Want A Pau Gasol Trade? Be Patient

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — If you’re waiting on Pau Gasol in Minnesota or Toronto (or anywhere else, really), you’ll need to be patient.

While the All-Star big man continues to look like a bad fit with Mike D’Antoni‘s Lakers, L.A. brass is willing to wait to see how things work out after Steve Nash returns from his leg injury, as our David Aldridge reports in the video above.

“Right now,” DA says, “nothing’s happening with regard to Pau Gasol.”

That doesn’t mean that folks around the league can’t talk about the possibilities, of course. And it’s not like the NBA’s other general managers can’t gauge Mitch Kupchak‘s interest in their players until Nash is cleared to play.

Toronto fans are probably the most desperate for a shake-up. Their team is 4-15 and Andrea Bargnani is shooting 40 percent. Using an adjusted strength-of-schedule formula that takes home-away and back-to-backs into account, the Raps have played the league’s toughest schedule thus far. But they still have three more games on their current five-game trip and 4-15 is never an easy hole to climb out of, no matter what the circumstances are.

Doug Smith of the Toronto Star writes that rumors are just that, and Bryan Colangelo is always going to see what’s available:

The merits of a Gasol-Bargnani swap can be debated until the cows come home — and it would have to be a significantly bigger trade anyway to make the salaries match — but it speaks to general managers doing what they should: Try to make their teams better, in their opinion.

But it’s often the chatter that goes on behind the scenes that yields action; if things get to the public stage it often means one side is trying to change the opinion of the other by applying some public pressure.

There is no doubt that Colangelo, and his Los Angeles counterpart Mitch Kupchak, are tying their level best to improve their teams. If they chatted about Bargnani and Gasol, you can be sure they talked to several other teams as well.

And when those talks get to the public stage, another flurry of interest will follow. And when either makes a trade no one saw coming, it will be reality.

Meanwhile, Jerry Zgoda of the Minneapolis Star Tribune writes that there’s certainly some validity to the Wolves’ interest in Gasol:

Make no mistake: Adelman has been driving the bus on personnel moves since last summer and the Wolves’ continued interest in a 32-year-old with knee tendinitis and an $18 million salary means Adelman approves of the idea, if he’s not outright pushing for it.

Any such deal would have to include Derrick Williams, Nikola Pekovic as well as J.J. Barea and/or Luke Ridnour just so the Wolves could give back enough salary to absorb Gasol’s big contract.

And it might very well have to involve a third or fourth team to make the deal work because the Lakers, if they do indeed trade Gasol, want a power forward who can shoot — a “stretch 4” — to put next to Dwight Howard and have other preferred targets in sight such as Toronto’s Andrea Bargnani or New Orleans’ Ryan Anderson rather than Williams, who indeed is a stretch 4, just not a very consistent one so far.

Gasol’s contract (he’s owed $19 million this season and $19.3 million next season) would make any trade difficult to pull off, but bigger contracts have been moved and there seems to be interest around the NBA in one of the league’s most talented big men.

Still, the Lakers want first to see what they’ve got when D’Antoni is able to coach all four of his star players together. Furthermore, we’ll have to wait until Jan. 15 before some players who signed new contracts this summer are trade eligible.

So hold off on the trade talk for now.


  1. rufus7 says:


  2. IversonLegacy says:

    Bballer and Jacques Durceille are spot on. LOL @ Durceille though “Trash is Trash” lol. D’antoni is a waste product that mus be eliminated.

  3. Jacques Durceille says:

    Mike D’antoni is trash. Always will be. The lakers made a mistake of getting rid of mike brown. They made an even bigger mistake by not getting back Pjax. D’antoni is a coach that can only coach loser teams, D’antoni never went to the finals, he has 0 rings. He is trash. He does not believe in playing defense. Defense is what wins championships.

    Every team can score points, that is why they all do it. Defense is the crucial factor in games that makes the opposing team miss key shots or not capture key rebounds. Teams that do not believe in defense get nowhere and win nothing. That is why in phoenix D’antoni’s suns were losers. Yes they made playoffs but everyone knew they would never win.

    Spurs believe in defense and won 4 championships, the whirlwind celtics who won in 2008 believed in defense and therefore one. The bulls of the jordan era believed in defense, and etc. D’antoni will fail as he has already shown us.

    He has a losing record with Howard, Bryant, Gasol, Artest, Jamison, Nash. All named as all stars multiple times. The lakers have an all star team and STILL have a losing record.

    D’antoni is trash. He can’t coach this team with his mentality, No Defense means NO RINGS.

