Howard: I’ll Shoot Free Throws My Way

Dwight Howard was last man standing at the free-throw line following Friday morning’s shootaround. As the big man shampooed, rinsed and repeated, so to speak, Steve Nash looked on and at one point motioned his hands as if shooting an invisible basketball, presumably giving Howard a tip to follow through.

“He was just suggesting some things,” Howard said. “It’s not something we already talked about or anybody else has suggested, but my mind cannot get clouded with everybody telling me how to shoot a free throw. I just have to go up there and shoot it my way and not get caught up with what everybody else is saying because that’s when I miss.”

Howard is the league’s most scrutinized foul shooter and having been the victim of a recent string of Hack-a-Dwight or Hack-a-Howard or Hack-a-whatever, the heat’s been jacked up on his wretched 46.9 percentage — and falling — from the stripe.

And boy, whether it’s Los Angeles Lakers assistant and designated Dwight free-throw coach Chuck Person, a 72.3 percent free throw shooter in his day, or Nash, who rarely misses unguarded from 15 feet, Howard seems to be ready to shut it all off.

He seems so frustrated by a virtual encyclopedia of mechanical adjustments and ever-changing deliveries fogging his mind that he feels like a 6-foot-10 pretzel when he tries to implement it all at the stripe.

Teammate Kobe Bryant suggested that Howard must face this daunting issue and take it on “head first,” as in, “This is something that I have to conquer; this is something I have to master.”

Kobe expressed confidence that Howard will figure it out, just as he said Shaquille O’Neal worked hard on his free throw struggles: “It really meant a lot to him and he took on that responsibility.”

A gentle message to Dwight? There’s more. Kobe delivered the next passage to the entire Lakers team, whose collectively poor foul shooting, 66.7 percent, ranks dead last in the NBA and has cost them at least a couple of games.

“I think it’s taking a responsibility when you’re at the free throw line: ‘I’m bearing the responsibility of my team on my shoulders at this moment,’ ” Kobe said. “It’s holding that significance when you step to the free throw line every single time.”

Kobe also provided an interesting take on the root of Howard’s miserable, career sub-60 free-throw percentage. It hardly goes down as law, but it’s as good as any other theory:

“I think it all depends on how you were raised, how you’re taught the game from the beginning,” Kobe said. “That’s why it’s such a critical thing in how we develop our players growing up, whether it’s AAU and all these other camps. I think they pretty much wanted [Howard] to play inside the paint his entire career. Ever since he was 12 years old they wanted him to dunk everything and finish everything at the rim; didn’t want him shooting because he was bigger than everybody. As a consequence they left out the shooting aspect of his game.

“That’s in contrast to some of the European players who are taught at an early age how to play all aspects of the game, the ball handling, the shooting. I think it’s really just about our system here in the States and how we teach kids how to play.”


For now, Howard, 27-for-66 (40.1 percent) from the free-throw line in his last five games, will step up tonight in OKC determined to shoot ’em his way.


  1. xAiiR says:

    Max is seriously arguing with everyone

  2. Joe says:

    i hereby coin the phrase ”swipe-a-dwight”, because ”hack” was used for ”shaq” for obvious reasons

  3. nick says:

    I think Howard should let the ball rest in the palm of his hand instead of the tips of his fingers and he should use a little shoulder movement on the release not just the elbow.

  4. Dwight Howard says:

    Shaq was the best center in the league! I’m the best center in the league now! We both will win in spite of our poor free throw shooting! You can’t stop superman!

  5. Beli says:

    Give me one month with Howard, and I will help him improve his free throw percentage from 40% to 60% or 70%. And the beauty is that his shooting percentage will increase as well. My email And here is a tip, that I bet a lot of people around him has giving to him already, relax it’s a freeeeee.

  6. AMR says:

    come on D HOWRD you are aleardy dispointing LAKERS FANS with you comment , we would LIKE to hear that you are going to work your(…) off to change your weakest skill (free throw) we lived this dream( nightmar) with the BIG MISS DIESEL for years but he made them when it counted,playoff or end of games and you know that the diesl was throwing a BRICKS , YOU ACTUALLY HAVE A NICE ARC ON YOUR FREE THROW BUT WHEN YOU GET TO THE LINE YOU RUSH YOUR SHOT AND THAT WHY YOU NEVER MISS THEM SHORT BUT YOU ALWAYS HIT THE BOARD WITH YOUR LONG RUSHED FREE THROW , WE KNOW YOU CAN DO IT SO START FOCUS BEFORE LAKERS FAN LIVE ANOTHER LONG NIGHMARE

  7. Abulous says:

    I want to see him shooting underhand ‘Pete Maravich’ style. Surely he can’t shoot any worse.

