Linsanity Is Jeremy On The Bench Late

HOUSTON — It’s becoming a habit. For the second time in four games, Jeremy Lin spent the decisive minutes on the bench.

Talk about your Linsanity.

First he watched Toney Douglas try to stem the tide against Damian Lillard during overtime of a loss at Portland. Then at home on Wednesday night, Lin simply watched all but two minutes of the fourth quarter as Douglas lifted the Rockets to a 93-89 win over the Bulls.

“I’m happy because we lost three in a row and needed a win. That’s for sure,” Lin said.

Team camaraderie aside, the Rockets need their point guard of the present and future to be able to stay on the floor to run the offense down the stretch. But to do that he’s going to have to make significant defensive strides.

When the Blazers were making their comeback in the fourth quarter last week, Lillard drove around and shot over Lin as if he wasn’t there. At the start of the final period against the Bulls, it was Nate Robinson who got on a roll and devoured Lin. Acting Rockets coach Kelvin Sampson watched Robinson stick a 3-pointer in Lin’s face and then drove for a dazzling 360-degree layup when he had enough and turned to Douglas.

On one hand, it was Nate being Nate, taking off on one of those sprees that has occasionally made him a marvel in the league. On the other, it was Lin being Lin, bedeviled and bewildered defensively.

“You have to go with your instincts,” Sampson said. “You’re not always right with that stuff. But I felt like Toney gave us our best chance to win. Yeah, a much better matchup with Nate.”

Lin’s troubles putting the ball into the basket this season have been well known. He shot just 2-for-9 from the field against the Bulls and is now 42-for-126 (33.3 percent) on the season.

It’s one thing to try to straighten out a wayward shot. That’s an individual thing. But if he has to constantly be replaced for a capable stopper on defense, then he’s not going to be on the floor to play quarterback on offense and isn’t helping at either end of the floor at crunch time. The Rockets need a guy they invested $25 million in to be more than a part-time player and a late-game spectator.

“Yeah, I think that’s for reasons of defense,” Lin said. “I’m not really sure. Ask Coach. But I think it’s a defensive thing. I didn’t do a very good job of making Nate Robinson uncomfortable. I’ve got to do a better job.”


  1. joel conquera says:

    Lin…need to improve his defensive matter how good you are at offense but you don’t do your job on defense its quit not complete package..

  2. Reality4Real says:

    Lin was only good cus of Dantoni system. It turn scrubs into sonewhat productive contributors (see every suns player not named nash, amare, j.johnson). Lin will not be a starter in the nba this time nxt yr. Linsanity only happened cus no one saw him coming. I remember before Lin hung 38 on Lakrs, they asked Kobe what he thinks about Lin and what he been doin, Kob said “Who?” Lin is barely avg and will never live up to the ny hype (i watched every game, and cheered him on) im not mad at no one getting money but he doesnt merit that contract, if he did, knicks would have matched. What pg is he better than? Tell me plz. Dude is gettin str8 deepfried tonite.

  3. FLUKE UR MOUTH says:

    SAMPSON already admitted that NYK days is not a rocket days.. NYK days has NOVAK that the other ROCKETS player can’t play where in JLIN can do better.. But JLIN should follow all the rules situations plays being implemented on the ROCKETS. SO JLIN don’t have the GREEN LIGHT he needs to play defense and distribute the ball on the hands of the other players. Also JHarden is adjusting, He stepped it up last game vs BULLS if you guys watched the game you will know why how JHarden stepped it up. Few more games JLIN + JHARDEN + OASIK will make the difference and they will shut your MOUTH HATERS.. You can say whatever you want if you had WATCHED the game FULL TIME..

  4. baloza says:

    kyle lowry is so much better then lin.

  5. robert says:

    Lin is just adjusting to his new teammates esp. Harden.

  6. M. says:

    You have to remember that Lin was brought in for two reasons, 1)Potential development into a great player 2)Commercial rights in Asia. This is a player that blew up in the word’s biggest basketball stage, MSG! The only thing the rockets have to make sure is that he develops his name into a consistent but not necessarily a superstar player. Asia is a market the rockets have been quite active in, dating back to when they drafter Yao Ming so why not keep that alive with who else than Lin! He’ll be fine he was fortunate to take his chance in NY when presented with him….so short/long term the 25M USD contract the rockets have given to Lin is not a loss for the Rockets. IF I am not mistaken they have already recuperated their money with Asian sponsors…If you’re asking me I still believe the Knicks are the ones losing out by not having resigned him!

