Rose Running, Ready For Early Return?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The holiday season in Chicago will be much brighter if the Bears take care of their business on the gridiron and the Bulls get closer to the return of the face of their franchise, Derrick Rose.

The Chicago Sun-TimesJoe Cowley reports, via sources, that Rose is just weeks away from joining the Bulls on the practice floor.

Rose is doing his part, he was “sprinting in bursts” after practice Monday, per Nick Friedell of It’s the latest step in a long and arduous rehabilitation process for Rose, who tore his left ACL in Game 1 of the Bulls’ playoff series against Philadelphia in April.

The eight months since the injury (he actually had surgery May 12) have been rough on the Bulls (8-7), who have scrapped their way back to the top of the Central Division standings after an uneven two-week stretch of basketball early this season.

An earlier-than-anticipated return for Rose, however, would do more than just lift spirits in Chicago.

“I think he looks really good,” Bulls center Joakim Noah told Friedell. “He looks great, actually.”

Noah has been one of the anchors for the Bulls in Rose’s absence, which has forced the Bulls to lean harder on their defensive fundamentals and to search out different catalysts to sustain them:

Aside from a major advertising campaign from adidas, Rose has stayed out of the public eye by design. He hasn’t traveled much with the Bulls this season and has not formally spoken with reporters since media day early in October. Noah admitted that like many of his teammates there are still times when he looks on the floor and still can’t believe his close friend and teammate isn’t out there with him.

“Of course,” Noah said. “I think everybody does. But at the same time it’s also knowing that if we keep working individually, as a whole, we’ll be better for the long run. It’s always about looking at the big picture. There’s a lot of basketball to be played and the exciting thing about it is he’ll be back.”

Even without Rose on the floor, Noah is in the midst of a career season averaging 13 points, 10 rebounds and four assists a game in close to 40 minutes a night. While it’s been strange for him to play without Rose, he is motivated by seeing his friend’s recent workouts because he realizes Rose will be back in the near future.

“I think that this season there’s been highs and lows,” Noah said. “First of all, it’s been different playing without Derrick, but it also makes you (realize) … what I love about playing with Derrick is I feel like it’s always more than basketball. Just him being from Chicago, it gives me more motivation and if things go well I feel like he’ll be back and that’s exciting. But right now we’re trying to hold the fort down and we’re playing as hard as we can every night. Win or lose I feel like we’re giving everything we got and I think if we keep doing that we’re going to have success.”

As valiant as the effort has been, the Bulls need a healthy (or as close to it as possible) Rose to fight for their spot among the Eastern Conference and league elite.


  1. WhatAGame! says:

    hey guys! do you still think Drose can play the game he’s playing before? definitely no, It’s really hard to have an Acl Injury…

  2. cz says:

    I do not think rose should play this year at all in the nba. He should relax and just practice on his shoot. The bulls have a lot of draft picks and with a healthy rose next year will be better. Because if he pushes himself to play this year and get injuried again his year and career is over.

  3. ggg says:

    the bulls are suffering. I hope he can come back and bring the team to elite status.

  4. Aaron says:

    Hey Orlando native. I’ll tell you what Rose can’t do that LeBron can…….Stay on the court. Be healthy. I love D-Rose, But there’s no comparing ANY player in the League to Bron right now. Nobody.

  5. JJ says:

    T Mac’s injury injuries have bin a problem for years now from knee injuries to back and age has become a factor also with those guys , D.Rose has bin one of the most explosive clearly hard working point guards in the league the guy improves every year(MVP HELLO PEOPLE!) though i dont think he should rush back, I dont think the injury will be an issue in the future but he really shouldn’t rush back it makes no sense risking your best players health for few games. AND TO ALL DERRICK ROSE AND CHICAGO BULLS HATERS, BE AFRAID BECAUSE SAY WHAT YOU LIKE THAT KID IS THE BEST GUARD IN THE LEAGUE!!! AND I KNOW THE ENTIRE NBA CANT WAIT FOR HIS RETURN! Kinda feels like the hero got hurt in one of your favorite movies and your just waiting for him to come back and kick some tail! PS we really should trade Carlos Boozer i like him but he doesn’t seem to play with heart anymore we dont need that! Step it up man we need you!

