LeBron Comes To The Defense Of D-Wade

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The way TNT’s Charles Barkley has talked about Dwyane Wade‘s game slipping lately, you have to wonder if he’s still in the Miami Heat star’s fave five.

LeBron James, on the other hand, doesn’t appear to be interested in biting his tongue where Barkley or any of Wade’s other critics are concerned. He aimed right at Barkley after the Heat’s win over the Atlanta Hawks Monday night, suggesting that Barkley quiet down after Wade’s back-to-back stellar efforts, which included what was arguably Wade’s best game of the season (he made 11 of 13 shots from the field and finished with 26 points, four rebounds and four assists in 34 ultra-efficient minutes).

“It means Charles Barkley needs to shut up,” James said. “I mean, the man [Wade] is shooting 80 percent from the floor the last couple of games. That’s like, crazy, right? That’s why he is who he is. Unbelievable.”

LeBron’s math is correct as Wade is right at 80 percent (20-for-25) over his last two games and 56.4 percent over his last five games (an rise over his season average of 50.6 percent). We’ll probably have to wait until Thursday night for Barkley’s rebuttal. But his comments that lit the flame didn’t seem terribly over the top at the time, minutes after the Heat had absorbed a nasty 20-point home beating at the hands of the New York Knicks (minus an injured Carmelo Anthony).

Barkley said out loud what a lot of other people have been thinking watching the man formerly known as “Flash” struggle to regain his form after offseason knee surgery.

“He’s starting to lose his athletic ability,” Barkley said. “He’s not the same guy. I got a look at him in person. He doesn’t explode anymore and he’s shooting a lot of fadeaway jumpers.”

Barkley’s initial verbal volley came a week earlier, the night the Heat had to survive the San Antonio Spurs’ second unit at home for a 105-100 win after Gregg Popovich gave his big guns a night off and a flight home (earning the Spurs a $250,000 fine), when he dropped this nugget on the Inside The NBA set:

“The toughest thing for Dwyane Wade is understanding that he’s starting to lose his talent and now he has to learn how to play below the basket,” said Barkley, who worked as a color analyst on site in Miami during the broadcast. “The toughest thing when you’re a great player or very athletic, when you can’t jump over a building anymore, you have to learn how to play.”

Barkley makes some good points. Wade isn’t the player he once was, but who would be after all the years he spent not as “Flash” but “Crash,” sacrificing life and limb to carry the Heat in good times and bad?

LeBron’s point is also well taken. He’s coming to the defense of his friend and teammate, a guy he’s toiled alongside the past two-plus seasons and tasted the agony of defeat as well as championship glory.

Wade, all class in his reaction and response to all of this drama, has chosen to simply keep grinding away and stay out of the back and forth with Barkley.

That doesn’t mean you have to …


  1. Beverly says:

    I absolutly “disagree” with Barkley!! His comments were too critical and downright ugly.
    I hope Charles Barkley let me be his Intern so I can keep him straight!! Charles Barkley
    needs someone to keep him in check !! Boy ow boy would I like that job !!!!!!

    I like Charles Barkley, but sometimes I would like to put a sock in his mouth !!!

  2. renz_garnett says:

    he is now becoming the shadow lebron james honestly.. but please heat fans.. dont say that wade is hurt all the time when he play bad games..

  3. nick says:

    I think D. Wade is playing for the betterment of the Heat. He doesn’t have to be the Flash anymore, he needs to stay off the injury list and keep on playing the right way.

  4. Lakers-R-Us says:

    No disrespect to D Wade, but Lebron IS that team! Without him they can forget it!

  5. mookie says:

    Chuck is certainly well within his right as a color commentator. And, this is largely true. The real problem is that Wade doesn’t have a jumpshot. I wouldn’t bet a nickle on his ability to hit an open 15 footer. The HEAT are 17-1 over the last two seasons with DWade on the bench. That’s a FACT and not an opinion. Pretty harsh fact too. Let’s first see if Wade want’s to show up against teams like the Clips and the Grizz before we celebrate his efforts against NO and the Hawks.

