Mayo: Kings’ Cousins Has ‘Mental Issues’


DALLAS — Mavericks guard O.J. Mayo called Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins “immature” and said he has “mental issues” after Mayo absorbed a direct shot below the belt from Cousins’ fist during the second quarter in the Mavs’ 119-96 romp Monday night.

Fighting for position in the lane, Cousins swung his arm backward and belted Mayo in the mid-section with 3:25 left in the quarter. Mayo reacted immediately, saying he had been punched and implored the officiating crew to check the game tape.

No foul was called on the play, but both players were given technical fouls.

“Where does that come into the game, you know what I mean?” Mayo said. “He’s a talented player, has a chance to be an All-Star, but you do stuff like that it takes you down a class and it’s not too good.

“I told him to play basketball and you got a chance to be a good player, but when you do stuff like that you’re like a garbage player. It’s not a good play, it’s not a sign of being great.”

Cousins said he and Mayo were trash-talking and that he did not intentionally hit him.

“Absolutely not. It wasn’t intentional,” said Cousins, who had 25 points in a game the Kings trailed by 25 points at the time of the incident. “I mean it was a lot of trash talk.”

Mayo said he watched the game film with coach Rick Carlisle at halftime and is hopeful the league will take a closer look.

Cousins was suspended for two games by the league earlier this season for confronting Spurs broadcaster and former player Sean Elliott after a game in Sacramento.

“That guy has mental issues, man,” Mayo said. “He’s a talented player, but he has the opportunity to be the face of that franchise, but I don’t think he wants it.

“He’s immature man. Big maturity problem,” Mayo continued. “Hopefully he’ll grow up out of it and become great. He definitely has the talent to.”

During the third quarter, Carlisle had words for Cousins, although he wouldn’t reveal what he said.

“I really like him as a player and I was expressing that to him,” Carlisle said.

Mayo finished with a team-high 19 points and seven rebounds as Dallas won its third straight time and went over .500 (11-10) for the first time since Nov. 21.

The Mavs and Kings don’t meet again until Jan. 10 at Sacramento.

Cousins might serve another suspension well before then.

“I just told them to pull the tape,” Mayo said. “You know, because something like that, you can talk smack, you can even foul hard, that’s part of the game. But when you do stuff like that, that’s a reaction and things happen. I was able to keep my cool and understand that it was most important that we were up 20 and were going to continue playing hard.”


  1. J. R. Gonzalez says:

    Agree w/ Mayo 100%. Cousins is a very good player, dominant in the paint, if he substituted LEADERSHIP for his immature play or behavior, Sacramento would be winning many more games.

  2. BIGMatta23 says:

    This has been going since the dawn of Basketball. What is the big deal?. Even some of the greats have done stuff like this before, watch basketball from the 80’s and 90’s. The bigger deal should be Mayo overstepping the mark and making public statements about another players mental status. Mind your own business. Maybe coach Carlisle and the league should be talking to Mayo about that.

  3. watson says:

    Had it been Rodman, he would have been at least T’d up rightaway. What’s wrong with this league? You cannot stare in the opponent’s (or ref’s) eyes for too long but you can smack someone’s balls without being punished???

  4. 2Pac says:

    Most of you guys are acting like buffoons, punching guys in the nuts happens in the NBA more often than you think, its just calmed down a little recently so it looks like its so unusual. Furthermore agree with Mayo is dumb, its one thing if the guy habitually does that but its another when i happens practically once. OJ has no right to talk about maturity, he himself was a very immature player when he played for the Grizzlies and often times was such a streaky shooter and undisciplined player he cost Memphis some good games in the past. Mayo is just amped because he’s finally starting to live up to his draft pick by leading the Mavs but it hasn’t even been half the season past yet so he should just can it.

  5. MemphisMemphis says:

    The video didn’t show everything where Mayo-nase was grabbing DMC arm 5 seconds before he got hit in the nuts. This feels like Fox News. Great editing NBA. Make DMC look bad. Mayo-nase, stop whining. Why was he guarding/holding down DMC anyways, whose like a knucklehead bear? Of course he’s going to get hit. Blame your own teammate, Kaman. This league is turning into a SOFT league anyways. Breathing on players is a foul now.

  6. RondoTheDramaQueen says:

    Do the two step baby, yeahhhh, all you gotta do is move your hips. It goes like this! Yeahhhh!



  7. QueensBridge says:

    DMC learned that Nicolas Batum. Nut Crackers Cluc. They’re just getting into the spirit of the holidays.

  8. Maori says:

    It was barely a punch, more like a flick. It was obviously a immature move by cousins, but thats about it. Heck the amount of times my mates and I have taken swipes at each others nuts on the court would be plenty, it’s quite funny, and teaches the defender to not reach lol, but yeah all right for the gym but not the NBA.

