The Questions David Stern Must Answer

This is, or should be, a very difficult ruling for David Stern. It’s a morality call, not simply deciding the length of a suspension from a fight, because no written rule was broken and Gregg Popovich can rightly claim that not doing everything in his power to help the Spurs win the championship would be the real breach of integrity.

This is a block-charge call for Stern. He has made up his mind that something must be done – see the Thursday night statement from the commissioner that “substantial sanctions will be forthcoming” – and in assessing the exact discipline must also begin work on putting specifics into this very grey area.

The questions that need to be answered:

  • Why now? Why the sudden shift on Thursday night in Miami as opposed to when Popovich used the strategy, apparently without any negative feedback from the league, last season? He may not have sent anyone home, as was the case against the Heat, but whether Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Danny Green are on the bench or on their couch in San Antonio shouldn’t make a difference.
  • Does it make a difference that Spurs-Heat was a TNT game? The networks pay serious monopoly money to televise games and isn’t much interested in a night with the San Antonio scout team, no matter how compelling the broadcast became as the Spurs stayed close.
  • What factor is the calendar? Will Stern be more understanding if a team wants to sit players in the final week of the regular season, as part of playoff prep? That is much different than ramping up for December.
  • What is the exact number of players that can rest at the same time? Could the Spurs have avoided the storm if they rested two players one night and two another?
  • Isn’t the league simply encouraging teams to turn lineup decisions into courses on creative writing? Duncan has the flu, Ginobili woke up with a sore back, Parker is dealing with a personal matter. Somebody prove the Spurs wrong.
  • Is the league also prepared to look hard at late-season lineups, including minutes, by teams bound for the lottery, in case any had some crazy notion that losing games would help them secure a better draft pick? Not that anyone would ever, ever do that.

Stern is walking into precedent-setting territory, as is his right and responsibility. When he acts, he must act with a full explanation. This is about substantial sanctions, but also a clear understanding.


  1. KC says:

    David Stern has been good for the NBA, but there’s no doubt that he’s prideful and emotional (as most of us are, of course). I just wish he’d cool down and think things through before issuing his dictates to the league. Punishing a team without precedent or any established rules is just wrong. If he wanted to make a stand, he should have indicted the Spurs, get the rules instated, and then punished the next team to break the rules. By punishing a team pre-emptively because they violated the “spirit” of being true to the fans, he’s opening the doors to allowing the NBA to punish the teams for whatever the NBA feels like. Stern is setting a bad example–this is simply poor leadership. This reeks of the same high-handed treatment he gave the Lakers when he blocked the Chris Paul trade. Maybe he knew that the Lakers were simply one elite PG away from total league domination–who knows. But you can’t just be inconsistent like that. Why some trades and not others? Why does the NBA get to decide? New Orleans wanted that trade. Just make clear rules, be consistent in applying them, and everything will be fine.

  2. Batboy4e says:

    What concerns me is where is the bottom line?

    Blake starts shooting too many jump shots instead of dunking and he gets fined?

    George Karl not playing Javale “Shaq-a-fool MVP” McGee as a starter and gets fined?

    I can go ahead and write such a list to infinity…I mean, come on, this is the NBA and this is about winning and creating the best team in the world, capable of handling 82 games + playoffs, where salary caps, trade restrictions and all kind of other rules take place.
    I guess with this move, we are being told that the NBA is taking a step towards AND1 – over there it is all about the show, the result doesn’t matter.
    So, I guess from now on, everyone simply will be luying about their players been injured instead of deciding to rest them.

    On the other hand, I am not really familiar with labour law in the USA and not really sure what kind of status does the NBA have as an organization but this is a clear case of harrasment for me, since no internal rules were broken but a punishment was applied and a history of unfair treatment exists.

  3. jim says:

    How did you determine the amount of fine?
    Did you pull a number from the thin air?

  4. The Spaz says:

    They should have fined the Heat for almost losing. The Spurs bench did great.

  5. JP says:

    I really think that Mr. Stern did the right thing,and Mr. Howard- Cooper you are wrong, is not the same thing to be in the bench than to no show at all. The have the right to use strategies to protect the players, but that move is an insult to the league and to the fans. I have a great respect to coach Popovich but I think it was a bad call..

  6. David says:

    What I find even more hypocritical is that Stern, for so long, has conveyed the message that the Spurs are “boring” (with the same big three that he is upset didn’t play against Miami) and not good for the NBA because of poor TV ratings. Now all of a sudden the Spurs not playing the big three on national TV against Miami is an affront to television ratings and the such?

