Kings Send Reality Check For D’Antoni’s Lakers

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Mike D’Antoni jammed several good riffs into one seven-minute post-game media gaggle Wednesday night, breaking out the full repertoire by referencing the Muppets and Showtime and the low point of the last 10 years in a venting critique of his Lakers. And sap. Can’t forget the sap.

But there was the same bottom line that couldn’t be zinged away.

This is going to take some time for the Lakers.

It was always going to take some time. It was so when Mike Brown was the coach and the bad losses immediately rolled in, nothing changed when Brown was fired and hope returned with better play under interim Bernie Bickerstaff, and now that truth so hard for some to accept has been underlined once again with a 113-97 loss to a 3-8 Kings team that played with more energy and greater precision.

The Lakers went from beating the Nets the night before to scoring 41 points in the first half, committing 20 turnovers in all, and generally appearing lethargic in the second game with D’Antoni on the sideline. This will somehow turn into Brown’s fault, but meanwhile, L.A. has the same problems as ever and another adjustment period when everyone tried to blame the woes on the offense of the previous coach.

Steve Nash is still out, Steve Blake is still out, a bench that was thin to begin with is even more tapped out, and now the Lakers can’t even get through the first week with D’Antoni before the effort level drops way off.

“I think you always have a little bit of a shock when the guy comes in new,” he said. “You start off all like puppies out there. Now, back to reality a little bit. We’ve got some things we’ve got to work through. We got some issues and we’ve got to get better.”

He wasn’t done.

“The first half might have been the worst basketball I’ve seen in 10 years,” D’Antoni said. “We just didn’t play well. Mostly because of the energy level. We’re not running the floor. Nothing. A little bit of defense early, and then that caved in toward the end. We’ve just got to somehow collectively find some energy.”


“The ball didn’t move. We didn’t hit. Everybody wasn’t sharp. It was like wrestling in mud. It was like, ‘My God.’ I’m serious, the first half I was in shock. We can’t do that. That’s not how we’re going to play. If we’re going to play Showtime, my God, they (the Kings) just closed the whole theater on us. Are you kidding? Showtime? We want to get close to that. That was Muppet time or something. I don’t know what it was.”

D’Antoni illustrated the night in detail – “It was like watching sap out of a tree. You can’t do that. That’s energy. We’ve got to go.” – and he had every reason to be displeased with the loss. But it was a good reality check for anyone who thought Brown was the sole cause of the bad start. The Lakers have dealt with injuries and a lot of new personnel adjustments, and this was always going to take time. That was the case at 1-4 just as it was the case after winning three in a row to climb above .500 just as it was the case late Wednesday night after being rolled by an outmanned opponent.

The Lakers have a long way to go. In the optimistic counterbalance, they also have a lot of time. It’s November. This was always going to take time, even if no one figured they’d be sharing it with the Muppets.



  1. @ don't you ever click my name says:

    Wahah dude where are you.. Pls say something wahahahah just wanna here from you.. What do think about your super cool , unstoppable and super sure 2013 champs? Wahahahah aka LA- LOSERS ,,, “””” wahahahah when Kobe is out the bench takes over lakers are better and when Kobe is on the court they are TRASH!! Wahahahah stfu laker fan are all idiots wahahaha

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  3. cruzero says:

    Laker fans counting the chicks egg even if it’s not laboring. SMH. shame on the lakers, shame on kobe, he has howard, he can’t win. he can’t win with mike brown. i think we should start comparing lebron now, eh laker fans? Lebron played with mike brown, with not so famous players, no superstars, but lebron lead the cavs ALL BY HIMSELF in the finals(of course losing 0-4 the the spurs) and countless times in the ECF but what is happening to the lakers? i know it is too early, but come on man, anybody who knows basketball thinks that the lakers ain’t going no where. even if phil is the coach, even when nash comes back, they should exploit howard, they should learn to be a team, not kobe’s team. i do not care what those crazy laker bandwagon and arrogant fans, but with no team play, they ain’t going no where. with kobe ball hogging? call me a kobe hater, but this is what i see, compared to lebron? it’s LA’s system, not the coach. SMH.

    • Mytownla says:

      STFU aboiut comparing Lebron to Kobe, seriously… Lebron has not established himself as the Winner like Kobe has. Kobes resume is far beyond Lebrons. Jus because Loebron was “semi”successful with Mike brown, and Kobe isnt, doesnt give Lebron any edge over Kobe. You sound beyond retarded stfu and come pick up yo mom shes ready to come home bruh

      • Francisco says:

        I have read some of your stupid comments and I have no doubt your brain is pretty small.other than Rings Lebron Resume is full of more INDIVIDUAL accolates than Kobe’s EVEN when lebron is still young , go back to THE BROKEN school system of CALIFORNIA

  4. lakermig says:

    lakers where always bad on the road and so far they’re horrible but its hardly reason to panic we weren’t gonna win every game, and we have two injured players not to mention free throws simply have to be scored and turn overs minimized those 2 are killing us. other wise im still not too bothered. Will we beat the bulls record hell no, will we we be top seed, i doubt, it but i do think that we will def be in the playoffs and come said playoff time we will be a wayyy better team than we are seeing now. Plus another positive is in the past couple of weeks we have seen what they can do at maybe 80% so i for one am quite excited to see them at at least 90%

  5. Popoy Di Maunat says:

    Where are those lakers fans now??? Bragging about lakers 2013 champs, unstoppable etc. Reality CHECK….. 2013 champs??? ain’t gonna happen….. unstoppable??? Really???? it’s more like LAUGHABLE…. After firing Brown, Who’s next in line??? PAU??? Steve Blake, Nash??? D’Antoni, Howard??? What another excuse??? uhm Boredom Again???
    Blame kobe… for making a promise that he or the lakers will be back in the finals….. I guess promises are meant to be broken…

    Like Coach Spo said before” He (NASH) should stayed at PHX…. What a pity for NASH he’s a good guy after all…. Now he’ll end up with nothing too…..

