Wizards Fall To 0-12 … And Counting

HANG TIME SOUTHWEST — Along the maddening trail to 0-12, there have been the gut-punches — three points combined in consecutive overtime losses to Charlotte (double OT) and at Atlanta, a near-22-point comeback at Dallas, four points at Indiana, OT at Boston and a three-point home loss to the Celtics.

Close was not the case Monday night at Verizon Center. The still-winless Washington Wizards, still without point guard John Wall, were run out of their own gym by the surging San Antonio Spurs, 118-92, the largest margin of defeat in an already defeated season.

Adding insult to injury, former Wizards big man Andray Blatche, who’s still pocketing $23 million from the franchise after being amnestied in July and eventually signed by Brooklynis taking cheap shots at his old team in the media and through his own brand of bastardized English on Twitter:

Such is the depressing life of the Wizards. Team president Ernie Grunfeld‘s dumping of high-priced Rashard Lewis for veterans Trevor Ariza and Emeka Okafor has been a disaster. The hailed return of Nene lasted two games before yet another departure to rest his problematic foot. In Nene’s limited floor time of 49 minutes, Washington is a plus-31, so the big fella can definitely help pound out a ‘W’ if he can stay on the court.

Still, Randy Wittman‘s bunch must now be viewed as a serious contender to crash the league record for consecutive losses to start a season. Just two seasons ago, the Wizards lost 25 consecutive road games to start the season, the third-longest such skid in NBA history. Last season they started 0-8.

Now they’re two-thirds to 0-18, the worst start ever by an NBA team and owned by the 2009-10 New Jersey Nets. The lockout-shortened 1999 Los Angeles Clippers and the 1988-89 expansion Miami Heat started 0-17. These Wizards are the 12th team in NBA history to start a season with 12 consecutive losses.

They’ll try to avoid a baker’s dozen at home Wednesday night against a smarting Portland team that dropped an ugly one at Detroit on Monday night.

How realistic is 0-18 or — gasp! — worse? Here’s their next six: vs. Portland, at New York, vs. Miami, at Atlanta, vs. Golden State, at New Orleans. Those six teams are a combined 49-34, and the worst of the lot, the Hornets (4-9), beat the Clippers in L.A. on Monday.

Then comes this hefty four-pack: at Houston, vs. Los Angeles Lakers, at Miami, vs. Atlanta.

Before the Wizards fell to 0-7 nearly two weeks ago following a 107-101 defeat at Dallas where they reversed a blowout, but couldn’t tie it up in the final minute, first-year Washington forward Martell Webster said he and his teammates, many of them new to the team as well, are determined to turn around the moribund franchise.

“Who else is going to do it?” Webster said. “It’s easy when things don’t go well to start blaming and start pointing fingers, but I don’t believe in that. When you think about it with your family, when you have problems you don’t point fingers, you work to resolve the problem as a family, as a unit, and I think that’s the most important thing. We’re a family, a unit and we’re not going to point fingers. We’re going to take accountability and responsibility for all of our individual actions, but at the end of the day we’re settling the problem ourselves.”

Still, there’s little doubt that as the losses mount so does the mental anguish.


  1. rickster says:

    Every time we get good players Webber,Jawan,gil just to name a few we never have the right coach to teach being a man first and by the way Blatche has game he is just one of the laziest basketball talents I have seen in recent years. GO WIZARDS

  2. Jasmoove says:

    where is bradley beal out there???

  3. JKey says:

    I feel sorry for the Wizards and the fans with the start. In fact, to begin they should make a change by creating a better jumper. That design is awful. Hope they don’t post the worse record than the Bobcats last year.

  4. Lorenzo says:

    I say you trade John wall for the best offer he has yet to live up to expectations and fire the coach because look at javel McGee last year was one of the clumsiest players ever now with a better coach he’s playing great and clearly Blatche is saying he needed a helping and no body was their to help . As a basketball fan I love how the bobcats have turned it around but the wizards have been struggling for a couple of years now.

  5. shande says:

    i believe it was not disrespectful because the wizard organization did nothing for blatche even when he may some mistakes on the cour. they should have done something otherwise from boooing him countless time and wavied him

  6. beau says:

    The roster that management has put together in Washington is really terrible, Ernie Grunfeld needs to be replaced, when that happens the new GM will need to put together a new coaching staff and scouting department, because they have not drafted well. The lack of scoring is startling considering that they have added six or seven first round picks since the beginning of the John Wall era. I thought extending Grunfeld’s contract this past spring was a mistake by owner Ted Leonsis, and the results only validate my opinion. Hopefully this is the type of press that will grab his attention and motivate him to make some changes.

  7. Wiz Fan (Yeah I said it) says:

    Wait Wait… Am I mistaken. The Nets own the record for the longest losing streak right? Then 2 years later they turned it around with some key pick ups… I don’t see any obstacles in the way that could prevent the Wizards from doing a similar thing. Blatche is/was a joke. The wizards wanted to make him the face of the team, they gave him a nice contract and wanted him to be the featured scorer. The team got rid of Arenas, Butler and Jamison, because they thought McGee, Young and Blatche were talanted enough to lead the team.

    Instead they BLEW IT. Blatche let himself get out of shape, the wizards didn’t help him do that. Those three players spent more time working there magic in DC’s night life, then they did in the gym. They had the keys to a team, but yet didn’t want to work at their craft to keep it.

