More Drama In Lakerland


HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — Just when you thought the drama in Lakerland would die down a bit, we’ve got another controversial episode to talk about.

That the Lakers lost in Memphis on Friday isn’t that surprising. The Grizzlies are a great team. That L.A. is now 1-2 under Mike D’Antoni isn’t that alarming. It’s a long season and they’re still missing Steve Nash.

But what’s up with Pau Gasol not playing at all in the fourth quarter?

“I was thinking, ‘Well, I’d like to win this game,'” D’Antoni said afterward.


Mark Medina of the L.A. Daily News has the story from Memphis

“That’s not my decision,” Gasol said of his benching. “I’m a professional. When my number is called, I’m out there.

“But it’s something that hasn’t happened to me.”

Gasol’s effort looked eerily similar to his 3-of-10 mark from the field against the Kings, a product of a faulty mid-range jumper and a lack of confidence.

After initially attacking the basket, Gasol took mid-range jumpers and hesitated more on open shots as the game progressed. He shook his head in frustration after his pass toward Darius Morris went out of bounds. Gasol showed a similar reaction when he threw a lob to Howard in the third quarter, only to be called for an offensive foul.

Gasol conceded his conditioning could improve under D’Antoni’s fast-paced offense, but suggested he could shorten up his rotations.

Gasol also argued the Lakers could feature him better.

“All my looks are jump shots,” Gasol said. “I would like to see something to the basket and not just something rolling when Dwight is there.”

Dwight Howard (seven points and four rebounds in 39 minutes) wasn’t any better than Gasol (six points and four rebounds in 27 minutes), but the coach’s post-game comments and the possibility that Gasol can’t play inside in D’Antoni’s offense will surely fuel trade speculation regarding the seven-foot Spaniard.

D’Antoni’s offense is at its best when it has three 3-point shooters on the floor with the point guard (Nash) and center (Howard). Gasol is a very good mid-range shooter, but can’t spread the floor like some other fours around the league.

Obviously, the Lakers have plenty of time to work things out with their current personnel. They still have, arguably, the most talented starting lineup in the league. And their problems over the last two games really start on defense, where they’ve allowed the Kings and Grizzlies to score 115 points per 100 possessions.

But if the drama continues, another shake-up in Lakerland could be inevitable.


  1. Patty says:

    The drama is the Coach the Lakers hired. The Lakers will not win a championship in 2013. They can forget aboout that!!!

  2. the kid says:

    2014 lakers


    • Patty says:

      Are you kidding me. Nash is too old to be playing in the NBA, especially since he is almost 39 years old. Nash has missed his 12th game thus far and no one knows when he is returning to action.

  3. Kamote says:

    Trade Pau for Amare then…

  4. kutz says:

    if ur a true laker fan, u shouldnt whine every time they lose.. move on guys! win or lose lakers 4ever! 16 times world champion is not a joke..

  5. Bobcats over Lakers says:


    NOPE!!!! They beat MAVS Without Dirk… And Everyone knows that the mavs won’t make it very far…. It MEANS mavs right now ain’t a contender….. They are now just a .500 team just like your lakers…. And that was their 1st win on their road games 1-4…. The HEAT record just for comparison… 6-0 at Home and 4-3 on road games… One more to make it clear for you….BOBCATS 5-3 at Home and 2-2 on road games…. All those comments are still very VALID…. Try to understand that the lakers won’t win anything if you really know the game of BASKETBALL….

  6. delusional laker fan says:

    i think trade pau for lebron wade and bosh cmon mitch get it done



  8. Adrian Dansey says:

    I can clearly state that Mike D’antoni underestimates Pau Gasol. If he wants Pau to be traded, In my own opinion Pau “is the best partner to any center can have you can have in the league”. Pau still has a few year’s left on his tank, He can still run, not to mention how good he played in the gold medal againts USA. And it would a big mistake to the the Lakers organization to trade Pau. Clearly Kevin Love is an exception, but let’s face it Minnesota won’t trade away the face of the franchise. and let me remind you of how bad Amare and Shaq played together in Phoenix. and how good is new york playing without amare, i do think that amare has poor peripheral vision compared to gasol who is excellent in reading the defense, regarding on half-court set.
    Bottoms Line Is That A Coach Needs To Be Versatile. I Do Think Mike Might Notices Pau Gets Sluggish During 4th Quarter.
    And In Mike’s System Pau Will Eventually Get Stronger Regarding Endurance And Stamina. And i Think Lakers Will Not Trade Pau.

  9. D'antoniii says:

    the solution is obvious… use pau gasol as the 6th man and insert antawn jamison in the starting line up.
    that way howard, kobe and nash get the spacing they need in the starting line up with jamison’s 3 point shooting.
    sub in pau gasol after 6-8 minutes for antawn or metta Once howard comes out for his rest near the 10 min mark, gasol can shift to the center spot and play with his back to the basket like he wants with the 2nd unit.
    pair gasol with the hustling jordan hill, and you’ll have a solid frontcourt even when the starters are resting.

  10. nba fan says:

    why in the hell would u trade pau gasol he just needs to come of the bench at the center postion and i still think they will have this work out by the end of december

  11. kobeeeeeeeeeee says:

    all of ur comments are void after the lakers won vs mavs, right?

  12. LakerLand says:

    Pao + Duhon 4 Bargnani + Calderon

  13. jarrett nesta says:

    trade gasol to stoudemire in new york. i think it will work for both team

  14. chris says:

    they need to trade pau for j-smoove because he is a better rebounder better defensively and better at shooting and driving in. sure him and dwight would be low on hieght for the average big but they would be huge on talent. plus josh could be moved around more, he can play the 4, 3, and sometimes 5

  15. Jay says:

    Pau Gasol for Dirk would be a good deal, because dirk can hit the outside shot

  16. noyb says:

    As long as Jim Buss is calling shots instead of Jerry, LAL SUX. Get Jerry back, PJAX back, and start winning 11/13 titles again.

  17. smooth b says:

    its about time , now u see that kobe is the problem, they would when more games if kobe played around his team, instead of him being the first option

  18. nbashgkag says:

    pau gasol for bosh would benefit both teams but are heat willing

  19. vencedor says:

    Why blame Gasol or Kobe or Howard or anybody else on that line up? They are all great players! They are built to win games without teamwork, so why are you guys whining if it it is a roller coaster season for the Lakers? Why even consider Kobe as one of the greatest basketball player ever when what he ever does is keep the ball to himself? He needs those superstar role players so that the way he plays look great. Why is he so important Mr. Buss? Is it because he is so freaking goodlooking? Without superstars as Kobe’s role players, this Lakers team will not make the playoffs.

