How Not To Treat — Or Act Like — A Superstar, Northwoods Edition

Give Kevin Love credit for this much: he didn’t say that he didn’t say what he supposedly and, as it turns out, most definitely said.

Yeah, those comments offered up to Yahoo! Sports  were all his, the Minnesota All-Star power forward acknowledged to reporters after the team’s practice Wednesday. His critical, grumpy, even petulant-sounding remarks about the Timberwolves, his bosses and his less-than-desired contract experience were accurate. But he also said he did not like the tone of the story and that he talked about other, more upbeat topics about the Wolves that apparently got left on the cutting-room floor. Like his tendency to use perceived slights for motivation.

Here is some of the offending quotage as told to Yahoo! NBA guy Adrian Wojnarowski in a piece largely focused on the decision by Wolves management to offer and sign Love to an extension for four years rather than five:

“I don’t know who labels people stars, but even [T’wolves owner] Glen Taylor said: I don’t think Kevin Love is a star, because he hasn’t led us to the playoffs,” Love told Yahoo! Sports. “I mean, it’s not like I had much support out there.

“That’s a tough pill to swallow.”

No, Kevin Love isn’t over Taylor and GM David Kahn refusing him what he had earned. He isn’t over Kahn marching into the trainer’s room after a loss and thrusting a contract offer sheet into his hands. Where else does it work that way in the NBA? “I’m not the one to always follow professional protocol – but I do know what it is, even at 24 years old,” Love says.

Love also is quoted talking about the broken hand he suffered in training camp and speculation within the franchise that maybe he had hurt it in some way besides the “knuckle push-ups” he claimed. He questions Kahn’s performance and vision, and Wojnarowski provides context (Minnesota had the sixth, fourth and second overall draft picks from 2009 to 2011 and came away with disappointments Jonny Flynn, Wes Johnson and Derrick Williams). That has led to a crazy-quilt of roster building. “You walk into the locker room every year, and it’s completely turned over,” Love said. “You start to wonder: Is there really a plan here? Is there really any kind of a … plan?”

But most of the piece dwells on Love’s disenchantment with the franchise and the prospect that he could leave via an opt-out clause in 2015.

Love will never get over how badly he wanted the designation as the Wolves’ franchise player, how deeply he believed it had been deserved and how Kahn was so smugly defiant in refusing to recognize it. When the Wolves should’ve been throwing a parade that Love wanted a five-year maximum contract designation a year ago, the franchise could forever regret the consequences of telling a superstar player he wasn’t worth that commitment.

For as foolish as it was to tell a first-team All-NBA forward, an Olympian, that that the Wolves would be saving the super max deal for someone else, Taylor and Kahn somehow gave into Love’s insistence of an opt-out after the third year of the four-year deal. Privately, Kahn has told people that he isn’t worried, that the Wolves can pay Love the most money on the market and that he doesn’t believe he’ll leave for less.

It’s a terrible miscalculation.

The story, obviously, went viral in Minnesota, dividing the Twin Cities like Moses’ staff, only not along traditional Minneapolis vs. St. Paul allegiances. No, this split is between those who blame the Wolves for messing with the team’s first superstar since Kevin Garnett in a star-dependent league and those irritated by what sounds like ego and lack of appreciation from a 24-year-old grumbling that he had to settle for $62 million rather than $80 million.

It’s not that simple, of course. Love know he is set financially for life, not just off his current deal but whatever he lands after that, whenever and wherever. But it was the statement Kahn and Taylor made by holding back that fifth year compared to, say, the way Chicago embraced Derrick Rose, not just with five years but without even offering or being asked for an out clause.

Are the Wolves holding that five-year deal (the CBA permits a club to extend only one player that long) for Ricky Rubio? Does it have anything to do with Rubio being a Kahn draft pick – he fell into the Wolves’ laps at No. 5 in 2009, right before Kahn grabbed the point guard he liked – and Love being a leftover from Kevin McHale‘s regime?

As for the team’s prospects as a perennial contender, coach Rick Adelman – a longtime Love pal from their days in the Portland area, where the Wolves star hooped with an Adelman son – has organized the basketball operation on and off the court. He even has increased his personnel input. But Adelman is 66, Andrei Kirilenko and Luke Ridnour will both turn 32 this season and, well, Kahn’s track record remains as spotty as ever.

