No. 1 In The East? It’s New York


HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — A message has been sent and it’s time to accept that the New York Knicks are the best team in the Eastern Conference, for now at least.

Playing without Carmelo Anthony on Thursday, the Knicks absolutely trounced the Miami Heat, 112-92. It was the second 20-point win for New York over Miami and the champs’ first loss at home this season. The Knicks (14-4) now lead the Heat (12-5) by a game and a half in the standings.

The result was really a reflection of where both teams are at. The Knicks have it all together right now: talent, chemistry, hunger and leadership. And Tyson Chandler has seen this kind of mix before, as Ken Berger of CBS Sports writes

“The Knicks are for real,” one rival executive texted after Thursday night’s evisceration.

His knees covered in compression wraps and feet soaking in an ice bucket, Chandler could not have agreed more. He’s been down this road before, and to him, the Knicks’ fast start has a familiar feel to it.

“Dallas all over again,” he said. “Me and the light-skinned brother over there talk about it all the time.”

The light-skinned brother, of course, was Jason Kidd, who wins wherever he goes. It was Kidd and Chandler who joined forces with Dirk Nowitzki and a cast of veterans, swaggering playmakers and fearless perimeter shooters to end Miami’s championship quest in this very building two years ago. James (who was brilliant Thursday night with 31 points, 10 rebounds and nine assists) and Dwyane Wade (who was not, with a 3-of-13 shooting night and a career-low plus-minus rating of minus-33) couldn’t be blamed if they were having flashbacks to the 2011 Finals.

“It really feels like that, with the depth, the chemistry, the veteran leadership, the shooters,” Chandler said. “And we have to really believe. The moment I signed [in Dallas], I promise you, I told my family, ‘We’re going to win a championship, and at minimum, we’re going to make it to the Western Conference finals.’ And I felt the same way once this group came together. With that team in Dallas, we started to believe as the season went along. The moment I walked in, I told all of them: ‘Prepare for a long season. We’re going all the way, and we have to have a mindset to do it, no matter what obstacles get in our way.’ And it’s the same thing with this team.”

For the Heat, you can’t just chalk up this loss (or the first one in New York) to the Knicks catching fire, because your defense has been bad all season. Really, the Heat were probably asking for this kind of drubbing with the way they’ve defended thus far.

Miami now ranks 23rd defensively, allowing 104.0 points per 100 possessions and clearly not bringing their best effort on that end of the floor. They may flip the switch at some point down the line, but they’re not helping themselves by developing bad habits and burying themselves in a hole.

Michael Wallace of ESPN has the story from the Heat side, where they’re clearly questioning themselves after two embarrassing losses in three days…

The Heat talked as if they’re finally fed up with this cool act, as if they can’t keep believing their top-ranked offense will continue to bail out a sloppy defense that ranks among the bottom third in the league in overall efficiency. That process starts with communication, James said.

“I think we communicate sometimes, and that’s not a good thing,” a seemingly agitated James said during easily his most animated session with reporters this season. “We have to communicate more and not have as many breakdowns.”

Bosh believes the next step is accountability.

“It’s impossible to have that same fire and hunger [as last season],” Bosh said. “We don’t have the same motivation. Sometimes, you have to get knocked down a few times in order to get that back.”

Bosh went on to say the Heat are firmly in the midst of the first rash of in-season controversy, adversity …

“And any other ‘versity’ there is,” he said. “It’s here now. And we have to deal with it. We would be kidding ourselves if we thought it was just going to be a perfect season and we were going to coast through everything.”

Playing with that coolness, that sense of entitlement, that belief that they could simply flip a switch and turn up the interest level and intensity when it really matters were characteristics this Heat team swore it would avoid.

The Heat homestand continues with five more games that should keep them on the Knicks’ heels in the standings. But the standings should be the least of their worries right now. They’ve got to clean up their defense, and they can’t wait until March or April to do it. The last thing they want is to play a playoff series that starts and (possibly) ends in Madison Square Garden.

The Knicks have a much tougher schedule ahead, including a return visit to Brooklyn, where they lost two weeks earlier. But with the way they looked in Miami on Thursday, they should be more than able to win any game they play.


  1. bballer says:

    Camby played with Ewing, so if we do win this one will be for him

  2. chios says:

    well see who will have the eastern confrence champ banner come end of regular season

  3. ABC says:

    The Bulls just beat the Knicks, should we go ahead and declare them the new best team in the east. No because sometimes teams have good games and sometimes they have bad games. The announcer said it best during this game against the Bulls-The Knicks had magic from 3 against the Heat. That doesn’t make them better. To be better they have to beat the Heat in the playoffs. Until the Heat lose in the playoffs they are still the best team in the east because the regular season doesn’t matter, especially not one game, the playoffs do. For example what happened on December 17, 1991-Cleveland won against the Heat by 68, the largest margin of victory ever, but you know what people talk about from the 1991 season? Michael Jordan won his first championship. It’s more important to win a championship, which is done every season then it is to set a very impressive NBA record. The regular season just doesn’t matter. If the Knicks do win in the playoffs, then you can talk about them being the best team in the East, until then it’s really just wishful thinking from overly optimistic and delusional fans.

