Blogtable: Is D-Wade’s Game Declining?

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Week 5: Still-Stumbling Lakers | Hawks vs. Clippers | Dissing D-Wade

Barkley says D-Wade isn’t the player he once was: Agree or disagree?

Steve Aschburner: Charles doesn’t always make his observations in the most artful way, but as Flip Saunders likes to say, the truth can’t be controversial. Wade isn’t the same player he was six years ago (27.2 ppg) or even three years ago (30.2) and won’t be getting back there. All those hard landings probably have taken their toll, along with Father Time. But he’s not ready for the glue factory either. The season in which a player turns 31 hardly is the end – Wade got to the NBA at 21, not 18 or 19 – and he’s smart enough and skilled enough to continue the transition he’s already begun from thrower to pitcher. Any fallout from Charles’ comments likely is due to Miami hoping it could be criticism-free for at least a little while after winning those rings.

Fran Blinebury: I’m with Chuck. And that’s not a knock on Wade, but facing the facts of life. Father Time remains unbeaten. From the days Wade came into the league and especially when he was throwing himself all over the floor en route to the 2006 championship, we’ve always said he couldn’t play that way forever. So he can’t, and he doesn’t have to in the clear No. 2 role behind LeBron. He’s still an All-Star and there will be nights when he takes over and puts on a show. Just not as much. No shame or disparagement in that.

Jeff Caplan: I hate to say it, but the eyes don’t lie. D-Wade is not as explosive as he once was. He is, at least without doing the research to prove it, seemingly taking more jumpers than ever before. Wade has some high-mileage and hard knocks on his body. Maybe it will heal up over the season and he’ll get his bounce back, but I really can’t remember the last time I watched D-Wade play and some part of his body wasn’t aching or bruised or strained. But that hardly means he can’t be a major contributor to a repeat champion. He’ll find other means than his athleticism to outsmart opponents. And, really, let’s be real here, the guy’s averaging 20.2 points a game on better than 50 percent shooting. Pretty much every guy in the league would take that.

Scott Howard-Cooper: Of course Chuck is right that Wade is starting to lose his athletic ability. Wade is a month away from turning 31, has played a lot of long NBA seasons and into summers of international play. Why is this taken as such a shocking statement? The real question should be whether Wade still has the ability to make a major impact on a team contending for a championship. The answer to that is yes. I still expect very good things this season. He doesn’t need to be 24 years old for that to happen.

John Schuhmann: I’m not Dwyane Wade and I’ve never had knee surgery, so I don’t know exactly how he feels physically. Is he slowly getting back into shape or does he just have good and bad days? Beats me. I guess we’ll find out in the Spring. I know he looked pretty good against the Hornets and Hawks over the last few days, but I’m sure he can’t play like that every night. The good news is that he doesn’t have to, because LeBron James  and Chris Bosh are still better than any other two-man combination in the league.

Sekou Smith: I agree that Dwyane Wade appears to be missing some of the explosiveness we saw from him as recently as three or four years ago, but that’s a part of the process of aging. Father Time takes his toll on everyone, even the future Hall of Famers. The days of Wade carrying the load he did before LeBron James and Chris Bosh showed up ended the moment the that laser-light show kicked off in Miami announcing the league’s newest power. The reinforcements were designed to take pressure off of Wade, who spent some of his best years physically playing his guts out for teams that realistically had no chance of making it out of the first round of the playoffs. What we can expect out of Wade this season is the occasional flash of the man we once knew as Flash.   And for the Heat’s stake, he needs to show up more often in the playoffs than he does before then. Anyone asking Wade to do anything more on a consistent basis needs a new pair of BluBlockers. Because the days of him dominating the floor on a nightly basis are over.


  1. Roy says:

    hehe come on guys stop the hating the guy is still scores 20 a game shooting less than 15 fgs shooting better than 50% playing without dominating the ball.Russell Westbrook is 24 is scoring 21 ppgs in 18 shoots a game at 41% the guy is healthy and there is no talk about him.Wade is having a good season ,i know he is not the old highlight machine wade but he doesnt feel 100% and still having a very nice season .DONT HATE ON THE CHAMPIONS

  2. Bunsenburner says:

    Barkley commenting on the age of players? Let it end please. He couldn’t stop whining about how old the Lakers were, but they were getting beat by the Knicks, the oldest team in the league.

    • MHM 35 says:

      stupidest comment in a while. as if someone isn’t allowed to comment on players aging, especially when they’re PAID to comment on basketball things like that.

  3. DWADE 3 says:

    D Wade lost it because LEBRON IS A BALLHOG!!!!!!!

  4. Heat says:

    Sadly it is true D-Wade is aging, on top of that he just had a knee surgery, so charles needs to lay back and quit critisizing D-Wade… If Charles got a knee surgery and didn’t play so well, how would he like it if he got crisized…And if you look at some of the previous 2 games, D-Wade played pretty darn well XD

    No matter what you say, we all know D-Wade is still a HoF.

