Howard Knows Where He’s Going

NEW YORK — It’s kind of hard to believe that, after 3 1/2 months of trade rumors last season and several more weeks of drama this past summer, Dwight Howard still doesn’t have a long-term home in the NBA.

Howard demanded a trade for Orlando, waived his early termination option, and then demanded a trade again. He landed with the Lakers, but he’s still only under contract through the end of this season.

In a wide-ranging conversation with T.J. Simers of the L.A. Times, Howard says that he knows where he’ll sign this summer…

Once he made his decision to leave Orlando, it was going to be the best of times. But instead he finds himself parked in hell.

“Maybe somewhere between heaven and hell,” he says. “Purgatory. But it’s going to get better. I know it.”

Howard will be a free agent at the end of this season. I ask him if he knows now where he will be playing next year, and he says, “I know.”

I suggest that means the Lakers because he could not know of any other opportunity at this time. But I still make a pitch for the Clippers, figuring he might want to play for the best team in town.

He laughs, and when I suggest that some opine that if this season falls apart it will persuade him to leave, he says that’s not the case.

He says the Lakers are all about championships, and “what’s not to like about L.A.?”

You would think that Howard would want to stay in L.A. for the next few years, but the Lakers are the picture of dysfunction right now. Furthermore, if Howard could change his mind several times in 24 hours like he did at the trade deadline, how do we know that he won’t do it again in the next seven months?

Maybe we should just stop talking about this. Nobody wants to endure another Dwightmare this season.


  1. sunshinestateman says:

    The Heat dnt need him…we r a positionless type team ..he is not the smartest center …he is just big and strong and just a little faster than the average center. .when Nash comes in they will play that pick n roll game and convert Kobe into a spot up jump shooter… they will be fine …patience that’s all they need and chemistry

  2. Hwight Doward says:

    Dwight is a liability. Enough Said.

  3. killuabest says:

    Howard-drama….NO ONE WINS….lets stop this…He’s getting too much attention..should have practice more in free-throw shooting instead.PERIOD.

  4. Ican_Make-free_Throws says:

    Howard needs growing up and maturing – But for the Lakers to win, he can’t be missing 20 free throws – That is just pathetic – A POINT is a POINT is a don’t make the free throws, you leave points on the court for the other team…so MAN UP, wipe the silly grin off your face, and play the GAME – I always wanted to keep Bynum as he not only scored, he could make his free throws –

  5. JimD54 says:

    D Howard will not leave the Lakers, every NBA Player who loves the spotlight as much as he does loves being a Laker win or lose, the only problem is that his game is not up to par, Cleveland and NY Players went down the lane on LA this week like I was playing center and this guy thinks he’s superman, that’s why I like low profile centers, Perkins, Marc Gasol, Tyson Chandler, guys not running around calling themselves Superman, but guys that show up every night with their lunch pail and hard hat ready to play center, no high profile TV commercials no $300.00 Gymshoes, just show up and play center, Dwight is seven feet tall for crying out loud, how hard could it be for a man that big to play center, quit shooting commercials and shoot free throws, nobody ever won a NBA championship for shooting commercials….

  6. Marilyn says:

    Howard played like a superstar in Orlando and now like Donald Duck in LA. Maybe this fall from star to above average will force him to grown up. He is gifted physically and could end up in the top five best centers to ever play the game but its entirely up to him. Dwight, you are having more babies than buckets. Also, having Kobe as a team mate could zap your motivation. Dwight, go to the Heat if they want you as King James is a true team player.

  7. MIchael says:

    If the media wouldnt beat things over and over situations like what happened here would not be occurring The media does a good job of making a big deal out of a small thing just to get a story and ends up making the fans mad at the players, the players mad at the media and it just gets blown out of proportion. The media just needs to learn to drop things at times, understand they have a job but there is a time where it has gone too far.

