Isn’t Rondo Cream Of The Crop?

— Let’s face it. Maybe we’re getting past the point in the debate about whether Rajon Rondo has eclipsed Chris Paul, Steve Nash, Deron Williams and Tony Parker as the best point guard currently playing the game.

Now he’s closing in on history.

After sitting out Thursday’s loss at Brooklyn with a sprained right ankle, Rondo returned to the Celtics lineup for his second 20-assist game of the season and his 33rd consecutive time of dropping double-digit dimes. That’s the thin air of the gods. That puts him only four behind John Stockton’s best string of 37 straight and at least gives him a distant peek at Magic Johnson’s all-time record of 46 in a row.

“Something I look forward to every game is just trying to make my teammates happy. And somehow I keep getting to 10,” Rondo said. “Tonight it was a collective team effort as far as assists.

“I’m making some OK passes — just taking what the defense gives me. It means my teammates are making shots.”

So, give him one more big assist in spreading around not only the wealth, but the credit to his teammates.

This was an entirely different team than the one that went down to the Nets without Rondo two days earlier. The Celtics came out running and attacking the Raptors as he dished off for seven assists in the first quarter alone. When Toronto tightened things up in the second half, first he executed a perfectly-placed lob to Chris Wilcox for a dunk and his 19th assist and then drew the defense to him and whipped the ball to a wide open Jason Terry for a jumper and No. 20.

There’s no question that Kevin Garnett is still the snarling, barking face of the Celtics — the first name that comes to mind when you think who gets under the skin of opponents and who can be the constant irritant and defensive stopper that makes an aging Boston team still a real threat in the Eastern Conference.

Paul Pierce is there to make the tough clutch baskets that have always been his trademark, while Terry has moved nicely into the spot in the lineup vacated by Ray Allen’s move to Miami.

But the time has come to face the facts. If the Celtics are going go far and make another deep playoff run, they’ll be riding on the talents of Rondo, which are somehow still under-appreciated.


  1. Look at the future says:

    Rondo is a very good player and definitely the best distributor, but the role of PG is different now, they are relied to create off of the dribble and be a threat to score at all times. Rondo is a pretty one dimensional player as a distributor although not many teams seem to be able to stop that 1 dimension. Once KG and Pierce are gone or useless it will be interesting if his role changes to more of a scoring threat. The reason CP3 is the best right now IMO is because if his job was the same as Rondo’s (distribute first, score when open), he would put up similar numbers, but he is such a threat to score that he has to focus a lot of his game on that as well as distributing. Kyrie Irving and Damian Lillard are next for the throne

  2. celticpride0511 says:

    I remember one NBA star (can’t remember who) said that Rondo is a scary opponent because he can dominate a game without scoring.

  3. TheRealMossMan says:

    Although I really, really like the Boston Celtics. I believe that Rondo deserves a better team around him. Seems a funny thing to say. But he really makes those other guys look good. Paul Pierce is however still the Truth though. But Rondo does deserve better. The young man plays some ball. I truly think he is the best point guard in the game. Chris Paul has a better shot but Rondo has the better court vision.


    Kick tail Rondo!

  4. v-elf says:

    Yep troubles here too

  5. eastvwest says:

    Any time I type in Rondo it doesn’t show up. why!?

  6. eastvwest says:

    Has anyone else had issues with the commenting on these articles? I am getting really upset about this.

  7. Ben says:

    He’s no Stockton, but in todays game probably the best PG around.

  8. westveast says:

    WHY !!!!!!!!!!!! EVERY TIME I POST A COMMENT IT DOESN”T SHOW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • westveast says:

      NBA.COM I have put a lot of time and effort into these comments and they don’t even show up! What is this!!!!

      • westveast says:

        Of course the dumb little comments I make about your horrible comment system come up, but not any of comments regarding the actual article. Is this for real?

  9. cp3 best pg says:

    people don’t know anything about basketball isn’t winning more important than triple doubles magic was great due to he could score at will 21 and 11 like cp3 rondo cant do that over the course of a season and having 3 hofs for the duration of his career is not helping his case especially when he won his title off of their success and the guy above me is lying he never avg that when they won the trophy he was just considered the cs pg not even known as rondo

  10. Celtics Hater says:

    Rondo is one of a kind PG. He is and has been the purest PG in the league for little while now. I would take Rondo over any PG in the league. He knows his teammates sweet spots. Plus he doesn’t force his jump shot. If you all didn’t give Lebron props until he got his ring yall should do the same for CP3 and Nash. Yea they are Hall of Fame but wont be considered Legends till they win a Championship. You cant argue playoffs because if you go back to 2008 when the Celtics won the title Rondo averaged 16.9ppg 9.7rpg & 9.8apg…and they gave the MVP to Pierce!!! This guy is under rated!!! Hands down!!! I understand liking another players game but saying Rondo isn’t the purest PG in the league is disrespectful to the game of basketball. Notice I didn’t say he was the best because different people have different opinions…But I think Rondo can fit into any offense; and have this streak if he was on any other team in the league because he is that good.

  11. Paul says:

    Rondo doesn’t make his teammates better, he just utilizes them. Switch Rondo with CP3 right now and the Clippers are going to be back to losing. Stats aren’t always what matter. CP3 is a better leader, has more presence on the court and wills his team to win. Also, you are forgetting Rondo isn’t guarded as closely as other point guards. He has several feet to work with and usually never has to worry about anything except finding the man, whereas other guards like CP3 are being guarded and have to find the open man or make another play in order to score on the possession. Rondo has it easy..

