Offensive Breakthrough For L.A.?


HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — It’s a new day in L.A.

The Los Angeles Lakers scored 122 points in their win over the Denver Nuggets on Friday, finally breaking through offensively under Mike D’Antoni. The key was reserves Antawn Jamison and Jodie Meeks, who combined for 54 points, shooting 12-for-18 from beyond the arc.

Dave McMenamin of ESPN Los Angeles has the story from Staples Center

It’s only been six games, so the jury is still out on Mike D’Antoni’s ultimate impact. But give the coach credit for this if nothing else: His system has transformed the Los Angeles Lakers’ bench from a bunch of sorry substitutes to the Jodie & Jamison Show.

Antawn Jamison scored a game-high 33 points and Jodie Meeks scored 21 on 7-for-8 shooting from 3-point land as the reserve duo nearly matched the 56 points scored by the Denver Nuggets’ starting five in the Lakers’ 122-103 win Friday.

The Lakers have been up-and-down as their 3-3 record suggests since D’Antoni took over, but it only has been up for Jamison (who’s putting up 17.8 points in the last four games) and Meeks (who is 15-for-29 on 3-pointers since D’Antoni first assumed his seat on the sidelines).

“Me and him, we’ve been kind of like roommates here lately,” Jamison said of his relationship with Meeks since joining the team as free agents this offseason. “We know we were brought here for a certain role, and we’ve been struggling together, as well.”

Jamison and Meeks are the two Lakers beyond Steve Nash who best fit in D’Antoni’s offense. Meeks is one of the best 3-point shooters in the league, while Jamison is the stretch four needed to really spread the floor for the pick-and-roll game.

Of course, you can’t discuss a Lakers game without dissecting Pau Gasol‘s role in the offense. Gasol took just seven shots and scored just six points, but he did have eight assists to six different teammates.

More interesting is that the Lakers had their best offensive game of the season on a night in which Gasol and Dwight Howard played just 12 minutes together on Friday, easily the fewest they’ve played all season. Jamison and Howard played 20 minutes together, while Jamison and Gasol played 13 minutes together. So basically, Gasol played more as a center than as a power forward.

Now, the question is whether the offensive explosion was a result of the lack of Gasol-Howard playing time or vice versa. It may be the latter, because Jamison was productive from the start, scoring eight points in the first quarter and another six in the second. And since his stretch four was playing so well, it was easy for D’Antoni to go back to him for extended minutes in the second half.

So you could argue that Jamison, a 14-year veteran, is the biggest X-factor in the league this season. If he can consistently make shots, D’Antoni can continue to stagger Gasol’s and Howard’s minutes, and the Lakers can really spread the floor.

Thus far this season, Jamison-Gasol has been the best combination of the three (see table below), while Jamison-Howard has been the worst. But Jamison and Howard are actually a plus-40 in 68 minutes together over the last four games. As the team gets comfortable with their new coach, Jamison continues to emerge as a vital cog.

“I’ll ride him,” D’Antoni said of Jamison. “I’ll probably have to kill him. But he can do it. He said he can do it, so we’ll see.”

Yes, we will.

Lakers efficiency with Gasol, Howard and Jamison combinations

Combination GP MIN Pace OffRtg DefRtg NetRtg +/-
Gasol + Howard 16 395 96.2 104.4 99.5 +4.9 +34
Jamison + Howard 16 180 92.3 97.6 98.5 -.9 -20
Jamison + Gasol 15 124 97.1 111.7 95.5 +16.2 +31

Through Friday, 11/30
OffRtg = Points scored per 100 possessions
DefRtg = Points allowed per 100 possessions
NetRtg = Point differential per 100 possessions