  7. W/E says:

    Thats one of the most insane scandals in the history of the NBA ever, the fine is totaly absurd and immoral, Sterns decision violates the rights of every NBA coach and team manager in the league.

  8. digitioli says:

    $250K fine for almost beating the Heat at their place? Absurd. What rule did they violate?
    If bron bron doesn’t get away with 2 non calls, a crucial offensive foul and an obvious 3 seconds in the last minute, the Spurs win.
    The NBA Not Basketball Anymore is all about money above the integrity of the game, lead by judge, jury, attorney stern.
    All of the rules are selectively enforced, especially traveling, palming, charge/block, and 3 seconds.
    The 2 biggest highlights of the last week beyond this situation were a flop by Garnett that started a fight and Joey Crawford’s five skip blocking call that was an obvious charge. The whole thing stinks.

    • dattebayo says:

      The referees have only one angle each and they get to see most plays only once because they can’t replay everything. Yes the block/charge call is not called right all the time, but it is incredibly hard to tell without replay and even on replays, different angles sometimes show both block and charge. Three seconds is never called because they mostly give player 4-5 seconds most of the time.
      The only rule that I would consider selectively enforced is the flopping rule. I have seen so many flops already and the league only selectively punishes a few players for it. Barea received a warning for something he does twice a game and I have seen several other players do the same and not get warned or fined. If you wanna do something about flopping you have to do it consistently in my mind.

  9. Trey says:

    Way to be diplomatic Stern. If your going to make up new rules you should at least give teams a chance to follow them. How hard would it have been to sit down with the spurs and express your concerns? The reason we still get to enjoy Tim, Manu, and Tony playing at a high level into their 30’s is because of Pops management of his players. Who are you to question that.

  10. Bill says:

    Dear Mr. Stern,

    In the words of Billy Christel, ” you got some esplaining to do” your motions concerning the Spurs have fully activated conspiracy theories among any true NBA fan, or owner. The coolest thing would be if other teams and or owners showed solidarity and humiliated you. You did so much to help the league when you started years ago with the NBA but now that your a bit long in the tooth it seems that many of your latest moves are destroying what you helped build and I would think that the people that make your check as well as the ones who sign it will ask for your resignation NOW. All that’s needed are a few more Mr. Cuban’s or owners willing to stand up to you and it will be over with mercy, quickly. Something you are not aware of…….B

  11. karolisjachimavicius says:

    Did I miss anyone discussing possibility of Popovich trying to play a mind game with Heat? The Heat were all pumped up and they got the subs and had difficult time fighting them and Lebron was confused when giving the postgame interview to Sager. Maybe Pop was getting ready for the finals this way!

    This fine strips coaches of one tactic and hurts whole basketball and thus hurts the room for basketball to grow and generate more money.

  12. Miles D says:

    Wasn’t going to go in on this until newyorksteelo’s comment:

    How is what Popovich did worse than the 5 – 10 teams that tank the final 20 or so games at the end of each of the last 5 seasons?
    Why is it Stern’s decision to fine any team for a personnel decision?
    Why is okay for the commissioner to fine a franchise ( one of the model franchises in the league) for a decision their coach (Current NBA Coach of the Year) made regarding playing time, how to pace his team or when he can give his players a day off?

    I’ve been to and paid for games with the hopes of seeing a specific player and not had the “star” player actually play or make the trip. I was disappointed. I understand that is the way it goes. I don’t need to see the star in street clothes.

    The coach’s responsibility is to get his team best ready to win a championship. Popovich has done that. He knows what needs to be done. Stern does not. That’s not the commissioner’s job.

    If anything this should have been a phone call to the owner, GM, coach and that’s it. To do it in the media and meddle with team affairs is disgraceful.

    Please retire already.

    • alex says:

      Very bad arguments,
      First: no point of comparisson, when you are in the bottom of the league nobody cares who’s playing so tanking is not the same case.
      Second: it is a franchise, so if i am starbucks and give you a franchise i hope you always put good coffe in the cups! if not, i have the rigth to fine you.
      Third: yes, but was the player absolutely healthy? and it is important to be there even in street clothes just to support your teammates that’s the professional thing to do.
      Fourth: You need to rest your players? give them a lite practice just stretch or so it is not neccesary to leave so many people with a sour mouth.
      I have to be clear i don’t like Stern and not only because he has to retire he’s been doing wrong (protect big markets, bad callings when a star is around) for so long but so is Popovich, always doing bad bad things just because are not forbidden (hackashaq?). Both behaviours has to stop!!!