  7. jaycalhoun says:

    God, there are so many morons on here. You say his 25 game stretch in NY is too small of a sample size to determine how he’ll turn out as an NBA player but you use this season’s 11 game sample size as proof that he’s a scrub, and belongs in the d-league? I get it, when it’s negative it’s okay to use a small sample size but when it’s about potential and upside, the sample size is too small.

    Sampson is a moron. He should just tell us the truth, he prefers TD over Lin even though Lin’s a smarter defender (stats prove that Lin is better on D than TD).

  8. Jackson says:

    im sorry but i don’t really like the playing style of harden. ITS THE PLAYING STYLE OF HARDEN which is keeping the whole game’s momentum down. Yes he’s good, but hes forcing shots for his own merits which i dont like. This makes players like Lin run up and down the court for hustle plays, of course he will get tired ! That explains the airball the other day against heat. guys keep saying he missed cause his overrated and stuff, but u should watch the whole entire 4th quater, he DID get the ball but the last few minutes of the game, it was all harden, of cause by getting it suddenly you won’t feel really well right ? Just a short note, i hope Lin’s minutes can come back asap, as i know he is able to do a great job. Im sorry but i really don;t like how harden is playing now.

  9. KL says:

    Are people forgetting Lin is coming back from a season ending knee injury that required surgery?

    He is not a superstar and may never be one, but he WAS a decent player before getting injured. Anyone that actually watched him last year will notice that he does not have the same burst or moves as he did last year before the injury…

  10. Justin says:

    Everyone who is complaining about coaching sung a different tune when Lin was in NY last year. Everyone said this is Lin’s team, trade Melo. This is the difference between a Melo and a Lin. Lin was never the player to build a team around and anyone thinking differently is an idiot. It doesn’t matter if Phil Jackson is the coach, if you can’t play to a certain level, than you don’t belong there. I expected Lin to put up good numbers with a horrible team record this year but with the addition of Harden, Lin will not get the numbers everyone expected. Anyone can score 25 points a game when your team lacks scorers but Lin will be over shined by a player with better ability in James Harden. Lin was always going to be a gem or a bust, an me and the Knicks predicted correctly. Not worth the money and NEVER will be, no matter how many years in the league

  11. RocketsFan says:

    Jeremy Lin should just coach the team because he would most likely be better at coaching than the current interim coach. People complaining about him making 25 million are ridiculous. I wouldn’t be surprised if he more than makes up for it in merchandise sales. He’s no Chris Paul or Westbrook talent wise but he’s the only reason I am watching Rockets games and exciting to watch.

  12. Jen says:

    We know what Lin is capable of. I think the problem for the Rockets is the interim coach. He doesn’t bench other starters like Harden when they are missing shots and turning over the ball. Lin deserves better treatment and the coach needs to give him a chance to grow. Anyway, I hope he gets his confidence back because it’s much more fun to watch the games when he is playing well.

  13. go LIN go says:

    Rockets only played 12 games and everyone is projecting Lin’s career path? It is unfair to any NBA players, not just for Lin but the likes of Teague or Wall… There is still too many factors to consider before we make conclusion of Linsanity is offically history. I would love to see LIn to have Linsanity at the rocket it would be fun to watch, but with current cast of young players and Asik don’t have the leaping ability of Tyson Chandler.. we need time for Lin to work out what he can and cannot do…

  14. judy says:

    LA Lakers does not bench Dwight Howard because of his horrible free-throw shooting.They believes it will be only a matter of time before he gets it going. To bench JLin is a disaster for Lin’s career just reading those comments on internet. Main problem is not Lin but it is the team itself because they change Lin’s PG role. Lin’s team should ask the team clear the confusion to avoid the continuous damage.

  15. Troy says:

    Lin is not suitable for Rocket’s offence.

  16. commentor says:

    Jeremy!! My Asian Pride!!! don’t worrry dude! Still millions supporters!! who the hell will watch basketball if not because you? at least I don’t !haha!! keep fighting bro!