From the Wolves’ side, there was the issue of Taylor, a central figure in the 2011 lockout as chairman of the NBA’s Board of Governors, almost immediately handing out a contract of maximum length and cost so soon after a claimed fiscal crisis. And the truth is, Love – two-time All-Star, U.S. gold medal-winner, rare inside-outside threat as a top rebounder and 3-point – hadn’t put Minnesota on his back to a playoff berth the way, oh, Rose (with way more help) had.

Missing the start of the season with the broken hand surely didn’t help Love’s mood. His push-back from basketball after the London Olympics had him returning in less than his stellar shape last season. He resumed life as a double-double machine, but his accuracy has been way off – 38.2 FG percent, 21.6 from the arc and 67.4 from the line thanks to the bum hand – and the Wolves are only 4-5 since he’s been back. Team insiders have caught him arguing calls with refs rather than getting back on defense, or holding his 3-point form rather than crashing the boards when he misses.

Soon, maybe even this week, there’s the prospect of Rubio coming back and igniting the 9-9 team again the way he did as a rookie. If that happens, maybe the charismatic point guard would be more deserving of the five-year deal.

He’d have to want to stay in Minnesota, mind you, despite the prospect of Love leaving.


  1. JAMIE says:

    with his opt out clause around the same time that KG and PP will retire, that coupled with the way that rivers loves the bigs and defense, its not too silly to think that ainge would pay the money to pick him up and run the rondo / love show….. noone thought of that???? i’d be more inclined to see bulls pick up howard and say bye bye to boozer the muppet… who knows, BUT K love’s talent is being wasted and I as a NBA fan would love to see him on more highlight reels… just look at the olympics… once he got game time and started to fit in, he played great….

  2. dj rgm9 says:

    I agree many things from fans posting comments about trading Love,but not one one from delusional lakers bandwagoners!Stupid comments about trading Love for Gasol is unacceptable for real Lakerfans!Why trade for another injuryprone player?We have already 2 possible injuryprone players with Nash&Dwight why risking with a third one?Gasol gonna be alright after a good resting&help for his jumpinknees injury’s.Jumpinknees can be fixed with good help&resting,experienced myself too and after still could play for 15Years further!Not with Love when he’s gonna injury again certainly it’s the next Bynum.
    Forza Lakers with Gasol!!!

  3. LaMont Hardy Jr. says:

    the problem is that the GM is not doing a good job at bringing in good draft picks, or trying to work out potential deals that could benefit the team to reach playoffs and or winning a title… but the wolves front office need to realize that you need another star to help k-love and you will get the results you want (titles, winnings) for example: wade got two rings with help of another superstar (shaq & lebron).

  4. dayno says:

    Winning heals all wounds, and despite all this noise the Wolves are above .500.

  5. ProLAL says:

    what about love coming to the lakers? trading gasol and dwight to love and pekovic? just an idea..

  6. DLUNA says:


  7. pokpok says:

    Trade love for KG trade rubio for rondo trade doc with gms wife

  8. mario says:

    Rose, Deng, Love n Noah??? You know he is not a free agent, Chicago will have to give something back.. The best bet for Chicago is Josh Smith. Deng, Smith n Noah must be Thib’s dream, freakish defence.. Smith ofcourse should be the player that LA should trade Gasol for.. Either this or hire Jackson or change D’Antoni’s system coz Gasol will never fit his system. He cannot play so far away from the rim.

  9. Zeb says:

    Trade him to Houston! – Royce White, Patrick Patterson, & a first round pick!

  10. p. olson says:


  11. haha,they shoudl trade him for bosh,than the MH have 3 of the 5 best players available at their position! wade,james and love.


    Id trade KLove in a heart beat. Give me Deng for him and see how the Wolves dominate. KLove might be a dominant statistically but lets face it, he hasn’t made the wolves a playoff team, NOT EVEN CLOSE. Ricky Rubio on the other hand has. Have to remember that last year they were competitive with Ricky and we are losing team without him. If Love thinks he can act like a baby then leave. He has been given more money and a better squad this year, not to mention one of the best coaches in the league. He has been considered to be the leader of the Wolves, why the hell does he need to rant out like this… Does a leader act like a child? Please. I dont get it… they are at a good spot in the west, the timing of this rant is really off.

    • Rick V says:

      Completely agree with you. Klove has shown that he can produce statistics, but not necessarily produce wins. Rubio on the other hand not only brought wins, but an entirely different team dynamic. With Rubio, the wolves on-court disposition changes into that of a team hungry for a win. With only Klove, the wolves look like a team trying to fight off a loss. It’s a marked difference in demeanor, and one that opposing teams pounce upon. I hope more people begin to see what you and I see.