  8. Big Al says:

    The Lakers can go down but get up again. Hopefully, this is a season just like Miami in 2010 when the perceived dominance of LeBron, Wade and Bosh was negated by initial losses to supposedly lesser teams. But they got to the finals that year and won the championship altogether in 2011. It helps to have a point guard that actually makes plays, something LA is obviously lacking. The bench also needs a lot more substance. We saw the departure of Shannon Brown, Lamar Odom and Matt Barnes and got virtually nothing in return. Even Jordan Farmar and Sasha Vujacic were more useful than the current second unit. The squatting team in the Staples Center has them beaten in that aspect, by far. Everything just went wrong for the purple and gold when the league conspired against the Chris Paul trade.

    As for Howard staying or not, I personally think he should. He must not keep transferring teams if he’s a real superstar. The Lakers have an excellent championship history, and it’s his job to help make that even better by contributing to more crowns. The squad will be built around him once Kobe and Nash hang their jerseys. Before Shaq dominated, there was Olajuwon and David Robinson. But Dwight is no doubt the best center today, so the time to shine is now.

  9. vance says:

    hes going to south beach!

  10. Just saying... says:

    Dwight, you say you want help defence? come to BOSTON, THE HOME OF DEFENCE!!!

  11. Lakers-R-Us says:

    @Pat! What are you talking about??? It’s Dwight and Kobe that are carrying the team right now!!! What would the Lakers be without Dwight Howard right now? And you are a Laker fan????? ????? Ridiculous comment! And, by the way, he carried Orlando on his back all those years! So what do you mean when you say: Look at what he did to Orlando. He made them a winner; that’s what he did. I think you are an Orlando fan. Sorry for your loss! lol.

  12. Pat says:

    Dwight is so fake. Our Lakes don’t need him. Look what he did to Orlando. He said one thing in front of you then does something else. What ever comes out of his mouth is pure garbage.

  13. jeff says:


    Make a new legacy with LaMarcus Aldridge, Damian Lillard and Nic Batum.

  14. Dirk says:

    Dirk, Marion, Howard, Collison, OJ Mayo= Championship!!!

  15. David74 says:

    Howard is overrated and the Lakers will do much better when he is gone. I think trading Chandler and Amare for Howard would be the best deal the Lakers franchise could do but the Knicks are not that stupid to break up a winning team… or are they? History proves Howard to not a player that can carry a team over the hump at crunch time and at best he is a very expensive role player. Gasol has more game and skills than Howard and who would you rather have shoot free throws at crunch time? Gasol has proved himself in the past, in the playoffs he can win games when needed. Starting five Gasol; Kobe; Hill; Nash and World Peace and have Howard come off the bench and please for Gods sake keep him off the damn court in the 4th when they start hacking him.

  16. Nando says:

    Hes stayng in L.A.. They rather get rid of Casol, Meta, Blake, and half the bench with the Coach.

  17. mohawk44 says:

    drama clown.

    lakers lookin thin.

  18. aaron says:


  19. W/E says:

    maybe D12 will want to go to the Heat next summer, who knows maybe he understands that his only chance to win a championship will be to join better younger players like James or even Durant in Oklahoma,if he decides to leave LA we dont know what other teams might think of and where he might end up.

    • Wilt #13 says:

      They dont have the money to pay howard Both in Miami and OKC…
      in miami they have alot of money in LeBron,Bosh and wade…
      In OKC they have alot of money in durant westbook ibaka martin and perkins

  20. Najee says:

    Brooklyn is goin to do whateva they have to to get him. Besides, thats where he wants to go. Its still in his head. Lets just wait and see what happens.

  21. ddddd says:

    I thought that this would be a version of the 04 Lakers that lost to the Pistons in the finals in spite of having that Payton/Malone/Kobe/Shaq lineup. No way! Granted Nash has been out. However on D a the Glove at the end of his career is way better than Nash. At least the 04 lakers had some D!!!

    This needs to be the time in which trades are explored… Not later when Nash and Pau come back due to some handshake agreement about Pau between Kupchak and Nash. The lakers got greedy and now are being exposed. Granted, Brown needed to go. However there definitely was a more apropriate coach out there for the players that the lakers have. Larry Brown, Brian Shaw, either Van Gundy brother etc… would have fit a lot better… Heck Bernie Bickerstaff has a what? 1.000 record at this point as interim head coach of the lakers!!!

    I am not a laker fan persay, but at least give me something tennable to hate on!!!