  6. Dennis - Bulls Fan says:

    D Rose with Allen, Lewis, Wade, bosh etc.. You really think LeBron is that good? without the all stars he is just another NBA player.

    • KnicksFTW says:

      He was probably the best player in the league behind Kobe during his time in Cleveland. He had nobody like the types of Allen, Bosh or Wade on his team. He’s more than ‘just another NBA player’.

  7. KnicksFTW says:

    Too early to pick him up on my fantasy team?

  8. RC says:

    I hope he doesnt end up like t-mac, yaoming, vincecarter. (injuries)

  9. TAJ says:


  10. Bambino says:

    just get rid of carlos boozer, god i hate him, waste of salary
    cant wait for rose to come back, hopefully he hasnt lost some of his competitive drive, trying to be cautious about the injury
    the bulls need a scorer NOW!

  11. Jasmoove says:

    Win or lose.. Derrick Rose For life.. it’s not about who is the greatest PG in the world.. it’s about personality too.. very humble, always have the positive attitude, the determination, a great example for the young blood out there..

  12. Darrion T says:

    Rose is doing better than expected in my point of view, but as most say, he needs to take his time and not rush it. These Bulls need you to be 100% when you come back. Always reppin #TeamBulls no matter what

  13. Jordan says:

    Half of you Bulls fans, ain’t Bulls fans your Derick Rose fans. Yeah, he’s a great player, no he’s not the best point guard that has lived, nor will he be! In saying that the return of D rose will not make this team a championship team. Look at the Lakers perfect example of how 1 man cannot run a team and Kobe has much better back up than D Rose has at Chicago. His return will most defiantly spark change, by him no doubt at all!

  14. Marv says:

    mts aT Wolves fan:
    Just like the Bulls we also have R Rubio getting ready to come back. Too soon ????. hope not,. as of yet no D Rose but who knows.
    As for A. Peterson every time he gets tackled I almost shut my eyes… good luck A.P. R.R. and also D.R. because all are great players and we all wish them well.


  15. Lakers says:

    Derrick rose is a great player!
    Just not compared to KOBE BEAN BRYANT!

    • mvp #1 ROSE says:

      i laugh at all the ones who hate on d rose the best point gaurd any1 has every seen
      It only motivates us bulls fans go bulls

  16. don2 says:

    come back quick D rose!

  17. Cool says:

    i hope drose doesnt turn out to a brandon roy and tracy mcgrady. they were all stars but aftr the injuries they turned out to become terrible

  18. Jill says:

    Derrick Rose needs to learn to play right. He isn’t good.

  19. Bulgan says:

    Yes. Very good news.

  20. bullsallday says:

    all yo drose/bulls haters, you dont know watchu talkin bout. y’all prolly a heat fan, c’mon now, when lebron join the team thats when u start a heat fan. GTFO here. and y’all tryna compare MJ to JeBron. Your outta your mind.

  21. Stern says:

    I apologize to all NBA fans. Rose and some other star players have been out way too long. They should play despite of injury. Injury is part of our game, our revenue. From now on, sanctions will be forth coming against teams that don’t play their injured star players.

  22. BullsAllDay says:

    Much love DRose, but I have to agree with them don’t rush. Oh and @josh hater ..I..

  23. mohamed says:

    without derick rose its like a stock market going downnnnn

  24. baboy says:

    d rose shouldnt rush it.. he should come back nxt year..

  25. Orlando native says:

    I am a huge drose fan but if I were u rose I would just comeback when ur 100 percent healthy i have a feeling he is going to come back play good for like 5 games and gets injured i hope that doesnt happen it will be grant hill all over again but rose if i were u i would just start off next year but i hate to not see him play at all he is my fav player cause rose needs to be healthy thats the number one priority and its ok drose the city of chicago can cheer on another team like da bears GO BEARS GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL.

  26. Celtics18 says:

    Not a D-Rose fan but excited to see him coming back! Eastern Conference gonna get better! Although I know I’m going to end up hating him if he beats my Celtics…

  27. Francisco says:

    Anybody in the league can beat a one-to-one, against DRose, because, he is too big, too fast, too strong, too good..LOL!!!!

  28. funbrainclub says:

    I hope the bulls management not rushing for derrick rose return.. My favorite nba player..