  8. Tx says:

    “I think a lot of you that are saying you shoot better than 70% and he should too, and what’s so hard about it, are just delusional. You aren’t shooting free-throws in front of millions of people!!! Imagine the pressure!!!”

    Was just thinking that while i read the comments, you can do >70% FT from your driveway/whatever? Go do it front of a live audience of thousands while many millions more watch you on TV. Good luck!

  9. sam says:

    Free throw shooting is as much mental as it is physical. He should pick one person that he feels comfortable with and work with that person. If he cannot focus on the line, he will have a difficult time improving

  10. the bomb says:

    your the bomb dwiight. you keep explodin in the free throws, and when you let gas out , you smile like that big baby you are. lakers just cant beat okc, memphis or sanantonio this year, they just can’t. its not bout stats rebounds, itsa just they cant and they are maxed out.

  11. NYK Nation says:

    This guy is so stubborn, he’s just like Andrew Bynum… The only disciplined and teachable center in the league is Tyson Chandler.

  12. randy says:

    you’re not helping the Lakers by doing it your wa if you’re going to be a teammate you got to be a team player whatever it takes like Kobe Bryant in Magic Johnson there winners if you want to be up in there circles you gotta step up

  13. Jose (clipper Nation) says:

    Howard needs to open his mind to learn and listen to people who want to help. The People he should listen to is the Captain of the team, the Shooting coach, and especially Steve Nash. Who better than Steve? Howard needs to be open and listen to everyone and take it all in. Don’t fight people Dwight! Don’t make things personal!

  14. I Agree With Howard says:

    Let him find his OWN rhythm at the charity strike…too many people clouding his head with many different methods of approaching the line, setting up the attempt, from elbow posture and all the way down to the release can become a bit overwhelming ESPECIALLY if this is technically the beginning stages of him putting forth the learning effort. Of course help is needed but Howard needs to find/lay the foundation to his free throw form before ANYONE can help him in any way. You have to learn how to crawl before you walk and walk before you run and everyone is showing him how to run and walk instead of allowing him to lay a foundation and then to build off of that….good luck D13

  15. ko0kie says:

    he won’t take the advice of one of the best shooters of all time? are you kidding me dwight?!

  16. dj rgm9 says:

    Yo Dwight you only need to concentrate at the middle of the square above the rim,at least your free throw percentage go’s up 30% during the game,just try it.i played 18year b.ball competition,i know what i’m talking about.
    Grtz rgm9!!!

  17. merryhairyfish says:

    Shaq had trouble hitting his free throws like Howard, but at least Shaq can hit clutch free throws, unlike Howard.

  18. JenJen says:

    I think a lot of you that are saying you shoot better than 70% and he should too, and what’s so hard about it, are just delusional. You aren’t shooting free-throws in front of millions of people!!! Imagine the pressure!!!

    I think you all are taking what he said the wrong way. He was just telling the truth, that when you have 50 different people telling you how to do something it’s too much for your brain to sort out. Give the guy a break. If it weren’t for the FT issue he would be the best big man in the league. Maybe still is.

  19. Stretch Dangle says:

    Dwight buddy. Me n’ you do a half hour shoot around for 30-40 minutes a day for a week or so. I’ll make you a 75% FT shooter. No probs.

  20. ap says:

    i think this may be dwight howards only year in LA

  21. WILKSY08 says:

    Dwight and the Lakers organistation are both clearly quite stupid. Lakes shouldnt of let Bynum go and Howard shoudlnt have gone to any of the 3 teams he wanted to Lakers, Brooklyn, Dallas. All those teams have key players and key scorers already. Dwight needs a team where he cna be head honcho, especially if he hates taking advice.

    • Max says:

      First learn to spell and I would bet you could not make FREE THROWS into a large tub. I also do not see anyone that cannot spell being a shrink. (know what that is???) Have you forgot D.Howard’s career with the Magic????Lakers have lot more rings than the Magic and are paying Howard big bucks for one year. So grow up and learn to listen to someone who has already made it to the top. Or the Lakers will allow you to pack you bag next year. ANYONE can be replaced. Where is Bynum???? Howard not taking advice???where did you growup? under a basket? We all can use advice. Howard will improve or will get a free ride out of town. To where???? Probably Tronto or someone’s bench.

