Sorting Out The Lakers’ Mess

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — This story gets better by the hour.

Barely a day after the Los Angeles Lakers’ stunning move to hire Mike D’Antoni instead of Phil Jackson, both men have expressed their own complete and utter shock at the choice the Lakers made.

D’Antoni, as bright a coach as the league has seen in his generation, was genuinely stunned to beat out Jackson, telling the New York Daily News all about it. His first reaction … “Are you serious?”

Jackson was blindsided as well and his version of how things went down, courtesy of our main man Mike Bresnahan of The Los Angeles Times, might serve as the most compelling narrative to date, complete with this statement:

“Saturday morning, [Lakers executive] Jim Buss called to ask if he could come and visit. I didn’t solicit or ask for the opportunity but I welcomed both him and [team executive] Mitch Kupchak into my home to discuss the possibility of my return to the Lakers as head coach,” Jackson said.

“We talked for over an hour and a half. No contractual terms were discussed and we concluded with a handshake and an understanding that I would have until Monday [today] to come back to them with my decision. I did convey to them that I did have the confidence that I could do the job. I was awakened at midnight Sunday by a phone call from Mitch Kupchak. He told me that the Lakers had signed Mike D’Antoni to a three-year agreement and that they felt he was the best coach for the team. The decision is of course theirs to make. I am gratified by the groundswell of support from the Laker fans who encouraged my return and it is the principal reason why I considered the possibility.”

It’s a fitting next step in a saga that promises to provide headlines and plot twists between now and whenever the Lakers’ season ends. That might be in the first or second round of the playoffs for the third straight season or perhaps it ends later, provided the masses of fans and pundits are wrong and the D’Antoni-in-Los Angeles experiment actually works.

Buss and the Lakers better be right on this one. Because it’s clear they played Jackson for a fool, undercutting him before he could react to an offer that technically was never made. It’s a public and disgraceful play by the Lakers and absolutely no way to treat a coach of Jackson’s stature. It’s also a move that could backfire on the Lakers even worse than the Brown hire.

While we wait for this thing to play out, we’re left to continue our deconstruction of the carnage that was the Lakers’ firing and hiring process, both of which seemed to have been done in extreme haste.

We’ve heard Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol‘s feelings about D’Antoni and what they hope becomes of this team in the near future. And we’ve read Kobe Bryant’s 53 words of wisdom on Facebook (complete with the “Mamba Out” sign off). We love the part where he tells us all that despite of a mountain of evidence to the contrary, the Lakers will be fine defensively and he cannot wait to get started with D’Antoni.

You’ll have to forgive me (and I’m not speaking for everyone here at the hideout on this) for being fed up with the complete and utter arrogance of not only Bryant, but also the Lakers’ front office. Bryant issued similar love for Brown and his staff, eventually, after he got over the sting of not being consulted on Jackson’s replacement. And we all know how that played out.

The Lakers can tell whatever white lies they want to make themselves feel better about the way this went down. But don’t expect me to swallow any more of it. Ill will between Jackson and the Lakers’ front office should never affect what is best for the team, the franchise and its devoted fans. If the Lakers really believe D’Antoni is the best choice, he wouldn’t be nearly as surprised as he is.


  1. Clipper Fan says:

    As a long time (Buffalo Braves) Clipper fan I want to express my sincere appre inaction for the Dantoni hire. It’s not that es abad coach but Phil is a nightmare for us Laker Haters. I hate Phil but he is without a doubt the best coach on the planet,rand he has the rings (11) to prove it.

  2. Nando says:

    itz not even the middle of the season and already all you guys, are acting like the beeotchs you are.. Lakers will get their $#!t together and start kickng sum @$$.. LAKER NATION 4-LIFE!!

  3. Mike D' Utini says:

    Mike is better good looking than Phil and more handsome. Although PJ is taller and probably have a taller bird also but mike is yummier….

  4. Much love to everyone and the dead on comments submitted. I am kinda torn in this particular situation. Phil did win us several championships and indeed deserved to be treated with way more respect shown by the Laker’s front office. However, this is a new team with a different type of skill set, far removed from the likes of Lamar, Fox, Mitch Richmond and Smoosh Parker. The Lakers organization is in a quandry, knowing that in a few years it is likely that Kobe will retire. Steve Nash is on the decline, even Metta has lost a step. So, if you want to secure a franchise player since you already gambled and released Bynum as your proposed stock for the future. Then you gotta do something to secure Dwight Howard as the new Face of the Franchise. Laker’s has already put a lot of cash on the table to try to put out a product that L.A. is known for. Thus, the expectation level is way higher than most franchises. So, I would have to agree that for this particular team, Mike D will probably be more suited for the personnel, only because time is of the essence. We cannot afford the learning curve needed to master the triangle with new comers Dwight and Nash….” I’m Just sayin…”

  5. Gary says:

    The negatives on Phil Jackson are there just as the positives are there! Despite Phil’s accomplishments , and they are numerous, his last run ended in a 4 -0 sweep at the hands of Dallas with him looking old, tired, with no control of the events! Who knows what D’Antoni will accomplish! The Lakers fans had no problem treating Mike Brown with no respect so why the indignation about that blowhard Phil Jackson! All people including Phil Jackson should be treated w/ respect! The Lakers have some quality players and will be fine with Mike D’Antoni!!!!! On with the season!!

  6. Erick Romero says:

    Lakers dI’d wrong. It’s gonna cost them.