  29. jg says:

    drose is a superstar .basketball is his life hes never gunna give up ..he will b mvp many more times in his career

  30. Pontus says:

    Yeah, its not the same without him, not seeing him playing, on the bench or anything, hope he comes back soon, he wont be as strong when he comes back, he’ll be stronger. Love DRose, I don’t want him to rush it though, but i sure do miss him…

  31. LTIndian says:

    Come on Derrick. Chicago depending on you. Even if you are from Simeon. Imagine if bulls could get Jabari Parker in two years. Chicago’s very own.

  32. TonyG says:

    Phil Jackson needs to coach the Bulls. that is all.

    • Gigi23 says:

      No, I think Thibodeau is a really good coach, I mean he won coach of the year even though it would be awesome to the Zen Master coach the Bulls again, I think we can stick with Thibs for now.

  33. W/E says:

    why rush D.Rose, the Bulls aint going no where this year with their current roster, he should sit out the whole season cause theres no point in coming out too soon risking his career for nothing.

  34. Drose-01 says:

    OH My God!!! This made my day!!!! Drose your the best and cant wait to see you out their on the court.

  35. The Celtic says:

    Thats Awesome! i am happy for him!

  36. KingKong says:

    He’s not gonna be the same.

  37. Derrick Rose is a champion a great athlete i can´t wait for his return,the guy is awesome!

  38. JAMES ANDERON says:

    I dont think he should come back till he’s healthy. We want longevity in his career, no point rushing back rose. You’ll have a longer career ahead of u if u dont.

  39. PSYCHO says:

    yall saying d rose for MVP?
    have yall forgot about a lil man known by the name of LeBron James?

  40. AmateurBallerBlog says:

    when Rose returns the MVP ladder shakes up.

    Personally I think Durant deserves it, his team got shaken up and he’s carrying them in ways more versatile than ever before. LeBron is still a model of consistency and the best two way player in the game but his team didnt really get shaken up, in fact they just got better.

    Durant then LeBron then CP3 then possibly Rose?

  41. Jacob says:

    Whatever happens, I just hope they don’t allow D. Rose to return in haste. A player; an athlete will always challenge himself and overcome pain. No one knows what he’s feeling other than D Rose. He might not be 100% and just want to return to the court. I think 7 months of recovery time since the surgery is not enough. These types of injuries usually require a year+ recovery time.

    Would you rather he returned to play a few games and re-injure himself or take a few more months off and come back as solid as he can be?

  42. 1st says:

    they rushing D ROSE why not give this full season for his recovery . so no other injury will happen to him at least

  43. WiLLiE says:

    I know this article is about D Rose, and Noah is avging 13pts/10 rebs. Has anyone checked out the former Chicago big man Omer Asik’s stat line so far? He is avging 11pts/12rebs/1.2blks per game as a starter.

    I say the Rockets get a great deal paying for a legit defensive minded big man for 8M a year,

  44. Oussama says:

    d rose not garbage he play like Allen Iverson

  45. Craig says:

    This made my day =)

  46. BoogieBomb says:

    I think Rose should stay out the rest of the season…it would be the best thing for him

  47. almelo says:

    rose should just sit this season out and work himself back into shape over the summer

  48. jamal says:

    glad to see he’s ahead of schedule, but I’d rather have him miss more of the season than less of it just to see him get injured again.


    I’m glad that rose is ahead of schedule. It’ll make the east look more interesting, especially since the west have potentially 4 teams that can be number 1 without question

  50. QueensBridge says:

    Rose will Rise again. Fast never lie.

  51. vince says:

    that’s how i wonna see it! the best player of the whole league back on his feets! MVP!

  52. ahmed says:

    I say TANK the season and get a lottery pick and make Rose come back next season.

  53. #BULLS says:

    The doctors said 8-12 months. Its been 7 months. He’s running. And he’ll be practicing in 2 weeks. Adrian Peterson came back in 8 months. D-Rose should be back after the All-Star Break. IF AP did it in 8 months, then why can rose do it in 9 or 10? And Adrian Peterson plays RB in the NFL- And leading the NFL in Rushing by +300yards. 10 months and he’ll be fine!

    Besides he wont come back untill a group of doctors can put their jobs on the line and clear him.