  22. WILKSY08 says:

    I agree with Jmann, as a pro baller at NBA level, you have to be able to make your free throws. No matter your size it shouldnt make a difference. However, I don’t agree with this hack-a-dwight strategy, You should be able to beat the Lakers without doing that, only non-playoff teams should do it

  23. forget the haters Dwight. you’re the man and will show everyone how it’s done!

  24. Tony says:

    Dwight just needs to listen to nash and slightly adjust his form The greatest players are also the greatest learners. If you look at his three point shot , the form is good. Its just on his free throw he starts with the ball too high (shoulder height, should be hip height) and he doesnt fully extend his elbow, resulting in a low arc. He just has to focus on shooting up. The simple cue elbow to the eye would help

  25. Chase says:

    Wow if I was Dwight I would be taking advantage of having one of the best shooters in the world on the same team and try to learn from him. So far I’m not impressed with DH. He has the build of a superstar and a mind of an amateur.

  26. Hamicarion says:

    They should have never traded for Dwight in the first place. They would have been better off getting someone that could just guard the lane and on offence never demand the ball…someone like Perkins. Dwight being in the game has hurt the entire team. He doesn’t play a role very well, and then whines when people correct him for an obvious deficiency in his game. All any team has to do to beat the Lakers in a close game is send Howard to the line 12 times and you’ll be up by 6.

  27. Not a Lakers fan says:

    Glad to hear Dwight will keep shooting free throws his way.

  28. ThunderCat says:

    Shaq should teach Dwight.

  29. ken says:

    DH12 is horrible unless he 3 feet from the rim. DAntoni should of benched him. Pau is 10 times worth what DH is. The Lakers are slow and have no Chemestry with the entire team. Fire the coach, and swallow your pride for disrepecting the greatest coach of all time and pay him Jim Bust, you loser.

  30. Maniac says:

    Shaq couldn’t make FTs because he had virtually no basketball skill beyond being enormous. Dwight Howard can’t make FTs because he is mentally soft

  31. Perhaps?

    You bet. In a lot of European youth programs, they don’t even put kids on the same positions before their fundamentals are sound. I know guys who played everything as a kid, then went to PF-C in their teenage years to end up being a PG-SGs in the pro league.

    • Max says:

      Know AK 47 with the Jazz????? Not Country, but self confidence and practice a lot as Blake Griffins says in his KIA commercial. He admits in that commercial he needs to get better, or you listening Dwight??
      Practice makes perfect, No excuse about where one grew up. This is the NBA not High School. SELF COFIDENCE AND PRACTICE A LOT, SAME FOCUS AND SAME MOVE EACH AND EVER TIME. Too late to duck down your head and pray? God provided the FREE THROW. But YOU have to have the self confidence in your ability to make the shots that can win or lose a game.

  32. Set your pride aside, Dwight, and learn to shoot a free throw by taking some instruction from someone like Kobe! You’re not paid all those millions to miss all those gimmes. It’s called the charity stripe for a reason!!

    • Max says:

      Nash has a higher FREE THROW rating that Kobe. So did you see the game on ESPN against OKC last night? Nash helped Howard at the shoot around and during the game. No putting down Kobe, he is one, if not the best shooter ever, but he does miss some FREE THROWS and FTS do win and lose games. Look at OKC they all can make Free Throws. Listen up Lakers all need to know when they step up to the stripe, the team is counting on you having the confidence to knock down FREE THROWS. Give me Ray Allen (Heat) or Steve Nash(Lakers) if I want to be sure they have the confidence to knock down FREE Throws. Starts with confidence in ones self.

  33. Gomezd says:

    Thats just being plain silly, your way doesnt work. Simple. Lakers have to get a coach that will teach him the fundamentals, doesnt get to get fancy with him just simple stuff, use your legs, follow through, stuff that they teach you when you are like 5.

    I remember Sha

    • Gomezd says:

      I remember towards the end of his career Shaq said that he’d just ignore everything he had been thought and started shooting them like he did in his youth, buit atleast he followed through.

      Just getting stubborn and refusing to get help is stupid of dwight.