    • CelticsBanner18 says:

      hahahaha funny rondo doesnt make his teammates better LMFAO wow u damn stupid man he makes his teammates way better than cp3 does u see it when hes benched celtics struggling with scoring man even j kidd said hes da best PG today and he knows what hes talkin about

  12. eastvwest says:

    I posted a comment here a few minutes ago that took me a while to write, and its not showing up… god job Thanks for wasting my time

  13. theflowson says:

    Rondo no doubt is the best PG in the league. Since when did the best point guard have to put up SG like numbers to be considered the best? Rondo can score whenever he wants and if he wanted to he could average 18+ points a game. BTW he has a decent mid-range jumper and can get to the rim with ease. He doesn’t need to be a great 3-pt shooter, Rondo recognizes that this isn’t his game so I am glad he doesn’t jack up a lot of threes like Rose and Westbrook do. Rondo has a true point guard’s mentality and more then any other PG he gets his teammates involved before himself. And people are going to criticize him for not averaging more points then other PGs like CP3? The only real flaw to Rondo’s game is his FT shooting which obviously needs to be improved. He is still the best PG however because he plays better defense than all the PGs, probably the most offensively efficient PG, a good rebounder for his size, excellent IQ, etc.

  14. Sean Gallagher 734 474 3996 says:

    Yeah Rondo straight.

    Any problems with my ideaology give me a call now.

  15. mike says:

    rondo is good but not great… i dont care what numbers he puts up…hes no chris paul

  16. smashmouth says:

    hes a game manager like alex smith,put him on charlotte and nobody knows his name.

  17. BBexpert says:

    Best 2 PGs in the game, With best all around preformances and skills are Rondo and CP3. You switch their teams.. CP3 will do as much for offense as rondo does, stat lines would proly stay more or less the same for him there!!!!!, and Rondo would shine even more in the clippers because all of a sudden his not the number 3 or 4 option on the team, meaning his s preformance would improve. Wich kinda tells you RONDO is better. If this doesn’t convince you, then ask yourself. What is the most dominant achivment you can have in a a game? … THE TRIPLE DOUBLE…. and until CP3 becomes a threat in that catagory… RONDO will be better then him… IN MY EYES!!

  18. smashmouth says:

    since when is shooting not a qualification for a point gaurd?being able to shoot is not a is a requiremrnt to be an effective point gaurd,spacing and otherwise.Rondo is behind Paul,Williams,and very soon Irvin and lilliard…..

  19. Get-Buckets_22 says:

    *Stocks streak is 33

  20. Get-Buckets_22 says:

    Look coming from someone who plays semi pro basketball myself.Im not just a spectator.I play for the ABA,& other semi leagues,and have even played overseas twice.And Ill say this.Out of all the arguments,facts are FACTS! RONDO IS hands down,the BEST point guard in the league since Stockton.And 2 be honest I think he will end up being WAY better than Stock.He already is at Stocks level,in Stocks prime.Look @ the facts yep POINT GUARDS distribute! And he IS the BEST! Stocktons streak is ## and he played until he was 40.Rondo is almost @ Stock,AND Magics record @ he’s only 25!

  21. Cactusball says:

    Fact is, he doesn’t WIN the Celtics any games. He has great vision and some nifty post moves for a man his size, but he’s not someone you call a centerpiece. He makes a great Robin to someone else’s Batman, but you won’t see teams dismantling their rosters to try and have him on their team (Carmelo, D.Will, LeBron) because he isn’t that type of player.

  22. j says:

    not the best point guard for me, but best setter in the league right now, cp3 is my best point guard bcos’ he knows when to score.

  23. isaac says:

    CP3 is better

  24. Eric says:

    Who has the most triple double among the PGs last season?

  25. Tyler Medeiros says:

    anyone saying rondo cant shoot clearly isnt informed, hes shooting 53% from the field this year which leads all GUARDS never mind PG. He’s also been knocking down his jumpers very consistently this year

  26. Li says:

    Rondo aka a walking triple double is the best point guard in the league. Why alot of people don’t think so is because he is so different than all the other PGs. His jumper is getting better and better. Last year he had more triple doubles than “the great almighty” Lebron James. He’s only getting better. He was top 4 voted for MVP last yr behind LBJ, Durant, and Kobe (No other PG there). Yes, D Rose was out last year but I don’t think he’s a good PG. He’s a great player though. I don’t believe a PG should take 25 shots a game, gets 30 points and considers it a good performance.

    • tar says:

      where are you getting your mvp stats at…. Li
      when i look up the 1st place votes rondo has ZERO. as in none. and what do you know 2 pg’s ahead of him

      cp3 had 6
      parker had 4

      Wheres Rondo??

      MVP list.
      tony parker

    • CelticsBanner18 says:

      rondo was 7th in the mvp race last year behind cp3 russel and tony so there were pgs which i dont understand he had an amazing season and was the best pg by far! but let ppl hate on rondo it doesnt matter because while they cant take it that hes better than d rose cp3 russel and d will hes breakin nba records and shows that he is the best pg

  27. wooderson says:

    rondo isnt even close to the best point guard in the NBA, hardly even in the top 5. he cant shoot, end of story. chris paul, deron williams, kyrie erving, tony parker all better plus i would say steph curry and patty mills are aswell but thats my opinion the other four is fact

  28. jose machado says:

    i will not say that he´s the best, it´s one of the best for sure, aside that, it gives me pleasure to see him playing, and that´s what it counts fot me as a fan of this sport, cause if i have to pick someone and i´ll not go after the numbers, john wall_k irving they are awesomeeeeee!