    Get rid of the trash called D’antoni. I tell you this man is Trash.

    (PS lakers are old anyways with a trash coach = trash season)

    Trash is Trash.

  4. bballer says:


    Obvioulsy, you didn’t see the Olympics when he had an All Star roster! As far as why Phil didn’t get the nod, he wanted too much power in the organization. He learned lessons from the last time he coached LA. He figured he has more than proven his worth to LA and the NBA and was worth it. But the Buss family sent a message that the Lakers are about the Buss family not Phil. So they are rolling the dice on an unproven coach whose philosiphy is to play 0 defense like he did in Phoenix instead of going with an 11 time champion. See I told you, makes perfect sense!?

  5. bballer says:

    “Gasol for Stoudemire. Now that”s the right move”

    Amare is perfect for LA. He would be going back to the coach, system, and PG that made him what he his today. Everyone knows he is garbage without Nash. So why not send him to LALA land with an unproven coach in a system that is designed to be lazy on defense, perfect fit for Amare. Knicks payed him a rediculous contract, but i’m sure with LA’s deep pockets they can swing it. D’antoni would rather see Pau gone anyway after stating Howard was the franchise player however neither D’antoni nor Howard has a ring to back up anything they say or do. So where does that leave Pau, a guy with multiple rings? NYC!

  6. bballer says:

    Where is Mike Brown?

  7. Nowitzki says:

    If the Lakers really needs a stretch 4, make a plan to pursue DIRK NOWITZKI…. He is the best stretch 4 in the NBA so far. He has a trade clause but I know he wants more ring so its a decision Nowitzki shouldn’t miss

  8. Gillsy says:

    I agree Kobe dosen’t want Pau to go but if they keep loosing he might change his mind. The trade with the Raptors would be good gives some shooting and bench. The Twolves trade would be terrible why would they want Williams they are meant to be trying to win and he needs time to develop, doesn’t fit. Would love to see Nash traded for Jrue but it’s not going to happen.

  9. matt says:

    For me when Pau will tade the best for Josh Smith from Atlanta… because he can shoot for 3 and finish action with a dunk.. another player maybe L.Aldridge and K.Love but they team cancel the tade with him.. for me only tade which finish succes is Paul for J.Smith.


  11. Turk says:

    ATL trades jeff teague to MN abd josh smith and kyle korver to LA.
    LA trades pao gasol to MN
    MN trades derrick williams, nikola pekovic and jj barea to ATL and luke rinour to LA

    this trade would be legal and everyone would be within the salary cap and is probably the most realistic trade involving pao gasol. LA could even snatch a draft pick from MN in this trade. ATL would get some cap space and would be able to be a constant playoff team still. MN would add depth at shooting guard and get a nice fit with gasol playing next to love. All that aside MN would have a lesser % of white players on the team.

    • hako says:

      One of the best 3-4 player for unproven derrick williams and pekovic and a pg who plays terrific this year and still space to improve for barea; atlant mustn`t be this stupid

      • Turk says:

        its not that they are stupid. its that josh smith has openly asked the gm for a trade. yes williams is unproven but just imagine horford being able to play at power forward with a very good bigman at center. aslo derrick williams is the best defensive player in the nba when it comes to points per field goal attempt making the loss of josh smith hurt less. also they can resign pek for less than what smith is making opening up cap space.

    • dattebayo says:

      You Laker fans need to understand that trades should help out all the teams involved in the trade. This is not a fair on how we can screw teams over to improve the purple and gold. Atlanta and Minnesota are doing great considering Atlanta lost Johnson, and Minnesota already had a huge string of injuries. Lakers are under performing and Pau is in his worst season and currently injured.
      This is not a fair trade for Atlanta or Minnesota. Why would Atlanta give up an allstar caliber player for another center and under performing sophomore? Why would Minnesota give up their only 2 point guards, Rubio isn’t healthy yet and Shved can’t play pg for 48 minutes. L.A. gets a healthy great 4, a great shooter, cap space and even picks? Are you kidding me?

      • Turk says:

        im a timberwolves fan. i believe this trade makes the wolves a contender as well as the lakers. josh smith does want to leave the hawks and is open about this. he will be traded and i also believe they wont get much more from him then what they can get in this trade. Another thing i dont think you understand is that MN would get a point gaurd in the trade who is better than ridnour and barea so your pg comment was incorrect in a way as it should be worded why wouldnt mn want this trade.

  12. jadzkaripunat says:

    pau gasol for kevin garnette

  13. Skeletor says:

    Why on earth would New Orleans trade Ryan Anderson?