  7. Popoy Di Maunat says:

    I told you guys before…. They should bring (Brian “White Mamba” Scalabrine) to their lineup…. Put steve blake at starting point, hire back luke walton, trade D12 to Kwame Brown… Instant championship….. Uhm NOPE… But look at the bright side… Same Results but way too CHEAP…. uLOLs…

    Come on laker fans… say something funny… me us laugh again with your bragging… lakers 2013 champs??????? They are 2nd to the worst team out in the WEST…. But they can still win something … BEST Drama Team in all NBA…. They might have a chance win an OSCAR Awards….. Since they are in Hollywood…..

  8. Popoy Di Maunat says:

    So lakers loss AGAIN…. in their home… Pretty sure that they can beat a garbage teams… But for a real team like SPURS,THUNDERS,CLIPPERS,MEMPHIS,CELTICS,KNICKS,BULLS(w/healthy ROSE),BKN,WOLVES and HEAT….. They have no chance…..

  9. charles pree says:

    i hope it does work out for my team The Lakers! don’t know about lakers management like kupchak, jim buss,they’ve made some crazy moves lately! phil should have had a chance to decide on taking the job or not, hell i would have given him whatever he asked for.

  10. Mick.themavsfanforlife says:

    The west is wide open guys. C’mon stop blabbing about your own team. This is basketball you retards, it’s all about matchups,who’s hot and who’s not just before the postseason starts! The laker’s does have a chance on this. My mavs will be there as well. I think Kobe is desperate to get his sixth ring because for me he is so obsessed of achieving what MJ has.

  11. Kobe to end career with New York Knicks. Knicks Win NBA Championship! You heard it first hear!

  12. Marrero says:

    Wait, wait, huh? So you believe Phil’s version of the events prior to their decision but not the Lakers’ organization? It’s a case of he said/she said. You can’t take either account at face value. And if Phil really was asking for the “moon” then the so called humble “Zen” is nothing but a greedy hypocrite. Imo, the CBA also has some say in this. Phil likely wanted more then D’Antoni, whether it be significantly more or not, but management was not willing to pay out that much knowing the consequences to their wallets once the CBA takes effect. No one is innocent here and making Phil Jackson out to be a victim is not only head scratching but downright hilarious.

  13. 4real yo says:

    What a nightmare for laker fans. Phil Jackson is da man. This brother always got a plan. He got championship rings on his toes and hands. Zen Master deserves more respect wit a fat check. L.A. needed the vet back. Mike D’Antoni… Wack!!! How long is this gonna last? The franchise had an opportunity and shoulda listened to tha people. Big mistake management. Unbelievable!

  14. Thunder are the kings of the West. Lakers cannot take it away!

  15. Dhoe says:


  16. cybercipher50 says:

    ADD to my earlier comment: The Sun’s sent Nash to the Lakers thinking he’d be playing under Brown. As someone observed, that’s like giving plutonium to the Amish. Do you think they’d have sent him to L.A. if they knew he’d be playing under D’Antoni?

    Shawn Marion’s take on D’Antoni with the Lakers (in Jeff Caplan’s piece) sounds pretty accurate.

  17. Allan says:

    I don’t see how not hiring Phil Jackson is such a bad decision , for the following reasons:

    1. Did you remember how Phil exited in his last gig in LA? A 4 game sweep at the hands of Mavericks and he couldn’t do anything about it. He is not some kind of god
    2. He runs triangle, which is a half court offense. How would Nash benefit from Triangle anymore than he does (not) from Princeton?
    3. He is so damn old and in poor health. Can he really run along the sideline and give 100% every game?
    4. I remember one of his demands is not going to road games. How can we have a head coach who only turn up 50% of the time
    5. It is likely that he will again retire at the end of the season. So Phil is like a bandaid solution
    6. From rumours, Phil’s demand is 15mil/season, which is 5 times more than D’Antoni’s request. How would you feel if it’s your money, Sekou?

    While I don’t mind D’Antoni’s hiring, I thought the best candidate is Jerry Sloan:
    1. He is motivated to win his first championship after years of frustration at the ends of Michael Jordan
    2. He has huge amount of respect from all players, include Kobe and Howard
    3. He is a master of pick-and-roll and is experienced with playing Stockton. His gameplan will suit Nash.
    4. He looks to be in much better health than Phil Jackson.

    Anyway, for those who said Lakers are old, what about Celtics and Spurs? They have young players but their main stars are OLDER than the Lakers. Howard, Nash, Kobe can all still run fast breaks as good as anyone and I think Jodie Meeks, Jamison, Hill, Ebanks and Morris can really flourish in D’Antoni’s run-and-gun system.

  18. James lakers says:

    poor kobe, he always get the coaches who were fired by other teams because of disappointment.. first mike brown then mike d’antoni.. and the busses expect d12 to stay with the lakers.. anyway just an opinion.. its the busses’ money..

  19. KJIII says:

    I totally agree with Sekou on this…”Because it’s clear they played Jackson for a fool, undercutting him before he could react to an offer that technically was never made. It’s a public and disgraceful play by the Lakers and absolutely no way to treat a coach of Jackson’s stature.”

    The FO toyed not only with the Zen Master but also with its loyal fans. I don’t get why people along with ESPN radio people that the players and the organization think D’antoni system will work out fine. The radio DJs take the players’ word to back up their claim….but come on, the players are the pros..they are supposed to say, “oh, things will work out fine, I’m looking forward to it…”. But I’m sure this Lakers team is not, (yes NOT) equipped to win the title with run-n-gun system, they just won’t be able to compete with let alone Heat or OKC, they are going to have a hard time playing the Clippers.