  4. Nick says:

    the knicks guys are not strong enough to win a play-off

  5. Nick says:

    what i told u? knicks is going down tonight

  6. Keith G says:

    I have the unfortunate predicament of being a NY Knick fan in Chicago for the past 20 years. I bet money on every Bulls – Knick series in the 90’s and still have nightmares of the non-call on Charles Smith getting hacked under the basket and John Starks missing all those jumbshots against Houston. During those years, I had a leather Knicks jacket that I used to where to the clubs and bars in Chicago rooting for New York . I remember having it on the night during OJ’s low speed police chase during the playoffs. It was great fodder for all my Chicago friends that enjoyed watching me suffer. I had to finally give up my fanatical obsession with the Knicks in 2001. It wasn’t good for my mental health. The past 10 years have been good not watching the Knicks with their bad teams. Last year during “Linsanity”, I finally dug into the closet for that dingy old Knick t-shirt (the leather jacket long being discarded) and was excited bout Knicks basketball again. Although, I didn’t believe they had a championship team, I felt they were going in the right direction. I admit to being very skeptical at the beginning of the season with some of the new personnel. I had joked with some friends that the Knicks looked like they needed a sponsorship from AARP. I am very pleasantly suprised and believe that the Knicks have all the pieces to go all the way. Anyone that watches basketball knows that you have to have a couple of superstars, good supporting players and a deep bench. I think Melo has finally learned that he needs to make the players around him better if he wants a ring. The same thing happened with Jordan, Kobe and LeBron. I am anticipating the possibilities when Stoudemire and Shumpert return. I believe they have something special this year that will roll into May. Go Knicks.

  7. Heat lost twice 2 the bulls last yr. without d.rose what? Huh? shole did… #stop it…. prisoner of the moment…..

  8. sixers fan says:

    ughh i hate articles complimenting the knicks

  9. lebron is king says:

    The Knicks are 10-1 against the east with the one loss coming in an overtime game in Brooklyn. The Heat are 6-3 in the east. The 3 losses coming @NY, @ Wizards, And home against the Knicks. Overall, the Knicks are 14-4, and the Heat are 12-5. The knicks 4 losses: @Memphis, @Dallas, @Houston and @Brooklyn. Miami’s 5 losses: @New York, @Memphis, @Clippers, @Washington, and Vs New York. On the road, Miami is 4-4. NY is 7-4. The knicks starting lineup is +55 so far this season. The heat’s starters are +43. The heat are still the champs though. They’re still THE team to beat. But for now, the Knicks look like the better team. They’re winning games, and they;re winning in impressive fashion. 11 of they’re 14 wins have been by at least 10 points. They’re not only winning, but they’re blowing teams out of the gym. For right now, the Knicks are better. But when the playoffs roll around, Miami will be the number 1 seed and the team to beat. expect a Eastern Conference finals between these 2 great teams.

  10. WILKSY08 says:


  11. WILKSY08 says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!Let me just say thank you New York for giving me one of the funniest games aganst a defending champion ever. Miami needed to be taken down a peg, they’re not invincible like they think. To be honest, they were extremely lucky to win a championship last year with Rose getting injured. All I can say now is what big 3? Wade is turning into an old hack who needs to be benched. He is so awful these days. I hope he gets snubbed from the all-star game. ASo many guards in the east are more deserving! Miami are now the biggst one man team in the league. The Bulls have learnt to play without Rose, Miami are not capable of winning anything without Lebron anymore. Knicks OKC final baby, Lebron is 1 and done

  12. dattebayo says:

    The Knicks had the same kind of game against Miami in January, they went 18-43 from deep and still lost by ten. The only difference was that they couldn’t score enough because they didn’t have the quality guard play that Kidd, Prigioni and especially Felton bring to the table.
    To me the bottom line is that Miami has lost its identity on both sides of the floor. I don’t see them running good plays on offense and they take to many contested jumpers and too many jumpers. Best example is Chris Bosh, in the playoffs 33% of his shots were midrange and 40% were in the restricted area. In this season, 44% of his shots are midrange and only 34% are in the restricted area. In addition to that, when Wade, James or Bosh shoot a jumper, there is no one even trying to rebound which is also one of the reasons why I don’t like Chris Bosh shooting the 3 when he trails on the break.
    On the other side they have lost their aggressiveness on defense. Last season Chalmers and Wade were very solid defenders and now it seems they get blown by more often than not or they don’t make the effort to fight around screens to catch up. Playing small also comes into play because they have to help out too often to double or cover up for someone. Also there are no multiple efforts to close out on shooters after the defense broke down. I think the Heat have given the Knicks as many open 3s in each of the two regular season games as the Knicks had in the entire series in the playoffs.
    The Knicks seem to be the better team at the moment, but there is no telling what will happen in the future and let’s face it. The Knicks will be a different team with Stoudemire in the lineup and they will not keep shooting the threeball as well as they have so far in this season.

  13. blink says:

    why do these guys always tell that heat lose on purpose to knicks because of sandy? just accept that knicks beat the heat fair and square.

  14. Regular Season says:

    My name says it all. Its ONLY regular season. Even if knicks finish with the best record in EC, the team to beat is Miami in Eastern Conference. Heat looked bad besides Lebron’s performance but I will give them benefit of the doubt that they clean their issues up come playoff time. However, knicks deserve their share of respect by going into miami and winning out with 20 points without Melo and Stoudmire. With other teams in the east (Chicago, Boston, Philly and Indy) having issues of their own and injuries, I say two powerhouse teams in EC are Knicks and Miami right now, but to say knicks #1, it is too early and long way to go before they can claim as #1.

  15. Big Mike says:

    As a diehard fan i have to agree with the writer, i’ve watched every new york game and they’re the definetly the best in the east, FOR NOW. We’ll have to see how they perform in a best of 7

  16. John says:

    Trade Wade for a really good center

  17. Lelel says:

    C’mon now,when the big three decided to come together in Miami, everyone already crowned them as the best in the league and they didn’t even win all the way that season…but now that NYK’s making some noise around the league,ya’ll sayin it’s too early to say that they’re the best in the east ???give credit where it’s due,NYK all the way,and MELO for MVP,though I’m sure he doesn’t mind if he wins it or not as long as they get the ring…

  18. marmoset says:

    To early to tell, lots of things will happen before playoffs.

  19. javajim says:

    am i insane for thinking that maybe the best thing for the heat as a team would be for LeBron to miss a few games for some reason and make it swim or die for bosh and wade. the heat have gotten too used to having a commodity like James and need to be reminded that things can happen even to the king and they need to prepare for the worst

  20. N.Y.GEE. says:

    The Knicks need amare. There’s. no pf. that. can stop him within 18ft of the basket, and you know him and. Felton. run the pick. And roll well . Anthony & AMare. didn’t get to play. together yet but they. Are the best sf /pf. In the leauge!!! Mark my words!!!