  17. JP says:

    Put Douglas as your starting point, then once you have harden take some rest, put Lin in and let him do his thing on offense. Just might help

  18. New Yorker says:

    And I think the coach in Houston right now doesn’t really know how to use Lin efficiently! I think he still got a lot potential in it!

  19. Dhenstar says:

    I’m not a fan of Jeremy Lin. But I think he’s a good player, he can make play. He can score. The only problem in the “CONSISTENCY”..and also you can see in his body language that he’s lacking of confidence. The coach must help him gain more confidence. Also in his last few games, he’s shooting percentage is to low. its because he always lean to his teammates, i think he must act like a POINT GUARD. attack attack attack, make a play, and also sometimes he sleeps in defense. ITS ALL ABOUT LACKING SELF CONFIDENCE..

  20. New Yorker says:

    I miss Linsanity! the best of the NBA story and yet the most excite movement in NBA!!!!!! Despite how this kid perform now, thanks jeremy for bring us a lot excitement in that short period! Bless you in Houston!

  21. CLui says:

    Basketball is a mental game. And since he hasnt been doing too well as of lately his confidence has fallen. Imagine how great his confidence was in the midst of his Linsanity run. He can clearly deliver, when he is feeling it…

  22. Commentor says:

    A coach is very important to a player! The coach Houston has right now? Not a very impress one. Of course Lin will have to demonstrate his skills to earn the respect from all his teams and the coach! I believe this guy still has a lot potential in him. It just the system the rockes playing right now is not use lin very efficiently! talk about turn over rate, his is fine compare to others. I see Rondo make 6 turnovers in a night while James Harden also make a lot turn over in his previous games! and so as others! Why just bashing on this kid?

  23. AsianProspectFor2016 says:

    Mike D’Antoni suited Lin better, he let Lin go do what he needed to do, instead of telling him what he wants him to do. Rockets need to let Lin take over and that’s when the Lin and Harden duo will be formed. For now, it’s not working the way Lin likes it to, and therefore, he isn’t the good player everyone wanted him to be. If Lin were left back in Knicks, he would have been a good help to Melo, learned from Jason Kidd and make Knicks more championship bound.


  24. who knows says:

    he needs the ball in his hands,, he needs to set up the play.. unfortunately Harden has become the main ball handler which shouldnt be.. harden and Lin share similarities, they need to have the ball all the time to be effective. they probably shouldnt play together in the same time.

  25. Danny says:

    Most of the players in Rocket roster are shooting horribly also, not just LIN!

    This is insane talk.

    Lin needs the ball in his hand more and Harden is doing that more and Lin must learn to move without the ball.

  26. Robert says:

    Lin did a great job when he was much needed in New York. Houston is not a good match for him. The coaches aren’t playing to his strengths at all and are exposing his weaknesses. Bad coaching.

  27. pacoy titoy says:

    People here saying Lin is a bust… let’s see what they’ll say if he’s doing good… People are the worst animal in the world…

  28. Pao says:

    he needs jared jeffries and steve novak

  29. Fletch says:

    this is exactly why the Knicks let him go, they needed a offensive & precise point guard last season & now they don’t because of Kidd, Prigioni ETC, they knew he is a mid N.C.A.A level defender at this stage & did not spend to keep him.

  30. Nudge says:

    The Lin situation showed why Yao was a great player in terms of battling the element of being an Asian in the NBA. (Maybe a future Hall of famer) Its not just how every one looks at you as Asian playing the game, but how Asian players see themselves playing basketball in NBA, and more importantly becoming mentally ready to play in this league. It took Yao a few seasons to discover this mental zone. So until Lin overcome the race element, Lin will have difficulties in NBA like Yi, Wang, Sun and etc, they all has the same look in their eyes, except for Yao after a few seasons. (a deer looking at headlights)

  31. Darius27 says:

    He will be fine. It is not Lin who has the problem. The coach needs to know how to develop a player. Lin has talent maybe even better than any point guard because he does not only got the skills, he also has the innate intelligence in playing the ball. He needs a good mentor like Rick Carlisle. A coach who develops a player makes the team heavyweight. Coaches now a days rely on the rawness of talent, but it makes a lot of difference if a player is mentored and developed. There are successes on these stories. Look at the Mavs team. A great coach with lack of talent who beat winning teams this season. As well as the Bobcats in coach Mike Dunlap.