  54. #BULLS says:

    The doctors said 8-12 months. Its been 7 months. He’s running. And he’ll be practicing in 2 weeks. Adrian Peterson came back in 8 months. D-Rose should be back after the All-Star Break. IF AP did it in 8 months, then why can rose do it in 9 or 10? And Adrian Peterson plays RB in the NFL- And leading the NFL in Rushing by +300yards. 0 months and he’ll be fine!

  55. blackdu says:

    am really miss d rose been watching fack mvp james camon man

  56. Luke says:

    If D-Rose is back by the All-Star game then the Bulls could make a good playoff run. Even so, I’d like to see him play it safe. Wait till he feels ready, then hold him back a few more weeks. I want the Bulls to do well, but I’d rather flush this season down the toilet than have Rose come back too soon.

  57. random laker fan says:

    Trade pau gasol for d rose and boozer heck bulls should give us noah too la # 2

  58. Mossjr says:

    Don’t ruh things DR… Make sure ur in 100% condition before going back. Don’t want to see you hurting yourself again…

  59. Paul Jones says:

    I just hope they know what they’re doing. Behind the scenes Rose will be pushing to return ASAP. We all remember MJ spitting fire about being held back from the broken foot injury, and he even joked about it during his HOF speech, and the reference to him as ‘an investment’.

    Be real; that’s exactly what you are, the team may seek to hold you back to maximise your future output. Hopefully all concerned with DRose will be 100% sure of his strength before he suits up again, or the best 1.5 guard in the league may never make it back fully.

  60. Gameon says:

    I just wish he would stay out the entire season so he can fully be the D Rose of old. I don’t like that he is coming back so soon he is so explosive and he needs to come back 100% even if it takes a little longer to get to 100%

  61. ED says:

    Don’t Rush it!
    remember what happen last season!

  62. doug k says:

    don’t get too excited the guys career is done from the allstar position. he cant stay healthy playing his style and that is what he knows. he will never be able to compete at that level for an extended period time any more. he is gonna take his money and run.

  63. paqnojo says:

    I’m a Laker fan but my number 1 player is D-Rose. Humble, talented and no excuses. Please take your time and don’t rush back and jeopardize a long carreer. You are a real Hall of famer as long as you don’t come back from a serious injury like that too soon. After the All star break is fine for me and I guarantee you Chicago fans would prefer a long time/permanent comeback.

  64. Fernando says:

    He’s doing great,
    Some said he’ll be ready by march… But he should not rush himself…
    What a tough season for him… Hope he comes back strong… It will take some to shake all the rust off but im sure he’ll put up great numbers again and lead the bulls to a deep playoff run

  65. John says:

    dont rush it D.Rose, give your ACL more time to recover. the bulls will need you for the playoffs. you’ll be the key to the bulls’ 7th Championship banner! go D.Rose!

  66. bolnyatony says:

    iam very happy to hear that retun

  67. basketball godz says:

    hopefully it is a solid comeback for rose who is one of the most likeable players in the leauge (unlike d12). too bad the bulls sold off their depth and pretty much wrote off the season in order to save some money. not such a bad move because he is still going to need the rest of the season or more to come back to championship form.

    best of luck rose

  68. nomer says:

    dont rush it mvp…

  69. Brian says:

    don’t rush d.rose
    make your time
    and lets go!

  70. drosefan809 says:

    be afraid of the d rose return

  71. Yvin E. Fanfan says:

    It’s a welcome news for basketball fans, especially me personally. Having not been a Bulls fan, I enjoyed yet seeing Rose on the courts because he is among those NBA super stars that make games interesting to watch. May God be with you, Derrick!

  72. Salva Zack says:

    c’mon man i cant wait to see my favourite player on court again !

  73. alexrows says:

    Isn’t he in the same situation as Shumpert? They both suffered the injury during the same time span, but the recovery process depends from player to player. not to mention the load each one has to carry. One is going to play major minutes, while the other will most likely play less than 30 minutes. So I really don’t expect Rose to return too soon, not because he won’t be ready, but because the Bulls won’t risk anything. So the All-Star break seems like the logic choice for his return – that is if there aren’t any setbacks, meaning he starts practising in a few weeks and then nothing else bad happens

  74. Alexander Granger says:

    he needs to take his time and fully recover ACL is nothing to play with

  75. Chuck says:

    I believe that’s Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times, not the Chicago Tribune.

