D’Antoni (On Crutches) At Practice

By NBA.com staff

The Lakers just tweeted a photo from new coach Mike D’Antoni’s first practice. If you squint, you can see the new guy on the right side of the photo on crutches. (Or blow it up by clicking on the link above the photo.) D’Antoni had knee replacement surgery just two weeks ago. It will be interesting to watch his sideline interactions during games as his knee recovers.


  1. dMb says:

    The coach shows determination, courage and effort to be in the floor with wood support? Hopefully this would inspire them very eagerly to play run and gun tonight and the rest of the year. I think this would be more favorable with the bench player they are much younger legs and faster than the 1st five.

  2. Boston9 says:

    Ok,I Might Be a celtics fan but i have to say the lakers have Starters:Nash,Kobe,Metta,Gasol,Howard/Bench:Goodluck,Meeks,Ebanks,Jamison,Hill k They Got An Awsome Team Good Starter Lineup and Bench Meeks is Best for 3’s the the problem from start everyone was talking about is Nash And Kobe are they really good for each other.Kobe Likes To Have The Ball All The Time but, then u got Steve Nash Who Wants The Ball Too,But Nash Got To Share It To Kobe Nash Isn’t Use Of The Way They Play For Offence.Nash When He Was In Pheniox He Was use to having the ball alot cause they really didn’t have a star like Kobe In There.Then You Got Howard, and howard is good for your Defense and Offence for Inside and close rang shots, and he can help them with their putbacks.Now For D’Antoni, i have to be honest here its not Mikes Brown Fault Its Moslty The Players And Chemistry in the court.They Just Need To Wait For The Players Chemistry to go up.You Got 2 Major Players New On the team tht still needs to develope.Plus, Mike Wasn’t Really Good When He Was a coach for the Knicks thts Why they got Wooden.Now Look at The Knicks Over .500 and 6-0.Lakers Might Not Do Well this year but at least The Bobcats Made an Improvement and their Over .500 Just Need Chemistry

    • Izzy says:

      Just… no.
      You Don’t Have To Capitalize Every Word Of Your Poor Arguement.

      Mike Brown was and has always been a bust. Even back with the Cavs, it was LeBron who led them to the 66 win season. Either way, Di’Antoni will help out largely with this organization as he gives the veterans the reins to guide Dwight and the young talent (Talent is an overstatement about the Laker bench.. maybe shooters) for the Lakers future.

      This is all coming from a LeBron fan btw, hopefully we see a Thunder/Lakers WCF with a Miami/Lakers Finals.

  3. ko0kie says:


  4. AussieCeltic says:

    I’m obviously a Celtics fan, but WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU TRADE KOBE? He is still a great performer, there’s nothing wrong with him, he’s averaging 26.4ppg (most in NBA), he’s lead L.A to 5 NBA titles and with the Lakers’ poor record so far, the Lakers will need all the points they can get out of Kobe. So tell me BasketballJones, why would you trade Kobe.

  5. buddda says:

    LakerNation! Callin it now. D’Antoni is gettin us a ring or 2!

    • Laker Nation says:

      Yessir…ive been saying it since Dumb Brown was “Coach” ….he needs to let these vets run the offense, Kobe and Nash are proven players, Nash with Scaps was an elite PG, now with Mamba and two pick and roll options in Gasol and Howard…and a wild card in Metta…i cant wait to see how teams defend us…so much for zone D working on us this year…..Gonna be exciting , moreso Toni talking about getting with Magic to pick his brain to make this team SHOWTIME worthy….!!!! P.S. I hate Time Warner

  6. JOEL says:

    Yeng Guiao is the best coach for the Lakers!

  7. Grapes Fandangger says:

    better off trading kobe?? thats turrible.. you sound like a tiny angry little man

  8. BasketballJones says:

    Hopefully D’Antoni will let Nash run the team like he did in Phoenix. I’m sure Kobe will cry about that one! I think since the Lakers added Nash and Howard they would be better off trading Kobe.

    • fiveodano says:

      put the crack pipe down and step away from the computer

    • mike says:

      seriously dude, you been smoking wat basketball jones was !!

    • Fo Real says:

      Trade Kobe??? Guy, I couldn’t get that high even if I tried.

      Im not an L.A fan to any degree but your comment is the stupidest thing I have ever read.

      If Kobe was going to ever be traded it would’ve been like 5 years ago.


    • QuestionMark says:

      I do agree with what your saying, but no way should Kobe be traded, he just needs to know how to move without the ball and be more of a catch and shoot guy. I’m sure D’Antoni can get that to work, the problem lies on D’Antoni coaching on defense.

      • Huey says:

        Have you lost your mind? Kobe is one of the best pff the ball players in the league…..He might be the best catch and shoot gaurd in side the three point line in the game, Come on!!!

    • Laker Nation says:

      This aint Basketball son!!! You must be still wearing your Heat jersey with ESPN on the name display…

  9. johnny dawson says:

    Better to have D’Antoni on crutches than Dwight Howard!

  10. Phil Jackson says:

    it was me who put him in crutches !

  11. B-B-Fan says:

    hardcore coaching, lol!

  12. lbj says:

    Looks like Jamal Crawford got to him already

  13. Chris Brown says:

    ♫Look at them now
    ♫Look at them now
    ♫They’re under .500

  14. iamjimmyjack says:

    Better get the job done..