Blogtable: What Do You Do With Pau?

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Week 4: What do you do with Pau? | T-Wolves a playoff team? | Pick one: Rondo or CP3?

What do you do with Pau Gasol? If no trade … what do you do with Pau?

Steve Aschburner: Nope, not gonna do it. Not going to crowd onto the Kick Pau Here bandwagon. This is a Lakers’ problem, not just his. Dwight Howard sure is getting a pass for his free throws and some sub-par games overall. Steve Nash isn’t playing at all. Kobe is at his drama-queen finest, with all that lying atop piles of towels Tuesday night. Some basketball issues take longer than others, and I’m going to take Mike D’Antoni at his word from the Gasol-fourth-quarter-benching game in Memphis. “Pau is a great player and will always be a great player,” the Lakers coach said. “We’ll keep tinkering and working. A lot of this stuff will [change] too when the Steves [Nash and Blake] come back.” The Lakers’ brass chose D’Antoni over the great Phil Jackson – they must have a high regard for his ability to fix problems. So fix this.

Fran Blinebury: He’s been an All-Star in the past. He’s still got All-Star level talent. After everybody is finished using him as their punching bag again, I’m telling my new head coach to make him a part of the offense. Or wait for assistant head coach Steve Nash to return and let him do it.

Jeff Caplan: Trade him? You nuts? Pau isn’t going anywhere because the Lakers will never get anyone in return who can come close to matching his size and skill. Give this time. He’s working through knee tendinitis and a third coach this season and a new offense. Let Steve Nash come back to orchestrate things and Pau will be getting more of those post opportunities he’s craving. Now stop it with this silly trade talk.

Scott Howard-Cooper: What’s the offer? If it’s for an upgrade at power forward or small forward, sure, but chances are slim that player is available with the necessary contract. I don’t trade Pau Gasol just to dump and run. More importantly, neither do the Lakers. Gasol can pass and shoot and rebound and is ego-less in his willingness to take a deferential role. This adjustment period is no worse a spot than he has been in before. Bring me a good offer, then we’ll talk.

John Schuhmann: Trade him. I think the Lakers, if they were to stand pat, would certainly get better as the season goes on, especially if Steve Nash comes back healthy before the new year. But this team’s biggest asset has always been their size up front, and Mike D’Antoni’s offense doesn’t take advantage of that. Since he took over as coach, 53 percent of Gasol’s shots have come from outside the paint. Under all other Lakers coaches (Jackson, Brown, Bickerstaff), only 30 percent of Gasol’s shots came from outside the paint. Gasol’s a great player, but he’s just not a good fit under this coach. The offense would be much more potent (and the bench would also be stronger) if they could exchange Gasol for a couple of forwards who can shoot threes. I don’t know exactly where that kind of trade could come from, considering his $19 million salary this season and next, but I imagine it will come eventually. How about a D’Antoni reunion with Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler?

Sekou Smith: It sounds good in theory, using Pau Gasol as a trade chip and getting assets that fit Mike D’Antoni‘s system better than say, one of the most skilled big men in the world? Gasol isn’t the problem here. Any system that can’t figure out what to do with him seems like a much bigger problem to me. The Lakers won back-to-back titles playing a style that accentuated the things Gasol does better than most. But since then he has become the Lakers’ pinata, courtesy of two humbling playoff efforts. The fact is, Gasol is 32 and has maybe lost a half step, but he’s still capable of playing an integral role on a championship contender. He’s struggling to score this season in the way he and we all are used to seeing him score, but he’s rebounding and blocking shots at his regular clip. If the Lakers move him, it’ll strictly be for scapegoating purposes.


  1. Trevor says:

    Trade Pau+Metta+Jamison+Meeks for LeBron+Dwayde+Bosch+Ray Allen

  2. Canary Islander says:

    If Pau get traded… I swith off the Nba

  3. Lakersfn says:

    Should Gasol be traded…. Gasol being traded because he does not flow with Mike D’Antoni’s system is a disaster. If ever they traded him to any team, would the other player be able to adjust to how Kobe play, the new player can adjust to D’antoni’s system but would it be a good fit for everybody. That’s why hiring Mike D was not a good choice, if he is going to revamp the roster, might as well start from scratch. The Lakers’ showed that they can win with there current roster. The problem that they have right now is adjusting to a system that is still experimental to win a championship. The truth is Mike D. system is just an opposite of Mike Brown’s system. Mike Brown concentrated too much on holding the ball. Mike D is releasing the ball quickly. Both don’t have balance. Gasol is actually stating that putting him outside is not efficient. Its just like saying that Bynum should shoot three’s. Gasol knows that he can be very lethal when he is under the basket. Would the Lakers’ put Shaq behind the three point line? Why can’t they see that, if he is placed outside the paint, his rebounding would be affected, and his height is not an advantage. They should have just brought in Hubby Brown to coach. But then again it was up to organization. Instead of the Lakers’ being contenders, they are now in the brink of being revamped. They are seven deep right now and you want to change the roster because a coach does not know how to handle all the talents that the team has. They won more games without Mike D’antoni, how come they can’t win a lot more with him.

  4. ChrisChilds says:

    Trade Kobe and Howard,

    Kobe for any young talent (Kyrie Irving, James Harden, Damien Lillard, OJ Mayo), while he still has some value.

    Trade Howard for any decent big-man that can make a free throw.

    Face it, the Lakers will never get past OKC with or without Nash. Do I need to even mention San Anton, Memphis or LA Clippers.

    They should start rebuilding now…don’t wait until Kobe is 40 years old. And so what, if Kobe is leading the league in scoring and shooting 50%, they are still below 500.

