Stoudemire Willing To Take Bench Role

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — As the New York Knicks have rolled to an impressive 10-4 start to the season, picking up quality wins over the Heat and Spurs along the way, there’s been one thing hanging over them like a dark cloud. Eventually, Amar’e Stoudemire is going to come back from knee surgery, and that’s not necessarily a good thing.

When Stoudemire was on the floor last season, the Knicks were much worse than when he wasn’t. He hurt them on both ends of the floor. And if you were to stretch his on-off court numbers over an 82-game season, they were a 64-win team without him and a 36-win team with him.

Knicks efficiency with Stoudemire on and off floor, 2011-12

Stoudemire on/off floor MIN Pace OffRtg DefRtg NetRtg +/-
On floor 1,543 96.1 98.1 100.8 -2.7 -42
Off floor 1,645 95.3 104.6 96.2 +8.4 +253

Pace = Possessions per 48 minutes
OffRtg = Points scored per 100 possessions
DefRtg = Points allowed per 100 possessions
NetRtg = Point differential per 100 possessions

Chemistry is critical in the NBA, and thus far, the Knicks have never had it with Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony on the floor together, nor with Stoudemire and Tyson Chandler.

So, ideally (unless some other team is willing to take Stoudemire and the $65 million left on his contract off their hands), the Knicks would bring Stoudemire off the bench and overlap his minutes with Anthony and Chandler as little as possible. But that has always seemed like a tough sell for the team’s highest-paid player and the guy who brought the Knicks out of an abyss by signing with them just two years ago.

Now though, Ian Begley of ESPN New York reports that Stoudemire would be willing to accept a reserve role when he returns, a revelation that could make things a lot easier for Knicks coach Mike Woodson….

Amar’e Stoudemire would accept a role as the New York Knicks’ sixth man if asked, two sources with knowledge of Stoudemire’s thinking told

“All he cares about right now is helping the team and winning,” said one source, who has been around Stoudemire regularly in recent weeks. “He’d be fine with coming off the bench if that’s what they want.”

Stoudemire hasn’t spoken with reporters since suffering a left knee injury in the preseason. He’s been rehabilitating his knee following arthroscopic surgery for the past four weeks and is expected to miss at least another two weeks.

There has been speculation about what role Stoudemire will play once he returns.

Many believe Stoudemire would be a better fit coming off the bench for coach Mike Woodson’s team. Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony have had a tough time developing cohesion on offense — the Knicks have a losing record while the two stars are in the same starting lineup.

Stoudmire’s original timetable doesn’t have him returning for at least a couple of more weeks, but this is great news for the Knicks. Obviously, they have a much different team surrounding their big three than they did last year, when the point guard position was anything but stable. With Raymond Felton, Jason Kidd and Pablo Prigioni running the show now, Stoudemire should be more effective offensively.

But the question is how much can he really help? The Knicks currently have the No. 1 offense in the league, a ranking that can only go down. And Stoudemire sure as heck isn’t going to help them defensively, where they rank 14th.


  1. bello says:

    I think the Knick will be better with him cause they have good pointguards this time you watch

  2. Alberto Levy says:

    Im a Bulls fan, we will give you Boozer for Amare.

  3. No Team in this League would want stat, why? heres why. he Is an injury prone player, an iso. type of player, high salary, no postup game only jumpers, not a good rebounder in 6’11. remember howard is 6’11, and a average defender. If the Lakers would trade gasol for him them the Lakers would be the dumbest team. GASOL IS THE MOST SKILLED BIG MAN IN THE NBA. TELL ME IF THERE’S SOMETHING HE CANNOT DO. THEN I WILL RETURN WHAT I SAID TO HIM.

  4. waltwilliams55 says:

    Shoot me all you want for this comment, but remember when Stat did well for the TEAM. I emphasize team because they should trade melo away. Mark my words, Melo will never get a chip, and ruins the flow of what this team could do.

  5. Michael B says:

    Of course the Kincks should trade him. I honestly believe a good spot for Amare would be the Bills for Boozer. Amare pick 7 roll with D rose and Boozer with the knicks can score at times and boozer career numbers on the boards is what will make them better defensively.

  6. Linsanity says:

    Trade him to Rockets!Amare & Lin

  7. DogBrother says:

    Wake up, people! This is not Rick Kamla’s fantasy basketball or NBA2k13. Stoudemire can’t be traded for ANYBODY because he’s uninsurable due to chronic recurring injuries, and his contract is just too big & has too many years left on it.
    What GM do think would be dumb enough to pull the trigger on a deal for STAT? Last time I checked, Isaiah Thomas wasn’t on any team’s payroll!

  8. rav r says:

    Trade amare and shump for josh smith from atlanta.

