Dwight Howard Wants Help On Defense


HANG TIME WEST — For most any other team at most any other time, this would be a normal reaction to a face-plant start. But with the Lakers in December of 2012, with Dwight Howard and his reputation plus the coaching change and no hope in sight from the return of the player who is supposed to give hope, this is a fresh coat of tension.

The Lakers lost to the Jazz 117-110 on Sunday night in Los Angeles amid obvious frustration from Howard, according to Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Newspaper Group, over a lack of support on defense. Howard winced at the fresh memory of Utah scoring 54 points in the paint and 23 on second-chance points. He practically sent out a distress signal.

“Guys have to understand I’m going to try to block shots and I’m going to help as early as I can and I’m going to be there,” Howard said. “We have to get each other’s back.”

And, Kobe Bryant endorsed the frustration, saying, “He should be. He can’t do everything defensively. He’s doing as much as he can, changing shots and the things of that nature. But when teams are getting out in the break and laying the ball up so many times, there’s not much you can do.”

This is about more than the Lakers’ being in the middle of the pack, No. 14, in shooting defense. It is about Howard for starters, because he ran his reputation into a ditch last season and so now every comment, action, hiccup, blink and inhale is viewed through a different prism.

Dwight Howard Frustrated With Teammates!

Fresh off the PR debacle in Orlando, jumping right into the circus in Los Angeles, about to become a free agent -– he should have arrived with a tick… tick… tick soundtrack.

The initial public scrape with Bryant is out of the way, an on-court disagreement during a recent game that quickly passed in favor of some other crisis. The first time Howard lobs anything resembling a negative comment in the direction of coach Mike D’Antoni, look out.

The actual concern for the Lakers? There is solution on this roster for the defense. They can point to the jump start for the offense that will come once Steve Nash returns from a fractured left leg, the reunion of the point guard and his former Suns coach with the up-tempo offense. But Nash’s defense is something no opponent is worried about.

Nash is not expected back for the four-game trip that starts Tuesday in Cleveland and continues to New York (the Knicks), Washington and Philadelphia. At least the end provides a sliver of good feeling. Howard is playing and his 76ers counterpart/Lakers predecessor Andrew Bynum is not. Beyond that, frustration.


  1. Ernie says:

    I really do think that Howard will leave the Lakers though and sign with either the L.A. Clippers and take less money or sign with the Golden State Warriors. We all know he’s not leaving L.A. because he said he dose’t want to leave

  2. Ernie says:

    Players that lakers should try and trade for Gasol for Scola Gasol for Favor Gasol and a draft pick for kevin love Gasol and Steve blake for Andri Barganni and jose caldron or Gaso for Barganni or Gasol and Artest for Al jefferson or Paul Milsap or Gasol for Glen Davis

  3. Lakers-R-Us says:

    What are you smoking Francisco??? Kobe is not an efficient player????? Just say you hate the man! So people can respect your opinion! To say he’s not an efficient basketball player is ridiculous! Just be honest!!!!! lmao

  4. matt says:

    i really think that in the next few games, if the lakes lose, its time to press the panic button.. maybe they need to sign somebody like Allen Iverson, or somebody that could help Kobe execute and distribute.. i mean kobe is taking shots that his teammates need to be taking.. I know dwight is tryin to get into the mix of this all-star lineup but he needs to know that he aint the spotlight anymore on offense like he was in orlando and his defense is different like he just waiting for the rebound to come to him.. I really expected the Lakers to be the Best team in the NBA but no. I know Mike is like settling in this Laker team, but i think i know what he is doing.. Maybe they need to get back to the Basics of Team Basketball and see what happens from there.. even though Steve comes back from his injury, something else needs to be done..it aint dwight’s freethrows either.. They are missing one more piece i think..they just need to find it..but i think its Phil…cause he had coached a team like this before..or maybe Mike needs a few advices from Phil..a whole lot of em that is….

  5. Francisco says:

    Trade kobe for vince carter, they are the same kind of player,kobe can not carry a team , he never has been an efficient player
    he is the problem

  6. pau--------Gasol says:

    who here thinks pau will be traded before the end of this year.

  7. TTKIN says:

    Nash returning I think really will help a lot just cuz everyone on the team is waiting for him. once he’s back and making everything easy on offense, theyll try harder on defense.

    To make this clear, the Lakers SHOULD be winning these games. Im not excusing losing. Im just saying they arent trying very hard and just about everyone agrees, Worthy and Magic among them.

  8. Michael says:

    The Lakers problems are alot deeper than lack of defensive help, although it is true whenever D12 comes to help on a shot or attempt to get a block most of the time no one is behind him to grab the rebound or stop the easy basket. The Lakers bought into star power this offseason like most offseasons in which they aquire new talent, which isn’t often. And when you do that, and the stars get hurt or dont play well, your left holding a bag of ‘What if’. The Lakers bench is subpar at best, maybe the should’ve been taking tips from the other LA basketball team and built their bench up? The problems at SF are glaring any time they go up against a team with an elite SF (Miami, OKC, NYK, MEM). The transition defense is awful, Pau is having the worst year of his professional career. There are more problems than this, but these are some of the worst. A trade is not gonna happen because the Lakers don’t have many pieces to move, other than Pau and that’s becoming a tougher sale by the day as people begin to question the durability of his knees.