  13. Vexxed..... says:

    This is funny because they could have played… Lol Hell, I don’t mid that they drop minutes towards the post season but, you all are tripping good! Nobody had this problem a few years back when it was, I don’t know an 82 game season? Hell MJ was balling with the Wiz and logging nice minutes night in and out!! WHAT’S THE PROBLEM NOW? The Game was about Duncan and CO. vs LeBron and the Heat! They shoulda played a couple of minutes and sat. I would not have had a problem with that, I wanted to see Duncan and CO. vs Lebron and Heat if for a few minutes… I knew San An wouldn’t have won anyway. lol

  14. KP says:

    if you really know basketball game. you will know what is behind. simple!

  15. newyorksteelo says:

    This reply goes out to all those who replied to my previous post about backing up Stern on his decision to penalize the Spurs for sitting out their best players. Think about this for a moment. If Pop was allowed to get away with it again, other teams would follow, and more fans would be cheated at one point or another. I mean let’s be realistic here. This is the NBA. Players get paid Millions to play night in and night out for 82 games in the season. If the Spurs top paid players cannot finish a season playing night in and night out “while healthy”, sorry but they shouldn’t be in the NBA. What Pop did was not fair to the other 29 NBA teams in the league that guess what, have to start their players if healthy. I mean it comes down to common sense and your replies to my post are really one sided if you ask me, and not fair to the rest of the league.

    • W/E says:

      Thats absurd, all NBA players are good, if as a coach u feel that ur bench is really good and that you can count on them u can give them all the minutes u want, thats ur right and u can develop them as much as possible by doing that, the coach can do as he wishes with his team and nobody has the right to fine him for that, he will be judged only by his team fans and owners from how his team is performing and if he manages to win the championship or not, all coaches have the right to do that and NBA players always step up when they get the chance to play heavy minutes even if they are considered bench warmers, the coach has the right to rest or bench his “starters” any time he wants, thats his job and nobody should have the right to fine him for doing that.

  16. cactusbylin says:

    Most likely Mr. Stern was pressured into the decision by advertisers. A perceived reduction in viewers when big names are not in the game means a lower return on advertisement proceeds to the NBA. Afterall, advertising dollars are the engine that keeps the NBA afloat. Obviously, Mr. Stern knew he would take a lot of backlash for making the decision. So, he must commend him for being the fall guy. I actually thought it was a very interesting game seeing a second string team almost beat last years NBA champions.

  17. JT says:

    Stern is not right; he’s a hypocrite as others have said. Spurs did the same thing last year in resting their best in the last games of play, but Stern never said anything about that. It was only because of TV dollars that he felt he had to do something. Want it to be a competitive game? Next time, don’t schedule teams with 4 games in 5 nights and expect them to play up to par.

    I don’t see why the owners don’t just run Stern out of office; he reports to them.

  18. Whosthedictator says:

    Stern meant “If your stars are weak and cant even finish a game in a row in 1 week, just let them retire and make a new roster.”.

    As simple as that.

    If you have watched the game yesterday without the so called stars and the game last season with their “STARS” what’s more entertaining?

    Obviously, with these young guyys! They got owned last season, and the season before that. Those guys (manu,tim,tony) can never win over lbj,wade,bosh plus a bonus ray.

    • Daniel T says:

      Actually in last season’s game after jumping out to a 14 point halftime lead, the Spurs rested most of their players on the court without notifying the league in advance. Rather than go through the motions this time they sent the players home to rest rather than having them make an appearance on the court while resting.

  19. googergieger says:

    Stern was never that popular to begin with, but nowadays with the interweb and twitter. He is quickly becoming the most despised man in the country. I mean most people commenting aren’t even Spurs fans, just logic and basketball fans. Pop did nothing wrong. This is a clear as day, black and white issue. Stern is wrong. However his ego is too big to admit he was wrong and take back the fine and outrage.