    • Max says:

      Not Coach’s fault, Howard has already gone through one good coach. Howard has to admit and say thanks to Nash for FREE HELP. 2 time league MVP and a 90% FREE THROW SHOOTER. If I still played I would be honored to be offered help by a person like Nash. Howard needs to grow up or turn in his high pay. He did get help yesterday before the OKC game and look at Howard’s stats. What an improvement, Kudos for Howard doing great in OKC. The OKC, who is #2 in the west ended up only winning by 6 and Nash and Gasol not playing. The season is too early to call in the winner in the WEST.

  34. Arturo says:

    Agree with Kobe and not a laker fan and how it starts at youth level and aau coaches and youth coaches wanting to win a “look what i can do” moment, ball handling defense shooting then post game its how the player was coached and apparently howards coaches wanted to win than help him or they just didnt know how to teach shooting but lakers can pay me to help howard with shooting at a fraction of a cost what Chuck P can lol

    • Max says:


  35. Scott says:

    Kobe hit it right on the head with player development. Player development in the States is not as good as the Europeans. Big men suffer the most, all they focus on is power post moves and no development of a face-up game or Free throws.

    I am not a huge fan of the AAU circuit, I believe it is hurting more than helping US players. Players need the summer to develop their game, focus on weaknesses to improve and cultivate skills.

    Howard has to value being at the free throw line and not be afraid to be fouled.

    • Max says:

      Amare did learn in PHX how to make FREE THROWS.
      FTS do win or lose games. NO excuses for Howard, he has to be willing to admit he needs help and be willing to stuff his elementary pride and say thanks. He did great in OKC last night. Only missed two FTS. got 23 pts and pull down 15 rbs. Now that is what the Lakers need from Howard each and ever time. Maybe after Nash giving him help at a shoot around before OKC, Howard did listen, because he was a different player last night in OKC LAND. Only lost by 6pts. Remember when Golden State was #8 and Dallas was #1????Who won that first round. Scotty Books showed last night he can recall that quick turn around Dallas lost and they were the #1 in the west to the #8 team???
      Too early to count one’s chickens for staying at the top.

  36. shawn says:

    Dwight just needs to take a deep breath… Ever since the trade he is supposed to be the savior… The coach and Kobe need to talk to the entire team to tell them its not dwight and kobe show its the lakers show… If this keeps up even the best floor general Steve Nash wont change a thing… History has proven through the lakers last 5 titles.its not just a 2 man show but the whole team needs to be on board…

  37. Good words Kobe. Also like it how he said use it for motivation. Now THATS a good team captain!

  38. anthony says:

    Steve Nash leads the league in FT percentage, I think asking him would be more beneficial.

    • Max says:

      Nash has been asked, did you see the difference in OKC last night??? Howard only missed two FTs, scored 23 pts and pull down 15 RBs. Nash did help him at shoot around before leaving for OKC. Nash also TRIED to help him in the game. Howard is still childish, blames others for his own mistakes. Only a fool would do that, Howard will either admit he can use the help or his one year contract will NOT be renewed. Then on the Bus???Where???? Check out what ESPN said from OKC and even showed a picture of Howard plainly resenting help that Nash was offering for free????Who can say they never needed help???NOT ME.

  39. thesniper321 says:

    he better starts shooting them with his feet he may have a better % seriously I’m not even kidding

  40. Duro says:

    Now, you have a FT dedicated trainer AND one of the best FT shooters ever (Nash) in your team and you say “Enough of telling me how, I’m going to shoot them my way”.
    Doesn’t it seem just a little bit arrogant? And what your employers think about this attitude? ‘Cause, you know, you’re a pro, remember? This means that they pay you (a lot) to do your best. Think of any employee in any other kind of industry, facing a training course and answering “I’m not attending ’cause I’m doing it my way”.
    Anyway, no surprise at all. Howard’s always been childlish and probably always will be. Expecting him to act as a pro would be like expecting Rondo to think about how to behave.

    • Max says:

      Great Comment and the truth. Add Deron Williams and Cousins to your list of those who refuse to grow up. Deron Williams again having trouble with his new coach???
      The Big Russian Owner, may find a replacement in the draft and Williams will again find out on TV (like with the Jazz) that he has again been traded. Do not unpack until you decide be a team player and not a Coach. All Great players can always be replaced and other Coaches will say, rather not have Williams, he is good, but “UNCOACHABLE AND NOT A TEAM PLAYER” I BET MJ WOULD EVEN AGREE WITH THAT???