  32. flamar says:


    • Ur pretty dumb says:

      cnat deny rondo…. but ok… he got lucky 4 7 straight games? cant c that happeneing. U r not in the nba, he is. so shut up and stop hating on your superiors


    What I don’t see anyone writing about is tht the Rockets signing Lin simply for the revenue they make by marketing him.

    The money they make off of TV rights, coverage and merch sold in Asia alone (I live here and see it in every city I travel to for work, which is anything T1-T4) will more than compensate them for his 25 million.

    The Rockets needed something to fill the void created by the loss of Yao. As China stills blatantly bundles Lin in as their own, it provides Chinese fans with a reason to keep broadcasting Rockets games. People here were getting frustrated not having Yao, or someone they could identify with. They would prefer to watch Kobe, LeBrom, you get the picture.

    The meat of the matter is that Lin is not a starting point guard in the NBA. He is a interstellar marketing item, who happens to be a decent NBA player. Now that there is hype surrounding him, the rest of league decided to adjust and make stopping him a focal point, as they do all STAR players, and the main difference here is the stars continue on to perform, as that is what makes someone a true NBA super star.

    Lin is not a superstar. James Harden is.

    They should be both the better for it, once they learn to play together and have time to adjust. Just hope everyone stops anticipating all star caliber performances from Lin. It’s not happening.

  34. PJ310 says:

    Jeremy Lin the Basketball Player isn’t worth 25 million. He’s obviously being used to fill the void left by Yao Ming that helped the Rockets market to the Asian community, which is billions of people. So although he’s not worth 25 million, he will make the Rockets a ton of money in marketing and advertising and thats what this is all about. Anyone who can’t see that needs to wake up.

  35. M. Slater says:

    Houston needs a better coaching staff. They keep trying to put a square peg in the round hole. A complete waste of money and talent. Look at all the empty seats at Toyota Center. The team will probably move to Seattle once the new stadium is built.

  36. Daniel says:

    you guys do realize he is only a sophomore. he has plenty of time to develop as a player

  37. Yeah..Okay pffft says:


  38. John says:

    He’s got an awesome agent. I’d sit on the bench for the amount of money he’s on.

  39. brooklynbrooklyn says:

    Lin is a nice player. He’ll keep improving to be a REALLY nice player. There’s a lot of really nice players around the league. But there’s only a couple dozen great players in the league.

  40. Victhe5'6'' says:

    Lin is a leader on the court, when the coach does not use him as a leader, then there will be problems. In the Knicks, during Lin’s run, he had decent players around him since Melo and Amare were gone. Now you have Harden trying to lead like Kobe . We can only watch, he is a good baller. People just need to be patient, just like how the Knicks were.

    Swear, people only bash on Lin cause of 5 game stretches where there’s problems. Don’t all NBA teams lose once in awhile? The Bulls were once 72-10; why you gotta focus on the 10 losses?

  41. LIn what? says:

    The NBA is not built for Lin to succeed.

    Lin needs to use his Harvard education. He made 25 million dollars in 35 days. That is some serious money making.

    He should have moved onto acting and strike while the iron is semi luke warm.

  42. Syracuse Heat Miami Orange says:

    Lin IS a good player. But He Is Too Young He Needs to Got Back To the D-Leauge So He Can Get Better Then He Will Be Geting Big Contracts. If He Ask To Start For One Game. He Will Maybe Show Then How Good He Is. Did The Rockets Ever Start Lin? Give This Guy A Chance To Mature Send Him To The D-Leauge. Lin Should Try to be a all star they will teach him how to mature

    • JHow says:

      Lin needs to be traded to the Raptors for a big deal move is the only way that way when he’s sitting the bench it won’t be news worthy and everyone can forget about him.

  43. Lakersfan says:

    Yes bring Lin to LA. Nash is getting old. Give Lin a chance wt Kevin M first and take it from there.

  44. Mark says:

    After being an undrafted free agent, Lin just signed his first big NBA contract ($25 million) and now he’s coasting. The guy is clearly not playing with the same fire and determination he displayed in NY.

  45. Irony says:

    The tides have turned, Toney Douglas comes back with a vengeance!