  1. Ray says:

    Do you know what’s the real problem with the Lakers this year? Simple, and we have overlooked this so many times: they don’t play defense! Like how many times have we seen the Lakers having problems closing out shooters or running around chasing faster guards? It’s been a problem since the Fisher days. And Kobe, as competitive as he is, let’s accept it, he lost some of those speed and tenacity on defense due to age. But it’s not a hopeless situation. The Lakers now has the most dominant and intimidating Big Man in the league who’s a nightmare to those who dare attacks the rim. Why not begin with that? Metta ain’t that fast anymore to cover the likes of KD or Bron who can shoot from outside, neither Kobe and Steve running with the likes of Westbrook and D’Rose. But imagine LA with younger role players, like, say Kenneth Faried or Thabo Sefalosha or sorts that would just have their nose on every loose ball or has lock down defense. Why not trade for younger, stronger guys that can play hard on defense. A potent lineup would consist of players that would cover all aspects of the game, e.g. offense and defense. Well, to finish this up, just imagine Nash, Kobe, some player like Thabo/Shane/Corey Brewer to name a few, then Pau rebounding and playing defense and D12 doing what he does best, swatting shots…well, i guess that would really be a dangerous Lakers squad.. So guys, you got a lot in the roster other than the first five to tweak to find a player that could provide that kind of perimeter defense to win games for LA. Good Offense wins games, but great Defense wins Championships.

  2. NUFF SAID says:

    @READ,Bogz,killuabest,JODI3 M33KS For 3

    Hahahahahahahh!!! So you lakerdashians GET DOMINATED by BIG Baby DAVIS…. The HEAT Got the BEst record out in the EAST…. They are 8-0 at home???? How about your lakers???? Get owned by MAGIC…. one of the worst record in the EAST!!!! lakerdashians won’t win anything… they might get thrashed in the 1sr round of the playoffs if they are lucky… But they won’t make it to the playoffs…. Hahahahaha For the record they are now below .500 uLols…. As for the HEAT fans one thing gets in on our minds towards the lakerdashians…YUCK… hahahahhahaha

  3. what? the heat win against the bench of the spurs. how big is their lead? 5…… hahaha Queen,Flash and long neck vs. the spurs bench? hahahaha the heat is the most stupid team ever……….!!! wait wait wait. they also win against Cleveland? how many is their lead? well i don’t know MAYBE 2? hahahahaha. and wait they also win against The rockets and the denver. what they beat those two teams? how many is their combined lead in those games? hahahahaha you don’t want to know. but 6!! hahahahaha.

  4. killuabest says:

    you can see a moron by the name nuff said…he is the in the wrong page.. go to your heats and bark there arf arf..
    GO LAKERS !!

  5. Bogz says:

    Hey hey hey… Anti-kobe… Get out of the room plzzz….

  6. NUFF SAID says:

    Nope the lakers need Kevin Durant Cris Paul Carmelo Anthony Blake Griffin Russelle Westbrook to win… Get got NASH and Howard…. Together with their current starters Pau Gasol MWW kobe…. Was that ain’t enough??? It’s useless acquiring Big names for the lakers… Even if the got all i mentioned above… The lakers always designing a play solely for kobe…
    Take alook at sixers record… They don’t have a star player active right now… But they do have a better winning pct. than the lakerdashians… Lakers so called SUPER TEAM… we’re just ave. at best… Compare them to MIA… BEST record in the EAST soon they will be the best record in the LEAGUE… Because someone always stepping up… Like last game… Bosh didn’t do well …. same with with lebron…. the guys who step up are WADE… and Norris Cole…They share ball on who ever got the hot hand… Even Dwade shares the ball with Cole… And the good thing is… They didn’t blame no one… just keep on playing until the bell sounds… That’s how you manage SUPER TEAMS………

  7. benny says:

    here’s the key for Lakers offense


  8. LAKERS B says:

    at M&M. what the hell! it matters not whether the lakers win or lose…everyone just want the fun with the lakers game., for me of course. you’re insane to accuse someone a fake lakers.

  9. spawnace123 says:

    Lakers will not make it to the playoffs this year….

    • ranfan says:

      I don’t see why not lol. They’ve at least managed to make it to the first round, even with a “below average” team

  10. Papaya Fan says:

    Lakers needs the six man & seven man to win or maybe eight! Don’t just rely on the starter, they need back-up like Jamison & Meeks.

  11. NUFF SAID says:

    What lakerdashians beat the nets??? How many points??? 4… With Gasol and Hpward vs… Humphries and lopez…. 4 points??? How about the HEAT beat the nets AGAIN w/out using a true center…. lakerdashians are far from being a contender… That’s a whole TRUTH… stop lying to yourselves… They are in 7-8 place in the west… maybe 8th
    place because they are tie with the rockets… WHAAAATTT Rockets???? hahahahah…… If they win on dec.7 on OKC and dec.13 in NYK they maight have a has… But until they do.. They are FAR from being a contender…….