  29. alexpeers says:

    Its not about who scores. pointguard spot is more on setting up teamates for good offensive execution..
    rondo cant score as 20 points a game.. but when he started to get going.. Celtics is a winning team…
    he can score if he wants to with his faking moves and floater.. but hes up on winning, not on scoring.. ull see rondo has the chance to win Season MVP.. hes the player with the most 3ple doubles in a playoff and a season…

  30. circus says:

    Rondo is an unique and compelling talent at the PG position. He is definitely as good as anyone at confidently running the team’s offense and getting his team mates good shots. What people are also neglecting to mention here is that he is among the best defensive PGs in the league, and certainly one of the better rebounding PGs, which is why he is always scaring a triple double. He has excellent timing and can make something out of nothing. It’s unusual for young PGs to not develop combo guard skills like catch-and-shoot, off-the-dribble pullups, and iso move these days, and these combo skills have come to define the modern PG position. This is something that Rondo definitely doesn’t naturally have in his game and is not likely to ever really have, which will probably always be a criticism of his game, in the same way that it is a criticism of Ricky Rubio’s game. What that means is that in crunch time he can’t have the ball because he can’t iso effectively and guarantee getting a quality shot off which CP3, DWill, DRose, TP and Nash can all do, which means that he needs to play with a iso 2 or 3 to help in clutch situation. Rondo is definitely a clutch player too, just not in a tradtional iso way.

  31. cp3 the best pg says:

    funny how people bring up rondo being supposedly the best rebounding pg (him and cp3 are tied for career in avg.) but say scoring and having a good jumper and 3 pointer don’t matter as far as a pgs job when last i checked rebounding never was part of a pgs criteria so lets just call it both ways cp3 can do everything rondo can and more

  32. KingLBjBoy says:

    Celtics just lost to the Pistons how come rondo is the best????lol

  33. TripleOT says:

    Rondo is making 50% of his non-threepoint jumpers this season, a marked improvement from last year’s 37%. He’s generating 43 points per game for his team, slightly higher than LeBron James. He’s out-jumpshooting CP3 (42%) and Lebron (42%) by hitting 46% of his non-layup shots. Rondo’s improved shooting has been quite remarkable..

    If this fine shooting continues, Rondo’s main fault will be conquered. His second biggest fault, FT shooting, has actually gotten worse (55%).

  34. KingLBjBoy says:

    Are you kidding me???Celtics are done Rondo cannot take them to the promise land lol

  35. BlackDove- says:

    John Stockton best PG

  36. Hm says:

    CP3 produces more wins. End of story. Go check yearly Wins Produced rankings and see who is always at or near #1. It’s not Rondo. Chris Paul has been dominating the rankings since his rookie year. Rondo is just now cracking the top part of the list.
    So yes, Rondo is part of “the cream of the crop”, but there are still better PGs than him. Last year, even Nash still produced more wins than Rondo (so the rankings of PGs would be CP3, Nash, Rondo).
    I love how he has improved over the years though. He is no doubt a great player and might still become even better, but it’d be a sad thing to ignore our eyes when we can see one of the best PGs of ALL TIME in Chris Paul.

  37. NBAfan says:

    He can’t shoot but at the end of the day, he gets his stats and his team wins….that’s as good as a PG you are ever going to get…

    CP3 and TP can’t get the numbers Rondo puts up unless they play 2K on Rookie difficulty…

    I don’t know if he is THE best…but he is definitely up there and should always be in the discussion

  38. Lebron James is Rajon Rondo
    Rajon Rondo is no Lebron James

  39. Celtics Vivek says:

    rondo was drafted 21st and all the guys you are comparing are top 3 pick in the draft. that itself tells a lot about you guys that you have no clue right from day one about Rondo. Danny Ainge had is eye set on Rondo for a long time and since all the 20 GMs ignored him , he got Rondo. if you compare shooting alone not a lot of PGs were good shooters including Jason Kidd as some poster said above. Plus Rondo’s triple double record is not brought into equation. I won’t be surprised if people continue to ignore RR but he is a complete player. He can score rebound and dish. He is the best to morph his role according to the team needs.

  40. GG says:

    I love Rondo. He might be the best PG in league but hes still not quite yet reach the prime of Nash which I think how you should consider as the best PG of the league.

  41. Hav 12 says:

    Rondo is a great player and at the moment is the BEST PG after 9 games. The one thing that is so good about Rondo is he can score if he has to but he can also dish out the dimes and get boards as well. Rondo to me is the best PG at getting rebounds which is something I dont see another PG do on a consistant level like Rondo.

    Last year Rondo scored 40 plus points against the Heats in the play-off which I haven’t seen any other PG do against the Heats and he made it look easy and in saying that he still managed to get 10 plus dimes with 5-6 boards which is crazy. I guess looking at his stats he has developed and improved every year since his rookie year. So for me he is the best PG at the moment but hey there is 73 more games in the season to go but he will be in the top 3 PG at the end of the year or the best PG by the end of the year.

  42. Hokage says:

    Some Stats to Help People Understand.Last season RR was 5th (And only PG on that list) in gaurds RPG. Last Season RR had 6 TripDubs, second place had only 1. Post Season he had 4 TrubDubs, second place had only 1. He also led the Post Season in DubDubs. RR is Tied for 5th AllTime TripDubs among active players, only other PG on that list is Jason Kid (who has 12 years of EXP over rondo). RR is Tied with Larry Legend at 3rd for ALL TIME PLAYOFF TripDubs, 1 TrupDub behind Jason Kidd (which hes clearly gonna break before he ends his career).

  43. Eli amos says:

    Rajon rondo is the best pg no doght

  44. anonymous says:

    CP3 is far better, let’s not be silly here.

  45. Rúben says:

    That last ‘K’ in Parker is not even close from the ‘R’. That makes my comment automatically invalid.

  46. W/E says:

    Rondo is great, but hes number 2,Paul is still the best PG in the league cause is a better scorer along with his good all around game, i would pick Paul over Rondo for PG cause hes a more complete offensive player,if Rondo had good outside shooting he would be awesome but unfortunately he is not a good shooter.

  47. Rúben says:

    CP3 is obviously the best PG in the league. I think the Celtics would be real contenders with CP3 there. I give a lot of credit to Rondo for his evolution as a player and see him as a very good point guard, but i guess even Doc (personal relashionships aside) would pick CP3 over Rondo for reasons that were mentioned on other comments. But i would take him over D-Will or Tony Parkek. He just wants to win more, and that counts a lot when comparing talented players. CP3 is the only one who can match Rondo in that department.