  76. Fo Real says:

    Tore mine twice … what did I learn? Don’t rush back into the Game!!!!

    D.Rose, I miss ya but please dont rush it bro, aint worth it… Trust me!

  77. Daniel says:

    As a Bulls and Derrick Rose fan, this is very encouraging. At the same time, he should not rush back. This season is pretty much a wash for the Bulls anyway. We need him more in the future than this year alone. But as I am typing this, he might just be the Adrian Peterson of the NBA.

  78. Jah.Martins says:

    Bulls only have Thib to blame for this, the media has only hyped all the positives he has done, but they did not mention once how Thib is mostly to blame for playing his players like they were cyborgs. even tho Chicago had good depth on the bench last year, Thibb still played his stars like they were running on gas (mechanized) in blow outs, before and during the Playoffs. and im quite surprisde actually that quite a lot of fans turned a blind eye to that.

    • RState4 says:

      DRose was working on getting the rust off from sitting out a lot at the end of the year. No blame for trying to get DRose ready for the later rounds.

      It wasn’t even a blowout. We were up by like 8 points.

    • PISton says:

      Jah.Martins you are absolutely right…they were already winning by like 12 points and it was 1 minute left in the game there was no erason for the coach to keep his starters in the game especially in the playoffs

      • RState4 says:

        8, 12 whatever. He got injured on a jump stop, He jump stops 25 times a game, it could have happened anytime. We played it safe with him all year…eventually you have to cut DRose loose and let him be DRose. A time will come this year when we will have to let him go. It may be in garbage time again. Players gotta play eventually.

        I can see if we were up 20, things were getting chippy, Thibs kept Rose in and he got knocked out of the sky. But like a lot of ACL tears this was a freak, non-contact injury.

    • John says:

      I totally agree Jah

    • StrawHatLupi says:

      Injuries come into sport sadly but still I know where you are coming from with your point. I dont think Thib should be blamed to be honest for anything cause of what he’s done to the Bulls, He’s turned around the defense and when the Bulls play very well like they did last year they had the best defense and their rebounds were off the charts. They are just missing that star player which is D. Rose.

    • Lav-poland says:

      thats a good point (L.Deng for example)

    • Fo Real says:

      It would have happend the next game … it was foolish for him to play the last minute but you cant prevent a tear if you play hard…
      Explosive movements cause acl injuries thats all.

    • jay09 says:

      over worked his players nothing . rose wad getting back from injury an last years “over worked” squad got the best record in the eadylt before our layoff hopes were shattered

    • BLZ_GK3 says:

      No, I was also aware that Thibs was running Rose into the ground. From each one of his injuries, except the few game before heading to playoffs, Rose played full starters minutes from his return from an injury. I also believe that because he was playing those excessive minutes immediately after he returned from his injuries instead of playing limited minutes, that contributed to the rest of the injuries he got as the season went on. And because he still didn’t get to play limited minutes when he went up against 76ers, EVEN though he once again just came back from another injury, and EVEN though the game is just about wrapped up near the middle of the 4th quarter, he ended up tearing his ACL. Thibs has always had problems trusting his bench and changing up his line up. That’s how they ended up blowing a 27 point lead against the bucks and losing that game, because he decided to stay with a line up that wasn’t “clicking” instead of making substitutions….

  79. Ro says:

    We all hope this kid comes back just as explosive and athletic. There’s probably no target date yet, just because anything earlier than April or May would be early (as it is usually a 12 month injury). So the news of him running is great, regardless of when he’ll be back. Let’s hope and have faith in the Bulls training staff that when he is on the court, he is more than ready. These players have the best treatment you can get, so ‘early’ comebacks are becoming more normal. Same for Ricky Rubio. Love to see these guys in action!

  80. Devon Stephens says:

    LET’S Go D.ROSE!!!

  81. CelticsBanner18 says:

    if he rushes back to early say bye bye…he’ll end like tracy mcgrady but whatever if he wants to risk it i dnt care!

  82. Hellboy says:

    Chicago can still hang on with their current line-up, their standing is not that bad; DRose return would be good but to hurry things up could give him the risk. Hope his recovery will be for good.