  20. Bok says:

    Why not switch Pau & D12’s position? I think Pau can still dominate at C & D12 can be a monster at PF. Instead of run & gun, why not pound the inside? Let the players play loose & comfy, run screens with those 2 bigs. But it also hurts that they lost Shannon Brown, Derek Fisher, Sasha Vujacic, Lamar Odom & Ramon Sessions to trades & free agency. Or why not hire Jerry Sloan instead? I remember Jazz way back then with a handful of stars & mediocre bench giving P-Jax’s Bull’s a hard time. It’s a combination of coaching, stars & bench for me, & I hope Kupchak realize this before it’s too late.

  21. raptoni says:

    I think the Lakers should trade Pau Gasol+ someone for Bargnani & Calderon – The trade would benefit both teams.

  22. Dann says:

    Gasol play to weak!!! , need to play harder n better

  23. Joseph_03 says:

    Make Jim Buss VP of Ball Boy and Equipment management, then let Mitch and Mike D decide on personnel decisions. It would be easier for basketball minds to agree on things if they need not answer to the huge ego of the COO (Child Of Owner).

  24. Gzac says:

    Gasol for Bargnani?

  25. Darrin Dawson says:

    I think that Dantoni has finally realized that he has stepped into the hot zone.

    Personally I think the Lakers should just disband.

  26. fan of fans says:

    Lakers coaching staff needs imagination. They don’t need to trade Pau.They should start Mamba, D12, Jamison, Hill, and Nash. They don’t need two bigs in D’Antoni’s offense, just for the triangle or half court offense. D12 and Hill are great rebounders, Mamba,D12, and Hill can defend, and all but Hill can score in double figures. This group can run the pick-and-roll and hit more 3s than the present starting lineup. Reserves: Pau, MWP, Ebanks or Clark, Duhon, Meeks, Morris, and Blake. That’s not the worse bench in the NBA. If Lakers acquire Raja Bell who can still defend and hit 3s., the bench will look even better.

    History shows than Pau plays better as a center than as power forward. Jamison is not washed out like some people think, he can score more consistently than MWP in a free flowing offense. Hill can become a complete player if starting, he has a nice jumper that should become more consistent with the opportunity. He wasn’t drafted 8th overall in 09 for lacking skills.

    Pau is getting lost in the present offense, and MWP can play more or less minutes according to Jamison performance. They shouldn’t complain coming off the bench, since Manu is better than both of them and he does.

    Anyway, I don’t think D’Antoni will do anything like that, but such move will strengthen both, the starting lineup and the bench at the same time under the run and gun offensive system. It shouldn’t make that much difference defensively, since the Lakers are not doing that good in that department with the combinations used lately.

    What do you guys think?

  27. vencedor says:

    I am thinking of another ballhog that is a nice fit for the lakers. Yes, Melo should come to town!

    • ee says:

      yes very clever comment i think jodie meeks and steve blake should be shooting 20 shots a game each and yea maybe kurt thomas and marcus camby for the knicks, why get the best scorers to have the most shots you are a very smart guy

  28. Cymon says:

    The L.A are struggling. Because of lack of post presence, and the defense is getting worse even if you have 2 great front court players. /sigh I recognized that when the Lakers were being coached by Bickerstaff, they have more efficient playing of basketball, good rotations, balanced offense and defense. I think nobody trusts Mike D’antoni’s style of coaching.. Even when you have Steve Nash in, he’ll not be good enough to defend younger PG in the league, and even if you have him on the court for offense, Kobe is there to hold the ball longer than him.

    They’re in a tough situation right now.. Maybe we’ll see this team’s chemistry falling and the team being dismantled even before post season come.

  29. john says:

    lakers lack on defense…

  30. Basketball Jones says:

    Smart move by D’Antoni. At least by taking Gasol out, Kobe Bryant can’t start placing the blame on Gasol for losing. If they lose a couple more, I think Kobe will be crying to be traded again.

  31. aj says:

    I think this is a product of the Jim Buss for not getting Phil Jackson and D’ Antoni who does not know how to bring the best of his players… Yeah give the coach a chance, Viva Lakers!!! AWAY….

  32. Polusis says:

    Look some international basketball, look behind for the rings the Lakers won these past years, and you’ll see Pau Gasol (in the paint) laughing at the face of Howard and every single defender they put on him, only because he’s a heck of a player down there. Howard is horrible, he can shoot, he can make a free throw … he just block some shots and everyone goes crazy with that … come on, ask Howard to shoot from 20feet …

  33. Nasty says:

    Just wait for Nash guys…and put Jamison on the starting pf,and let gasol come of d bench,.

  34. bruno says:

    the people who say kobe was just 7-23…you guys dont watch the game but just grab that stat and run with it. yeah blame kobe, gasol is the man,etc oh please…..

    no one on that laker roster wants the ball besides kobe…he has no help what so ever and is left to the the dirty work even at his age…its no wonder he has poor shooting nights and the open looks the rest of the lakers keep missing is a joke! and if pau was really that good he should be demandind the bal!!!

    the rest of the lakers need to take a good look at themselves and step up!!! especially in the 4th quarter…

  35. frank says:

    for me, lakers is a power house team ,,,

    kupchak has a wrong decision hired d’antoni

    i respect Mike D” Antoni,, but the system of mike d’antoni is not fit for the lakers roster,,,

    all of the lakers rosters is talented for me,,, specially ,,, the first five,,, and the former six man and a all star antawn jamison

    only Phil Jackson can handled that line up and to b become a nba champions once again.

  36. Vexxed..... says:

    The Lakers these days seem to be a crew of impostors!! You have a coach that coaches like Don Nelson, you have an imitation of MJ and of Shaq…. You’re waiting on John Stockton to come back…Meta is a hair color away from my man the worm.. Most of all, you are trying to figure out what the problem is?!?!REALLY? Now they talking Gasol needs to be gone? He’s the most original cat on the team other than Jamison!! Blow team up, send Bizarro MJ to China, keep Gasol and Jamison, start fresh!( and D.Morris too) Somebody get B.Shaw to coach team… LMAO @ LA soap opera..

