Another Knee Surgery For Roy

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Brandon Roy‘s career-long battle with his knees will take another turn this week when the Minnesota Timberwolves swingman undergoes yet another procedure (arthroscopy) on his right knee, according to a report by Jason Quick in The Oregonian.

This will be Roy’s fifth knee surgery, the first since he made his miraculous comeback from retirement, and his seventh dating back to his high school days in Seattle.

There is no timetable for his return from this latest setback.

Roy’s play in the preseason stirred excitement that he might be ready to return to the form that saw him earn three All-Star nods in five seasons in Portland, where he was the face of the franchise before taking a medical retirement in December of 2011 because of arthritic and degenerative knees.

After a year off and getting treatment on his knees, Roy made his comeback with the Timberwolves. But he played in just five games, shooting just 31 percent from the floor and averaging 5.8 points, 4.6 assists and 2.8 rebounds for a team that has had to battle without injured stars Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio through this early stretch of the season.

Roy’s troubles began before the regular season began, though, per Quick:

He banged his right knee in Minnesota’s final preseason game on Oct. 26 against Milwaukee, forming a bump and a bruise. He said he later aggravated the knee when a teammate bumped him in practice, then again on Nov. 9 in the first half against Indiana. He did not play in the second half of the Indiana game, then missed the next four games.

On Thursday in Minneapolis, Roy was still hopeful he would be able to play Friday in Portland, where he spent his first five seasons. But he said no matter what happens the rest of this season, he has no regrets.

“I wouldn’t be disappointed either way,’’ Roy said. “If it ends in three weeks, it ends. It’s over. I’m totally satisfied with what I’ve done. I know the sacrifice and the effort that I put into coming back. It took a lot of discipline to get to where I am, That’s all I care about: how hard I’ve worked.’’

The Timberwolves didn’t bank on Roy playing like the All-Star he was earlier in his career, although it would have been a nice bonus for a team with playoff aspirations. They signed him to a two-year deal that pays him $5.4 million this season with a second year that was non-guaranteed.

If Roy doesn’t meet certain standards for games played and other goals, this could very well be the last time we see him on the NBA stage.


  1. mary says:

    So what if he wasn’t what he was? He can still contribute and might yet be able to do something with those knees. Grant Hill was supposed to be washed up too but he gets to play the game he loves, make a living and contribute to his team. Roy can still contribute to the game and his team in many ways. He just can’t start and play long minutes…..We should ALL support his efforts.

  2. chosen 1 says:

    Its so painful to see another very hearted,talented,gutty player go down.BUT THATS LIFE.with 60m+ on his AC..HE should make other moves about he used to attack the rim.

  3. Blazergirldee says:

    Portland fans should consider that Roy gave us the absolute best years if his career. It was time to rebuild and we needed the money to do so. Having kept Roy on the roster just would have delayed the inevitable and put us one more year behind our rebuilding efforts. As for his comeback, this man has a deep love for the game of basketball. He felt well and wanted to play (not for money). He could not sign with Portland (as already pointed out). Besides all that, we needed to move on. I am saddened by the news of this surgery. I now just hopes he stops playing before he devastates his future quality if life.

  4. Boom says:

    To anyone who has watched Rpy play this season it comes as no suprise. He is as good as a spot up shooter now days and his shot really has not been falling. I think he needs to change his game if he wants to stay in the league. His knees can’t handle the explosiveness, athleticness and physical stuff around the hoop that he was used to back at Portland.

  5. DRoseIsKing says:

    Portland fans are the saltiest in the NBA… you guys have worse luck than Seattle

  6. dattebayo says:

    I really don’t want to start a discussion here, obviously the fans in Portland have many fond memories of Roy and seeing him retire was not good news in any way. I just don’t understand the hate. If Lebron retires next year for whatever reason, gets amnestied because his contract is so huge and then comes back in 2014 and signs a max contract with L.A., playing at an MVP level next to Howard, I would totally agree with the reaction some people here have about Brandon Roy coming back. Roy though came into training camp and shortly after that declared his retirement for medical reasons and the team amnestied him. Do you really think that he retired for selfish reasons, like wanting out of Portland or playing time or because he wanted to take a year off? It was a mutual decision for Roy to retire and the Team wanted his salary off the books, how on earth can you hate the guy for that?