    They just signed him on a four year deal, and he’s playing great… so where’s the logic?

    Oh the Lakers WANT him.. oh that changes everything.. the Hornets will just wrap him up in ribbons and hand him over!

    NBA.com should just change its name to Lakers.com already.

  14. DRAXTER2487 says:


    • DRAXTER2487 says:


  15. Lakers-R-Us says:

    Heatles sounds like LBJ! lmao. Pau Gasol for Joel Anthony and a draft pic! what are u smoking lately?

  16. Robert says:

    I don’t think a Kobe Bryant/ Steve Nash backcourt is never going to work. Kobe Bryant is used to having the ball in his hands and Steve Nash is most effective running the offense. Kobe Bryant seems to prefer playing with role player type guards. Plus the Lakers aren’t a good defensive team. I think Pau Gasol is being unfairly scrutinized. He has little to do with LA’s problens and is a great, undemanding, unselfish player player.

  17. Chester says:

    That proposed minnesota trade is terrible for the wolves. all those good players for a whiney 33yp with bad knees? no way. I think the toronto trade is the best option as new orleans is keeping ryan anderson, lakers cant have all the good players

  18. Rookie98 says:

    Talk is just that at this stage . I think the Lakers can use another point guard to take up the slack or void left by Blake going down. Nash will be back so will see , hope the lakers are not in to big of a hole by then. Because the consents is that nothing will be done until Nash is back. Nash already in a low key way said that Pau has skills and it his responsibility to utilize those skills. I hope Pau knees heal and Nah leg is well very soon. I not going to feel to bad if Blake doesn’t come back at all he a free agent at the end to the season and the Lakers would love to unload him and get some thing for him .

  19. laker fan aloha style says:

    W/E .. Trade..I totally agree !!! trade or get rid of the coach..he doesn’t know how to utilize players…Like I mentioned before..how many titles D’Antoni have ZERO..cause he can’t coach!!!! Phil?? ELEVEN TITLES..cause he knows how to utilize players and implement them in his system………If you ask me Bernie Bickerstaff did a hell of a job for the amount of time he was head coach..better than D’Antoni

  20. Deathstare says:

    Trade Pau????? Be patient. Wait for the deathstare.

  21. Trade says:

    Trade the coach! It’s ridiculous: D’antoni doesn’t know how to use one of the best post players in the world.

  22. W/E says:

    That would be sooo dumb to trade Gasol, TRADE GASOL FOR WHO?!?!? if this is happening for real the lakers are totally losing it, fire D’antoni instead the GUY IS SIMPLY UNABLE TO COACH A TEAM FULL OF STAR PLAYERS.

  23. John Doe says:

    How bad is D’Antoni actually to not being able to involve a talented player as Pau Gasol in his so called system? How dumb do you have to be as a coach to force a system on your players instead of looking what you got and develop a system then? Especially if you come in that late and don’t have a long term involvement in trade decisions (like e.g. Popovich has).

  24. Yave says:

    Best deal would be for Ryan Anderson since D12 already has some chemistry with him and since he rebounds ALOT.

  25. Broker says:

    Latest news:

    Miami send BOSH+2nd round draft pick to LAKERS
    Lakers send GASOL to MIAMI

    Lakers get Dynamic 4
    Miami get Rebounding and good center

    Signed Riley & Buss

  26. David Steinman says:

    Pau is not getting traded anytime soon. There is nothing out there of value who they can get for his expensive contract.

    They’re better off keeping him and figuring out a better way of utilizing him.

  27. lake of tears? says:

    He can’t get traded, who will Kobe blame if he’s gone?

  28. Nasty says:

    Josh smith or Jeff green forw Paul gasol….

  29. 16going417 says:

    If the Lakers trade Gasol it will be another bad move in a long line of bad moves over the past couple of years. It will also be another point that shows Jim Buss has no clue on how to manage an organization. It would indicate a philosophy of “Let’s bring in an unproven coach and get rid of hall of fame players.” What sense does that make?

    Why is it they win two championships with Gasol in the rotation, but now he is a problem? Gasol is proven. D’Antoni is not. So you tell me, Jim Buss, who should be let go?????

  30. Lakers#1 says:

    Ryan Anderson would be a perfect fit for the Lakers. In the D’Antoni system Gasol is too slow. Pau Gasol works better in the paint where Dwight Howard takes all the space. Ryan Anderson can run and stretch the floor with his outside shooting.

    Another good trade would be Josh Smith who can give the Lakers a fast pace offense.