  37. little phil jackson says:

    trade pau and meeks for boozer,vlad and hinrich. that will teach the lakers

  38. Jason Hamp says:

    Seriously people let’s get this straight. I’m sick of people saying that Bryant is taking too many shots he is shooting over 50% from the field over 40% behind the ark and almost 90% from the line so quit saying he’s the losing factor just saying he has had one rough shooting night this season! Those numbers look like winning numbers to me!

  39. arnold says:

    why Gasol always put in blame, what about the other side of the coin, D’ Antoni fire (1-2), and retain Benie Bickerstaff (4-1). is not the player, may be is the system of coaching.

  40. BHajan says:

    listen first thing the Lakers need to do is the opposite of what they are doing right now.
    Do you know how they take dwight howard out and put with back up line up.
    INstead do that with paul
    dwight gets stuck with nash and blake with paul and hill
    i prefer they put paul to start but take him out after three minutes so the kobe nash and dwight offense can run and then
    during secound quarter put gasol in at CENTER and HILL and PF with black jamison and maybe another starter
    IF they both play center during different times the lakers will kill

  41. Paul says:

    Truly NBA, hold D. Antoni responsible. The reason why is because, Phil Jackson would blame a player. Pau is the reason we made the playoffs last year. D. Antoni take all the responsibility sir. Pau is truly one heck of a player.

  42. rufus says:

    no question about it, gasol for amare?…d’antoni amare and nash, surely it can works and make a title this year.

  43. Yaw says:

    This is how I see things:
    Antwan Jamison, much better off playing power forward, not small forward.

    I say, starting lineup should be: Dwight Howard: C, Antwan Jamison: PF, Nash: PG, Kobe: SG, Peace: SF.
    Rotate: Pau Gasol: C, Jordan Hill: PF, Darius Morris: PG, Jodie Meeks: SG, Devin Ebanks: SF.

    This rotation should be the most effective, because
    Gasol is better at center/post ups
    Jordan Hill plays great at PF, was given to little minutes. Can score and rebound crazy.
    Morris is improving.
    Meeks is getting more comfortable
    Ebanks can score and is a better choice at SF, since Jamison is not that great there.

    Having Gasol/Jamison/Hill all play PF will be difficult distributing minutes.

    Notice how the road to the last two championship, Gasol was Center, Odom was PF.

    Like Phil Jackson said, the key is for he coach to find a role for each player.
    D’Antoni needs to figure out what each player’s strengths are, and exploits those.
    Stop trying to make this team like the Suns. Not going to work. But of course these coaches are too arrogant to listen to input from fans.

  44. FIRE D' ANTONI says:


  45. arafat balt says:

    the problem in lakersland is the team chemistry and the bench. you know that starters of lakers are greatly but their backcourt is low. that is the problem for the lakers, the key to solve that is allowed to make trade in other team

  46. Alex says:

    It’s official: the only one who could run this Lakers team is Phil Jackson. I didn’t want to accept it but it’s the truth. All the other coaches just can’t seem to understand that Pau has and must play inside. Having one of the best big men in the recent history of the league and using him as an open man to hit jumpshots… it’s out of my mind. At least he’s in the shadow because of someone named Dwight Howard and not the overestimated Andrew Bynum, as Mike Brown did.

    Also, I don’t understand D’Antoni’s behaviour. He’s too harsh, kind of a narcissist. C’mon, players don’t respect you enough to act like a jerk. Pau doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment. You can’t say today that he’s one of the best big men in the history of the league and then tomorrow sit him down in the bench because “you want to win the game”. It’s ridiculous.

    Bye bye, Mike (D’Antoni).

  47. AJ says:


  48. James lakers says:

    should;ve been phil..

  49. MIKE JONES says:

    Paul Gasol for Orlando Magics Hedo Turkolgu and Arron Affalo, maybe a first round pick. What do you think? Glen Davis is a good option too.

  50. Trade Pau & Artest says:

    for Kevin Love

  51. AJ says:

    I am a laker fan since 1983. defence is the problem. by watching the details these guys capable of playing defense . i get so upset when i see them loose !
    hope coach fix the problem before they get too far behind !

  52. stacey says:

    so…..d antoni comes in and gasol does not fit his offense? why did they hire him then? gasol has helped win championships …i dont understand why they didnt bring in phil of some of these guys cant run n gun? gasol and kobe …ron …all knew phils offense …i say how dare d antoni say i took out gasol cause i wanted to win long has he been there? very wrong ….l

  53. jr says:

    gasol is a good center. he’s done a great job to the lakers. i think the lakers must concentrate to thier bench players because its not that deep. if you will compare the bench of lakers during their back to back and today.

  54. danny-h says:

    what, nobody saw kobe’s face when d’antonii was hired? what a big mistake. and now everybody blaming on gasol. what a surprise. you seem to forget what gasol’s added to the lakers. kobe= 0 titles. kobe+shaq=3titles.kobe+gasol=2titles.
    pau, you are better off going somewhere else where they appreciate what you give.


    hey i forgot the title of that show…. “A LOOSING STREAK” NICE HUH

  56. Kobe’s 7 for 23 should be the stat that D’Antoni criticizes, but since Kobe is the real coach of the team, you aren’t going to hear any criticism of Kobe. Kobe missed 16 shots and Pau misses 5 shots, who is really to blame if your team loses by 8 points? Pau is the scapegoat for the team. D’Antoni is not going to last too long, and with Kobe’s shoot until I make a shot mentality, Dwight can’t be all that happy either. I think that Kobe is the weak link of this team…and D’Antoni, at least after the first few games, is not the best coach for this team.

    Another Buss blunder. Should have gone with Phil.

  57. stephenmanton says:

    Lakes can’t win without Pau! Simple! Better player than Howard easily. Clutch. Free throws. World Champion. Carries Spain. 2 Championships! Dwight is nothing but a blocker and a dunk contest winner! Lakers no place for man-children!

  58. BB Fan says:

    yeah, kobe is trash.

  59. Hunter says:

    I hope you Laker fans are grateful of Pau Gasol. He was primarly responsible for those back to backs. If anyone who bashes Pau and blames Pau needs to do some reflecting on how much he has done for that franchise. Be grateful.



  61. ChrisChilds says:

    Get rid of Peter Gun Kobe!

    He is the problem…the guy only cares about his stats, doesn’t make players around him better….but worse!

    No one to get in his face and put him in check.

