Is 40K Possible For Kobe, LeBron And KD?

HANGTIME SOUTHWEST — Last week, Kobe Bryant became the fifth player in NBA history to reach 30,000 career points.

In his 17th season, Bryant, 34, is as durable as ever and is leading the league in scoring at 28.6 points a game. It’s quite possible that he’ll pass No. 4 all-time scorer and fellow Los Angeles Lakers great Wilt Chamberlain (31,419 points) before the end of this season and then next season bear down on No. 3 on the list, Michael Jordan (32,292).

It will take three more seasons of Bryant matching his career scoring average of about 25 points a game to catch the No. 2 man, Karl Malone (36,928), and into a fourth season to overtake the game’s all-time leading scorer, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38,387).

As for players that can threaten 30k, LeBron James and Kevin Durant head a short list. (Dirk Nowitzki probably has the best chance among active players with more than 20kKevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Tim Duncan).

LeBron became the youngest player to reach 10,000 points (23 years, 59 days) and is on pace to hit 20k by mid-January, just a few weeks after he turns 28 (his birthday is Dec. 30). Durant became the second-youngest to reach 10k last season (24 years, 34 days).

“Yes, obviously, knock on wood, if he stays healthy he definitely will be in that category as one of the best players ever,” Thunder coach Scott Brooks said of his reigning three-time scoring champ. “He works hard, he has the skill set, he has the talent, he has a great attitude, he’s coachable.”

OK, so how about 40k?

First off, think of the era and had Kareem not stayed all four years at UCLA. What if he had just played one season like Durant? Or what if the 7-foot, 3/4-inch, 18-year-old named Lew Alcindor had come straight out of New York City’s Power Memorial and skipped college altogether like Kobe and LeBron?

Kareem had just turned 42 when he retired after 20 seasons. He would have turned 38 at the end of his 20th season had he skipped college and, in that case, he might have kept going considering that the Lakers were still title contenders.

Kobe’s pursuit of 40k could ultimately come down to his desire to keep going. If he finishes this season with 2,000 points (he’s on pace for more, but 2,000 is about his average over the last four seasons) he’ll have 31,484 points.

That means he would need to score about 1,750 points (an average of 21.3 points over 82 games) in each of the next five seasons to surpass 40k.

(It’s a point total he has eclipsed in 11 of his previous 16 seasons, including last year’s 66-game lockout-adjusted schedule if extrapolated over 82 games. He could also get there with about 2,150 points in each of the next four seasons, but that’s probably too tall an order, even for Kobe.)

Kobe would turn 39 prior to that fifth season, which would be his 22nd, or the same age as Jason Kidd is this season, his 19th, or how old new teammate Steve Nash will turn in February of this, his 17th season.

“This being 17 years for me, it’s pretty crazy to me. Sometimes I just don’t know what the hell I’m doing here,” Kobe said, grinning before last Friday’s game against Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder. “To be competing and still be at a high level, again, that’s fun.”

On that night, Durant scored 36; Kobe had 35.

If Kobe decides to call it a career after two more seasons as he hinted he might during a training camp interview with, then the chase will shift to LeBron and KD.

LeBron will cross 20k midway through this season and he could get to 30k around his 33rd birthday during the 2017-18 season. At his career pace, he could reach 40k during his 20th season when he turns 38.

Durant, in just his sixth season, might even be a stronger contender for 40k. He’s not as physical a player as LeBron and he’s a better perimeter shooter. Durant, averaging 26.3 points for his career and 27.0 so far this season, continues to improve each season from 3-point range. As he settles into his mid-to-upper 30s, he might find it easier than LeBron (whose 3-ball is also becoming more accurate) to keep his scoring average up in the mid-to-upper 20s.

“He has the body, he has the mind, he has the toughness, he has the ability,” Brooks said of Durant, “to be a 28- to 30-point scorer for a lot of years.”

Maybe no one will last long enough to reach 40k. Three players are in position, and the chase should be thrilling to watch.