  9. thepressmynamekid says:

    uh yeah he is being a kid. Very rude to all reporters, and no respect. He thinks it’s still high school, where the athletes could ride their talent through, but he’s supposedly an adult now. Just looks like a guy about to have a tantrum. Sorry but this guy’s personality is awful, I agree with the dude that said “good luck winning a championship with that attitude” Allen Iverson anybody?

  10. Den says:

    Aged players (MWP, Nash, Gasol) + hyper-ego player (Kobe) + whiner (Dwight) + no bench (the rest)…How could this team win?

    Biggest problem is on Kobe. As already mentioned, when he scored 30+ this season, the team lost 8 times out of 9. Too much ego killed the team.

    When KG joined Celtics, his average dropped from like solid 22.13.4. to 19.9.3. The Truth scored like 20pts or less per game. Ray Ray hit only deadly daggers -3 pointers. While no one claiming to be “the boss”, Celtics won the championship that year. THAT EXACT YEAR WHEN THE “CELTICS SUPER TEAM” WAS FORMED. No a year delay like Miami nor any time of the season suffering a sub 500.

  11. random laker fan says:

    lets trade morris for marc gasol and mwp for lebron james heck heat should give us d wade and bosh then get rondon for a 2nd round pick and kg with pierce for bench back ups also try to get carmelo and stoudamire for 2nd round picks and the nets should give us deron williams with joe for free viva LA #2

  12. bigboy11 says:

    antoni got fired from NEW YORK and the new coach got then winning this season

  13. W/E says:

    D.coward is the last one who should complain, hes a huge liability thanks to his attrocious non existent bball skills, and on defence hes not doing any better than his teammates so y he complains?

  14. […] Howard is understandably frustrated as he tries to quarterback this thing and he said as much to Scott Howard-Cooper of NBA.com. […]

  15. Heatles631 says:

    To all Lakers fans, Relax! This team is still figuring things out. The same stuff happened when Miami’s big 3 game together. The media blew it up, the fans freaked out. And about twenty games into the 2010-11 season the Heat started to shut everyone up. So don’t worry just be patient. This team is 1 of 3 super talented teams in the NBA (next to Heat and Thunder). They will figure it out. And when Nash gets back the offense will run smoothly, they will score better, and be able to set up on D. So just ride out the storm and trust in your team. They will pull it through

  16. Caleb says:

    Don’t hate on Dwight he’s a wayyyy better center than mister Shaquille, shaquille made 10 out 30,000 free throws he took so don’t talk about Dwight like he misses every free throw like Shaquille ok Shaquille got three rings wit Kobe who cares that’s not the right fit for Howard he needs to go brooklyn or back to the magics were he gets help.

    • Kiwanuka Nsubuga says:

      The biggest problem the lakers have rite now is Dwight. Man the guy is the biggest and the most atheletic in nba yet he is laying up the ball and he should dunk it everytime he get it. I dont see why nobody on the coaching stuff has brought this to Dwight. This should be a 30 and 20 guy on a nightly basis. If Dwight dunks the ball instead of layups, lakers will have the most feacely team in nba because teams will try to figure out how to keep this guy out of paint. And will all other guys open and strong. Come on Dwight put ur big boy pants and quit complaining i havent seen ur best game yet. That should be the solution to the laker problems.

  17. Caleb says:

    You know all of you magic haters keep on hating cause as of right now magics are doing better than those lakers. So keep hating that’s all you guys can do GO MAGICS!!!!!! Il always be a magic and I will always have faith in them. Lakers are going to say goodbye to Kobe when he retires and Howard when he leaves after this season boooooo hoooo lakers.

  18. dwynn says:

    All you LAKERS FANS out there Before the start of the season saying LA is the Champs!!You have All star Players but one thing you are missing is CHEMISTRY!!!!!Bwahaha..Dont compare them to the HEAT they never been scrutinized like the HEAT was by all of u haters!!

  19. Ommel says:

    pls send out the D’antoni

  20. robertohenry says:

    DH make your free throws and shout the F up.

  21. dj rgm9 says:

    To all bandwagoners&Lakerfans!The organisation trow’d away they’r fundaments like Odom,fish,vujacic,Brown etc… .These last championships won by LA we had three 7footers on board!!! A solid bench like those guys i mentioned above.Hello!three 7 feet men!!!!and at least a Odom the X-men coming from the bench with the player formely know as Ron A..You c’ant replace those guys with the new LA bench recently.Only Hill has some potential vallue as center.The rest of the bench it’s a big iff.Gasol is not even playing,Nash,Blake.Said enuf!With a handicap team&coach you c’ant win games,end of story!!!