  21. Tev says:

    Memo to the NY Knicks those 3-pointers wont be falling like that during playoffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. zach rowell says:

    knicks deserve the title nyk all the way

  23. sickofnba says:

    whether some of you want to accept the fact or not, the knicks is the number one in the eastern conference now!!!

    I am not a knick fan, but let’s be real. the stat is there! they are the best consider being on the number spot now. and plus, how can a championship team heat beat by the wizard?? that is really a shame to the heat!!!

  24. Francis says:

    Ever since the big three was formed in Miami they were never the number 1 team in the East as far as regular season is concern.

    For the past 2 years it was the Chicago Bulls at top seed. So seeing NYK at the top is no big deal since that’s just what Miami is.

    Just my two cents worth on this topic. 🙂

  25. Ilan Sidi says:

    Lets go Knicks! That’s what I’m talking about! We are the champs! The Knicks can face anything so what we play the nets next week. That doesn’t mean we can win now just because we lost the first time. I say for the first time ever probably the Knicks can destroy any obstacle they face. You saw what the Knicks did to the heat we killed them at home, but more impressively they dominated on the road delivering the Heat thair worst performance at home since the big three came together. So the Knicks finally can make a stand in the playoffs. I say if they ever get beaten in the playoffs it will be in the finals.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      I’ll tell you what. Miami are still the World Champs until or if dethroned. BUT, a 2013 NBA Finals featuring: OKC Thunder vs. NY Knicks would be very entertaining. Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony are probably the 2 best scorers we have in the entire NBA, per se. That would be an exciting matchup. Durant and Anthony really lit it up during the 2012 Olympics; they were very fun to watch. Didn’t they set Olympic records of some kind? They’re continuing to be the top 2 NBA scorers in the season and will in the playoffs.

  26. Macubexx says:

    knicks ALMOST at their best (w/o carmelo, shumpert) and the HEAT at their worst (no effort/bosh and wade off game). the heat are still in hangover mode from being a champion, all except LEBRON. While the knicks have all the motivation to beat everyone. SIMPLE AS IT IS. Just hit the miami heat a big reality check and they’ll be fine.

  27. Shaun says:

    Did you all remember when the Cavaliers (with Lebron) swept the season series with the Spurs?
    What happened when they met in The Finals? They got SMACKED!
    So, what I’m saying is that, it’s too early to say that the Knicks are the #1 team in the East.
    For now maybe, but let’s see in the long run.

  28. ATT says:

    Listen i am i heat fan that lives in New York and i give the Knicks credit they washed us(twice) but they cant beat us in a 7 game series. The Knicks’ strategy is good to win games (hence the best record) but that’s not how you are going to win a title jacking up 3’s

    • Chuck says:

      You say the Knicks can’t beat the Heat in a 7 game playoff?? My friend the Heat didn’t just loose the first 2 games against the Knicks, they got murdered! To say they can’t win is totally naive. I have no idea if they will or not, because Miami holds the crown until it’s taken. But they have a chance, as does the Celtics and believe it or not the ’76’ers and Nets. By the way, I seem to remember the Dallas Mavericks winning a title against your sacred cows in 2010-11, by jacking up the 3 point shot throughout the season.

  29. Yave says:

    To be honest I think the Knicks are playing great basketball right now but it’s a little to early to say they are the BEST teame in the east. Miami will overcome there problems and Boston went through the same stretch last year. The Knicks will finish in the top 3 in the East but it a little early to call the Knicks the best in the East.

  30. kingtot says:

    to early to say.. but boston celtics will defeat new york in the playoffs..

  31. ChemistryTerminatorAmare says:

    i wonder if they can play like they did yesterday when amare returns.

  32. Tushar says:

    yes but the real reason they are winning is because of Jason Kidd. But the conference finals is going to be heat and celts

  33. prince says:

    if you look closely, lebron traveled

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      If you look closely, “THE BLACK MAMMA JAMMA MAMBA MOMMY” Kobe TRAVELED!!! They let Kobe pump-fake and rotate and shuffle his feet like crazy!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!

  34. showbaba Canada says:

    Does Miami really cares who is number one in the West or in the East. look at the last two season they are never number one in regular season. But the honest truth is that Miam has a lot of work to do too especially, Dwayne Wade and Miami coach who doesnt’ know how to use his big guys against the opponet. Miam coach doesnt know how to use Turai better even benching Josh Harrellson in all games without using the guy is ridiculous. I can’t believe this. I expect the coach to rest Wade at the begining of the 3rd quarter with KNICKS and bring in Bosh with the others or Lebron leading the show before Wade come to join him. The coach chemistry too killed the game. But Miami will be okay you guys will see them in the NBA FINALS come July 2013.

  35. Gorilla says:

    The New York Knicks are all hype coz they spend too much on their basketball team but can’t win a championship. Any good news they magnify it. Just let them be happy with temporary good news coz they can’t win championships. They had a good 3 point shooting team with starks and a legitimate center with ewing but was just a loser to the Jordan lead bulls. Sorry knicks fans, HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF. As long as miami is lead by Lebron James just be satisfied with your short term hype every season.

  36. Arky says:

    While Miami’s defence has been bad, against New York I actually thought they defended fine. So many of those threes were made with a hand in the face and over a taller defender. If Miami’s shooting had been on, they would have had a lead and the mentality of the game would have changed. And it was Miami’s shooting… Bosh and Wade had awful nights, Ray Allen and Chalmers missing a bunch of wide open threes, Chalmers and LeBron screwing up at the rim, missed free throws… it was really their offence that lost this one, more than the D.

    The secret to beating or at least challenging Miami seems to be to play them without your best guy!