    Keep shootin Kobe!!

  62. Canary Islander says:

    What unfair put all the weight of this lost on Pau.

  63. royalpurps says:

    ryan anderson, vasquez, rivers for pau and ebanks. make it happen mitch

  64. Franklin says:

    HOWARD #12 is the problem. no

  65. Franklin says:

    HOWARD #12
    HOWARD #12
    HOWARD #12
    HOWARD #12

  66. Sweet Shot says:

    You know what is lucking in lakerland to win another championship…………they need derek fisher on their lineup…….remember how the laker win championship after shaq leave the lakers…….its the d fisher is the primary core of those championship……kobe wud not win those without fisher and the rest of the crew……fisher is available at the pool…. old but valuable…………

  67. AJ says:

    here is the problem:
    management heried MIKE BROWN . which could,t win the title with L.JAMES. he wasn’t good enough .!!
    management went ahead and hired M.D. which he could’t win at pheonix or NEW YORK.!!
    management had a chance to hire PHIL JACKSON which won 5 championship for LA !!
    D howard and Kobe make a lot of mistake (the oponent team still the ball from them all the time) but they only get credit !!
    P.casol ,D.FISHER, L.ODOM, RON ARTEZ, helped them to win few championship but see what happened to them ?

  68. bmwjarod says:

    Kobe this year thus far:
    FG% .508
    3p% .413
    FT% .883
    RPG 5.2
    APG 5.1
    SPG 1.5
    PPG 27.5
    That’s a great start! He is 34 years old… still the best.

  69. St.Devil says:

    its not the coaches, its the players will………they cant play together… can tell by looking on the plays they run..hhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……………….

  70. bmwjarod says:

    Kobe has been playing fantastic basketball this year.. he is shooting over 50% from the field. The Lakers will be just fine.. give it some time.


    SUPER TEAM???? SUPER FUNNY TEAM EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. lakeshow says:

    pau for thomas robinson


    hahaha, first, mike brown is the problem, fired him, then now pau should be traded, and some moron LAL fans blame D’ antoni ?!?! WTF ?!?! its just 2 game lose does that mean his coaching skills wont work in LAL?!? who’s next for blamming in LAL struggles ?!?! howard ?!?! nash?!?! blake?!?! and now LAL fans wants kevin love in LAL. hahahaha, maybe next time you’ll gonna beg for lebron james or kevin durant in LAL.

  74. doug k says:

    amare for pau straight up lets do it

  75. Realistic says:

    Like what every parent says, “MONEY DOESN’T BUY EVERYTHING”. That’s pretty much how the Lakers organization and fans think. The organization treats its players except for Kobe horribly. Remember the blind side trade attempt last year?

  76. bu says:

    D’Antoni has to merge his offensive system to the skills of this team, not to exact copy, which I don’t think he’s stupid enough to do. And why are so many ppl already judging him now? He just got called up out of the blue when he’s planning to rehab from injury!!!

    And it’s not his fault for this team to dysfunction. It’s Lakers management team’s fault to trade for Howard & not building up a good bench & hiring of Brown.

    My take is, D’Antoni is not the answer, as he’s not a proven coach to win championships, nor does he has the off & def system to do it. It lies in the management team by putting together this bunch who’s all not on the same page. I feel so bad for Kobe to end up in this mess because of family feud!!! If the mgt don’t resolve this, I won’t be surprised to see Kobe demand to be traded.

  77. kbags says:

    it was a bad hire from the get go. tim duncan and david robinson worked and olojuwan and thorpe worked, weber and divac worked all bigs who had similar games to each other if you cant make howard and gasol work you dont deserve your job give up on the dumb run and gun offense already thats what doesnt work

  78. ROAR says:

    bring Pau to Spurs

  79. The People says:

    Did someone drop a bulk load of Acid into this blog…people saying trade gasol for love or for josh smith….you have got to be tripping balls to think Gasol at his age right now is anywhere near those to youngsters

  80. What a pack of drama queens, Pau had a horrible first quarter and failed to recover, big deal. I’m waiting to see how the team goes when Nash returns before jumping to any conclusions. Any speak of trading Pau is blasphemous.

    • Knowledge says:

      Thank you…Pau is a great player who doesn’t get used correctly…..if anyone watched the Olympics they know what I mean…

      • purpngold says:

        I totally agree. Pau is not the problem. Any talks of trading him is ridiculousness. Pau is a beast on the block. He dismantled the US team on the inside during the Olympics. The problem is he’s strengths are not being utilized. That I think is what he is trying to say in his public comments. Pau is such a pro that he wont call out his coach publicly, but I hear you loud and clear Pau. There seems to be player unsettleness with the coach. Look at Howard, his last couple of games are an embarrasment. For him to be the best center in the league putting up those kind of stats is just not acceptable. Something doesnt seem right, and it all goes back to Jim Buss and his poor choices.

  81. andres feret says:

    The main problem is in defense. attitude and transitions are often naive, lots of spaces that are very easy to build and read by rivals, especially when they have young playmakers. The team also has no change in attack speed, Gasol has been very diplomatic and considerate in their response. I think I should set up two teams to have a solid rotation. Do not think it’s necessary to use Gasol with Howard. Howard generates a type of game where you can be useful Jamison, Nash and Raja Bell maybe. I have not clear whether D’Antoni dares to establish a new role for Kobe.

  82. Lee says:

    Just like Magic Johnson said, Lakers management made two poor choices. First hiring Mike Brown who wasn’t a good fit, and then not hiring Phil Jackson. Phil would have been a better fit without a no doubt. Jim Buss just didn’t get it right.

  83. andy says:

    D’Antoni is the problem not the team he has different play style that will not fit those player .this coash has problem coaching defense ,he likes counter attack and 3 point shooter and quick player which is not available in la.i said before the team will suffer winning games

  84. sam says:

    The Bigs looked like Midgets last two games!!! Of course they will lose.