    @Metta World War… defense??????? Really????? Just give harden a wild elbow again so you can secure the 7th place….uLOLs….

    • READ says:

      shut up there LAKER HATER… your heat team starts the 2011 season w/ a 9-8 record the lakers are now 8-8… and WTF.. the heat barely defeated the nuggets twice.. 5 pts????? and 3 pts?????? while the lakers crushed them w/ 19 pts from start to finish…. if thats your basis on how great a team is.. then your heat is way below the lakers…. but im not that stupid to base the greatness of a team is.. LOOK.. NEW COACH….. NEW SYSTEM…. NEW STARTERS(howard+nash)…. NASH IS STILL INJURED….. NEW CORE OF BENCH….. so everything is new w/ the lakers…. so im not that surprised that they are strugling ATM… but to tell you.. the heat is now at its peak (means that they cant be better than what they’re showing right now….well maybe they can use the tallent of lewis more.. but aside of that i couldnt find ways to improve that team )
      while the lakers… the chemestry can improve.. nash will make them better…. howar isnt at his 100%… and theyre not still 100% comfortable of there new roles in the NEW SYSTEM..

      • READ says:

        and wth.. LOPEZ didnt play that night. against the lakers .. so your whole point is not invalid..!!! MAKE A LIFE MEN… .

  12. Metta World Peace says:

    Kobe do best in shooting, I do best in defense. Go Lakers!

  13. Boydee says:

    Great to see Meeks play some ball. If he where to be the point guard it would be a much better team. The point guard has to be a 3 point knock down shooter. Take for instance John Paxson as point guard for Michael Jordan. In the finals Pax knocked down 7 threepointers to kill the champs, Detroit Pistpns. Kobe needs that 3 guy. Jamison is easily going to be 6th man of the year, his a brilliant player. This team is awesome but as Jordan said, NBA players get paid to much and the work ethic isn’t the same. Take a look at Jordan’s salary until he won the championship. The lakers, including Gasol need new work ethics…Phil Jackson was pissed off with Gasol in his last season of the finals because Gasol was weak.

  14. hogtownboy says:

    Is there no power ranking this year john

  15. Titens says:

    This is so stupid. The offense might be terribly inconsistent, this might be the first game jamison and meeks actually play great (jamison did have a fantastic 1st against dallas tho), but this is by far the first time the offense has been amazing. The lakers have reached above 90 points in the 3rd quarter like 4 times this season, so this game is no different from what we’ve seen in many games since brown left. So I can’t see how this game can actually mean that suddenly things started to look better, apart from the jamison and meeks part.

  16. Bummble says:

    Last night was a one of those nights were everythng goes correctly plus . One of those nights went you are good and lucky.
    Nothing should be made good or bad of one night. That was a performance of two live time one by Jamison and the other by meeks. This was above what was expected and I hope it will happen again but! If those above mentioned players play have as good as they did last night this team will be great. When Steve Nash gets back lookout. I am impress with the little point guard Darius Miles. He does a lot of things that are not in the score sheets . I think he will give the other Steve a run for his money at the back up point. I think they would love to dump steve 2 AND his overpaid cotract in a minute if they could find any takers.

    Will see how the Laker do when they hit the road. I do not think that Gasol should be everybody focal point of conversation . He does his job and there are plenty waiting for the Lakers to dump as an escape goat.

    I hope that does not happen, Bottom line his some player are going to have down days and some up days. If there some one down some will be there to pickup the slack , The Lakers baring any more injuries should have enough players
    to do that. Kobe did have a40 point game but if you ask him give up all his 40plus games for a win.

    Good Luck to the team( Yes it a little pesonal but I think Mike D’ should have been the laker coach from the begging)

  17. sammy says:

    a look at the 40 plus points games by kobe bryant , I d say hes above .500 so I d take my chances and let him shoot.

