Magic Get No Love From Dwight?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Lost in the fallout from the Los Angeles Lakers’ home loss to the Orlando Magic Sunday was the end of the game scene that didn’t include any warm and fuzzy handshakes between Dwight Howard and his former teammates.

With Howard and the Lakers smarting from the 10-point loss to the Magic, the All-Star big man reportedly left the court without so much as a handshake for the guys he battled alongside for years in Orlando.

While this wasn’t anywhere near the level of the Bad Boys Pistons shunning the Michael Jordan-led Bulls back in the day, it is yet another missed opportunity for Howard and the Magic to heal from their nasty break up last summer. To their credit, Howard’s Magic teammates are much more forgiving and understanding than some his critics might be (more from Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel):

Magic players said they weren’t upset that Howard didn’t shake their hands or wish them well after Sunday night’s win. Howard walked off the court once the final seconds of the fourth quarter ticked off Staples Center’s clock.

“That’s fine,” Magic point guard Jameer Nelson said. “Certain guys don’t shake hands after the game.

“I don’t have any hard feelings to the guy. He made a decision to do what he did. He’s on the team that he’s on. I’m here in Orlando, where I want to be. I just wish him the best of luck. I’m not going to go up and hug him and kiss him or anything like that. I think my coach would be mad at me.”

Magic power forward Glen Davis said he didn’t take any offense.

“If he wants to walk off the court, it’s cool,” Davis said. “No hard feelings, you know? He lost. I would feel bad, too. I wouldn’t want to shake anybody’s hand. So it is what it is.”

Howard and the Lakers have issues of their own to deal with. They’ll have to play another week without Steve Nash and another six to eight weeks without Steve Blake (abdominal surgery), the man who was slated to serve as Nash’s primary backup,

And we can’t forget about Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and that whole “Big Boy Pants” thing … but not even a quick, courtesy handshake and good luck to his former teammates?


  1. RondoTheDramaQueen says:

    LEAVE DWIGHT ALONE! *cries softly to myself

  2. tony says:

    He is so immature, will never grow up..

  3. The People says:

    The guy is 7 ft +, that should allow it to be easier to make a shot. Seriously all he has to be good at is dunking and taking a free throw shot…practice dwight, practice. Take 1000 upon 1000 shot and you will become better. Geeez you are getting paid millions upon millions of dollars a year and you cant even make a shot!!! DISGRACE.

  4. OKC says:

    Faker fans whining and moaning about teams intentionally fouling Howard and I am loving it!
    Keep it coming and get that goofy smirk off of Howard’s face. Maybe he will take his free throw practice serious at some point.

  5. W/E says:

    Dwight Howard = athletic guy without any bball skills, imagine if he was 3-4 inches shorter, he wouldnt even be playing in the D-league considering his complete lack of bball skills.

  6. Fact says:

    Sekou is an obvious laker hater, just look at his articles. Every time the lakers fall apart this dude is openning champagnes and celebrating

  7. Joke_howard says:

    DW12 is a joke. he is just a tall guy who can dunk. back in the days he is at best a healthy Eirk Dampier. Pau is a much better big man in terms of skills (not in terms of jokes). Good luck trading Pau and keeping DW – looking forward to it!!!

  8. GOSUNS says:

    Tyson Chandler greatly improved his FT shooting over just ONE summer. That proves practice has a lot to do with it. Vision and hand-eye coordination obviously have a lot to do with shooting, so some athletes and Centers may just be lacking in these attributes compared to others. But regardless, with practice you will at least improve somewhat There’s no reason whatsoever for a professional BASKETBALL player to not be able to shoot 70% from the free throw line. Shooting is the foundation of the entire game, so if you can’t shoot a straight on set shot with no one guarding you from 15 feet, can you really be considered a GREAT basketball player??

  9. godzirra says:

    Don’t wanna kill a great story (*cough*) but wasn’t Chris Duhon the only person to shake hands at the end?

  10. GOSUNS says:

    Howard is a coward. Did you see what he did to Van Gundy last year during a press conference when Van Gundy just found out Howard was trying to get him fired? Howard came over with his fake smile and gave Van Gundy a fake hug and acted like he had no clue what was going on. It was the weakest move I’ve ever seen from an athlete who just threw his coach under the bus to upper management. Howard is a fake Diva and a cancer to any organization he becomes a part of.

  11. MSBTG says:

    @lareka I’m a die hard knicks fan and I totally agree. This guy is such a fake goof he pretends to be happy all the time smiley face guy, he has his lil’ clown act and thinks everyone is gonna love him for it. He is the true definition of a personality . . . coming from the latin word “Persona” meaning a theatrical mask.