  22. RICK J JAYMES says:

    Here I come to save the dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy even that little mouse who sang this would ROCK THE HOUSE….. you aint no mouse….. you the former “superman” BIG SHAQ never came out and said he needs help on D’ did he? Oh my bad “you don’t know ever word that came out his mouth do you” YOU ARE SO RIGHT, let me start again…….. You just joined the team GET YOUR MIND RIGHT SON. YOu are supposed to be the GM, the President of Defense, when dose the pres cry out and say I need somebody to help………. he orders it and YOU CAN “CONSIDER IT DONE “Step your game up son…..” This aint universal studios no more. BE A MAN…… Life was a joke before now you know what pressure really is. All this big talk SHAQ WON 3 WITH “KOBE DEFENDING” SHUT YOUR MOUTH UP, STEP YOUR GAME UP OR REQUEST TO LEAVE L.A. AND CALL KLENEX TO DO A 4PLY AD. FOR THE SUPER DUPER CRYBABY TYPE.

  23. kano says:


  24. Eric NJ says:

    The essential of the problem for the Lakers is that they are not act like a team yet. A winning basketball team is a group dedicated players work together. The Lakers is simple several star players come together. Each of them may only think the others should help him or play the way when he was a star in the good old days.

  25. johnson says:

    1st of all la is not a offenisive team i mean “as a team” sorry kobe. there weapon is defense and triangle offense. they got the right players but wrong coach. la manag. had a chance they were greedy now we see the same thing that had happened when mike brown coached. get the right coach bring atleast brian shaw

  26. Mamba says:

    how about trade pau and sacre and get another player who is way better than the two of them in defence… I don`t like what happening to lakers right now from the fantastic four or the justice league to the pokemons

  27. jujubean says:

    L.A is screwed. Cuz even if Nash returns and plays well, they have no bench anyway. Everytime Kobe scores 30+, Lakers lose. And it’s just what happened during all the recent games. Kobe taking all the shots. Dwight trying to get the rebounds. D’Antoni screwed up as NY’s coach. He’s gonna do it again in L.A. EAST COAST, WEST COAST, SAME TOAST!!!

  28. Marcky says:

    Stop arguing guys one thing is for sure and quoted kobe bryant is the best player in the nba n in the planet today the other is retired thats his airness mj

  29. john says:

    the best answer still is the return of nash, kobe is good without dwight, but i think nash would have a bigger impact on howard, (remember the pick and roll show of nash and amare back in phoenix), nash will set the pace for dwight and will make him better, and for coach mike, he made amare and nash stars back in phoenix, he will make nash and dwight too, considering dwight is a combination of a scorer and a great defender in the paint.

  30. Houdini says:

    The only way the Lakers is gonna win is if they bring in Lebron. Trade Kobe for Lebron and Lakers becomes instant champs!

  31. warrior09 says:

    His teammate were thinking like Dwight don’t need help..he is superman.. lol

  32. Engr. Jonathan Aguilar says:

    let dwight howard trade…. i hate him,

  33. aswang says:

    trade all laker players to wizards…it will create another thunder on the basketball world

  34. Max says:

    Gasol es el problema, Gasol tiene la culpa. Y la tiene porque si juega mal, los Lakers pierden y si no juega, pierden también. Así que la culpa es de Gasol porque, o bien está mal o no juega. Entonces, Gasol es el mejor jugador de los Lakers y es al que hay que cuidar y no hablar de traspaso. Os estáis cargando a Gasol, cuando es el que le dio 2 anillos a los Lakers. No entendéis de Baloncesto, sí de espectáctulo. Its the problem!.

  35. NTS says:

    Does anyone else miss reading lbj’s comments?

  36. Berdugo says:

    With or without Nash, Blake or Gasol, the team’s not just up to the challenge.
    One would not expect those three to play the entire game in a full season, so the thing that’s happening right now may ultimately be the exact big picture of the Lakers in the next games.

    I guess it stops at 17.

  37. francis says:

    once nash comesback they can battle offense for the shots with nash and kobe. as far as theyre defense, they need to figure out someone who can help dwight in defense. offense lakers doenst have problem but on defense is there problem.

  38. mochiballs says:

    Lakers fans: blame Howard, blame Pau, blame Brown, blame D’Antoni, blame Buss, blame Blake, blame Duhon, blame Jamison, blame aliens, blame my dog.

    Rational fans: blame Kobe.

  39. Craig says:

    With out Pau and Nash this team doesn’t move the ball well, give them time.
    BUT their defence is not good and with this team it should be awesome.

  40. Traxnificent says:

    The reality of the situation is that there is no defence other than dwight, kobe is right by saying that all the fast break points are killing the lakers but dwight cant do everything. every1 has to step up and play their man, bernie needs 2 come back and lead the defensive stance.

  41. Leo says:


  42. erwin says:

    Still along way to go in the elimination, but LA must act fast and put their game together. Its all about the team making extra effort and sacrifices to win. Putting blame on anybody will do no good, you’re professionals so act like one.