  6. colby sledge says:

    Lebron hit it on the head even after a knee sugery wade is still one of the best guards in the leauge in my opinion

  7. rj says:

    I actually agree with charles. Every pro ball player loses their hops when father time comes around. Honestly, just because wade had two good games doesnt mean hes gonna do that every night. Its an 82 game season, and he can easily re-injure that repaired knee. If he doesnt adjust his game. Ive seen wade in his prime and hes one of the top slashers in the nba. What charles said is right, if you dont adjust its gonna mean trouble. Health wise. And the heats role players like ray allen is injury prone just like wade.

  8. MACKY says:


  9. JustaFan says:

    Unfortunately, given time. Charles’s comments would definetely come true.
    Point is when? my guess is NOT YET.


  10. NBAfan says:

    Wade relies on his physical abilities too much…combine that with a fall down 1000 times, stand up 1001 times approach to the game…he won’t stay long a the top of this league…

    combine that with THE BEAST LBJ overshadowing him…if a dude is getting 25+ ppg 7+ rpg and 7+ apg…the BALL MUST GO THROUGH THAT PLAYER A LOT…that means..the other 4 players in the team aren’t getting it…..ray allen is a better fit to play with Lebron than Wade.and I think we are starting to see that….

  11. Mark says:

    It’s only normal that D-wade is lacking and loosing hos explosive powers…I mean the guy is in his 10th season now, 10 seasons of blood sweat and tears takes it toll on anybody. He’s 30 some years old now and no one can keep up athletic powers foreever. So given that fact Barkley is right, maybe he was a bit harsh, but that’s how Barkley is and should not be a big surprise to anyone.

    And of course Lebron is defending D-Wade in this situation, it’s his teammate and friend. However it’s a bit easier to defend D-Wade after his latest two games where he has been playing on a pretty high level.

    Knee surgery or not it’s only normal that D-Wade is starting to change as a player, he’s not the first player to loose his athletic powers. I guess we can judge him after a full recover from the surgery. My guess is that his stats will drop all across the line however he will still be a great player in this league, and he’s blessed to have a guy like Lebron and even Bosh on his team, those two give him the opportunity to recover and find his game again with or without sick athletic abillity,

  12. TT says:

    the rest of the league should be thankful for the fact that Wade is not 100%, is there a team in the NBA right now can stop the Heat if DWAde is 100% along side with LBJ? DWade, I love you man, it’s okay to be older so please conserve all that energy and save it for the post season.

  13. dattebayo says:

    You can’t play it down with two good games. In this season Wade has been the most inconsistent Heat player on both sides of the floor. In one game he gets the gamewinning block, in the next Eric Bledsoe gets by him like Wade was a pylon. In one game he is shooting 80% from the field in the next he shoots 20%. A few years ago, Wade could get by anybody for a layup and he put a lot of pressure on the defense, now his points in the paint are mainly back door cuts for bunnies. He used to be able to regularly shake off his defender and get an open midrange jumper off the dribble, now he takes these weird off balanced floaters that don’t fall and he complains about the no call every time.
    I am not sure if Wade still has problems with his knees or whether the Heat’s (non)system on offense throws off his game, but he is not looking like that player that can go off for 30 every night, He had 6 points against the Clippers and 8 against Memphis and both games were blowouts because of Wade’s poor defensive effort in both games.

  14. FreeJunior11 says:

    Chuck isn’t wrong completely, but he definitely shouldn’t put a title like that on D Wade yet. Hes coming off and dealing with injuries, he has Lebron on his team, and the bigger picture to him is how he performs in the post seaason. So yeahh manybe D Wade is getting older, but to say hes already declining in his game, this early, was wrong……

  15. Sid says:

    When MJ lost his great athleticism after coming back in 96, he had to develop a post game. Although he didn’t lose it completely. But D-Wade’s gotta develop a post game like MJ because he’s just not as explosive as he used to be. No one is explosive forever, and he has to either adapt or be stuck in a slump.