  13. lakers says:

    trade pau for love guys

  14. GOTTA LOVE K LOVE says:

    K Love is the best power forward in the game why would Minnesota trade him?

  15. Dr. O'Neal says:

    the new pistol pete will salvage this franchise. trust me

  16. sirsparhawk says:

    Umm, Love is still injured. He is playing atm to try and get his wolves some much needed help but thats not happening, he is shooting poorly which isnt like him. Doesnt help that he is probably losing motivation to play for them. If he gets traded to a worthy team then we will see. Atm his team is garbage, he has no REAL talent supporting him, he has mediocre talent helping and thats being generous.

  17. sanchez says:

    Adrian Wojnarowski is dishonest and will never get another interview with pro or college players. Adrian Wojnarowski is not to be trusted … EVER !!!!

  18. andrew says:

    ROFL all you people thinkin hes comin to ur team ha. He is staying for a long time along with Rubio. They will be the best tandum in the NBA. Rubio put up 8.5ast a game as a rookie, not even Rondo or Paul did. In 2 yrs all these super teams like MIA and LA wont exist because the new luxury tax. BTW MN has a great team this yr. They have suffered injuries all yr and are still 10-9 w/o Rubio. If CP3 wasnt playing how would the clippers be doin? Last yr MN was .500 with him and now there over that w/o him and they added Kilenko, shved , cunningham, and a couple others. There a top 5 defense while last yr they were bottom 5.

    • Dani91 says:

      It’s true. Rubio is the natural leader of the team, not everything is grab rebounds and score pts, I think in these games Kirilenko and Shved have done something similar to Rubio in last season. I’m just excited to see AK and Rubio together, the defense going to be even better

      Sorry about my English

  19. king says:

    yessssssssssssssssss Gasol for Derrick WIlliams and Love …… lakers need you ..ok you like champion lakers to need you

  20. Ben says:

    Still worth noting that it was the first year of the collective bargaining agreement, and they can still give him the 5 year max contract if he opts out after 3 years or when his contract expires the fourth year. I just hope everything can settle down, and that the Wolves can keep Rubio and Love together their entire careers.

  21. #BULLS says:

    Kevin Love would fit nicely in CHICAGO!!!! The BULLS can sign him in 2015. (Boozer and Love’s contract ends after 2014) So, its safe to say Chicago is a nice option waiting for him! But it depends on what Rose is looking like in a few years. We also have a player similar to K-love coming in from europe (Nikola Mirotic) I think we could probably pull off a trade and send Boozer and the Rights to Mirotic while Love is in his final year.

    #There’s plenty of LOVE in CHICAGO!!! lol

    • Bulls2012 says:

      ehhhh ill like to see a year of Nikola Mirotic play for the Bulls before shipping him off to another team..Nikola has soo much potential and i can see him play many years with the Bulls…(Look at Asik in Houston) we should have signed him for a three year deal….we would prolly be around 15-6…

  22. jmndodge says:

    This comment comes from a wolves fan, who was at the game. Kevin was far from a team leader – almost cost us the game, and it’s time for him to go to work, shut his mouth, quit trying to show up the ref’s and play some defense. He has the potential to be a great player, if he works on his game, makes this team he plays with better, and stays with a team on the upswing, his legacy in the NBA will be exceptional, but if he pouts, and plays a sour grapes attitude, I hope Adelman has the guts to bench him, bury him in his own foolishness, and allow Dante, and D-will to lead this team into the playoffs this year with Pekovic, Rubio, and Shved as the teams future, and AK as their mentor. Kevin, wake up… 24 and out, hoisted on your own petard is a tragic end to a promising career.

  23. TP says:

    …KLove wud rather wait for his final year of his contract and leave for SPURS.he’d be a great star there after TD.d Spurs and KLove wud benefit each other.

  24. HeatKingsofEast says:

    some are hopeless laker fans here. lol ahahahah

  25. C-Webby says:

    Kevin Love is coming back home!!! Portland Trail Blazers 2013 champions!!! (:

  26. You are all wrong. We need to see a real-life Unce Drew and Wes tandem.

  27. Drazard says:

    Come to the Lakers

    Gasol for Derrick WIlliams and Love

  28. chuck says:

    K-Love to houston!

  29. Epeng says:

    Trade Dwight to Minnesota + other players for Kevin Love to Lakers. That would be very nice. Paul Gasol + Kevin Love. Whew! =)

  30. JP says:

    KEVIN LOVE PLEASE COME TO THE BULLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Erick says:

    I think I have seen this movie before. I remember when Kevin Garnett was in Minnesota and did not have another superstar to play with. Although he did have some good players around him. By leaving for Boston, he was able to win a championship. Maybe Minnesota is not the place for Love either but only time will tell.

