Nail-Biting Wins Biggest Proof Of Bobcats’ Improvement


The tangible affirmation in Charlotte could come as soon as this weekend. That’s when the 6-4 Bobcats play the Hawks on Friday and the Wizards on Saturday, giving Charlotte the chance to tie or surpass last season’s win total well before the first full month of this season is even complete.

The best sign of running the learning curve like a straightaway, though, there found in the final minutes. In the Bobcats’ five games decided by four points or less, they sport five wins.

In what should have been the ultimate time of transition – young players, experienced players new to the team, new coach – Charlotte is unfazed in the clutch. That’s the real encouraging note, more than being on the verge of doing in November what took several months a season ago.

“We are young,” coach Mike Dunlap said after the latest example of playing beyond their years, the 98-97 victory over the Raptors on Wednesday. “There’s exuberance and an excitement about the game of basketball. We’re learning as we play each game. The winning is giving us a lot of plusses. A lot of intangibles. We won ugly tonight and it doesn’t really matter. The better part will come, but we’re finding a way.”

On a regular basis is the point.

  • Nov. 2: Bobcats 90, Pacers 89.
  • Nov. 10: Bobcats 101, Mavericks 97.
  • Nov. 14, Bobcats 89, Timberwolves 87.
  • Nov. 19: Bobcats 102, Bucks 98.
  • Nov. 21: Bobcats 98, Raptors 97.

Winning three games in four tries, offset only by a seven-point loss to the scorching Grizzlies, is a very good sign for building confidence in ways beyond the standings. The Bobcats are young, but unfazed. They are finding a way.


  1. great clutch defense provided by BISMACK BIYOMBO!! glad to see him in the court during clutch situations… he’s starting to live up to his potential… he’d be the next SERGE IBAKA

  2. Stuart says:

    I also just realized that even if the foul was called there would still be 2.5 seconds left. That is more than enough time for the Bobcats to inbound and get a shot off (especially if they had a timeout).

  3. 4leftynicky says:

    You can say how bad the no call was at the end, how the refs messed up, etc. etc. But at the end of the day, Toronto put themselves in that position to lose. Let’s see if Toronto can put themselves in a better position in the games to come…

  4. PKA says:

    TheToronto raps should have won that . the refs must b corrupt or some… it doesn’t matter whether or not its a superstar or not a foul is a foul. Shame on u refs as u make the NBA look biased. I am so DISGUSTED

  5. Julius23 says:

    The NBA HATES the toronto raptors orginization. There’s absolutely no respect for the franchise and it’s fans. This has been going on too long with this team and the way the refs call the game. Everyones watching and witnessing this. I have lost respect for the NBA and will continue to do so and many canadians as well as other raptors fans will follow. It is hard to describe the frustration everytime I watch them play. Proof is in the puding, just watch every Toronto game this season as well as any from last seasons. WHY arent “they” being FAIR across the board for all teams?, WHY do this? Is it because it’s CANADA? EVERYONES watching! EVERYONE feEls this. UNBELIEVABLY sameful behaviour. Cannot be put into words what I see. Unreal!….RAPTOR FANS SPEAK UP. SPEAK YOUR MIND, WE ARE BEING DESTROYED BY THIS “NBA” SPEAK…THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE

  6. Kamote says:

    the game against the raptors was unfortunate, but i hope people wouldn’t tarnish the fact the the Cats won 4 more close games.

    the development of Kemba has been making leaps for the team, but I think the drafting of MKG has been the catalyst. Though Davis has been the dominant force in their championship, it was Gilchrist who’s been considered the “glue-guy” and the team’s leader. Though he really doesn’t have the numbers, the Cats made a good call on picking him as number 2.

  7. Stuart says:

    Bargnani was fouled, but the Bobcats have seen their fair share of bad calls. Last season the Bobcats would have beat Detroit if it were not for two blown calls in the final two minutes. The wouldn’t have had the worst record ever if it were not for two fouls.

  8. Game Time says:

    All these people crying about the refs on a Bobcats game? C’mon man even if it is so let them have their win. Your team shouldn’t be having a hard time agianst them anyhow.

  9. dattebayo says:

    You can go to and you will see a note, that the referees missed that call, that Bargnani was actually fouled and should have gone to the line. Sad thing is, that doesn’t change the loss into a win for the Raptors.
    But keep your heads up Raptors fans, T-Wolves fans feel you. Malcolm Lee, Derrick Williams and Alexey Shved can’t get a whistle either and against Denver there were several bad and missed calls against Love too. The worst thing was Gallinaris flop to seal the win for Denver. Instead of Love getting a putback and cutting the lead to 2, Gallinari went to the line and increased the lead to 6. I am not saying Denver didn’t deserve to win and that they would have ultimately lost, but fooling the referee with a flop that leads to a 4 point swing in a close game should be a suspension and not just a warning. I hope he gets the warning at least, I have seen so many flops already and they only punished 5 so far.

  10. Darius27 says:

    Give credit to the Bobcats. A good referee makes good calls in the final minute. I am playing basketball and referees (zebras if you call them) are letting fans see the excitement of true hard earned win. I played lots of basketball and know that in the final 2 minutes, referees want to see players play and not ail about petty touches of defense. This makes basketball an intense sport. That makes a win fulfilling when you get a hard earned victory.

  11. BigLuke says:

    As far as the NBA and is concerned, the Raptors don’t exist and with that said, the Referees follow suit.
    The officiating in that game was pathetic. DeRozen got beat up inside all night and the Refs would not give him a call. I’m tired of seeing this S**T! The Raps don’t have the respect of the league or the officials. If they were located in the USA, it would be a different story. I’m a proud Raps fan from day 1. (I know they have not given much to be proud of in years) however, its frustrating to see this treatment time and time again. Officials should be held accountable for those BS calls.

  12. Ben says:

    I have always been on the Bobcats side, ever since being a Charloote Hornets fan from way back. But I had trouble having faith in this team this year – I had a feeling Walker would be a dud, and although I like Mullens, Sessions and Henderson, I didn’t think they had enough to be significantly better.

    Boy was I wrong. And glad to be. The Bobcats are playing exciting basketball. Henderson has barely even played, so I hope he only makes them better when he returns. Not surprised to see Mullens continued improvement, and I think Sessions is still well underrated for what he brings to a game, but there has been plenty to surprise me, not the least of which is Walker not being a dud. Also, the stellar play of Kidd-Gilchrist and the fact that, without so much expectation on him, Ben Gordon has good value as a veteran presence.

    With Thomas and Henderson fit, they have a nice looking rotation going on.

  13. #5Bobcats fan says:

    Go Bobcats, we coming for that playoff spot.

  14. Sterling says:

    “The best sign of running the learning curve like a straightaway, though, there found in the final minutes.”

    Someone needs to proofread.

  15. Big Euro says:

    Evidence that a gruelling per-season camp pays off.

  16. VK says:

    Except that on this matchup, the Raptors got robbed, there is clearly a foul on Bargnagni on the last shot, the canadian broadcast has shown it in every angle and it is pretty clear that Kidd-Glichrist fouls bargnagni (he hit him on the shooting hand).
    So I guess the Bobcats were pretty lucky.
    And that’s without counting all the no-calls in the five last minutes for the Raptors.