Infographic: A Breakdown Of Kobe’s 30K

From staff reports

The NBA world is still aglow after Kobe Bryant passed the 30,000-point plateau with a jumper over the New Orleans Hornets yesterday. Tons of great stories, blogs and the like are around the web for your perusal/enjoyment, but a great piece of information sent out via Twitter from the Lakers puts a nice visual bow on things.

It has everything you’d want to know about the Black Mamba’s scoring mark and is just a well designed graphic, too. Check it out below.


  1. gw says:

    you all talk about kobe being a ball hog, but you talk about james scoring more before hes the same age. JUST FACE IT JAMES IS A BALL HOG, ITS ALL ABOUT HIM. FUNNY STUFF.

  2. Game Time says:

    I think Lebron will get to 30,000 points within 5-6 more seasons if his scoring contiues to be at 2000 per.

    • Mister 215 says:

      It’s crazy how this is about Kobe and the both of yall are talking about Lebron….. Stop riding him so hard, his time will come.

  3. Game Time says:

    Lebron should make the 30,000 mark in 5 or 6 more seasons.

    • hahahahaha. 5 or 6 years from now? laberon will never EVER reach the 30,000 points milestone. he is a bad scorer the only reason why he gets that current scoring average. is because the only thing he can do is Dunk. thats all he will be a 24,000 point mark after he retire. well we all now that he is only capable on slashing so if he gets Injured (ACL) tststs. say goodbye to LBJ or if he is 31 above he will be more slower, less athletic from this day. so still he will average (if injured) 12. if old 15 pts

      • Fo Real says:

        Bron averages 27.6 ppg for his career, he is already knocking on the door of 20,000 pts

        Your a fool if you dont think he has a chance at getting there.

        Kobe averages 25 ppg for his career…. in what 16/17 seasons it took him to get to 30,000

        Lebron’s only playing in his 9 season, I got a feeling he’ll get to 30,000 pts