  43. Laffin@Lakers says:

    Ha ha ha. . .It seriously is sooo much fun seeing how much my Laker pals keep making excuses.And better still how they have “So much time” & “The rest of the season” to get better.
    Every game yeilds a new excuse.Somehow though,looks like they FINALLY found out what was missing AFTER 21 GAMES!!! I respect Kobe and Dwight as players,but as the teams star player,they gotta make their team better,whichever way they’re going wrong. N Kobe couldn’t have said it better,Gasol needs to get his Big Boy pants on!

  44. AMR says:

    lakers will never win a championship out scoring other teams and it seems they do not know how to commuincate on defence , kobe is also taking postions off on defence to get off and running to score at the other end ! he should be the example to the others by playing real defence otherwise the rest would also take postions off and maybe in some cases games off too !

  45. Cory says:

    This isn’t a huge problem in this article, but it has been in the comment sections of others. I’m tired of reading that Pau Gasol should be playing the center position. He’s NOT a center. The Lakers lost to Boston in the finals in 2008 largely due to the fact that Gasol was playing Center and that’s NOT his natural position. He was a Small Forward for Barcelona, guys. If you watched ANY Lakers games over the past 4 years you would either know he’s a natural Power Forward, or you don’t understand the game of basketball.

  46. manu says:

    they don’t need new players


    they won’t win anythin with kobe as the #1 option

    phil made Shaq #1 and ended up with 3 rings hell do the same for howard

  47. Stephen Curry says:

    atleast i will make the allstar team. why dont you guys pay any attention to ME? my team is winning and doesnt anyone talk about me?

  48. New York Knicks says:

    what did we tell you guys? why did you hire that man! Antoni cant win.

  49. specialfriedrice says:

    There was a betting market up for, Will the Lakers get above .500 after 40 games? lol good luck Lakers fans

  50. specialfriedrice says:

    kobe All Defensive 1st team for how many seasons now…this must be Gasol’s fault too…Karma is a b@#$h

  51. 34yrfan says:

    This just in… ….. … . … … “Superman”?! needs help….Quick….trade, buy ….anything !!…….. but please get him some help!!?!?!??!?!?! lol

  52. minime says:

    Lakers need to trade for one of the below.

    1. Ryan Anderson
    2. Josh Smith
    3. C.Boozer
    4. Bargs/Colderon from raptors

    Would love to see either of those players in laker uniform if possilbe:)

    Do it Mitch! You know you can and probably will soon:) 🙂 🙂

  53. barry says:


  54. rio says:

    hahahaha….over hype team….zen master can fix lakers problems…..know how used every talent of his player….in chicago longley,wellington…etc. l.a. brown,farmar became good players

  55. Bojeezy says:

    Everyone calm down. Now is not a time to blow the whole team up. All this team needs is time playing together more. They haven’t had all there players on the court after Mike Brown. Just look what Bernie Bickerstaff did with this same team. Obviously, they need to get it together on defense. Whether it is rotating on the weak side or running out to an open shooter. The games I have watched has them playing pretty good offense and defense but they just don’t do it for a full 48 minutes. I think they just need to shore up the defense like what everyone has mentioned and stop making careless turnovers that is killing their momentum in games.

    As far as Dwight is concerned, he should just man up and continue to play hard. Not quit on a play when he is fouled. I think the Lakers are better than their record shows. They have one of the most talented starting 5 in the game. They just need to get it together and people just need to be more patient even though I hate seeing my team lose any games. I still believe they can destroy teams in the playoffs.

  56. Golakers says:

    The lakers loosing is not about chemistry or having bad players, this is a result of bad coaching. Before the coach replacement, the lakers were beating good teams. Now that there is a change in the system every player has a problem: Dwight not being helped. Kobe is shooting a lot. Pau is not adjusting. They need Nash to win. etc. etc.

    Kobe won championships by scoring. Pau won championships as a Center. When you put in a new system, it will definitely change how the players will play, there would be difficulties. Honestly speaking I think D’antoni does not see his players strength, because if he does, he would accept all the responsibility of how his team is losing, because he wants the players to adjust in an instant. He is putting players to his system, not his system to his players. You can’t insist on a player to be a three point shooter if he does not have an experience of shooting three’s. and a lot more adjustments he is complaining about. Now he is trying to find a solution outside the team, why? Was that part of his contract to revamp the team when he came in, Adding players to fit his system, might as well change the whole team, because everyone is not playing great on his system.

    The lakers won championships with lesser talents than what they have right now. If their is a problem here, then they can just place Bernie back and see what happens. Mike D. needs to rest his Knees anyways, it might be affecting his coaching abilities, because he might be in pain. I bet the fans would not mind.

    Their primary problem before all this mess, a point guard was needed, nothing more.