  48. Anonymouse says:

    LOL at who ever said Point Guards need to be able to shoot. Are you stupid?! A Point Guard’s job is to run the offense and distribute the ball. Also, Rondo IS a better distributor than LeBron, and you are one of the stupid bandwagon trolls if you think LeBron is better. It doesn’t matter whether the point guard shoots or not as long as he runs the offense. Rondo is traditional point guard, not one of those shooting guards playing a point guards position who bring the ball up, go isoand take a three.

    • wakenbake says:

      LOL at you if you dont think that it helps a defence when they know that the guy with the ball cant shoot?

  49. JimboJames says:

    anyone claiming rondo is better than CP3 simply doesn’t know the game. Yes distribution is a PG’s most important job but it’s not the only thing u need to be able to do at the position. Simply saying that it’s not necessary for him to be good isn’t the point. Kevin love is a great player already but would he not be better if he had elite athleticism and shot-blocking skills? point is Paul is the complete point guard, and a quick look at the stats from this season (the one with rondo’s “improved” jumper) proves this correct. Rondo averages 3 asts more per game, while Paul averages 5 more points on much higher percentages, as well as more steals. Advanced stats can also show you that while Rondo is on the court the Celtics are actually a worse defensive team, while Paul is considered arguably the best defensive PG in the game. As for big shots, Paul’s resume dwarfs Rondo’s and before anyone mentions game 7 vs Philly, as a sixers fan i would let Rondo take those shots again – the word fluke doesn’t even come close…

  50. RondoMVP says:

    Rondo is the best pure point guard. Chris Paul may be a better shooter but Rondo is a better Defender. I’ll always pick a defender than a better shooter period…

  51. cp3 the best pg says:

    and you idiots stop saying he’s 52 % on his jumpers he’s not he just doesn’t take a lot of shots and gets most his points off penetration god people will say anything to make their guy the better choice best pg should be what can one do that the other cant cp3 can do everything rondo can do and turn the ball over less but can also scor make free throws and shoot threes and jumpers a lot better

    • zedd says:

      Yes, you are right. He is not 52% on his jumpers he is 52.6% on his jumpers (according to NBA Advance statistics). He is 52% over-all but is slightly higher at 52.6% on his mid-range jumpers.

      I guess you never watched Celtics’ games because if you do, you will see that he is hitting his mid-range jumpers at a much higher rate.

  52. cp3 the best pg says:

    it’s funny how people are saying rondo is the best pg when he has for the most part of his career had three reliable hall of famers something cp3 has never had period give cp3 kg and pierce and i know he could do more with them thats why ainge was trying to make the trade to get cp3 and rondo still is not a reliable jumpshooter and yeah i been watching the clips and celtics games its no comparison cp3 is the best pg and he dont turn the ball over like rondo

  53. sg says:

    Im a LA fan but i can still say with confidence if you put rondo on any team that makes the playoffs even an 8 seed they automatically become VERY dangerous. Hes playing out of his mind the last few years , MAJORLY underrated. id take rondo over chris paul any day of the year. everyone just bandwagons cause the guy is in LA (Lob city …lol) Hes not going anywhere in his career with that nucleus. dont get me wrong theyre definitely the Deepest team in the league but the only true winner with a killer instinct is paul alone and thats not enough to carry a team with 2 guys that make up into 1 shaq, just with double the problems.

  54. KingLBjBoy says:

    Give credit to the Celtics Coaching staff Rondo All star point Guard

  55. KingLBjBoy says:

    Rondo cannot win a championship with LBJ is in the East Done talking???

  56. evvrrl says:

    Rondo is the best pure-point & CP3 is the best point right now. End of discussion.

  57. Evan says:

    For everyone saying Rondo can’t shoot, it’s wildly evident that they clearly haven’t been watching the Celtics this year. Please, do Rajon and the Celtics a favor — leave him open. Best point guard in the game, and one of the best leaders — if not the best young leader.

  58. Kamote says:

    actually, it doesnt matter if Rondo is the the best PG right now. I’m a Celtic fan, and this team right now is all about Doc’s system and Rondo’s execution. KG is still the backbone of Boston’s grit, and Pierce is still the one they trust at the clutch. That’s why when Allen left (who’s supposed to be a 6th man anyway), they’ve got Terry and Lee, while waiting for Bradley to heal. Now they have the whole year to let everyone play Doc’s system (Green, Jared, Lee, Terry) while giving ample rest to both KG and Pierce. Rondo will lead that team. He may not be a Nash or Paul, but he can definitely be a Kidd or Payton back in their heyday.

    The thing is, he doesnt have to be the league’s best PG or even be the team’s best player. He will just do his job making his team the best.

  59. Me says:

    forget Rondo, Terry was amazing yesterday

  60. Louie_Vi14 says:

    Yet nobody talks about the fact that Rondo is one of the best defensive guard in the league? and I dont mean just steals, the fact that he guarded Lebron during games and was able to contain him is amazing especially with almost a 7 inch disadvantage for Rondo. Even John Stockton didn’t have such lock down defense in his career or Chris Paul

  61. David says:

    Rondo for MVP.

  62. Bill says:

    Why does the media insist on generating endless articles of who is the best…fill in the blank? I suppose the obvious answer is that the media gives the public what they want and sports fans have always enjoyed having the my team (or player) is better than yours debates.

    Having acknowledged the obvious, can’t we all agree that in fact is pretty much impossible to strictly declare one great player as being superior to another?

    I am Lakers fan, so I can say I am both a Clippers and Celtics “hater” (particularly the latter of course). Nonetheless, Chris Paul and Rondo are obviously both great in their own right. Who is better? Unless we ask both players to switch teams for some meaningful number of games I don’t think we can ever truly say.

    However, when you compile the list of things each player excels at, I am inclined to believe Chris Paul can do everything that Rondo can. But, I think CP has a clear advantage is clutch scoring, he is able to create his own shot seemingly at will and is a great shooter. He also can make a case for being a better leader as there have been no reports of him alienating team mates (think Rondo – Allen).