  12. ddddd says:

    Popovich did it first….. Del Negro did it 2nd….. Vaughn did it 3rd…. Of course there was the Shaq era in which every time a team played a Shaq team they would activate 6 centers for that game so they would have 36 fouls against Shaq.

    Point being, Dwight made a few of those free throws (not many but a few) and D’antoni was too bullheaded to yank the guy in the 4th quarter. D’antoni has a problem with Pau because he is not Shawn Marion and he is fighting a knee injury as well. How bout the lakers look at some Phil Jackson film and see where Pau is effective. Then tweak the plays to put Pau where he is comfortable.

  13. eurich says:

    he didnt shake hands with them cuz he’s been hack-a-shaq.

  14. Sandy says:

    Howard is nothing. He thought he was going to be a real hero and” my oh my ” LA here I come!” Lakers thought the same and boy, did they get fooled. Love to see Lakers get beat. even though they have the referee’s on their side they aren’t doing much.

  15. Jimmy jammer says:

    Who cares? This is no story here, Sekou.

  16. random laker fan says:

    go lakers at least we will have a city that loves us while the heat beat us i bet we wont even reach the west conf finals go la who needs a big 3 when ur best stars cant beat magic????

  17. nino says:

    A foul is called when someone does something against the rules (e.g reaching in) so an intentional foul basically is intentionally breaking the rules. There’s no rule against it, this is correct but the NBA should do something about that. What kind of strategy is intentionally breaking the rules. It destroys the game. It’s stupid that everybody shouts at Dwight he should work on his free throws when in reality the NBA shouldn’t allow teams to gain an advantage by fouling/breaking the rules.

    • random laker fan says:

      CRy cRY CRYYYYY go la

    • Gameon says:

      You thought that was logically sound, didn’t you? This is so sad that this is what Laker fans are reverting to when it is clear that Dwight is not the positive difference maker. The Lakers wanted Dwight for the fanfare and totally forgot that he shoots 48% from the FT line, he still needs to work on his postmoves and he is so immature my 6 year old nephew has more sense than him. This is why teams have practice and watch film and the Magic (just like many other teams) said hmmm he is a terriblr FT shooter let’s make him earn it from the line as often as we can. This weird logic that you have about “breaking the rules” when it is not in your favor is asinine.

    • Game Time says:

      LMAO! Keep it comin’ Nino. I haven’t laughed this hard in days!

      • rich says:

        haha, I know, remember LBJ who want s to hoard all the top free agents in exchange of Turiaf, Miller, Chalmers…
        Oh wait a minute, is that you LBJ ?

    • Johnny says:

      Now that he’s on the Lakers the rules might change…

      Magic would’ve beat them regardless. That’s not why they won, they played great and Lakers played like sh**. They let Magic score 40 points in forth. You can make excuses all day but letting that happen and still thinking you should’ve won just makes you ignorant fan.

      As far as rules yea. Off the ball fouls should be either anyone can shoot the ball for 2 points and the ball goes back to fouling team or 1 foul shot by the fouled person + get the ball back, kind of like 3 sec tech foul except the fouled person gets to shoot e.g. Dwight.

    • Draper 4645 says:

      Nino you are funny. It is like you are saying that punching others is not good and sports like boxing, judo, kick boxing etc. should be banned.
      You should know what is legal and what is illegal. If players are playing out of the acceptable rules in basketball, they are receiving technical fouls. I’m sure you have heard it.
      Don’t worry about Lakers loosing after all, they deserved to loose. They will figure out how to get out of it someday maybe not this year and next year..

    • SK83R97 says:

      you should stop pretending that you know the rules of the game, shut up and continue watching your Lakers losing against non-playoff teams.

    • rich says:

      You were not complaining when LA was doing that to Howard when he was still a Magic…

      Oh well never mind, here’s a tissue, mucus dripping off your nose…

    • drksyd1028 says:

      So he shouldnt work on his free throws? Change the rules to protect bad free throw shoters? Is this what the game has come to???