  57. The NBARulezz says:

    Ya i agree boozer should trade with gasol it would be a good trade

  58. HEATforever says:

    spoil Howard…
    the way he wanted to be traded to Lakers, they he wants help on defense…
    C’MON man, GROW UP !!! You were the Defensive Player of the Year
    if you are really worth playing with Lakers than SHOW IT!!!
    don’t just blame on your teammates and easily say: I want help…

  59. MHM 35 says:

    Any Lakers fan wanting a trade or firing of some staff at this point is an idiot. Yes an idiot. And as a Lakers fan, I wholeheartedly believe that. Yeah they’re a sub .500 team. But use half of the brain you got man. They can’t manage the players they got, why would you change the look of the team further? As far as the Coaching goes, you honestly think a 4th coach will make things BETTER????! Idiots. Be patient with the team you and I claim to be fans of! Let them ride through the bumps and make mistakes!

  60. ricard says:

    Lakers, with Bryand and Howard, fading off, loosing… how, isn’t GASOL the problem? It’s curios how a lot of people only go on, and share (without a real and more thecnic and soothe perspective), the cowards opinions who talk to move on the weak (the soft) the problems! Always The more easy to attack, like D’Anthony did when arrive to explain his own part of failare! What a shame, that is justified with argues of shame. Things are a lot of more complex, everybody knows, taht is only BLOOD THRIST! BLOOD OF THE SOFT! who doesn’t work as meeeeeee and seem to be happy enough!!!!!!!

  61. Ardrin Canlas says:

    I think boozer would fit the power forward defensive style for the lakers. And he average around 11+ pts/game, so basically the he can be more focus on Defense and a little of offense, unlike gasol, he’s not that special when it comes to defense. Or maybe the gasol-bargnani is also an option. just saying 🙂

  62. I would trade gasol 4 Luis scola

  63. o says:

    trade metta world peace!

    • Dommy says:

      you crazy lol, he playing some good ball and hes one of the better defensive players on the team

    • MHM 35 says:

      no moron you don’t trade away the defense you have on this defense lacking team. plus MWP is having a comeback season.

  64. jeffrey says:

    yah your right dud.. this is all about teamwork.. 😀

  65. trueHEATfan says:

    None of this has been a surprise to me. This whole Super Team thing that L.A. is trying to do seems just a little bit forced. It you cannot compare what happened in Miami just three seasons ago. You can’t even go as far as to say they both had rough starts because under normal circumstances( being any team without Le’Bron James) that 9-7 start looks promising not subpar. On the other hand, these Lakers can’t even manage to stay above 500. for more than one game .I can hear the screems and criticisms and epic fail, overrated, scrub chants 2010-2011 Miami Heat would have gotten if they ever went on a measly 9-12 start. Oh yeah but this team isn’t worthy of that awful press the heat were getting when they were still actually winning most of the time and not even coming close to 500. after the 9-7 start to that season. I swear NBA fans are some of the biggest hyporcrites and bandwagoners in all of sports. As much as I would like to blame Kobe for this terrible start he is the one actually playing very well when you look at his numbers. lol, oh wait Kobe only ever cares about putting up numbers(points to be exact), then blames everyone but himself when butt is in the fire.
    Poor Dwight can’t even manage the team on defense because if there is any sign that Kobe might not be the better player on his team he just couldn’t live with himself.

  66. Beavis says:

    i’m curious to see rock bottom for this Lakers team. Each game seems to be a new low, it’s crazy.

  67. . says:

    I still don’t think D’antoni is the right fit. I have never really liked his style. I believe it was that podcast with Jalen Rose, during that year the suns had a real shot at winning the championship, game 7 or something and D’Antonis prep talk was don’t worry about them at all. He is too focused on his guys and their offense and doesn’t care about the other side of the court at all.

    A team like this needs a defensive model. When you have natural superstar talent in Nash, Bryant, Gasol and Howard and the rest are ‘limited’ players, getting everyone to focus on defence seems like the best alternative. With those players, who I beleive can make it happen offensively regardless, the rest of the attention should be focused on defence.
    Similar to what the Heat did, most of the players surrounding the big three are like the lakers squad, and by getting all those guys to commit to defence and let the big three run the rest it worked out last year.

  68. bigboy11 says:

    when are they gonna fire d-antoni, it’s pasty 6 games now he’s coached there

  69. Caleb says:

    Howard need to come back to Orlando PLEASE.

  70. Jeremy says:

    I am a Lakers fan and have been for a while now. kobe bryant is one of the greatest basketballers to grace an nba court. however, this season has been disastrous. there has been no defense. in the last two games they have scored 108 and 109 points but have given up 116 and 117. there has been lay up after lay up, turnover after turnover and poor rebounding. watching la play so poorly has been hard. di anotoni seems at a loss. the lakers have made bad trades. the howard trade seems good only in so far as the injury to bynum but howard has not done anything that bynum didnt do last season and the lakers played a lot better. they should have invested in some good role players and kept the core of the team from last season. even if they make the playoffs their weak bench, their inconsistent shooters and poor defense will not allow them to win

  71. Cris says:

    can’t stand that “defensive-talk” anymore…has nobody recognized that the lakers have no depth in their team? okc crushed that bench last time out…you can’t win games without a bench which is able to play and a bryant who hasn’t yet realized that he needs to take less shots and look for the open teammate

  72. ceedog says:


  73. Sam says:

    Blow the team up this is turning into to a joke of epic proportions.