    It actually wouldn’t surprise me if there’s some truth to that, because Miami’s defence always focuses on stopping the star and challenging teams to beat you with open looks for guys like Wayne Ellington and Austin Daye and Gary Neal. When the star isn’t there they don’t have a plan.

  37. ONE OF A KIND says:

    NY hype just too early.

  38. SLAmthat ball says:

    miami will always be # 1 .. .. lossing in the regular season is ok…. just like last season NYK beat miami in regular season ..but in the play-off miami wins 4-1 wowwwwwww .. lebron james forever

  39. Corey says:

    I’m tired of all you Knick Haters that wont give respect where respect is due! The first thing everybody wants to say is D wade is hurt, he’s not a 100%….Well if he’s that hurt he should play! I admit he is not the same player he used to be however He had 24pts against the Wizards and 19 against the Spurs, The fact is the Knicks have his #. The Heat are just not as good as they were last year. Things are about to get real scary for anyone facing the Knicks when Shump and Amari return. NY stand up!!!!! #1 in Confrence!!!

  40. Dew says:

    Liking the mental toughness as well as defense by the NYK right now. Is the reason they are number 1 in the eastern conference. Hard work pays off big time. Felton making a case for most improved player I would think. Like what all the other speculation has stated, this team will really depend on several factors come playoff time. Can they keep up the 3 point shooting, mental toughness, and move the ball during the playoffs? Can Amare fit in this system? Will role players step up in the clutch and hit big shots? It is a great system and love how NY is responding this year with their new players mixed in with their returning ones from last year. Chandler best player on the team right now along with Felton and Novak. Like watching these Knicks with those 3 on the floor. Good luck to the Knicks for the rest of the season. Wouldn’t mind seeing a 99 rematch of the Spurs and Knicks this year!

  41. Jayinko says:

    look stop confusing regular season games with the playoffs teams turn up in the playoffs im from chicago my bulls was #1 2yrs in a row where the ring ? ok last year rose got injured still not an excuse for the bench mob so yeah the heat now and the heat in april will be 2 different teams

  42. TOOearlyTOcall says:

    A lost is a lost period! New York killed us from 3 point range.Ray Allen wen MIA.Mario Chalmer unhealthy whil D-Wade took the night off! Chris Bosh was in lalaland mode. The point is New York as something going for them and you know the Daily News blows thing out of proportion…But it’s MIAMI FLORIDA…’too early to call’ make it to June then talk to us!!!

  43. Jayinko says:

    peopls need to stop confusing the playoffs and regular season teams don’t generally care about regular season games im from chicago the bulls was number 1 2 years straight but wat hapen playoffs?

  44. Knickerbocker says:

    The bottom line is the Knicks are number 1 in the Eastern Conference right now and have gotten there playing without Amare and Shump who were starters for us last year! Coach Woodson has them playing unselfish and playing D and if Amare buys into the system than watch out cause we allready know Shump will make our defense even better and if Amare comes off the bench with JR than watch out everyone!!!!

  45. Franz says:

    Miami are familiar with this position. 2nd in the East then romp all the way to the NBA finals. Don’t be fooled y’all. Miami will be ready during the business end of the season! Give credit to NY though

  46. HeatFTW! says:

    hahaha, best in the east ? best in the east for now!! their little chemistry they got going on will all come to an abrupt end when amar’e comes back!!! just like last year! lol. The heat are in a slump, it was LeBron versus the Knicks last night.

  47. ballinallday says:

    finally! a team that can beat the Heat on a regular basis. they beat them by a lot both times and without Melo and Stoudemire the last time. they are better than the Heat no doubt about it. now the question is can the Knicks handle the Chicago Bulls when Derrick Rose comes back after the All Star break?

  48. cp10 says:

    Fools! Pacers vs either Spurs or Grizzlies 2013 Finals. I CALLED IT!!

  49. OctoPPus says:

    Knicks much better this year – HEAT REMEMBERS DALLAS ))))))))) !

    Go Knicks

  50. W/E says:

    THe funny thing is that NY is playing better when both carmelo and amare are out of the rotation, am sure this tells us sth about those 2 “stars”.

  51. KingKong says:

    NO.1 in the East? Yeah, sure, but only for a few days….

  52. shaun says:

    nicks fans always beleiveing the hype .. bostoin celtics will win the east they have had jeff green who missed a year and wilcox who are getting back to what they was tthey have about 6 new players who are all goin to take time to get it together on the defense .. so when it all clicks they aint a team goin be able stop them

  53. RRKING says:

    The Knicks beat the Heat twice already and have the best record in the Eastern Conference so technically they are the best team in the East. Like the Knicks said the team to beat are the Heat and it will stay like that all year because they are the defending champions. It’s also true the Heat will be a different and more improved team come playoff time. A lot of you say the Knicks can’t beat the Heat in a 7 game series. The Knicks can beat them, heck they might even sweep the series. The problem is this when it comes to the Heat. The Heat lost both games by 20 pts so come playoff time when they do get in to gear it only means that the Knicks instead of beating them by 20 might only win by 5, 10, or even 15 pts. So for all of you saying the Knicks will lose to the Heat because the Heat wil be way better just remember it is not like we only beat them by 5 or 10 points. Finally to end this. This is the big reason why the Heat won’t win it all. First, we beat them without Carmelo Anthony, Iman Shumpert, and Amare. Second, the Spurs almost beat them without their best players on the floor. Finally, they lost to the Wizards. I know any team can lose to any team but heck the Wizards had a much easier time defeating the defending champs then defeating the Portland Trailblazers.