  16. tyrone says:

    I voted that Chuck was right even though Lebron still has a point, Tim Duncan is still plsying good basketball but he doesn’t post up 20ppg anymore, everyone will eventually start to decline at some point unless you take PEDs though MJ and Kobe is an exception to the rule since they’re one of the greatest, Look at ‘Captain Skyhook’ who began to decline since at some point one’s stats will decline. Wade’s style is athletic so he needs to figure another to remain being the good player he had been for a long time. So they’re both right.

  17. LBJ says:

    Lebron and Wade are awesome. They will win their next ring!!

  18. d-wade#1 says:

    d-wade is still very good and a future hall of famer how can u forget 2006 1 of the best finals performance averaging like 35 points a game and then again in 2011 despite losing averaging 28 points and 2012 ring #2 , the point is wade is recovering give him 1 more month , i respect him he is my idol and fav player and 1 of the best in nba . no matter who u are u have to respect d-wades career, and a great competitor. (Also if u havent seen his dunks u should the 1 over varejo my fav.)

  19. yamel says:

    what they really need to do is play the 1 2 3 4that mean is 1 driven to the basket and the other 2 o 3 attack the basket in the same time and they going to be crazy scoring point becouse no body can stop when lebron o dway go to the ring

  20. Debra says:

    I absolutely agree with Charles Barkley. We have been making excuses for Wade for some time now. Lebron should defend his as they are teammates but even he could only go back two games. Wade is riding the Lebron train and his athleticism has declined. It was his knee last year and this year. The truth is, there are only so many times that you are going to pick yourself up out of a heap on the floor in the name of basketball. Charles was right to suggest that Wade develop a post game. He’s certainly not as durable as Kobe Bryant and Kobe is older.

  21. Tev says:

    Wade is pacing himself it is a long season no reason to go crazy on teams till the playoffs yes Charles may be right nothing lasts forever Dwade will show up whenever his team needs him. Lebron will always be lebron but this team has no chance without DWade!!

  22. Debra says:

    I absolutely agree with Charles Barkley. We have been making excuses for Wade for some time now. He shows up some times and the Heat can’t depend on him. As for Lebron telling Charles to shut up, it’s all good. Lebron and Wade are team mates and I expect no less from him. I hope Chuck keep talking and maybe we will get a good effort out of Wade.

  23. Vince says:

    go to dallas wade.

  24. zell says:

    im not a heat fan im a knicks fan its been that way since melo arrived but i do agree with lebron on this one wade tryin to get back to where he was u see he sat out of the olyimpic games he will be back to normal in a min

  25. ko0kie says:

    barkley is not entirely right.. dwade has lost a bit of his explosiveness (if you followed the heat for the last couple years you noticed that dwade had a couple of plays where he got stuffed or dunked on where the young dwade just wouldn’t) but dwade knows how to play..his eurostep is still an icredible weapon, he has some post moves and clearly knows how to draw a foul..
    his only flaw is his limited range, which he needs to work on and probably does..

  26. bob says:

    dwayne is my fave player
    he is a beast!!!
    let him recover from the surgery and he’ll be the beast we know him as
    its true he is older and he does need to slow down some and start shooting and playing under the basket like barkley said
    but still dwayne will come back to be the monster ive seen

  27. Miami305 says:

    Another thing. Please Please Please trade Haslem! jesus christ that player can’t even put the damn ball inside the basket not even when nobody is defending him in the floor. Haslem if you ever read this comment look you are getting pay thousands of dollars to play good not to create turn overs everytime u shot the ball and it does’t go in! Practice a lot! lmfao.

  28. kobe says:

    wade is still one of the best players ..is he getting older? yes..has he lost some of his quickness and explosiveness ? yes…Barkley is doing what he likes to do and that is talk..everyone just chill..this is what Sir Charles wants and that is his name in the headlines….