  1. Kel says:

    Kobe reached 30k at 16 years, and to think he’s a ballhog (due to number of complaints from his previous teammates.)
    Lebron is already at 19.5k since he started (9 years) but his scoring seems to be decreasing every year.
    and Durant 10.6k in 6 years.

    If LBJ and KD continue to be scoring leaders for 7+ and 10+ years respectively they can reach 40k. If not they can still beat Kareem’s

  2. Al says:

    Only KD realistically gas a chance here, but even then it’s slim.

  3. NBAfan says:

    Guys talking about efficiency in scoring….

    Kareem 1st all time in FGA..1st in scoring too
    Malone 2nd…and 2nd in scoring too
    Jordan 3rd…and 3rd in scoring too
    Wilt is 6th in FGA…but 4th in scoring (up 2…will be up 1 by the end of the season cause Kobe will overtake him)

    Talking about ball hogging…

    Jordan: 22.9 FGA per game for his career
    Lebron: 20.3
    Kobe: 19.6

    Jordan has the highest career ppg…nobody will ever touch that…but Kobe has more longevity in his career…which is needed to catch up to Kareem…

  4. Paul says:

    Do you guys realize how moronic the “can Durant put on muscle” argument sounds ? Look at his frame. He isn’t built for that. And he doesn’t need to be. He is a small forward, he has tremendous size and tremendous speed (for his size), not to mention that sweet jumpshot. He just needs to improve his core strength (for health reasons) and continue to work on his outside game. Not everybody has to go down in the post. Stop listening to Chuck, Chuck would have Nate Robinson go down in the post.

    P.S I even think LeBron has to loose a little bit of weight. He seems to have lost a lot of the finesse and mobility he once had.

  5. kobe4TW says:

    You know why the lakers are so bad this season. They are tanking it to get good draft picks. SO STOP HATING!

  6. cnici says:

    please break all of kobes records KD!!!!!!!!!

  7. lakers fan 2012 says:

    Very possible. But they might all have to play until around 38-40 years old.

  8. It is all about how many years KD will play. Kareem played 20 years of professional basketball.
    If Durant plays 21 years playing 77 games a year averaging 26 ppg he will reach 40040 points.
    That’s how impossible it is.

    • George says:

      Your math is a little off, I think you meant if Durant plays 20 seasons, not 21,

    • JURA195 says:

      you have quite a good computation out there but you forgot the play-offs… KD, if wont be hindered by injuries, will break all records in scoring…

  9. It is all about how many years KD will play. Kareem played 20 years of professional basketball.
    If Durant plays 21 years playing 77 games a year averaging 26 ppg he will reach 40040 points.
    That’s how impossible it is.

  10. jamezkb24 says:

    we don’t know lebron and durant will maintain their health as today , we don’t know if they score as today as long as kobe

    kobe played 17th season beacause he’s the youngest player could play in nba

    i think can past kareem if he maintain

  11. dj rgm9 says:

    It’s all with a big “iff”!Lebron and Durant have the chance to break the records,no doubt.But with a big “iff” ,they have to play at least 10-15 at the Nba league.Meaning less possible injuries&10-15 years of high scoring every night,than a possibility to be at top of the list at that time!Let’s see over 5years where they standing+staying healty too.
    Durant has to work his body to more muscles to stay fit&strong,iff he can’t do it,it doubt it big time he’s staying injury free all his career.For Lebron it’s all looking good at the moment he’s driving like a train from hell (with a lot travelling between of course!),but it w’ont stand forever the way he’s playing right now.When Lebron is over 30y than he’s gonna rely more from his jumpshot’s+3’s,wich this is also unpredictable wat’s gonna happen in the near future!
    Good luck to all & nice article to debate too.

  12. Mack says:

    Why is everyone dogging kobe… i bet my life that none of you cant do what does…………………..