  7. charles says:

    I think Roy brought alot of calmness and a sense of “can do” to the locker room which is definitely one of the reasons the wolves have been able to hang on while their top players are not around. Obviously this means Shved will have to jump up his learning curve – which he’s already doing.

  8. Ben says:

    I feel sorry for the Portland fans (above) who don’t get that the Trail Blazers, not Roy, decided to end that relationship, and that when Roy came back to the league he had no option to sign with them.

    It’s hard to know if Roy can be like Grant Hill, and bounce back and have a productive (although less talented) career, but for me it’s time that he hangs up the boots for good. I just can’t bear to think that he will keep playing for 10 games, and then having another surgery, it has to be the last one this time, right?

  9. baba says:

    Watching him when he played for the Wolves you knew this was bound to happen. You could see it in Roy how awkward and uncomfortable he felt in the court. No more fast first step, no more athletic moves, even his shooting has been really bad. Blame the knees for all of this. And when reporters said he would not play due to a banged up knee, I knew it was over. Another surgery is the end of his career. It was a good run for him. He was one of the best at his prime. Unfortunately very few players come back strong from devastating cartilage injuries especially knee injuries. This is why Im concerned on how DRose will return… His game relies so much no his athleticism, if he forces himself to do the moves he used to do, he might end up banging his knee up every time.

  10. KobeisClydeDrexler says:

    Too bad for Roy but he needs to realize trying to comeback again is not helping both him and the Timberwolves. You’ve made your millions, there’s more to life than basketball. You may not be able to walk straight in your 40s if you keep trying to comeback.

  11. Sterling says:

    I sure hope he’s wearing knee pads EVERY TIME he’s on the court. Whether in practice or games, he should be protecting himself from small stuff all the time.

  12. toytoygogie says:

    Yeah, he should seriously decide to retire. He’s no more Brandon Roy due to limited abilities he have due to his surgeries. I love Roy but man, it sad to see that he’s no more the Roy that I once admire.

  13. Ben says:

    Brandon, for the love of god, retire already. It’s sad to watch you on court, being a shadow of player you once were.

  14. Andy says:

    Why doesn’t he do that Orthokine treatment like Kobe and those guys did and said it did wonders for their knees?

  15. Ro says:

    @dattebayo you are correct. He was forced to retire for medical reasons. He did nothing wrong, and his salary (yes ridiculously high) is off Portland’s books. Why do we have to bad mouth him for trying to make a comeback? I think as much as anyone that these guys are far beyond overpaid, but i dont think its fair to criticise someone for putting in hard work and making it back to the league. They dont ‘ruin’ teams’ salary caps. Put yourself in his shoes – So what if you have $60M in the bank, wouldnt you want to keep playing the game you love at a high level?

  16. Dwayne Coronel says:

    i think this time it will really be hard for Roy to comeback… if only he has the same knees that he had back when he was in his high school years, i really do think that he’ll have a better career as an NBA player. i feel sorry for athletes with his type of talent go to waste due to injuries. best wishes for him anyway

  17. AnnoYouLater says:

    OMG…these kind of news really upset me..i was really happy when the wolves got him but he injured himself again plus the almost half of the wolves rosters are already injured…im really disappointed wtih guys that get injured a lot of time, i know they dont want it to happen but jesus christ take care of yourself,

  18. bjoe says:

    they ahoul give adam morrison a chance, pity on how the portland waive him after a impressive training camp

    • No one says:

      Adam has diabetes man, that’s the reason, unfortunately,teams don’t want to sign him…I feel sorry for both, great guys.