  18. David says:

    Dwight is a sad guy. I used to kind of like him but his personality has turned me off to him. I realize he came right out of high school right? So maybe he just needs to grow up a little, maybe he missed a phase in his development. It’s sad to watch. I don’t mind tough or mean teams. The Oakley Knicks I respected. I love KG. Those guys are all consistent. They knew who they were and decided to play a certain way. You can always expect those guys to be UPFRONT with how they feel. At least if you shake their hand you would know it’s real. Howard though, you never know. Honestly, right now a hand shake or a hug from that guy would mean nothing. Character judgements aside, if you look at his game, besides free throws this guy should be dominating. I think part of the reason why he doesn’t, is his personality. Some players make a lot out of a little athleticism and skill some do nothing with tons of athleticism and skill. What separates Dwight from most players is his athleticism. What keeps Dwight from being one of the immortal elite of basketball is his maturity. Just look at some of the stupid fouls he commits from frustration late in the games. He not only misses foul shots but he makes unnecessary fouls at times I think to get back at people.

    • Johnny says:

      I agree with you on all points except on “unnecessary” fouls. It’s almost him defending himself because people don’t play him nice. I watched him on Magic for many years and he gets hacked a lot more than anyone else. That is the nature of his position. Unlike most superstars like LBJ or Kobe or Wade, who get calls when someone looks at them the wrong way, Dwight gets clobbered and still doesn’t get calls.

  19. elbon says:

    this guy thinks he is somebody or a good player, no he is not.

  20. abetterdj says:

    Every coach has the ability to bench a bad free throw shooter come crunch time. If they don’t do it the loss is on them. I watched so many MAGIC leads fade away each time Dwight stepped up to the line… it’s great seeing him happen to someone else. I used to like the Lakers before Dwight went there, now I can’t wait for the Dwama to start again so they can get rid of him and go back to being the Lakers.

  21. abetterdj says:

    Any coach has the ability to pull a bad FT shooter from the game. The MAGIC watched a lot of leads fade away with teams intentionally fouling Dwight… it’s great watching it happen to another team.

  22. dj rgm9 says:

    To all bandwagon laker-haters,just shut up!!!First of all y’all now nothing about Dwight’s life ok!Second y’all just knows what the media says ‘to blow up in proportions’.There’s to much attention at the Lakers team development,that’s all.
    Y’all just only hoping for lakers to go down,get a life losers!!!

    • Gameon says:

      Hoping for the Lakers to go down, dude we are not hoping we are witnessing the Lakers go down. Clean the Laker dream eye buggers from your eyes and wake up.

    • random laker fan says:

      please lil boi stop rooting for my team go back to clippers bandwagoneer or go back to the heat

    • Game Time says:

      Laker fans were relishing in Miami’s early follies 2011. Now it’s not so funny that their attempt at a super team is failing. Very hypocritical, but I expect nothing less from you guys.

      • A Fan says:

        Did anyone else read dj rgm9’s comment and have flashbacks to the “Leave Britney Alone” video on youtube from about 5 years ago?

  23. Game Time says:

    I hope when Howard returns to Orlando they boo him so hard at the FT that he air balls and hits Kobe in the face!

  24. Pinoy Baller says:

    how come big guys like dwight (and even shaq) cant shoot a d*mn free throw? given their height, they can almost see the hole of the rim from the free throw line. is it because of their huge hands that they cant hold the ball well to shoot it?

    • Johnny says:

      Because their hands are big. Try shooting a tennis ball in proportionally small basket size and you’ll understand.

      • Frank says:

        I don’t buy that excuse for a second. If I practice with a tennis ball for the same amount of time that big men “should” practice their free throws, I will eventually master the art of throwing a tennis ball through a “proportionally sized basket” as you called it, just as big men should master the art of the free throw.

        It comes down to one of two things in my opinion:

        1. A lack of practice, or
        2. A lack of confidence due to the lack of practice.

        I’m not sure, but maybe it’s because of a lack of sufficient practice.

      • rich says:

        A lot other centers have bigger hands than Dwight and they shoot FTs a lot better.

  25. zino says:

    nino said it best, orlando should be fined….i wouldnt shake those losers hands either….the rest of you are just laker haters

    • Gameon says:

      “breaking the rules” is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard Dwight shoots below 50% from the FT line the Magic had a brilliant strategy if he would become a better all-around player he could actually help instead of hurt his team. BTW nobody is hatin on the Lakers we are simply stating the obvious and the obvious is that they are terrible and they are DONE!!!

  26. CP3toStayinLA says:

    Hey Nino, who said it’s against the rules of the NBA to intentionally foul a player? It’s called strategy. Dwight needs to work on hitting thows freethrows or sit on the bench in the fourth quarter.

  27. nino says:

    I wouldn’t want to shake their hands either. I mean they only won because of constantly fouling them. What is this? They were breaking the rules in order to win the game. If anyone, the Magic organization should have been fined. What they did was a disgrace to the game of basketball.