    My only problem is that the FO gave PJ til monday and then woke him up in the middle of the night on Sunday and told him they had hired someone who’s even CHEAPER than Mike Brown. I’m not against Mike D’antoni by no means but the way they carried out this issue is so unprofessional and this disgusted me so much.

    Who knows, Dwight Howard would have expected Phil Jackson to be the coach to get him the ultimate prize of the championship because Phil has proven time after time. Remember, Dwight can leave for free at the end of the season. Now I’m counting to the day when Dwight makes a headline negotiating with other teams where he will play next season leaving the Lakers in turmoil because the front office or this organization deserves it…

  20. Ernesto says:

    I beg to differ on this one.
    Last season, when D’antoni was fired, the knicks were 10th in defensive efficiency (or at least I recall it that way) thanks to the presence Tyson Chandler was. With two DPOY on the Lakers’ starting lineup, what Kobe said about being fine on D will become a reality.

  21. Vilmos says:

    I am a Lakers fan, but this move will not yield a championship, Kobe is the one that shoud be mad!!!

  22. MitchMatch says:

    Open your eyes people, you don’t own the team. (evil grin)

  23. that one guy says:

    Sooo they are arrogant for keeping their comments positive of what’s happening? That makes them arrogant? Would you prefer that IF, they were having ridicolous issues for them to unprofessionally put out everything that’s going on in the organization? Would you prefer Kobe have another tantrum and flip out? Would prefer all the players had bad things to say about Mike Brown? I’m sure you would, so you can do exactly what you’re doing now to an even farther point. I never thought I’d see the day where maintaining your professionalism when you’re in the spotlight as much as the lakers are would be arrgoant. I like most of what you write too. However, I doubt you have any credibility behind “ill will” behind lakers and jackson, or any “white lies” being spread around. Why? because the lakers organization is being smart about it what’s known and what’s not. You and or anybody else aren’t entitled to what’s going on within the organization, and claiming they are arrogant for that, is plain arrogant.

  24. Fail says:

    there’s like… a 12% chance of the lakers winnin. Heat are soooo goin to win, though i dont like it

  25. Rude says:

    it’s just rude to meet and negotiate with Phil Jax by offering him another chance to take the coaching seat if you undercutted him before he could even react.

  26. James lakers says:

    I’m a die hard laker fan, but hiring mike over p-jax, im very dissapointed.. I even want them to lose now.. I don’t think they will go too far with d’antoni.. 2nd round of the playoffs could be the farthest then their season ends.. then d12 will be very disappointed with this aging team and leave the lakers next season trading bynum for nothing.. phil jackson could made dwight howard stay with the lakers.. buss should have swallowed his pride and give jackson (with basketball knowledge) what he wants,.

  27. cybercipher50 says:

    The appearance, by all accounts, is that the Lakers’ front office behaved poorly in their dealings with PJax. As a long time Lakers fan, shame on them. While Jackson is – or was – my sentimental choice for the job, D’Antoni brings a lot to this team. I don’t think it’s fair to make the “rings” comparison – Jackson’s championship teams, both in Chicago and Los Angeles, had better personnel that D’Antoni had in Phoenix. Give the man a chance – he’s recognized as one the finest offensive minds of his generation, and his teams didn’t play that badly on defense, either. Most important, he’ll adapt his thinking to the abilities of his players and make the necessary adjustments to maximize their contributions to his overall strategy. That was something Brown failed to do – he tried to make his personnel play his strategy, rather than adapt the strategy to the personnel.

  28. LakerFan says:

    They made the right choice. Nash cannot work with Phil’s triangle offense because his ball handling is limited. Nash can’t completely show his complete ability. I think D’Antoni is a good fit for this laker team right now.Nash should operate the floor. Go Lakers! we believe !

  29. OG.LAL says:

    Jim Buss made the right decision.Mike D’Antoni is younger with more energy,drive something Lakers really need. jackson era ended when reporter ask him other team had 12-0 run against Lakers ,you did not even call time out Phil says let them figured that out them self.Come on some people are really blind? what a great way of coaching ! Good luck M.D.Antoni bring Larry O’Brien trophy to L.A #17000000000000000000

  30. raijin says:

    Why didn’t the lakers wait for the decision of Phil?

  31. Aldz says:

    Lets just wait and see, lakers will rock this season despite the early loss.. lakers rule

  32. Juan Manuel Ferro says:

    I´m writting from Argentina to express the feeling from all the Lakers Fans in the whole world. We want Phil back. Nobody understands this decision from the Lakers. If you have the best coach in the history of the NBA, and that coach wants to go back and get more rings for the franchise and everybody´s is happy with this. I can´t explain, it´s a a very wrong decision. It was the last chance to see Kobe with a great team and a great coach winning the finals.

  33. MHM 35 says:

    You know, I predicted this would happen. And I’m not exactly happy with it. I feel Brown wasn’t on P Jax’s level, but I felt he deserved a chance.

    Like Mike said, I’m a Lakers fan for life, although the Lakers don’t deserve it as good as they have it regardless of how they feel about this. So many of us are never happy. They demand they fire Mike Brown. They shut up temporarily during the post season when Dwight and Nash are signed. As soon as they start losing, they demand Brown be fired again. When he’s fired they’re relieved. When they get Mike D’Antoni, as I predicted would happen, they start whining again about P Jax not being the coach. Please. I know it’s hard when the team has had some of the best players and coaches in the league for much of its history… but for crying out loud what is it with most Lakers fans and not willing to believe things can happen with what is already available.