  74. Dr. Rich says:

    Once Nash is back the team will gel and he will make everyone better just like when he first went to the Suns. People underestimate how good Nash really is even though he is 38. Once Nash is back the Lakers will take off! Gotta love the Canadian Kid!!!

    • 34yrfan says:

      ….”Take off…..to the Great White North”……maybe Bob & Doug can come off the bench!! lol

    • Carl says:

      Wrong. I’m a Laker fan, but you’re dead wrong. He won’t fix the defensive problem. They score enough points to beat people. Offense isn’t the problem. They need to play…defense.

  75. Dew says:

    What Steven A. Smith said last week. Dwight is horrible from the line!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D2d-VoWfWtc

  76. lbjfan says:

    DHOWARD u need to make mf free throws.

  77. Karim S says:

    I tried to post this on another article, but it didn’t get through.
    Anyway, what Dwight’s saying is nothing further than the truth. I’ve watched at least half of the Lakers games so far, and every one but the New Orleans one was a loss… All I can see is Dwight going to help, but no one covers his man. And if someone does, a shooter is left open in either corner for a 3 that almost always goes in (according to the games).
    The team lacks trust right now.

    I ran off on a tangent there, but point is the Lakers have trust/communication issues. When Nash returns, I feel like he’ll bring a different atmosphere while on the floor. Nash isn’t the best defender, but when the Lakers explode on offense like they’re supposed to, the defense will follow (when you don’t have to focus about catching up all the time).

    I know that offense is nothing without defense, but when you aren’t getting good looks, making your shots, or when you’re getting a lot of turnovers, you’re morale and confidence take a huge hit. So it isn’t surprising that defense starts lacking. Players start making mistake because they aren’t as focused, and you end up where the Lakers are now.
    Look at the Wizards… They may have the worst record in the NBA so far, but most of their games have been close throughout the games, they just haven’t been able to close out.

    Also, D’Antoni needs to accommodate Pau. You can’t ignore such a big factor in what helped the Lakers win their two most recent titles. But again, wish Nash orchestrating the offense, that shouldn’t be as big an issue.

    The 2012-2013 Lakers have arguably the best starting line-up in the league. I don’t have to mention the obvious arguments, injuries, and whatnot, but they aren’t playing as a team for most of the game. That kills them.

    Back to the topic at hand, trust or bust.

  78. nino says:

    how about you stop turning over the ball so often and then just laugh it off, dwight?

  79. Ti Brown says:

    Chill. Coach D hasn’t even had 20 games with his new crew yet. If this were post-All Star break then there would be something to figure out.

    • dattebayo says:

      If this team is still struggling after the allstar break, the coach ain’t gonna be there anymore. These are the Lakers, come on.

  80. timmy says:

    Trade Howard to the D league, he might win a championship there. All i hear is whining at the media after the game, and laughing an joke during the game. This guy is not serious about basketball. Simple is that.

  81. Dwight says:

    Forget blocking shots. It only get you in foul trouble. Just guard you man and play the best defense you can. This is why the mega stars get pay mega bucks! They gotta be able to carry the team. Stop whining and asking for help. The Heat did it with a bad bench and now they got better. The mega stars suppose to make their teammates better. These Lakers mega stars are busy making themselves look good that they make the whole team look bad. You can’t let your opponent read you. don’t go for 3 or 4 blocks a night while letting the other team breaking down your defense. Be dominated in a different way. Adjust. Adjust. Adjust. Everybody have to adjust. Quit pointing the finger at Gasol, Kobe, DH, the bench, etc. EVERYBODY ADJUST!!

    • lancelot09 says:

      look guys they are still trying to fix everything but the problems is when ????

      and just to be fair …. howard and kobe is still adjusting to each other … plus the new system of mike D …. just be patient cause when the other one just back down a bit then hello W’s …

    • jeffrey says:

      yah your right dud.. this is all about teamwork.. 😀

    • thekid says:


  82. ImJusSayin says:

    I still think the coach needs some help with the chemistry He is still just working different combinations of players looking for the best offensive set. I could throw better Defensive crews at the opposition than D’antoni could. Why lakers pickup a defensive star to run with I don’t know. Metta has been the most consistent player for them on both ends but he gets benched a lot for making shots why?

    • 34yrfan says:

      Well ‘I’m just sayin’….. You couldn’t do squat…… just be a fan and try supporting your team instead of fantasizing about a being a GM in the NBA…….. lol

      • artifex says:

        Well said. Though, every fan can say what he thinks of the situation and what would be his choice IF he could decide. So, everyone can chime in and discuss it. That’s why there is a FANTASY league. But reading some quotes I feel some people REALLY THINK they could do the job of a 10,20,30 year experienced person better!?
        Please, have fun arguing and fantasizing but stay realistic…

  83. Caleb says:

    Gasol needs to go to the magics its a better fit he could be a star there and give some boost to the magics, jack vaghn is a good coach and a good fit for gasol, mike dantoni is not a good fit for any team look at the Knicks they are way better with out him just saying lakers did a bad decision.