  18. deanroc says:

    Look,Lets not get too excited,Denver was playing the 2nd night of a back to back away game,they have played 17 of their first 21 games on the road,I love what I saw last night,but we’ll see how good the lakers really are when they actually have to play some teams that are above .500. They only have 2 wins this year against teams with winning records,so I’m a bit nervous yet ,however when they get healthy .and if Nash can get integrated correctly,,and if D’antoni uses his talent correctly ,including plenty of time for meeks, jamison and Then using Gasol as center ,like he should, they should be ok.

  19. Kevin says:

    Gotta say the whole Kobe talk is pretty dumb, especially this year. If you´re shooting above 50%, then the best thing you can do for your team is keep shooting. How often does a team shoot 50% and lose? So, if the team is shooting poorly, and Kobe is shooting well, then yes, Kobe, keep on shooting. If you compare the rest of the teams shooting percentage in the games they loose to the rest of the teams shooting percentage in the games they win, you´ll see that Kobe doesn´t have much to do with it.

  20. Luke says:

    Seems like it should be Hill’s name on the trade chopping block rather than Gasol as it’s Hill’s role that has been made redundant/obsolete by the move to Mike D’Antoni and his system.

    Also D’Antoni is slowly working out how good his players are in the post and is allowing them to got to it a LOT more in recent games.

  21. Andrew says:

    Hopefully the lakers can keep this up. They have a ton of talent and their only issue is consistency. Anyone who is busy attacking Kobe is an anti-lakers fan. Saw it all the time in Denver.

  22. Roy says:

    Dwight made a three!!! WOOOOOHHH

  23. jtg says:

    for those who say they love the lakers more than kobe thats thats bs kobe is the lakers when kobe leaves the lakers no 1 is gonna tune in to watch the lakers other than to see how far they have fallen and have to go 2 3 years straight in the lottery and thats when every1 will kno that kobe shud hve had more than 1 league mvp

    • fuuuu says:

      bs you braindead.. lakers is a great franchise.. rebuilding wont be a problem for them when kobe retires,, they still got D12 after kobe and can put key players around him..

      • READ says:

        so true… coz if kobe retires in two years, they can afford 1 super star to pair w/ howard.. they’ll have a lot of $$$ (bryant’s $30 and gasol’s $19) ..

  24. T-T. Meeks is better than allen

    • dattebayo says:

      Allen is a HoF player, he can spot up and take you off the dribble, he can post up and in this season he is shooting 52% from deep. He made 3 crucial threes to seal 3 Heat victories already in this season. Meanwhile Meeks is shooting 40% from deep for the season and all he does is spot up for three.

      • Mytownla says:

        ^^Ray Allens number one cheerleader lmao

      • yeah.. I agree with you but in history Allen is better. but i’m talking about this days. if you match allen and meeks sure meeks will win. meeks is faster more athlethic and better defender, just give him the same min. that allen plays when the heat vs. lakers will come. we’ll see

      • dattebayo says:

        Dude I have seen both players this season. Meeks has played sparingly and shot the ball awful, it doesn’t help that he is younger. Meanwhile Allen is hitting gamewinners in Miami and actually playing consistent minutes and he produces at a high level. Comparing Meeks to Allen in this season is like comparing Brook Lopez to Dwight Howard. They are at different levels.

        I like Allen, so what, he is a great player. How are your Lakers doing? Oh wait, lost to Orlando at home with Howard missing 12 free throws again. LMAO

  25. Fundamentalist says:

    Juan Bernal, lakersfan, m&m —- i’m absolutely with you guys!!!

  26. haikmma says:

    I am glad to see Lakers offense doing better, and for most of you saying that Lakers loose because Kobe takes a lot of shots…, I understand what you mean by that but lets look at it from another angle, don’t you think Kobe is forced to take more shots because the team does bad? like the last 2 games that Lakers lost, check out the stats how Gasol and Howard were playing, they had bad night, so Kobe had to step it up. But when Howard, Gasol, and the bench does well Kobe just relaxes and doesnt take as much shots.

  27. ceedog says:

    They cant handle real contenders…I dont know why all the hype….there not winning the championship….there paper champs

    • They can’t handle real contenders? u mad? Then how’d they only lose by 2 points against the Spurs. How’d they beat the Nets? They haven’t faced many contenders yet, dude. Wait until the end of the season, then say that.