  13. Fo Real says:


    KD is most likely to reach that target, KD has that scorers mentality

    LeBron will Flirt with that number, He’ll get real close by just playin his normal game. LeBron isn’t like MJ or Kobe where he wakes up in the morning and says I’m droping 45 or 50 tonight just because.

    Kobe can but I dont think he wants to play till 40. With Kobe you never know, he is simply an animal for scoring.

  14. djunsan says:

    If MJ came out of high school and didn’t quit basketball for 3 years to play baseball, MJ would easily get to 40K… MJ lost 3 years when he was in his PRIME and when he came back the 3rd time at 38 or so he was still a 23ppg scorer
    Anyone saying Kobe is the best pure scorer ever probably was born 10 years ago.
    Even Kobe’s 81-pt game was a result of the “no-impeding” rule set by the NBA and the refs didn’t have a handle on how to implement it… that is why scoring wing players’ scoring average went up by 5 pts that year. If the NBA had this “no-impeding” rule when MJ was playing he could have averaged 35ppg regularly…

    • Mister 215 says:

      @djunsan…. To be a pure scorer you have to be able to shoot the three effectively. That was not something that Jordan was good at. Jordan till this day has more FG attempts then Kobe, 1400 more. Yet Kobe has almost more threes made then Jordan attempted. To really be fair you should see their stat line once his career is over. If (when) he takes those 1400 more shots he will see where he ends up……. IJS

  15. LBJ for #1 says:

    LBJ could be the first one to reach 40k ever, second Durant. I know they can reach that point plateau, Since, Lebron is starting to weave his shot far better than the last 4 seasons. I think could also rely on his jumpshots someday like he did in the playoffs game 6 MIA VS BOS when he poured 44pts most out of jumpshots, he was able to catch the perfect form of a shooter. Durant is best at shooting, so that’s why I think he’ll be able to reach 40k plateau also, if he doesn’t get an injury, like T-mac or AI.. Kobe will like be just above Karim or for 1st runner up at around 37.

  16. Eli Odell J. says:

    God, you people and your crazy shenanigans, get some wisdom
    Ya gotta get to 20 fore you can talk bout 30, hell, let alone 40
    Didn’t we have this same talk with jimmie j when he said he’d win 8?
    Be.happy with what y’got, all this here…. It’s years and years, decades even away, want not for what ya don’t need y’all, cause once one of em gets there we all know we’ll be talkin bout the next hot rookie doin the same
    Am I wrong?

  17. MarioGermandream says:

    gotta be kid din me non of those 2 gonna doit first of all they gotta show what they can do when father times com in round kobe is 34 still putting up 40 with eas lebron won’t be able to do that not skilled enough he’s just a freaky athlete kd needs to stay healthy but none of those will top the mamba and instead of talking about what will be u should give kobe credit and not talking about the next one

  18. lakermig says:

    Good article which makes you think ppl say the 80s was the golden age of bball and yet we are witnessing 3/4 (no one mentions melo) players that could essentially be the top scorers of all time, I f not we might and most likely will still have 4 players from this generation in the top ten scorers of all time. That’s quite something.

    As for the predictions I dont think kobe will top the list cause i dont really think kobe will play for five more years, at most he might extend to another year but we will be 3rd on the list , maybe maybe 2nd.

    Lebron I dont see topping the list cause even tough he was the first to 10,000 he has taken a different role since with the heat and a role he prefers and i dont see him goin back to being the guy that has to put up 30 a night,Not to mention once his athleticism goes he wont be putting up good numbers,In all fairness as amazing as he is now i find it hard to imagine him being any where close to as productive as kobe in his mid 30s. but given the fact that he still does put up good numbers he will be in the top 5.

    And finally KD in my opinion if he remains at this rate he will be maybe not the top scorer of all time but ahead of kobe and lbj, he also has what it takes to be productive in his mid 30s and barring a bad injury will only get better for the next 6/7 years. But as he might notice to win championships sometimes it takes less hero ball and a lot more team ball.

  19. Wilson says:

    Wilt Chamberlain had more than 2 45+ ppg.