  5. woody says:

    No one blame Kobe ’cause he shot the most scores, ’cause he has unlimited shooting privilege. Pau can’t get as much score as before just because he can’t play as before considering Dantoni’s system

  6. Syaoran Pe says:


  7. RAMON says:

    D,antoni wasnt the right fit for this team cause of his run n gun offence Lakers r not fit for that type of offence i think that should have kept Bernie or hired somebody like Jerry Sloan i think he could have been a better fit for that team

  8. RAMON says:

    scoring 40 points in a game doesnt mean thaT THE TEAM IS going to win cause i saw jordan score 50 or more points and the bulls still lose the game one of his highest scoring games was against the celtics when he scored i think 63 points and the bulls still lost the game in overtime

  9. SYDALE says:

    Trade Pau to the Sixers for Bynum (As soon as he’s healthy) and Nick Young or Dorrell Wright (Take your pick)… LOL

    That way… LA can save some money by dumping Bynum’s contract at the end of the year… and they get a SG/SF shooter that can run and gun in D’Antoni’s system…

  10. Trevor says:

    Trade Pau for Galinari and farried

  11. duzynh says:

    John, Sekou great words. Put Gasol in the paint + find a system when he suits – it’s so easy.

  12. Louie says:

    I would love to see a three team deal in which San Antonio Genius Gm is at the helm working a deal that exits Manu to another team willing to part ways with a big to LA. Gasol to San Antonino and a match in Western Conference Finals between the Spurs and Lakers to see who really dropped the ball on that one. NBA likes drama… there it is! LOL

  13. Pau Gasol says:


  14. Stans says:

    I don’t think Pau should be traded at all. Given his salary, age, and skill level…you’re never going to get what you deserve for him. If I’m trading Pau for Amare, there’s definitely a few red flags which need to be looked at. First of all, Amare is too injury prone for a team like the Lakers…they need to win now, not worry about if a key player is going to be injured. Then there’s the fact that Pau is better at just about everything but dunking the ball. If I’m giving up Pau for Amare, I’d need to get Steve Novak and JR Smith as well, for someone like Steve Blake (and Pau of course) perhaps. Haven’t seen if the salaries match up, but I’m sure as hell not taking Amare for Pau straight up. That would be ludicrous. Let’s not forget, Pau helped the Lakers to 3 consecutive Finals and 2 titles in a row. Amare hasn’t done anything of note.

    The Lakers having a losing record right now is pretty shocking, But even through all these losses there are many positive things to be seen. Metta World Peace is back in shape and play great right now. The bench is finally doing things, mostly thanks to Antawn Jamison coming back from the dead to look like the player that was expected. Jordan Hill is a hard working solid back up. Then looking at the backcourt, Kobe is playing out of his mind efficiency wise (and the turnovers will drop when he gets used to the new teammates). The biggest issue for the Lakers is that Darius Morris is useless, almost detrimental to the team when he’s on court, yet he’s their second best backcourt player right now. Once the Steves both come back, Nash will have a HUGE impact on how the pieces fit together and Blake will bring some decent guard play off the bench. I don’t really worry about this team being right there when it matters.

    But after seeing the Grizzlies play the way they are, dismantling the Lakers and Heat on their way to an NBA best record so far…I’d say they’re going to take some beating. As things stand, there are 5 teams that could come out of the West…so the Lakers will NEED to be playing at the top of their game to have a shot.

  15. NUFF SAID says:

    Trades again??? So PAU this time???? After that who’s NEXT??? Some say Coach Brown, others say D Antoni…Then Pau now they want PJAX…. Come on laker fans…. Make up your mind….. You know what why don’t they try this one….
    Trade Pau for Kwame Brown….
    Waive D12 since he’s not gonna sign an extension then sign Brian Scalabrine for Maximum Contract of 4mil. in 4 years…. Make Steve Blake as a starting PG trade Nash to anyone who wants to be in a laker lineup
    Problem solved… Same results but much cheaper… Since kobe wants all the ball…. He can now shoot the ball as much as he want… No one would blame kobe since he is the GREATEST player on the planet… (laker fans think he is) everybody can rest from LAKERdashian Drama… PROBLEM SOLVED….

  16. copland says:

    Yes, trade Pau to bulls for Brian Scalabrine. ( Good trade )

    Howard is not good in post play, very bad in free throw, and not a defensive player. ( on block shot )

    He is the problem anyway not Pau.

  17. wayne says:

    As a coach if u cant use the talent of Pau, and adjust your coaching to fit him, then the coach needs to be traded

  18. mike says:

    i honestly think its just the team not coming together, im not saying its the new coaches fault but they should of brought phil back because he knows how to use all the talent the lakers have.

  19. reyconejo says:

    Seriously laker fans, are so funny, like the NBA is only about a team that wont even make the playoffs. trade everyone, you think the players u are all shouting for WANT to go to a losing team like Lakers? What happened last year? 4-1 mamba OUT, and the year before that 4-0 (36 point loss against Dallas) Mamba OUT!!!! Pau for amare! Pau for Scola!! HAHAH im surprised you didnt even mention the greatest player of all time, LEBRON? why not cry for Lebron James to save ur pathetic franchise?

    Please do respond, i would LOVE to hear your comments on this,

    Heat fan OUT!

  20. julioma says:

    the real problem of the lakers is MWP. he doesn´t level to play in lakers. do you expected something about jamison???pau is one of the best nba players. in the future, when he will play for other team, you remembered him!!!

  21. xchanism says:

    Offense : Pau at 5, D12 at 4,
    Defense: Pau at 4, D12 at 5

  22. SensibleScot says:

    P.S. Use Dwight for more cutting similar to Josh Smith from mid range hand offs from Kobe and Pau, and Nash pick and rolls. (if Gortat can do it, Dwight can)

    He was restricted in Orlando to the low post, he should use his athleticism more against slow centers.

  23. minime says:

    Pau should be the Lakers Center and Howard should be the power forward ==== enough said

  24. LAKER BOY says:

    Pau for Amare maybe?

  25. SensibleScot says:

    This is very simple… play the players to their strengths.

    Pau is much better offensively that Howard will ever be.
    Dwight is much better defensibely that Paul will ever be.

    Play Pau in the post like he should be and Howard should position for Rebounds.

    How did the Chicago Bulls ever play with Rodman at 5? They used him where he was good, defensively and getting rebounds.

    Dwight might not like that, but if he really cares about winning, he’ll take that role and the challenge is to do it better than Rodman ever did.

  26. pavana takchavalit says:

    I’m a Lakers fan from Thailand.
    For quite a long time, I’ve witnessed Pau Gasol’s weakness.
    He has no develpment at all. He’s always weak and loses the ball all the times.
    Lakers can’t get advantage from his height.