  9. DerbyDemon says:

    Pot meet kettle…

  10. Part of the game..... says:

    Cousins will get past this and become the Hooper he is supposed to be… Mayo got a reaction from Cuz just like he wanted … Just wasn’t expecting shot to the Jewels.. The trash talking is part of the game, and Mayo keyed in on the weakest link, made him mad and “boom”.. The players know who will self destruct most of the time so why not go after him? I mean it shouldn’t be that big of a deal things happen… No one tripped hard on CP3 doing it at Wake Forest to NCState’s Julius Hodge.. No one tripped on Reggie Evans when he pulled Kaman’s Jewels from behind.. Cousins will be cool and he can grow from this, I hope. He could be the Leagues best big man if he would get over what he has going on.. He has that potential.

  11. yolanda says:

    Seriously, your saying he was punched! Looked like he was getting Mayo to stop holding his forearm by swinging his arm. Hell, give Mr. Mayo a tissue and tell him to move on, Pansie!! If DeMarcus had “punched” him he’d know it, And the whole mental comment, grow up stop your bitching and do what you are overpayed to do.

    • JohnG says:

      I could not agree more. If Cousins really meant to punch him, Mayo would be out 5 games and in the hospital.

  12. Tyrone says:

    Even if he wasn’t trying to hit him below the belt, it’s still a pretty lame play. I agree with Mayo, Cousins has been criticized by plenty of top players and coaches for a reason.

  13. charles says:

    Mayo is speaking in a very mature way and it would be to the benefit of Cousins to listen.

  14. slider821 says:

    Looks like a cheap shot to me but it appears Cousins has matured some since last year. I saw a handful of Kings games last year and almost every play that didn’t go his way, he was furious with the ref, yelling and shaking his head. He has toned that down a lot this year and now usually lets the call go.

    He needs to be able to let the trash talk go the same way, prove it with his game. He’s not there yet but has the skills to do it, the maturity to do so will come, hopefully before this reputation gets the best of him. That being said, I can see a player like Mayo trash talking more than usual because he knows cousins will react to it; trying to get the big kid with anger issues to provoke something is pretty childish too.

  15. C. Blake says:

    Punching somebody in the nuts can definitely be considered a “Mental lapse” just as much as turning over the ball with a chance to tie the game. Honestly, anyone getting punched in the nuts and only reacting with words should be considered mature for a highly mature reaction. I mean, right in the bread basket! Straight in the baby maker! Directly into the bean bag! Come on! Not cool to wallop someone in the boys!


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  18. The Spaz says:

    I wonder what Carlisle really said.

  19. O.J. Mayo says DeMarcus Cousins has 'mental issues' | The Point Forward - says:

    […] reports that Mavericks guard O.J. Mayo accused Kings center DeMarcus Cousins of having “mental issues” after an on-court incident during Dallas’ 119-96 victory against Sacramento on Monday night. […]

  20. SweetPoison says:

    The video didn’t even show what the title of your article was!

  21. TV63 says:

    He’s just rude and doesn’t give a damn. So that makes him “Mental”??

    • TrueNBAFan says:

      I think punching somebody in the junk because your team is losing is pretty “mental”. Especially since chances are Cousins will face a suspension for it, and since it’s not his first offense this season, he’ll likely get a more severe punishment for it.

    • George says:

      This is not the first time he has had problems. Remember when he fought his own teammate and made his coach get fired. And the choking incident too. He is definitely a little mental

  22. Peter says:

    So calling someone immature and saying he has mental issues is mature? Asking the league to suspend another player? Well played, Mr. Mayo. Especially since he’s been in Cousins’ situation for years, he should know a little better.

    What’s the deal with posting articles about the Mavs everyday? Mavs players who aren’t good enough as starting PG, players who might be good enough, Mavs former starting PG coming off the bench…Mavs players reacting to immature players, Mavs players talking about the growth of the Clippers, Mavs Players talking about how good Blake Griffin can become. What’s next? A Mavs player talking about possible trade options for the Lakers? Or the top pick in next year’s Draft? Come on.
    This is a mediocre team at 11-10 no one (except Dallas fans) cares about. There shouldn’t be twice or three times as many articles about them than about other teams.

    • Mark. NYC says:

      Obviously you read every Mavs article.If you dont like the Mavs articles dont read em priod. They write what they feel is relavent to fans. Not always gonna be your team. Moving along .Letz goooo Brooklyn. Need this win tonight. Need Joe to start playing some allstar ball. We definitely cant say we got the best backcourt in the N.B.A, not even close to it yet!. Lopez,Wallace,Blatche and stackhouse way to hold us down till our All Star players start making shots. P.S Sorry cant ever forget Evans, Hump and watson.

      • DHK says:

        It’s probably due to the fact that they won it all two seasons ago and people are still interested in them as a team.

  23. Mayo accuses Cousins of ‘mental issues’ after below-the-belt shot | The Point Forward - says:

    […] reports that Mavericks guard O.J. Mayo accused Kings center DeMarcus Cousins of having “mental issues” following an on-court incident during Dallas’ 119-96 win over Sacramento on Monday night. […]

  24. toughcall says:

    Cousins should really read this. Mayo showing how mature he has become since donning a Mavs uniform