  54. Lady L says:

    People this is DECEMBER. if anything the knicks just helped the Heat….Knicks are motivated right now and they are playing well!, but they have not played their 82 games yet and they have not been out of the first round of the playoffs in years! They need to reach those milestones first before you can even talk about them beating the REAL CHAMPS!..If I was a betting person, I would bet that a healthy Pacers team will beet the old knicks in a 7 game series this year just because they are an experienced team. And they are younger and will be a more fresh team after playing 82 games… Calm down Knicks’ fans, Calm down, Just chill because they have a guy down in Miami name LeBron James, Pat Riley is not bad either, and I will bet that Riley will get this team where they need to be by April this is why they play 82 games,,trust me, they will adjust,,,bet on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. for real? says:

    Heat fans are the most ignorant basketball fans. We won once, that mean’s we’ll be great whenever we feel like it… We don’t have to try! Playoff chemistry builds from the regular season.

  56. myc says:

    Lebron James is travelling with the ball all the time…

    • bigwes95 says:

      if you watch, he does the same thing that michael did. which is basically setting a pivot foot and jumps off both feet before they take another step and that’s why it’s not traveling

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      May as well throw Kobe Bryant “THE BLACK MAMBA”‘s name in there, then. He has good foot-work. But he has a tendency to really move around that pivot foot. I see you’re allowed to, to an extent. But dayum! You want to see someone that looks like he travels a lot but gets away with it … WATCH Kobe’s pivot foot when he tries to drive to the basket. He contorts it all over the place.

  57. Dave says:

    One key point thats going to ruin NYK’s chances… Amare! He’s going to ruin this awesome chemistry they have.

  58. Run TMC says:

    I think that the heat fans and team are too blinded by their arrogance to see that this isn’t the same heat team that won it al last year. First, you don’t have a legit center or even a average one, which was not a problem last year but clearly when teams dribble penetrate and get easy layups over you its visible. Second, for a couple games now its also clear that wade’s elevation on his shots is not there which might be just temporary or that the wear and tear from all those dunks has finally caught up to his knees. Third, Mario Chalmers can’t make wide open layups, ex: against knicks. Fourth, You guys almost lost to the Spurs reserves. Add all that together and you definitely aren’t the best in the east. I don’t even like that knicks but could see this team has drastically improved this year with everybody contributing on defense and Amare isn’t even back, they are clearly the best in the east so far.

    • bigwes95 says:

      miami isn’t a regular season team though, why do you think they consisently get beat by teams such CHI, OKC, BOS, NYK, ect. but when the play-offs come, they always pick it up and win, and i think until they prove that they can win when it actually matters, then you can consider them the best. main part though is that MIA is mainly a play-off team and the Knicks haveproven otherwise. and having amare i don’t think will help, he’s way too immature and messes up the team chemistry, defense, and demandss the ball too much, which is why he doesm’t actuall help that much, i think they’ll get worse when he comes back. and until he proves me and many other people wrong, he might just ruin everything.

      • Joshua Greenfarb says:

        Let’s not forget last season: Miami struggled but got past Indiana in a tough series. They barely got by Boston in a 7-game series, right?

        When you have an MVP-caliber guy like Lebron James, it can make the difference, come playoff time. On a given playoff game, he can drop 40-50 points. He can take over games, essentially. He can’t average 40-50 PPG every night, but I don’t think any NBA player has ever been able to do that during the season or playoffs. I think Jordan and maybe Wilt were the only ones to get close to that high of a PPG.

  59. OrangeJuice Mayo says:

    Just wait till Stoudemire come’s back…

  60. AK says:

    Knicks are off to a great start no doubt. But this is an 82 game season followed by the playoffs where all the contenders will step it up. Personally I don’t believe the Knicks can beat a healthy motivated Heat in a 7 game series. But only time will tell I guess.

  61. mike says:

    celtics or miami are still #1, i dont care if the knicks are the best without amare and after 18 games

  62. HeatKingsofEast says:

    calm down. it’s just a season. and lol! wtf! “jason kidd, who wins wherever he goes” lol! can’t remember when j.kidd won in nets. hahahah! only winning on boston because paul pierce was all alone. but can’t get the thing done losing always in finals. come playoff time will see. hope the knicks can make it to the ecf. i’m sure most of the east teams specially boston is staying away on miami in the playoff match-up until ecf. and besides, ever heard the teams of cleveland and chicago? hahahah! good season but can’t get to the finals. lebron had learned from this. and another is that this is the specialty of doc rivers, he doesn’t care about the season because come playoff time his team is different. poor thing they can’t beat miami. ^_^

    • KareemoftheCrop says:

      Jason Kidd took a horribly failing Nets team and got them to the Finals twice in three years. That’s called winning.
      Joins Nets – takes them to the Finals
      Joins Dallas – wins a ring
      Joins Knicks – they play like this.

      Just sayin’

      • Joshua Greenfarb says:

        Hellz yeah! Kidd is way past his prime, NBA-wise. But he is effective in a lesser role and in a leadership role and in a supportive role for Raymond Felton.

        Gary Payton — another hall-of-fame point guard — also can be put in that category.
        With Sonics — got to the Finals
        With Lakers — got to the Finals
        With Heat — wins ring (thank god no ball-hogging Kobe to play with)

  63. joao Felisberto says:

    how the heck can you say that a team who made 16 games in the begining of the season is better than the reigning champs, cmon the heat are playing slacky not making their best effort on games, its their fault but come april they will be allright, as for the knicks, i dont think so, they haven´t been that consistent over the years

  64. Andrew G says:

    The Knicks are a threat and im glad people are starting to notice. I don’t know if you can call them the best in the east but I don’t see why people are saying they cant stand up to the west or the Heat in the playoffs. The heat cant guard the three ball that hard when Carmelo is on the floor because he will penetrate or kick it to the outside.There he has an arsenal of three ball shooters who, this season, can move the ball like a UNIT The Heat play small man ball so they are evenly matched, and the Knicks D has picked up. When it comes to the west their only HUGE mismatch is the Grizzlies because they have the high advantage in the paint which takes advantage of their biggest weakness, offensive rebounds. The lakers are playing poorly, the Spurs are playing equally as good, and OKC this year isn’t as strong as they were last year. Sure these teams are bound to kick it into gear later on in the season but for now, these are the facts.