  32. Bulls2012 says:

    K Love makes the most sense coming to chicago!…DROSE..DENG..K-LOVE,,,NOAH..and DECENT shooting guard..(Hinrich,Crawford,RIP,or Terry,)….Miami only has about one-two more years of being contenderes…wade is not like he used to..Bosh is overrated…ray allen will retire..mike miller wont be around due to injuries…


    • Jimbo says:

      I love D-Rose, but I think he will keep getting injured.

      • Bulls2012 says:

        Drose was not injury pron until last season…which makes sense since teams played like 4-5 games a week with really no two days rest…Drose will be back to the run away number one point guard in the league

  33. Sea Pea says:

    Aldridge to the Lakers, Gasol to Minnesota, and Love to Portland. We all know Love is gonna play in Portland at some point so it might as well be now. 3 way Power Forward trade. Nobody loses anything. Kahn gets a player he can say he traded for, Lakers get young and Portland gets a homeboy.

    • cfg1991 says:

      We’ll keep Aldridge in Portland thank you. Blazers biggest issue is defense in the paint so the last thing we need is Kevin Love lol

  34. SJ says:


  35. SBUL says:

    Kahn, please trade K Love!!! I will forever appreciate if you and Glen will trade K Love to a team that wants him.

  36. Ricky V says:

    Kevin Love gets injured and doesn’t play: T-wolves struggle to win any games.
    Kevin Love plays at full strength: T-wolves struggle to win any games.
    Ricky Rubio gets injured and doesn’t play: T-wolves struggle to win any games.
    Ricky Rubio plays at full strength: T-wolves begin to win games.

  37. jf says:

    Wow, Derrick Williams is a disappointment? How can that statement be made? The guy has talent, just is in a bad system where he doesn’t get much playing time. If this guy is a disappointment, then I really don’t know what to say. I’m sure there are a lot of teams out there that would trade a key player or pieces for Williams.

    • Jimbo says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Really- a lot of the guys surrounding K. Love are not that bad. Love needs to stop complaining.

    • dattebayo says:

      Derrick Williams is the perfect player for this system, he is an athletic wing player with the ability to shoot from the outside. He had a chance to prove himself and the reason he is not playing as much anymore is because the other players outplayed him in every game. Budinger played the wing position to perfection and he could finish in the lane, behind screens, near the rim and from the outside. Cunningham is much more effective on defense, he hustles on almost every play and he is a better midrange shooter. Howard gets the nod because he is a veteran and a better perimeter defender. Williams will get more chances and the Wolves will not give up on him, but he needs to improve. Nobody expects him to be an efficient double figure scorer, but he needs to make an impact on offense. In the first 9 games of the season he often couldn’t finish strong at the rim and he got discouraged more and more up to a point where he wasn’t looking to score anymore. I wouldn’t go as far as labeling him as a disappointment, but his impact on the Wolves game compares in no way to what Rubio has done last year or what Shved is doing this year.

  38. helgimo says:

    What kind of attitude is this from Kahn and Taylor. And why is K.Love going public with this? Grumpy star is not good for any team.

  39. Jumppong says:

    KLOVE why not to love the guy? he had that motivation factor in every game. hope the wolves see that Love is their franchise player. and he is right he needs some help to get to the playoffs. so what the twolves do? they signed Kirilenko so that Derrick williams cannot rise for himself. KLOVE embrace the TWOLVES he didnt ask for any trade. he just do his job to help the team. so the GM, owner must do their job also..

  40. Dom says:

    This…is who…the Sixers need..

  41. Jeffrey Yap says:

    That would be great if Love for Gasol…

  42. apsinian says:

    perfect combo D-Rose K-Love

  43. Lakers-R-Us says:

    A great young player. Minnesota has to recognize that! Or he will walk when he gets the chance!

  44. SBUL says:

    Will K. Love spend his entire NBA career with the Twolves?

    I HOPE NOT. Not with a management like Kahn and Glen.

    Please go somewhere else as fast as you can K. Love. Next yaer, ask for a trade to Trail Blazers. Go to a team that appreciate you as a player and as a person.

  45. apsinian says:

    love-williams to bulls,deng-boozer to wolves ,williams needs playing time,love needs Love

  46. KLove coming home to Oregon! Come to Portland! We’d be deadly!

  47. Stephen Curry says:

    Headlines in a few days:

  48. SBUL says:

    Go Love…If management push like this without reason, as for a trade. All the teams out there, including other leagues will take you at any time.