    It makes it seem like we think Erik is actually a good coach down in Miami lol. LeBron won because he had a good supporting cast on the floor, not because he had a good coach on the sidelines. Lakers have a great starting five. bench is weak, but they can still go far with the personnel they have. Even if Mike Brown was still there. It could happen. It would just take time.

    smh Lakers fans. Go become a fan of the Miami Heat if you’re gonna be a fairweather or bandwagon fan unless everything goes right. Then you’ll have a squad that wins even with a subpar coach.

  34. beavis says:

    tough to watch as Jim Buss makes all the decisions… is there a way we can fire Jim and put Jeanie in charge?

  35. aj says:

    Wow, the coach who quit in the middle of the season… Do lakers think he will be the one who will bring us to the Promise Land (NBA Championship), guess again! Is is monetary or control of the team or both….Lakers already spent all this money and came short of expectations…I hope the tv networks pulled their billions from the lakers who can’t deliver the goods.

  36. Who's Kobe? says:

    What’s going on?

  37. Neo says:

    Yeah that’s right, Sekou, pour all that hate out. You’ve hated the Lakers from the start, now you’ve found a way to write hate articles about them again. If things go right with the Lakers with D’Antoni, I hope you swallow your words right up your…well…

  38. andy says:

    the system is hard to run in la, this team wants the championship,not to build anew team,the new coach will not bring new to the team ,and their defense will be open,i think the player should play in full power(Offense) to win , i think in the playoff , the team will be tiered enough to compete.look at Miami the player play full power to win it is all about the player not coach because they are young and talented.

  39. rico says:

    lakers should sign the big show! imagine howard and the big show.!!!

  40. Steve Blake says:

    we’re not winning anything with me running the point

  41. Sam Robinson says:

    Great hire make the lakers watchable for once

  42. Eliony (Pedales) says:

    Sin Duda Alguna “PHIL JACKSON” Era El Hombre Para Los Lakers ! Es Lo Mas Obio El Maestro Zen Gano 5 De Sus 11 Anillos Con Los Angeles Lakers Y De Todos Modos Conoce Muy Bien Sus Jugadores Y El Equipo. Fue Un Gran Error D’Antoni Nunca Va Hacer Mejor Que El Maestro Zen !! De Todos Modos !! Gooo ! Lakers !!

  43. lcorvette96 says:

    No matter who coaches this year the Fakers will not win it all, just look to the Heat for an example. It takes more than one year to gel, if they gel at all! Even the great Phil Jackson knows this. If you Fakers fans give Mike a chance you will have some FUN basketball games in the future and another title possibly before his contract is up.

  44. SOUND OFF says:

    yea!!!!!!!!!! we can reign now and run okc.

  45. lcorvette96 says:

    Does not matter who coach’s the Fakers this year they will not win it, just look at the Heat for an example! Takes more than one year together to gel! Nuf Said!

  46. Lol9lol says:

    changing coaches can only do so much…. changing coaches doesnt add better bench players…

  47. mario says:

    Once again, the most STUPID move ever made. Like having the chance to sign Jordan but end with Joe Johnson and use as an excuse that he is a better 3p shooter. Even more stupid coz the Lakers dont have time with their side. And if this year becomes a mess with a first round exit say bye bye to Howard and the next 5-10 years. This was a move crucial for lakers’ future. STUPID MOVE.

  48. dragonn says:

    wondering if we made the right choice of coach but laker no matter what win or lose love my lakers

  49. dumb move says:

    Bad move

  50. dumb move says:

    Dumb move jim buss made they cant win championship with dantoni style he just gonna burn them with the uptempo style hell probably get the boot 2. We want phil.

    • MHM 35 says:

      shut up Lakers fans like you are why most people think we’re only fans of Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson. Always running your mouth and whining. Give it time! For crying out loud teams don’t win championships overnight! Give things a chance!

  51. Facts says:

    You seem to be pretty arrogant yourself Sekou, making your opinion known so nonchalantly. Who cares if your tired of the Lakers organization’s arrogance! Don’t report on them if you’re so tired of them! I’m personally tired of people like you, who seem to understand very little about the relational dynamics between PJ and the Buss family. The “magnitude” of these decisions the front office is making is created only because of people like you. Phil Jackson while highly accomplished, has been known to damage relationships with front offices (need anyone refer you to the PJ-Krause relationship?). The Lakers are doing what they feel is best for there organization and they owe nothing to anyone, especially people you, who wouldn’t even have a job if it wasn’t for the “news” teams like the Lakers “create” by making simple personnel decisions.

  52. killuabest says:

    Busses are idiots.. as I said PJAX or SLOAN no more…stop pointing finger’s at the end of this’re breakin every
    laker fan out there with your stupidity.

    • MHM 35 says:

      No Lakers fans are breaking the Lakers franchise by always complaining. Makes me sick. I’m the only Lakers fan I know willing to be patient and accept that failures proceed success.

      MJ said that. He said he was so successful cuz he failed so much before. Makes it almost shameful to be a Lakers fan when every time I turn on the computer I see “FIRE MIKE BROWN!” “WE NEED DWIGHT” “WE THIS, OUR THAT…” “OH WE HAVE ONLY TWO WINS! FIRE MIKE BROWN” “WE DIDN’T WANT D’ANTONI!!!” “WE NEED PHIL!”

      Man stfu. Allow time for the Super Team we claim we’re a fan of to make mistakes, to jel, and get things right. And stop making me want to puke on my screen.