    Oh and Knicks all day!

  65. JenJen says:

    I keep seeing “oh they can’t shoot the 3 ball consistently like that”. That’s what people said 10 games ago! And guess what??? They are still hitting them!!!!!!

    I know Chuck always says if you live by the 3 you die by it, but I disagree. A team like the Knicks, who are also great defensively (Tyson!!!!) and can consistently get in the paint (Tyson!!!! again) is not relying on the 3. They’re just so good in so many ways that they can get away with it.

    It was only a matter of time for Melo to get comfortable and now he’s surrounded by players that are smart and talented. I truly think Jason Kidd was the deciding factor. There’s no looking back now!


  66. They had great game. (Knicks)

  67. mayo says:

    hey guys is december!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. tywawn says:

    nicks wack heat’s going to put them out again

  69. Nick says:

    NO. 1 IN THE EAST? IT’S NEW YORK for December
    they can play but they don’t have enough strategy for the play-offs

  70. Nick says:

    knicks always been like that, well see in April

  71. jkr says:

    How can you say that knicks are the best in EAST ? Just because they defeated miami in 2 games, at the beginning of the season… Remember what happens 2 seasons ago with Chicago, and Boston? They defeated miami all games in the regular season, and what happend in the playoffs ?! They got knocked off… last season, same thing -> Miami champs. Yea, the Knicks have a great team this year, but they can’t beat miami in a 7 game series… C’ya in the playoffs. Miami repeat 🙂

  72. Carl says:

    I don’t believe it yet.

  73. knicks fan says:

    i am a knicks fan but i am kinda afraid amere might mess thing up when he come back. so far melo and amare doesn’t work well together. maybe knicks should trade amare for Josh smith and someone else so they get someone to guard on lebron in playoffs time. knicks offense is scary already. they should just make defense better and better like they are doing now

  74. Scalabrine is GOD says:

    probably they let NYK win again because of sandy… anyway, congrats NYK!

  75. FettaFetta says:

    It’s awesome to see Ray Felton playing at this level! He has always had this in him and I’m glad he is finally getting recognition for his immense skill set!

  76. Kidd Bam says:


  77. @John Schumann:

    You are clearly Knick fan. YOU ARE NOT NEUTRAL IN YOUR ARTICLE.

  78. zgillet says:

    Are we ever going to just admit, via OBVIOUS evidence, that Mike D’Antoni just isn’t a good coach?

  79. nbafanhere says:

    The Miami Heat team is not built to be the number 1 seed at the end of the season but it’s built to win 4 games when it matters.. they can go 0-4 vs the knicks in the season but still beat them in the playoffs, take the Celtics vs Heat for an example for the past 2 years Celtics won the season series vs the Heat but still Heat beat them in the playoffs twice.. same thing with the bulls back in 2011.. Heat is a different team in the playoffs and everyone knows that.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Good point. Last season, the Heat were the #2 seed, right? They lost games here and there to teams that they probably could defeat in a 7-game playoff series. I recall they lost a regular season game against Golden State and the Lakers. But never would have lost a 7-game series against teams like that. The same thing appears to happening this season. The Heat may or may not end up with the #1 seed. They may lose some regular season games here and there. They definitely have weaknesses. HOWEVER, always consider that if the Heat do what they did last season, then they are still the best in the East. They are still the defending NBA World Champions until someone dethrones them. The Knicks are incredible. But can they beat the Heat in a 7-game series? That is the question. They couldn’t last season. But we’ll see. Last season, Chris Mullin predicted OKC and Miami were probably the favorites in the West and East; he was right on the money. Maybe we should listen to Chris Mullin more often as far as his predictions are this season.

  80. Djbugz says:

    I am a heat fan but i must give credit where credit is due, the Knicks deserved this one because they played absolutely great during the 2nd half. some might say they got lucky with all those 3’s just going in but luck is part of the game and i cant help but notice that the heat weren’t really doing anything to stop it , i mean the heat were bad defensively so its basically their fault for making it easy, add in the extra luck then what you have is a recipe for defeat. too bad for lebron who had a monster game i just hope this defensive slack stops at one point because considering the number of guns they have on their arsenal all they need to do is play great defense and it will be VERY hard for ANY team to beat them.

  81. nbafanhere says:

    The Miami Heat team is not built to be the number 1 seed at the end of the season but it’s built to win 4 games when it matters.. they can go 0-4 vs the knicks in the season but would still beat them in the playoffs.. celtics won the season series vs the heat last 2 years but still Heat beat the Celts 2 times in the playoffs, same with the bulls back in 2011.

    • Fo Real says:

      Your 100 percent correct, they dont stress on regular season matchups 1 bit

      they care about the playoffs Period.

      A whole diffrent Miami Heat comes out in April

  82. Victor Manoel says:

    LeBron played beastly, but anybody else in the Heat played very poorly, specially Wade (and Bosh, too). And New York, right now, has a hell of a chemistry between their guys… Tough team, the best in the East right now (although I think the Heat will overcome their problems).

  83. Alex says:

    Good to see they’re playing well, bit soon to call them better than the reigning champs though.

  84. Mack says:

    I admit the Knicks are playing unbelievably good basketball at the moment. Credits to them and Mike Woodson. But I think it’s still too early to crown them the No.1 in the East. It’s only December. There’s still a few months to go before playoffs start and we have yet to see them play with Amare back. That’s the big question. If they can continue playing at a very high level once Amare’s back in the lineup , they have a legit chance of being the top of the East. As of now , too early.

  85. Rebelle says:

    Let’s be real, the Knicks are definitely a better team but if they were to play a game against the Spurs, OKC, Lakers, Memphis or the Clippers, they would lose automatically. Why? because in the East there is only three contenders: Miami Heat, Brooklyn and the Celtics. The East is WEAK, of course the Knicks is going to be legit, but against the West? No chance.