    • ease says:

      If he would have made his free throws then it wouldnt have mattered would it? Don’t act like this is the first time you’ve seen players intentionally foul a bad free throw shooter to make him win at the line.

    • Game Time says:

      Nino what are you 12? There’s no rule against fouling bad FT shooters. Ever heard of Shaq?

    • Joe D. says:

      How did they break the rules?? There is no rule that keep teams from intentionally fouling unless it is in the final 2 minutes of the 2nd or 4th quarter. If a team reaches 5 team fouls in a quarter, the other team shoots free throws the rest of the quarter on any defensive foul. What the Magic did was not only within the rules, but could be considered brilliant since it led to a victory against a much better team. If Dwight continues to shoot free throws at the worst percentage of his career, buckle in LA fans because a lot more teams will be Hacking-a-Howard!

    • Nino please stop watching basketball, and nevr return to, thank you.

    • rich says:

      Hey Nino, Howard has been breaking the rules too for posting up against and dunking over small defenders, LOL.

  28. Catmeow says:

    I agree with the faker guy^ maybe with one or two less faker or fakes or faking 🙂

  29. Karl says:

    At center with number 12, the “loyal” Dwiiiight COWARD.

  30. JSM01 says:

    I hope Howard never wins a championship! His character is fu##ed up!

  31. davoyz says:

    Dwight the Plight should be his new nickname. Dwight is definitely a lousy free throw shooter, if he doesn’t get any serious help soon, the Lakers are in deeper trouble. It’s so predictable, just follow what the Orlando Magic and what the Dallas Mavericks did (in the first game of the season), just do the hack-a-Dwight, and everything will be all right (not for the Lakers but for their opponents)…

  32. lareka says:

    It’s the same DWIGHT HOWARD who always shakes the opponents’ hands after the game even if they lose badly or get blown out. We have seen it a lot of times when Kobe immediately left the court while Dwight was the only player to congratulate the other team ! Dwight is a FAKE guy. He is FAKE in everything. He has serious character issues. He fakes to be funny, he fakes to be cool , he fakes to have fun. He fakes everything. Just look when he was jumping around on the bench when they were beating Denver last time. I’ve seen a clown doing less than him. It’s just a pose.. He just wants to get loved. And after Magic game he ignores Magic on and off the court, he doesn’t even answer to the questions about Magic like he doesn’t care about them. I can’t stop but HATE the guy because he is again FAKING that he doesn’t care about Magic or losing to them. He damn cares ! He doesn’t speak and FAKES to be IGNORANT on Magic because he was beaten by bunch of guys who played near him and he thought ( he was actually ) he meant Everything for the organization and now since he’s here in star-studded Lakers, Magic should have been blown out by Lakers. He is just ashamed and he FAKES that he doesn’t care.

    Dwight Howard is the ultimate FAKER and with this character attributes he will never be a winner .

    P.S: I don’t care about Lakers or Magic, I am a die-hard Detroit Pistons fan, so I’m not biased at all, it’s just my thoughts.

    • J says:

      Everyone is biased in one way or another, learn about human nature.

      • Ginobili says:

        I’m a spurs fan and I’m not biased but I think the Spurs will win it this year.

      • Ginobiliiiii says:


      • Ginobiliiiii says:

        You’re a competitor on the court. You’re not there to shake ppl’s hands. Competitor don’t like to lose so I don’t blame him. The Magic players understood that so they also don’t blame him. It’s a business and they probably would’ve done exactly what dwight did so nobody blame him.. The only ppl that blame Dwight is the Magic organization, bc again, it’s a business, so Dwight is bringing the money else where so they don’t like him. Just like LBJ took the money along with him to Miami. The Magic’s fan also don’t like Dwight bc now they got nothing to brag about their team, no megastar

    • WisdomBeyondYears says:

      Oh I’m sorry, I must have missed the part where you mentioned you grew up with him. didn’t? Well you know him personally at least. Oh wait….that’s not true either? Yeah instead of laying hate on someone else, saying they have character issues, maybe you should do a long evaluation on yourself. What type of person attacks someone’s character and question the type of human he is? You answer that question, since apparently you have the answer to everything. I’m making you an example. You are everything that is wrong with our human race. And no, not just you. I don’t know you, you maybe aren’t like this in real life. However, there are plenty of people who are and maybe someone will read this and instead of trying to attack me, they’ll realize their own faults and make a change.

      • Dwight Howard says:

        “WisdomBeyondYears”… Yet, you attack someone that, oh wait… you don’t know… that is sharing his opinion and thoughts on something that can be easily interpreted. Excuuuse me Mr. Wise.