  29. Beli says:

    I think that what Barkley said is not just right, but is something that every athlete has to think about and be prepare for when it happen. As far as I now, the only human being who has defy age is Benjamin Button who instead getting older he got younger, and he was a fictional character from a movie (good one btw). Barkley’s advice is a good one, and Wade should listen to it. And Lebron, who I like a lot, has to mature a little bit more. If he didn’t like the comment he should’ve ignored it. By commenting on it, is almost as agreeing with what Barkley said.
    Miami Heat is the second best team in the league. The first one is Portland Trailblazers. GO BLAZERS!!!

  30. Michael says:

    I dont know how people are saying he isn’t getting older? He is, it’s just a fact. And he’s lost a step, he’s no long the Flash from his first ring with Shaq who could shoulder the load and drive the lane 20 times a night and take the contact. But what Wade is doing is he’s excelling at adjusting and still remaining a productive and all-star caliber player. Give Wade props because he deserves them, but don’t be delusional about what’s happening.

  31. Gentledee says:

    Barkley, need to shut up. He’s a hater…thinks everything he says is law and he need to stop trying to convinced the world with all the foolishness he says…He said Kobe was not that good anymore…hater hater…how many rings does Barkley have? 0…chill yo

    • tyrone says:

      He is kind of right about Kobe, his FG% has decrease while his ppg has remain fairly the same for the last few years though. Sometimes, he is honest about the truth, Dwade needs to stop relying on his athletism that much considering how injury prone he has been, he should try to work on increasing his range and play under the basket at times.

      • Mister 215 says:

        @Tyrone…. Sorry but youre WRONG about Kobe FG% other than last year Kobe FG% is the same since 05-06. So I don’t know what decrease you are talking about. Not only that, but his FG% this year is his best ever, so the question remains, how is his he declining when his numbers are better then ever.

  32. Jawara says:

    Lebron is right, Im not a Heat fan so Im not just saying this because “I love the Heat” but he’s right. D Wade is coming from an injury and of course his game will go down these past few years because of the addition of Lebron. When you’re no longer needed to carry a team on your back your stats will change, and if Im not mistaking, Charles was one of the guys saying in order for the Heat to win Lebron has to step up. In order for Lebron to step up Dwyane Wade needed to change his game, that’s all that really happened and with these past few unhealthy season’s you cant expect him to be The Dwade of 2009. Atleast the man is still playing hard!

  33. kingofaces2895 says:

    Fickle NBA.com viewers these days. The other day, a poll was done asking if D Wade was losing his athleticism. The majority said yes in some fashion. All of a sudden, LeBron James gets involved and D Wade hasn’t lose a step. Now we’re saying that we need to give D Wade time to “get back into form”. I’ve been saying that since the beginning, but you fickle people out there who switched your views need to make up your minds and back it up.

  34. D SANDS says:


  35. Wait Wut says:

    Wade is so bad now. smh.

  36. josethekid631 says:

    i dont care what barkley or anybody else says abaout d wade….. truth is that at a 100 % even if hes 30+ dude is still one of the best all around players in the world.

  37. WADE Is going what D12 is going through.

  38. Batto says:

    Wade is at the end of his prime but its a slow curve down. He is not going to go down in 2-3 years.

    • tyrone says:

      His decline is actually really slow, so he joins the group that declines very slowly which is: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain, Michael Jordan, Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Dirk Nowitzki etc. But its also because he no longer needs to heavily carry the team himself now that he has Lebron and Chris Bosh, and Ray Allen.

  39. Loki says:

    I’m a big D-Wade fan since he entered the league but he has lost some of his athletic ability and explosiveness. Before all the knee problems he would dunk the ball everytime he got close to ring, he was one of the league leaders in dunks behind Dwight. It’s natural for him to lose some ability but he is still one of the best players in the league and with Lebron on his team he can save himself for ther games that really counts similar to Tim Duncan. D-Wade is still the man!