  46. Jremedy says:

    Its not Lin, it’s his surroundings. He needs a coach who can utilize his full potential. Still the Rockets are a young team and young teams will learn in time. It’s still early for the Rockets to even do anything right now, its a brand new team and is still building Jeremy, Harden, and Omer. Calm down and let them play.

  47. Jeremy Lin says:

    hey ya’ll when I was playing well last season I hear no criticism. When melo came back and we(the knicks) went on a losing streak, you blame it on Melo. Now that I am in the rockets and we losing,ya’ll blame it on me. Hey come’on, just shut up and let me do my thing,you’ll be happy with the results. I am in the NBA and ya’ll aint. So yea it takes time man, I aint Kobe, I aint Lebron. I aint scorin 81 points or getting a triple double. But I can set Harden up if he stop making his own shots, know what I mean? Hell yea I am weak in defense but it takes time. Last year I had chandler(defensive player of the year), this year I have Omar Asik(what?!). Yes you got me, takes time boys.

    To all my supporters…mad love.

  48. PHL says:

    If Houston can’t find the greatness in Lin, how about trade him to Lakers?

  49. Alex Lamar says:

    The writer who said Lin needs time was correct. Lin is tough as evidenced by his rebounding and taking of charges.

    On defense he needs to do a better job of learning the leagues point guards. Lin is a natural help defender so he ends up out of position a lot, that can be corrected. His defense will improve as the Rockets team defense improves.

    On offense he is big and strong for a point guard and should use that as advantage against smaller guards by backing them down and shooting over them. Even if he misses seven or eight foot shots the rebounds will be short thus giving his teamates a chance to rebound.

    And finally he is pressing. He needs to open up and have fun again. He will not have success being cautious.

  50. chinus says:

    Lin can make some play if The COACH knows give him time… Fire the coach they you will see him play confident again…

  51. Paul says:

    You guys are stupid! Fire Kevin McHale?!!!???? Idiot!
    Lin needs to step up defensively.
    All I can say ( as a Knicks fan) is

  52. Albert Ilyabayev says:

    Jeremy lin is not a established player he gets lucky during his run in ny because hello amare and anthony were out and d antoni was about to lose his job he put him lin in thinking hey why not got nothing else to lose but now rockets just threw 25 million down the drain for a non established player i think horrible move for rockets and great move for knicks FELTON is a way better point gaurd and ny is paying him a small fraction of what houston is paying for “linsanity” oh please.

  53. rocketsfansince1991 says:

    Lin just needs a bigger role. Last season with the Knicks, he got to play,what, 35+ minutes? Right now, he’s only playing abour 31-32. Lin is very good but just give him few more games and more minutes.

  54. Dylsta says:

    Run him off the bench?

  55. H pilarca says:

    Give Lin a break.. Fire that coach..

    • Justin says:

      LMAO dont worry about the haters, worry about Lin because he NEEDS to stup it up and soon im afraid. Hes been an atrocious starter for them. Firing the coach? I thought Melo was the coach killer? Hahaha you Lin fans are pathetic, obsessive, uneducated and cancerous. I never seen anything like it…

      • Review the Stats says:

        Uneducated? Lin fans are probably the most educated of all NBA fans. You’ve exhibited some major hate against Lin and his fans in your comments, which can be viewed as “pathetic, obsessive, uneducated, and cancerous.” So what if the Rockets want to capitilize on the Asian markets? In the U.S., Asian Americans are quickly increasing in population and have the highest average family income of all racial groups based on most recent census data so the excitement Lin brings will increase Rockets sales. Rockets made a great business decision and Lin is not the best NBA player but a good pg. He has only played as many games as a starting rookie so I’m looking forward to watching him grow.

  56. Hanz says:

    Fire rockets coach!!!

  57. Stern H8r says:

    He’s just not very good…nice guy…just not very good. The Knicks knew what the Rockets didn’t

    • Game Time says:

      Agreed. He had some breakout games where people weren’t sure what to expect from him, but Mario Chalmers locked him down. That should say it all.

  58. ROCKET FAN says:

    I agree that Lin needs to step it up but also I think the coach isn’t letting Lin play the way he is used to. Jeremy’s storng point is driving the ball in and making layups. The coach doesn’t see that, all he wants is for Houston to take 3 point shots but still they are one of the worst in the league. If the coach just let Lin play the way he wants then Houston shall be awarded greatly.