      • dattebayo says:

        The Lakers had the easiest schedule by far, a lot of home games and few short travels in between. Wait until the Lakers had 20 road games and you will see how bad the Lakers are this season. And yeah, they haven’t played many contenders yet, but they can’t handle them. OKC, Memphis, Miami, Boston, Pacers, Knicks and Spurs are too good this season with an inconsistent bench like the Lakers have.

  28. lakersfn says:

    How did the lakers use Gasol to win two championship? He was the primary center. Why was there a problem winning a third ring? He was playing more of a forward, and also Kobe was injured. Why did Mike Brown have a problem winning. He did not know how to use Gasol and Bynum together, and his offense was not efficient .

    Why is Mike D’Antoni having problems with Gasol, because he thinks Gasol would flourish as a power forward. Mike D’Antoni also prefer shooting outside than pounding the lane. If you really look at Gasol’s abilities, you know that he is a good inside center, a skinny center, but so as Jabar. The lakers are actually very lethal with thier big men right now. They have two great centers and an improved rebounder. They just have to look at thier players strength and know when to combine them, because they have a great player who has a heart to win, regardless of the situation.

  29. Jereac54 says:

    The other day I wrote an email to the Lakers stating that the organizaion needed a couple of knockdown-shooters. This was before I had the chance to see Jamison and Meeks in action. All that I have to say is: Stay constant and stay on it! The piieces will be in place when Nash and Blake return.

    • Chris says:

      Curious to see what D’antoni does with Blake. Believe he mentioned Blake in one of the players he was excited about

    • aaparedes15 says:

      When Blake comes back, I wonder how much time he will get on the court. I’d rather see Meeks keep up the good work. Mostly, I just want to see consistancy in the team. There have been too many instances of everyone (myself included) loving the Lakers when the players have a rockin’ night and talk as if this is going to keep up. Although the bench had an amazing night, they will have to keep it up. I would love to see Meeks shooting at high three percentages every night. Maybe not always 7-8, but at least keeping up as a threat to the other opponent. This way the opponents will have to open up their defense away from the paint, giving a (soon to be fully healthy) Howard good opportunities to get some easy baskets up close.

  30. Namrepus22 says:

    Hey, Guys Don’t Mind that Freaking Pakyaw, Obviously he’s a hater. All Comments are good Kobe needs to shot more when he’s team mates are struggling to get a basket, sometimes you need to be selfish if you give your team mates all the chance to score and still they cannot get a single basket that’s when the STAR PLAYER will take forward. It’s just a One Game and still we have a long way run, hope that this two guys ( Meek’s and Jamison ) will continue a game like this.. Lakers Forever, haters Gonna Hate……..

    • Belize says:

      That’s such shoddy logic. I could try and reason with you but judging by the comment nothing said will resonate through the dense fog of Kobe love you have.

  31. Polusis says:

    Oh the big surprise!! Jamison-Gasol(center) > Gasol-Howard > Jamison-Howard ??? Then they will blame on Pau, but the worst interior player on this team is called Dwight …

  32. Ervin says:

    Meeks big game 🙂

  33. KB24 says:

    Your opinion means nothing…

    • LAKERS B says:

      all are insecure with kobe’s lakers coz kobe will break all the records. sorry haters…

      • Belize says:

        Like the one he did the other day for getting a triple double with turnovers? Or being on pace to have the most missed shots in history?

      • M&M says:

        I don’t care about Kobe records. I care about my team winning. If you prefer Kobe pilling numbers instead of Lakers winnig games……… you are a faker Lakers fan…. I love kobe………..when he play for the team. I love Lakers over Kobe. That’s for sure

      • ranfan says:

        No one is perfect lol. Not even Kobe. Despite those turnovers, he’s still playing well.