    Kevin Love or Lamarcus Aldridge would be great too, but that is hardly possible I think.

  31. Joel says:

    Why in the world would Memphis want another Gasol? They already have the best one.

  32. Dirk says:

    Send Pau to Dallas please.

  33. Alex says:

    probs too early to trade him, especially seeing as nash isn’t back yet. That being said, not having a star pg hasn’t stopped pau in the past, so idk if his struggles can be put down to not having nash. Toronto trade would be good for lakers – bargnani and calderon + jv / draft pick would be good pickup for lakers

  34. Heatles says:

    Pau is going to miami, just confirmed

    Miami : Pau Gasol

    Lakers : Joel Anthony, 2nd round draft pick

    • Pau Gasol says:

      I’m not a GM but that would have to be the stupidest trade for me ever. Lakers usually get better players than they trade off, and since when can Joel Anthony shoot? Get your head out of the clouds.

    • Frank says:

      That is the most idiotic thing I’ve read on this site today.

    • dwdwdwd says:

      lbj is that you??

    • SK says:

      HA! not only can Miami not afford Gasols contract, but the Lakers would never send him to Miami, let alone for Joel Anthony and more than likely, the last pick in the second round. No offense, but you’re insane if you think that trade will ever happen.

  35. Zack Salva says:

    Im a Pau Gasol fan but i think if Minnesota loss Pekovic its no going to be a good decision and i would consider to keep him. I think would be better for Minny to search for another players to get rid off Barea, a nice player that didnt fit well in my opinion, and they didnt need him when ricky is back and look for a good reward for the Williams trade that is going to happen, its a shame for the alley hoop connection with Ricky but i think he is a very talented player and need more time to develop than adelman gives him. Its difficult for guys that when they are starting and its not clear if they are small or power forwards.

  36. Yes Kobe will let Gasol go if Lakers continue to lose. Kobe knows his window is closing for his 6th ring. This team has only 2 years to realistically win with Kobe GOAT. He has been playing at a stellar level and Pau is playing like a third world Spaniard. The Raptors also need a trade as a few more losses and they will be out of the playoffs before mid season.
    The Lake show still needs a speedy scoring pg.

  37. Henrik Jensen says:

    I call Pau back to Grizzlies to play with his brother, and if your deal: Kobe-Z would go through, i hope they would end up getting Calderon to Grizzlies also, then they would have 3 very big spanish players, to play around; Z-Bo, Speights and Conley

  38. matthew says:


  39. laker fan aloha style says:

    It’s not Gasol, it’s the coach, still cant believe they chose D’Antoni in lieu of Phil Jackson…D’Antroni-NBA titles??? NONE Phil Jackson NBA titles..11….wow that says it all..Jim Buss step aside, you got your head up your a…..!!! and let your dad decide. And Mitch when I see you on the commercial showing off all those championship trophies..well with D’Antoni hahahaha..not more trophies.

  40. james says:

    gasol should retire

  41. The_Pharmacist says:

    that trade would be so great!!
    Gaol isnt a reat shooter and getting old and soft

  42. Amir says:

    loool why would memphis ever make that deal? stop being another delusional lakers fan. you guys just arent that good this year, accept reality.

  43. WTF? says:

    Pau for Bargnani? Are you kidding me?
    And if it is finally done…Who is going to defend in this team, Kupchak from the VIP zone?

  44. don'tpressmynamewarning says:

    Pau should come home to Toronto, with Nash, they both want and everybody knows this

  45. jlovelee34 says:

    I don’t think the lakers will trade him. Just another Pau trade rumor

  46. Charlie says:

    That was a long-worded article to basically say “we don’t know”

  47. Kobe-z says:

    Pau Gasol to Memphis

    Bargnani to Lakers

    Gay to Toronto

    Additional pieces to any of the three teams…
    Tony Allen
    Steve Blake

    • Prince says:

      You are stupid this isnt fantasy basketball

    • RH says:

      I would love to see Gasol x2 in Memphis! But it’s not happening. You don’t shake up your roster when you have the best record.

    • uhhh.. says:

      Sorry buddy, but the Lakers don’t have the ability to pick and choose where they send/get players from. I know it seems like it based on this off-season but there’s no way the Griz give up Gay, especially for Pau Gasol.

      Also, Lakers fans amuse me. Heat fans disappear when they play badly, but LA fans always find a reason for their struggles, which is fair….to a point.. The pressure on Steve Nash right now to turn this team around is way to big. Would not want to be him right now. Good luck la la land, good luck.

