Jackson’s Belief in Thompson Paying Off

There was a time not so long ago when it seemed like Mark Jackson was the only one around who still believed in Klay Thompson.

Those were the days when the second-year guard felt as if he’d been abandoned by his best friend, his outside shot and the nights when it seemed like he couldn’t have found the basket with a map and a flashlight.

Warriors fans were panicking when Thompson couldn’t make half the shots he took even once through the first three weeks — 11 games — of the season. They wanted him yanked from the starting lineup or, at the very least, reined in.

But Jackson never wavered on Thompson.

“He’s a different creature,” Jackson said back then. “He’s a great shooter. He’s going to be fine. Even great shooters go through tough stretches.”

Of course, for the great shooters, those tough stretches end. Now, it would seem that Thompson has found his way out of the dark.

While it was Jarrett Jack’s pass and Draymond Green’s layup with 0.9 seconds left in the game that was the difference in Golden State’s 97-95 win at Miami on Wednesday night, it was Thompson who did much of the heavy lifting to get there.

He scored 27 points on 11-for-21 shooting and also bagged five 3-pointers to continue a roll that just happens to coincide with the Warriors’ stunning 5-0 start to their seven-game road trip. In the winning streak, Thompson has connected on 20 of his 42 shots from behind the arc and 37-for-66 from the field overall.

While much of the attention in the long-suffering franchise’s rise this season has gone to Stephen Curry making an early bid for a berth on the Western Conference All-Star team, David Lee as a double-double machine and a new team-wide commitment to defense, the Warriors are now looking more real because one guy has kept his cool and battled back from a rough start.

This is why Mark Jackson never stopped believing in Klay Thompson.


  1. lollollol says:

    LeBron Draims? Hahaha

  2. BIGMatta23 says:

    When Bogut comes back….this team can make some noise i think… 50-55 wins not out of the question.

  3. Florida says:

    Cograts to Warriors. Miami Heat needs to do some adjustments. As a long time Miami Heat fan, I still have my doubts on Spo’s coaching.

  4. jake says:

    You did npot put inn the Recap video the flagrant on Lebron, that was also very scary for heat fans

  5. AnnoYouLater says:

    mark jackson is going to be one of the front runners for the coach of the year…his 1st season was surrounded by injured players but now everyone is fine…mark jackson is proving he is not just good at talking..

  6. slider821 says:

    This game was carried by Klay but every night a new Warrior steps up when others are having off nights. Go Ws!

  7. jose machado says:

    he´s improving,he´s doind more basket penetrations not only the 3´s, i´m enjoying this GSW team, the West big surprise, I hope, he continues to develop, and Bogut to return this season able to play at his best, if that happens this team can make real damage..

  8. Giovanni says:

    thats why he is the coach and we are just fans!

  9. Parlitan says:


    Ray Allen. Enough said.

  10. Sam says:

    Finally getting some exposure! The shooters on this team should scare any opponent, provide rollicking entertainment but realistically can’t be trusted to pull out a playoff series. Throw in a healthy Andrew Bogut however and now we’re talking legitimate threat. Roll on boys!!!

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  12. SMR1 says:

    Happy for GSW, specially the way Klay and Steph being ballin, hope to see them in a playoff spot come post season.

  13. pistoleguite says:

    Reblogged this on NBA BY @PISTOLEGUITE and commented:
    I love watching Warriors !! Warriors stun Miami 97 95 thanks to Draymond Green’s layup with 0.9 seconds. Mark Jackson is doing a fantastic job to lift Warriors Organisation

  14. andylx says:

    When the Warriors drafted Klay, my first thought, best coach to teach Klay how to play in the NBA. Mark Jacksons played along side Reggie Miller. He knows how to coach Klay.

  15. McGreggY says:

    Klay T. BEST shooter THAN everyone NOW in the NBA!

  16. I have always been high on Thompson. It’s so hard to find good shooters in the NBA especially young guys and what the Warriors have done with their young core has been awesome. To me the Warriors are definitely the next team to watch just like the Thunder were a couple of years ago and if they can find a healthy defensive centre they could definitely make some noise in the playoff in a couple of years

  17. Steven Jackson says:

    He ain;t bout day lyfe do. On some real talk tho, dis dude klay, lightin it up on the three ball, gsw is legit good for them love seein small market teams make it