  34. pakyaw says:

    Lakers are winning if Kobe scored less 20pts and take less shot…and theyre losing if he scored more than 35 and take a lot of shots….i been saying this in here…Lakers problem is not the coach,it’s Kobe!…the coaches trying to adjust coz of his big ego…Kobe no need to prove anything at this stage of his carrer…if he wants to match M.J. no. of rings go for it, but this doesnt mean he earn a debate for GOAT…not even close….rings? yeah..greatness?….HELL NO!…

    • Comrade24 says:

      Pakyaw, the stats are there to support what you’re saying, but it’s not even close to the whole story. Kobe is having his most efficient season offensively of his career. Kobe is most definitely NOT the problem. Medically speaking, Kobe shooting more shots might be a symptom of the Lakers cold, but it’s not what makes them get sick. Kobe has set out (especially with Nash out) to be a facilitator this season, and the Lakers do thrive and are most successful when Kobe facilitating works. The problem is, ALL of the Lakers EXCEPT Kobe have been inconsistent offensively. Hard to be the facilitator when you’re the only one on the court who can make a bucket. When the rest of the Lakers are not playing well offensively, Kobe has to shoot more. For example, he single-handedly kept the Lakers in the game with the Pacers the other night. The rest of the team couldn’t make anything. So yes, the Lakers are a much better team when Kobe is ABLE to shoot the ball less, and distribute more, but the rest of the team has to make shots and be more involved in the offense for that to work.

      • Game Time says:

        Medically speaking? Stopped reading after that lmao.

      • M&M says:

        @ comrade24. Your are blind man. You don’t get it. Do you? whe Kobe shots more he pill numbers, but Lakers looses. Go to stats game by game and see Kobe’s numbers. When Kobe plays for the team and shots less and facilite to teammates…… Lakers win. On the other hand look he’s stats with the games he’s been playing for himself. I am a Kobe fan only…… I am a Lakers fan which makes a lot of difference. When Kobe’s gone Lakers will still be there. I love Lakers and I always will.

      • okafri24 says:

        @M&M, you have to carefully look at what comrade24 is saying: what he means is that when the Lakers are playing bad as a whole, Kobe is forced to shoot more to keep them in the game, but when they do good as whole, he doesn’t need to shoot as much. They don’t lose because he shoots; he shoots because they’re losing.

      • READ says:

        @okafree .. at last… ived read a comment like this.. . .. coz mostly they’re saying that “OH NO! LAKERS LOSS BECAUSE KOBE IS BALL HOGGING… ” but the fact is, he’s forced to take a volume of shot coz his teammates is missing wide open jumpshots.. . ..

    • Davide says:

      Dude sometimes kobe has to carry the load offensively especially when the system in place isn’t working or with a new system the team has to get used to (ie. when you hire a new coach). So to me the correlation is: when the team can’t work within the system, kobe has to take more shots. And if the team isn’t working well within the system, it translates to poor offensive numbers, therefore Kobe has to take more shots (usually in a losing effort).

    • mike says:

      Are you stupid??!! Kobe shoots the ball when he knows everyone struggles and cant shoot the ball. Unlike yesterday they made their shots thats why he didnt shoot that much.. So pls shut up, Dont know anything about bball!

      • Game Time says:

        No, he shoots the ball period…so that doesn’t give everyone else a lot of chances to get in a rhythm or feel comfortable enough taking shots when they know it might upset him. Luckily for Lakers, the D’Antoni system has lost of shot attempts for all so guys are starting to fall into a groove now.

        Honestly please stop defending the fact that Kobe ball hogs. He’s a great scorer, but it’s been clear for the past two years now that when he plays hero ball the Lakers will most likely lose.

      • M&M says:

        Mike. You see whatever you want to see. Not what it supposed to be seen. Again go to see Kobe stats on Lakers lost games this season, and compare them when Lakers have won. Open your eyes man…. to you and to everyone who don’t want to see the reality……. My goodness

      • Nba Fan says:

        I bet those stats doesnt tell you when the lakers were “cold” so kobe has to take over to shoot and carry the team. even lebron does that when the heat are shooting bad. he always carry the team when the time comes. so lets stop hating and keep watching.

      • READ says:

        Hay, Gametime.. do you watch the lakers play?? i bet you don’t … but if you do, that only means that your a DUMB, and dont know much about bball…. . . kobe distributes the ball most of the 1st half… and dont take a shot that much.. but there are times that his teammates are missing wide open shots.. then, during that time.. kobe knows that his teammates are as DUMB as YOU!!!! so hes taking over the game..