  5. iloverok says:

    less talk less mistakes. lets just wait for playoffs and if by chance the thunder and heat meet in finals again ( hope it will happen) i will bet all my cash including my mommas cash on lebron`s heat. its not about dwayne wade or chris bosh eyes is fixed on lbj.

  6. Mark says:

    He lost a good chunck of athleticism as far as jumping high. He has a lot of strength so that makes up for it. He still dunks a lot, just not as explosively or he doesnt get up as high above the rim. He will still dunk on you though. But as you can see when Eric Bledsoe blocked his dunk that he lost some bounce, but at the same time he still recovering from injury so he might get a little bit of what he lost back when he becomes 100%

  7. skeet says:

    there stupid dwyane wade is the best shooting guard in the league and those people who said wade dont play the same is people who never touch a basketball in there life.

  8. Jonas says:

    Obviously he is not the same player. But he’s (not even) 31 and the fact is he’s still a dominant player and could have many more productive years left in him. 10/11 years in the league is not that much at all – look at what Kobe’s doing and it’s his, what, 17th year?

  9. Errol Clarke says:

    Coming from someone who has never won a championship (Yes I said it), I do expect a comment like that from Mr. Barkley focusing on Dwade’s regular season look and performance. If I were to go inside Dwade’s head it would say, “as long we(the Heat) have home court advantage in the playoffs whether thats 1st, 2nd or 3rd, I don’t care to much about regular season numbers or performances. I show up when it counts.” All Championships aside, take lebron and Chris away from that team and give Wade his 37min and 20 attempts back as all the other players who are top 10 in scoring and see if we would still be having this convo.

  10. How on earth is it trolling to point out that Wade has lost some of his athletic ability? Some people here are as overly sensitive as a baby’s bottom.

    It’s just a sports soap opera, people. Don’t get caught up in it like that.

  11. Dwyanekyrie32 says:

    Dwyane is on the wrong side of 30 and will stop using the ” Get to the basket at all costs” strategy in order to stay healthy come spring. But people forget he is averaging all star numbers 20/4/5, but not d.wade numbers STOP TROLLING CHARLES BARKLEY!

  12. Berdugo says:

    Wade doesn’t need to perform the same thing like he was back then. How would you utilize James, Allen and Bosh then? The good thing is, Wade knows how to use his now limited abilities timely. Only when needed.

    • brazilian fan says:

      I agree completely! If James and Bosh and, nowadays, Allen aren’t there, Wade will need to do everything again. And, of course, now he is 31, he is a father, but he still a fantastic player (my favorite)!

  13. It’s tough to admit but DWade’s game is definitely on the decline. The Key to Wade has always been his quick first step to get by guys and now that he doesn’t have that anymore he cannot find ways to score. That is what is amazing about guys like Kobe and Jordan they knew their athleticism was going to decline but found other more effective ways to score especially in the post using good foot work and shot fakes. Wade never took the time to develop his jump shot or sound post moves and must of thought his speed and athleticism would carry him through his entire career.

    • Mark says:

      Wade has a nice post game and a decent mid range jumper

    • Joseph says:

      Wade has a better shot % than Kobe for the past two seasons so what are you talking about again? And you act like he isn’t scoring at all! 20 points a game is big when you have LEBRON JAMES on your team. You know, the leauge MVP. Yeah, that guy. Not to mention bosh and all the three point shooters too. When Wade dropped 30 a game it was because he had too. He didn’t have Lebron players with him then!

  14. Jumppong says:

    let’s face it that’s the reality of the sports… every man has it’s limit.. your mind is always motivate but your body just can’t do it more.. look at Pacquiao… 🙂

  15. weirdo says:

    wade will always be wade-if lebron or chalmers or allen or bosh didnt have the ball in their hands the whole time wade would still be 2006 wade

  16. cp3 the best pg says:

    im a wade fan and most of you people are delusional wade has definitely lost a step he really does not look the same and you can chalk it up to age and injuries but no matter he is still slowing down

  17. mookie says:

    The Heat are 17-1 with Wade on the bench over the past two seasons. It’s hard to argue against a stat that damning. Wade has never really had a good jumpshot. It is mediocre at best. Glad to hear Chuck say what we fans have been thinking for some time now.

    • You know nothing says:

      Just so you know, wade shot a higher jumpshot % than Kobe, Durant, and rose the last 2 seasons. Just because he doesn’t force shots every time down the floor doesn’t mean he can’t shoot. I think wade’s problem is he won’t give up athleticism. I think he needs to hang those fall down 7 stand up 8 days behind him and focus on mastering his jumpshot. This isn’t the first time wade’s durability has been questioned, and guess what? It’s not the first time he’s proven critics wrong. Barkley has always had a thing against wade, even when they were filming commercials together, so this doesn’t surprise me at all. When wade starts dominating like he does every season, I don’t want to see you same chumps questioning his game. Wade ain’t going no where anytime soon. He will continue to dominate any SG he faces. He will continue to collect rings. He will continue to solidify his place in the hof. In the mean time don’t sleep on him.