  20. attillathehun says:

    Seriously. People are thinking that either Kobe, LeBron and Kevin will reach 40k and beat Kareem’s record. Be realistic people. That will never happen.

    Kobe has two more good years left, Le Bron six and Kevin eight.

    They will not score a much as they do now.

    • lakers fan 2012 says:

      35 is a players last year that they are still good , at 36 and older they are not nearly as good.

  21. Trevor says:

    Im not sure that these two players -durant, james- could play at the same level above 30.

  22. Alex says:

    Durant and Kobe will have a chance, as for Lebron he is not a pure scorer. As he gets older his athleticism and speed and strength will decrease and be geting bested by younger players. He will struggle to score over the age of 35. As for Kobe and Durant no defence can stop them

  23. maxadm says:

    You’ve forgotten that MJ could have hit the 40k easily without his two retirement… If he wanted he would have done it…

  24. nunpoom says:

    Formula to get 40k and recognition:
    Come out of collage early. Ignore everybody and shoot till you drop. Tank the season so your team get better draft. Tank a few more seasons by shooting more shots. Then after you got stars on your team, win 4-5 rings. After that, get rid of your stars since they are stealing your shots. Rinse and repeat.

  25. Nando says:

    After all these guys retire, then we will see whos the best… KOBE!!! The rings dont lie..

  26. Marshall Day says:

    Well i just have to say Kobe will get it because he’s a major scorer and he loves the game and he at least wants to get past jordan or molone so yeah and Lebron an KD they will retire at a younger age so maybe like, idk 34-37 but if kobe stays than there not going past kobe. Thats all hope you agree.

  27. cedric says:

    enough on the math and stats, lets admit that all athlete will come in the stage that your body will become weak…not unless if one can reach 30k by 28 y/o or anyone can be fitted by a iron man suit that can protect a body from the physicality of the game.

  28. Bobcats are the best says:

    The real question that should be asked is “What if coaches never told Wilt to stop shooting so much?”

  29. Ammar says:

    I love Durant, he is one of my favorite players. Lebron, I dont like. However, Lebron became the youngest player to reach 10,000 at 23 years old and KD was second youngest at 24 years old. Lebron also averages more career PPG then durant so if anything, to me Lebron has the better chance reaching Jabar.

    • Ammar says:

      Although however, Durant probably has the best shot out of all of them.. So when lebron is 35 and cant rely on his power and athletiscim he will need a pure jumpshot to be able to score like Durant does. Lebron is basically 2 years ahead of kobe and 1 year ahead of Durant but I think 1 of them will reach Jabar and become #1.

    • lakers fan 2012 says:

      But LBJ relys a lot on athletism while Durant has a better jump shot. And just because Lebron’s ppg is higher now doesn’t mean it’s gonna be that way forever. Durants ppg will go up since he’s young and still getting better. And Lebron’s will go down because he doesn’t have to score as much now that he’s in Miami. And as Lebron ages and isn’t able to put up number this big anymore his ppg will go down.

  30. Macky says:

    Lol @ the predictions. How do we know Durant will play as long as Kobe? I don’t think his frame (body) is as durable. Doesn’t matter what any of these guys average or what they score. Doubt anyone will do what Jordan did. 6 rings 6 finals MVPs, 5 MVPs (should have had 10), 10 scoring titles with 7 straight, 32000 points in 15 seasons in an era where it was harder to score as a guard….Rules have changed to allow guards to get to the paint more, its in the rule book go read it. Kobe needed 17 to get 30000, if you take out his first 2 seasons because he didnt start (but still scored), then he needed more than 15 seasons to get 2000 less points than Jordan. None of these guys even compare to him. Stop skipping all the other all time greats just to get to Jordan. All these guys wont get top 5 GOAT, the only one that might is Lebron but even then I would have a real problem putting him ahead of Wilt or Kareem, LET ALONE JORDAN.