  40. ideca says:

    the word choice for both choices are weird at best. it seemed bias to make choosing dwade’s wonderful play the past few games make you sound like a bandwagon heat fan. the barkley choice seems so calm too, when barkley was kinda being rough on wade. honestly, i feel that wade is getting old, and he’s extending his game with jumpshots, but he’s taking too many unnecessary fades, and he’s forcing it. he can be better. why doesn’t he play off how athletic he is currently, like vince carter, who is STILL ripping it a ripe age of 35.

  41. Mister E says:

    Charles who?

  42. Jordan had the same surgery knee in 80´s , Wade is more younger than ever.
    One advice to my dear Wade;

    Lose weight therefore you will gain elevation and force and you will replace your deficiency.

  43. CURTIS ANTHONY says:


    • joe says:

      You’re exactly right. Charles needs to be quiet. He might know a little about basketball and injuries, but everybody recovers different. Unless he is Dwayne Wade and has Dwayne’s body, he doesn’t have any idea on his recovery. Yeah he hasn’t played like he use to but maybe he is growing in maturity and trying to save his body. He is still one of the best players in the NBA and Charles just needs to back up!!!

  44. Nicholas Fox says:

    Miami is used too playing against alot of critizing forces, and since they’ve won the big one they must get hungry again. When those things aren’t driving you as much you should question, how can i get my drive back. All the other teams are beating them the exact same way. I will also point out that the way the mavs beat them thats way the dispersed mavs are doing. Hunger creates effort and they need more hunger.

  45. Guys? Stahp says:

    D Wade is only 30 people

  46. Ivan says:

    I’m lived in Miami all my life and am a die hard Heat fan but Barkley is right. Even before offseason surgery Wade was struggling and while his stats havent dropped off too much hes been terribly inconsistent. He’ll shoot 11 for 13 one game and then shoot 3-14 the next 2 games and then 5-10. You get the point. Wade’s jumpshot hasnt looked like it’s improved either. I love Wade but whether you guys disagree or agree that hes losing it a little, if he doesnt have an above average jumpshot in 2-3 years, he will decline significantly.

  47. Joe says:

    lebron suggested that Chrales Barkley to quieten down by telling him to shut up. Awesome.

  48. kb24 says:

    In yo face LeBron haters

  49. Game Time says:

    Barkley is just a hater. All he talked about for the past two years was Lebron. Now he has to talk about Wade since Bron won a ring. We know Wade is going to lose a step or two, but he’s still a top 5 SG and has a couple more seasons of good play in him.

  50. Karvyn T says:

    D wade is as good as ever.. Last playoff he was playing hurt, getting treatment every single week but still putting 41 against the pacers…and now he just got off surgery of course he won’t be the same but at the end of the day wade is nothing more but fantastic….

    • manny says:

      I think wade has come to the point where regualar season does not mean nothing. Wade knows miami is making the playoffs and all they need is to do is stay health and be between 1-3 in the east which is easily accomplished when you also have lebron. We see this with boston celtics KJ and some other players that get to go deep in the playoffs.. They dont start playing all out until the playoffs.

  51. ThePhoenix says:

    Man shot 90% last night. He has been hitting EVERYTHING (finally)

    now if we could just find where Chris Bosh went to…..

    • Da Brain says:

      Bosh is doing what he suppose to

      Hes the third option and can blow up for a big game when ever he gets hot.

      He is doing alright. if averages 18 pts and 10 reb a night thats all they need

  52. RondoTheDramaQueen says:

    If Wade goes downhill after the Hawks game up until the playoff season then I would be concerned. However I believe he’s still recovering from that knee surgery.We don’t always know what’s going on behind the scenes with players, so maybe he’s still have issues with his knee but he hasnt said anything. Whatever it is, I have confidence that my boy will come back. Last night’s game proved that he hasn’t lost it. He may not be 100 but let’s not write him off just yet.