  9. master wi says:

    right now no team will want stat, cuz of his consistent injuries.. stat must learn to be a role player.. and accept a low pay salary..

  10. master wi says:

    possible for aldrigde for stat? aldrigde can play outside paint, can make space for melo and chandler, can also play post switch melo to play outside perimeter,

  11. SaYO says:

    i think knicks is just a great overall team and once amare, shumpert, and kidd is healthy, lol i might go from laker fan to knicks fan

  12. DRose says:

    Boozer for Stoudemire sounds like a good idea… and he should bring shumpert with him and bulls send hamilton to already aging roster of the knicks…

  13. Knicks says:

    To the idiot who said trade Melo, without Melo the knicks on their best day are barely a .500 team. Take Amare away, one of the best in the league. Look I like Amare but I think people need to stop pumping him up to be more then he is. He is a good player not a superstar. Not a good rebounder, nor consistent shot blocker, no real post game and doesn’t play defence. Without the pic n roll he is just taking up space.

  14. The Truth says:

    LOL! People the Lakers are not going to trade Pau for Amare. They don’t want the big contract on an injury prone, undersized, can’t play D power forward. His numbers are declining and don’t get any better than what Pau is putting up.

  15. Trust me as a Knicks fan I know amare will do good . Has anyone forgotten that he learned the dream shake. Yeah that’s right I thought so. The line up should be Kidd , brewer, melo, amare, Chandler

  16. zorik says:

    amare no 1

  17. zorik says:

    adilson u can be a brooklyn fan..amare stays here in knicks

  18. zorik says:

    amare is the bist of the bits…no 1 in knicks..

  19. zorik says:

    amare will be the bits in the playoffs for knicks.. people are crazy if they think amare is done here..lets goo amare

  20. Adilson says:

    the knicsk don’t need amare he’s not a fit for the NYK organization because he’s slow and has no post up game he’s a mid range jump shooter. sadly for the Knicks this is a bad investment that they have to deal with…

  21. KING_LBJ06 says:

    They should start Amar’e Stoudemire. He completely turned around the franchise when he signed a 5yr/100 million dollar contract. He is the highest paid player on the team and should be treated like it. This year they have new personnel with Raymond Felton, Jason Kidd, and Pablo Prigioni running the offense. He should improve offensively and he should start at the 4.

    New Knicks starting lineup

    PG: Raymond Felton
    SG: Ronnie Brewer
    SF: Carmelo Anthony
    PF: Amar’e Stoudemire
    C: Tyson Chandler

  22. Ceelo-D says:

    Well given the fact that Amare is injury prone, for the best of his career he should consider coming off the bench, that would take pressure off him, and would allow him lil by lil get back in game shape, he definitely can play along with Sheed in the paint, and for his luck, NYK has 3 great PG, so they can work pick and roll plays for him, we all know he can finish.. I have a lot of respect for Amare, is not the ideal situation for him, but if he really wants to win, this is a good chance to leave Egos behind, and prove he came to NY to win.. Lets go Knicks!!!!

  23. Mitch says:

    DONT BENCH AMARE. the past years he didnt blesh well with the group cause of a lack of a facilitating point guard. now we have prigoni kidd and felton. just as tyson chandler got 28 or something against the nets off pick and rolls and and ones, amare most likely would have had at least 40 because of his ability to shoot jumpers and his ability to finish at the rim better than tyson

  24. Yave says:

    I think you try Stoudemire out in the starting lineup for like 5 games if the offense is still top 5 in league and defense stays top 15 keep him as a starter, if not then put him as 6th man but give him a chance don’t just sit him down because of last year stats.

  25. NyK says:

    How about Gasol/Metta, for Amare/Jr Smith? You can tell Kobe is getting frustrated with Pau and Amare and Jr would be a better fit in the Lakers uptempo system

  26. DumbPeoplerDumb says:

    you are saying ever since melo came to ny they started losing? and Stat was helping the knicks get better? yea Stats first year with the knicks was great but where did it get them… no where? Melo is making the knicks lose? Even tho its early in the season the knicks are 10–4 Without Stat and with melo averaging 25.6 points a game..

  27. NORE says:

    Man i can’t believe you guys in here …

    STAT has been one of my favorite Players since he joined the NBA and he was and still is one of the dominant offence forces outta there – He even more Beasty than Dwight is!

    And REMEMBER what he has done for New York! He brought the City Back to being even considered in NBA talks!!

    Made NYK winners again – and without him they wouldn’t even be able do to the Melo trade cause he would have been interested in somewhere else – and know HE a multiple All Star and former MVP Candidate, who should be a HOF one day to my mind is willing to come of the Bench for the Teams sake!!!