    It seems to me, he’s getting weak and weaker.
    It’s time to let him go, if you want a championship this year.

    Dwight Howard too, he plays like a weak guy these days, always loses the ball and get a free-throw, which is useless.
    Howard should play stronger, Pls don’t disappoint the fans.
    I was so glad learning that Howard would join the Lakers, but now I have doubt.
    Don’t take it too easy. Please respect your fans.

  27. jeff says:

    gasol to brooklyn. trade in lopez or humpries or andre. PAU AND WILLIAMS. + WALLACE + JOHNSON. yeh!!!!

  28. KING ALEX says:

    This is so funny to me, are people really blaming pau. i guess he takes lamar odom spot as a scape-goat. to be honest he has played better than everyone other than Kobe. The Lakers problemsc are simple this season. Howard hasnt been the player they thought he would be so far. maybe he will get better in time but he is not paying well at all. he hasnt improve enough offensively and this year he looks like he has taken a step back defensively. metta is not a starter by any means, you can probably find a free agent better than him to start, but no one is on him like that cause no one expects better. most devestating of all nomatter how much chemistry they get, they will not win a championship with that horrible bench. against indiana i think their bench scored 7 or 8 points. hansborough by himself scored 11 of the bench i believe. You cannot expect starters to play that long especially at the lakers milage on their team. I will say this much, if kobe has to play this hard and this much minutes for two seasons. He wont have to worry about retiering in two years, he wont have nothing left for a third if he decides to play. Dwight has to play way better though. wht happened to those 20-20 games. ( david cooperfield) lol. vanish.

  29. Reeferal says:

    What puzzles me is that the Lakers… with the addition of Howard and Jamison… still having Hill and Gasol are still one of the biggest teams in the league. That means they control the paint… or should. So why would they hire a run’n’gun coach who specializes in having one big (a hybrid 3/4 player) stretch the floor and the other just pick and roll all the time… I don’t get it. They’d have been fine if they just fed the post most of the game, and have Nash or Kobe slash and create/dish whenever teams got foolish enough to double….

    I wanted to see Phil Jackson coaching with having a grade A caliber point guard on his team for the first time… would he have forsaken the triangle? Man w/e… I don’t even like the Lakers. Its just sad to see them struggle with such a stacked team.

  30. Warrior says:

    Get rid of Duhon, and Steve. Sign Kenyon Martin n raja bell for the bench start Nash Kobe mwp Martin howard bench Meeks bell Ebanks Jamison pau

  31. Andy Vo says:

    Paul for Tai Gibson of Bulls

  32. skinner_boi says:

    it’s a mess!!! they have talents but they don’t utilize what they have… Gasol is an inside player not a jump shooter… maybe their better off with BICKERSTAFF!

  33. Carl Johnson says:

    I am sick of these TRADE PAU headlines.

    I have to agree with the “stable of scribes” that Pau is not the problem. Pau is a known commodity, that is a skilled 7 footer that can get you 18 and 10 a night. Sure his numbers might be down, but the Lakers have yet to settle into a normal mode of operation. Mike Brown never knew what to do with Pau in the first place, then he was fired, their two primary point guards are out, which means D’Antoni doesn’t have all the pieces in place. In other words, the Lakers are scrambling without a true point guard to run the offense. THAT is the problem. When Nash returns, Pau’s numbers will go up, wait and see. Dwight and Pau will be a two-headed monster and trading Pau before giving Nash run offense a chance would be FOOLISHLY PREMATURE!


    gasol would be a perfect fit for the wolves and love for the lakers

  35. mj23 says:

    put gasol coming from the bench he will be the leader on the floor and upgrade the bench with pietrus and raja that is better an easier forget the trade.

  36. Dfletch says:

    pau stays with the lakers theres no one with his size and ability. hes a great big man that can make free throws !! soo i wouldnt take my chances of getting another free throw shooter like howard lol. if anything kevin garnett wiuld be the only possible trade he shows the same intensity level the only thing is hes getting older .

  37. Jasmoove says:

    again and again man Gasol is now the center of the drama.. what’s next? for the lakers after the winning less pre season. the 0-3 start. the firing of Mike Brown. the hiring of D antoni instead of Phil??? now Gasol??? what’s next?? man oh man the next is they will not win their championship today’s season.. thats the next!!

  38. byakuya says:

    As a spurs fan, ı am happy only Kobe shoots. for Lakers the key is at least 10-15 shoots for Pau and Howard everygame.

  39. Roland F. says:

    this is a dumb option. you don’t trade Gasol, a two-time NBA champion for a couple of unproven Power forwards who can shoot the three. The problem of the Lakers is how does Mike D’Antoni fit everything once Nash comes back in. Give it some time. There’s no one in the NBA now who can replace Gasol in the Lakers line-up.

  40. Martin says:

    Starting Line-up Now




  41. aj says:

    Blame it to Pau!!! He brought Lakerland two championship and tell me it is his fault. We keep forgetting Al Davis, oops Jim Buss made a wrong call on a coach. If we had a great coach then he can manage what we have, yeah blame it to Pau!!!

  42. jeff says:

    Pau on Boston..

  43. p says:

    Stop Pau-ting….send him to the knicks for amare

  44. trey says:

    pau do not need to be traded because dwight demands the ball too much down low and end up getting the ball strip from him. Pau needs to get his shots more down low and to do that dwight needs to give him better space to operate like bynum and Pau used to have

  45. Timothy says:

    Love the dude, but he doesn’t fit the style of play Mike D’antoni likes to run. I would love to see him on the Knicks too, but i don’t believe that could happen.

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    This was a great blog and great breakdown on the whole situation

  47. isaac says:

    And what about Bryant? Can not be Bryant the problem of this team? Probably he is conditioning the coaches´systems with his dead-end ego and selfishness. I cannot understand what is the point of getting 40 points in a game and loosing that game. If 40 points are not enough for winning a game, maybe that kind of playing is not the right one. If one player is gong to score 40 points that means that he is going to center all the tactics. That implies that his peers are not going to get involved in the game. That is a serious problem when you have in your team players that are more that mere bench players. or you cut Bryant ego and give more spot light to Howard, Gasol, etc; or you are going to fail.