    • Dieter says:

      Do you really think Brooklyn is a contender? I have my doubts, they’re not there yet. But if Rose comes back before the playoffs, Chicago could really be in that list, the same goes for Indiana that should be even better in the playoff than last year. Can’t deny that the Spurs, Thunder, Grizzlies and Clippers are better and more talented than the Knicks. The Lakers have to prove themselves, are they gonna trade Howard or Gasol, is D’Antoni gonna be the coach in a few months or are they gonna get a good coach. At the moment the Lakers are Kobe, and Kobe’s not gonna bring them a championship on his own.

    • Shy says:

      definitely beat the spurs already this season. playing the lakers tomorrow and i’m willing to put money NYK takes it.

  86. I feel sorry for Knicks fans cuz all 90´s Jordan kicked your a… therefore you got in trauma forever.

  87. Jordan kicked you a… so hard in 90´s that you got in trauma forever.

  88. Zackwise says:

    I predict that Miami and knicks might meet at the conference finals. If not, Miami will still be there and knicks might not make it to the conference F.

  89. Houdini says:

    C’mon y’all this is just Hollywood 101, albeit in the East Coast. NY needs all the hype, they can’t afford to be losing again this year. You gotta understand this is THE NEW YORK basketball team, especially now that they have those Brooklyn Nets right at their heels, the Knicks gotta make some statement. And what better statement than to beat the World Champs on their home floor. C’mon, Ray Allen shooting only 3 3-pointers in this kind of game? Tell me something about business that I don’t know yet.

  90. LOL Really?? says:

    Do you mean they are THE BEST team in the East???? Are you serious. Im laughing so hard right now. If you mean best as in “BEST” record then yeah. The Knicks have the best record in the east but whoever thinks the Knicks will beat Miami in the playoffs seriously needs to reconsider and THINK. This Miami team is not even close to the Miami Team that will play in the playoffs. Remember last season yall. Many teams beat Miami in the regular season but when the playoffs started everyone saw how great miami was. The Knicks will go as far as they play Miami. Most likely in the Conference Finals. But LOL lets get real here. The Knicks the best Team in the East?? LOLOLOL

  91. Willy says:

    Too bad they dont have Lin! Ok bad joke. Come on man the Heat are not unbeatable are they? San Antonio second team and if you remember the Pacers should a would a coulda beat em last year! They will not two peat no way !

  92. eo says:

    look just face it people barring some severe injuries to key players they will meet the heat in the confrence finals

  93. Relax says:

    Lol, calm down, y’all. NY blows everything out of proportion. I believe NY beat miami 3 out 4 regular season games last year and they only made it to the 1st round. This reminds me of the Linsanity of last year. and where is Lin now? zzzz..

    • JJ says:

      Yeah, and by some miracle Miami’s role players start to play better, it’s all so predictable now-a-days.

  94. alpriteze says:

    NYK has proven to be the best in the EAST.
    but i’m not comparing the Knicks from the Heat since both teams have real talent pools.
    from my point of view, ( just my opinion only ) here are my comparison overview with them.

    Knicks Starters Heat Offense
    Knicks Defense > Heat Defense

    I do think they have a chance to win it all this year since there chemistry is really working well even without amare.
    I’m not bias at anything but if they play the Lakers, Grizzlies, Clippers, Thunder and even the Spurs in straight full week, I do think they’ll lose to any of them.

    • Fo Real says:

      A chance …. thats about it … deff not a solid 1

      they can’t beat MIA in 7 no one in the East can

      Knicks have the best shot at it butttt Miami have this guy called LeBron James

      • Al says:

        Fo Real, what is your theory based on?..How do you figure that they can’t beat MIA in 7 game series? First off, neither I or anyone else can say that they “know” the knicks can win or lose because we can’t tell the future. With that out the way, going on facts the knicks have blown out the heat in 2 games, home and away. They are missing Amare and Shumpert. The Knicks have a Top Rated offense and higher ranked defense than MIA, also leading lead in fewest turnovers. When will people see the light and see whats in front of them? Are you holding on to some Knicks hatred and some idealogical view that MIA are Gods? They do have the worlds best player, and IMO another great in DWade(despite the bad game. He is allowed that once in a while we are all human. He also has the credentials and will be in the Hall of fame). However it has been proven that they are not invincable(Dallas 11′) and this is a TEAM sport. We also don’t have scubs. Although LeBron and Dwade are top tier, Melo isn’t a scub. Neither are Chandler, Felton, JKidd, JSmith,Novak and the rest of our supporting cast. Let alone Amare and Shumpert, which, I agree with Adam has the makings to be an absolute star and is a great athlete. Other than Bosh and Allen, a good portion of our bench would get more minutes than most of the Heats Roster. So Yes, I don’t “know” that the Knicks will beat the Heat in 7 game series. And yes, I feel the defending champs will be our biggest threat(they deserve and earned that respect). However. if anyone can honestly tell themselves and others that knicks “can’t” or “won’t” win, your obviously either a hater or blind to the facts.

      • Fo Real says:


        Miami has not had the best reg season record the last 2 seasons BUT they were in the finals the last 2 seasons therefore the season dont mean shieeeet. Ask Boston they won the reg season series against miami in the last 2 seasons but couldn’t beat them in them playoffs.

        Miami switches gears in April, thats when they bring out that chamionship level ball which WILL CRUSH anybody in the East.
        True NYK probably our biggest threat but NY hasn’t prooved anything yet.. there is 80% of the season left AND Amare hasn’t come bacy yet.. no one knows how thats going to go. He is like poison for NY. doesnt fit well and if he is there he should come off the bench.