    So this post and his rant are a joke LMAO… Part of a winning team, that has your coming off the bench? You want me to respect you or feel bad for letting you go? No the Wizards viewed you as a starter that could lead a team, not a reserve to spark of the bench… You have proved nothing to us #DELETETHETWEET

  8. nbatobecompetitive says:

    time to change the culture..too much patient on the coach..time to make change..try Nate to try to change the mentality of the players..this group is to talented to continue losing..

  9. brooklynbroolyn says:

    Shut up Blatche, it’s easy to trash talk when he is riding in the wagon that is being pulled by J. Johnson and D-Will. Reggie Evan, a 32 year old guy is taking minutes away from him. Evan gets more rebound and more effort than his lazy 26 year old does in about the same amount of playing time. Here’s a reality check, basketball 101. All of Blatche’s weaknesses are covered and made up by the strengths of the better players that he is with. He can’t rebound and too lazy on the court, so Evan, Humphries and Wallace got that covered with their effort. He likes to shoot like a guard, but D-Will, Johnson and Watson is already playing those positions. Blatche is what I called a practice body, the punching bag or someone just to throw around in practice. Whatever contribution that he gives during the game is a plus. So like I said, it’s easy to trash talk when he is riding in the wagon that is being pulled by J. Johnson and D-Will. Just be quiet, enjoy the ride, keep practicing and improve your game.

  10. Kamote says:

    I guess the whole Washington organization has a really big problem. Replacing talented young players (Blatche, Young and even Javale) is just a quick fix, but it wouldnt really solve the problem. OKC has started developing a team with young talent, and even with Green and Harden out because of money restrictions, they’re still winning. The Wizards, as an organization should just get things right.

    The best seasons that they’ve had was with Howard-Webber, MJ (who actually played for free) and Arenas-Jamison-Butler. The last one with Arenas didn’t end quite well, which just shows their inability to handle talented players with high egos/ st*pid dispositions.

    If they want to be relevant, they just have to build an identity that they want to win, no ifs and no buts. Discipline players, show them that they get paid to play. Blatche is a joke, if and when the Nets start losing or not playing him, he’ll go back to his immature ways. They need to discipline their players, have real leaders at the front office, and just stick to what has to be done.

    And yes, even if Wall has been playing at the start of the season, Id still think theyd be at the same position, or maybe at best 3-15.

  11. TTKIN says:

    Maybe they kinda figured a guy being paid millions could figure it out. You want them to setup u up for life financially and hold ur hand through life? Not to mention going and trash talking a winless team is kind of immature as well (which to me indicates he hasnt really matured at all).

    Dont get me wrong, I know some people have a hard time in life and I feel for people like that, including Blatche. I just liked him a lot better before he said all this. Dude, ur out of the organization, ur playing for a winner. And given ur skills and Humphries’ short contract, Blatche has a chance to be their starter of the future at the 4. What does he have to gain by talking like this? That’s what has me upset. Ur out, move on, quit being the bitter ex.

  12. WizFan says:

    As a wiz fan I want to blame Blatche, but I can’t in good faith. I mean come on – McGee, Young, and Blatche (a healthy, fit one) are better than anyone on the current roster other than Wall. Sure those guys are idiots, but at least McGee and Blatche have their acts together now (I haven’t been keeping up with Young). I think at this point it is clear that the players are not 100% to blame for being immature and making dumb plays, the staff culture has to be enabling it. Fire the GM and get a coach who engages in the game rather than sitting with his hands behind his head and glowering.

    • Gameon says:

      Very True, but still Blatche needs to stop talking he was out of shape and played poorly when he was in Washington he aided in the poor play and like another comment said the Nets are not 9-4 because of him he didn’t take any personal responsibility for his poor play when he was on th Wiz with those tweets you are a grown butt man getting paid millions no one in that organization should have to baby you to be better you take the initiative to help the team step up. But now he is talking big because the stars on the team are making his pitiful behind look good, let’s put you back on the Wiz and see if they would still be 0-12…..probably, knowing how lazy and immature he was and by this video, still is.

  13. nmalo says:

    oh and btw, yes the wiz messes up with blatche, but we have other bigs that can replace him that are proven, he has a piss poor attitude and always has, i dont think anyone down here will miss his inconsistent play

  14. nmalo says:

    Im a big wiz fan, but its hard to watch right now, the guys are playing hard, and youll see big efforts from guys like seraphin or jordan crawford one night, but we are seriously missing the play of john wall right now, we need a point who can distribute and run like wall can and the sooner we see him back and nene heal up his foot, well start seeing some wins, but as of now it looks like the wizards will once again be in the top 3 of the lottery

  15. W/E says:

    Blache making insulting comments for his previous team?!? how disrespectful, hes like the worst player in the Brooklyn Nets and if they are winning is surely not because of him,i hope the wizards get their first win as soon as possible.

    • U MAD says:

      Lol mate, u mad. He is their 6th or 7th best player. He’s giving them great production off the bench in the C position. Check the box scores. The Wizards don’t deserve any props for anything, even if posting such tweets was bad and disrespectful.

    • david says:

      the wiz is the worst team in the nba and its funny cuz i did not know the wizards still had any fans thanks for blatche which u spelled his last name wrong but is expected from a wiz fan. blatche is a beast and is a big part of a 9-4 nets

      • W/E says:

        lol am not a Wizards fan but the guy has a really bad attitude, thats all and hes not even mediocre as a player he shouldnt be talking.