    OR T-wolves, trade Kahn.

  49. mike says:

    Rose Love and Evans would be deadly, lets get it done tom

    • Man-Up Kevin Love says:

      Just like Dwight, Kobe, and Gasol would right?

      • MinneLakers says:

        Nope.. it’s too far of a comparison… With how the Bulls are playing, Love will be a perfect fit for that organization but with the type of offense the Lakers is playing D12, K24, G16 will never click.. I sure would have hope that they play the triangle again to maximize their potential…

    • Man-Up Kevin Love says:

      Just like Dwight, Kobe, and Gasol are deadly right!

    • Man-Up Kevin Love says:

      ….Or Just like how we thought D-will, Joe Johnson, and Wallace would be unstoppable.
      or how we thought Melo, Chandler, and Amare would be. (I didn’t FYI).
      The point is in all reality Rubio, Love, AK and the entire Minny roster could do just as well as Evans, Love, and Rose and the rest of the Bulls. Love is over-projecting his talents and so are the rest of you Love-Lovers!

      • NBAfan says:

        Nobody is projecting anything. 26 ppg and 13 rpg with the ability to shoot three balls is something he has done already. It’s a fact

        Nobody knows the future (including yourself) but there’s no reason to think that love will not continue to do what he has been doing the last few years.

        Kahn gambled…so this is what he gets…a rare talent at the 4-spot (1st team, gold medalist) unhappy with his team….

        Go trade him for Pau…so you got the Spanish duo of Rubio and Gasol….and Lakers get their stretch 4…

        Rose needs to prove he can play a full season at a very high level before stars start flocking to the Bulls to team up with him

      • Man-Up says:

        The Facts: People ARE projecting: “Rose, Love, and Evans would be deadly…”
        The Facts: Love= 21 ppg NOT 26 ppg. At a measly 0. 38 FG percentage and 21% from Three. Not impressive.
        The Facts: I a do not claim to know the future, I just learn from the past.

        Kevin Love is not bad and I am sure he will do better as the year goes on maybe All-star, but right now he is not doing that great. He has no room to complain. He is surrounded by already good players. Just like Dwight, who really didn’t have it that bad in Orlando.

    • Man-Up says:

      @ NBA FAN
      The Facts: People ARE projecting: “Rose, Love, and Evans would be deadly…”
      The Facts: Love= 21 ppg NOT 26 ppg. At a measly 0. 38 FG percentage and 21% from Three. Not impressive.
      The Facts: I a do not claim to know the future, I just learn from the past.

      Kevin Love is not bad and I am sure he will do better as the year goes on maybe All-star, but right now he is not doing that great. He has no room to complain. He is surrounded by already good players. Just like Dwight, who really didn’t have it that bad in Orlando.

  50. watcher says:

    He must be channeling the ghost of Stephon Marbury there in Twolves land

  51. langtu says:

    Get rid of Kahn. Year after year of disappointment.

  52. britishdelights says:

    Get the man out of Minnesota asap!!

  53. charles says:

    Bottom line, Kahn saved MN money. So he’s a hero. I think if the wolves go to playoffs and win Love will stay. If not, he’ll leave.

    • MinneLakers says:

      If they will not reach the playoff again with this roaster, I say bye bye Love… I don’t think I can still watch any Wolves game if Love isn’t there anymore even if my favorite player is Rubio…..

  54. Jack Mehoffa says:

    Good for you Love for sticking with your guns and not back tracking like almost every other player does when they get backlash for their comments. You hit the nail on the head, a rarity in todays game.

    • Man-Up Kevin Love says:

      It’s time for Kevin to man-up and quit whinning! Nothing is ever good enough for him- his contract his teammates, whatever.
      T-wolves have done great this year until K-lo was back in the line-up. He needs to step back and play team ball (put more faith in his team and not so much pride in himself). This years additions of AK, and Sved are great. It’s not Khan’s fault Roy and Rubio are injured. Play team ball and you’ll do okay- keep whinning and over-projecting yourself and you’ll end up like Dwight on who is bound to not make the playoffs, get “defensive player of the year” award, and no allstar appearance. Khan is right he is no mega star, may have some good stats, but no playoffs.

      • smith says:

        Kevin Love averaging 26 ppg and 13 rebounds, no its not his fault that the Wolves are loosing it is the team. He is an All-Star and deserves the repect that comes with that. If he had another star to work with like KD and Westbrook, Lebron and Wade. they might do better, but until then they wont get very far. And Ricky Rubio is not the star to do that.