  85. brooklynbrooklyn says:

    There’s no need to trade Pau. He’ll be fine. The only problem is the bench. Lakers GM has to strengthen the bench, if they can. Morris and Ebanks backing up the guard/wing position will not help any team. Kobe and World Peace needs longer rest for their age. Imagine if they get injured, you have those two young players filling in the spot. Also, this shows that if Nash and Blake are injured for a long time, Lakers are in trouble. Duhon, Hil, Jamison and Meeks will be productive players if they’re consistent. It may take the Lakers a month or a year just to be figure things out, but I don’t think thats what LakerLand wants. Lakerland fans are too spoil. Saying stuff like trading players and whining about hiring the wrong coach will not make this team any better. The players that Lakers have now are what it is. Injuries are something people can’t really control. Imagine if the Lakerland fans were running the organization…”Pau Gasol and Chris Duhon for Andrea Bargnani and Jose Calderon” or “No other wat Bring Back Phil…” There will be so many players being traded and coaches fired after one bad game. Championships are won by players and organizations, not fans. Lakerland fans, just enjoy the ride and support your team.



  87. Jack Taylor says:

    D’Antoni needs me if he wants to win.



    • Knowledge says:

      Ok where is Lebron the king he has one ring under his belt 1 just 1 and he needed to jump ship and get Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh to do that when he had a very good chance of doing it in Cleveland…I respect lebron as a player and a person I just feel that people give him way too much credit for not erally acheiving as much as those before him have… this point in time Lebron is finally playing to his full potential and displaying the maturity it takes to be an NBA legend…..

      • Francisco says:

        LBJ got it being the alpha male from A TO Z , kobe first 3 were Shaq’s, he choked big time in game 7 in the last one and still got an undeserving MVP, SO, HE HAS 1 1/2 rings. statitically LEBRON HAS BEEN BETTER YEARS AFTER YEAR, NOT EVEN CLOSE

  89. carnelld says:

    Dantoni is a “one-trick-pony”. He is a destroyer of players and only knows one system. Look at what he did in New York. Carmello Anthony saw what Dantoni would do to his career and he rebelled. Dantoni wanted to turn the Knicks future over to the inexperienced Jeremy Lin. He can not attack Kobe or Howard, yet. So he will attack Gasol and either bench him or trade him. Next will be Metta World Peace. Dantoni destroys players like he did to so many good players in New York. Dantoni only knows the run-and-gun system, which is for young players, The Lakers team is old. Steve Nash is old. When Dantoni was a success, he had a younger Nash, Joe Johnson, Stoutamire, etc. When he finishes with the Lakers, the team will be a shambles. The lakers should have re-hired Phil Jackson.

    • Knowledge says:

      I will not attack D’Antoni for Carmelo, Carmelo was a detriment to the teams he played for you see how much better Denver did once he was gone….and when he first got to NY he was too busy trying to be the man and they did better minus him at first…it honestly took for a relative unkown in Jeremy Lin to show some type of heart and spark that team… the onus is on Amare because he’s honestly not a good player he needs an upbeat offense and no scoring competition to shine…

      • ee says:

        ah no denver out in the first round just like when melo was there oh hang on he took them to the confrence finals one year so yea ur just wrong

  90. carnelld says:

    Dantoni is a “one-trick-pony”. He is a destroyer of players, especially Black players. Remember what he did in New York?
    Carmello Anthony saw what Dantoni would do to his career and rebelled.Dantoni wanted to turn the Knicks future over to Lin. He can not attack Kobe or Howard, yet. He is going after Gasol. Next will be Metta World Peace”. The run-and-gun offense is for young players. The Lakers team is old. Steve Nash is old. They should have gone with Phil Jackson.

  91. gman says:

    Mike D’Antoni doesnt know how to use the personel that he has for his advantage. The Lakers has a very talented roster, but they are also aging. Phil Jackson woul be a better fit for this roster.

  92. bignick says:

    pau for amare!

    • maybe he can work with melo becuase amare cant

    • sogoodsocial says:

      Name one player who played and won it all by himself.

      Name one player who won it all without any great players.

      You say Kobe is irrelevant.. trade him for three role players..

      Isn’t that where the ‘good teams’ struggle? last year’s Denver Nuggets.. The 76ers.. Playoff teams with no go-to guy. No face of the team. No closer. No killer mentality… It’s what separates the good from the great.

      Whats the Bulls wiithout Derrick Rose? Well we saw it last year.. Whats the Thunder without KD taking crazy shots to ICE it?

      Well thats Kobe’s role for the Lakers. And he’s won doing that role… so why deny it now when he’s just doing the same thing? Just because they haven’t won in a year or two? You’re actually giving him way too much credit– even Kobe knows damn well it takes a team to win it all.

      Last thing.. It takes some guts to be taking those shots at the end of the game..

      KD did it to the Lakers in the playoffs and stole a game.. He shot a horrible shot, (he admitted it himself) a couple feet behind the three point line, early in the clock .. the dude’s got some **** to be taking that shot.. but the ball went in, they went up and Kobe wasn’t able to match.. So I had to give it to him.. they deserved to win that game.

      That’s what superstars do. And Kobe’s one helluva closer. So for this team, keep your three role players, I’ll take the Mamba!

    • ee says:

      knicks fan here please make that trade

  93. Al says:

    So what I understand from these comments is that the lakers bad start is down to, Kobe, dwight, D’antoni, Pau, the bench, nash’s injury and the ownership. Either lakers fans complain too much or the lakers have a lot of problems

  94. JAYJAY says:

    He bench Pau so he could win? did he? Mike d should change his system. this is not running game. His system didn’t work in phoenix, didn’t work in new york, and it will never work in L.A. Learn the word defense. Pau is a proven champion. A very skillful player high IQ.

  95. jspech says:

    Enjoy D’ AnPhony in LA, So glad he is no longer in NYC. He loves to vilify players too much w/ his media apologist

  96. Lakers-R-Us says:

    @John! I didn’t know the Bulls were 10-72! LMFAO! How’d they make the playoffs and win the championship????? LOL

  97. lebronheatREPEAT! yeaaaa boyyy says:

    Pau even though i dislike u for bein on the lakers come to south beach no drama here and you will get yourself another ring this yr:) Not to mention you will play with the best player in the game KING JAMES

  98. aj says:

    Please stop this coaching madness in LA. this Lakers team dont play smart dont play with right speed/very lazy/dont play from heart…….noting comes easily so it is NOT coaching so much and for all Phil Jackson lovers i tell you what, he had a great chance to be here but he had to think aboutit. well too much thinking is not good for you.
    Plus let me ask all of you how did Phil Jackson do the last seasons he was in charge,by knowing that everyone was younger and perhaps better.