    So, if I could have either player as a Laker, I would choose Chris Paul. Believe me I can’t stop thinking about a Laker team with Kobe, Howard and CP. Thanks Mr. Stern for blocking that trade, not!

    Argue on sports fans. Peace.

  63. John Doe says:

    Funny – I never liked Rondo and Celtics too much – but some of these comments are really stupid. Name another PG you would want to build your team around right now. The only one that comes to mind is Chris Paul. Everything else is not about point guard. There is noone else who can control a game as much as Rondo.

  64. CP3 > Rondo > Rest says:

    I think we should leave out Westbrook and D Rose out of this discussion as they both are more shooting than point guards. Rondo is easily the best distributor in the league. He is probably one of the most unconventional but effective point guards in the history of NBA due to poor long range shot and free throw accuracy.I still put CP3 above him due to more reliable long range shot and the intangibles. Ray left Celtics because of Rondo and CP3 makes everyone around him better, changed the culture of the Clippers franchise in a year and very very clutch.

    • anastasia says:

      I do agree, Rondo still missing 2 things that will put him over the best.
      1 .- Over 80% free trow shoothing
      2.- A trust wothy mid range shoothing.
      If he can do that he will be one of the greatest to play this game in that position

  65. Chester says:

    just because people dont agree with you doesnt mean they are hate anybody. thats stupid to use that word in that way anyway. everyone is entitled to their opinion, it may differ from yours but that doesnt make it any more or less valid

  66. carlos says:

    Rondo is a great player and distributor but he needs to develop his jumpshot.Chris Paul and D-Will the other hand can be distributors AND scorers

  67. Kukoc says:

    As accomplished a point guard as Rondo is, it does make life easier when you have the likes of Garnett, Pierce and Terry (previously Allen) there to hit shots.

  68. radu says:

    rondo IS the best pure pointguard, numbers have been proving it during the last couple of seasons

  69. thisguy says:

    he had 20 dimes in only 32 minutes and if thats not the best pg performence idk what is, but unfortuantely people jsut look at the points nowadays

  70. Banner 18 says:

    If you haven’t watched a Celtics game this season please don’t use the He Can’t Shoot line, because he’s making his mid range shots now with a good FG%. There’s a role on the team called a SG who fulfills the shooting roles. Rondo is a facilitator first, but if he has the shot he’s going to take it now. They’ve only played a few teams so far, but I always said Rondo with a jump shot is trouble for other teams. Just ask Utah when they kept sagging off on him.

  71. Joe says:

    Westbrook in my opinion is the best point guard. he is still learning the game. each year he improves substantially but is easily one of the most furious players in the NBA. Rondo is terrific but if Westbrook is already considered the best to where the rondo is my money is that westbrook will be there in no time

  72. JerryHerb says:

    I guess it’s true that the game has changed and point guards are now not only facilitators but scorers as well. So comparing Rondo with CP3, DWill or Rose is difficult – different styles of play.

    Let’s point out one thing.
    Rondo was a slow starter. Most of the other PG that are in conversation were 1-4 draft picks. They went to teams that needed them to step up to leadership role (including clutch shots etc.). David West was the only other shooter in New Orleans during first CP#3seasons, Boozer and Okur with DWill, Gordon with Rose in Chicago. Not really future Hall of Famers.

    Since the second Rondo’s year with the Celtics he played alongside 3 great shooters – guys that need to have the ball, all more than capable to take clutch shots. Even if Rondo’s been great shooter, he would’ve always been the 4th shooting option. That’s why he developed diffrent skills.

    Let’s wait till the end of the season and see how far all those guys can take their teams. There are at least 5 elite PGs in the game right now (with Irving and Jennings trailng). Who you chose depends also on your esthetic taste 🙂

  73. MakeItWork says:

    they dont like rondo, no they hate rondo because he is creating his own history. because their cp3, rose, williams is not.

  74. jay says:

    yes indeed rondo is under appreciated

  75. Scarecrow says:

    Rondo is the best PG out there for me. plays the game like no other PG’s

  76. Tomahawk Jones says:

    The person saying John Stockton is not clutch clearly missed Game 6 of the 1997 Western Conference Finals against the Houston Rockets, as well as Game 4 in the 1st round against the Sacramento Kings back in ’99, among others including a final-minute comeback.

    And that’s only concerning scoring.

  77. No One says:

    Rondo is one of my favourite players, and i started loving him since his rookie year where he didn’t get all the credit he deserved (people saying he was good only because of the big 3s), but in someway i think Paul is actually the best PG in the league.

    By the way this discussion is quite interesting, what makes a player the best PG in the league? It’s the best player at the 1 position or the best PG prototype? By the way, does it still exist a PG prototype?

    If you think it’s the best player at the position then you should go with Derrick Rose (was? let see how he comes back from the injury).

    In my opinion vision, decision making and the ability to made your mates better players are still the most important features in a PG. Rondo and Paul are the frontrunners here (i agree that Nash is old), Paul getting a slight advantage for the wider arsenal skills (better penetration and shot).

    I have to admit i’m a noob of the game, but i really think shooting is an important skill even for a PG because it affects the way the other team set its defence.

  78. CelticsBanner18 says:

    what is wrong with yall rndo haters man smh hes makin 52% of the mid range shots hes taken which is amazin! dirk nowitzki one of the best mid range shooters of all time is shootin 47% so stop sayin he cant shoot. he even made more 3 pointers than wade by now and keep sayin cp3 is the best pg meanwhile rondo breaks nba records

  79. Doug says:

    Once I read an article comparing PGs, not choosing a best overall but pointing who is the best for each situation. I think that was the best player comparison. Rondo fits perfectly to Celtics, especially when Ray Allen was around, because the team had a lot of scorers. All he had to do was to set the play to get the ball in the hands of the one in better position, and he always did this. Derrick Rose wouldn’t do this. CP3 wouldn’t do this as well as Rondo.

