JET Parked In Mavs’ Rafters One Day? Cuban Not Opposed To Idea

HANGTIME SOUTHWEST — Jason Terry won’t have to worry about finding a gig when his playing days are over. His former boss, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, said the Jet will always be welcome back.

As for that spot in the American Airlines Center rafters that Terry picked out for his No. 31 jersey to hang one day? Cuban’s good with that, too.

“We’ll deal with that,” Cuban said. “I’m not opposed to it, let’s put it that way.”

Which is more than can be said for the other Jason who left the Mavs last summer, but unlike Terry did so voluntary. Jason Kidd stunned Cuban when he reversed field on a three-year deal and made a mad dash for New York. Cuban viewed it sort of like the Colts hightailing it out of Baltimore under the cloak of darkness, and he’d later say that Kidd’s No. 2 won’t be under consideration for a rafter ceremony any time soon.

Jason Terry and Mark Cuban

Jason Terry and Mark Cuban.

Terry dearly wanted to come back for a ninth season and more with the Mavs. His daughters attended the same school as Cuban’s and coach Rick Carlisle‘s kids and he’s beloved in the community. But Terry saw the writing on the wall with last season’s dismantled title team as Cuban made it clear his cap-clearing ways left little room for the 35-year-old Terry.

Jet signed a three-year, $15 million contract with the Boston Celtics, taking Ray Allen‘s spot on an aging team, but one still believed to be a threat to contend for the East crown.

“He knew what our plans were and we talked a lot. You have no idea how much we talked,” Cuban said. “He wanted to stay, but he understood what we were doing and where we were going. I would have liked for him to stay, but I understood what his goals were, so it just didn’t work out. But he’s always going to be special and hopefully when his career is over he’ll come back and work with us.”

Terry will get his first shot at Cuban and the Mavs tonight (8 ET, ESPN) in Beantown, not that he’ll recognize many of the players in blue.

“Definitely a different team, but same name,” Terry told reporters in Boston. “Carlisle is there, he’ll be on the sideline, so that’ll be emotional for me. I’ll go up, give him a good hug. I miss him, he’s definitely a good friend, one of the greatest coaches I’ve ever played for. But anything other than that, maybe if Tyson Chandler was over there, if Jason Kidd as over there, then it would be something extra special. But, honestly, it’s really not.

“Dirk’s not even in uniform, Shawn Marion (groin) might not be out there, so those are the guys I won a championship with and they’re not there.”

Anyway, Terry’s got his own issues with his new team.

Few would have figured that the Celtics (11-9) would come into this game with virtually the same record as the re-tooled Mavs (11-10), who continue to be without Terry’s old two-man partner, Dirk Nowtizki.

Terry has transitioned from Dallas’ sixth man to a Boston starter, but from the second scoring option with the Mavs to the fourth with the Celtics, and his sagging stats show it.

Terry is averaging 11.4 points and 8.7 shot attempts. Both numbers represent career lows since his rookie season with the Atlanta Hawks in 1999-2000. The last three seasons in Dallas, Terry averaged more than 13 shot attempts a game.

For a Celtics offense stuck in the middle of the pack, averaging less than 98 points a game, Terry might figure to get more looks, particularly tonight as he spreads his wings against his old team for the first time — even if it’s not quite the same and his future rafter-mate is wearing a sport coat instead of his No. 41.


  1. Dew says:

    Jason Terry is a Mavs icon. Was there for years and never gave up. Picked up Sixth Man award during his stay as well due to his personal choice to do whatever it took to bring home the title. His along with Dirk’s should probably be the only two who see retirement in Dallas from this era. Although Kidd was drafted with Dallas originally, he abandoned them once to New Jersey and then when he came back, sure he got a title, but then jetted again out east this time with New York. Had he signed a 3 year deal which Cuban offered him and retired a Mav, then yeah…maybe Kidd’s gets retired as well. If he wants to be out east so bad, let NY or the Nets retire his number. Kidd has been a good player in the NBA, but due to lack of loyalty to a specific team for a number of years other than NJ, he may never have his number retired. NJ, now Brooklyn, should probably be the only one who does if any due to the number of years he spent out there and leading them to the finals twice. As with San Antonio, they retired Bowan’s and Sean Elliotts jerseys not due to franchise records or what showed up in the stat books, but without those guys, they would not have won their rings. Unlike Kidd, those guys stayed with their teams for a number of years and made countless contributions on and off the court. Ginobili will likely have his number retired as well for being a Spurs icon and leading with Tim to 3 rings of his own. Team loyalty plays a big role as well as stats sometimes in getting a retirement ceremony to the rafters.

  2. Flying Raijin_41 says:

    jason terry’s no.31 deserve tobe at the rafter of the ACC after winning a championship there in dallas and also spending many years with dirk…i think jason kidd’s no.2 is deserving too except for the fact that he turns his back on dallas and mark cuban to join the knick..but i love to see no.2 hanging in the rafters as well…

    • wadefan says:

      its nice to know that you can read and regurgitate exactly what the article stated.. over the years kidd was more of a maverick than terry ever was.. dirk will get his jersey retired for sure there, but i dont think terry has done anywhere near enough to get that sort of an honor.. jason kidd leaving shouldn’t change anything, he was a mav before and then a net and then a mav again.. now he’s a knick so what.. he’s still a great and there is no question that he will be in the hall of fame

  3. Najee says:

    Definitly. The Mavs need some more jerseys up on the rafters. They’ve been around since like 1980 but their haven’t been alot of great players, with the acceptions of Brad Davis and Rolando Blackman, who already have their jerseys retired and Dirk Nowitzki who will soon get his retired. Orlando should take note of this and start retirin jerseys as well. Dennis Scott, Darrell Armstrong, Nick Anderson, Bo Outlaw and of course, Mr. Shaquille O’Neal. Some of these guys might of been viewed as role players but Dennis Rodman was a role player and got his jersey retired by the Pistons and is in the Hall of Fame. Bruce Bowen and Bobby Jackson were also role players and they got their numbers retired by the Spurs and Kings.

  4. BIGMatta23 says:

    Cmon man…hanging a jersey should have reverence and be for those who were the best of the best in your franchise, who actually have done the most for the franchise, dominated the league in some way, set franchise records and been there over a long period of time, sustained excellence. JET, good player but there is no way you deserve to have your number retired. No Way! Who’s next…Marion? Give me a break.

    • Najee says:

      Terry deserves to get his number retired and unlike Marion he’s had more years there and also got the SMOY award.