  84. Caleb says:

    Lakers need to trade gasol and get a better player i mean he’s good but they need great, good is not enough.

    • E-SY says:

      The first sensible comment on this topic! Gasol is of no value at all on the defensive end in your rotation. Sure your perimeter defenders get beaten every once in a while and the rotation has to pick that up. Then Howard is trusted to do his part, but he has to be backed up by the next defender in line, often Gasol. That’s no match for almost all athletes out there nowadays!

  85. Caleb says:

    The lakers are better with out Dwight he should of stayed with magic they would of been a top team in the east GO MAGICS!!!!

  86. John says:

    Any time a new roster is put together it takes time to gel. I expect them to be firing on all cylinders by the time the playoffs come round. In saying that, go the Clippers, number 1 team in L.A

  87. Ronnie N. says:

    No worries laker fans & haters the lakers have plenty of time to get their defense locked down. That’s why they play 82 games a year to plug the pieces in on offense & defense. We have no trouble scoring we just can’t get stops when we need them late in the game. That will change guaranteed, especially with Howard in da paint he just needs help on the weak side when he decides to help out & alter shots. Another 10 or so games & I guarantee they will b locked down on Defense

    • 34yrfan says:

      lol…..lol……just give them another 10 games…..they got the whole season to climb out of their really big hole……. good luck with that !! Just trade for…..just trade for….. that is exactly what I heard ALL off-season ! lakerfan and arrogant front office gets exactly what that they deserve ….. overpaid so-called ‘stars’ and a bunch of average ‘role players (what roles?) Enjoy the past because the future is just what you are seeing now a dysfunctional bunch of I/ME/MINE types with NO idea how to play as a team….get used to it!!!

      • marcus says:


  88. Rainman says:

    actually Mike D said that Nash could very well return at soem point in the 4 game road trip, and that he’s taken a big step in the right direction…so to say that his return is “nowhere in sight” is a bit of a stretch…

  89. miguel says:

    He wanted to be in LA for losing… we all know kobe is not an elite defender neither coach dantoni so i just think they should look for some trades for defensive players

    • Jordan says:

      kobe not an elite defender? haha you clearly don’t have a clue buddy.. kobe has made the NBA all-defensive first team in 9 different seasons!! and the all-defensive second team in 3 other seasons.. thats 9 seasons of being in the top 5 defensive players in the league and 3 of being in the top 10… not an elite defender? you got to be kidding bro!!!

      • dattebayo says:

        Kobe was named 6 straight times to the All Defensive 1st team and last year he was still All Defensive 2nd Team. That’s why most people may think he is the best defender at the 2 and he clearly is not anymore (if he ever was that at all). Ever since Artest joined the Lakers, Kobe isn’t guarding the main scorers anymore and he has lost his speed so he can’t guard the quicker guards in the league either. Kobe doesn’t take charges, he doesn’t get a lot of steals, he doesn’t rebound well for his position and he only has 2 blocks in this season. Look at the ORL@LAL game and tell me how many good defensive plays you have seen from Kobe. Afflalo hit 2 straight jumpers in Kobe face to start the game and the solution was to immediately switch Artest on Afflalo so Kobe doesn’t have to guard him. You wanna tell me that is the mindset of an elite defender?
        Guys like Sefolosha regularly guard the best scorers, no matter if that’s Lebron, Tony Parker or Kobe. That’s all he does the entire game and that to me is an elite defender.

    • Cory says:

      Really? Kobe’s not an elite defender? You wanna watch a couple games and take a look at his 12 All-Defensive Teams (including 9 First Teams) and come back and say the same thing. Do your homework people.

    • JH says:

      Wow to the people saying Kobe isn’t an elite defender, you couldn’t score on him in a hundred attempts even if he had one hand tied behind his back.

  90. DANITo says:

    stop whining howard, your suppose to be 25. 12 guy. you dont seem serouis . i just see you joking and laughing in the court.

  91. Yave says:

    Well L.A is gonna fix the defensive problems sooner or later.Hopefully sooner but like Dwight said these things take time.Miami didn’t become the great run n gun team on day one.It took them like 20 somethin games to get it together.Now look at them. There dominating everyone that’s not in a Knicks Jersey. So the defense is gonna get better (even if D’Antoni is the head coach).The offense is gonna get better after Steve Nash and Steve Blake return.So its a matter of being patient.Give LA 10 more games. I bet they will get it straight and be the dominate team we all expect them to be.

    • Game Time says:

      Yeah Miami didn’t become a run and gun team off the bat, but they also didn’t become a sub .500 team. Spare me the Nash or Gasol excuses.

      • Carl says:

        The thing is, Miami’s pieces fit better. It’s not where they ALL NEED THE BALL IN THEIR HANDS. Give them time.

    • Dan'o says:

      I think Yave’s points are valid but incomplete. The Heat also had the advantage of starting out in the East which, lets face it has a larger cache of weak teams to steamroll. There is, however something deeply amiss with Laker consistency (or perhaps more aptly described as a lack thereof.) For lack of a better way to pinpoint it, I think they are missing their identity as a team. eg: Previously a triangle offense team with dominant inside presence, competent defense with adequate effort.
      Despite their injuries and coaching changes there isn’t a valid excuse to be sub 500. I fully expect things to turn around within 20 games.