    It was HIS Team two Years ago and now he is willing to come of the Bench!!


    And you talkin about a Trade … Shame on you!! You just care about winning winning and more and more and more – mo loyalty in your hearts …

    And even if i wouldn’t like Amare that much – the idea to brng him of the Bench is FANOMINAL!!!

    When he comes of the Bench he sees obviously a little less Minutes – good for his rehab Process!!
    The Teamchemistry that the Starters have now will still be stable and doesn’t matter who
    will be on the court with him – Felton or Kidd – did you Remember the little thing called PICK AND ROLL???!?!!?!?!

    Starters with their best Offense of the League + their D and the Pick and Roll option of the Bench with the Pick and Roll Machine AMARE!!!

    You couldnt ask for more!!!

    And maybe after a few month he will be able to get back as a starter but this isnt even nessecary – we will see.

    But to bring someone like him of the Bench is like L.A bringing Pau of the Bench, is like ATL bringing Josh Smith of the Bench or Miami bringing Bosh of the Bench!



  28. al says:

    If theyre worse with him on the court its bad coaching, not him as a player. When with the suns they consistently had one of the leagues best records, so the guy can help a team in a big way. The coaching staff has to figure out how to make the Anthony/Stoudemire combo work, thats y they get paid the big $.

  29. andrew says:

    amare doesnt even play well with chandler..cant blame carmelo cause amare couldnt play with a center in phoenix also.

  30. Jonathan says:

    Why not just have a two team system. Give the other teams a headache for planning. One team built around Mello and another built around Amare. Have them battle it out as those two teams in practice but truly use both systems. Would require your extra men to be able to play multiple positions but it could work and turn the league upside down. Just dreaming.

  31. Jackie Moon says:

    It’s very simple. Amare is good on a team, which has a strong point guard, that’s it. It was obvious when he played with Nash, then he was quite good when Felton was serving in NY, but Knicks traded half of their roster , including Felton, to Denver, to get Melo, and that’s when problems started. It’s not that he can’t play well with Melo, it’s that after aquaring Carmelo, ther wasn’t anybody decent at position 1, to make plays for them

  32. andrew says:

    all you people forget Amare cannot, i repeat cannot stay healthy..its impossible to trade him.. best bet is the second unit and pick and rolls with prigioni..

  33. nickashley says:

    Send Amere to Denver for Gallinari and Mozgoz to get back some of what they lost in the Melo deal. Those guys played well in NY and would help the second unit rather than mess with the chemistry of the starters. Amere would really thrive in a George Karl system, it’s much like the DiAntoni and Andre Miller would feed him ally oops all day.

  34. William says:

    Stoudemire is a great player!!! Coming off the beanch does not mean you are a bad player even the money he making can’t determined him coming off the beanch. Let’s Play ball and Win, that’s what all matter Let’s go!

  35. Concerned says:

    they should ship him off to LA for Pau…hehe

  36. stat and novak for pau says:

    November 29, 2012 at 12:48 pm
    I said, weeks ago – Trade STAT to LA for PAU

    trade stat, novak and shumpert for Pau, Jamison and steve blake

  37. stat1212 says:

    think about stat coming of the bench against other bench forwards 😀
    it will work for sure !

  38. down_tothe_wire says:

    I really feel for Amare b/c hes a great player and I wish ther was some way that Mike Woodson could incorporate Amare with the starting offense b/c hes a starter he deserves to start. Melo is just to amazing in the paint and at the PF spot and you cant play with 3 people taking the paint its just to much but hopefully they can play Amare in the center role while Camby and Thomas (the two older guys) play the forward spot and keep Amare’s minutes up w/o Melo or Chandler on the floor that way he’ll look just like he did in Phoenix w/ nash so he can flourish and help the team to the finals. Hes a great team player for taking a bench role. “Not many guys are willing to do that in the NBA…” you know who they are.

  39. Mental1981 says:

    I’m begining to warm up to the Idea of a Gasol for Stat trade. LA needs a scorer besides Kobe and that doesn’t seem to be Gasol under D’Antoni’s system. Stat has proven that he’s at his best under D’Antoni’s system and with Nash at the helm and Dwight playing natural Center, it’s almost unfair, if he can stay healthy. NY doesn’t really need a scoring PF in Gasol but they need someone who can rotate PF and Center without complain, and doesn’t mind giving up a few touches for Melo to shine, and that’s Gasol. Both players get a shot at another championship, both players get to start, both players maintain dignity. But just like any great beurocracy, it makes too much sense to be implemented.