  6. Mark says:

    Dwight Howard… Seriously! Four points, nine boards in 40 minutes… Come on!!!

  7. W/E says:

    lol ppl even dared to compare the 2004 LA team to the current one, every starter on that team was better than the current one and they managed to reach the NBA finals dispate all the injuries and their inner conflicts and problems, what a big dissapointment, and D’antoni is not the right coach for this team wake up…

    • Game Time says:

      I agree. Also want to add that the west teams weren’t all as promising then as they are now. Lakers had one team to worry about back then and it was San Antonio. This coming playoffs they have to worry about facing OKC, Memphis, Clippers or San Antonio as one of the top seeds, then you have wild card teams like Denver, Utah and hopefully Minnesota who could upset some one. I won’t even talk finals for the Lakers because I doubt they get out the west.

      • Mytownla says:

        Wait wait wait let me get this right… soooo…. All the Lakers had to worry about in the past was the Spurs? If i can recall the Spurs were not the ones who made it out of the West last year nor did they make the WCF the year before, so hwo is it that until now, they were the ONLY team LA had to worry about? Are you serious or are you desperatley trying to become a comedian? All the squads you named were all “promising” teams last year moron. And Denver, Utah and The Wolves for Christ sake are the least of the Lakers worries. You sir are very basketball illiterate, or simply another one of these Laker haters smh stfu and go follow some other sport thats not to complicated for you. Your 3rd sentence should disqualify you from ever speaking basketball again… EVER!!!!

  8. jaya-ar says:

    What Happen? we need Shooters!! Can you imagine that Howard just shot 4 times? 2-4 9 rebs in 40mins? damn!!!

  9. dj rgm9 says:

    Relax boys lakers had just played a day before against brooklyn right? With this schedule 3 games on 5 days what did you expect from an uncompleted team LA squad?To win it all already?This team is still building on it,d’ont start to judge to quick before the play-offs!Today they have more rest before playing against Grizzlys tommorow with some fresher legs better prepared for next game,so the outcome could be different than y’all haters wished.
    It ain’t over until the fat lady sings! At the time Nash returns expect a different&better ballanc’d Lakers squad before June,i’m smelling to much ‘HATERS kids’!

    • Belizeboy says:

      Against a team that’s 2-8 you’d expect the Lakers to win at least by a few pts, and not get blow out in the end….but whatever, keep thinking people are hating cause come playoff time you’ll finally realize (once again) that the Lakers era for winning is over.

  10. Jason says:

    Kobe just doesn’t make anybody better. Great player, doesn’t make his teammates great. He’s just had the benefit of playing with amazing teammates, all of which were great before they ever played a lick with Kobe. Now Howard truly is following in Shaq’s footsteps. He’s probably thinking how the hell did I only take 4 shots? Why doesn’t Kobe get me the ball?

  11. Game Time says:

    I’m just laughing at how badly this whole thing is falling apart for the Lakers.

  12. Seb says:

    Who’s that bald player on the Lakers bench who always rises and do gestures on a good play? He never seems to play.

  13. Popoy Di Maunat says:

    Lakers SHOWTIME??? Where??? I thought they we’re referring to the KINGS as SHOWTIME….uLOLs…..

  14. Gundy says:

    Lol Wat a bunch of muppets

  15. Popoy Di Maunat says:

    Still win less on the ROAD….. Are the lakers a contending team???? NO!!!!! Bobcats have a better record compare to lakers do you believe that???? I DO!!!!… And they manage to get a single win on the ROAD…. IMAGINE THAT!!! How about the lakers????? Good luck in MEMPHIS…..

  16. 5X - 7 - 7 says:

    You could sit on a machine, an entire evening, that would refuse to put two cherries on the ‘Pay-Line’ for you. It can happen. And you can live with it.

    What makes your Guinness taste like piss is when the guy next to you pulls 5 times Sevens, after 3 times Sevens … which is what happened Wednesday night. Trust me, I was there.

    The Kings threw up prayers … that got answered. And why not. Shouldn’t they get an occasional shower in their arid land ? The Gods were kind to them last night … it can happen.

    D’Antoni should know, he was there. I saw him.

    • Belizeboy says:

      Kings got lucky; ok let’s say that was the case. Lakers got Memphis next. If they lose are you going to write that off as the gods pulling more divine intervention? Also if you believe in luck then you should realize your team’s franchise is one of the luckiest there is.

  17. @ dont you ever click my name says:

    ding dong!!,, wahaha pray for your team to win against memphis wahahahaha

  18. @ dont you ever click my name says:

    wahahah dude where are you .. is this your super team that will beat the record of the bulls ? wahahahah what a joke.. wahahaha your team suuuckkkkssssss im glad im not a laker fan wahahahah loooosssseeeeerrrrr!!!!

  19. LIn what? says:

    Love Dantoni.

    Hes right.

    The Lakers are terrible.