  59. Don Cheadle says:

    Can’t go left, can’t play defense, unreliable jump shot, turns the ball over. You are lucky you are in the league pal.

  60. james says:

    the coach isnt drawing any plays for him thats why hes struggling. look at the games he barely get his own shots i think the rockets needs a better coach

  61. TC777 says:

    People forget that players are human and go through cycles. And the cycles can be steep when they are young. Even Steve Nash was booed when he was in Dallas. Have faith in God and confidence in yourself, Jeremy! And know that your fans like me and Shirley above will always stand by you.

  62. mario says:

    I dont think he s a bust but definatelly he isnt a great player. He s just average with some bursts. And any gm that chooses Lin over Dragic (especially him) n Lowry should be fired.

  63. Basketball Genius says:


    • Justin says:

      HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA YEAH!! Amnesty Harden while your at it!!! Let Lin get all the spotlight!!! This isnt about the Rockets!!! Its about Lin!!!! He is best pg in league!!!!!

  64. Knickerbocker says:

    Go Jeremy …. let the haters talk

  65. Neboh says:

    He’s gonna get killed every night!!! There are so many players out there hating on him and rightfully so. The dude makes $25M and everyone is out to make him look bad because they probably deserve that money more than he does.

  66. Basketball Addict says:

    Lin needs Mc Hale back on coaching….the interim coach don’t know when and how Lin becomes effective… his making Lin’s confidence low…

  67. S says:

    I’m a JLin fan, but we need to stop finding excuses for him. A good player plays well in any team, regardless the coach, the players, they just find their way to excel in it. He is looking really lost now and lacking the confidence to drive in to the basket and challenge the big guys – so memorable from his big run. We need to stop living in Linsanity too and watch him struggle, before growing as a player.

    • aj says:

      well-put, you hit the nail on the head

    • merrileealong says:

      I agree with everything you said.

    • Mathew says:

      I agree with everything that yu said. But Lin is taking it to the rim and driving hard. Hes just not finishing. Hes getting the chances and the oppurtunities. It’s just that right now he is in a slump just like Harden. He will get out of it soon and will shoot over 33 percent.

  68. kirito says:

    Lin is just an overrated player.

  69. nick says:

    Lin is too timid to be a superstar. He has to learn how to be arrogant on the basketball court!

  70. Robert says:

    I cannot believe these people! Have some patience with the guy, give him a break, so if their wining then it’s ok right.

  71. j. bean says:

    After watching Kyle Lowry play in Toronto I can’t see the logic of trading him and ending up with Lin. Rockets fans must be upset.
    Watched the Raptors game last night and there are a lot of fans upset with the officiating. Shouldn’t there be a mechanism to get it right when it is a game deciding play?

  72. cp10 says:

    $25M? Not quite. $15M kicks in the third year.

  73. JaMarcus says:

    LOL Jeremy Lin is a bum

  74. The shot clock says:

    Don’t you wish you stayed a knick?

  75. Shirley says:

    I am a big Jeremy Lin fan. Still believe in him and will forever stand by him. Jeremy is a no excuse guy and he knows that he has not delivered, He can do so much better as we all have seen during Linsanity. Coach did what he needed to do to get the team wins. Happy that Rockets got the win! Main thing is the team winning. As long as Lin gets better, we will see him with more mins and be able to finish game. However, I hope the coach let Lin attack and have the freedom to be himself. I really want to see Jeremy penetrates and gets some points. Keeps working hard Jeremy!! Get those jump shots!!

  76. Stu says:

    I think he finds it hard to take the lead when he has a team mate with a big ego (Harden).

  77. Joseph_03 says:

    I think Mr, Morey was still wrong in letting Lowry and Dragic go and only to replace those two with Jeremy Lin, a glorified back-up PG. At best Jeremy Lin is someone you play just around 8 to 12 mins per game just to give your starter some breathing time and or maybe occasionally jump start the bench and nothing more. The sad part is he eats up $8M worth of cap space when you can get back-ups at half or less than half the price.