      • Man-Up Kevin Love says:

        I was hoping someone would bring up K-lo’s stats. Love shoots a measly 38% FG, and 21% from Three, and 67% from the line.
        Those are terrible numbers. Love shoots too much and scores too little.

        Paul Millsap gets 46% FG, 47% from 3, and 71% from the line, and 15 ppg. Al Jefferson gets 48% FG, 81% from the line, and 17 ppg and 10.7 boards and they share the ball, thus lower ppg. Both jhave better numbers than Love except for rebounding. Both Paul and Al’s contracts are up in the air for next year but they are not complaining, they go out and play ball night after night, as with many other big men.. David lee, Omer Asik, and Anderson Varejo. Man-Up Kevin Love.

      • Jimbo says:

        Kevin Love should not be compared to Lebron, Wade, Durant, or Westbrook. He is shooting at 38% and 21 ppg NOT 26 as you suggested.
        How do you know a heatlthy Rubio could not be comprable to get Love going? I think Rubio is pretty good and could blossom into All-star calliber.

      • dattebayo says:

        You are such a douche. Kevin Love broke his shooting hand a month ago, there is no way he would come in and shoot the same percentages from the floor as last season. He is not very athletic to begin with and he is undersized at 6’10” because he doesn’t have a huge wingspan. His shooting will get better with time and it’s not like he is just stinking the place up everywhere. He is rebounding well, he is drawing a lot of fouls and he hustles. It’s not like he is Roy Hibbert shooting 40% in the restricted area (that’s pathetic for a 7’2” center).

      • donn says:

        kobe averages 28.6ppg and his team is losing and its his fault.. love averages 26ppg 13rpg yet his team cant win and its nit his fault??

      • Come on says:

        Let’s be fair. He doesn’t ‘shoot’ at that efficiency he is currently shooting with a 10 game sample after coming back from a fracture hand…the thing he uses to shoot. It will regress to his averages…

        Prior to this season (2011-2012) 26ppg at 45%, 13rpg, 2dimes and a remarkable 82% from the charity strip. And all of those numbers, except ppg. were down from a year prior. The guy is an inside outside threat. He is a STAR.

        And comparing Millsap’s 3PT shot to Love’s is misleading. Millsap is having a specially high % into this year with 1.1 attempts per game (twice the amount from last year and 3 times his career). Even at that he has 3-4x fewer attempts than Love. Plus, all of Millsap’s number imrpoved with the arrival of Big Al. Btw I’m not dogging on Milsap, I love his game.

        And don’t get me started on Ricky. Love the guy, from his personality to his game, but the projected back court of Rubio and Shved would be one of the more inefficient back court in the NBA. They both have some adjusting to do.

        Forget all these doubters. Come play for the Suns. Not that its an improved situation over Min, but god knows we need you.

  55. Sosay says:

    maybe it wouldn’t be all that crazy for the wolves to swap him for gasol

    • Neyrad says:

      Imagine if he went to the bulls that would be scary. Derrick rose and K Love would be a better PF and PG combo then the paul and griffin.

      • MinneLakers says:

        I agree… that would really sound very scary… with noah and love under the pain, I doubt there would be any rebounds left for the opposition… whew.. I still hope Love ends up as a Laker or stay in Minnesota though! ahahhaha

    • amitpal says:

      Ur kidding right. I have zero respect for the timberwolves organization cuz I think they r plain out stupid. But if they even think of making that trade they r beyond stupid. Minnasota doesnt deserve love for how they have treated him ever since hes entered the team. I feel sorry for any star player who goes to the timberwolves. Its a waste of time for there career at least until kahn and the owner r still there.

      • bunbury says:

        do you consider getting paid millions is a waste of time? READ THIS: Kevin Garnett, who pulled in a six-year, $126 million contract with the Minnesota Timberwolves in 1997, has earned more money in his 17-year career than any player in NBA history, according to a top 100 list released over the weekend.

        I believe the wolves owner has the right to give his opinion. even though it might result in love’s departure.

      • slider821 says:

        I agree, MN is where players waste a good part of their career. That being said, this is Love who injured HIMSELF, continually saying his team isn’t good enough. If I remember correctly, they were winning while Love was out hurt, and he comes back and what is their record with him back?

        He needs to prove he’s a franchise player every year or Kahn will be right. Maybe that franchise option is best spent on Rubio? That’s left to be seen.