    • mrjones says:

      pakyaw, you’ve given up the right for others to take you seriously as you’ve lost your mind. Stick to something you might know something about. Of course that probably means you’ll have nothing to think or comment about.

    • SoulChorea says:

      Dude…how many years have people been saying the exact same thing… doesn’t matter. Lakers won mad championships with Kobe scoring both under 20 and over 35. For crying out loud, it’s the same complaint every time and dude has 5 rings; clearly his drive to score buckets was never the problem, and it’s not the problem now.

    • Babibum says:

      @ pakyaw: You sure only looked at the stats or highlights after each game because you don’t know what you are talking about. I do not know about previous seasons, but this season Kobe has been very efficient. He has been Laker’s spark and saviour everytime when needed.

      Do you know that he NEEDED to shoot not because he ballhogs, but because if you watch the games, his other teammates are not making buckets at all. 1/10, 1/8 shots. Kobe was the only one keeping the Lakers in the game. Take Indiana game for example, without Kobe, Lakers will not even be close. He is shooting 50%? While his teammates are shooting 20% or less!

      So when they are winning it means that the other Lakers upped their game, so Kobe can take less shot and pressure.

      Stats are not everything bud.

      • pakyaw says:

        look all this KOBE fanatics,theyre’ all in DENIAL and so bias on their on team..that’s why Kobe called you guys DUMB & STUPID…Kobe is a great player ,but he cant make that big impact in a game like he used to(age factor)..he shoot a lot of hero ball..he needs to be a facilitator and run their play…not only Dwight and Nash have to adjust,he needs to adjust make it work…people who play basketball knows this..not like maybe most people here ,think they know basketball,but never played the game…

      • pakyaw says:

        BTW,.. Kobe is no.1 leader in turnovers,just saying…..not hatin…

      • ranfan says:

        He’s also the current leading scorer and is playing efficiently this season despite those turnovers, and his fg percentage seems to be at his best since his earlier years. He has more good going for him than bad.

        Kobe has been playing like he needs to. He’s been playing facilitator and has been getting good looks for his teammates for what seems like the whole season.

    • DownGoesBrown says:

      Ironically you brought up the GOAT thing that you hope no one brings up. And furthermore….there’s a reason for that debate.

    • LakersFromDR says:

      @Comrade24 have a Point. What happened in the game with the Pacers? No ONE could make a bucket, And some of that’s shots where good shot’s and simply don’t gone through, so credit for that, but Kobe have to keep the team going… Kobe have been a beast this season. Yes, some times Kobe force shots, granted.. but he is what he is and as a Lakers fan I am really so glad to see one of his kind play basketball. If you think that he have a big ego? I can point two or three sequence on the game with Denver: Jody Meeks on fire.. Kobe with the ball and looking for Meeks. I think that they still have to manage to take more care for the ball and try to make a single FT, Jesus. When they Do that, I think that they will have many more games like the last on Denver. Ah by the way I watch all the Lakers Game, not just Box Score or Highlights. So I can speak for myself…

  35. mrcontrovercy says:

    I have always like Jamison’s game. I’m happy to see his role increase on a premier team! No shot at any other team he has been a member of, but honestly, outside of lebron, this is the best talent he has played with!

  36. Juan Bernal says:

    Pau Gasol is a center, not a forward. Playing him more with Jamison than with Howard makes a lot of sense. Gasol should play most of the fourth quarter allowing Howard to avoid the hack-Howard tactic by opposing team.

    • M&M says:

      100% true. It makes a lot of sense. So Laker can avoid frustration with Howard down the strech. In other words Lakers can stop talking about Pau trading, and keep the Lakers flow their game with DAntoni system.

  37. QuestionMark says:

    It is just one game, all teams have 1 game where they dominate everything, but well this was bound to happen with Mike D’Antoni coaching, but lets see if they can do it consistently and play good defense to match up against the elite teams.

    • paul says:

      i agree. geez, get off the bandwagon. every time this team has a great showing they lavish praise. and when they dont, it’s the end of the world. so darned hollywood…. love the lakers but hate what they have become. is it jim buss’s fault? still think they should have gone with phil…. at least he HAS a ring. or two…..