  48. Mr.Basketball says:

    Dude system Is Trash

  49. Girl Knowz BBall says:

    Coaching record in 5 games… Bernie Bickerstaff (4-1) Mike D’Antoni (2-3)… What in the hell were the Lakers thinking when they hired D’Antoni? I have a feeling this decision was solely based off of Steve Nash being on the roster and not on what was in the best interest of the team.

  50. OKC FAN says:

    i have to say as a okc fan iam shocked y wud anybody say that kobe is the problem he is the main reason that they stay in games w/o him they would get blown out every game. and y are ppl saying trade metta, he has been playing well this season. Also i do think pau is soft but i dont think they should trade him i think pau should play the 5 considering that there is not a lot of good centers anyway….. and dwight can play 4 i think wen nash comes back he can help the alot bc he dosent miss free throws last night the lakers lost not bc of defense bc they missed 20 free throws if the would have made atleast 10 they would of had one. But anyway go OKC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  52. Piolo says:

    Hey Steve Aschburner!! who is the drama queen?? kobe?? maybe you’re as gay as your statement!

  53. Girl Knowz BBall says:

    Mike D’Antoni just ain’t it. I know Phil Jackson is just sitting back laughing at the Lakers organization.

  54. Richard says:

    If Lakers can’t integrate Gasol in the first five, knowing the able center he is, i bet you won’t have a better center in the league coming off the bench. So why not give it a try playing him off the bench, like what Lamar Odom did for LA. It will be a big boost for a poor LA bench. But i thought D’Antoni’s system would fit Gasol right in because of his shooting. He can run high Pick n Roll with Gatsby and Kobe and shoot or benefit when Dwight gets doubled down low and help with the rebounds. I think we overlooked that this Lakers team is overloaded with weapons and talent in their starting five. we can’t expect Pau to get the all the touches when Kobe and Dwight demands most of it. But having his rebounds and Blocks consistently for the night, that ain’t too bad for an all star player fitting in with a group laden with superstars. I think it’s about how the coach would try formulate a system were he can utilize their player’s strengths.

  55. Joe

    November 28, 2012 at 7:57 pm

    Trade Kobe the most selfish player in the league

  56. googergieger says:

    They should trade him. I mean no doubt they’ll make it work with everyone, but to what capacity? The same flaws remain that have been there these past few years. Speed and athleticism kills this team. In the west every play off team save maybe Utah, has a young quick point guard that can destroy The Lakers. Every team has enough youth and athleticism to run all game as well. Lakers have no real perimeter D, no consistent bench, and a very stacked western conference to deal with. Pau is the only person they could realistically trade and get something in return. Cleveland would probably give up Varejao and a wing or two? Bucks might give you something if you take a few of their big men.

  57. cholk says:

    Pau is not the prob here..good God….MWP needs to go..they wont miss his good D as they already have Dwight Pau nd Kobe..all great dfensive players..they dont even have to get a replacement for MWP..mybe a good bench player or 2 who can shoot 3’s..they can put Jamison on 3 instead,descent offensive player….one more thing that needs2go….Kobe’s drama,nuff said

  58. Joe says:

    Trade Kobe the most selfish player in the league

  59. bkb2626 says:

    bring back Bernie Bickerstaff… He seemed to do fine with him, Kobe, Dwight etc… Bring Bernie Back!

  60. danny-h says:

    please kick d’antini’s but tout of L.A.

  61. @ don't you ever click my name says:

    Hahaha dont you ever
    Click my name good to see you again wahahaha how’s your lakers dude? Still loosing ehh? Wahha so this your super team ehh dream on!!! Lakers will win?? Wahahahaah 7-8 w0w wahahaha beating the record of the bulls ? Yeah ryt!! F your mom hahaha

  62. Nima says:

    Kobe at his drama queen finest? After getting 40 and 10 with the flu?

  63. Spurs_2013 says:

    PAU GASOL to the SPURS!!!

  64. zyon says:

    let him play, Lakers won the Championship even without D’Antoni and Howard, change the coach system not a player… If you are watching international game ( D’Antoni did coach USA team ) Pau so great with Spain because he played his game, let him play as Pau in Spain and we see it from there

  65. W/E says:

    OMG everyone should stop blaming Gasol, every laker player last night struggled, couldnt hit anything hows that only Gasols fault?!?Team was shooting 30% from the field and Kobe alone had 10 turnovers, D12 is gunna break the record for the worst FT percentage ever at some point in his career seeing how awfull he shots the ball as time goes by. D’antoni is a joke, he calls time outs in late game and instead of a good play i see Kobe shooting difficult iso threes…and ppl suggesting trading Gasol because he doesnt fit in D’antoni system?!? His system is failure,he did it before and it didnt get him nowhere…

  66. mike says:

    ive been hearing this same story for the past 3 years or so…

  67. Im tired of hearing fans saying. “its the coaches fault” ..its not Mike D’s fault…..For one start with Gasol….Every opposing defender, watches Pau and notices Pau’s mind, his awareness and agility is roughly slower then mine and i can go around him ..i can go this way, that way……I really dont care much about offense because everybody has there good and bad shooting nights….last thing …you can play good defense everyday……

  68. Anonymous says:

    Kobe wouldn’t let Gasol be traded in the past, what makes you think he’ll let him now??
    The two are good buddies!

  69. specialfriedrice says:

    here we go again, lets break up what is clearly the best front court in the game, Gasol showed his true self again with a stong perforance at the Olympics, solid performace because he was asked to to a solid role, but now you all cry he has to go because Kobe wont take advantage of his front court….the best front court in the NBA…because he can do it all himself…and become the leagues All Time Scoring Leader in the process…at the expense of his team mates and the Lakers…because thats Kobe personal glory hog and a ball hog…end rant…trade Gasol…seriously…

    • googergieger says:

      Memphis Grizzlies rolling over in their grave.