      • dattebayo says:

        Right, clearly the Lakers have had it so tough playing in the much more competitive West. What kind of sad excuses do you Laker fans need to make up for yourselves in order to sleep better? The Lakers played 13 games in Staples and only 8 on the road. The only quality teams they played are the Grizzlies, Clippers, Spurs and Thunder. All other games were against struggling teams or teams fighting for a playoff spot and you are saying that these games are too hard to win? You wanna tell me Portland, Detroit, Phoenix, New Orleans, Sacramento, Orlando and Houston are tough teams to beat? In the next 5 games they play Cleveland, Washington and the Bobcats. What is your excuse if the Lakers don’t win every one of those games?

    • Air23Jordan says:

      I think L.A’s problem is much bigger.Think about the jordan era or magic era or even shaq’s.era .The teams common feature is that they had one superstar (jordan,magic and shaq -till the kobe raised and put his over-ego on team which consequenced destruction of era – ) and additional names that would make an impact in clutch times ,also help to build a team structure and provide what team was need e.g. pippen,rodman,young kobe ,Besides recognize the heat’s championship after lebron took the wheel and extinguish wade a bit, turned him into more like a strong-helping man.(once they played not enough for them by the way) But what we’re witnessing right now is a mess because we all accept that the team can do every basketball plays and moves but they aren’t doing quite good even a simple pick n roll ; some plays are being made or wasted by kobe ,as the others just done by non-prepared threes,funny posts etc. I believe this team can make history as much as jordan did but they have to decide who’s gonna be the leader and take the control of team -whether kobe or d12- because playing non-prepared and strucured superstars leads to nothing.

    • Mr. Real says:

      kobe scores too much and shooting below 45 percent. Lakers should pound the ball inside and give D12 the touches he deserve. And they will be much better if they acquire a hybrid forward who can play 3 or 4, specialy on defense.

  92. Dom Johnson says:

    Trade For Josh Smith!!!!!!!! Him and Dwight would dominate on Defense!!!!!!!!!!!! They are already like real close friends…Make it happen LA!!!!!! Defense wins games and CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!!!!!!

    • Murray says:

      With the way Atlanta are playing i think Josh Smith is happy there 😛

    • Jordan says:

      That sounds good, but still they need someone to spread the floor on offense. RYAN ANDERSON. He is the guy LA should trade for

    • freethrow clanging says:

      you want to set record for the worst team ft percentage..huh bring in rondo also lol

    • arun says:

      I agree with you Dom. Lakers have ample offensive players. They need a defender like J Smoove who can run up and down the floor and can defend well. Offensively, he can be used limitedly can as long he is playing with D12 he will not be frustrated as they are cool friends. Also, meanwhile, Lakers should be using J Hill a little bit more as he can get us offensive rebounds and is a good defender along with a decent Mid range game.

  93. SynByn says:

    He used the same answer for every question.

    • Common Sense says:

      there is no other answer. the point is there is nothing to report because there is no news.

    • slider821 says:

      and is seems Kobe and Dwight were not talking about the same thing, Kobe mentioned all of the fast break points which are counted as paint points. Dwight is complaining about guys beating their perimeter defenders and he’s unable to stop them. I wouldn’t call that Kobe endorsing Dwights frustration…more like seperate problems.

      Didn’t think I’d still say this after his many years in the league but Dwight still acts and speaks like a kid without focus or accountability. Good luck winning a title in LA with that attitude.

      • Jordan says:

        Yeah I think they were talking about different things, but each is an issue. Ultimately, Lakers just need to get Nash back. More scoring gives them more time to get back defensively and set up. That will help a lot. plus Nash can help by giving Howard more space to operate because he can hit the three. It will definately spread the defense more

      • kILLarifIC says:

        I dnt think you understand whats going on here.. 1st of all, Dwight Howard isnt being a kid. Hes speaking the truth. every time he comes over to help or to attempt to block a shot, somebody needs to come in the paint,box out, and grab the board. their giving up soo many offensive rebounds.. perimeter players (ron artest) are getting smoked and getting into the paint too easy. Gasol and Hill NEED to get it going on defense and the boards.
        2nd.. steve nash is NOT going to help.. he cant rebound, or defend any better than i can. Hes going to add to the problem. Before he went down he was looking like Jason Kidd last yr trying to run the point. (bringing the ball upcourt then handing it off and standing in the corner). I saw nash get the ball stolen from him a few times already and hes only played a few games. Lakers made a huge mistake signing Nash(especially for as much as they signed him for), and its definetly time for ron artest to get moved. Why the lakers got rid of ariza a few years ago, We’ll never know, but Ron Artest has lost 2 steps, and on the offensive side of the ball, hes not what they need at the small foward position.. Good Luck, but Howards right, he cant do it alone on the defensive side.