  99. fatomix says:

    wow now i’m scare every time the Lakers playing u don’t know what to expect because of the Jerry buss ego not hiring Phil Jackson instead hiring this loser last time i check defense win championship and Mike D’antoni dont preach defense and don’t even know how to draw a defense scheme so you tell me. another losing season for the Lakers

  100. Will says:

    Laker fans are so dumb lol. Pau is way overpaid. I doubt anyone in their right mind would trade for it. They should take a hint from Boston (KG) and Miami (Bosh) and play him at center off the bench. Or amnesty him and get a bench that doesn’t blow.

  101. sasiro says:

    i cant understand why ppl keep blaming Gasol when Howard, who is suposed to be the best center in the game, has done even worse numbers in the las 2 games. It’s pretty clear the problem is the playstyle d’antoni wants.
    If u get lemons, make lemonade, dont try to do fu***** chocolate

  102. NorthernBaller34 says:

    If D’Antoni were to stay, and keep his current fast paced three point shooting system, a good trade that could benifit both teams is Pau Gasol and Chris Duhon for Andrea Bargnani and Jose Calderon. Bargnani’s lack of defense would be masked by Dwight, and he’s one of the best three point shooting big men in the league, and he has that Italian connection with D’Antoni. Meanwhile Calderon is a huge step up from Duhon as a backup point gaurd for Nash, and can even start and easily run the offense when Nash is out.

  103. John says:

    Lakers team will break the Bulls record 10-72 hahahaha…poor lakers fun keep crying crying and crying…crying…..

  104. D’Antoni has to go back where he came from

  105. Hornets says:

    Ryan Anderson for Pau Gasol!!

  106. mookj says:

    This has nothing to do with the personnel… This is all coaching!!!! With a team like what the Lakers have you cannot blame the players. It is All the coaches fault. So what now? Start trading players around and try to tweek the line up.? Please!!!! A real coach has more than one style of play…. You are suppose to cater to the team that you have not to a system that you want to incorporate. Everybody can’t play run and gun ball for 48 min. and the Lakers have no bench to rest these guys. SHOULD HAVE HIRED PHIL….. That was the stupidest move of the year!

  107. Tristan says:

    No other wat Bring Back Phil…

  108. Tommy says:

    I thought the Lakers would dominate with the personnel they had this year., and I know it’s early but they don’t appear to be able to play defense well enough to be able to win a championship. And Nash will not help in that department when he returns. I also over-estimated Dwight Howard. I thought he was a dominating defensive presence and what I see is that he is very good but not great, and have you ever seen anyone lose the ball more often then him when he takes it to the basket? I haven’t. I have to give them a couple months to turn it around but for now it’s hard to watch them. And everyone is right about Pau. Has he forgotten about his low post moves? All he does is shoot from the outside. Metta is playing better than he’s ever played with the Lakers. Kobe is playing well also ,on offense. Maybe Howard is not 100%. If he is then this is going to be a long painful year for Laker fans.

  109. jamal says:

    take boozer! TAKE HIM!!!

  110. MC says:

    Kobe needs to go !! He has never been able to carry a team to a championship. I give credit to Shaq for the first 3, and the 2 two to Pau and Kobe. Kobe should only be accountable for 2 championships, not 5 !! Let him go and get a couple good team players and maybe they’ll win. Hope not though !

  111. theking0522 says:

    What a bunch of whiners Lakers fans are!!!! These are the dumb fans that were predicting the Lakers would break the Bulls 1998 record in wins. That shows you how smart Lakers fans are. You have two 7 footers and you have Kobe Bryant shooting from outside all the time. That is your problem!!! You have to feed the beast, but hey, I would take Kobe’s 27 jumpers as long as the bigs don’t touch the ball. LOL…..By the way, you are NOT getting Kevin Love or any younger player for Pau Gasol. Stop dreaming. And you only have ONE YEAR to win a championship. Howard WOULD NOT return to a team in which he doesn’t touch the ball. Say hello to Kobe.

  112. Mr.Basketball says:

    D’Antoni Is The Problem You Need a Balance Offense To Win With Two Big Man Like Howard And Pau And Defense!!!!!!!!

    • purpngold says:

      I agree. DAntoni needs to make the proper adjustments. He needs to come with a game plan that will effectively utilize the talent on this roster. The more uptempo offense is certainly a better fit from what they started the season with, but there has to be more than that. The age of the team is not cut out to run and gun the whole game. Game after game. Its a long season. Plus the roster is full of talent that is not utilized to its maximum capacity. DAntoni needs to get all the players leaning the same direction first. Somehow get the team to play some team defense and stop giving up so many dam walk in layups. Switch up the roster or something. Bring Gasol off the bench or something .. Coach needs to step his game up..

  113. Shawn says:

    my last comments were not published so i will tone it down. As a successful executive for more than 20 years, the comment made by D’Antoni that he wanted to win… is appalling. It is very important to build confidence and team spirit early on. Not to set the tone for finger-pointing and CYA. It is a team that wins champions, not superstars. Certainly there is more than enough talent on that team to win. It is the coach that has to know how to orchestrate, and take responsibility for the failures. Protect and appreciate each member. It may have been more important to take two steps back and a giant leap forward. Gel the team, take your time and do it right. This is a poor example in front of personalities such as Dwight Howard and only will lead to future problems. So if they trade Pau, he will be better off!

  114. Skabamba says:

    Josh Smith for Pau Gosal

  115. wuffe says:

    and Somewhere Mike Brown is eating his Chick Filet sandwhich in peace, laughing to himself….

  116. Edgars says:

    D’Antony is not the right coach if lakers are after rings. He never knew how to organize a good defence for any team and without good defence rings are not possible to get, no matter how talanted team is.
    That might be a bold and annoying statement for lakers fans, but they are not gona win any titles, not until Kobe, Nash, Jameson retire- for the same reason- they cant play D.
    Its funny how Kobe gets credit for ‘keeping Lakers afloat’ with some shot he has made, when he waste three previous possesions with rushed and selfish shots.
    Even funnier is that people compare him to Jordan. Jordan was defensive menace plus great offence- Kobe in hes prime was still pretty weak defencively.

    • Daniel Burdin says:

      Are you kidding me? Kobe is tied with Jordan and Garnett for the record with 9 all-defensive 1st teams while Kobe had 3 all-defensive 2nd teams to Jordans 0. So do your research or at least know what youre talking about when you say Kobe Bryant is a weak defensive player.

