Shaqtin’ A Fool: Vol. 2, Episode 2

A few things are certain in life. Death. Taxes. And JaVale McGee appearing on Shaqtin’ A Fool. Shaq’s main man makes yet another appearance this week (twice!) along with Marc Gasol, Sebastian Telfair and Andrew Bynum’s hair. Vote for your favorite Shaqtin’ A Fool moment!


  1. yo says:

    Again what’s up with the quality? It looks like 240p or less to me.

  2. GSW fan says:

    You should of put Andreas Beindreis airball freethrow. He was at Oakland and against Lakers.It was his 2nd shot. Fell out of bounds didnt hit net. It was the bottom side of rim shot

    • Arky says:

      A Nuggets player did that too against Miami. Forgot who. Missed by like a meter short of the rim- and after making the 1st one!

  3. Chris mendez says:

    Haha look at Andrews hair!! XD

  4. juan valenzuela says:

    I think bynums mindset is that hes not going to cut his hair till he makes 3 three pointers in a game and we all know that ain’t possible

  5. newyorksteelo says:

    lol @ Bynum’s Hairdo haaaaa haaa haaaa!

  6. Game Time says:

    McGee makes a strong case, but the winner has to be Bynum. If not for shock value then shear stupidness of that hairdo.

  7. dattebayo says:

    I thought Javale would do better this year, but plays like this are more or less what he does regularly. I saw him post up a guard once this season and instead of taking his time and score on him, he turned away from the basket and threw up a hookshot that missed. All he had to do there was dribble it once, turn of the right foot, jump of his left and dunk it because he is so long. No one could have gotten there to block it and the guard can’t do anything there but foul him and even then it would/should have been an and1. The goaltends you have to live with, it’s not like he gets 3 of them every game. Maybe he should name himself Ibaka because in the Western Conference Finals he never got called for goaltending.

  8. AirMagicMamba says:

    I can’t believe that Bynums’ hair I thoght it was photo shopped at first lol whats going on with him?

  9. marcsenase says:

    i can’t get over on JaVale’s 2 awful plays

  10. allaroundballer says:

    air telfair ! LOL

  11. Drake says:

    Wow. This one is a tough one.Last three deserve a tie.

  12. NBA fan says:

    I love this segment and NBA in general but I think it’s time for the NBA to upgrade the video quality. Everything looks like 240p on Youtube and it takes away the sports experience.

  13. Karlo Garcia says:

    Javale is certainly a FOOL. LOL.