White Fires Back At Rockets

HOUSTON — While the ongoing spat between the Rockets and Royce White shows no sign of ending, neither does the rookie’s inclination to keep digging the hole deeper.

After an insider told Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle that White was being fined for every day he remains away from the team or chooses not to attend sessions with a therapist the Rockets have arranged for him, the 21-year-old forward fired back with a barrage on Twitter:

— My #anxiety is fine, besides being disappointed in the communication, and worried about consistency and the effect that has on my health.

— I’m not saying anything inappropriate or anything thats wasn’t said or OMITTED by the organization, they have their media, this is mine.

— It’s NOT unprofessional to respond to misleading media provided by your employer, setting the record straight should be EXPECTED.

— I’m not saying anything negative about @HoustonRockets Im saying what I will and won’t stand for. Last Thing: #Mentalillness look it up.

The Rockets have hinted that White’s dissatisfaction stemmed from lack of playing time.

White, who suffers from generalized anxiety disorder, has not played at all this season and has been on the inactive list for the past four games. He did not attend practices Sunday or Tuesday, and did not show at the Toyota Center for Monday’s game against Miami or Wednesday against New Orleans.

General manager Daryl Morey reportedly told White in meetings last week that other players had earned playing time before him. White maintains that he has not been given a chance to show what he can do, and has claimed the Rockets are holding his anxiety disorder against him.

White has not attended sessions with Dr. Aaron Fink of the Baylor College of Medicine that have been set up by the Rockets.

About one hour before tipoff against the Hornets on Wednesday night, White seemed to raise the level of his social media vitriol by tweeting:

— “@HoustonRockets Fining me for saying I’m more COMFORTABLE with my own Doc. vs yours is for sure showing “support” to my health. That’s low!”

That tweet was later deleted from his Twitter timeline.


  1. Jasmoove says:

    yeah don’t waste every opportunity out there. time will coming at you. someday you might realize that this will be the worst decision that you did in your life. it’s never to late to change for a young guy like you my man.

  2. Ann O. Nimus says:

    His NBA career is done! no team will pick up this guy. If Phil jackson didn’t get his job because of travel restrictions then this rookie is no exception. dont use your disorder as an excuse. you make people, like me, with anxiety disorder look bad. we are no chicken like this guy.

  3. NashFan says:

    We talkin’ about practice?
    We ain’t talkin’ about the game.
    We ain’t talkin’ about the game!
    We talkin’ about practice!
    What are we talkin’ about?


  4. Russ says:

    There are many people with anxiety disorders out there. There are lots of medications available on the market to take care of this. If his doctor hasn’t prescribed anything then he should be seeing the team doctor for a second opinion. Seems like Royce is scared to tackle his illness and well be cut from the Rockets in no time.

  5. chris says:

    catered to in high school, same in college – nba it’s not going to happen

  6. Smiley says:

    you go royce! skip them work that only 30×15 ppl in the world get to do using a illness that you refuse treatment for from a second opinion, cuz thats the “professional” way to do it!

  7. David says:

    His infractions has nothing to do with the special part of his mental illness and therefore he cannot use this as an excuse to be childish,lazy, and ill prepare to be in basketball shape.

    This guy displayed that he is using his mental disease as a handicap to ask for special treatment as in playing time. He still need to perform on the court and he have not display an ability to perform on the court.

  8. U want it u go get it says:

    The sad part about it is once he kicked nothin would be left but a wasted pick taken away from a city that deserved better than him cryin while makin extremely good money I use to like Royce but now it seems he more of a drama queen than Tracy mcgrady when he came back

  9. Kamote says:

    Why did he file for draft eligibilty when he knows how the NBA goes… and WHY did the Rockets draft him???

  10. HomeroAguirre says:

    Man f@&k this dude, who does he think he is either show up to work or where ever you are scheduled to be or get fired. Bottom line rockets are giving him too much special treatment. Cut him now,cut your losses.

  11. zgillet says:

    What did they expect when they hired someone insane?

    • BrownJenkin says:

      White as far as now is showing a really childish behaviour. What does he thinks? He believes to be the greatest basketball star on the planet? He believes to be the only one person with anxiety disorder?
      He must realize that the Rockets are trying to do their best to keep him healty, they’ve just thought Doc. Fink should help him. He should give a try before yelling “I prefer my doc”. He should also be honest with the team.
      He doesn’t seem to be, so the Rockets should drop him, not just send him to DL. Then he will face REAL difficulties.

      • slider821 says:

        I knew he would be a bust when D Morey mentioned he would likely only play home games. Give me a break, the dude will never get one minute in the NBA with his attitude. I predict he’ll be gone before the end of this season, never to return to NBA, aka Professional basketball…and a professional he certainly is not.

  12. Uriel says:

    Royce White…get the F@ck out of the NBA…and especially off my rockets team…first of all u are not a superstar or even a role player yet to be making comments and demands like this.. U are putting your special needs (as valid as they may be) above the team! If you were the franchise player maybe then maybe I could almost understand, but no one and I do mean no one outside of Leslie Alexander is bigger than the organization on the whole not even the man who hired u D. moray. so what gives you the right to? Secondly, I am U. S. Army Captain, and as a commander of soldiers I see people everyday who Demonstrate bravery each and everyday just getting out of bed. War veterans who have conditions just like yours and some conditions that are worse and they don’t get paid even a fraction of what your organization is GIVING you for playing a GAME of all things. These brave men and women have these conditions because they have risked their lives to protect your rights and liberties without asking anything in return for thier volunteered service. I think the least you can do is not publicly whine and complain about your personal challenges as if you are the only one who suffers; count the blessings that u have, and for goodness sake grow a pair…get off your @ss and go earn your paycheck!

  13. dredd5150 says:

    Agree. This no longer school. It’s not college. You get paid to play. It’s a job. Regardless of your mental illness or condition. That’s not easy to understand. If this was a big problem for the kid, he should’ve stayed in school and finished college. Maybe that would have helped him cope with things. This is the NBA just in case he forgot. Hundreds of thousands of kids WANT to play in this league. I know having a mental illness is serious BUT please do not make it a damn excuse for not being professional.

  14. Evan says:

    How can he get upset about paying fines for not going to practice? You signed a contract to play basketball and that includes participating in team activities like practice! You’re not Allen Iverson, you are a rookie and if you want a paycheck or playing time you need to show up for practice otherwise you are signing your own ticket out of the NBA #wasted opportunity

  15. Bob M says:

    Yeah, he’s given up some goodwill, that’s for sure. He’s a hell of a ball player, but has mate maintaining his mental health and playing NBA Basketball. His problems are understood, the Rockets made concessions for him. Royce may not make the cut and may have to make some hard choices in the near future. I’m pulling for him to be successful and think he’s a brave man for attempting a difficult career.
    C’mon, Royce. See their doctor, do your best work, and let playing time work itself out. The check is still coming to you whether you score 30 or riding the pine. You are too talented to sit on the bench for too long.

  16. Mark says:

    I’m sorry, but this dude lost all goodwill in my book when he didn’t report to camp on time. Players know when and where camp will start for weeks, if not months, in advance… It could not have been too much to ask for White to organise himself to be there on time – whether he got there by plane, bus, or hovercraft. For me, that was the first indication that this might not work out…