      • Lol says:

        >implying that all defensive teams are a good measure of defensive ability

        Carlos boozer got a vote for last years team. Lol. Wade deserved defensive team selections over Kobe the past several years now.

  117. BRIKS says:

    miami will still be the champion this doubt…sorry but lakers is a nob team now, the thunder will sweep them…and even the clippers, grizzlies and the spurs…lakers can’t win to that teams…

  118. Verk says:

    They should try and trade Gasol for some solid bench shooters. I think Jamison would be a better fit in the starting lineup anyways. He can spread it out and rebound

  119. edwin says:

    this team is aging and doesnt have depth

  120. jerrymindster says:

    the biggest mistake is hiring d’antoni. This man can’t win, period! He failed the Suns and the Knicks already. Why hire a failure?

    • philip castro says:

      I agree with you. The Suns were a powerhouse then under d’antoni with players like Amare Stoudemire, Shawn Marion, Steve Nash, Joe Johnson, Raja Bell, Boris Diaw, Kurt Thomas and Leandro Barbosa. Coach d’antoni could only send the suns to the western conference finals and losing to the Dallas Mavericks in 2006!

  121. dawn says:

    The Lakers chose the wrong coach for the personnel they have….Phil would have put Gasol and Howard on the blocks not at the fckin elbow shooting jumpers…they didnt win rings with Gasol shooting jumpers and you know there’s something wrong if Howard is not averaging a double double….this is sick…..

  122. Hadi says:

    Mike offense does not work for pAu

  123. Hadi says:

    Kobe, kobe , kobe 7 for 23
    Have u ever heard of the word WE
    Don’t point the finger at Pau dammit point it at kobe taking unnecessary shots when he’s got BETTER three point shooters on the court
    I personally think that although I love Pau, they need to trade him in order to win. The lakers need to pull off a trade or else we are screwed

  124. Polusis says:

    Put Gasol in the POST come on … You got there Howard who’s only capable of doing 2 fu*** moves 1-1 in the block… He spent 12 more min than Gasol in yesterday’s game, and his numbers where the same. Stop blaming Gasol and start looking at Dwight and the 20+ shots of Kobe …

  125. coopaloop says:

    Hard to man up Eli Notel when your dead last in the West. I can tell you don’t no a thing about basketball. Go back under whatever rock U crawled out of. Lakers are playin confused and management is mostly to blame. If Phile comes back this year or next, you have to make him coach, general manager, and President. But hey, Nash and Howard will be long gone and you will be lucky if the greatest player in the NBA stays KB. I will follow him anywhere he goes!!!

  126. Fisher LOL says:

    More complaining from the Lakers. Their lack of depth is beginning to show now. Should’ve signed Tmac when they had the chance. Tmac can play anywhere from the 1 to the 3 and can be a viable back up for both Nash AND Kobe as he has proven during his days as a star and his days in Detroit when John Kuester started him at point guard.

    All Mitch Kupchak knows how to do is to form a ridiculous starting line up. The man has no idea how to form a solid and efficient team.

  127. coopaloop says:

    Like Magic I’m still morning the Loss of the Zen Master. I stopped watching the games only to be disappointed when I watch espn. Lakers made a bad decision with the current coach. Maybe we need the Lakers fans to petition Jim Buss and Mitch to step down for the better of the team. The best squad out there getting ran off the floor! I’m a Laker 4 life but I think its time to start watchin NewYork or the Heat because the Lakers not playing like Champions they not even ranked! Gasol I’m sorry but U gotta go along with a few others in management. Jeannie and Phil need to step up, its their time.

  128. B. Baller says:

    Big-Bird Gasol! Let them feathers fly!

  129. Kingk says:

    Should of got phil jackson to come back and brought bace the triangle offense, but la will be fine by christmas

  130. LAKERS B says:

    no need to change, no need to trade, its now a super team. just play the game. every player need to play confidently. go lakers!

  131. Toky says:

    Kobe is just a self centered ballhog, he could never win anything by himself, always needed other very talented players like Rick Fox, Fisher, Robert Horry, Shaq, Odom, Bynum…let him score 50 points night in, night out that barely affects the outcome of the game. I just watched plenty of Lakers nba finals lately. How, I can’t figure out why people dub him the greatest nba player since MJ all he does is requestin the ball, shootin, shootin, shootin… And relyin on centers to grad the off boards. And y’all havin the bad habbit to say he the best cuz he got 5 rings. Pfff. Pathetic. Trade Kobe for 3 roles players and you’ll win fo sure. But of course, yall will get on my throat with your ‘the lakers without it mamba aint the lakers’.

    • Penrose says:

      Now watch some finals films of the Bulls ….Mah-Chal talking 4 steps on the average , Pippen with great numbers , while he , like Kobe has to play by the rules …..and count how many times Mah-Chal shoots the ball …..

    • 416 says:

      Not really, I think you did have a point. “IF” they really did trade kobe I think they’ll still be fine. Their roster has Howard, Gasol, nash for starter and ‘twain at 6th man. Let say the worse case is getting three rooks, and without kobe at the primeter they have to go inside and you have two 7 footers. I say they might even have a chance to go to finals with that roster. If howard can do it in magic by himself and a bunch of shooters, why can’t he do it in lakers?

  132. zeshan says:

    why the hell wuld u bench gasol, thats like taking out kobe for the 3rd qorter, think smart, we want phil jackson back like seriously, dis is not a LA lakers team anymore

    • ummm no... says:

      He was getting outplayed by Jamison. It’s not that big a deal and honestly, I can see Phil doing the exact same thing to send a messege. Relax dude, it’ll be ok.

  133. Robert says:




  134. Eli Odell J. says:

    Everyone just needs to calm down and stop talkin trash, observe…. It’s hard to gain wisdom when all y’can hear’s the sound of ya own voice, y’all’re a bunch of clucking hens, man up

  135. Change the D’Antoni . Keep Gasol.

  136. GLN says:

    You are absolutely right J.T. Put Gasol back on the center position. Please!!!!

  137. PAul says:

    Seems like it was more a matter of not yet knowing how to best use Gasol. It looks a lot like last year right now, two great bgs that can’t somehow get it done. The Lakers definitely NEED a skilled point guard to set up their offense. Hopefully Nash will come back and sort out this mess of an offense. Stu said it perfectly last night, Pau gets the ball then tries to facilitate, he should be looking to attack.And he needs to get the ball in a place that he can attack from. It is a total mess!