  53. Kamote says:

    Barkley is just giving observations on DWade. And its true that maybe Wade has lost a step. Though Lebron defended him by citing the 2 consecutive games, in which Wade was phenomenal, we still have to consider that Wade still has to do this on a consistent basis. Wade did lost a step after the injury, and there’s also the fact that Lebron has taken much of the weight off his shoulders. I guess there’s no harm done, Barkley just stating the obvious, Lebron defending a team mate, and Wade still trying to be back to his old self.

    So what’s the point of this article again? LOL

  54. Da Brain says:

    Wade has fell of a little(mainly cause he is still healing) and he knows that but he is to good let that stop him.

    Once you cross 30 your body changes from the inside, he just can’t keep postering people like he used to

    Wade is a fierce competitor and will reinvent him self with some post game

    He’s got the best shooter in the world on his team(ray ray) to help find that jump shot and I am sure he will

    Father time can be cruel to athletiscism but allows you to use your brain, thats the deadliest weapon of all

  55. Esau Wagnac says:

    Both are right in matters of Dwyane wade’s current game. I am the biggest, if not one of Dwyane Wade’s true fans and I know Wade will be better. Sure the “Flash” that we have all come to know rarely comes into to action, but I project that he will get back to becoming the Dwyane wade we all know and love. Wade County, D-wade all day, and the Flash will return to Miami!!!

  56. baller1991 says:

    Let the man be back to 100% after his recovery. Then watch him play 20+ games. THEN talk

  57. HeatFan says:

    Well Barkley has a point there but the man is trying to recover from a knee surgery i dont expect him to try those poster dunks again soon like he did on Verjao …
    Other then that i do belive he lost like a helf step (mostly because of injurys) as we all can see hes not that fast going to the basket anymore altho.. he is still fast.
    I belive he will get better by the this year postseanson .. let the man recover – judge all you want after that..

  58. marcio says:

    Heat should be willing to trade DWade for Anderson varejão

  59. Nick says:

    There is nothing inherently mean about Barkley’s comments. Age affects everyone. The difference is that champions adapt. Kobe learned post moves, Nash learned the hook and stutter step/wrong foot layups that leave everyone around him flat footed, and it seems – according to Barkley’s own words – Wade is executing fade-away jumpers. What’s wrong with that? If he is the champion most of us beleive he is, he will adapt his game to remain one of the top players.

  60. dannyboy says:

    cb got one of the biggest mouth media has ever seen. wade comes out of knee surgery+migrains+foot ingury, plays a couple games not being himself but still above league average and this is what he gets after 9 years in the league. d wade is the best example of team player profesional sports has seen in quiet some time. Bring 2 superstars to your team CB , and right before the finals tell everybody this is lebron’s team and u are going to follow him to the goal line[ 22222]. listen up CB D Wade still top 5 in everybody’s list and #1 in miami’s heart.

  61. ballinnnnnbgbujbrv says:

    Im with Chuck on this one. He was a little harsh but it is true.

  62. mrcontrovercy says:

    Are we really bothered by these comments from either guy?! I mean, c’mon. Mr Berkeley gets paid to comment on paid athletes (in which he was for many years) and their performances, be them good/great play or not so good/terrible play. Sure d-wade might have lost a step (which may be regained) due to surgery or what have you, but dude is still one of the best at what he does. James’s comments were in defense of his teammate. I don’t think there was anything wrong with either side honestly.

  63. dj rgm9 says:

    Look the difference between D-wade&Kobe,Dwayne is younger than Kobe still cannot catch up with KB24 at his age.Dwayne is just piggyback riding Lebron to add more titles to his career,d’ont expect D-Wade to return his formal
    conditioning>young Wade.Also Kobe drained both knees in the past but still put big numbers today winning or loosing.
    I d’ont see Wade make the same numbers,not now,not tommorow.Remember he got Lebron doing it for him!
    That’s why i cannot put Wade between the top of the HOF’s even iff he finishing with 2-xtra rings end of career!
    D-Wade just lucky to have Pat Riley as boss,adding good players around him&Le travel!!
    Both not the same sentence as Kareem>Jordan>Kobe>…,Never!!!