    The trade for Harden was a very good one, despite giving up that very nice draft pick, but the moment they made Harden their “Designated Player” they screwed themselves. Harden could have been the complementary star to a franchise player but they made him the franchise player and are banking on Asik and Lin to be his complementary pieces. The Rockets were not going far with their franchise last year so they opted to rebuild, but every game they play this season its starting to look like they are starting to screw the rebuild as well,

  78. chippy j says:

    He’s a bust…..
    They wasted cap room on there roster for a bust…

  79. LIn what? says:

    Lin is a mediocre player. Mediocre players sit on the bench.

    Lin served his purpose. He was brought in to bring publicity to Houston. James Harden was brought in to be the good player. The role players are better than Lin.

    That guy needs to take his millions and be happy he isnt on the Wizards yet.

    • RJ says:

      Ten games into what is basically his second year with a new team with an entirely new roster and he’s a bust? That’s a bit overstated. Why are people so eager to talk smack. Lin’s a unique young player with plenty of flaws, but he’s young. And one of my favorite things about basketball, on tv or in real life, is watching unique young players grow. So can we not hate on this guy so much where the coaches end up burying him on the bench fearful of playing him if he has 10 or 15 so-so games for the next year and a half and then they amnesty him, when he’s really just growing and adjusting?

      • Supa Hot Fiya says:

        Lin brought it on himself. He said he was overlooked cause of his race. Turns out that real scouts and coaches saw what we didn’t a long time ago. The guy is mediocre at best.

      • Justin says:

        Ten games is alot considering you all think he is god from his 7 linsanity games lol

  80. underdog says:

    Lin is a bust which gives you nothing in the court but marketability., without D’Antoni’s system, he’s useless…

  81. Justin Smithers says:

    Lin just cart cut it he is an overrated player and when comes down to it he is flawed, there is all this hype about him which doesnt help his game first he needs to mature his game andonce he has done that then he can impact the game better and become more of a force for the team.

  82. Jen says:

    We know what Lin is capable of. I don’t appreciate his coach’s remarks recently and I think the coach needs to go. He is not doing his job to help Lin. Harden also had stretches when he kept missing shots and turning the ball over too. Sampson even kept Harden in a game for 17 minutes when he was sick! Sampson has a history of NCAA violations and I can’t believe he’s an interim NBA coach when he wasn’t even fit to be a college coach.

    • Justin says:

      Your a joke. Just like what you idiotic Linfans pulled in NY. Trade Melo, Amare and everyone else that is good so Lin can have spotlight!!! LMAO you all want it to be a Lin show and absolutely careless what is in the best interest of the team. I wish all of you would just stop watching basketball and forget Linsanity ever happened because I cant stand hearing you idiots any longer. Go back to doing what you were doing b4 Linsanity started. Your horrible cancerous fans to any team Lin plays for. The guy belongs in the D-leagues

      • Russ says:

        Amen!!! Lin is 100% D-League material!

      • Jen says:

        What are you talking about? Why would I think the Knicks should trade Melo? He’s their best player and Jeremy is not a close athletic comparison even if I like him. Don’t jump to conclusions and make false accusations just because I think Jeremy should have played in OT. If you’ve watched all the Rockets games this year, they’ve lost alot of close games due to bad coaching decisions.

  83. Kamote says:

    I say just cut this kid some slack. Truth is, he ain’t even drafted, played sparingly in his first years, then Linsanity happened. But he’s just a young kid who also needs time to develop, much like the time given to the likes of John Wall (who is by the way a #1 pick).

    There’s still this reality that Lin might not be the franchise player most hope for (much like the likes of Telfair, Teague, Foye, J-Will and other PGs everyone thought will make it big in the NBA). Hopefully he’d be effective enough to help his team become playoff contenders again. He doesn’t really have the skill and athleticism, but I hope he’d have the smarts and develop some toughness, much like someone named Stockton :).

  84. rizz says:

    Lin is not good.

  85. newyorksteelo says:

    Maybe the Knicks were right in letting Lin go. I am sure he will be fine as he develops his game in the years to come and will become a better defender if that’s what the Rockets require of him, but the Knicks needed a championship now hence letting him go. The Linsanity run in NY was great though and I will never forget it. Go Knicks!

  86. X Factor says:

    Should have signed Mike as our head coach when we had the chance. He really set Lin up for Linsanity by giving him the green light. Now it seems like Lin can’t play the way he wants to because of how the rockets’ coaching staff wants him to play. Just give him the green light!