      • Oneirozois says:

        If Michael could do it with Bill wennington and Will Purdue and Cartwright and Luke Longley how can’t Kobe do it with Pau and Dwight? It’s unreal..

  70. Travion says:

    I don’t respect peoples opinion’s about “its the coach”.The whole league sees Pau is not aggressive and players take advantage of that..Yes he has skills but hes not a a determined big man anymore..lakers need 3 things …1 Consistency …2 Determination..and ……..3 Pau traded for a player who plays DEFENSE……..PAu is to soft its startig to look like Volleyball with him out there…

  71. J-B says:

    gasol for stoudemire.

    • Jose (clipper Nation) says:


  72. Jose (clipper Nation) says:

    No way man! Pau is not replaceable. If Lakers want to deal him out go get James Harden. Not Rondo or all those guys listed. Its Madness. Forget the idea. CP3 loves his team he is unlikely to want to go anywhere. Besides if Dwight breaks down you still have Pau to use. If trade is imminent you need at least 2 to 3 super quality players for him. Like Lin, Harden, & another young good prospect. Pau, Man just thinking about it is unsettling. My stomach is turning.

  73. thekingo522 says:

    It doesn’t matter. Lakers are going nowhere anyways. Hey, what happened to the unbeatable team? You know, the one that was supposed to be better than 1998 Bulls…..Like Kobe would say..”Dumb Lakers fans”

  74. Crinkle says:

    Trade Pau? Did you see him tear up the US Olympic team in the Gold Medal game? The guy’s skill level is the highest in the league in my opinion. He can do everything. As I see it the problem is the same as the problem the Knicks were having with D’antonio. He just can’t fit players into the offense that don’t work in his system.

    Look at the Knicks now without him. A top tier team. I think D’antonio is a great guy but if you can’t get Pau involved in the offense thats unacceptable the guy can do everything!

  75. laker fan aloha style says:

    Pau shouldn’t be traded, they should get rid of D’Antoni and get Phil back…geeezz if Phil can win championship with Pau Gasol, and D’Antoni don’t and doesn’t know how to use’s the coaches fault!!! WHAT KIND OF COACH IS HE IF HE CAN’T FIGURE HOW TO USE GASOL IN HIS SYSTEM..IT’S crazy and I don’t think he’s a very good coach…any titles????none…

  76. Dew says:

    I say trade metta and pau altogether. Get some role players or perhaps a starting pf out of the deal. Josh Smith would be a good trade if ATL were up to it. Smith and Korver for Pau and Metta would be a good trade for both teams. ATL gets some starting line power to compliment Horford and Devin Harris while Smith gets his dream shot with a title contender and LA adds some 3 pt shooting ability which they currently do not have much and Metta has been jacking up threes as of late. Amare just wouldn’t work due to contract being too big for LA as they are looking to make a splash in 2014 in free agency. Pau, Howard, Kobe and Nash are all up in 2014 and the Lakers could sign some legit young players including Lebron if he wanted to take over LA due to his contract being up in 2014. Likelyhood of Kobe returning for a couple of seasons with LJ would be great as well as a long term commitment to Howard at that point. The Smith trade makes sense since he was asking for a trade last year and gives both teams good players. Denver doesn’t work due to Denver most likely not willing to deal Faried. I looked at all teams and nothing is a good move for LA or the team getting Pau at this point. You do not want to deal him to a western competition and the likelyhood of OKC or the Spurs dealing for him is slim to none. OKC would def not deal Ibaka in their lifetime. And with SA bringing everyone back from last year and only 2 games from making the finals, I do not see them making a change or move for Gasol either. Lakers need to figure out if Pau can still get them to the chip with their current pieces or ditch him early. I say if the trade is good, go for it.

    • googergieger says:

      Horrible trade for Atlanta actually. Only way Smith and Pau happen is if another team or two get in on the deal. No way Pau ends up in Atlanta either. Denver would suffer with Pau as well. They need a team built for running and they have that. Only problem is some head scratching coaching and lack of consistent effort from everyone not named Faried. Team needs to start making their free throws as well, and seriously we need to get someone that can consistently knock down a three!

  77. bj says:

    all I say, if Gasol where the only problem, help him be better and do what he is good at !
    with that said, Lakers have far more problems than Gasol.
    D’Antoni is star struck, cannot handle the best players:
    Howard will need more years, and he is no Shaq.
    Nash is maybe too old, and mos def not the nu breed
    Kobe is not the King of NBA amymore (Lebron is).
    Sorry to say but the Lakers Era is over and will not be back before they get a “new” Kobe, will take some years.

    And why the fuzz, Blazers and Cats are a much better read !!!

  78. noyb says:

    Pau to DEN for Iguodala, or OKC for Perkins.

    • Jose (clipper Nation) says:

      thats a serious downgrade even if you got both of those guys. common. How about Davis from the Hornets and James Harden. I’d say yes to that. Davis is still a question mark and Harden is without a doubt an allstar player in Houston. He is the leader to me on that team. If I can get Lebron for Pau and Metta. I’d say let do it..

  79. Broom Hilda says:

    I can’t root for Kobe. The Lakers bench is basura. Seriously Pau is probably the only Laker I really like. The franchise makes me feel as if I ate a rotten tuna fish sandwich from a bloated can of botulism. And I’m suspicious if D’Antoni just might inject some of that paralyzing toxin to hide some of those forehead expression lines. I admit the Lakers do have potential for a solid starting 5, but no matter what they do, there current bench has no depth or confidence. The Clippers will finally take LA. They have so many good players; team players. The Lakers are plagued with an “A” hole team captain who mimics MJ in every way shape and form. Sure Kobe is an amazing talent, but do you really like him? Is that who you want to root for? Not me. I always like a good underdog team, and when I see the Lakers playing I find myself always rooting for the other team. Now that being said, Pau is an extremely efficient player. It’s not his fault that the team is losing. I foresee a trade for a couple good outside shooters and nothing more than the west coast finals. Go Clips!!!

