe is a key aspect in Laker revenue.

      • Mister 215 says:

        Why is everybody worried about how many shots Kobe take??? He’s been doing that his whole career and yet he has an MVP trophy, 5 Rings and, 4 All Star MVPs. Him shooting is not the issue, it defense you clowns. They scored 107 points that’s enough to win 90% of the time as long as you play defense. Look at all the ending scores and see what the average score would. I promise you it won’t be 107…… Anyone can have a comment, but if you do it a lot then youre a commentator and if youre that, then come with comments that make since and stop hating a player that is one of the greatest ever!!!!!

  121. Lakeshow4life says:

    Let Gasol and Duhon go. Those two contracts will be more than enough to bring Kyle Korver and Josh Smith from Atlanta. If not, bring in J J Hickson and Ryan Anderson instead. The lakers will still be bad on defense at the point, but at least with more weapons spreading the floor, there is no doubt we can do better than this.
    One more thing, get rid of D’Antoni and sign Brian Shaw. It really is that simple.

  122. Westbrook says:

    Fire D’antoni now!!!!… Bring back Bernie Bickerstaff. Then call Phil Jackson again.

  123. jmk says:

    Defense is being a major problem for too long. Anyway, even if they get to be again what the used to 3-4 years ago, Oklahoma or the Grizzlies or the Clippers will defeat them. Their time is past.

  124. lakermig says:

    Jamison is a bum. its been quarter of the season and he has been hopeless meeks , pretty much the same, and dont get me started on duhon or morris.If it were up to me i would get rid of every bench player except for hill and see what i can get in return, no need for big names, just hungry talented ppl ie kevin martin style.I would wait a bit on pau even though i dont see him getting any better.

    It’s gonna be funny watching laker games in the near future when nash is back the scores will be like 120-130 cause we gonna be scoring even more but allowing the same amount of points, Insane.

    Didn’t anyone in the laker front office see this coming with the only defensive players being a non 100% howard, a 34 year old bryant, an old and crazy artest and hill ??

  125. DTrain22 says:

    Lakers need to put together a Gasol – based care package for the Portland Trailblazers in exchange for their nice young power forward.

    Aldridge can shoot jumpers, he’s younger, hungrier, and is itching for a fair shot at some real playoff potential. Him and Dwight would play AMAZING together. Aldridge is a pick and pop kinda player who’s got a nice postup game, match that with Dwight’s beastliness…that’s the start of a decent change.

    Artest needs to go, Blake needs to go, Jamison is no Odom substitute. Lakers need a 6th man, a reliable point guard and some youth QUICK

  126. Tilly's says:

    They need ome new blood I agree peace, gasol, Nash and even the bench need to go thy need some younger players but please no trades with the t’ wolves

  127. Fabri says:

    Can we trade D’Antoni??? It seems that he’s loosing the plot!!

  128. H says:

    D’Antoni is not the solution, sorry! Fire him !

  129. Clipss says:

    They shouldve tried to get Barbosa during the off season

  130. Nando says:

    The Lakers need to get their $#!t together and start kicking sum @$$… Meaning the bench needs to step it up and atleast play some fkn D!!

  131. fredo says:

    The fact is that the Lakers has no help from the bench to win. how about playing together sacre, howard, kobe, metta and jamison? thats a good roster!!!

  132. Chekot says:

    waiting for NASH and GASOL? I thought kobe and howard is enough for a championship? you bet they will be the FANTASY TEAM only in your dream! hahaha

    • arun says:

      If atleast Nash come back healthy. It will be a different team. Better offense carries the energy automaticcaly over to defense. Now you add Pau to the line up and it is a great team.

  133. BleedBlue says:

    Lol, and before the season started, Artest was saying they were gonna beat the Bulls’ 72-10 record…And now they’re not even sure they can make the playoffs…

  134. specialfriedrice says:

    the problem is Kobe end of story…discuss

  135. Boston33 says:

    I’m not much of a laker fan but it PAINS me to see them do this bad from the start. Lets face it Howard is no Shaq, Nash plays NO D, terrible coach and the bench is garbage. RUN THE TRIANGLE!!!!! They have all the right players for it… SMH

    • King omar55 says:

      I agree when you said DH is no shaq….but the team has to start treating him like he the superman he is, give him the ball and let him draw the double team!!!!!!
      On another note: kobe cant be giving his all everyday /everygame he needs help from EVERYBODY (starters,and bench) We have guys that can get the job done (mostly veterans).
      On the Lakers these role players needs to start playing there role: PG’S needs to start acting like PG’S, SG’S needs to have a shotters mentality,SF needs to play small but think big, PF needs to bring the power, and the Centers needs tobe the center of attention.
      Lakers we cant wait for Nash and/or Gasol, because the time is now, we need to play like we havent won a championship (regardless) if we have!!!!! We have the secret weapons and the mentality and the knowledge og the game. The dynasty of the Lakers organization is in you guys hands, let this group of LAKERS BE KNOWN THREW THE WHOLE NBA.
      Lakers nation

  136. Craig says:

    Even Kobe’s personal one on one defence is poor.
    Sorry to say, but LA has real big problems. And I think it’s DH, I really don’t think he has a killer inside of him. He is blaming people. It’s not his ability, it’s mental.
    All that crying over in Orlando has been brought to LA and I think it’s part of DH.
    Get this team healthy and focused, and they will win 75%.
    I don’t like LA, but I really feel sorry for KB and Pau. Two players that know what needs to be done.

  137. ninjachaca24 says:

    Trading Pau Gasol or any Laker player would only make the situation worse. Firing Mike D’antoni and hiring back Phil Jackson is the only solution. The Lakers should make a quick decision now before it’s too late.

  138. KB24 says:

    what the Lakers really need is Phil!! they arent going anywhere with mike d, i sence an early playoff exit, if they even make it to the playoffs that is

  139. mark says:

    lol trade all your player on the roster and just quit losers

  140. Steven says:

    The Lakers should improve their defence.

  141. J Steve says:

    To trade someone you need to have someone willing to take on these players.

  142. lakershavehope says:

    DAntoni should adjust for the sake of the Lakers. Their biggest advantage which is the front court has been out of the mix, they keep focusing on jumpers or 3 pointers yet nothings been consistent so far. Only Kobe is, though Im a Laker fan I admit Kobe’s efforts are useless especially if guys around him doesn’t have the fire to win. They need to find bench players who can step up especially at the point position. Wondering when will the OLDER BUSS step in again??

  143. I agree Lakers need to change their bench and get rid of Gasol. They need to get someone like Bosh or a younger player like varejao to be a better presence insie the paint. Until Lakers make some changes they are just going too go downhill. Come on Lakers, get on with it!

  144. BlackMAMBA says:

    I never imagined that the Lakers will be out of the Playoffs, hopefully not.. I am getting lazy to watch their games.. NO SHOWTIME, NO DEFENSE, AND NO WIN.. time for BETTER change Kupchak.. think about it,.,

  145. OKC kind of guy says:

    I feel kinda sorry for Dwight. Cause he’s mostly the only one to do most defensive plays right, not Kobe, not Jamison. So it kinda feels like Magic era again for Dwight the only difference is that the rest of the team is uncooperative. Even though Kove reached that 30,000 point mark, if he’s not performing his defense like what he does in offense, it’s useless. But there is still a hope.. maybe.. if they can work this out.

    • Are u kiddin me? Dwight’s defense has been garbage, he’s the reason LAL’s comeback effort got stopped late in the game, he couldnt get the DEFENSIVE rebound…. kobe’s defense has been on point, IDK what you have been watching.

  146. kgfan4lyfe says:

    im tired of hearin about these lakers every single day.. i feel like im the only one who foresaw this coming juss like the lame old “dream team” of the philadelphia eagle.. these lakers lack the will to win and are a bunch of babies all they do is complain whine and create excuses. dwight has been doing nothin but cause caoches to lose there jobs becuz of his whining.. shudve never let bynum go in the first place. nd there is nothing a 39 yr old steve nash cud do to save the season stop fooling yur selves lakers fans all of a sudden steve nash seems like the new Micheal Jordan the way yu lakersmake it seem. its over lakers will miss the playoffs go kick rocks

    • Paul says:

      If you’re so tired of hearing about the Lakers, then stop going onto a site that obviously is going to post Lakers info. Your comment seems stupid to me because Dwight doesn’t complain, he just doesnt play great at the moment. Nash is 38/39 and has been with D’Antoni for what, 5 years? He knows his offense perfectly and it will help the Lakers get more energy to go up and down the court. If other Lakers other than Kobe are being fed the ball, that will improve confidence on the defensive end. Also, I advise you to go back to the 5th grade and learn how to spell. Thanks

      • slider821 says:

        In all fairness, Dwight does complain after every play and has done so his whole career. It’s the reason a lot of people call him childish and a whiner. He can’t just play the game the way it’s called and doesn’t appear to play seriously out there. It was all fun and games in ORL since they were not contenders. The Lakers are serious about championships and won’t get close to one with a centerpiece who is not at the same level of focus.