      • Travis says:

        This is the social media culture we live in today. Everyone is far too impatient. Michael Jordan suggested failure makes winners, and as you said, he failed many times before becoming a winner himself. Lebron James failed many times before becoming a winner, yet he was destroyed by the media and fans because it took him 9 years to win. Seeing as a balanced league would provide a team a ring every 30 years on average, i say that isnt such a bad learning curve. Noone was patient with LBJ; solely because he failed with (usually) low quality teams. This lakers team is 7 real games in and are far too egotistical, yet noone is willing to be patient to see how it turns out. The drama makes the league fun, but people need to chill.

      • ranfan says:

        One of the main hints Brown had to be let go was because of that broadcasting deal the lakers recently got. It’s pretty much brand new and since the main goal is getting people to tune in, starting off the preseason and season with a losing streak isn’t doing anything to help.

  53. Rza says:

    Come on guys, some of the lakers players are still injuryed. Once they recover, they will smash. As long as they get into the playoffs as the 8th seat. Id be happy. They will be unstoppable.

    Rza outtttttttttt

  54. Durant says:

    I love it.

  55. JB24 says:

    Sekou, I’v been a follower of your blog, and I’v gathered you reaally don’t like the Lakers or Koba Bryant for that matter. That being said, these guys are pro’s, they understand the game and know what it takes to run a team. I would love Phil Jackson just like any other fan, but they chose Mike D’Antoni for a reason. He fits the team and will benefit not only Nash and Howard, but also get the bench (mainly Jodie Meeks and Antwan Jamison) involved. You guys get too emotional.

  56. lucky_tongs says:

    well.. just move on. But its not the right move for the lakers org

  57. kendrick perkins says:

    Steve blake will lead us to the promised land

  58. Barack Obama says:

    Chicago all the way baby .

    ps. I secretely like the Heat.

  59. Kevin_Johnson says:

    One thing is for sure, at, where i have my fantasy team , i added Pau,Kobe and Metta (did’ny have enough cap fir Howard) i’m sure under D’antoni they are gonna have very good stats! there isn’t gonna be any D , so i’m counting on the offense !

  60. Spurs says:

    With how old the Lakers are, it’ll be hard to see them make the grind of an NBA season without losing a key player for a couple weeks. Nash is 39 and has a bad back/knees, is he really gonna play 70+ games? Dwight Howard, as talented as he is, just came off major back surgery, so playing physical low post basketball agent the likes of Al Jefferson, Joakim Noah, or DeJuan Blair is gonna be tough. As durable as Kobe used to be, he’s deteriorating and it showed last season with his wrist and knees. I won’t say anything about MWP, because he’s as durable as ever, but Gasol isn’t. Too many injury issues to make it to the WCF

  61. Xman says:

    Run n Gun with this Lakers team ?? No chance way too old……

    3 point shooters with this Lakers team ?? Erm…. there are none…….

    Has a Run n Gun team ever won the NBA Championship ??

    0 for 3 !!!!

  62. lukas says:

    Phil Jackson for Clippers Coach ! With Clippers he would beat the local funny Lakers team as well as all the rest in NBA
    The best thing about the story is the greatest coach ever is open to NBA return

  63. heat will win again says:

    hah lakers still sorry fail! watch this season go down the drain. tick tock kobes getting older. never be the greatest . clippers are better than the lakers. way deeper

  64. Metta World Peace says:

    Okay I got it, I’ll elbow Mike, so that Phil can come in!

  65. kobe jelly bean bryant says:

    This article is right on point Jim short buss is a scrub and I can’t believe Kobe didn’t throw a fit about this to be able to run a team in the NBA as a vice president of the club your actions should dictate leadership but not 1 of a clown I know LA may seem like a circus but your incompetence makes you look like a freakin monkey Phil was definitely the man for the job and we fans know it! !!!!!!!! Phil your the best!

  66. zay says:

    If they’ll do that to phil, what wont they do to kobe…..the ultimate evil trade kobe, why not.

  67. Whatup! says:

    Dwight looks extremely disappointed and melancholy.

    • W/E says:

      yup,he knows things are bad right now,he messed up when he resigned with Orlando,he could be in any good younger team now trying to build a dynasty, now he is so depended on Nash and Kobe that are so close to the end of their careers…

  68. Armin Halvadzic says:

    if lakers fail with Mike D’Antoni is gonna be like : I knew that Phil Jackson was the right man for this job.
    if lakers failed with Phil Jackson is gonna be like : oh well,we did our best

  69. Truth says:


    Regardless whatever happens the Lakers will be Championship contenders. D12 is not going to leave at the end of the year, even if we don’t win a title.

    Big picture! LA is willing to spend money on star athletes, if D12 wanted to be in Brooklyn so bad he would have told his agent to make happen and taken less.

    In 2 years when Bryant retires and Gasol is up for free agency that close to 50 million dollars money to play with. I guarantee the boys up stairs know exactly what they are doing.

  70. KneeGrowPlease says:

    That is not Kobe…NEXT…

    Anyway Kobe cried and the decision to hire Phil was axed and here we have Mike.

    End of story.

  71. Saeed Mirza says:

    I agree with Kobe, Mike’s system is probably the best for Pau and Dwight if Nash is running it. He will probably become more of a leader with Kobe. This seems like a right hire considering the personal on the roster. But I also think we got to now start running a little bit more, because the league is really going that direction. The only weakness I see is that we don’t have a lot of 3 point shooters to surround Dwight and Pau with. Maybe Mitch can help us with that. Can’t wait to see the offense though.