    I still think both D. Rose and CP3 are better shooters than Rondo, who has layups, some jumper sweet spots and that’s all. But I also think is easier to guard 1 great scorer than to guard 3 or 4 scorers set up by a great distributor.

  80. fat h says:

    There is no question about it. Stop sayin Chris Paul is better than Rondo because he averages more points. Just look at the other stats. Easy pick, Rondo is the best PG since Nash in his prime!

  81. Granthill33 says:

    I agree – Rondo is the best point guard right now.

  82. Frank says:

    No doubt Rondo is now the best point guard in the game. CP, Tony and others are superstars not the best PG

  83. mv3 says:

    Damian Lillard.

  84. Mohcel says:

    Rondo is the best. Enough said men, a point guard is the one who runs the offense. If you’re looking for shots then look SHOOTING guard not POINT guard lol.

  85. NBAddict says:

    There is just no argument at this point anymore, Rondo is the best PG in the NBA. He has the potential for a triple-double every single game, his vision and decision making is much better than CP3 and Rose. He is now shooting the ball really well (look up his stats or watch a celtics game, dont just come here and makle a comment you would have made 2 yrs ago, things have changed).

    Maybe the only player in the NBA besides LBJ who can dominate a game without scoring, hence why he should be given MVP consideration.

  86. Michael Burger says:

    chris paul is the best nba point guard by far, he scores better than rondo, including in the clutch. the best floor general in the game and last year took the los angeles CLIPPERS!, the former laughing stock of the league, to the second round of the playoffs

    • Celtic Citizen says:

      May I remind you that Rondo took a battered team of Celtics who people said wouldnt even reach the playoffs to a game 7 with the Miami Heat?

    • chris says:

      the clippers all round team is far better than it used to be. paul didn’t do it all by himself.

    • Me says:

      please as if Clippers don’t have Griffin, deandre, they had Mo williams last year, they got Bledsoe (who has a lot of potential) and some other key players so what you mean CP3 “took them” forward?

  87. Benjamin says:

    There is a big difference between Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul: Rondo leads it’s team to conference finals while Chris Paul averages a few more points per game. Rondo has a very good FG%, and when he have to score, he does (remember the 40+ points game against the Heat?), it’s just that it isn’t his role.

    So I’ll ask you: Which one is better?

    • LeBUMjames says:

      Very well said Benjamin.

    • aaaaaa says:

      Just to clarify, it was 44 points, plus in that game he also had 10ast and 8reb. But anyway, I agree completely. He scores when he has to, always finds the open man, and hustles for rebounds. All Chris Paul does is score better and throw a lot of alley-oops. People just think CP3 is better because he makes more “exciting plays” (and don’t get me wrong I think he’s an amazing player). Rondo is the best point guard…

      • bigwes95 says:

        remember that rondo had pierce, ray allen, and KG. rondo does come up clutch and put in one of the greatest games of all time. but chris paul is better. if paul had those people for five years in his career, when they were still all-stars, do you seriously think he wouldn’t have gotten past the 1st round of the play-offs. with a blake griffin and some regular starters, he went to the second round. if he had 3 other all-stars he would have gotten atleast to the conference finals. chris paul scores only when he sees the tide turning and when it’s needed, so don’t say he just shoots whenever and drives and gets teh foul called everytime(because no one does) .

  88. kofaa says:

    Rondo is the best pure point guard ….He is dropping 20 dimes like nothing…Great defender and rebounder ( for his size)..the only other point guard that controls the game from the point is Steve Nash, but Nash is old…

  89. Sam says:

    People dislike Rondo, because they know he is the best Point Guard in the game, and plays it the way it is defined. Those people wish they had a player so unique, and should accept hes the best pg in the game right now.

  90. Rudeman says:

    I agree. He’s the best point guard out there today. He’s running the tempo of his team by making great plays. Point guard is like a manager on the court, you need to make your teammates keep scoring by dishing them on the right spot and on the right time. Rondo not only keeping his team at a high FG percentage but also doing a great job preventing turnovers. He can also rebound a ball. Talking about a point guard who can grab as much as 18 rebounds in a game. His a beast and deserves to be one of the all-time best point guards.

  91. KG21 says:

    Rondo is a perfect point guard. He plays well the main responsibility which is orchestrating plays, helping teammates get better. He is a better defender than most of the point guards in this league. My vote goes to Rondo.

  92. Rmorton333 says:

    Rose might be better at shooting but rondo better all around player and the celtics r better than the bulls

    • Peter says:

      I’m not even sure about that…Rose’s percentages from midrange are not super impressive and aren’t much better than Rondo’s really…

      In fact, so far this season Rondo is shooting 53% from midrange which is an exceptional rate, and I believe that’s a higher percentage then Rose has ever shot.

      Rose is a better 3PT and FT shooter, but Rondo does have a very capable jump shot.

  93. Ike says:

    Rondo is better than Chris Paul this year he is better all time because he got his guys to a championship. He haves won a championship. His jumper has improved greatly this yr. A point isn’t post to take the game winning shot anyway that’s why their called SHOOTING guards. Rondo shoots good enough! People just jump and say he can’t shoot but dude rebounds better than any other guard point in the league as well. And shooters miss in clutch situations but rondos proven he is a clutch player so I would stick with him. He is hands down the best pg with rose out!

  94. jhmertens says:

    I’ve been saying he’s the best pg for a while now. Reason? He can control the flow of the game and make his team better in a way that is peerless. If he was a shooting guard or a small forward, maybe individual scoring would be more important. But he’s a point guard and his main purpose is to make his team better and help facilitate the action. Again, peerless. And when he has to score, let us remember the 46 odd point playoff game of last year. And his clutch gene? One of the greatest playoff performances of all time with that dislocated elbow, right up there with Isaiah Thomas and the ankle. Rondo is the best pg in the game, face it people.

