Hang Time Podcast (Episode 93) Featuring Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The Los Angeles Lakers just can’t stay out of the headlines, and off of the Hang Time Podcast, these days.

From the firing of Mike Brown to the hiring of Mike D’Antoni, and the dalliance with Phil Jackson between the two, the Lakers have served as one-stop shopping for their fill of the reality-TV-style melodrama that surrounds their basketball.

The quiet but powerful force behind the scenes in this whole affair is longtime Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak, whose voice never seems to rise above a regal whisper even in what looks like a crisis. Kupchak joins us on Episode 93 of the Hang Time Podcast to clear the air on all things Lakers.

Whose bright idea was it to install the Princeton offense?

Why D’Antonio over Phil, or was it instead of Phil?

Is anything less than a title this season viewed internally as a failure for Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and the crew?

And, perhaps most intriguing, is his putting to rest the debate that our TNT colleagues Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley have waged over the past 15 months about the unquestioned best big man in the league, Dwight Howard or Andrew Bynum?

(Hey Shaq, spoiler alert, you’re not going to like Kupchak’s answer …)

Feast on all that and more on our Thanksgiving special, Episode 93 of the Hang Time Podcast, with your hosts Sekou Smith, Lang Whitaker and Rick Fox (well, you’ll have to listen up to see what happened to Rick).


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  1. dattebayo says:

    The Lakers have the biggest payroll in the league and they have the worst bench. Just because the Laker Franchise attracts great players and is in a financial position to pay them, doesn’t mean that Mitch Kupchak is a great GM. Nash wanted to be close to his kids and play for a contender, so the team he wanted to play for happened to be the Lakers.
    To me the GMs in Oklahoma and San Antonio have done the best job possible in the last years. They don’t have a huge payroll like the Lakers, they are stable and set for the future and they drafted and traded really well. Oh and they don’t go around ridiculing coaches and players for not playing well and all that stuff. And did I mention that they won more games than the Lakers in the last few years?

  2. What’s up Dear, are you in fact visiting this web site regularly, if so afterward you will definitely take nice know-how.

  3. Aaron Armijo says:

    Kupchak sounded like a complete fool on a few occasions in this interview. Almost like he knew what he was saying was complete b.s.. Not a good sign for L.A. fans. Some of his philosophy on the organizations moves were complete nonsense. He was just relaying what other people told him or demanded. It did not sound like what he was saying was his own beliefs.Corrupt LEADERSHIP L.A….

  4. LA all Day says:

    LAKERS over boston? Never! Who sells more ? Lakers Do ! They have a nation! Lakers are only 1 trophy away from matching them. Who has won the last 5 rings in 10 years . The LAkERS! boston? U make me laugh… L A is the place to be , life and play! Wher is Boston?

  5. lakers 07 says:

    hey lakers27 and celtics fan… both of them are the best… they cannot hold that record if their not good…..

  6. kid says:

    They should fire M. Kup***** & wiave Pau Gas*** , D12 cannot be like Shaq or Bynum low-post style – he should be playing like Karl Malone style coz Nash can be like Stockton. J. Hill should be a starting 5 (again not Pau). Pau is moving like a big baby gay.

  7. CK says:

    You are just wasting Kobe and Steve’s time, which they don’t have much left!

    You had the best coach in front of you considering the job, but you said you could not wait a few more hours for his reply and turned to the “2nd best”! You think Lakers fans are stupid?

  8. Why all hate lakers?? I dont care of your opinion here ! Just watch out if NASH would heal. Not all of us can know who is the Contender team or Not . by the way did LAKERS organization give all of you suffer?? PERFECTIONIST DAMN PEOPLE. .
    watch out if the LAKERS can position themselves.. THEY WILL EAT YOUR ALL TEAM ALIVEEEEE….

  9. Noel117-CelticsAllDay- says:

    No chemistry in lakerland..I dont know if d’antoni will fit kobe or howard’s style of play..they are ball stoppers.. Phil should be their coach but he’s old now. Playoffs 2nd round. No championships here..
    Get Carmelo for aging kobe hahaha! Or trade gasol for STAT =)

  10. John Lowden says:

    I think Phil Jackson is the ONLY one that can turn LA around this year, but they didn’t hire him. He turned them around in the past when they had the best team, but lacked chemistr.
    GO JAZZ !!!! BOO LAKERS !!!!

  11. Louis says:

    ‘Sekou man I love the hang time podcast but cmon man! this and the last one are purely lakers and the only before that was about 50% lakers…..You can’t tell me there i not anything else interesting happening in the league? Ill put it to you straight the lakers fired a coach, hired another one over a great coach, signed the best big man in the league along with the best SG and a future hall of famer PG and are still losing. Now lets talk about Memphis’ strong start to the season, Denver’s sub par start, Knicks pushing forward in the east without amare, the wolves injuriues, bobcats possible playoffs, josh howard getting a shot in Minnesota, Milicic now looking for another team, the flopping rule and why it seems that the big name players are not getting called for flopping or even thatt joke of a 138 point game! Its time NBA.com and the hangtime blog realise that not everyone is a lakers fan or even cares all that much about the lakers organisation. You dont see this much coverage for other losing teams so why the lakers.

  12. Heath Ledger says:

    Why so serious? HEHE!

  13. Popoy Di Maunat says:

    I Have To Agree to Celtics fan on that!!!! Celtics is the best franchise in NBA History…. I’m no celtic fan…. But you should know your history since you’re a fan of basketball… By the way lakers ain’t a contender team…. OKC,MIA,BOS,MEM,LAC,SAS,NYK……… Celtics and the lakers are both 6-6… But the celtics do win in the ROAD….

    Good luck to all contenders….. May the Best TEAM Win it all….. Let’s Go HEAT!!!!!

  14. Celtics fan says:

    LAkers27, the Fakers the best franchise? The best franchise are the Celtics, all the day.

  15. QiangStyle says:

    Mitch K sounds like a big jerk…interviewing the best coach in sport history (PJ) but never meant to hire him.

  16. Popoy Di Maunat says:

    And By the way GOODLUCK on MEMPHIS game…. if the loss again… they are going to be a below .500 team AGAIN….

  17. Popoy Di Maunat says:

    All he manage to do is to buy a trophy!!! even with d12 +nash… they ain’t going nowhere… I believe NYK GM or MIA GM or even ORL GM is way better…. NYK GM for where they are now… MIA GM adding ray and rashard means more 3point bombers…. ORL GM at least they didn’t push for a bynum d12 trade…. They are now a rebuilding mode… But more space on salary cap than before….lakers GM with all that money involve… all they can manage to do is to win 6 games at home…. they can’t even beat SAC on the road…. lucky for lakers they beat SAC at home when Counsins ain’t playing….

  18. ZULU says:

    How many times did Kupchak say ownership”? Good interview love it or hate, the descision. he gave the inside real deal version. of why Brown is out, Phtl was a drive-by and Dantoni has the job. Ballgame!!!! The Lakers baby straight out of Holly weird bawlin’. Good stuff Ht.Pc.

  19. Heisenberg says:

    When Lamar Odom was traded, Mr. Kupchak was not the most popular in Lakerland.

  20. LAkers27 says:

    I agree to u solk, can I add also that the lakers is the best franchise in nba history.

  21. solk says:

    the best GM in the nba period.