  72. wwww says:

    Kobe said he gonna try to play till the age of 40 you idiots stop saying hes gonna retire in 2 years forcing dwight howrad to move to a younger team SMH

  73. Kobe fan says:

    Jim buss is retarded….and now is DR. BUSS? wtf yo! jackson is the only way out man! Jackson is the only one that can give these guys confidence on court and in locker room! Jackson can settle all these players EGO. All this want is jackson man…..Mike D’antoi might be good pick up too but not with this team tho……well there you go the last year of kobe’s career….most importantly for the lakers franchise….if the lakers doesnt got o final this year..dwight is leaving lakers most definitely.

    • pakyaw says:

      TO ALL IDIOT LAKERS FAN……Phil Jax is smart guy..he knows he cant win a title on that team,if he knows they got a big chance..dont you think he’s not gonna accept the job?COMMON SENSE PEOPLE!!!!…they’re starting 5 is old(except Howard) and no bench …COME ON NOW!!!..Phil knows better….

  74. Come on Sekou!!! says:

    You judge before it even began. You´re writing why to much for the advantage of one side, which is Jackson and man use your brain!!! Its the Zen-Master, he won 11 titles. Even Popovich and calibers like that would be surprised if they would have been chosen over PJax. I am out!

  75. Morris says:

    The Lakers need to hire a proven shooting coach. The team including Kobe, must improve their shooting percentage. It’s also impThe Lakers need to hire a proven shooting coach. The team including Kobe, must improve their shooting percentage. It’s also imperative, that defenders do a much better job of stopping the pick-N-roll and defending the three point line.

    I strongly recommend, the team focus on ‘Most Valuable Team’ based on playoff wins, instead of an individual MVP title for a player’s league recognition and contract bonds. erative, that defenders do a much better job of stopping the pick-N-roll and defending the three point line.

    I strongly recommend, the team focus on ‘Most Valuable Team’ based on playoff wins, instead of an individual MVP title for a player’s league recognition and contract bonds.

  76. JCt says:

    I find it amazing how the Lakers organization makes these irrational decisions on coaches,players and etc and they dot consult Kobe Byrant. It’s just showing to me that the Laker organization is slowly but surely kicking the Bryant era out the door and working on getting a team and a personel for the next decade of basketball. If I was Phil Jackson I would coach a division rival and bring them to a championship playing the triangle just out of spite!

    • Larry M says:

      lol…… wouldnt it be a hoot if Phil came back to coach the Clippers and win a championship with them, better yet, three-peat with the Clippers using the triangle offense.

  77. Micah says:

    the lakers soap opera is boring, and so is Phil Jackson never ending come back. I don’t care how many championship he has, this guy is an arrogant smug, and so is kobe (there’s and difference between arrogance and pride, one of them is good the other makes you obnoxious)

  78. jose machado says:

    if it´s the right man or not we´ll see, i still think with that bench, they will not get it!

  79. John John says:

    I agree with the “utter arrogance” part, but it’s kinda been that way since 2000 don’t you think? (except of course between 2005 and 2007)

  80. BeliSRB says:

    That guy behind Dwight is hilarious 🙂

  81. Eslam Mahmoud says:

    Is Jim Buss’s ego so big that he did not hire the best coach in NBA history just because he does not want Phill ?
    Thats a real shame.

  82. You got To be kidding me says:

    wait…the team’s got Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Pau Gasoft, Steve Nash, Ron Artest Metta World Peace and Jamison comes off the bench.

    I CAN COACH THIS TEAM. To hell with Philip Jackson or Mike D’Antonio. I CAN COACH THIS TEAM, and coach them to victories. Just give them the ball and let them run around, these guys will score. If any of them gets tired, simply make a sub, rotate the players round, clap and support them on the sidelines, and call timeouts every so often.
    This is just ridiculous. Anyone can coach this team, except for Mike Brown

    • dattebayo says:

      No you can’t coach that team. You would be too scared to talk to Artest. Kobe wouldn’t look at you twice let alone speak one word with someone with no basketball accolades. Howard would make fun of you behind your back, imitating you to the media and what not. Nash and Gasol will be hurt, sitting on the sidelines and the bench has no confidence to even attempt a shot because Kobe will get mad.

    • MHM 35 says:

      STFU with the Mike Brown thing you idiot!

  83. 24 says:

    The busses are idiots, and to think they can do Philly like that and disregard kobes wants, will definitely not equate to championships, you spit in the face of the basketball gods they will give you the horns

  84. Troy says:

    This Lakers team has reached a point where they cannot afford to play the same way the younger more energetic teams are playing. This team has to play smart and tactical, I think at this point both Kobe & Nash can coach the team, so the new coach isn’t a big deal as people putting into this thing. All five starters are arguably the best at the positions, so once this team plays smart, then no one can be them regardless of age, Dwight is this best at his position, Kobe and Nash as well. Stuff that Nash does on the court I am yet to see new guards do them, he is the only legitimate point guard in recent years to get 2 MVPs, this says a lot about the guy. So LA Lakers is still the team to beat this year

    • pakyaw says:

      if they gonna play smart,they have look to SPURS blueprint..even they’re old still can compete(balance team) and theyre always sharing the ball..nobody in their team shot more than 15 attempt avg…but i guess is not gonna work out with Kobe coz he’ still love to shoot more than 20 a game…..Kobe needs to be the facilitator of his team and go to ft. line if needed…no need for those tough fadeaway shot..,he s not young anymore….