  40. NY fan says:

    Is Studimire expected to comeback sometime in December?? Amare is a good player and I would not trade him but I do believe Amare will have more points and rebounds if he comes off the bench. When Mello is on the floor all plays will run through mello and when Mello is on the bench all plays will run through Amare!! This way there is no slump in the offense as we seen this season when Mello is on the bench

  41. marcus says:

    STAT is a bum, I’m glad phoenix let him go he was greedy and in it for the money only. He was injury plagued in phoenix and demanded a max contract and the Knicks were stupid enough to give it to them. Chandler, STAT and MELLO put new york over the salary cap on those 3 players alone.

  42. ChelseaBlues says:

    I think melo should leave, because N.Y.K was doing great and Amare was averaging about 24 ppg. And was even being considered for MVP.But since Melo came they started losing. And it became Melo’s team and, like any one else, Amare started taking less of an responsibility. Melo is not a leader. They should start pressuring Melo like they did Lebron, maybe he would win atleast one ring.

  43. Chuckster says:

    Amare is sitting now in a gym, working out. He accepts the role of 6th man because all he cares is the Team. He was put by the management into a position where his and Melo’s game don’t go well together. He’s required to change and he picked it up. Before melo came he was awesome and had great chemistry with the team. So cut all your b.. s..t and show to the Man some love… Cauze he’s a Beast and will prove it to all who don’t believe in him…

  44. Dan says:

    Griffin Amare? The Clippers are probably not willing to trade Griffin for Amare. Griffin’s NBA career is in it’s early stages. LAC has a very athletic player in Griffin.

  45. VERMONT says:


  46. Najee says:

    So whose gonna start if he comes off the bench, Sheed or Kurt Thomas? Im definitly anxious to see their depth chart when Amare gets back.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Melo is playing at PF, Felton at PG, Shumpert at SG (When he comes back), Brewer at SF, Melo at PF and Chandler at C. Off the bench its Kidd at PG, JR Smith at SG, Novak at SF, Stoudemire at PF and Camby at C. Wallace and Thomas come in as 3rd options.

  47. theprophetoftroy says:

    amare to toronto, andrea to the lakers, pau to the hawks, jsmoove to the knicks. plus several shooters and defenders interspersed throughout depending on the team needs

    • MaxtheGerman says:

      Why not Amare to Hawks for Josh Smith, why so complicated? I´d go after Bargnani… Italian Americans would love to see him in a Knicks jersey,,, and buy one.

    • Mental1981 says:

      …then swim to South Africa and punch a Great White in mid hunt… There I finished that mad rant for you.

  48. Roy says:

    trade him for some useful players then

  49. justknicks1-Justin S. says:

    Amare is a true professional and he’s a real mans man not a boy who doesn’t understand about life and the profession he’s in.Best believe the Knicks are back!

  50. ac Milan says:

    or trade amare with girrffin

  51. l-train says:

    Feel sad for Amar´e, since Melo everything is going down for him and staff is only interested hows Melo doing.

  52. Dan says:

    It’s difficult for me to see Amare playing in Houston, but who knows, maybe it could work.

    The Rockets already have Patterson, who seems to be a good power forward scoring-wise, and will probably get better with time. They also have Asik, who can defend well and score.

    • down_tothe_wire says:

      It would work b/c Amare would start with patterson and Asik would be able to get back in the mindset of being a huge threat off ther bench and the rockets would have a better rotation overall with a little more upside on the offensive side. And they need a good pick and roll guy for Harden and Lin.

  53. ac Milan says:

    trade Amare = Zach randolph he is better in defence and good rebounder

    • paqnojo says:

      They will not trade Randolph. Right now he is an anchor to the Memphis team. That would be a good move for NY but not Memphis.

  54. Jose says:

    If people think Felton, Kidd, Anthony, Stoudemire and Chandler are not a championship team starting 5, then I am not sure what would be. Felton has proven again he is a great pg. Kidd, Anthony, Stoudemire and Chandler are HoF material. Then, a solid bench with Smith, Wallace, Novak, Prigioni, and Shumpert, plus 2 big men (Thoms and Camby) as insurance for Stoudamire and Chandler. This is a championship caliber roster, the Knicks are alright once Amar’e returns, no need to panic.

    • QuestionMark says:

      The Knicks are a championship caliber team when you look at the lineup, but I wouldn’t consider them a contender until they prove they can get past the first and second round. I do believe Knicks are one of two teams that can beat the Heat, the other being the Celtics. Knicks only need to put everything together and make it work.

    • When the hell did Stoudemire & Chandler become HOF material?!