        “Can’t” was probably the wrong word to use because your right it can be done but the odds are heavily against them

    • thereplier says:

      really? the way the knicks are playing and you think they will loose to the lakers? that is pure nonsense in a full week they would smash the lakers in a 4 – 0 run just look at the way both team are playing i understand thats your personal opinion but you are far off reality i do see them having a hard time against the spurs or the grizzlies but not the lakers sorry

      • Dieter says:

        They’re off to a good start, but already saying they’re the best team in the East? Gimme a break… Lets see what happens when Granger, Bynum and Rose return, and when Boston and Miami go into playoff-mode.

  95. Game Time says:

    That was a great game for the Knicks, but one primarily won with the 3 ball. Wasn’t sure why Miami couldn’t adjust to stop the 3’s or choose to respond with shooting them. I mean they had Joel Anthoney jumping out to defend shooters and Ray shot only 3 3’s.

    • Fo Real says:

      when their hittin their hitting is all I can say.

      That type of shooting wont happen on a nightly basis

      but besides lebron no one had a good night… its just one of those games

      I feel 5-8 game win streak coming for the heat

    • Chuck says:

      At halftime the Knicks were tied with the Heat, and unbelievably, were trailing in all the major categories save one… turnovers. They allowed the Heat 12 points in the 4th quarter. I would say their defense was pretty stout in the second half,
      because all they did was reverse all the categories, and led them all! The Knicks are for real, and when their full compliment of players are back playing, the rest of the league will finally see and have to admit their prowess.

  96. The Spaz says:

    I guess the heat went easy on them because of Sandy again.

  97. Love the way the Knicks are playing right now. Mike Woodson is coach of the year so far. He has them playing like a real team, and it will be interesting to see how Amare does when he returns.

  98. SYJ says:


    Heat cannot stop dribble penetration. That is the key to beating them. Penetrate and attack the rim or penetrate and kick to wide open shooters. They cannot keep guys like Felton out of the lane. This is where lacking a true point guard hurts them, you cannot expect Wade and Lebron to stay in front of quality point guards.

    • C says:

      I am not saying that you’re not right- But what is different from last season? Didn’t other teams see that weakness before this season?

  99. newyorksteelo says:

    Epic win for the Knicks. Too many weapons and talent surrounding Melo not to accept the fact that the Knicks are contenders and a real threat this year.

  100. Chester says:

    The knicks are playing welll, but its only december, well see in April

  101. Fo Real says:

    Kincks are good but they cant beat miami in a 7 game series

    BUT where the HELL is DWADE ….. 13pts WTF??

    Honestly Wade you need to be wade anythin less the 20 a night isn’t accpetable

    • Game Time says:

      He’s still recovering from the surgery.

    • Adam Ciminello says:

      New York can ABSOLUTELY beat Miami in a 7 game series. They smacked a 100% healthy Miami team around last night missing TWO all stars and quite possibly the best on-ball perimeter defender in the league, a player who in my mind is a future all star if he can stay healthy (a big if I’ll admit after that hairy injury last year, but still).

      More importantly than their 3 point barrage was the gaping weakness in Miami’s defense they exposed last night. The so called “positionless” offense Miami runs works because they have the incredible talent to justify it but on defense size is size and when you’re tallest guy is only 6’9 and not known for interior toughness its makes driving to the hole much more enticing, which in turn frees the perimeter players up for good looks. NYK did it last night but the Wizards also did it on Tuesday. Kurt Thomas is obviously a much weaker player than Christ Bosh yet Miami got to the hole much less frequently, despite having more talent. Why? Because he’s big and fouls hard and size don’t lie (to borrow a phrase from Sheed).

      I’ve been a NY fan my entire life and I’m telling you this is the first team I’ve ever seen that truly has all the pieces. They have scoring, they have defense, they have toughness, and most importantly, they have an endless supply of role players who do the little things. I’d like them to improve their rebounding but I think it will as the season goes on.

    • Jeffro says:

      I agree they are good. I cant see them being able to play a series and have 4 games where they make all those 3’s.
      Plus, we will see how tired they are in the spring, they have a good bit of oldies….D wade’s sporadicness is nothing new…He usually evens out in a series.

    • Dirty-D says:

      Yea that’s what they said about dallas not long ago.

    • DWM says:

      DWade is on my fantasy league and he’s only put up good numbers(40+) in one game that I can remember. Shuold I keep him or trade him??

      • KareemoftheCrop says:

        if you only consider 40+ points as good numbers you don’t understand fantasy basketball…

  102. Adam Ciminello says:

    Finally the haters stop their blasphemy and gives NYK the credit they have EARNED all year! We are legit, deal with it.

    • Dee says:

      Naw, the knicks got a dream team for starters, second string is all stars, and bench is 6 men squad.. where do you see any other team with that type of backing this year? Goes to show you… it took the knicks to get dream teams and all stars to finally win games. So, when they don’t make the finals this year…. What will be the excuse?

      • JungJune Moon says:

        Dream team? I mean who exactly do you think that can make this year’s allstar besides Melo and Tyson.Even Tyson wasn’t an allstar last year.Get your facts right man,

        Even though you people are saying that it is obvious that Knicks are doing good.But probably you people said these
        kind of things in the offseason.

        1.Lin’s out.Felton did terrible in Portland,Kidd is too old and so as Prigioni
        2.Camby ,Thomas is too old
        3.Melo is still a selfish player who won’t dive for the loose ball.

        Haters…actually even the experts mentioned these and now they are giving Knicks the credit
        but there are some haters like you change what they said and now they are saying what will be Knicks’ excuse.

        Let me ask you this. When Knicks do make the finals this year……what will be your excuse?

      • ion57 says:

        Whats Miami’s excuse for not winning a championship in the first year ? For not winning until they got Shaq and Wade on the same team, and were finally able to repeat that 6 years later with a superhuman monster in Lebron James and Bosh/Wade Alongside for the ride. Knicks a Dream Team ???? – I don’t know what planet your living on ? They are not the Miami Heat – your arguments are invalid since the heat are synonymous with every accusation you made against the Knicks.