  80. Sinastac says:

    don’t do it. yeah, as a lakers fan i get frustrated with pau a lot but thats only because i feel this team is only going to go as far as he can help take them. sure he dosn’t fit d’antony’s system well but if d’antony can’t modify his system to fit pau then he is the most overpaid person in the nba, including stoudamire, who btw would be the worse thing to happen to the lakers..pau is the glue guy, his length and skill are the essence of the lakers whether or not d’antony knows this

    having said this, pau for josh smith and korver is intriguing but really they should be thinking of getting rid of steve blake, meeks(the pure shooter who can’t shoot), and duhon

  81. jojo mitov says:

    4 team trade
    Pau Gasol ,to Houston Rockets
    Terrence Jones ,Patrick patterson,Marcus Morris, Royce White1 draft pick to Hornets
    Ryan Anderson Kyle korver Antony Morow ,Austin Rivers to lakers
    Chris Duhon ,Earl clark, DJO + Sacre 1 draft pick from Houston rockets to Atlanta Hawks

    • Jose (clipper Nation) says:

      Lakers need to win it this year and for it to happen they must have Pau. D’Antoni needs to work everyone in the system. If Kobe can run and gun like I seen him the last 3 games everyone else and too. This in not a rebuild trade

  82. Johann says:

    Kobe has to realize that when he scores too much, his teamates won’t and they won’t win. How many times has he done this, scoring 40, saying that he’s sick, then his team looses? Only jordan does that because he has the respect of his teamates. Lebron did just last week, he still scored a team high, but he also had his team scoring and they won. Just like what mike Does. Kobe’s still trying to prove himself when at his age he should be proving that he could have his teamates respect and not shooting too much!

  83. Mantas says:

    How about Pau for Amare? That would be sweet 🙂

  84. Scott says:

    Dantoni is not a good coach. Watch how great playing Nash and Kobe for heavy minutes works out. Watch how great no emphasis on defense works out.

  85. Munika says:

    Putang ina daming dahilan, pinalitan pa ang coach. Tanggalin ang mga players, ang tatamad, pati si pareng Pau na sisisi. Kinuha pa si Howard na naka bungisngis lang naman. Palitan si Kobe, palitan ng dalawang guard na mabilis @ walang reklamo. Tangalin si howard na bungisngis. Ako dapat ang coach tangina yannnn lufeettt

  86. kis says:

    waive him , the team will accept him for a trade will suffer still this guy is virus now.

  87. chitoLakeshow says:

    Pau gasol for lamarcus Aldridge,nice 😉

  88. Floridian says:

    Gasol is way better than DH. It will be a big mistake to trade him, and relay on DH in center position.

    • Mr. Real says:

      definetely! and D12 and pau could could not co-exist coz they have same natural position. it’s much better if they acquire Ryan Anderson type who can strectch the defense with his 3 ball and add a speedy guard off the bench to help kobe and nash. lakers really need a 3 and perimeter threat for pau to operate.

  89. juankysmith says:

    oooh! How easy is to blame Gasol in this situation!! Does anyone really think he is the problem?

  90. tom says:

    Trade Pau Gasol for Kevin Love.

  91. CJAB says:

    I would love the Lakers to trade Gasol as I am most interested in them losing as much as possible. In the same line of thought, I would keep D’Antoni forever in LA. He is sooooo overated.

  92. Danny says:

    Use him as sixth man…Jamison will start to spread the floor while Howard is in the post. Gasol will spark the bench and should be demanding the ball excessively while starts are resting…

  93. Nick says:

    biggest problem with lakers in not Pau, Dwight or metta…its Kobe!!only phil jax can handle his humongous EGO…Any teams that Kobe has been on has never been successful unless Phil Jax was the coach..D’antoni was the wrong hire as he doesn;t seem to be able to rein kobe in..teams love it when kobe shoots 30 times a game coz the rest of the high caliber players are not involved in the offense

  94. Simple as this, if the Lakers want to see any more Chapionships while Kobe is still with the team(I am talking to you Mr. JERRY BUSS) you better get your Son out of the way and let Mitch Kupchech go head on about his business, Phil Jackson would make a good General Manager ,and really you should have hired Brian Shaw as your coach and it would have been just like having PHIL for alot cheaper, the way all of this craziness is going on with the Lakers, Iwouldn’t be scared to bet that next year the Lakers will be talking crazy about something concerning Kobe, Kobe man I understand your love and admiration ,and also respect for the game, Kobe your best chance for number 6 dwindled away when your front office didn’t bring back Phil, nor did they even talk to Brian Shaw, Kobe could win with Brian Shaw, here is a SOLID POINT, wit Nash, Kobe, Howard and Gasol, 4 future Hall of Famers, on the court together, realistically those guys should be able to coach themselves, there is no way in the world that these 4 guys can’t win 60 games with Mickey Mouse as there coach, now if they could have landed the great Phil Jackson ,an altimate legend, Steve Nash and Howard would be Champions next year, but instead Kobe’s last year in the NBA is next year. and he had one hell of a run, the closest thing to your Airness(Michael Jordan). GO LAKERS****24*********

    • Francisco says:

      YEAHH, closest thing in style, higth, weigth, same kind of game, but sooo far apart in stats,
      jordan 49 % kobe only 45
      jordan 30 ppg kobe only 25
      and so far apart in individual ACCOLATES.
      Definetely the second best player in the history has to be someone with another type of game , because there is such a GAP between Jordan and Kobe
      Vince carter is closer to Kobe than Kobe to Jordan.

  95. Fay says:

    @installer your suggestion makes the most sense. Gasol for Love. I still think we can win it all with the team we have now, if we can rebound consistently. Gasol and Howard need to own the boards.

  96. 16going417 says:

    There is no need to trade Pau or to start using him as a scape goat. The bottom line here is everything the experts said about D’Antoni and his system is coming true. The Lakers are NOT a run and gun team. During the game against the Pacers they showed, at one point, the Lakers took 25 three point shots and only made 5 of them. YOU CANNOT WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP BY SHOTTING 3’s!!!!!!! Barkley says it day in and day out. You live by the 3 and you die by the 3.

    The bottom line is D’Antonis system might be fun to watch but it does NOT win championships and it most defiantly does NOT fit the Lakers current roster. So, the problem is the Buss family decision to hire D’Antoni in the first place, not Pau.