  55. newyorksteelo says:

    If Carmelo Anthony was able to drastically change his game on the defensive end after the Olympics and while playing for coach Mike Woodson, so can Amar’e. I say bring Amar’e off the bench “initially” to cover both Chandler and Melo at the 4 and 5. Once healthy and buying into the defense, Amar’e can slowly work his way back into the starting lineup come mid season or post season. If not, keep him on the bench or trade him for Pau. The Lakers already tried to pull a fast one on Pau and trade him but it did not work out. After that shenanigan, I don’t see why it cannot be done where Pau and the Lakers can both come out OK with the trade. Just my 2 cents. Go Knicks.

  56. drdanknuggets says:

    amare to toronto andrea bargnani to lakers, pau to the hawks, jsmoove to the knicks. plus various shooters defenders interspersed in the mix for each team

  57. baller1991 says:

    STAT was MVP candidate 2 years ago.. ya’ll are crazy saying trade him, if Woodson sets up proper pick and roll plays for Felton+Amare, he can average 25 and 10 easily..

  58. BatumIsACriminal says:

    Amen, finally someone made some sense, thanks clarence. I was getting disgusted reading all this nonsense.
    Amare is the man when you got guards that can feed him and when you don,t then you have a terrible team.

  59. abs says:

    Trade for role players and picks. He could help another team and that would help the knicks build for the future

  60. JDL says:

    Happy to send Andrea Bargnani over to NY for Amare Stoudimire.

  61. Lia Baker says:

    The Knicks will be even more dominant with Amare Stoudemire coming from the bench. The second unit will become more lethal. With him they seal the deal for being a Championship Team.

  62. Knicksfan says:

    Trade him to the raptors for bargnani! be beneficial for both teams

  63. Rene says:

    Stoudemire will be fine, remember how beast he was when he first came to New York and played with Felton?

    He had no PG to play with last year (Lin got injured after Stoudemire came back), this year he has both Kidd and Felton. He’ll be fine, especially coming off the bench. I see Anthony’s minutes going down from 35 to 32-33 to share the floor with Stoudemire.

  64. Rick says:

    Fat chance it happens, but I’d love to see Amar’e at least try to evolve his game (the way ‘Melo and J.R. Smith have this season) to be primarily a defensive stopper, offense secondary ala Serge IBlocka. STAT’s always been one of my favorite players offensively since ‘The Dunk’ over Olowokandi, but indirectly that early attention to his offense game crippled his development as a defensive player.

  65. DWill says:

    Stat shouldn’t be traded, for he has a injury that he can recover from by coming off the bench and during that time in can build sync either with the first unit or the secondary unit on the floor. Then during the Playoffs since he is coming off the bench his legs won’t be as used up as the rest of the NBA players which “can” give them an advantage if there able to get Stat to sync well with a unit on the floor. But if a “trade” most happen then the best team for him to go to is the Bulls. Rose would definitely need a reliable big man in the post when he gets back from his injury. But i doubt that would happen. o.0

  66. DogBrother says:

    Put Shumpert in the starting lineup when he returns. Then, if Camby can get into shape, a second unit of Camby, Stoudemire, J.R., Kidd & Novak could destroy anybody’s second unit, give most starting fives a good run, and might even be a better team than their own starting five on many nights!

  67. clarence says:

    It is obvious that not many people have actually played basketball at a high level. How could the knicks be better without Amare? The Knicks are doing much better this year because of guard play. Melo is having a better year because there are guards like Jason Kidd, Felton who know how to get him the ball on time where he needs it. They know how to use a superstar and they will do the same thing for Amare when he comes back.

  68. Objectivity says:

    Maybe the rockets would be interested in him? He got along fine with Lin, and a Harden/Stoudemire pick and roll setup would be pretty awesome, dunno what the Rockets’ budget situation is, though.

  69. jose says:

    To all the Na sayers Amare will start and he will contribute with a guard like Felton like he did before the Knicks haven’t had a guard like Felton Since Felton left. He will do just fine in the new system .

  70. relax haters says:

    Why everybody want to trade him? its ridiculous!! We need him, its a long season. who knows who will get hurt. and also they get tired, Amare will help us in the paint. We have no points in the paint… only Tyson if he has a good day..

  71. JenJen says:

    I love Amare. I love his game and think he’s an awesome guy. However, this is a business. The Knicks should worry less about hurting someone’s feelings, and more about putting together a run to the Finals,.

    P.S. If I was making 65 million dollars, and they wanted me to do LESS work, I’d be all for it! 😉

  72. darko says:

    Melo has discovered himself as a small 4 working lots of isos. Amar’e did some of his best work as a small 5, and when he and Felton played pick and roll pick and pop things worked well. Stoudemire proved himself as a finisher too. His iso game was rushed with Melo around and vice versa, and no one else on the court could get in rhythm for the transition game with the two of them in the lineup. That caused a lot of problems under D’Antoni. Then, when he got fired, there wasn’t much time to clean up the mess, nor was there the perfect coach to do it: Woodson’s system in Atlanta produced Marvin Williams disappearing act; Novak spotting up on the perimeter fills the 3 best for the Knicks these days. That says something don’t it?