    • Kb24 says:

      Memphis? They already have the other Gasol and Zac, doesn’t make any sense, the most intriguing trade for the Lakers is the one involves Minnesota but it’s not very close to reality,

      • Max says:

        Have you forgot where Pau use to play before becoming a Laker????Keep Pau, after season see if Memphis falls and try to get Marc Gasol and get rid of whatever name #15 is currently using and a couple of benchers in the trade. Marc keeps getting better and did you see the two brothers playing for Spain? Great players. Pau is hurt, give the guy time to heal. It happens to many NBA Players, look a Ricky Rubio. Derrick Rose.

    • uoykcuf says:

      I think Rudy Gay will be so happy to go to Toronto he’ll retired instead.

  48. BS says:

    Gasol for Stoudemire. Now that”s the right move

    • matthew says:


    • afqabebe says:

      Never going to happen Stoudemire is way better

    • JUICE says:

      Like anyone would want to dip their finger on amare’s crazy contract.

    • Frank says:

      Amare is the most over rated player in the league. The reason you people think he is good is called “The Steve Nash Effect.” Steve Nash has made every player around him better and Amare is the biggest beneficiary of The Steve Nash Effect.

      • Ilan Sidi says:

        Then you better hope Pau gets better soon

      • kj says:

        he is the biggest bennficiery? kid you’re crazy, quintin richardson and shawn marion would be unknowns if it wasn’t for nash. amare brought melo to new york. amare and howard wouldn’t play well together though

    • Max says:

      No. I like Amare, but he is one LAZY player on defense. Only wants someone to hand him the ball Just right or he will fumble. Nash made Amare, now with no Nash and Carmello also just a shooter. NO Defense from either of these two. Lakers do not need more like those two. Let us look to Memphis, trade #15 and Duhon and maybe another bencher for Marc Gasol. Think Memphis would consider???? Mike has seen enough of Amare. Suns and then NY? One end player only and many injuries.

    • SK says:

      Amare for Pau would be a good trade for both the Knick and the Lakers. So far, Pau isnt working for L.A, and Amare isnt working in NY. But if there was a trade,with Steve Nash and Amare working together again with Kobe and Dwight in L.A, That would be amazing. The “Steve Nash Effect” would make Amare better than ever. And Gasol in NY would benefit the Knicks because Pau is what the Knicks need. They dont need a scoring PF like Amare, They have Anthony to score the bulk of the points. They need a PF that can score if necessary, but isnt an all-out scorer, has different tendencies (like defence and rebounding). I think a Pau Gasol/Amare Stoudemire trade could work for both teams.

      • SK says:

        And also, the trade would be good because it would get Amare back to what made him the PF he use to be. The lakers have D’Antoni and Nash. With Amare playing with Nash again in the “D’Antoni system” would make him the PF he use to be. It’s almost poetic that L.A got Nash and chose D’Antoni over PJ(which at first I thought was NUTS!!) But if they do trade Amare for Pau, then all the pieces will fall into place for L.A. Plus, I think Pau playing for Mike Woodson would be a good fit. Woodson would adapt his system to fit Pau (while not compromising the rest of the team). Instead of trying to force Pau to play his system like D’Antoni is. I believe Pau needs to get out of L.A, and Stoudemire needs out of NY. So this trade would be ideal for the teams, the coaches, the players, This would just be a good trade for everyone in my opinion.

  49. Amolbhullar says:

    Want you gasol trade from Minnesota wait time out

  50. slider821 says:

    As much as I think LA should not trade Pau and have their coach do his job, which is learn how to best use his players…Pau for Pekovic, Williams, and Barea would really improve the Lakers depth and toughness. Barea and Williams off the bench is what LA really needs and Pekovic would be a fan favorite in LA for sure.

    • Ilan Sidi says:

      Pau is gone as much as I like him the rapters are going to get him. They’re going to give ten player if necessary to get him

      • Danny5424 says:

        But toronto doesnt have much to give because I KNOW the lakers dont want Andrea Bargnani. Slider821 is absolutley right! barea would fill the inconsistint gap steve blake holds now as the back up PG and Pekovic would just obliterate off the bench offesnsivly AND defensivly. And Derrick Williams is tough to call but if he works on that Mid Range and Three Point game, he will be a good friend to Steve Nash

  51. Lakersfan says:

    I think is to early to make a decision, Gasol will prevail.

  52. arun says:

    Jusst wait till Nash is back and Pau is going to be a consistent 60-70% open jump shooter. Nash and Pau pick and roll is going to be excellent…

  53. Kyle says:

    Kobe won’t let Pau get traded. It just won’t happen.