      • Gdub says:

        this ain’t about spelling, it’s about basketball, Paul, you jerk! keep it there.

  147. Maybe trade Gasol? Just a suggestion but I dunno. Maybe even World Peace too. He’s kind of the unheralded of the starting 5.

  148. poy says:

    can somebody bring back trevor ariza, an athletic small forward that can help bryant to run the offense which has been
    a big part of the championship way back in 2009..

  149. Berdugo says:

    Nash and Pau aren’t the answer to their woes. In the entire team, it’s only Bryant who I feel has a clear cut role. The rest are just headless chickens running around. Jerry Sloan to LA!

  150. PhilMac83 says:

    Seriously, people still question the players?
    Wrong coaching choice from day 1 – D’Antoni needs to quit coaching for good,
    Been saying it since day one he’s not the right man for the job,
    Artest has been solid, Kobe has been solid but there’s certainly something still bothering Dwight, he’s not the player we’re used to seeing, less lift, agression, power.
    Brian Shaw still on the market?

    • Gdub says:

      Defense wins championships. where’s the “D” ? . Dwight seemed hungrier in Orlando. maybe he just hasn’t found his role yet. every player on every team MUST know his/her role.

    • Game Time says:

      They were losing before D’Antoni, and they are still losing after him. They lost epically with Phil as well. Not sure how you can keep pointing at the coach(s) as the problem.

    • MHM 35 says:

      I said last season Mike D’Antoni would be the Lakers coach if Brown got fired and I knew it would end up like this. Only thing Lakers can do now is wait it out, fire Mike and go to the “Bickerstaff System”, or maybe get rid of their awful backup point guards (and I only say that because things can not be any worse at that position with the Steve’s out).

  151. npsimon69 says:

    I don’t think the Lakers can just wait for Captain Canada to return. Presently, the Lakers are not a championship threat, the threat is that they won’t even make the playoffs. On the other hand, that is hard to imagine, given their talent. It is Mike D’Antony who has to figure out something beside the wish to have Nash back to run the show because the Laker organization can not afford to pay another coach to quit coaching the team.

  152. Brooklynnnn says:

    agree with you bok

  153. ian says:

    They need three point shooters!!!!

  154. purpngold says:

    I agree, the Lakers need to do something now. Not sure what though, the ovious thing is to play better defense, but seems to me like there something more going on. Asides from Kobe, I dont see any real fire or fight in the rest of the team. The players are not responding to DAntoni, not even Nash will be able to rescue him from the hole the team is digging itself in. One thing is for sure, something needs to change. ASAP. If we hope to make the playoffs..

    • Gstate says:

      mike d’ antoni got the most annoying voice out there on the court make the playoff ? maybe or maybe not fire d antoni thats the answer

      • Dean Wells says:

        but they just hired him… ya that looks good fire two coaches in a span of 24 games! its not the coaches that are the problem I think that is apparent

    • DWM says:

      What’s going on behind the scenes in the locker room must be what’s hurting the team. There must be a bunch of blaming going on, by Kobe, and the team realizes that they hate playing on the same team as this selfish leader.

    • MHM 35 says:

      I’m the only Lakers fan that seems to use my head… You can’t make more changes now. The Lakers have a new look, three new looks at Coaching staff. the only possible thing that would make sense is possibly letting D’Antoni go and putting Bickerstaff back at the Coaching job.

      Only thing I’d say make moves for is to get rid of awful Duhon and Morris. There’s lots of point guards looking for jobs right now that don’t throw the ball to the other team (Morris) and get their ankles broken consistently (Duhon). The only reason I’d be open to trades there is because the point guard spot can’t possibly get worse.

  155. Bok says:

    Time for the Lakers to trade, Artest, Jamison, Duhon, and yes, even Gasol has to go for younger, hungrier players and not just for washed out vets or over-hyped players. This team clearly is not in a “WIN NOW” mode, more of a self-destruct mode. This is a lesson for other teams that a bunch of superstars alone won’t get you rings. It takes a combination of coaching, hungry and united players not just big time names. If I were Kupchak I’ll be more than willing to gamble to blow up the line-up to get better players, especially on the bench department.