    • Flash305 says:

      Oh yeah cause Kobrick hasn’t surrounded himself with great players to win titles over the years, lmao…how’s that working out for him this year though? Unlike the ball hog champ…Wade understands the concept of team bball!

      • Mister 215 says:

        So a player that has 5 CHAMPIONSHIPS doesn’t understand the concept of team ball???? Fans be cracking me up with their comments. @Children…. I agreed with you earlier, but you would have been the GM that picked Sam Bowie over Jordan, because you have no clue if you would take Wade in his Prime over Kobe in his prime. You don’t get named player of the DECADE for no reason. Wade doesn’t even have an MVP of any kind, and I like him. Kobe has a FG % of 45 for his career in case you guys are lost that is a good % for a SG. Also his position is SHOOTING Guard, what do you think the word SHOOTING is for???? Jordan played less then Kobe but has more career FG attempts….. So why does everyone hate on Kobe for being a ball hog, but ride Jordan’s (you know) all day long???? I’m confuse, wait no I’m not, this is the definition of a hater!!!!

    • Children says:

      With a comment like that, it makes me wonder if you really watched Wade much through his career. Obviously, no one is as good as Michael but Kobe versus Wade is a good conversation. Wade at his best was much more efficient than Kobe but unfortunately I think Kobe beats him out on longevity or perhaps playing injured.

      BUt I would take Wade full strength in his prime over Kobe in a 7 game series. I don’t know about Kareem. Did you watch his career? One can’t make a judgement on something they haven’t really seen. So I’ll leave that one be.

      But you are right, sometimes Kobe doesn’t get his due. A real conversation will be Lebron Vs Kobe!

    • Flash305 says:

      One main reason Kobe will never win another title is because he doesn’t know how to shoot less, share the ball, and get his teammates more involved as he gets older…he always goes into full chuck mode and has to take 25-30 shots to get his points! Just like all last year when he had a great frontcourt with two 7 footers in Bynum and Gasol, who never got enough shots…tonight Howard, the best big man in the league took 9 shots while Kobe took 28 shots! Good job, keep shooting…Lakers lose again to Cavs Lebron and Wade are far more efficient and spread the ball.

  64. usbuck says:

    LeBron is a loyal friend and great, great, great player. He really has no choice but to support his teammate. Charles, on the other hand, is articulating precisely what I see as well! D-Wade has lost some of his explosion. Moreover, Wade cheats a lot on the defensive end of the floor. Which is to say, he snow-birds (leaks out) on missed shots and; he plays defense from free throw line to free throw line! He does not play defense base-line to base-line. Watch him, D-Wade, closely! Go Heat!!!

  65. Miami305 says:

    I love the Miami heat team and D’ Wade is a good player but lately what he does is turn the ball over most of the time and play around and create turn overs. if they keep playing this way beating the good teams like OKC and SPURS and letting teams like the Wizards or Knicks beat them all the time i honestly don’t see the heat winning the 2012-13 NBA championship. How in the world will the wizards beat them three straight times? Lebrom, D’wade , heat team wake up!!!!!

  66. Jose says:

    Wade has two rings.. How many rings has Barkley??

  67. […] So, LeBron James, you have anything to say about Wade’s performance (via NBA.com)? […]

  68. Juvz says:

    yeah.. they are both right. Barkley has a point on what he says about d-wade and lebron is also right for defending his teammate. On that game against San Antonio, barkley simply compares the athleticism of MJ and D-wade early on their careers. Chuck says MJ is changing his style of play when his athleticism starts to fade. instead, he plays a lot more post up. I see the point and i dont think its a bad comment from chuck.