  87. Kam says:

    Lin is in a bad situation,, very bad situation. Somehow he finds himself peculiar to that he had with the Knicks after a change in head coach and the return of Carmelo Anthony. With Houston, the addition of James Harden completely changed the offensive approach that took the ball out of Lin’s hands. I just hope Houston management trades him to a team that would use Lin appropriately.

  88. mikel_artist says:

    your better in d league…

  89. Adoe says:

    Simply put he was a short term sensation who benefited when opposition coaches never thought about him when planning defensive settings. Now that he is an overpaid starting PG his LACK of true skill is showing through. He is a turnover machine, poor shooting defensive liability. He had a good run, has a nice contract as a result, but he is not as good as everyone hoped he could be. Houston gambled and lost, the Knicks won, Felton is killing it.

    • FckBlks says:

      Lin did not had few turn overs this season and that’s exactly the problem. he should not care much abou it at all.

      • Justin says:

        What? He looks atrocious compared to other REAL starting pg’s. I said from the get-go that Houston is crazy to let Lowry and Dragic walk and trust Lin, it was a publicity stunt to make money off the asian community. Houston org has ties with Asian countries.

  90. specialc says:

    Did this coach watch the same game where Nate was getting free and toney was getting picked off in the 4th?

    • Justin says:

      Douglas saved the game man. What game were you watching? Douglkas best tribute is playing defense. He is a HELLUVA LOT better than Lin at D, PERIOD

      • Review the Stats says:

        I want Douglas to play well but he is not better than Lin on defense. Maybe only in the last game. Check the stats before you jump to conclusions. He is definitely NOT “HELLUVA LOT

  91. William says:

    He looks tired and or lost. Hitting his shots and making plays on offense will give him that adrenaline but it won’t help with his lateral quickness or defensive smarts (position and angles).

    • JKey says:

      I agree. He looks a bit out of sorts in Houston compared to the Knicks. Just needs that boost of confidence and work on the defensive side.

  92. Alex chow says:

    I think he will be fine in 5 more games. He is not comfortable with the spotlight on him about his past and what he is right now. And his. Teamates are not working out with him is another problem. How many times the players are not following his play! Hope he is in Toronto raptors!

    • Sam says:

      keep him in houston, we already got bargnani to deal with!!!
      he just had a some fluke nights

      • PiPPEN_Jardan says:

        i guess he had 35 fluke nights then

      • Game Time says:

        @Pippen Jarden, what are you smoking? Lin had about 7 good games where she scored over 25pts. After Miami put him in place he sank into mediocrity and now he’s less than that.

    • Kevin says:

      Lin is the point guard. His job is to get his teammates involved and run the offense. It’s clear he’s over his head and was over hyped. He’s a marginal basketball player and is getting exposed right now.

      He’s a pilon on defense, is a turnover machine and is shooting 33%.

      He’s not a starting point guard in this league and Houston feels like you know what right now with paying him off like that.

    • Yeah..Okay pffft says:

      Maybe not a fluke but he is SEVERELY OVER RATED & OVER PAID

      He will never be as good as Rose, Rondo, Dwill, Westbrook or any all-star level PG and thats a fact

    • Mathew says:

      The problem is that… late in games both Lin and Harden get tired. (Lin more than Harden) So then late in games Lin gets beat on defense and etc. These guys will eventually get used to playing more minutes. All they need is time.

    • Guy says:

      Yeah, but Lin needs to stop whining about being in the spotlight. It is selfish to let your game suffer because you want to be “fair” to the team. I’m sorry, last time I checked a player is supposed to give his all on the court regardless of what is happening around them. Lin kept saying he wish he didn’t get all this attention last season but how exactly can he control that? He needs to step it up and do his fans, teammates, and himself a service. Stop being selfish and worried about what other people are doing and saying!

    • Gd Lk says:

      OH boy! I really hope he doesn’t get anywere near the Raptors. The team is struggling enough as it is.
      I am sure he’s a nice guy, he comes across that way… But he is not a brillant ball player, maybe decent now and good
      down the road, but I don’t know about allstar level.
      His rise to fame shows that he can play but, there were no scouting reports on him at the time, no one knew he was.
      Kobe Bryant in what sounded like a sincere response, “Jeremy who???”
      All that said, I wish him luck on his slump. Time to put in those extra hours.