  22. jose says:

    he should join the heat w/lebron


    HE will be resigning and reestablishing his relationship with the Franchise he knows best ” Orlando” ….. Get this , He knew he wasnt going to get the right mix of players around him if he stayed in a Magic uniform , the cap room wouldn’t be there with players that were clogging up space so he demands the trade in a ploy so that the magic would be able to trade some contracts aqcuire some better situations to then comeback with a fresh team.

  24. Sam says:

    Somehow i personally think he could end up with Atlanta. Josh Smith is a close friend to his and they have the flexibility to make moves next summer (only two starters are under contract beyond this season is what ive got in mind?)
    With that lineup you couldfinally move Al Horford to his natural position at Pf and Smith has proven himself at the Sf spot. I just see him fitting there perfectly.

  25. zeeeman says:


  26. Willy says:

    Agreed stop talking about this! Let the man play!!!

  27. Eaglos says:

    With declining FT percentage each year and miserably limited post moves,
    he is not going anywhere in his career.

  28. Lee says:

    Dwight Howard is poison! Either he ends up continuing to flounder in LA, moves to Brooklyn, or the only teams willing to take him are rebuilding franchises looking for a centerpiece and that’s going to drive him crazy!

  29. Go and develop.... says:

    If he was smart he would go elsewhere, make your own route.. He is still on Shaq’s dirty dishes.. Why in the hell would you want to stay and imitate someone else’s career? You gotta have some originality somewhere.. Couldn’t imagine playing your whole career just like another person did theirs.. Meaning you already have a dude that has copied MJ’s whole blueprint but is trying to be himself(doesn’t work) and now it seems Howard is on the same page as that person. Go somewhere fresh and add a couple of moves especially a jumpshot and free throws!! Then do you, not someone else, for it has been done already…Out with the old in with the new! Whether it be Dallas, Houston, anywhere else but in a Sparks uni..

  30. cleantone says:

    Dear NBA, please ban Dwight Howard from playing basketball!

  31. LS says:

    Kobe may be older but everybody who continues to breathe gets older. Kobe is probably the most competitive player in the nba and always has been. Dwight’s woes are his own doing. He’s immature and acts like a whiney baby. After all the drama he caused in Orlando, he should feel fortunate to be in LA. His performance thus far hasn’t lived up to all the hype about him. And no, I’m not a Laker fan.

    • Dommy says:

      Dwight actually isnt playing that bad. Hes practically the defence at the moment its people like hill who needs to learn to help when dwight goes to help to protect the rim. The lakers offence is so good too atm. Its all about D and Howard brings that, they just need more help and to cut down TO and get more stops then theyll have a great chance of saving this season. As for pau i think he does well at the no.4 spot, hes just got to be more dominant and demand the ball in the post a bit more often.

  32. Dieter says:

    Bench and trade Howard, put Hill in the starting line-up, move Gasol to the center. I don’t know what Howard’s worth, but maybe they could get Conley and Gay or Rubio and Love or Iggy and Farried or Aldridge and Lillard or Bosh and Chamlers … alot of possibilities that will make LA a better team.

    • Badgers says:

      I guarantee no team in their right mind would make those trades. Trade away the heart of your great team for a player thats going to leave once the season ends?

  33. Celtics34 says:

    Howard to Celtics…….

  34. cedric says:

    That ‘s what the Lakers get for always trying to have a super team. LOL

  35. andrew says:

    The whole NBA is a Joke Just like the NHL. There is no professionalism anymore. I remember watching players like MJ who all wanted to play against other to prove they r the best and lead their own team. Now Pro athletes at least in N.America only care about the money and the easiest rout like pampered little brats which they really act like. NHL players get payed millions to do wht ppl pay to do for fun and they bitch about it. NBA players dont wanna do the work or have the pressure on them so they join with players they can lean on like they dont even care. like teams r throwing top money out at players who sign to a different team for like 1/2 the pay to play with other top 10 players and that is annoying and really destroys the game and is not fare. not only that this year ive been able to tell who is going to win after the 1st quarter in the NBA. The Reffs r by far the worst ive seen with lopsided calls and stupid nonsense tech fouls. Its not me being bitchy complaning about nothing ither. my friend who dont even really pay attention to the nba says he notices it as well plus i dont think ive seen a single game (of any team not just my fave team) where i haven’t herd the commentators go off on the reffs on their stupidity and nonsense lopsided calls. Im not saying it is for any one team they call for but i noticed weaker teams dont get half the calls and get much harder calls on them. The games are really decided by who the reffs decide who they want to win. Im truly 100% ashamed of N.America pro sports and our PRINCESS athletes who want the world handed to them for nothing. Im almost done with N.American sports all together. it truly became a media show and soon will be no more that that They r pathetic and should be ashamed of them selves but like i said they dont bc they dont care about anything including us fans the organization and the league they play for and the Sport. Like everything elts now days it seems all dignity is almost gone:(