    • Mister 215 says:

      @Macky….. Just so you know Jordan had over 1400 more field goal attempts the Kobe has RIGHT NOW!!!! Played two years less and still has more attempts. Lets see how many points Kobe will have once he takes another 1400 shots. MVP’s are biased…. Reason why I say that is because one of the years that Kobe should have gotten the MVP he averaged 30pts
      6.9rpg 5.9apg and 2.2spg. These stats for a SG should have gift wrapped the trophy for him. This was the year after they won the last of three chips. MVP is based off of team success not who is the best player in the league. Kobe is the only player of the decade to have only one MVP….. That’s strange!!!!!

  31. james says:

    Where is carmelo anthony in these conversatiions.. isnt he a consistant top scorer every year?

    • SS says:

      Carmelo has 2000 less points than James. Plus he averages for his career 3 points less (27.6 compared to 24.7). So if James can’t make it to 40k, theres no way Carmelo can.

  32. Frank White says:

    I don’t think kobe will get to 40k he don’t have enough years left and Kd might get to 30k he’s a great scorer so it will just depend on how long he plays and avg 25+ points per game and LBJ wont get to 40k or 30k LBJ will go as far as his athleticism will take him and no one can out last father time

    • sdrinozancan says:

      Finally someone making sense…
      People seem to forget that LeBron is only good because of his body. He travels most of the time, and his skillset is nowhere near Kobe’s, or Durant’s. Durant is way better than LeBron, he only needs to gain some weight and muscles to be more dominant in the paint.
      If someone reaches 40k, it’s either Kobe or durant.

  33. What Ever Chucheneger says:

    Neither of them will Reach 40K But i think Lebron Will end up with 37K,Durant With 38K Only if he do not turn into Mcgrady or Iverson Style And Kobe 35K because he will Retire in 2014…

    • lakers fan 2012 says:

      For all we know when Lebron gets to kobe’s age now (34 years old) he may only put up 20ppg. You can’t really say that he can still be the same beast he is today in his 30’s. And he may retire at like 35. And Kobe may play a little longer maybe if they pickup some talented young players and have a shot at winning a title he may want to stay a little longer. So lebron with around 33K, Kobe with around 40K if he plays until 38 or older, and Durant with 40-41K if he can average around 27 ppg for 19 seasons. Which is possible.

  34. HeatFan24 says:

    now this guy knows how to write a good read…nice article bro

  35. gerald29 says:

    i think lbj doesnt care of scoring more points main important to him is a championship…

  36. Michael Goo says:

    Anything is possible,
    but out of Durant, Kobe, and Lebron, I think Kobe is the best.

    • E-SY says:

      Out of those three I think LeBron is the best and Durant will end up with most points in his career. Kobe will be another landmark for younger stars to aim for to become a legend, which he allready is.

    • Fo Real says:

      yeah like 3 or 4 years ago

  37. kenny lynch says:

    buy the end of Durants carrer he will be the alltime leading scorer

  38. NBAfan says:

    Kobe: 25.1 ppg per 36 minutes (25.4 if you take his first two seasons out because he wasn’t even starting)
    Lebron: 24.9 ppg per 36 minutes
    Durant: 24.8 ppg per 36 minutes

    I think Kobe can get whatever individual goals he wants to get in his career…it’s just a question of does he want it?….I want him to want it…I think I’m not alone in this…

    Lebron is not really a scorer anyway, he’s an all-around guy…his greatness will be measured by his overall stat line and the ring(s) he ends up having…

    Durant is a scorer like Kobe…he started young, was the man from the very start, he is 6’10 and can shoot…he has the best chance of ENDING UP as a more prolific scorer than Kobe..but if he wants rings, he will have to sacrifice this a bit

    I think Kobe can give Kareem’s record a serious go….but even if he does, I think KD has the potential to beat his record….if he stays Reggie-Miller-tough throughout his career.

    • George says:

      Kobe career shooting percentage: 45.4%
      Durant career shooting percentage: 47.0%
      Lebron career shooting percentage: 48.5%

      Anyone can score a few points when they take a million shots.