  41. WhereAmazingHappens says:

    Keep doing it your way you bum, you know you are the weakest link on the team when you get fouled on purpose with 4 minutes to go just because I’m pretty sure you will miss all of your free-throws. Oh boy and the LAL will struggle to win 45 games this year, they are just one of the worst teams on the road, AWFUL.

  42. Dwight Howard is seriously unparalleled in idiocy. If Javale McGee was as arrogant as Dwight Howard, he would articulate things better than Dwight. That quote is one of the most profoundly idiotic things I’ve ever heard. Yeah Howard, keep doing it your way. Great idea you giant airhead

  43. alex wodecki says:

    yeah keep doing it your way Dwight so your team keeps losing hahaha

  44. SPURS FAN says:

    “I’ll be Missing Free-Throws … My Way!!!”


  45. Edstar says:

    I agree with JMann. I’m no pro myself and have never played competitive school basketball (I’m in college now), but I shoot over 70% at the stripes on my BAD days! I feel like Jmann does: pro players should be able to hit at least 70%. It’s as Kobe say: it is a responsibility you owe your team. I mean how does Howard feel when teams hack on him, and use his misses to slow down his team’s offense, or edge a win? I mean he’s got to feel the responsibility!

    And while it is fact, there is some credit to Kobe’s theory to “big man” development. Maybe with a little something else to consider. I know this one kid. In high school, Masi was say 6 feet and skinny as heck. Boy would get bullied inside everytime. So he worked on his shooting and boy! was he good at it. And when Masi got fouled, he’d own the foul line. Now in college, he got a few inches of growth and beefed up. Well you know college boys, protein shakes and gym… Point is these days, he does the bullying in the paint, and the bugger still nows how to shoot. He’s had the benefit of learning both as European do

    • Max says:

      FREE THROWS win and lost Basketball Games period. Of course Shaq never will mention that, when he is bragging on open court (NBA) about his long past great days and wrote a book????Did he talk about Hack a Shaq??? I can speak: I finished College, did not try to go in the WNBA (do not watch the WNBA) But 31 pts per game and 90% from the stripe. That is all in the past. Only when a player will ADMIT they need experience help can they improve. Now Howard did great for the very first time last night in OKC. So, MAYBE (ESPN did not agree) he is listening to Nash who is a league 2 time MVP and a 90% Free Throw shooter willing to help his team mate, Howard for free? GROW UP HOWARD– all need help to improve and do not blame others, accept the fact that you need help at the stripe. Learn to repeat the same style over and over and keep you head up and focused.

  46. mohawk44 says:

    dwight is a baby–if kobe and dantoni weren’t worried about howard leaving in free agency, they would tell him how they really feel.

    • Max says:

      Don’t forget, unless Howard can growup, he will find himself released, just as Deron Williams found out that he had been released by the Jazz, while sitting at home watching TV. Now Deron again cannot get along with yet another coach??Lot of good PG coming along everyday and Deron is not getting younger, but older. Needs to let the coach- do the coaching and become part of a team. quit trying to coach and being a very selfish player. Let us not leave out cousins, who still has a lesson to learn. It is a TEAM SPORT. Not street ball. Oh’ what happen to Iverson, maybe the three above needs to check out what pouting and being a one man team cost Iverson.

  47. BB Fan says:

    That is good….. I like it…..

  48. Jmann says:

    Agree with Kobe but seriously Dwight, you are a pro basketball player. I shoot over 50% FT in my local comp easily and I never practice and am definitely not anywhere near a pro bball player. Change your technique, you have no follow through you just flick the ball at the rim and hope for the best!!! Pro bball players should shoot minimum 75% from the stripe NO EXCUSES! Ask Kobe for lessons

    • Dan'o says:

      Let me preface with agreeing with your contention that there is no excuse for shooting as poorly as he does. The size of his hands puts him at a disadvantage, though. I want to see him 65-70%

      • Max says:

        A very poor excuse? LARGE HANDS? Look at Amare’s hands on the Knicks? Nash helped Amare become a better Free Throw shooter, it is not the hands, but stubborn elementary pride. That has to change or he will find himself on a bus out of Laker land. He can be replaced, any player should know that they are only good for the team or will be traded. IF they can be part of a team and not blame someone else for their own pride and refusal to try to get better then they will become a great player. He must have listen to Nash, because he did GREAT in OKC. Mayb he just wanted to not let on that he was not perfect???Check out what ESPN said about Howard last night. Blames his missed Free Throws on others? Give me a break, the poor guy shooting 30 to 46% and on an team in the NBA. He has to admit that all can get better with HELP. FREE from a 90% Free Throw shooter and also a 2 time league MVP. Where is Howards brains?