    • StrawHatLupi says:

      Are you kidding me? The Chicago Bulls are not just holding on but they are suffering without their star player. Their defense is horrible and the only way to win for them is teams who have smaller line up because of their offensive rebounds. Thats not gonna get them anywhere and they know it. They need Rose back to play the star point guard for a reason.

      • jay says:

        The season is early. This team is a work in progress. Remember they have new players but with 8-7 so far, I think Tom is doing a great job. Their defense is not as great as last year but they are rank between #4-8 this year and you called that horrible defense.

      • AR says:

        their defence is what is keeping them into games, rarely do you see them get blown out, or see the other team score over 100… their offence is the let down, no creativity

  83. rose for mvp says:

    Watch out NBA, when D rose comes back, he will conquer the league (and the race to the MVP chart of course)

  84. Grievous56 says:

    Don’t rush it, Rose. You’re the most humble guy in the whole league and with tons of potential. I want to see him have a strong, injury free career from now on.

  85. Chicago Bowls says:

    Don’t get our hopes up too soon. I thought he’d be back early after they finished his adidas mini-series so quick. MVP!

  86. Justin says:

    Rose, I love you, your my favorite player to watch, but please don’t rush getting back into the season.

  87. date?? says:

    How long until he comes back? not even a traget date? come on man…

    • Ricky says:

      Other articles (long before this one) already confirmed that he’ll be back around All-Star break. If you include this article predicting an even earlier comeback, maybe a week or 2 slightly before then. Just my guess.

      • ItsYourBoy says:

        Stop trolling on D Rose you frightened Miami Heat “fan.” Such a disgrace you’re trolling. If you knew about basketball, you would know that D Rose is the best players currently playing when healthy.

      • Shaq Grizz says:

        Why does he have to be a Heat Fan? Don’t put his nonsense on us. I’m a Heat fan and I can’t wait for Rose to come back as a basketball fan. Rose is also arguably my favorite player.

  88. Gigi23 says:

    This is so great to hrar. It’s not been the same watching bulls games and not seeing Derrick playing.

    • josh says:

      d rose garbage

      • Bullsfan23 says:

        Really? Why don’t you go ahead and challenge him to a one-on-one pickup game? Oh wait, that’s right, you aren’t in the NBA because you’re a nobody compared to drose

      • jacob says:

        u garbage like stop hating on the man he better than u and anyone else u can think off.

      • ItsYourBoy says:

        josh you’re such a hater. You sound like a scared Heat fan that can only wait for my Chi Town Bulls to kick Miami’s rear end. And if you say he is garbage then I do not know how he can win MVP only seasons years ago. So young one, learn to control your fear from turning into hatred.

      • rose4thewin says:

        you dont know wat your talkin bout

      • U mad bro? says:

        hes garbage compared to lebron yeah but rather than that hes still one of the ebst in the league and btw the chicago bulls will not beat the heat

      • Orlando native says:

        Hey Josh kid drose is probably the next great thing waiting to happen I can tell ur a miami fan and u know that too I dont care if u argue about lebron or that he has a ring drose is only in his 5th season and he has already won and MVP rose is the best in the league imagine what he can do in the future so josh stop talking this and that about drose he is a great player could be the best ever and tell me what rose cant do that lebron cant

      • keegen says:

        he’s better than any other point guard, he’s much faster and quicker than anyone in the NBA, he has been developing his midrandge and 3 pointer. it is so disrespectful to say he is garbage when he is clearly one of the most athletic guards in NBA history. the bull’s aren’t even my team but if anyone in the NBA were to guard him he would absolutely destroy them. he would make kobe’s ankles turn the other way, he would make baby bron bron look like a newborn. basically he is an unstoppable force on the court. and you can’t argue with that.

      • Huh? says:


        I’m not a Heat fan and definitely not a LBJ fan, but you said D Rose will make “baby bron bron” look like a newborn? LBJ has a better chance of guarding Rose than Rose guarding him. LBJ just needs to put his head down and he’ll blow by and overpower Rose and most other defenders in the league. Again, I’m definitely not a LBJ or Heat fan, but your comparison of both player’s offensive abilities is ridiculous.