Hang Time Vlogtable: Lakers, Knicks, All-Stars And A Bunch of Talk (VIDEO)

NBA.com staff

In our first video blogtable of the season, NBA.com writers from California to New Jersey discuss the problems with the Lakers, the stunningly good Knicks, why no one is paying attention to the Heat (or the Spurs), who belongs in the All-Star Game (and whether it really matters) and lots more.

Some of their thoughts on the Lakers’ woes …

Scott Howard-Cooper: “I don’t think this is a Mike D’Antoni issue. This is a player focus issue … What’s going wrong now [with the Lakers] is not about coaching. It’s about the players.”

Sekou Smith: “I didn’t think Mike D’Antoni was the best choice for the job in the first place … I thought they needed a coach who was more a people manager than a game manager or a massager of minutes and that sort of thing. You need someone to manage a locker room  with a lot of egos.”

Fran Blinebury: “I think a lot of us thought they needed to hire Phil Jackson back … but, look, these guys are going into the fourth quarters, at home, and completely falling apart against teams like Orlando and Indiana. The players have to bear some of the burden for this.”

Jeff Caplan: “You do have to be concerned with D’Antoni’s comments … He seems to be getting extremely defensive very short into his tenure.”

John Schuhmann: “They’re in a pretty big hole right now … I look at it this way. You have a top 5 offense and a mediocre defense, you’re maybe, over 82 games, a 50-win team. If you take that pace over their final 59 games or so, they’re going to win maybe a total of 45, 46 games. And I don’t think that makes the playoff in the Western Conference. So I think there has to be some sort of change … for them to be anything better than a sixth, seventh team in the West … I don’t see them getting out of the first round, at best.”

More in the video, above.


  1. Rob says:

    Totally agree with Sekou on All-Star balloting. Don’t list positions on the ballot. It’s already a mess with fans voting for players that haven’t played a regular season game, but position specific clearly makes restrictions on who gets in. If anything I would rather group the 4 and 5 spot together and then group point guards and wings together to make an All-Star team. The 3 spot is wing just like the 2 and are very similar more so than a 3 and 4.

  2. Happy hariston says:

    The Lakers have the look of a train wreck. I have been a fan since the 60s and I was excited about the addition of Howard, Nash , Meeks and , Jamison.

    To this point the team is a mess. Any team with quick players who can get inside the paint Just destroy the Lakers. You would think that the Lakers would get the ball inside to Dwight on every play and he would be a forced to be reckoned with.

    To date that is not the case. To be fair Dwight is still healing from Back surgery not an easy task.

    However I saw Chamberlain, and Shaq and Howard while he is good is not the big monsters those two were in there prime. Maybe he can be if he can get that hunger that Kobe has.

    From the body language when this team loses the lead they have no fight in them. Kobe still has fight but he is also the most selfish player only interested in his stats.

    The only hope now is everyone is wrong about this team that at some point they will get on a roll and run the table in the playoffs. I do not expect it to happen but hope that it does.

    No one not even the owners know what the problem is or how to fix it. If they did it would be fixed. It is one thing to get beat, it is quite another to spit out the bit and give up in games.