  97. Kobe Bryant says:

    Hi everyone, Kobe Bryant here, Pau is my best friend and teamate on and off the court, I’m really tired of people talking about trading him, but meanwhile Mike D and I talked about Luis Scola, he’s one the best PFs in the league that can shoot mid range and that can create space for Dwight also. Just let Mitch do his job, he never disappoint.
    Mamba out.

    • Tone says:

      Hey kobe its cool you responded to this message i now agree

      • TravionM says:

        I don’t respect peoples opinion’s about “its the coach”.The whole league sees Pau is not aggressive and players take advantage of that..Yes he has skills but hes not a a determined big man anymore..lakers need 3 things …1 Consistency …2 Determination..and ……..3 Pau traded for a player who plays DEFENSE……..PAu is to soft its startig to look like Volleyball with him out there…

    • Jose (clipper Nation) says:

      Ha Ha you’re not Kobe and he would never say that about his buddy.

  98. OKC! says:

    why on earth would the nuggets give away Gallinari AND Chandler for Gasol?

  99. jose machado says:

    i don´t know why ppl talk so much about gasol, lakers bench?! that´s the big problem, however, the only place that u should trade him it´s for barcelona.

  100. Ivan says:

    @installer LOL trade him for Love? Are you serious? What’re you smoking man

  101. cris says:

    Nah keep Gasol

  102. Armin Halvadzic says:

    Man I really hope Pau stays in Los Angeles.

  103. Jamal says:

    @Steve Aschburner Drama Queen finest?!!! The guy was sick as a dog last night and still gave it his all! 40 and 10…Yeah he had 10 turnovers but come on give the guy some respect! Yeah he’s not Michael…No one will ever be Michael, but Kobe has been the best player in the League for well over a decade and has never truly received the media respect he deserves and that’s sad

  104. installer says:

    how about trade him to the wolves in exchange for Love. Wolves get their Spanish team duo of Gasol and Rubio, and Lakers get another rebounder and can spread the floor with his 3 point range.

    • The Fly says:

      Are you serious? Trading the best PF in the game K-LOVE for a player thats in the decline in his career? And your only reasoning is that he is Spanish? Whaaaa???

    • imlan says:

      the wolves would be stupid to give away kevin love, the best player in the nba right now, just my opinion.

  105. acca says:

    gasol is making the laker an old wash-up team get someone who’s young and with energy.

  106. lacolem1 says:

    You mean, the Lakers shouldn’t trade Pau since they’ll never get fair value for him, in the same lopsided manner we originally thought allowed them to get Pau in the first place?

  107. LA_PITY says:

    Oh nice! Another LALA drama, what episode is this?

  108. Gasol Bros says:

    Gasol and Howard can play together. Gasol is not a natural 5. His brother Marc is. And guess what! They play together in the Spanish national team and had won European championships and Olympic medals playing the 4 and 5 respectively. It is not a players but a coaching problem. Go ask the Spanish national team coach how to win with Gasol at the 4 position. Or ask Phil Jackson how he did it with Bynum at the 5.

    • purpngold says:

      I agree. Pau is NOT the problem. DAntoni needs to learn how to run a talented roster. And by that Im not referring to run and gun.

  109. paqnojo says:

    Gasol should be a 6 man. Remember when Kobe was out due to injury? Gasol was great because he was the focus. If comes in with the second unit with Antwan or Hill, Blake, Morris or Meeks that would be killer. I would put Antwan for Gasol rather than hill because if you notice the more minutes he plays the better he gets. That would make for a Killer starting 5 and a great bench. Gasol would be automatic contender for 6 man of the year. Easy and no trade needed. The problem is they are too loaded for this system and it can be fixed by balancing it out.




    Meeks, Duhon

    Tell me that is not a sweet deal. No trade needed…

    • 16going417 says:

      I agree. However, I would remove Morris from the second unit and move Meeks/Duhon to shooting guard and have Ebanks come in as small forward. Then it would work having Gasol supportting the second unit and possibly getting the 6th man of the year award rather than talking about trading him because D’Antoni’s system is the problem, not Pau!!!!

      • paqnojo says:

        Agreed! It is actually simple to fix it and Pau is a team player so I believe he would go for it.

      • purpngold says:

        What ever change asides from trades, the coach needs to do something. Sitting around waiting for Nash to get back is not doing much good. Still under 500..

  110. OG.LAL says:

    Defiantly keep Gasol sign Raja Bell and Mickael Pietrus with Steve Nash,Steve Blake coming back Lakers will win title.

  111. Hussein says:

    no don’t do ittt. Pau gasol is a legend not a rookie player !!!!! We want a small forward . Trade metta world peace

  112. Patrik says:

    Ungrates! Theres no loyalty in sports. that goes for sportsteams aswell as sportsfans sometimes.
    The problem isn’t Paus skill which he proved as he helped L.A to get the back to back. The problem is focus and inspiration which is a fault of leadership meaning front office and to some degree the supporters who keep flailing around trade roumurs like a whip.
    A sure sign of weak management and lack of love from supporters if you ask me.

  113. isaiah says:

    pau pau

  114. red0512 says:

    Trading Pau is not the solution here but in my opinion, it is better to give the Lakers time for their new system and to wait until steve nash comes back and facilitate. Moreover, give extra work-out time to their outside shooters to practice shooting! I also welcome the idea of Pau coming out from the bench like Manu and Harden before and start Jamison….well that’s only an opinion anyway but it might work. Pau is too valuable to trade right now.

  115. frans says:

    Trade a Gasol for a Gasol and let Dwight play PF. It will make LALA unbeatable.

    • Average Joe says:

      And why would Memphis want to trade for Pau when Marc is a better player when compared to his older brother at this same point in their careers? And Dwight play PF? He doesn’t have the required skills. Pau has. That’s why he plays 4 instead of 5, which is really his natural position, when Howard is in the game.

  116. Gamerfan says:

    The basket only move around in NBA2K.

  117. MANIPULATION says:


  118. John Doe says:

    Stop this “let’s trade Pau nonsense”. Mike Brown got fired because he didn’t adapt his system to the players he had. I guess I was wrong if I thought D’Antoni learned from that. Maybe they should have let Bernie take over…

    • MHM 35 says:

      and u stop the “blame the coach” nonsense fool!