    • kyd says:

      Amare can also play 4 when the opponent has a good power forward so melo doesn’t get in foul trouble like when they played memphis. So he can contribute that way. he has 6 fouls anyway.

  73. poopballs says:

    they should trade him to the jets for tim tebow

    • bullsfan0218 says:

      Finally, somebody who actually knows what they’re talking about, Tebow is just the guy to really bring this Knicks team to title contention

  74. yabadabado says:

    First of all when you pay a player they work for you. who cares if he is happy coming off the bench. you are making 100 million dollars. i am sick of players being unhappy and crying. you work for the team. not that he is complaining just honestly who cares how he feels what is this nba therapy sessions. secondly if you want to start, than play better. Also i don’t understand how you can be close to 7 feet tall play basketball your entire life and not know how to play defense. It’s really not that complicated of a game. so bring him off the bench, if he plays better then he earns more minutes if not he gets less. its not hard to figure out. who cares how much they pay him. arod got benched why shouldnt stoudemire. eddie curry got a ton of money and played like 10 minutes total for the knicks. and not even a good 10 minutes. Although i love how they say stoudemire brought the knicks back. they payed him 100 million dollars to come here. Madison Square Garden was selling out before he got there. He brought them back? to what an 8th seed in a terrible conference? thanks for that. because the knicks couldnt have signed other players with 100 million dollars in a huge market. i know the knicks were bad but they were bad on purpose waiting out terrible contracts similar to amares.

    • Ms Blaxx says:

      I totally agree. I have been saying this since the lock out. These players get on my nerves somethimes. They are employees. You are paid to do what ever the boss tells you to do. No one care about your feelings. Imagine going to work demanding and crying about everything the boss tells you… right that wouldn’t work in the real world. You get paid to do a job so just do your job and shut up

  75. julian says:

    they should try to work out a trade stat for gasol

  76. salomon says:

    If you trade Amare, you have to include someone else in the package. Either Novak, or Prigioni. No team will Take Studemire’s contract without other perks..

  77. Damn Knick fans says:

    Damn Knick Fans The Guy has been good to you guys, lol about trade him haha he’s a great player, just needs to be put on as the scorer for the second unit

  78. hdhusadhaud says:

    Trade him for somebody who can contribute on the both ends on the floor like Josh Smith

  79. roluv118 says:

    he would be great off the bench,and good for the late fourth quarter down the stretch where he can open up the court for carmelo.with jason kidd running the offense in the fourth quarter down the stretch,he will make these two work in the late fourth

  80. Booyah!!! says:

    trade amare for carlos boozer!!!

  81. crocs says:

    big men in the league these days are no longer that much important….

  82. Bobcats > Lakers says:

    Amare to the Bobcats.

  83. Tr.TEE says:

    I said, weeks ago – Trade STAT to LA for PAU

  84. ft_tony says:

    Trade Him for Andrea Bargnani! Yes, they both lack defence however Bargnani can score and stretch the defence to give room for Chandler and Anthony to operate in the post. A big reason the kicks struggled with Amare on the court is because the paint area was pretty crowded with their front court. The Raptors have absolutely no post offence and could really use Amare and also the Raptors can offer amare more freedom to be the player he has been over his career.

  85. jose machado says:

    first he has to get rhythm, then we can talk about starting or sitting, however, it´s always better when someone come from injury to sit and get some minutes till the day that u can be the old and powerful Stoudemire.

  86. Jamal says:

    Its a little messed up cause Amar’e sorta revived the knicks by himself but whatever good for the team I guess

    • Mister 215 says:

      It’s funny cause people forget that…. We he and felton was there the first time they where killing teams with the pick and roll Amar’e was averaging 25ppg.

  87. Belizeboy says:

    He’s was gonna get benched anyways lol.

  88. Joshua says:

    Don’t worry stoudemire I know you are going to come back and help the knick win more game don’t listen to the midea

  89. Dwayne Coronel says:

    well… i think he should be traded to the lakers in place of Gasol… well, only if the lakers could afford him… just my opinion

  90. Sean says:

    I’m not convinced he has to come off the bench for it to work. He can still start and not be on the floor the same minutes as Melo and Chandler. Start Stoudemire at the floor but put him on the bench about 5 minutes into the 1st quarter. Melo plays the whole 1st quarter all the time anyway and Chandler plays most of it. Have Stoudemire starting the 2nd quarter with Prigioni/Felton, Smith, Novak and Wallace. Floor will be spread out perfectly on offense for Prigioni or Felton to get the pick and roll game going with Stoudemire. Its not the best lineup defensively but that as a second unit should outscore most benches in the league. Problem is late in the 4th quarter as surely Amar’e would want to play them minutes.