  138. N.S. says:

    To think they chose D’Antoni over Jackson.

  139. Chris says:

    trade gasol for josh smith or kevin love

    • wuffe says:

      hehehehehhahahahahahahah heheeheheheheheheh like they will take the older guy for the young talent.

      • chris says:

        but im sure they wouldnt want keep smith because he is coming to the end of his contract this summer and its better to get something than nothing

  140. The Knowledge says:

    Put in antawn jamison

  141. cruzero says:

    F*ck the lakers, play pau like he is in team spain, maybe the lakers would be more successful, f*ck d’antoni, feeling the best coach for his comments. curse the lakers for being so arrogant. hope you get over .500

    • JUICE says:

      Got that right sir

    • ummm no... says:

      That’s the problem, Pau needs to play like he’s playing for Spain. That’s his job as an NBA professional. He has open looks and doesn’t shoot them because he’s not in the post. Well guess what Pau, DH12 is in the post so shoot the damn J. And the Lakers are arrogant lol. Whom exactly are you speaking about? Maybe you haven’t figured this out but I’ll clue you in, Success breeds a certain level of arrogance and you won’t find a more successful orginization in sports, let alone basketball. The Lakers will be over .500 and probably do better than whatever your team is. You’ll be the guy hoping your team doesn’t have to play them lol.

  142. W/E says:

    Thats y the Lakers shouldnt even bother with D’antoni, they hired the wrong coach and when Nash gets back for major minutes they are gunna be even more exposed at the defencive end especially vs elite teams who good the better younger point guards. D’antoni had no plan last night, the fourth quarter was just Kobe Bryant shooting iso threes and doing his thing, the rest of the team doing nothing basically on the offensive end they were like helpless just praying that Bryant will make his every shot and get to the foul line

    • Josh says:

      I agree he was a very bad hire. Their were plenty of other people they could have hired. He is not even a good coach Nash carried him and made hime look half way good I could have coached them and said hey we all shoot good my point gaurd is a great pick and roll guy and my so calle center Amare is perfect for that so lets just run on offense and if the roll is their give it to im if not kick it out and shoot it. If you shoot 150 times a game your bound to core point and make shots so that makes you a good coach. Jim buss needs to learn about Basketball and not just look at stats. Don Nelson did the same thing as a coach a never won and he had great playes Dirk Nash an some others. He would trade for lesser players just because they could shoot.

  143. R. Turner says:

    The Lakers perimeter shooting outside of an injured Nash and Kobe is ugly. Good luck D’Antoni. I say he’s gone before the end of the year.

    • Eli Odell J. says:

      Jump the gun much?
      They may be from California but they’re still in a professional sport buddy, this ain’t the dang kardashians y’know
      In the same way it took Miami a year to get good it’ll take LA a year too, God willin they won’t, I’m sick and tired of the damn lakers, enough is enough

      • Raptor4life says:

        Took them a year to get good ? Finish first in the League and making it to the finals is not good ? oh yeah i forgot lebron gets extra hate cause he’s lebron

  144. Game Time says:

    Pau Gasol was 3-8, and Kobe was 7-23…why is the finger being pointed at Pau?!!! This is D’Antoni’s run and gun offense and his shooters should be held accountable.

    • J.T. says:

      Yes. In Lakerland always the finger is being pointed at Pau when Lakers lose. When Lakers win, Kobe is the hero. No responsability to Kobe and Howard in defeat.

      Gasol is more a center than a forward. Nobody remember when he won the finals against Howard and Magic?? He was the center. Gasol has excelent movements at the paint, get many rebounds and score. But if he play like a forward, he will make bad shots. It’s so simple.

      D’Antoni and Lakers need excuses and convicting Gasol is the answer.

      • Francisco says:

        you got it rigth, it reminds me the game 7 in the playoffs when kobe got 6 out of 24, and they still won.that showed me that the lakers was not a team which depended of kobe performance, a team player with less arrogance who scores around 18 to 20 a game would do better than kobe for the team.

      • Rob says:

        Besides, the team was way more balanced these past days under Bickerstaff’s direction.

      • sacrableu says:

        you clearly didnt watch the game. Kobe kept the lakers afloat for the most part, hitting back to back 3s on two different occasions to get within striking distance. last game pau gasol was very hesitant on shooting his jumpers. he had a lot of oppurtunities where he could have posted up or shoot it from the perimeter but he lacked confidence in his step. Whenever he would go for a block it was already too late. its probably a sign of aging also because he was definitely quicker when he first came to the lakers. there’s no question he has a wide array of skills on the offensive end, but lately he has become a defensive liability these past 2 seasons. Other PF are outplaying him. Step up your D pau!!

      • Michael says:

        Think of the Bulls in the 90s. When Jordan was not shooting well and the Bulls lost, did they blame Pippen, Rodman, Harper, Kerr, Longley, etc.? No. The Lakers is really a one-man-team if you compare them to the other teams with a core superstar. The Lakers will only win the Championship when Kobe is eventually gone.

      • Game Time says:

        sacrableu, the Lakers shot 27 three pointers while Howard and Gasol combined for 15 attempts. In a game where you have the most dominant big man and arguably a top 5 PF, don’t you think it would be wise to shoot more inside shots using them? Clearly you don’t know anything about basketball.

  145. FANATIZ says:

    Kevin Love for Pau Gasol?????

    • B. Baller says:

      That would be a horrible trade for Minnesota, but knowing the Lakers, they’d probably pull it off.

      • RememberTheNumber8 says:

        I agree.. Gasol’s age will be questioned.. A trade (which I disagree to) would be for a young or old player.. Gasol works great with Howard, D’Antoni is trying to make the Lakers like the Suns.. Odd because I remember the Lakers winning five championships but I can’t recall one for the Suns..

    • wuffe says:

      hehehehehehhhaahahahahahahahahahahhhhaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaahooooooooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaa heeeeeeh / Now that was a good one (wiping a tear away)

    • Shawn says:

      You never know! It would be a ridiculous trade, but also a good one to make a star pair of Spaniards of Rubio and Gasol!

      • Scott The Magician says:

        everyone please come to their senses…uggghhh
        Pau Gasol is a B to B+ player and is old..
        Love is a A+ to A+++++ player and is young.
        debating this or giving it attention is a waste of time
        what about trading Kobe for Mo williams??? anyone??…..exactly
        Ps…..Superman needs more than 5 FGA/game……unbelievable