    I mean this is the logic now. If yesterday Pop played his “big three” for a combined one minute and they never went back in. There would be no problem would there? If he said they weren’t playing because of cramps, or they had bruising or any such thing, but said the next game they felt better. Again no problem. However Pop being honest and doing what he did for any number of good reasons is all of a sudden wrong because Stern wants to keep his sponsors happy? I mean Stern has never shown care about majority of fans before now. He cares about Lebron fans, Laker fans, New York fans, you telling me he cares about Denver fans? Memphis fans? Indiana fans?

    This is the problem when you make the sport about celebrities and not the team and players. This is what happens when the NBA becomes a reality t.v. show and not a sports organization.

  20. dattebayo says:

    OK, I understand why Pop did what he did. The schedule was unfair to the Spurs and he wanted to send a message to the league and rested his players. It’s perfectly reasonable to do so from the standpoint of a gm and head coach. None the less it’s a public relation nightmare for the league. The schedule has been out for months and I doubt ticket sales were advertised with “Spurs without Big Three will try to take down Champions”. Everyone thought Parker, Ginobili and Duncan were playing and suddenly it turns out they would not. The Heat have the same type of schedule starting on Christmas day, they take on OKC at home, then have a 4 game 6 day road trip starting the next day, a 3 game homestand and then a 6 game 10 day road trip where they end with 4 games in 6 days playing the Lakers on the 6th day back to back. The Lakers play Miami at the end of a 4 game in 7 day homestand and they can rest a day before they take on the Heat. Now I know LeBron, Wade and Bosh are 5 years younger than those old Spurs, but I bet the Heat won’t send the Big Three home early even if they were the same age.
    Again, I don’t think Pop did something wrong here, but I would love it if the Commissioner implemented some kind of rule where you have to let the league know at least a month in advance, that you will sit your best players on certain games. That way the coaches can do what they want, everybody knows about it and you don’t disappoint fans who bought tickets expecting to see somebody else.

  21. steppx says:

    If only Tim rested is that OK? or only Tim and Tony? Define “star”….this is absurd. first off the scheduling favors the star money franchises. Second, Spurs are a longtime winning organization. Third……fans come to see professional basketball……not stars. Its not celebrity bowling. Spurs almost won. What if they had won….would that change things? And if not……then what is the problem exactly?? Pop played it the way he sees fit. He wins, he has won and is winning this season. The league is awash in injuries….resting players is a smart precaution. Had the game been against Washington, would Stern complain??????

    • Deneice evans says:

      The problem I have with this is these guys make BIG TIME MONEY every night they need to be ready to go to work unless they are sick, hurt or a family emergency. Too old does not count; if they get the pay they must play. Oh my God, they need some rest; Rest when you are dead. I know guys that play basketball every day for free. I paid top dollars for my tickets; therefore, I wanted to see top competitors, all star players, key ballers, and top contenders. This was not about a win; this was about what I wanted to see. We all know that when different playoff teams play each other the tickets cost a lot more. Not one player, Not two BUT Four players at one time…. NO SIR!!! NO SIR!!! VERY WEAK MOVE from Gregg Popovich

      • anthony says:

        you paid to top dollars for your tickets? oh, so you were there? so you were absolutely distraught with the outcome of the game? “this is about what i wanted to see?” how old are you? you must have a very wonderful life being that you expect to get EVERYTHING you want.

      • David Storm says:

        This is a clear manifestation of David Stern’s lack of imagination. The SA Spurs organization sees a loophole in their system and made a decision that will reflect on how ineffective and inefficient the schedules are and instead of David Stern taking this as a challenge to adapt and to provide strategic actions, instead lobbied fines. It is understandable because Mr. Stern is on the exit and doesn’t have any vision for the NBA anymore so his actions is just to serve fine. I don’t understand why he became the commissioner and what I don’t understand more is why he remained the commissioner. I watch the NBA for the Love of the Game and not because of the rules and regulations or how it was managed. I can watch a pick up game and enjoy it as well. Mr. Stern should be aware that the NBA is not bigger than the game. Mr. Stern should be the one fined for not taking care of the interest of the game but rather the interest of his Organization only.

  22. wayne says:

    Sanctions? He increased viewership, increased national attention on the NBA, became the lead and promoted story on every sports channel. increased traffic on Spurs, Heat, and NBA websites, and gave the bloggers something to pontificate about to increase readership. Any press is good press. He should be rewarded.

  23. Zac says:

    Why? Dear Mr. Howard-Cooper,

    This was done in disrespect to all other teams fighting for the top 1 overall seed. How can Memphis, OKC think this is fair if they don’t get home court advantage in THE FINALS because of (this) one game Miami is ahead?