      • George says:

        Before you say something about Lebron and Durant having inflating shooting percentages due to scoring more in the paint:

        Kobe career 3 point shooting percentage: 33.8%
        Durant career 3 point shooting percentage: 36.8%
        Lebron career 3 point shooting percentage: 33.3%

        More proof that Kobe just takes a million shots and gets a few in. He also has the lowest career FG% out of any player to reach 30K points.

      • Fo Real says:

        Well put George, Well put.

      • R E E says:

        Kobe has the lowest field goal % of all the top 5 scorers because he’s a GUARD. The youngest at that.
        In the top 10, he and Michael Jordan are the ONLY guards on the list.
        Centers and forwards by default of position have higher shooting percentages.
        This isn’t about jacking up a lot of shots. It’s about where your opportunities are in your respective position.

      • Mister 215 says:

        @George…. We have another hater in the building…… First of all you can’t compare FG percentage to players that don’t play the same position. Kobe is a SHOOTING Guard, and NOT a SMALL Forward. Anyone that plays REAL ball understands exactly what I am saying. Next if you want to compare (in your case just to hate) FG percentages you also shouldn’t compare a 10 years of experience to 17. 7 years is a lot of shooting that can’t be accounted for. Maybe a 12 or 13 year player but not 17 genius!!!! Next yes Lebron has a higher FG percentage and that IS because he shoots the three and mid range shot less then Kobe or Durant. Which is also why Kobe has the lowest FG% out of the other 30k players. Kobe has almost made more three then Jordan attempted. 4,580 threes is a lot to take and that will only lower your FG%.

      • NBAfan says:

        Here are the career FGA (that’s field goal attempts for those who don’t know) for these three players:

        Lebron: 20.3
        Kobe: 19.6
        Durant: 19.0

        This isn’t just proof…this is a FACT…who again takes a million shots?

      • ChigChig says:


        That is a misleading fact.. Lebron shots more over his career and thats true but thats because every year he has been the go to guy since rookie year.. if we are going since 03-04 kobe has taken more shots every season bar 1.. its just when you have your first 3 season of not shooting above 16 a game that brings your totals down

  39. QuestionMark says:

    Like Stephen A. Smith said ” If Durant can get bigger, I think he will go down as the greatest scorer in NBA history”. I do agree with that, if KD can put on some more weight and muscle, he can back people down more easily for a fadeaway, he can drive to the rim and with his length finish 9/10 times, and of course what he normally does, shoot over people. KD is the second youngest to score 10,000 points and Lebron is first, KD would be first if he came out of highschool or Lebron didn’t, so KD, I think is the greatest scorer in the league currently and will go down as the greatest scorer in history. I do think KD has a better shot at hitting 40k, only because KD can shoot far better than Lebron, Lebron mostly relies on attacking the paint and finishing with his athleticism, which will slow down as he gets older, just look at J-Rich and VC, two of the best dunkers to ever play the game, and now they most rely on jumpshots and 3 pointers to score. KD came out of college shooting the way he does. Plus I would say at most Lebron has about 6 more years till he starts to slow down and if he averages about 26 ppg for the next 6 he will hit 32k, so there really is no chance for Lebron to get to 40k unless he averages 30 over the next 6. KD is 24 and still not at the peak of his potential and has about 10 years left until he slows down, and if he can average around 28 ppg then he will hit around 34k, but KD has the best shot at hitting 40k, only if he doesn’t miss significant amount of games.

  40. Hm says:

    I think these scoring “milestones” (and to be honest, most other totals milestones) are nonsense.

    This one in particular reinforces the idea that only the points matter. Is there even one player being discussed here whom is less efficient (eFG%) than Kobe Bryant? I was thinking maybe Paul Pierce, but even he is more efficient.

  41. Jets says:

    but Jordan did 32k with only 15 seasons.. kobe in his 17th season..