    • One game says:

      your writing is really long so I doubt anybody has the time to read what you wanted to say. I just want to let you know that I didn’t read your message but I disagree with what you’re saying!

      The Lakers need to be active and aggressive. If one person has the ball, the others need to draw the defenders out and make room for them to operate. Don’t just stand around and watch and allow the defenders to help each other to defend the player with the ball. Make the defender pay you respect and attention 100% preventing them to help out their teammates!

  36. Game Time says:

    Dwight wants to win and there’s only one place he can do that for sure. He’s going to the CBA.

  37. Kevin says:

    Adios Amigo! We don’t need this fake clown in this city.We deserve better.

  38. LukSWAG says:

    I’d love to see Chandler & Amar’e for Dwight & Anderson for Gasol in next year. πŸ™‚

  39. DWADE 3 says:

    HOWARD TO HEAT a guaranteed ring in MIAMI

  40. The_Pharmacist says:

    Can we trade D’Antoni for Rick Adelman or Gregg Popovich or George Karl???????

  41. Cleepers says:

    Clippers are doing just fine without him. Keep that diva drama in the other locker room.

  42. PBA says:


  43. ri says:

    Plus, the only teams that would take on howards contract are… Houston, charlotte bobcats, the wizards, and dallas. NONE of those teams will ever make the finals. They may have the money but lack talent. Plus I highly doubt that howard would go to dallas. Mark cuban is an idiot, that cant keep a team together. The brooklyn nets wont have a chance to get howard. They would be WAAAAAAY over the cap limit. They would have to get rid of either wallace or lopez. OH YEAH, both signed a 5 yr multi million dollar contracts. Anyways, like i said the only team that he has a chance winning is in a lakers uni…

  44. ri says:

    You know, just because he did that in orlando doesnt mean he’ll do that in LA. The lakers may be struggling right now, but im 100% sure hes in the right organization. We’re talking about the lakers here, 16x champs. Theres only been two organizations that are succesfull in championships. LAL and Boston. But, i want to see howard sign again on that dotted line with LA. Words are words, resign and go from there.

  45. LarryJ says:

    Who cares?…He’s going to end up being with no team, because he’s to undecided.

  46. TTKIN says:

    That’s great and all, but Theyre going to sign Howard to a huge contract while they already have DeAndre Jordan playing for more than he’s worth? I dont get it.

  47. WOW says:

    Dude shut up about trade drama for no reason..haha..this is crazy

  48. dean says:

    “You would think he would want to stay in LA…” Why would he want to stay? He wants to sign a long term contract and that will not be with the Lakers. Lakers only have a chance to be good this year, and maybe next. So he’ll sign for only one year? I don’t think so. Kobe plans to be gone after next season, I’m sure Nash will consider it too, and Pau is getting up there in age himself. Reality is Lakers are better than Orlando, but not as good as Dwight hoped. Expect Dwight to sign elsewhere after this year.

  49. Rob says:

    Why did you even post this. There’s big issues in the Lakers organization right now. The only one who should be leaving is Mitch Kupchak. But this post has no value what so ever. If its the norm for players to want to leave after 3months of bad basketball.. then just shut down the nba because thats not worth watching. I’m having a hard time following along with the nba anyway. brutal games

  50. THEONLY says:


  51. DWM says:

    Dwight wishes the Lakers locker room had the chemistry the Clips locker room has. See for yourself in all the Clips post game interviews in the locker room. There’s such a relaxed and playful attitude in that locker room. Those guys are family.