    This was done in disrespect to all casual fans out there, no question about that.

    This was done in disrespect to all miami heat fans out there.

    This was done in disrespect to all sponsors and broadcasters.

    This was done in disrespect to the League.

    The disrespect was furthermore publicly demonstrated on interviews with mr. popovic, nonverbally and verbally.

    This behaviour is detrimental to league. Thats why it has to be pubished.

    • MrNBA says:

      Should Lebron, Wade, and Bosh be sanctioned then? After all, their little decision to create their own team became a focal point of the new CBA.This Miami get together sent a clear message to small market teams that having a superstar in their roster can only happen in their dreams.
      Especially Lebron. When he left Cleveland, he disrespected all Cleveland Cavaliers fans. I’m sure ticket prices went down too. Which means lower revenues for an organization in a State that has a high unemployment rate.
      He cheated all the superstars before him who never won a title because of their loyalty to their mother organization.
      He deprived all NBA fans who want to see a balance of power in the league.
      By taking a ‘short cut’ he made an insult to a timeless adage about hardwork and perseverance.
      When Howard made a reference about loyalty in Orlando, Wade made fun of him for it.

      Talk about detrimental behavior. Should the Miami 3 then be punished?

    • anthony says:

      if memphis or oklahoma don’t get home court advantage, that is their doing, not the other teams. THEY should do what they have to do and not rely on the other teams decisions and outcomes. ALL casual fans out there? by the looks of it, a LOT of casual fans seem ok with it, if you haven’t noticed the message boards all over the internet. the heat players were the ones who disrespected their fans by almost losing to the spurs bench. sponsors and broadcasters, yeah, i guess i can agree with you a little bit on that one. but the coach, on a basketball as a game standpoint, has to do what’s best for his team, and he has every right to do it. that’s just part of strategy.

  24. mark says:

    Instead of fining the Spurs coach, Stern should ban him from coaching for life and force the Spurs to hire Stern himself and force them to pay him 10 times what Pop was getting and to collect his Commish salary at the same time. That way he can check off head coach of NBA team from his “bucket list” and run the team into the ground at the same time (maybe getting the lottery pick).

    I’m just taking the “absurdity” of what Stern is doing to the nth degree. There is no rule that is being broken (I wish the Rockets did this with Yao and McGrady, maybe Houston would have won another Championship or two by now). Maybe one of the rested players would’ve had a career ending injury if they played last night (a fatigued player has a greater chance of being injured). Can you imagine a Judge putting a CEO in jail because he lost money on that company in the Stock Market (it is just as crazy as what Stern plans to do).

  25. newyorksteelo says:

    I hate to agree with Stern, but he is right. Had I paid to go see the Knicks and Coach Woodson would have rested Melo, Chandler, Felton, and Kidd, with all of them being healthy and perfectly suitable to play, in a game against the Miami heat, where the ticket prices are higher just because it is the Heat, I would of been seriously upset and would of felt cheated. I would want my money back, especially if the Knicks end up loosing the game. Just my 2 cents!

    • Tom Jones says:

      If your coach didn’t do everything he thought possible to win would you also feel cheated? In my opinion, this is a short sided view. You may be disappointed you didn’t see the star players. If the coach is doing it to set them up to succeed in the playoffs, then isn’t it worth it?

    • wayne says:

      And does the price of your ticket require the players to risk their health or to shorten their career.

    • EnCore says:

      In response to “newyorksteelo”: So why sanction the Spurs? Instead, go ask Stern, the Miami Heat or the Owners of arena to give out refunds for what I thought was a good/ close/tight game. People like you always thinks it’s about money.

      Plus this the NBA, a professional league where it pretty damn hard to play in. All Spurs players are professionals in my opinion, and just because the bench, 9 deep, played the game doesn’t mean it’s a wash game. Can’t win a championship without a deep bench.

      Coach Popovich is the best active coach in the league, and I support him on this decision 99.99%, especially when it comes to the game of basketball. The schedule couldn’t have been any worse for the SA Spurs as compared to the Miami Heat’s schedule. I blame the schedule makers, just plain out bad scheduling for a “national televised game”.

      On the flipside, the partial disagreement is for the Spurs fans that live or went to Miami for the game. The only positive I see would be if Duncan, Parker, Ginobili & Green had stayed in Miami, go to the game but not dressed, and at very least signed some autographs.