    • Wogg says:

      Try shooting a softtball next time and then tell me your percentage. I’d say that’s a fair ratio for most normal sized people.

  49. allaroundballer says:

    well said Kobe

  50. Chester says:

    Its all in his head, because at training he hits 70 percent of them, so its a mental block for howard

    • Max says:

      Now can you back up that comment???Did you ever try to shoot FREE THROWS??Howard has been too stubborn to take free advice from an 2 time MVP. So, Howard has to grow up and get over his blown out of control pride or he will soon find himself benched in another city. See after Nash helped him?? he did GREAT against OKC, but says it makes him”mad” and that is why he misses??Who besides himself is he fooling, Pride can destroy all of his chances and down again will go another could have been a Hall of Famer. All has to do with wanting to admit they need help. must have listened before the OKC game look how good he played, but still wants to blame his % of FTs on others. Give me a break. Only fools refuse good sound advice.

  51. Arky says:

    Every team that plays the Lakers says “You keep doing it your way Dwight!”

    • Max says:

      Give this young man ( who has way too much pride )time and hopefully he will take the advice of those who have proven the way to play the game. If he stays stubborn, then Lakers will not invite him to stay. Cannot pout like an elementary and last even in College and the NBA?? Any PLAYER can be replaced. It is a team effort, as so many players have had to learn. Look a Deron Williams for example, now he again cannot get along with another coach???How long will the Russian Owner put up with Deron?? He is good, but not “coachable” so most Coaches really do not want a player who not only wants to do all the shooting but tries to also be the Coach. Deron will change or down he will go and be on unemployment. He has been “red flagged” I will not vote for him as an all star. He is only out for himself, not his team and for sure the ones who hired him. Like Howard they will conform to being part of a team or like Iverson, they will soon be traded and traded until, NO one will want to have them. Maybe Howard, Williams and Cousins need to look up the once great Iverson. Sound advice. NBA is a team pulling together, not individual glory. Media will praise you one day and chew you up the next. So wise up, or these 3 will become “has been”

  52. Game Time says:

    OKC won’t have to hack Howard cause they’ll be winning the entire game.

    • Max says:

      So many so called” has been players yak about their years long forgotten; and the NBA has changed. The DREAM TEAM??Give me a break they played agains poor players that was like College now the 2012, played against lot of their peirs NBA players–playing for their Country. No comparsion, the Dream Team even young could not have done as good as the 2012 USA. Why can the Old Guys not admit, they did NOT have the same competition back when they won. So sick of their quaking about long past days. Rule changes and now NBA Players playing each other. Forget the has been DREAM Team. They went against poor untrained teams from other Countries, NOT otherNBA Players. 2012 would have walked all over the so call DREAM TEAM. Get the HAS Beens off of NBA, who wants to hear about them now, they are old men. Might as well listen to Viet Nam Vets compared to Iraq Vets. Time changes so move on.I guess old men from way back may like the NBA open court, what a joke and I watch what companies sponsor that past life. SO SAD.

      • Jonesy37 says:

        I’m confused. What has the Dream Team got to do with Dwight Howard’s poor free throw shooting?

    • Max says:

      OKC like to have let it all down, won by only 6 points, Memphis would have walked all over OKC. Their coach sees all the pride and Westbrook is great as a shooter, but lot left to learn in running a team. Also has temper issues, hard to coach. There is always and will always be someone else that will come along and down will go Westbrook. Durant has much more between the ears than Westbrook. Westbrook is NOT yet a team player. OKC needs a true QB and let Westbrook be a small forward. He wants all of the glory. I hate to watch him play, as Charles Barkely said about Cousins, Westbrook need to be taken out to the wood shed and find out OKC has a team NOT just one player who wants all the media coverage, Great player, but can he handle the Media attention, or will he still think he is the best player ever. If so, then down will go Westbrook. He might want to study Iverson’s great career and where is he now???