    • RealTalk says:

      Real talk you never see any post game interviews in the Lakers lockeroom and when you do it seems so dead in there. I’m a Clippers fan all day not because of the players but that no one puts themselves ahead of another and work together many people forget what Basketball is and how it’s supposed to be played it’s a team game just like Football their are stars all over the court but until the Lakers get someone that is a true leader not Kobe that can trust his teamates to fail and take shots they are going to keep falling.

  52. Ro says:

    Your last line of the article makes the most sense………….
    Let’s just check back in with this clown at the end of the season. Did i say clown? That’s rude. I meant spoiled little baby who really thinks he is worth the money that he’ll sign for. Little drama queen, fake personality that pretends to care about the fans and the city… Pfff He cares about him and is about as patient as my 18 month old!

  53. theking0522 says:

    Howard is going to Houston where he will be the man. Now, they have a much better team than during the summer. Kobe and Gasol are getting really old.


    Very goods team

    • DJ3 says:

      LOLZ! One you put the SG before the PG which makes NO sense, and two Dwight is not a PF. He is one of the 4 or 5 true centers in the league right now (Him, Roy Hibbert, Andrew Bynum and Brook Lopez/Joakim Noah) and if anything, Asik would play PF but if Dwight somehow manages to find his way into Houston, Asik would probably play backup.

      C – D. Howard
      PF – P. Patterson
      SF – C. Parsons or C. Delfino
      SG – J. Harden
      PG – J. Lin

  54. nino says:

    For his own sake he should either stay or make his plans clear right from the get go. Another drama won’t serve him well.

  55. thekingo522 says:

    Howard is going to Houston where he will be the man. Now, they have a much better team than during the summer.


    Very goods team

    • Dommy says:

      dwight isnt a PF, hes a pure centre

      • Allen Iv3rson says:

        Pure center??? hahaha plz.. dwight is a PF who cant shoot jumpshots but thrives in pick and roll situations or when lobs are thrown his way. His post game is suspect, he can run the floor quick and get in postion for easy layups or dunks but in a half court situations or game winning moments he’s no good. He can defend the rim though.. which is why he’s in the center to begin with.

      • thekingo522 says:

        Don’t be silly. You know you can use a PF and a Center interchangeably, genious!!! You can argue that Gasol is a PF or a Center. The same situation in Memphis with Z-BO and Marc Gasol. You can interchange a PF and a Center without any problems. Learn some basketball, lakers fans

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Howard… At the 4? My thoughts on this. ……………………………… Exactly.

  56. spursfan says:

    Can someone please tell Mr. Dwight Howard that HEADBANDS are not for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is headband game is horrible

  57. QuestionMark says:

    The way the Lakers are playing, I won’t be surprised if Howard leaves in the off season. Nash is close to retirement, and Kobe is getting older, it is now or never for the Lakers, cause once those two retire, the Lakers are gonna revolve around Howard, the same way the Magic did, and that didn’t win them a championship,

  58. Recruit says:

    he going to the nets

  59. slider821 says:

    Thanks John, another article about absolutely nothing. But I guess you have to make your LA quota of 5 articles per day, you can check one off the list.

    Let me reiterate your final thought: “Maybe we should just stop talking about this.” Yes, please for the sake of us. Write about basketball and teams that deserve to be talked about. The Lakers are no one of those teams.

  60. Kobe-z says:

    Trade him now for Depth….Trade Gasol for Rudy Gay….Sign KEVIN LOVE….and SIgn RONDO next year….SIGN Multiple bench players who add depth and defense….

    D and D

    Make a rap song about Depth and Defense

    Sing it at next years championship parade…..

  61. Eaham says:

    or the knicks, its gona happen just watch, say bye bye to chandler and amare

  62. Eaham says:

    He’s gona go to Brooklyn

  63. NBA.PT says:

    “Maybe we should just stop talking about this. Nobody wants to endure another Dwightmare this season.”

    Best part of the entire article.

  64. krespino says:

    Dwightmare seems to be never to end. He gets so much attention and media coverage, in a kind of disturbing way for the NBA fans who would prefer to read and hear more about developing players, improving teams.