  69. DJTDOU says:

    Yeah James is right Barkley Need to shut up gv the man a break D-Wade just came from Knee Surgery

  70. B Rad says:

    unfortunately Charles is absolutely correct, players like Wade that rely soo heavily on their atheletic ability rarely have careers that keep them in stardom for this long. A favorite of mine, I said at the start of his career, that unless Wade develops a serious mid and long range game, he will have a short period of stardom in his career. Given his style of play, a rash of injuries and his inability to improve his mid and long range shooting, Wade is on the downslope and I think its going to be a rapid, injury filled, steep one. Its unfortunate, but this is to be expected with this type of player. When I say this type of player, I mean one of the, if not the greatest slasher and one of the best all around players the game has seen.

  71. Miamib2b says:

    D wade is overshadowed by Lebron. In my opinion that’s what it is.

    • jose says:

      Barkley is very cinical but what he says is true.
      However, D-Wade gave me th satisfaction of two Championships.
      And , besides, every time tha Wade hears bad things about him , He catches fire again and plays ways better.
      So, keep talking Mr Barkley…!

    • Children says:

      Yeah but if Lebron had offseason knee surgery and Wade was in the best shape of his career, Wade would overshadow Lebron.
      The problem is Wade is just a bit prone to injury. The first year together Wade was also playing injured in the playoffs. If he hadn’t been, perhaps they had a chance against Dallas.
      Also, in 2005, the year before they won the first championship, they would have won for sure, if Wade didn’t get injured and miss those games.

  72. DJ3 says:

    37% of the people who voted are Heat haters.

    • nope says:

      No, 37 percent aren’t wearing blinders, like you and a lot of heat fans are. Wade is extremely athletic still, but not as much as he was. It doesn’t mean he’s not a good player anymore and can’t have great games, but he can’t do all the crazy athletic things like he used to be able to.

      And if anyone actually listened to Barkley he also said he was giving Wade the benefit of the doubt because he was coming off surgery and probably wasn’t 100%.

      People really need to calm down when everything Barkley says isn’t positive about their team. Wade is doing it right and is working to prove all his naysayers wrong. Lebron and the Heat fans need to cool off.

    • Children says:

      Actually I think about 12.57% are heat haters. Many Heat haters don’t actually hate Wade so much.

      • Mister 215 says:

        @Children…. I agree I actually like D Wade, but Barkley is right, and excuse me, but he has more of a say so them we do…. He is a Hall of Famer. An undersized BIG. He also never said that he wasn’t good anymore, he was just saying that Flash was gone…. Which is true. So for the 65% percent that said he was wrong, are just mad that he is telling the truth about D Wade, just like Kobe lost a step and he is my favorite player…. I guess the truth hurts!!!!!

    • Druiddribbles says:


      • juan says:

        I think the problem with the heat is the coaching as he want to play small… and he has big people there as joel, and pitman this people needs to play more minutes

      • MinneLakers says:

        yeah but none of those big men are very talented huh?… Miami won a championship playing a transition type of offense. Don’t you think its a little late to change that right now huh?.. Dwayne is battling soreness all over his body right now from all the injuries he had and because we can’t hide the fact that he is a bit older right now.. However I’m seeing D-Wade evolve right now and at a much faster rate than a normal player… gone is the flash, the guy that explodes on top of the basket and comes Mr. Efficient… You can’t blame him for getting all those injuries and aging because all those produced 2 championships and several trips deep in the post season..

      • Children says:

        Barkley’s opinion is based on games where Wade is not 100%. Why jump to conclusions? Wait to see how he plays after recovery. But also, Wade should expand on his below the rim basket if possible. He’ll become older and slower or get injured again eventually.

        Wade never complains about injury. To the general public this reduces his legacy because they don’t know what’s going on, but for me, it increases my respect for him.

    • AaronOdom says:

      The flash is not gone wade is still one of the most deadly gaurds in the game he was just hurt he’ll get better and still be able to dance with derrick rose when he returns