  85. tomfoolery says:

    “it’s clear they played Jackson for a fool,…”
    “You’ll have to forgive me for being fed up with the complete and utter arrogance of not only Bryant, but also the Lakers’ front office”
    ….. Is this guy serious? 2 great coaches – 1 got hired – does not equal ‘playing Jackson for a FOOL…. Bryant may be arrogant at times…but is his being excited to play for D’antoni show arrogance? Should he put up a stink about a the new coach ?…
    This is why you write about Sports and not anything of importance….

  86. lbj says:

    lbj to coach lakers.

  87. JOSHUA SORRELL says:

    why would they do that…. ?.. IM LOST HERE…. why would they not give phil jackson the chance with howard and a good point guard?… im bout to get pissed off.

    • rafisher1 says:

      I am pissed – several of us here won’t be bothering to watch the Lakers.

    • Slender says:

      It’s kind of obvious. Jackson is really expensive, at least 12 million per year. Plus, D’Antoni could fix the Lakers’s problems. Look, this is a team who has a struggling bench. D’Antoni has shown he can bring the best out of his bench, coupled with his 7 second offense which will flourish with that young bench, and Meeks and Jamison can now shoot all they want, as now it’s if you don’t shoot, you’re sitting. Also, Nash and Kobe both love D’Antoni and all these fast breaks will just give Howard more lobs, makng him want to stay. I would like someone like Chris Paul running the show over Steve Nash, but hey, you get what you get.

  88. Hm says:

    Great article, Sekou.

  89. jeffrey says:

    im on your back kobe..

  90. Brian says:

    Wow, Kobe?

  91. Kamote says:

    I just love how Jackson asked for something that Buss couldn’t give. I mean he is in the best position to ask anything, from any team, in this league. He has 11 rings, the best winning percentage in the season and the playoffs in NBA history. He is the best coach the league has seen.

    Does anyone think he’d go through the 82+ games grind just to have another ring, or be the highest-paid coach? I don’t think so. Its like he’s just trying to use his accolades and see if he can make Buss submit to what he wants. There has always been a power play between both, and Jackson tries to see if he can win the upper hand. Now that he didn’t win, he’d still be the best coach there is… so actually he doesn’t care if LA wins this year. Let LA have their problems, and him enjoying his retirement.

  92. janrarandoobidoo says:

    Howard will join the OKC Thunder next summer. Hehehehehehe. And Phil Jackson will coach the OKC.

  93. Rob says:

    Regardless of everything that has happened… it was way to early in the season to fire Mike Brown.. Biggest issue with the Lakers is the awful defense and the fact that on offense there is no movement of the ball.. everyone stands around and waits for something to happen. Obviously people are going to disagree with me but Mike Brown is known for his defense …and he incorporated the princeton offense not to create a new system.. but to actually get people moving. Playing iso through Kobe was bound to be less effective eventually. They need to get players who can think on defense, make the right moves, and actually hustle. Those are the reasons why Chicago and San Antonio are as good as they are.

  94. whiteMamba says:

    Lakers not going with Phil because they want a long-term coach?, Maybe the demands made by Phil were too great?

    Nobody will know the story 100%.

    Either way hope the Lakers do well, although my first choice would’ve been Phil.

  95. Lakers fan since the 80's says:

    It is becoming harder to stay a Lakers fan seeing just how they do business these days. Now that Jimmy Short Buss is running the show, it seems like all integrity went down the toilet. The apple does fall very very far from the tree. I don’t think I have been more disappointed with the Lakers than I am now.

    • 16going417 says:

      I’m with you “since the 80’s.” I’ve been a Lakers fan since 79 and this has me so frustrated that I almost want them to lose just so we fans can laugh at the Buss family for being so arrogant.

      If this was Phil’s fault and his salary requirements or demands were so outrageous that a deal could not be done then I could be a little more accepting of D’Antoni.

      I agree with Sekou. If the Buss family had issues with Phil then they NEVER should have contacted him, went to HIS house and not have provided him with a time to get back to them on his decision. They should have left him alone and went in a totally different direction as seems was their intentions all along.

      This move is no better than hiring Brown. Instead of hiring D’Antoni they should have just told Brown to stop running the Princeton offense of get more focused on a fast paced offense with some defense thrown in. All they did was trade one set of problems for another.

      I hope I’m wrong, but I have been watching this team long enough to know what works and what does not. Oh and the NBA experts seem to agree that D’Antoni is not the answer to the Lakers chance at a title this year either. Stephen A. Smith said it best in his interview with ESPN reporters yesterday.

      Don’t be surprised about being hired Mr. D’Antoni. Prove us wrong and get the job done that you were hired for because we are stuck with you now………..

    • Dan'o says:

      80’s Fan- I think you nailed it. If Phil wanted the Pat Riley experience in LA, that probably meant a deal more or less like this:
      2 years on the bench. Then a promise for Jimmy Buss’ job to control coach and system and take on role as “mentor.” I suspect that Jim wasn’t willing to give it up.

  96. Kobe Bryant says:

    I stand by my statement that Mike is the best for the job. I told Jim and Mitch that we need to utilize Nash to his fullest potential that is why we signed him. Mikes offense is perfect for Steve and Dwight and I’ll always get mine, Mamba out.

    • Girl Knowz BBall says:

      I want to see u guys get that ring, my 1st choice would have been Jackson but to hear you stand firm and back up D’Antoni lets us kno that ur confident in the new system. You’ve been in the game for a long time, played under different coaches and with different teammates so u kno what’s going to work for the entire team as a whole. Phil Jackson was great but you’re looking at how to utilize the talents of your teammates and bring out the most in them so that each of them can be effective and you guys can win. I will be rooting 4 u guys!