  18. Heat BIG 3 says:

    Chuck has a valid point. As a veteran, D Wade understands the game. He understands to have a “long” career in the NBA such like Magic, Bird, MJ, Kobe, you have to take care of the “TEMPLE” your body. Case in point D-Rose jumping all over the place to get two points now, on the IR list. There is a higher probability of getting a really bad injury when you are jumping all over the place. D Wade has paid his dues and he understands as one gets older you have to rely on developing a really good jumper to protect the temple. MJ could always go to his fade away jumper at any given time. So is D Wade loosing a step in his game? Yes because he has matured and understands what it takes to have a long successful career in the NBA.

  19. Clips82 says:

    Wade’s scoring is going down because the Heat have added more shooters, he’s recovering from his surgery, and yes age. Of course we aren’t going to see 06 Wade on court, but we still get flashes of Flash. He had a 30+ game and once he’s back to near 100% I’d say he’ll average 25ppg.

  20. Pucci says:

    It’s reasonable critics of him. Every player will go through stage like that and get old and retired!!!! His days are coming too. But before him Kobe is the first one. You should mention Kobe before him. Kobe is not the Kobe before any more.

    • KOBE! says:

      Mention Kobe … thats funny you obviously dont know anything cause its been clearly pointed out that kobe isnt the same he used to be but the difference is that he adjusted his game early enough to still DOMINATE

      • Game Time says:

        Adjusted his game…by taking more shots.

      • You know nothing says:

        Wade shoots a higher jump shot % than Kobe, Durant, an rose the last 2 seasons. Don’t let wade’s humble personality fool ya, because come playoffs he gains a step! I think wades problem is accepting that his athleticism is declining. Once he does so and focuses on his jumpshot… It’s game over! I don’t wanna see you same chumps slobbering when he pulls his MJ out the bag these next years to come. Remember, Jordan took seasons off and got to rest his body. We’re only seeing wade “rest” while Lebron does the dirty work.

      • NBAfan says:

        You need shots to score…what’s your point? At age 34, Kobe can still take that many shots and still makes a lot of them…he is still “unstoppable”…and it has nothing to do with his obviously declining physical skills….it’s all about skills!

        We can’t say the same for Wade can we….even when opposing defenses are focused on Lebron and not him…

        Wades physical abilities are declining..his game in my opinion is fairly similar to when he entered the league…he hasn’t added much to his arsenal…MOST IMPORTANTLY…Lebron and Wade needs the ball to go through them a lot to do their thing….and last time I checked…there’s only one ball in a basketball game…so yeah…his “game” is declining for many reasons.

  21. ct 305 says:

    Charles is the same guy who bet against the heat last year. Talks a lot of &#$^*. We got a championship,what does he know bout that. I guess sine lebron is no longer hated on anymore now u need to find a new guy to talk smack about. Wade would take any of u guys 1 on 1 anyday. Heat will win again and wade once again will be a major part of that. Dont buy into fools gold…. u guys jobs is so lame writing about things that are obvious yet commenting on non sense

  22. W/E says:

    Dwade is plagued by injuries, thats why hes declining he is NOT old but his body wont let him play like he used to, so basically he got old due to the injuries age doesnt matter that much if u can stay healthy.

  23. Winton says:

    D-wade is from Chicago!! Ain’t nothing gonna stop him but a body bag !!!!!!!

  24. Chris says:

    Bosh and James better than any other two man combo in the league? Really? I like Chris Bosh more than the other two but that’s a gross exaggeration, Westbrook/Durant look much better and it shows by the thunder not losing to teams as awful as the Wizards and not nearly losing to another teams BENCH.

    • lol says:

      And they get BLOWN out on game 5 by that team.

      • KD35 says:

        That’s last year…and the Heat cannot depend on last years success this year! This year there’s no way you can say that LeBron and Bosh are as dominant as KD, and Westbrook. All that sunlight on the coast must be making you guys soft.

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  26. Albert says:

    Barkley is a poet when his mouth is shut. You can’t argue he is one of the best PF ever, but all his comments are pointless and useless

    • Meh; this was a pretty good comment by Chuck.

    • Eli Odell J. says:

      he talks it straight up, more’n often he speaks the truth, if you worried bout the dust on the bottle, the flashy ribbon he wraps his messages with then you the one mistaken hear my friend

    • Bozo says:

      Brazilian detected!!! That is the famous Romario quote on Pele’s opinions. And you were wrong about Barkley opinions but right about his

    • Bozo says:

      Brazilian detected!!! That is the famous Romario quote on Pele’s opinions. And you were wrong about Barkley opinions but right about his grandness.

      • Allen Iv3rson says:

        trade Lebron to cleveland for varejao (solve your rebounding problem) and kyrie irving (guy has limitless potential) plus itll be funny to watch. Then dwade will become the main guy again and his game will lift again. 😀

    • Charles Barkley says:

      Hey Albert, this is Chuck, and what I’ve got to say is your comment is just downright turrible. Fast don’t lie, and D Wade ain’t as fast as he used to be.

      • Charles Barkley says:

        He ain’t as explosive as he used to be either. The man is struggling as he get’s up there in age. Man it irritates the hell outta me how Miami Heat fans refuse to acknowledge that. They’re quite the whiny bunch.