  95. chibulls1992 says:

    Ok. Rajon Rondo MAY be the best PG while Rose is out. Everyone knows Derrick Rose is the best PG in the NBA. Top 5 Player in the NBA as well.

    • LeBUMjames says:

      HAHAHAHAHA! Stop joking around fool. OK. Go ahead. cheer DROSE with his bum knee. huehuehue. RONDO IS BEAST GTFO Y’ALL HATER.

    • Me says:

      d rose ain’t even a real PG, he’s like westbrook an SG known to be a PG in name only

    • Peter says:

      As a PG Rose is not even top 3 PG, let alone #1 – he’s just an overglorified tweener. He’s not a good enough as a playmaker to be a top 3 PG and he’s not good enough as a scorer to be a top 3 SG – he just a combo guard who chucks up a lot of shot attempts.

      The top PG’s in the NBA are Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo and Deron Williams – you can argue all you want about which order they rank in. I would pt put Parker and Westbrook as the final two in the top 5.

      The Bulls’ success last season after Rose went down proves how relatively invaluable he is to his team compared to Rondo, Paul or Williams – either one of those guys goes down and their team is going to struggle to win games. Bulls remained competitive until Noah went down – they felt that loss far more then the loss of Rose.

      • Peter says:

        You can make the same argument for the Spurs without Parker, or the Thunder without Westbrook. Both teams would struggle to win games.

  96. Tod says:

    what do you mean “he can’t shoot!”?! he’s had a very reliable mid range jumper this start of the season(and it’s only getting better).

    • michael says:

      it is 9 games and his fg percentage is only 4% higher than his career average, his free throw percentage is down 7% through the first 9 games as well – I don’t think that means he is now a worse free throw shooter, just that he has had a poor 9 game stretch from the line.

  97. l00000000000000000l says:

    R0ndo is beast, yall haters just hate. He doesn’t have to be a great shooter or be the best shooter, just make the wide open shots when he has to, break the defense, and gets teammates involved, last i checked thats what point guards are supposed to do. Dont compare him to chris paul or derick rose because he wins his way and gets the job done. so get off saying “he cant shoot” the people in philly wish they didn’t leave him open in the playoffs in game 7 so was uppp?

  98. a says:

    actually the point about shooting is redicoulous currently parker and rondo both average 14.3 pts per game but parker shoots at 39% while rondo at 51% so u cant really say parker is a better scorer paul averages 17 so he is slightly better,

  99. tyler says:

    HE CANT SHOOT! Name another “great” point gaurd without a jumper.. dont worry ill wait

    • Banner 18 says:

      Have you watched a recent game? I don’t think so because he’s improved on his jump shot. But I’ll name a point guard for you who didn’t have a real jump shot JOHN STOCKTON, the guy who’s record he’s going after. Rondo effects the game in so many other ways without having to jack up 30 shots to maybe get 20 pts.

      • uoykcuf says:

        where did all these Stockton doesn’t have a nice shot coming from?

      • thisguy says:

        urr actually dumb dont talk if u dont watch the celtics. If u watch his game ull see that he shoots a very high percentage from the elbow

      • Tim says:

        If you think Stockton couldn’t shoot, you are just plain wrong. Stockton was ultra-efficient from the perimeter. He knocked down 845 out of 2203 career 3 point attempts in an era with tougher perimeter defense (before the rule changes). It is no fluke that his 3 point percentage jumped to .449 the same year hand checking was eliminated from the game. Compare his career percentage from distance .384 with Rondo’s .242. It’s not even close. Then compare FT%: Stockton .826, Rondo .618. Stockton’s numbers in 89-90 with legal hand checking: 17.2 PPG on .514 FG%, .416 3P%, .819 FT% were excellent. His 87-88 numbers were rather outstanding as well: 14.7 PPG on .574 FG%, .358 3P%, and .840 FT%.

        Rondo’s jumper may be slightly improved, but it hasn’t shown up in his 3P% this season, still a miserable .250 on 1.3 attempts per game. It is possible he may improve significantly over the course of his career, but until he improves that outside shot, he will not deserve to be called ‘great’.

      • michael says:

        Banner, 2 points.
        1. Rondo is chasing Magic Johnson’s record (46 games), Stockton is second on the list (37 games) and the next player for Rondo to catch, but not the record holder .
        2. Stockton’s career shooting percentages are 51.5% fg, 38.4% 3 pt and 82.6% ft – those are very good for any position and his fg % is higher than any of the five current PGs (Rondo, Nash, Williams, Parker and Paul) career numbers and Nash is the only one of the five with a higher 3 pt percentage. Nash (90.4%) and Paul (85.5%) both have higher ft % but Stockton could be considered the best shooter of the six all around, I would take Nash still even though his fg % is lower because his ft and 3 pt percentages are just that much higher than everyone elses. Rondo on the other hand isn’t even close to the other five in either ft (61.2%) or 3 pt (24.2%). Parker was for a long time considered a poor ft shooting point gaurd because of his 73% (only one mentioned in the article under 80%, other than Rondo) and Rondo has taken poor free throw shooting for a PG to a new low.

        And I would say FT% is an important stat for a PG as they are the ones handling the ball and getting fouled at the end of the games.

    • chris says:

      bro you’re an idiot. he’s taken a fair amound of jump shots this season and made a very good percentage of them. i suggest you keep yourself up to date rather than hating for a reason that doesn’t apply anymore.

      • michael says:

        So after 9 games this season where Rondo has shot slightly better from the field (52% vs 48%) taken 2 more shots per game (11.3 vs 9.3) made a slightly higher 3 pt % (25% vs 24%) and lower ft % (55% vs 62%) than his career averages, you are ready to say that these 9 games with slightly better shooting numbers represent Rondo as a shooter better than the previous 337 regular season games he has played in his career?
        Makes sense to me, I mean its not like players ever have improved numbers over a short period of games.