  19. W/E says:

    yep players like Roy,Bynum, Stoudoumire and others who never get to stay healthy for years should do their teams a favor and retire, they mess up the roster, the chemistry and the salaries of their teams..

  20. Dave says:

    Consider a meniscus transplant, they do them at Sunnybrook at Toronto, Canada. Worth a shot before throwing in the towel.

  21. Pgulinp1 says:

    roy for love of God retire for good… i feel so bad about that guy…

  22. thejerr says:

    bumma about those knees, i never saw him playing through this full season but it sure was fun watchin him try to come back, think he should prolly hang it up tho, the knees are finally done, maybe he could start eyeing a job on a bench somewhere

  23. Michael Bromley says:

    I know I’m gonna cop some heat for this comment, but I hope he does not return to the NBA. I don’t wish injury on any professional athlete, but after the way he hung Portland put to dry, I hope his comeback is not a success. And he says he will have no regrets if he does not play another game in the NBA, well sure, if I were getting almost $60 million from Portland and another $5.4 million from the wolves, I wouldn’t be too stressed either!

    • Fractured Life says:

      Bromley – IIRC The Trail Blazers had a lot to do with him taking a medical retirement. He didn’t want to, they forced him to. He didn’t do anything bad by the Blazers, he did what they asked him so they could get his contract covered by insurance…

    • PDXFan123 says:

      I completely agree with you. I was pretty devastated when he retired after seeing the whole Oden fiasco go down. And then he comes back a year later and goes to another team? I had always said “Even if he isnt playing anymore, at least he retired in a Portland jersey.”

      Bitterness aside, I still think him retiring would be better for his legacy anyway. There are so many amazing players that try and squeeze as many seasons out of their careers as possible and some just look way too washed up in their last couple of rounds (Im looking at you Shaq). He needs to call it a career and let us remember him for his 3 all-star appearances, not for what hes done with the t-wolves.

      • dattebayo says:

        Could you miss informed morons please investigate what happened and stop throwing junk out there? He retired because he couldn’t play anymore with his banged up knees. Portland didn’t want him back and in case he wanted to return, they didn’t want to pay him $20 million a year. They knew he could never return to allstar level and they didn’t want to pay him that much money. It would have been restrictive and to get his contract off the salary cap, they amnestied him. Once you amnesty a player you can’t resign him and he has to sign with another team. Happened to Arenas, Haywood, Brand, Scola and a few other people. Do you all think they wanted to leave?
        Shame on you two Portland fans, you probably cheered the loudest after Game 4 in 2011, now you badmouth him for trying to come back.

      • PDXFan123 says:

        Mis-informed morons? Are you kidding me? Obviously he COULD still play since he decided to come back one season later. You’d think that if he wanted to still play and knew that he could still play then he would’ve told the blazers staff that. But he agreed with them and retired, disappointing the entire city of portland on his way out. The blazers wanted him to retire so that they could get his huge contract paid for through insurance but now that hes back, its going to cost them $17 million. (just like Darius Miles) And for what? 10 games of nothing.

        You’re right, I did cheer after that amazing game, but we have a reason to be bitter, because he left, and then joined another team in a year without ever saying anything to Portland.

        Please, think before you post your ignorant hypocrisy next time.

      • Dennis - Bulls Fan says:

        Shaq genuinely helped the Suns, the Celtics, and even won another ring with the Heat in 2006.. he didnt do wrong, he is a man, a centre, not a point guard – they can always play a bit longer cause they are tall and big all game long.

    • Joe Sardotz says:

      Ditto from Portland. $65 MIL should ease his pain.

      • uoykcuf says:

        he should consider going to phoenix suns. They did wonders with Grant Hill, hell even Penny played a few more years before hanging those foamposite for good.
        Randy foye can finally stop all those haters.

    • Idiot corrector says:

      You really are not too knowledgable on how the NBA works. Portland Amnestied the man so wtf do you think he owed them? Once they amnestied him all ties were cut. You are saying he hung Portland out to dry how in the hell did he do that? By being hurt?