    • NBAfan says:

      Jordan has the highest career ppg average, so yes, he’ll reach any milestone in less years but he took a few long vacations there through retirement….that helps. no zone defense too…just a lot of craig ehlo’s guading him one on one and illegal defense rules to help keep Ewing, Olajuwon, Robinson and Shaq at bay from his drives.

      Kobe didn’t get serious PT until his third season. Kobe also had to go through 2 lock-out shortened season. If you take his first two seasons away (pts and games) and count only when he had enough playing time, he’ll be averaging 27.4 ppg for his career

      • Eli Odell J. says:

        Wow, you talkin down on MJ? Hahahahahahaha,
        Kobe ain’t fit to shine his shoes
        Lebron gotta long way to go to come close to that greatness
        Who you kiddin? Talkin that crazy bulls**t?

      • JDB says:

        @Eli Odell J


      • Mister 215 says:

        @Eli Odell J……He is not down playing Jordan. He is just stating facts. Then you say that Kobe aint fit to shine his shoes??? Kobe played more years and Jordan had 1400 more attemtps then Kobe. Yet everyone calls him a ball hog, but ride Jordan’s pipe all day. It’s fans like you that just have pure hate in your heart.

  42. newyorksteelo says:

    Why isn’t Carmelo Anthony ever in these discussions. It is apparent that will in fact also reach the 30K point and beyond towards the end of his career, especially the way he is playing. He is one of the greatest scorers ever. To not include him in this list is just highway robbery.

    • SS says:

      Because Carmelo has around 2000 less points then LeBron. That means he’s like a full season behind. Per game Carmelo averages 24.7ppg compared to LeBron’s 27.6. Basically because of those two reasons if LeBron can’t make it to 40k then theres no way Carmelo can.

      • Eli Odell J. says:

        Also carmelo’s older… 2-3 years older

      • Mister 215 says:

        @Eli Odell J…… Just so you know Melo is only a year older….. Actually him and Lebron were born in the same year. Melo in may and Lebron in December….. I know because Lebron is a Day older then I am.

  43. Game Time says:

    Lebron won’t get to 40. I think at best he may get 35 depending on how long he stays. Kobe could probably get 40, but if he plans on continuing to win championships then the high volume shooting would have to stop. Durant I think is probably the best bet at someone who can realistically reach 40.

  44. kevign says:

    Great read!!

    Kobe probably wont break the 40k threshold. He’ll be around 35-36k.
    This race is more likely to be between KD and LBJ.

    Also its funny that LeBron isnt considered a scorer guy anymore, and still has more points than Melo and has a lot of scoring records under his belt

  45. it's attainable for 2...... says:

    I think James and Durant can make that 40k plateau… Unlike Kobe they weren’t hindered in finding themselves in their first two years in the League. They came into the League burning people off the top! Real ballers if I must say so myself, no carbon copies or stolen complete blueprints…. Though the time is creeping up on us…

    • Carl says:

      Agreed. Imagine if Kobe came out of high school being “the guy” on the Lakers squad. He’d probably be higher on the list.

      • Kb24 says:

        This is the main question, 2 wasted seasons for Kobe. He’s and will be the greatest scorer and the best closer in the game, even the most pure talented player ever.

      • Big Euro says:

        But then imagine if Jordan never retired and played until 2003?

      • Hm says:

        He couldn’t be “the guy”, because he wasn’t that good back then.

        Not that I endorse the idea of there being a “guy”. Hogball is not basketball.

  46. pistoleguite says:

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    @Caplan_NBA you ask a big question ! Kobe Bryant just reached the 30 k points and you publish your article. Bryant , 34 wants to win titles to be better than MJ with 6 rings.
    Post season remains the more imporant question in basketball .
    Kobe Bryant hates the defeat. Lakers are not in the top this season because of chemistry, To win lakers need to play together.

  47. Fr3D says:

    Great read! I don’t think anybody will reach 40, but Durant will probably be the youngest to reach 30k, hopefully he stays healthy.