    • Dieter says:

      It’s his job to lead the offense… and find players who are open. Wether he can shoot or not, is not that important. There’s 5 players on a team, and they all have their specific tasks.

      The Celtics already have a clutch player in Pierce who shoots better in those clutch moments than Rondo, Westbrook, Rose, … so it would be dumb for Rondo to not give the ball to Pierce. It’s Rondo’s job to play smart, not to shoot the ball whenever he likes it.

      And of all great point guards in today’s game, Rondo has the third best carreer FG% behind Tony Parker and Steve Nash (yes better than Paul, Williams, Rose). Having a good FG% and alot of dimes ain’t enough? A point guard has to play selfish to become great? I don’t think so.

      • Dieter says:

        The only thing I don’t like about Rondo’s game is his low FT%. If he manages to get that up by 20%, than he could be a top 5 point guard of all time.

    • Me says:

      without a jumper? D-rose hardly ever makes those, he usually (for the most part) drives into the lane for a lay up / lay in. That’s why he is injury prone. And I, for one, I’m glad Rondo doesn’t do that too often or else he’d be somewhere rehabbing right now

    • Kamote says:

      do you know a certain jason kidd??? if you’ve just watched the NBA only when the Kobes and the Leborn’s came, then i’d understand the ignorance. The likes of Kidd and Payton (top PG’s in the 90’s) are mostly on attack mode, less jumpshots, more inside shots, but mostly directing the whole team. Kidd only got his 3’s while at Dallas. Please know about basketball history and stuff before you comment.

    • jess says:

      magic johnson cant shoot but he can score. jason kidd earlier cant shoot either… but he can score…

    • Catsil says:

      Jason Kidd

  100. William says:

    Rondo was nothing from the very start,,he was only appreciated because he’s playing along with KG,Pierce and Allen. But after that championship year they had, he proved to everybody that he is really something else. A reliable point guard indeed. We can never say that he’s the best point guard out there but what’s true is that he’s one of the best.

    If Boston wants to make another run for championship, they should retain Rondo.

  101. fanofafan says:

    Agreed rondo IS the best point guard in the league

    • D-Shackle says:

      Point guards need to be able to shoot. Rajon is a great distributor (still only the 2nd best in the league behind Lebron, mind you) but it’s guys like Chris Paul and Tony Parker that win you games late in the 4th quarter. This article hits it on the head by saying that Paul Pierce is in charge for the Celts when the game is on the line. When Rajon sunk those 3s late in the 4th quarter of the Philly playoff game, that was one absolutely out of the box for him. Chris Paul and Tony Parker do that countless times throughout a season.

      • WTF says:

        i agree fo the most of your ideas except for one:

        Lebron?? best distrubutor ?? really??

      • Tito says:

        Actually, a point guards job is to run the offense, which typically means distributing the ball more than shooting. At the end of the game its a point guards job to get the ball in the hands of your best clutch shooter in a position that he can score. Russell Westbrook will take that last shot and make it more often than Rondo would, but the Thunder would win more if he got the ball in the hands of Durant.

      • toytoygogie says:

        Don’t agree on that. John Stockton is not a clutch player and is considered the best point guard on his time selected as the PG in the dream team. CP3 is a good ball handler too, a great dribbler but I can’t find him so much than Rondo who is very intelligent and has a great I.Q. as a point guard who sets the play, re-sets the play, and make people or team mates able to score even being scoreless. I would say, I’m a good basketball player, and I have a colleague ones that does somehow like CP3 but it makes me irritated if he doesn’t sets the play, instead acts like a guard and attacks the rim without looking or setting the play in the court. And I have this mate who is really acting like Rondo who sets the play so much than scoring, and I appreciate him so much. We have this mate who can’t score so much and he made him score because he sets the play enable him to be open, and make it into the rim. See the difference. A PG knows that a team must won with cooperation and this in mind, he has the I.Q. that can make his team mates happy and enjoy attacking and shooting the ball into the rim making them motivated to win, and that’s Rondo.

      • LeBUMjames says:

        Because he’s a bandwagoner. HAHAHAH. sorry. RONDO = BEST POINTGUARD… And future MVP!? ;D

      • thisguy says:

        they do it countless time throughout the season, but what about the playoffs? When the stage is brighter thats wen Rondo is better and thats what it means to be clutch. Just look at the playoffs 2012 and see how many times he had saved the celtics and then tell me that it was out of the box for him

      • Alex Till says:

        D_Shackle, do your research, Rondo’s shooting 49% on mid-range shots this season. The only other guards in the league considered better than Rondo shooting higher percentages are Kobe and Chris Paul. He’s also shooting 4.4 attempts per game, probably a career high. That’s 9th among all guards in the league and 5th among all point guards. His only weaknesses are 3 pointers and free-throws. That’s all.

      • lucy loves rondo says:

        ohh come on?Lebron is better than Rondo in facilitating a game?did u even watch NBA? Rondo is the of the best or not the best PG, he affects games in more ways than one, he is the most unselfish person in the court and he setup plays better than anybody else, scoring?please that’s not his job..DOc wants him to direct the “movie” not play the role, so SU haters!

      • MHM 35 says:

        Yeah people really need to get off of Bron’s …. . he’s the best distributing forward in the league. not best distributor. Idiot. You make me want to throw up all over my keyboard man

      • Truu_Meaning says:

        ummm No!!!! see a PG is a QB for his team he doesn’t need to be a great shooter that’s like you saying a QB needs to be able Catch and Run his own TDs that’s not why he is there. QB gets his team open and get them the ball and gets them a better chance of scoring. which is exactly what Rondo does! So cut that he cannot shoot stuff out. He can shoot and is improving on it. so Don’t worry about Rondo the Only Point Guard in the best point guard conversation with a Ring. people say he didn’t earn that ring but he started and played very well. so yeah Rondo MVPG rest of yall hating