      • purpngold says:

        So what do you think the problem is bright guy? Since I guess having one of the top, if not the most skilled big man in the game, is the problem on the team.

  119. Gamerfan says:

    Gasol can save himself by taking a pay cut if he truly feels that he can no longer perform as he used to. Timmy did it in SA and now he’s a gem to that franchise. If Gasol’s talent level is on par with Tim Duncan’s, then what’s the big deal with taking an $8M pay cut. Call it an $8M piece of mind. But I’m sure that there are quite a few teams out there that are one seventeen million dollar Pau Gasol away from a playoff entry. The Bucks, Jazz, Hornets, Rockets all come to mind. Heck, even OKC would be set if they could some how amnesty Perkins and acquire Gasol for $12M or less, and he would stand a much better chance of attaining his third ring.

  120. KC says:

    Pau’s problem is not his skill but his consistency. Everyone has sub-par performances, Kobe included, but there are times when it looks like Pau is unfocused. Having said that, we have to acknowledge that Pau can at least shoot free throws. Howard simply cannot remain in the game late because he shoots less than 50% from the line!! Before you talk about getting rid of Pau, you have to talk about the entire game. Look at yesterday: the Lakers lost in putrid fashion versus the Pacers, and made about 53% of their freebies. By the way some of the Lakers shoot them, you’d think the basket was moving around during free throws.

  121. NHL says:

    1 solution bring back Phil…

  122. Dave Vigoureux says:

    Stoudemire for Gasol, neither work in their teams systems, Amare is reunited with Mike D’antoni and Steve Nash, Knicks get decent over the hill player.

    • DMX says:

      Gasol a “over the hill” player…. and you like to keep ron aka “I am of no help anyplace” artest in the lineup? Not to mention a 40 year old PG….

  123. tyro says:

    gasol for stoudemire!!!! nash and amare back together with d’antoni! WOW kobe as the star player of course… but the lineup would be dwight at center, amare at pf, metta at sf, kobe and sg and nash at the point. wow. pick and rolls, with everyone, we would see alot of highlights. amare would fit it because he isnt a demanding star player, he would work around the team. he can hit jumpers, can post, play high low with dwight, and great at the pick and roll, can do it with nash and kobe. id love to see this.. i dont know though lol i doubt it but i hope there is a possibility =]

    • imlan says:

      tyro, great idea although i don’t think it will happen but you’ll never know.

    • Really?! says:

      Not a demanding Star player?! Amar’e?! And what league are you watching…His demand to be the “go-to guy” is exactly why he and Melo don’t play well together…He thinks he is better than Melo and should be the #1 option, but that certainly won’t happen in LA, he’ll be third or fourth, just like Pau…He would totally destroy their chemistry…I don’t like the Lakers a bit, but I do feel they will get it together, look at the Heat…From first year follies to a championship the next, it can be done…BTW, not a Heat fan either!

      • Mister 215 says:

        @Really?! Uh well it’s not usual to be the go to guy for your team and then for them to add another star player to the team and give him the Keys. Yea I would be upset, you saw or heard what Kobe to Dwight, granted that amar’e is no Kobe, but he is a star player and was doing okay when he and Raymond Felton was together the first time in NYC. Understand this… Amar’e and Carmelo style of player does not coincide with oneanother. Amar’e is not a demanding star. If you claim so then what demands did he give???

    • LakersWillWin says:

      I would NEVER get an injury prone Stat over Pau. Besides, his contract is outrageous.

    • CruzinByU says:

      Amare is done he can barely walk let alone run pick an roll plays day in an day out. if you think amare is going to bounce back then you did not see him play last season. He should take a page from Brandon Roy and retire, only not come back.

  124. Eaglos says:

    Either use him in his natural position (5) or trade hime for a proper power/small forward who can shoot.

    Right now Lakers have two big men worth of millions and are getting poor results out of them.
    Pau will never be like eg. Olajuwon and Howard will never learn to shoot free throws. I would
    rather have Pau at “5”, at least he can shoot bette from the free throw line. As for Howard, other
    than strength (offensively) he doesn’t have much more to offer. Clippers would have been a better
    choice with their alley oop style of play.

    Nash will put some order as in trigger happy Kobe will waste less shots. Other than that Pau will
    still be mediocre from around the basket and Howard will continue to fail miserably from the
    free throw line.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Really? Dwight doesn’t have much to offer? LOL this omment doesn’t even deserve an explaination of everything that is wrong with what you said.

    • Mister 215 says:

      Kobe is trigger happy because no one else is. People crack me up with the hate they give him. Like he doesn’t have 5 championships, as if he is not a winner. A lot of players shoot the ball at a high clip. Since it’s Kobe people wanna hate. Callin him a ball hog and that he shoots too much. Well Jordan shot the ball a lot. Iverson shot the ball a lot, T-Mac shot the ball a lot, Carmelo shot the ball a lot. Where is the trash talking about them??? Oh yea to all you Kobe haters….. Just so you know right now he is shooting above 50% from the field and 40% from the arc, and the leading scorer…… Haters gonna hate, so Kobe do what you do best….. That is all.

  125. ko0kie says:

    @johnschuhmann: why would denver want another big man? i think they got plenty in their rotation..

    • purpngold says:

      Jim Buss has recently made some bad calls. 2 bad coaching choices is enough.I dont think he wants to keep the streak of bad decisions going. Trading Pau would be a tremendous mistake. One that the Lakers might not recover from in quite a while. Size alone as a 7 footer is an advantage over most teams on the NBA. Why would you give that up. Good luck finding another skilled big to replace him. Secondly, he is playing out of position, the play style is putting him out of position. This is the coaches job to fix. Figure out how to effectively utilize him and take advantage of his skills over other smaller power forwards. Post him up some. Design some plays for the guy to keep him in the game. Dont just say go out there run n gun and expect him to keep up all game long and be productive. This style of game plan is going to wear out the players come playoffs time. The one major problem I see with the Lakers is the coaching inability to figure out how to utilize all the talent on the roster.