    • kyd says:

      This though.. Again they are all playing defense and Amare will also play D for sure with this kind of mentality that NYK has now.

  91. #tradebargnani says:

    Trade amare for bargnani

    Please the city of toronto begs you!

    • QuestionMark says:

      Since I live in Toronto and watch the Raptors play, I would love that, but no way in hell are the Knicks going to agree with that, Bargnani is more of a liability on defense than Stoudemire, plus Bargnani 35% shooting from the field and about 4 rebounds per game isn’t really helping his case. Even Lowry averages more rebounds than him, and Lowry is 6’0 tall.

  92. Athan Hilaki says:

    How can you compare two different teams? The last season Knicks and this year??? The roster as you mentioned is much different! When a key player like Jason Kidd or Raymond Felton is in the game you cant count Amare out! Last year who was the key player? Lee??? Come on now… we are talking about experience… Its not Carmelo that makes the difference, its the whole team and the way the ball is handled…. Amare could easily fit in the starting line up, and defense can improve with him on it! …you cant compare two completely different teams – different coach, different players!!!

    • kyd says:

      I don’t see why this is a problem. Put him in the starting line up and remove the brewer and put melo back to small forward. Amare is a pick and roll player and he will benefit from felton. Melo will get his points and since he’s playing defense he’ll pick up the slack if Amare decides not to play defense. There is also Chandler and shumpert to play defense. All these non-sense I tell you. Melo has been shooting perimeter lately so he’ll get his points there and if he recognize that the lane is not clogged or Stat and chandler should stay out of the paint so melo can penetrate. Plus they are big bodies to give pick. All negatives and no positives from stat. This blog is stupid. Any team will like to have 2 superstars rather than none at all. it’s easier to find ways for them to play well together than actually trying to acquire a superstar.

    • Jake R says:

      It’s irrelevant that the bench and point gaurds are different, Amare still isnt a great fit for this team. Both Amare and Carmelo need the ball in their hands to be effective, and neither is a facilitator or a good pick-and-roll ball handler. The ball stops when it gets to either of them, and no team can be effective with two isolation players playing at the same time. And yes, Chandler and Shumpert are great defenders and Melo and JR are much improved this year, but that can’t make up for Amare standing around watching guys like Love, David Lee, Griffin, Pau, Z-Bo, etc score all night long. I think that the best thing would be to trade Amare but it’s hard to imagine a time picking up such a huge salary. If he really is willing to come off the bench with limited minutes then that’s probably as good as it will get for the Knicks in my opinion.

      • Mister 215 says:

        @Jake R did you just say Isolation players??? Amar’e is a pick and roll PF not an isolation player. Your mind is somewhere else buddy. Amar’e game favors Carl Malone…. A pick and roll PF that can do post moves, after all isn’t that what ALL PF do, or should I say supposed to do????

    • Kaare Weidling says:

      It did´nt work last year. Numbers don´t lie. also if you saw them play toghether you would agrre with Mister Schumann. They stunk together.

  93. lin says:

    wave him

  94. 1111 says:

    Amare-Gasol trade?

  95. I nailed kianrubymitchikimpia says:

    Trade Amar’e then find a good bench player.

    • George Serbia says:

      Trading Amar’e for Pau= not likely . Both the Knicks and the Lakers are not willing to trade their go to guys . Pau is just a name to blame for the awful result at the beginning of the season and so would be Amare if the Knicks start to tumble down , but the fact is that Melo and Amare are not in sync when on the floor

      • Mister 215 says:

        @George Serbia…. Maybe I’m wrong, but did you just say the Amar’e and Pau are the teams go to guys???? Somebody doesn’t watch basketball, because if you did you would know that you statement is nothing else but false….. Strange to see this article, because yesterday on the Pau trade brainstorm someone said that Amar’e was a big ego star. I said he wasn’t……. Now you tell me who won that debate!!!!!

  96. WHAT says:

    yeah but down the stretch hes going to want to play so makes no difference

  97. bunbury says:

    Trade Stoudemire/smith for gasol.

    • KnixFan says:

      Silly trade. I would take STAT with 1 LEG and 1 HAND over GASOL.
      The NYK just need to have STAT + SHUMP + JKIDD healthy to make a serious run come playoffs.
      MEL can’t do it all. STAT off the bench with JR and SHUMP is a good look.

    • TTKIN says:

      As a Laker fan I love that idea, but that’s too much salary for the Lakers. If money wasnt an option that’d be an awesome trade.