    • Fan says:

      Exact same words in my head.

    • chat says:

      Kobe is right, the lakers need to maximize Nash’s abilities if not then it’s a waste hiring him. The rest of the team will get their time as long as they play the way they should play. Mike will be as good as he was that is if the players are willing to to their part.

    • Fo Real says:

      lol … that cant be Kobe…. Mamba out bahahaha

    • Lakerfan says:

      U can’t really be KOBE?????

    • Nino Perez says:

      Kobe , I agree that it will be an easy transition for Steve and Dwight and of course you will get yours , and although Dwight, MWP, and yourself are always going to play defence this trio will not be able to stay on the floor for so many minutes and such a long season . The youngsters will want to run for they are young but it will be very dificult to beat teams like the Spurs or even the Heat which I cannot stand and dispite the leagues help to get them a title I feel they are deep enough now to do it dispite the league office controling the spred, yet those numbers are another subject and allow some rest as match ups and rotations keep the others on their toes . A mix of the triangle and old Showtime is needed to beat todays teams with your roster as it stands to utilize all of your personel. But I dont believe you can keep that dose of fast pace basketball for a whole season , dispite what our mind says our bodies age and even your has too. I wish you the best of luck and health . On another note the Laker management starting with Jim Buss acted poorly in the ways of respect and integrity. Pride is a beautiful things till it becomes arrogance.
      MACUCA OUT !!!!!!

    • Dwight Howard says:

      It’s ok Kobe. Putting on a charade just so everyone wont know that you wanted a guy that got you 5 championship rings is ok. As your teammate, I’m here for you. We all are.

    • DocktorK says:

      Fraud… He would not say Mike cause of the confusion it might create he refers to Mike D’antoni as coach D’Antoni. Stop the skitzo…

  97. W/E says:

    i see the disapointment in Howards face, his team is old and got no future potential, if they dont win a championship this year D12 is leaving Los angeles next summer to join a team with younger players…then Kobe retires and they get to be a lottery team for the next couple years. End of story.

    • Joaquin says:

      The thing is, you just KNOW the Lakers will always be able to compete, they may just barely make the playoffs for 2 years or so, but after that they get back and compete with the best. Lakers’ rebuilding processes are super fast and dont involve being a lottery team, so Howard is in a good position, compete with this team, have 1 or 2 years with last season Magic results, and get back to being a contender, without changing teams.

  98. Disagree says:

    Sekou I don’t mean to an iconoclast, but Phil Jackson is not the coach of bravado and heroics you have made him out to be the last couple of days. D’Antoni is the best man for the job. You, and a lot other people seem to be making an emotive judgement on this for some reason and I don’t think it’s justified.

    All that Pjax had going for him was that the Laker would side with him over Kobe if the team floundered. D’Antoni won’t have the same luxury, but he is the best man for the job.

    • Mike says:

      They will be in major trouble tryong to run mike’s offense let alone defensee. they are not 30 years old anymore..Jim buss is so full of himslef it makes me sick . I’ve beena laker fans since they came out her. been to the sports arena forum and staples. Best fans in the world and now they get jabbed . I cantait t ohear WE WANT phil on wednesday when Mike is introduced. ..we used to do the right thing now we are turning into the clippers. Imalso not able to see them play much becausse i dont have time warner.. so when they offer me the sports package for 4 bukcs more im not buying it . Shame on you Jim buss.

    • Carl says:

      You must not understand the pedigree Phil Jackson brings with him. He has a better shot of keeping Dwight in L.A. than Mike D’Antoni does. Plus, the man has twelve championship rings to Mike D’Antoni’s 0. The triangle couldn’t be stopped. The seven seconds or less defense doesn’t take anyone deep into the playoffs. Phil was the better coach to pick.

    • Mike says:

      Whoever coaches the Lakers, be it D’Antoni or Jackson, I will remain a Lakers fan forever.

    • tim says:

      doesnt defense win championships though?
      and wasnt the lakers problem their defense and how they couldnt stop anyone from scoring on them?
      i read on another article how the buss’ are obsessed with the old showtime lakers
      maybe trying to bring in the 7 seconds or less, the buss’ are trying to bring that back?
      ill stick with the scoreline and pick phil over mike anyday
      phil 11-mike 0

  99. KB24 says:


    • JUICE says:

      We all feel kinda disappointed right? But i bet most of us has that feeling that Mike DAntoni can do great with the lakers. Oh man, would’ve loved to stick with Phil tho

      • RickOKC says:

        Won’t matter. D Howard to the Thunder for the 2013-2014 season. Why do you think we let Harden go? Make room for the D man!

      • MHM 35 says:

        I predicted Mike D’Antoni would be the coach last year when he was fresh out of a job in NY and Lakers fans started demanding Mike Brown be fired. You all get what you deserved. I was one of the few Lakers fans willing to wait it out and give Brown a chance. I knew Phil wouldn’t come back for a 3rd stint. Something would go wrong. Wish I was wrong about that.

        But maybe I’ll be wrong about D’Antoni too. Maybe he will have someone alongside him that preaches defense for a change.

      • John says:

        If OKC didn’t have room to keep Harden, what makes you think they’ll have room for Dwight?

      • MHM 35 says:

        Ok I guess I was wrong there’s fans outside of the Lakers that act like they’re on the team or in management. YOU did not get rid of Harden. You are a fan, not a GM. YOU watched as the GM traded away a player.
        Gosh it pisses me off when people are so in love with their team and blind to the league as a whole that they think they’re on the team.