    • bigwes95 says:

      but it was an away game, so it would be like sitting the big three and whoever is the next best(ray allen? Battier?) for the heat, not your team. pretty sure the heat fans were happy for the sitting of the players for the spurs(but not the spurs fans on the road)

    • cobby64 says:

      I would think again not when the best team playing at home with all their stars had to survive what would have been a humiliating defeat. I disagree

  26. gcombstrek says:

    Having been a lifelong Suns fan that alone should tell you I am not a fan of San Antonio. However, like many have said Pop did what he thought was best in the long term interests of his team. Other teams rest their top players if they are perhaps a little nicked, or need a break or whatever. Spurs almost won on the road. There is no place for Stern to make the statement he did. If he can quote a rule, even if it is an obscure one that nobody heard of that I am sure doesn’t exist, then fine. I don’t think the league owns the Spurs last I knew it was Peter Holt. They did what is right for the team in the long run. That’s why Pop and other coaches get paid millions of dollars. When does he retire??

  27. SCOTTIE PIMPIN says:

    Stern trying to build the NBA in his own image……… his greedy little hands always trying to pick pocket NBA players and coaches for petty reasons……….he seems like a good guy , dont get me wrong, but stuff like this just makes fans like me count the days until he’s gone.

    • SoulChorea says:

      “he seems like a good guy”….really? LOL I agree with all you said except that one; he’s greedy and petty and I can’t wait until he’s out either. My basketball life started when MJ got drafted, and dude was the commish then….why is he still here???

  28. Daryl Daryl says:

    I thought the Stern statement was a screw up. Pop wanted to rest his stars and his bench players almost beat Miami. Please what is the big issue? TV dollars? Of course it is! Pathetic.

  29. jojo says:

    Stern needs to make the rules before the season starts and not as he goes along. Does this mean he is going to micro manage all the teams from yesterday forward?? GO SPURS GO

  30. Jason says:

    Why then were the New Orleans Hornets, with Stern acting as owner, allowed to sit a healthy Chris Kaman last year for 7 games, going 1-6 in the process? What is the difference which gave Stern and the Hornets the justification to judge when and when not to play a healthy player? The pretense of judging a players trade value to ensure a losing stretch of basketball is not a benefit to the fans.

    • daviedave59 says:

      Very good point! Stern is a hypocrite. He wanted his team to get a good pick. Despite the Bobcats worse record ever, his team got #1 pick. VERY suspicious.

  31. Bunsenburner says:

    How disrepectful of Stern to the rest of the San Antonio team. They put up a good fight. I enjoyed the game. Stern shouldn’t be such a crybaby.

  32. daviedave59 says:

    If Stern was head of a country he would be a dictator. I am glad Pop took a stand against this obvious bias against the Spurs. Heat had 4 days rest to prepare for the Spurs and only played one game in over a week and a half. While the Spurs had the worse schedule in the NBA. 11 road games in 17 games. 4 games in 5 nights. He finds it fair to give the Spurs this cruel schedule and then have them face the Heat in Miami after they had practically a week off but to rest his old players (Duncan and Manu are 34 and 36) before having to play yet another game on Saturday against the #1 Grizzlies is somehow punishable?!? Let the best coach in basketball coach his team and you worry about dictating the NBA. Pop hasn’t missed playoffs in 15 years and won 50+ each of the last 13 seasons with 4 rings and 2 coach of the year awards. And to make Stern looks even more foolish the Spurs actually led the entire game and almost won without SIX (6) of their top players. Stern your time as commish is over. Go away and shut your mouth.

    • slider821 says:

      Unfortunately, Stern’s replacment, Adam Silver, is even more of a suit-n-tie lawyer dictator who’s never in his life picked up a basketball. Just wait, it will get even worse when Silver takes office, first think he’ll do is slap advertisments all over the jerseys.

      • Sherrod says:

        I’m not sure where you’re getting your info on Silver but, as far as this topic is concerned you are wrong.

        “The strategic resting of particular players on particular nights is within the discretion of the teams,” deputy commissioner Adam Silver told last April… “And Gregg Popovich in particular is probably the last coach that I would second-guess.”

        Those are Silver’s own words last April regarding resting players and Popovich specifically. So it sounds to me like you’re either a Stern supporter or have some other type of ax to grind.

      • TJ says:

        Stern’s already announced they’ll be putting advertising on jerseys within the next few seasons. Not impressed.