    • Adam Ciminello says:

      Love this. Knicks second unit will consist of Sheed, Stat, JR Smith, Shump, and Novocain. No other team except for Brooklyn has this kind of depth top to bottom. NY and Brooklyn FTW

  98. Carl says:

    I love it. Amar’e deserves to start considering what he did for NY, but this is just fantastic. Much respect to him.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Agreed, honestly I really thought he wouldn’t want to come off the bench, I am a bit surprised, but this helps the Knicks every way possible. A star coming off the bench, even if he doesn’t average or play as well as he did before, playing against the opposing benches should be easier for him. I think this is a good way to match up against the Heat as well, Stoudemire will have an easier time playing against Rashard Lewis rather than Bosh or Battier. Plus Melo and Amare are both average defenders, this works well for the defense as well, Chandler takes care of Melo’s mistakes on defense and Camby takes care of Stoudemire’s mistakes on defense off the bench.

  99. Baksteen says:

    That’s a 100 million well spent

  100. cdubbb24 says:


  101. Floridian says:

    Stoudemire whouls be on the bench not to change the team harmony.

  102. Big Euro says:

    If those are indeed Stoudemire’s sentiments, it is nice to know he is putting the team first. However I just don’t see how it makes sense to pay a guy $20mil a year to come off the bench and what will surely be limited minutes. For his minutes not to overlap with Melo and Chandler’s that means he will see 10-15 minutes a night. John, you’re the numbers man, so I’m sure you can work out the return on investment there.

    The real solution is a trade. Unfortunately I just don’t see a partner on the horizon for the Knicks.

    • william85 says:

      …. 10 to 15 minutes? 6th men get much more then 10 to 15 minutes a night …. do you watch basketball games? or just read on

      • Bobcats > Lakers says:

        I think you just answered it lol.

      • fanballa says:

        To not overlap with the two other players he can’t play big minutes

      • Schemer21 says:

        Of course he watches games. You missed his point completely. He is saying that you could only play Amare 10 – 15 minutes a night if you didn’t want his time on the court to overlap with Melo or Chandler. Melo is averaging 36 minutes per game this season and Chandler is averaging 30.
        There’s one this i think people are forgetting about Amare tho. The one factor he hasn’t has since the trade for Melo was Felton. In their time together the first time around in New York they excelled together. I think if Amare comes off the bench to play with Felton and his minures are managed, then it might not be quite the disaster that everyone is expecting.

  103. Chester says:

    hopefully this is true. amare just has to take one for the team, no matter how much he earns. now if only pau did the same for the lakers

  104. David says:

    First, speculations of Pau coming off the bench and being a 6th man. Now stoudemire?! It might be better off for both teams though.

    • paqnojo says:

      That is the key. Pau would be awesome from the bench specially dealing with knee issues. Amar’e would be great as well. Specially when the Amar’e + Melo combo does not work. NYK would be scary if he can come in and add 15 or 20. Scary for the rest of the EC. Heat, Nets, Celtics would have their work cut out for them worse than now.

  105. E-SY says:

    No amnesty options? The bench is the right alternative…

    • james says:

      The Knicks used amnesty with Billups so now they are stuck with the contract unless they are able to trade him

  106. Bob M says:

    Poor Amare’, he is a D;Antoni system guy. He still has a good game, but those injuries. The current CBA won’t let you dump salary anymore. Good luck, Amar’, I love your game!!

    • Scott The Magician says:

      I really feel for guys when the injury bug looms over them and hurts/ends careers. A’mare is a great player and i really feel for him.
      Im actually shocked at the fall of his game though since departing with Nash, other than his consecutive 30+ points streak he had in NY before Carmelo came he hasnt done a thing without kid canada
      However, good luck A’mare and keep your chin up!!

    • alejandro rubio says:

      Exactly! Gasol for Stoudemire, Gasol is willing to sacrifice besides he is a true power forward that can help the Knicks on both sides of the court, Stoudemire woud feel more than happy to gather with D´antoni and Nash again,so it.s a win-win situation for both NY and LA. The trade of the winter!!!

      • bullsfan0218 says:

        Gasol is actually more of a center than a PF and hes probably the best post player in the league. Bringing STAT off the bench is a good idea because he would beat the hell out of other teams bench players

    • kILLarifIC says:

      He was a very good offensive player with the Suns, NEVER could play on ball defense tho. And i dnt think he ever averaged over 10 rebounds a game through a season. Once he lost that explosivness he once had his game got lost as well. Wish him the best but the knicks shoulda used the amnesty on him and brought in Dwight Howard. Dwayne Wade is going through that transition himself on the offensive end. Wade is finally learning how to play without the ball in his hands.