Warriors Anticipating Bogut’s Return

 At 8-6 after Saturday’s home win over Minnesota and their fifth in seven games, the Golden State Warriors could be considered the early surprise of the Western Conference.

And they’ve done it without their centerpiece, Andrew Bogut. That might be changing as reports have surfaced that Bogut could be ready to return next Saturday, according to Yahoo.com, meaning he would miss just one more game during the Warriors’ upcoming light week. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Bogut might be ready for practice on Monday.

Since the Warriors made the deal with Milwaukee, shipping out scoring machine and fan favorite Monta Ellis for Bogut in March, he’s played just four games, the first four of this season before yet another injury, this time a left ankle issue, took him out of the lineup.

Golden State is practically salivating to put the skilled 7-footer on a frontline with David Lee and impressive rookie Harrison Barnes.

“That was what we planned in making the trade, that’s what we planned in drafting Harrison Barnes,” Warriors coach Mark Jackson said last week after securing an overtime win at Dallas. “That being said, we’ve got a lot of guys that don’t have NBA experience, so it’s going to be a process and we’re going to stick true to the process, continue to grind out, continue to work hard and continue to learn.”

The bearded, 260-pound Bogut, when healthy, can become a transformational figure in the Warriors’ lineup as they continue to shift from a purely offensive squad to one that takes the defensive end just as seriously. Bogut has averaged 12.6 points and 9.3 rebounds in his career, and at least two blocks a game in each of the past three seasons.

Golden State sits fifth in the West and boasts victories over the Clippers, Hawks and Nets.

“It’s huge,” guard Stephen Curry said last week of Bogut’s impending return. “That’s why they thought they needed to trade for him to solidify the paint for us. I think you can see now in his absence with Festus [Ezeli], Carl [Landry], D. Lee, Andris [Biedrens], when those guys are playing hard, they’re tough and they’re physical and they get it done. For us to have a guy that’s known for fitting that mold [Bogut] who’s out right now, you can only think it makes us that much better.”

The Warriors, and the rest of the league, could be about to find out.


  1. Lupita says:

    Go warriors!!!!!!

  2. Eric says:

    when Curry and Bogut stay injury free, the warriors will make the playoffs this year. they can surprise many teams

  3. wooderson says:

    funny how it says its a surprise that the warriors have started well. its not a surprise to anyone who knows basketball. i said before the season they have probably the most complete roster in the league with no weaknesses and quality in all areas and with the best 7 footer in the league returning they should be making the playoffs in a top 3 seed.

    • commonbasketballknowledge says:

      They played well so far, Barnes seems to be a solid pick and Curry seems to be healthy at last. A Top 3 Seed though is nothing more than wishful thinking. There are still many better teams in this league, San Antonio, Denver, Oklahoma, Memphis and those teams in L.A. The Warriors have a shot at the playoffs, but they will have to fight Dallas, Utah, Portland and Minnesota for it. To me the best 7 footer is still Pau, though he hasn’t played well lately. The best Centers are Jordan, Howard, Marc Gasol and even Garnett, Duncan and Bosh, given that they play at center more often than not. Bynum and Bogut need to get on the court first…

  4. WALLYBURGER says:

    The Warriors fans have been some of the best and most loyal in the NBA for so long with such little post season success. It was disappointing, surprising, yet at the same time not surprising with the disgraceful booing at the Mullin tribute. I can understand, when you have so many disappointing seasons and trades and then you see your leading scorer and most exciting player traded, it’s hard for die hard fans to look ahead long term like the management was. A large portion of GSW fans were content having an average team with a very talented player with not much potential on making a run for a championship, just happy that they were finally making the top ten every night. It was a great move trading Ellis, even if it doesn’t come off. They will be taken seriously now in regards to recruiting. Players will want to play for them and fans will want to support them (more). I wish them all the success and I really hope that they reap the benefits of this talented balanced group that has come about by some tough decisions. I think they should try and get Joe Ingles from Barcelona. Barcelona were undefeated last time I checked and he absolutely dominated at the Olympics. Arguably the best player not in the NBA at the moment. Very strong team player who can do it all. go warriors! word.

  5. Noel117-CelticsAllDay- says:

    trade him to celtics for jeff green and draft picks..celt need this kind of center.. =)

  6. Andrew says:

    Bogut is in the perfect place. A team that needs to change its culture, a teams best centre in 3 decades could possibly be Rony Seikaly “so depressing”, a city that is a lot like his home city of Melbourne, a team that needs a centre and a centre that is focused on winning not stats. Bogut, Lee, Barnes and Landry the Warriors will potentially have the best front line in the NBA.

  7. AussieIcon says:

    Bogut when he’s 100% is easily the second best centre in the league behind the real big baby from the Lakers. Can’t wait to see what him Steph & D-Lee can do, & now Barnes as well? Could be a new Big 4 in Cali soon…

  8. John says:

    I hope he can stay injury free. He was in career best form before that shocking arm injury

  9. Danny says:

    Let’s see if Bogut can stay healthy because if he does, we might see the warriors sneaking into the playoffs. No doubt they can score, but they must improve their defense.

  10. oliverkitch says:

    he isnt out with “yet another injury”, he pulled himself out of the lineup because his ankle hadnt fully recovered and was restricting him on the court. the warriors are doing well considering, i cannot wait to see what they can do with a healthy bogut patrolling he paint.

  11. AusieCeltic says:

    I’m happy for Bogut, but it would be awesome if he went to Boston, and providing he stays healthy the Celtics would indefinitely win the title.

    • Mark says:

      Actually, this makes a lot of sense for the Celtics… Problem is salary – especially with KG signed up.

  12. bigbadbasham says:

    Aussie Aussie Aussie! Fingers crossed that Bogut can remain injury free for a while. Love this guy when he gets going.

  13. jose machado says:

    i hope so, with bogut at 60% it´s already good, if this season he has the chance to reach 100% it will be great, i hope so!