    • Boyan says:

      LA have already traded tens of players in last couple of years, obviously in totally wrong way. The whole idea was comming from KB and Kupchak. They simply demolished a team and should be kikcked out together. Team with over 100 million salary that will not clinch play off. With ”best ever” in his prime sounds totally idiotic. LA can not beat anybody.

      So, what LA is supposed to do now?

      Logically, to kikck out Kupchak and buy out Kobe, And bring Phil Jackson back, authorizing him also to bring players.

    • Allen Iv3rson says:


    • Karim S says:

      That’s a very sound argument…
      Tell me, what are the Lakers’ problems right now? Being too old? Really? Look at the Celtics, the Spurs… It’s not so much about age than it is about communication and trust.
      After years of Kobe having a scoring role on the team, it’s going to be a tough transition to facilitating the offense efficiently. That’s why they brought in Nash.
      And blowing up the roster at this point in the season won’t do anything positive for the team. If anything, it will only make things worse. These guys are STILL learning to play and trust one another. What do you think will happen when half the team is traded away midseason?
      Also, MWP is a huge factor in the Lakers defense. He’s their second best defender after Howard. Two Defensive Players of the Year on one team… What more do you want?
      Like I mentioned in another article… This Lakers team is suffering from trust and miscommunication issues.
      Trade rumors will only make things worse.

    • BballLover says:

      amen. i totally agree. i bought into the hype and big names and, though not a Laker fan, was excited to watch them play. They got big names but the coaching and chemistry is off and the bench is lacking depth. Kupchak is losing his touch (if he ever had one). Getting rid of Odom started their downward spiral. Well…I guess getting swept by the Mavericks in the playoffs was technically the beginning of their downward spiral. Lost Angeles Fakers.

    • Don't Trade Gasol says:

      I agree, but disagree on one thing. Trade everybody except for the big four. You know how hard it is for any team to get a big four together like this? Mitch made it seem too easy that everybody is forgetting how hard it is to have the big four that the Lakers have. You can’t just trade them away. Just improve the bench and depth and the big four will be much better automatically. Don’t need to panic and trade the major pieces…

      • Don't Trade Gasol says:

        Nevermind. I agree with Karim S. Don’ trade anybody but the Lakers need to somehow add more depth to the bench. 3 of the 4 Mega stars are old and they suppose to be the major contributors. They need some young players that can product like the Celtics courtney lee and Rajon rondo. So, maybe they still have to trade a few pieces of the bench afterall..Just not the mega stars.

      • Dom says:

        There is no one… And I mean NO ONE the Lakers can offer ANYONE if it isn’t one of the stars. Let’s be realisic, who, on the Lakers bench is a good trade piece to acquire some type of talent. Maybe, and your flipping the coin on this one, Steve Blake but everyone else is doo-doo and the whole league knows it. Lmao

    • MHM 35 says:

      Bok you’re plain wrong. You don’t trade away MWP on a team that struggles with defense. Use your head. It’s impossible for a team to get chemistry when a change of coaching has occurred three times in the first quarter of the season.

      • Bok says:

        Sorry if you got the message wrong, but I suggest to trade them while they still have trade value. They should have hired Sloan instead. Look at his record: 2 Finals trips with 3 stars (Malone, Stockton & Hornacek) and a not-so-good at papers bench, but they worked together & pushed Jackson led Bulls to 6 games.

    • Harold says:

      I remain convinced that D’antoni is not the coach for the Lakers. How do you ask older players to keep running the ball?

      The Laker’s front office will regret not bringing back Phil Jackson. That is, if they are not already.

      With such a cast as Dwight Howard, Gasol, Bryant… c’mon!

      Instead, D’antoni is having them run around as if they were in they’re twenties. Give me a break!

      I say apologize to Phil Jackson and try to bring him back. Though, I doubt he’d come at this point. Maybe the fans can convince him.

      • ItsYourBoy says:

        They should have made Jackson or Sloan the head coach for the Lakers. Both are better defensive coaches and would be much more suited to coach the current Lakers roster. Jackson’s 5 rings with Kobe (and of course the 6 with Jordan) talk for themselves. He has been proven time and time again he can manage a team full of stars and take them to the championship. Sloan, though he has not won a title yet as a coach (neither has D’Antoni), is much better with the pick and roll (ex. Stockton-Malone and Williams-Boozer) and he does not demand old players to run up and down the court. Also his defense is much better than what D’Antoni had EVER coached, be it in Phoenix or New York.